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Bôhachi bushidô: Poruno jidaigeki

Once upon a time, the first shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa clan Bohati rendered great service to the shogunate - helped quell political unrest, bringing the right moment for the hundreds of women workers. Shogunate in gratitude bestowed upon clan Bohati monopoly on prostitution.But times are changing, competitors are raising their heads, and here is the way cross paths Bohati and murderers Sino having big problems with the authorities. In exchange for temporary protection from the authorities, Shino will kill anyone who interferes with the clan. A woman will help him Bohati - half prostitute, half kil... to read further                                               

Sex Files: Double Identity

The film is directed by EJ Samuels. Due to an error concierge destiny and the lives of two women - a journalist and prostitutes - intricately intertwined.... to read further                                               

Salon Kitty

Dancer Kitty lives in Nazi Germany and has lounge, where people come to "relax" the higher ranks of the Reich. They serve the girls just pure Aryan blood. They go through a strict selection and are obliged to obey any orders of a senior SS officer Wallenberg.Throughout the cabin placed hidden microphones and recording devices, and ordered the girls to inform any client who is even slightly deviates from the party line.Everything is going well, but only as long as one of the girls, the mistress of the Wallenberg Margherita, not an officer falls in love with the Luftwaffe, disappointed in the id... to read further                                               

Castle orgies

The film's director Isao Hayashi. The story that sends a father of a girl in the harem of the shogun in Edo, which would serve as his concubine. The castle, envious rivals spread the rumor that the newcomer is not a virgin, and the shogun angry exiles her to a convent. With the help of another samurai girl manages to escape from the monastery. They were sent a special detachment of the samurai.... to read further                                               

Tails of Tribeca

The film's director Delongprez Bosley. Sometimes quite a simple thing to a man out of himself. The protagonist Doug, sitting quietly at home and argued with his wife when he discovered on his lawn in a strange couple making love.It turned out that he had removed in the courtyard of the new means of advertising, sexually-cosmetic pathogen and rapid intercourse on his lawn is something other than a demonstration of its effectiveness.Doug did not have time to figure how lucky he rolled as the agent is able to cure the most severe cases of impotence and frigidity throws his arms in a sexy TV prese... to read further                                               

Black Venus

The film's director, Claude Myulo. A screen adaptation of the novella by Honore de Balzac's novel about a black sculptor courtesan.... to read further                                               


The first romance novel 16-year-old French student conducting summer vacation. Lots of beautiful naked bodies, but mostly candid sex is not on screen, but in the subtext. Amazing camera work.... to read further                                               

Oppai Chanbara

The film's director Akira Hirose. After the death of his mother, 20-year-old Lily lives with her grandmother and is going to be the successor to the deadly martial art Sayama Hasin-ryu, which is transmitted for several centuries, from woman to woman. During the initiation ritual, Lily mysteriously falls in the past, 300 years ago.It is in an unknown forest near a small village, besides completely without clothes and some ideas on where to found itself. But her thoughts rudely interrupted by ninjas, who had taken out of nowhere and pursuing a pregnant peasant woman. She has no choice as to defe... to read further                                               

Fantasm Comes Again

Another 10 erotic short stories related to this time no comments Nefreyda professors and readers' letters, which gets journalist Libby, a leading newspaper in the "sex column". Stories of the letters come to life on screen, and we see the love games in the library and gym, car, elevator, swimming pool and in the church ...... to read further                                               

Mutande pazze

The film's director, Roberto D'Agostino. Funny Italian erotic comedy about a tireless laborer in show business. Oh, and heavy as they have a life! Know twist all day (and especially at night):uchastvuesh in a stupid show, vertical, sorry, almost bare ass on the stage to star in no less idiotic advertising seduces nerd-producer to get the role, you go to the stupid party, and so on and so on and so forth.And like the big, serious roles like his TV show, big love like - to longer and was not jealous. Wealth and fame like ...... to read further                                               

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