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- But, Edith, because there can come a day when you need saving! - You're joking or kidding me? I will always sing, Lulu, and in the day when the cease -'ll die, into your minds.I would love to please you, but download movie Paul Kadochnikov, and save money - never! I do not kapitalistka. The future? What about it Paul Kadochnikov movie watch online and think! Do without me! Lulu could agree with it or not, but he was worried for her.One day he came up with a brilliant idea, which he brought her more cushy. - Look, Edith. Get two bank accounts. Every time you will have income, you'll share them in two parts. To take on the costs you only one account, as if the other does not exist. - You know, Momona, Lula cunningly invented!Finally, I will always have in stock kakayato amount that I can download movie Paul Kadochnikov and spend, when I want. With all proceeds clearly, Madame Bizhar following this. Edith was happy. Glorious Bizharsha said: - Mr. Barrier invented a wonderful method, we have accumulated about three million!Edith laughed, and it was over what she is all spent. Rather than withdraw money from one account, it is removed from both. - I mean, Momona, a very cool: I write one check instead of two, and then it seems that the money I have also doubled.Money in the hands of Edith were like water, like sand, they flowed through his fingers ... Paul Kadochnikov movie watch online and calculate its cost per day was not possible. In the restaurant we have always been at the very least a dozen people, and we went there every night after her performances in "ABC".Then the whole company went bypassing night restaurants, and in each of them believe a bottle of champagne on the nose. If Edith was in the mood, and she treated all those present in the hall. Money was flowing! And gifts, professional fees and expenses for friends, and the rest of the machine and ... Not to mention the enormous taxes!Somehow once friends said Edith, "You ought to buy a farm near Paris: it's nice, income earning, and you could go there on the weekends." "Understand, Momona, we're suffocating in Paris. Country air would have been useful to me. " And Edith bought a farm for fifteen million in Allier, near Dreux.Furnish and equip it cost more for a good ten pieces. For five years, she has to go there three times. And sell it for six million. It took about a month, Poussin did not appear. I thought: "Nothing happened", when in the bathroom, Edith asks me: - Momona, how do you find Poussin? I did not have to wrestle with the answer he flew off the tongue: - This is a real man! - Is not it? - I asked Edith, radiant with happiness, ready again for the umpteenth time, to enter the way of the cross lyubvi.- I invite him for the weekend. Admission to the weekend was new, she would have never applied.The rest of the events unfolded as usual. Puss back together with Edith arrived in Boulogne and stayed there for a year. The protracted end of the week! He said, laughing: "That's how it happens in life! I thought, "Spend the night with Piaf - probably would be fun! What it behooves me ?! "But my heart has decided for me. With love to be trifled with!"I immediately fell in love with Poussin. He was a very honest man, always spoke and acted like it was better for Edith, and not for himself. As Lulu, he did not want her littered with money, even reproached her for her gifts that she told him to do: - You're crazy! Why do I need another suit, I can not wear two at once!Would you even waited a birthday, an occasion that was full of, you can not give things just so ... - I want to please you - is not that a reason?

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Film Павел Кадочников
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