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The section groups films in genres. Genres of a motion-picture started to develop in the 1910-1920 years when began raise subject variety of films and their duration. Now will manufacture a large number of genres and cinema subgenres. The section on genres will help you to understand this diversity, to learn that itself represents this or that genre, to download or watch movies online of the genre which has pleasant to you. Large varieties of cinema are art (game), scientific and documentary. A basis of documentary cinema are real events, newsreels. The purpose of scientific cinema – training and the story about any achievements of science an... to read further



The section groups films in directors. Here you will familiarize with biographies and films of outstanding directors. The director – the principal person when shooting. Into the task of the director enters to turn the scenario into a film. And success or a film dip depends on the director. It is possible to tell still that the director is the artist who writes scenarios, plots, game of actors, operation of operators and a great number of other people which are anyway involved in process of creation of cinema. The section acquaints with outstanding directors of the USSR, Russia and everything which films make gold fund of cinema. Having select... to read further



In section films are grouped in camps. Here you not only will familiarize with the short help information on the country, but can fan the list of films and download films free of charge. The country in which the motion-picture has originated, France is. In 1895 brothers of Lui and Ogjust Lumiere have arranged the first public show of a film in a cellar of "Gran of Cafe» in parkway of Capuchins. Brothers of Lumiere showed short (50 seconds) rollers. The most favourite the audience had a film «train Arrival». Interest to a motion-picture was shown by influential people and heads of the states, therefore it began to be spread quickly worldw... to read further


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Наиля Гольман, обычныйОчень личный фильм Валерии Гай ГерманикиДобрая девушка с дредами Саша (Кузнецова) встречает юного, пьяного и красивого Антонина (Горчилин), влюбляется и начинает за ним ходить: в гости, домой, на грязные, беспорядочные пьянки, когда потребуется — даже в больницу. Саша — молодая школьная учительница, Антонин — художник и неисправимый enfant terrible. Она старается быть заботливой, он — накачивается водкой и в... Читать полностьюГде смотретьРежиссёр: Валерия Гай ГерманикаВ ролях: Агния Кузнецова, Александр Виноградов, Александр Горчилин, Владимир Дубосарский, Денис Первомайский, Оксана Земляникова, Юрий ТрубинГод: 2013Кино... to read further



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