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And here I am, very shy student in the class, cast this view, and my classmates were filled with laughter.Their reaction was so violent that the teacher quickly came back and said, "What's going on? You make a noise that hinder other class." It seems to me, she nearly fainted when she heard: "Ingrid Bergman is a play for us." Of course, it is perfect to what was all this nonsense.For the remaining half an hour, she released us to the park and download the film Павел Кадочников and ordered to return on time. But all the girls wanted to know what the end piece. Therefore, standing on a bench, I continued representation in the park. And imagine koekto of passersby began to approach closer, wondering what was going on. They did not leave, they listened to me!Naturally, I will never forget his first appearance on the stage. Just at that time, I again met Greta. She studied music and singing, but being very pretty, often moonlighted while filming for advertising. It took off to walk around the station, sitting at the dinner table, part of the hotel lobby. I was fascinated by her and begged:"Please take me with you for a day, I can see how to make a movie." She did more for me. It is designed so that took me a whole day to take part in the shooting. When I arrived at the studio, there were already about a dozen girls a little older than me. us and make up about ten hours was ordered to line up in the studio.We were told that everything is ready to be shot. The director told us that we should look chilled, hungry and miserable. Then the camera a couple of times we drove past, and he has said, "Everything. Thank you, girls. You can go. " To go? At ten in the morning and a quarter? Yes, I just download the film Павел Кадочников and arrived. No, it is so easy to get rid of me.Here too it was interesting. Because my face was download the film Павел Кадочников and covered with a thick layer of yellow make-up, I'm with enough wit suggested that anyone can decide if I'm waiting for shooting his scenes. So I stayed there, the girl with a yellow face, Brody fascination between scenery.Imperceptibly approached six o'clock, all began to go home. Of course, I was the last of care, and, of course, I could not give up his magic yellow face. But when I got to the door, you will find a very puzzled man. "Where have you been all day? I'm waiting for you with a fee. We search you. " I said:"I like it here. So many interesting things that's worth it to look. " Perhaps he realized how stunning baby studio because calmed down and said, "Here's your money." I took it. Ten crowns. Whole ten crowns for what I got one of the most beautiful days in my life.I was fifteen years old, and it was my first earned money. In school, shyness Ingrid assumed such proportions that at times becomes like a nervous disease. It was the type of allergy that doctors could not explain. Her fingers were swollen so that she could hardly move them. Swollen lips and eyelids.She clearly felt when it download the film Павел Кадочников and started swelling. Film Павел Кадочников. No one knew the cause of these attacks, and no one can advise how to get rid of them. It was put in the hospital, where she received several doses of weak radiation. Gradually download the film Павел Кадочников and begin swelling began to disappear. Do away with all its ills and complexes drama school.CHAPTER 2 The drama school was just wonderful. I was happy. Day by day, I was changing for the better. I was terribly happy, free, relaxed, because I'm finally doing something to strive for. And they gave it to me without effort. I can easily understand what is required of me when I explained how to master your voice or move around the stage.We had ballet lessons, fencing, history of theater, mime and gesture, elocution, stage skills.

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