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After losing, who died under mysterious circumstances, his beloved Eleanor Gerard inconsolable and endlessly listening to the recording of her voice explanations in love. On the anniversary of the death of the mother to her daughter, Gerard comes Ursula, which turned out a replica of Eleanor.It soon became clear that she is in love with Gerard wants to take a place in his heart, and the mother wants to Gerard became her first lover.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Joe D'Amato

The director was born 15/12/1936, died 23/01/1999. I do not like his movies. I do them because it is required for the market. This is a business. I'm making a movie is very simple, two or three days. I do not like his movies. Even though I do not like them, I try to do some like this movie. Not because I love doing it, but because it sells better.Joe D'Amato. Italian film director, screenwriter, actor, and many more who ... As a filmmaker has made over 200 films. Aliases: Sarah Asproon / Donna Aubert / Stephen Benson / Steve Benson / Anna Bergman / John Bird / Alexandre Borski / Alexandre Borsky / James Burke / Lee Castle / Lynn Clark / OJClarke / Hugo Clevers / Joe De Mato / Raf De Palma / Michael Di Caprio / Dario Donati / Raf Donato / Romano Gastaldi / John Gelardi / Robert Hall / Richard Haller / David Hills / Igor Horwess / George Hudson / Gerry Lively / Kevin Mancuso / A.Massaccesi / Aristice Massaccesi / Aristide Massaccesi / Aristide Massaccessi / Arizona Massachuset / Andrea Massai / J. Metheus / Peter Newton / Una Pierre / Zak Roberts / Tom Salima / John Shadow / Fred Sloniscko Jr./ Federico Slonisco / Frederick Slonisco / F d rico Slonisco / Dan Slonisko / Federico Slonisko / Federiko Slonisko / Frederick Slonisko / Frederico Slonisko / Frederic Slonisko / Frederiko Slonisko / Fred Slonisko / Chana Lee Sun / Chang Lee Sun / Michael Wotruba / Robert Yip / Joed'Amato... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Il piacere
Regisseur Joe D'Amato
Country Italy
cinema Genre Erotica
Cinema-garbage a box Erotica

exit Date on screens 04.01.1985
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