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Once, long ago, lived in India, a huge herd of elephants, headed by the leader of the Black Mountain. After a long drought, one of the elephants fell into a rage ... The first victim was a girl ... And then people staged a hunt for elephants. Black Mountain was captured. But soon he had a friend - the boy Manu ...                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Alexander Zguridi

The director was born 02/23/1904, died 09/16/1998. The director, screenwriter. Zguridi Alexander was born in Saratov, pure Greek by nationality.At the end of legal courses at the University of Saratov worked in the laboratory of scientific films at the State Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology in Saratov (1930), where he made his first popular science film about the diseases of horses strongylid (1931).From 1932 he worked in the studios Mostehfilm, Soyuztehfilm, developed a special genre of films about animals. He sought scientific knowledge about them to express in the form of a textbook or a cinematic essay, and write a feature story, nourish any history of this knowledge, specially composed or borrowed from classical literature.From 1947 he taught at VGIK, Professor (1966), led the workshop director. In 1957 1965, vice president and president of the International Association of Scientific Film in 1958 1965 Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Union of Soviet cinema workers.Since 1960, artistic director of the 1st creative studio combining Mosnauchfilm. Alexander Zguridi - a pioneer in the field of popular science films about animals, director, writer, traveler and explorer.... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Black Mountain
Regisseur Alexander Zguridi
Country India
cinema Genre Family, children's
Cinema-garbage a box Childrens cinema

exit Date on screens 01.07.1971
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