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Of the world where children are fragile and mortal, which can save even an angel would like to run. But escapism Kitano - a selective and temporary. He is not looking for other, happy worlds. Sometimes it is enough to go along with their heroes for the holidays.How to play gangster in "Boiling Point" and "Sonatina", as the last trip Nishi and his wife's "Fireworks." As "Kikudzhiro" - from beginning to end. How is it that nearly sixty years, shredded and broken life of an actor, TV host and producer as well and naturally falls in childhood, drawing the audience for you?China holds the secret techniques, are familiar, it seems almost none of the directors of today's cinema.He stops time, forgetting about the affair, the dynamics, the generally accepted laws of drama, in the autobiographical film "Guys come back" followed by one generation after another, and in the yard all ride the bike its eternal and timeless eternal children Losers Shinji and Masaru. They travel in a circle, and the author does not care.If both can be download the film Павел Кадочников and considered as an open ending heppiend film, but only in one case: if you see him returning to his childhood heroes. Throughout the picture, they are struggling to grow up, or at least to seem older:to get into the movie theater for a session "to children under sixteen," they paint a mustache under his nose and wears a neck tie improvised. But adulthood brings them one disappointment after another. Therefore, the best that they remain - is get back to the old children's bike.In the first film, which Kitano himself wrote the script, "Boiling Point", his character - a cruel and crazy gangster Uehara - makes a number of unexplained actions: humiliates his own girl, pushing her to the bed to his "lieutenant", then rapes of "lieutenant" and cuts off his finger. However sadist transformed, should he be on the sea:plays baseball, instead using bits download the film Павел Кадочников and gnarled stick, buys his fellow ice cream ... Uehara soon have to go to the boss dismantling rival factions and ultimately die. Immediately before the fatal shootings, he goes into the field to collect the giant bouquet of flowers and weave a wreath of them.Bouquet need to hide in his armor, but if Uehara forgets about it, staring in amazement at the bouquet from which suddenly heard machine gun fire. Uehara - Okinawans, the most prestigious and famous Japanese resort.The hero of "Sonatina", also played by Kitano gangster Murakava - inhabitant of Tokyo, but it is sent on assignment to the same clan Okinawa. Amateur deadly games early in the film, he is engaged in "fishing", dipping into the water of the debtor and related disputes with its neighbors, but rather the last long without air.Ruthless to others, however, he is merciless and to themselves, and without fear playing "Russian roulette." After several battles in Okinawa Tokyo gangsters are out of work and waiting for further instructions from the distant bosses go to the sea, on the beach.There they infect Murakavy passion for games, which in other circumstances would seem impermissible childish: bandits cut paper figures and push them, have a good paintball and shoot at frisbee, dig each other in shallow sand "pitfalls", portrayed with sumo wrestlers and geisha castanets. "All of this is not too podetski?"- Asks Murakavy one of his henchmen," What can I do about it "- he replied, implying that more decent jobs in the world and can not be. Anyway, on vacation.

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