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Venue Series - ship "Red Dwarf." Deadly release of radiation kills all life on the ship, except for junior technician Dave Lister, who was the moderator at the time, and his pregnant cat Frankenstein, who was in the cargo hold.Holly - on-board computer of the "Red Dwarf", keeps Lister in the moderator as long as the radiation level does not drop to the safe, which takes 3000000 years. Thus Lister, in fact, is the last of the human race, but not the only form of life on board.Holly brings to a hologram of his neighbor's cabin and immediate superior Arnold Rimmer. Also, on a ship home to the creature known as the Cat, which occurred on the cat Lister.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Juliet Mae

Director Juliet Mae.... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Red Dwarf
Regisseur Juliet Mae
Country United Kingdom
cinema Genre Comedy
Cinema-garbage a box Soap operas

exit Date on screens 15.10.1988
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