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Ninja Dragon

Japanese young ninjas, known as the Black Shadow - one of the best masters of his craft, but his skills, he shall not in the usual direction for the ninja killing those who interfere with the organization, but only to avenge the death of his father.The search for the killer leads him to China, where he finds someone who was there with his father in the last moments of his life, but suddenly gets in his way a young boy, a Chinese, who had for my life to get used to the quiet and harmless, "Uncle Lee", which Black Shadow is just considered a murderer of his father.... to read further                                               

Daai cheung foo

Paul Cheng, Chao and Olof, four married men who are tired of the routine family decided to come off a bit in life by arranging a recreational trip to Thailand. However, they and had no idea that his wife learned of their intentions before.And they, in turn, will handle all the steps taken to prevent an impending prosperity in adultery! The long-awaited trip fun turns into chaos because the plans are collapsing one after another. Both men begin to suspect each other that one of them sold them to the dreams ...... to read further                                               

Heung joh chow heung yau chow

Modest violinist, John Liu, and translator of books, Ivy Choi, a very lonely people. He has not succeeded, so have to make money playing the violin at the restaurant and your favorite music can be played unless the pigeons in the park. She is forced instead to translate a really good book to translate the Pulp Fiction.Favorite things she can quote except the cat, which met on the street. This couple is always in step with each other, they even live in one house (the house two entrances), even after one stenochku, but coming out of their driveways, it always turns to the right, and she left. Li... to read further                                               

Kei fung dik sau

Grace - a cool detective from Hong Kong to depression. She failed the operation and in love she is not very lucky, a lot of men around her, but she's looking for "Prince Charming". A friend - a model invites her to visit with the crew in Malaysia, to relax and unwind.Grace and could not suggest what will turn this trip - espionage, spying, smuggling, and a mysterious encounter with Alex, which is very similar to Mr Perfect.... to read further                                               

Heung Gong wun fung kwong

Little Bushman, wearing a loincloth and speaks only his native tongue, save us from the fangs of the lion-rich Asian businesswoman Shirley Hung. In gratitude, Shirley left him a small souvenir and decreases in Hong Kong on his plane. Bushman curious, wanting to understand the purpose of the gift, trying to find Shirley and ...falls into the luggage compartment of an airplane. So, our hero finds himself in a huge unfamiliar city. But what about now is to find Shirley?... to read further                                               

Guan yun chang

The film is based on the history of Guan Yu, the captain of the Three Kingdoms era. Russian voice!... to read further                                               

Cinema Hong Kong: Kung Fu

The film's director Ian Taylor. The documentary tells about the cinema of Hong Kong films of the genre "action."... to read further                                               

Jing tian shi er xiao shi

Singapore prepares for a national holiday. On the eve of a religious figure comes Daka Lama, but the airport it makes the attempt a terrorist organization "Red Army". Along with Lama accidentally hit a girl. At the hospital, it appears that they have a very rare blood group "P". For the few donors real hunting begins.On the one hand - the guards, led by interpolovskimi police, on the other - the guy wounded girl, gangster bee, and the third - the terrorists, so decided to finish off the Lamu. In the last remains of living donor - a fine fat rascal.... to read further                                               

Pai an jing ji

The film's director Mu Zhu. The film consists of three unrelated, stories. The first tells of the Chinese mahjong game, and the fascination with them Hong Kong residents. It also contains two other stories. One of which tells about the difficulties of playing mahjong during the Japanese occupation, and the second tells how maps were invented, mahjong tiles.In the second story, which is a mystical drama unfolding in the format of the reverse shot, the Jackie Chan has a small role of the killer of women. The last story concerns a writer and director, who have the same names as in the film.In thi... to read further                                               

Love You You

In Malaysia, there is a beautiful island with crystal clear water, clean sand, beautiful scenery and an excellent resort. The host hotel Lele E, nicknamed "Love Yu-Yu" is successful, artistic, damn charming, earn big money. Everything changes when the island comes to a girl named rities.She goes all day with headphones, enjoy music and do nothing. But in fact it performs special mission law firm. She knows how to read lips and collects dirt on the business Lele Yu. And rities, and S Lele has its secrets. Rities gets a job at the hotel Lele Yu. What could end the story? Translation - subtitles!... to read further                                               

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