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In 1941. Trying to escape from an unhappy love, Pavel Zhilin, first-year student, falls in the border troops shortly before the Nazi invasion. But love overtakes him there: survivors of the German offensive, Jilin doing everything possible to save his beloved and her newfound husband.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Basil Pichul

The director was born on 15/06/1961. Life always has some things that I am very interested to do. And never is that I'm not interested. I've never divide myself that now I do a movie about love, but now I do a movie about terrorists. In addition, the documentary film is such a niche is a very comfortable existence in the profession.Because you can do what you want, this time, and secondly, you can do, wherever you want. There is no budget problems. You need to fly to anywhere in the world, just talk to the person's real. And if you work in feature films, at least to date, there is much more complicated.There are laws of large corporations, especially where the movie should find the money, and very large. In addition, there is a significant difference in communication with the Prime Minister or the artist who hung over you explain why he had not learned the text. Basil Pichul. Director, writer, artist.He graduated from the VGIK (1983, the first workshop of Marlena Hutsieva). The author of one of the most commercial of the Soviet film Little Vera, the most interesting stories of popular TV shows and Dolls New Year's telefilm Old songs-3 (REF, Taffy Award for best TV program year).The director of many NTV (third time, etc.). He was a member of the Board named the studio. Maxim Gorky. Even those who just can not remember the new name, do not forget it signed the film. Then, in 1988, Little Vera looked at nearly 55 million.Film-diagnosis, the film-sentence, a family melodrama, was... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Zastava Zilina
Regisseur Basil Pichul
Country Russia
cinema Genre Military
Cinema-garbage a box Military films

exit Date on screens 13.09.2008
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