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Basically he said:the criticism that it saddens arguments contradict the very nature of the theater, it drives a wedge between the actor and director, and because their union - the main condition of the theater. Many spoke of the peripheral theaters, they need subsidies, then they will be strong.In small towns, as he believed, do not need a theater, it does not exist at that, and strong theaters in big cities have to serve all of the little towns around.Even then spoke of building a studio theater, youth groups, rallied around the leader producer, they can adapt to any premises to any conditions if they want to work. For good reason a growing number of small scenes in the theater - which gives new contacts between the stage and the audience.And we talked about fashion to the approach of the classics - Chekhov, Gorky, and Shakespeare - to date: the modern costumes, scenery. As I was download the film Павел Кадочников and agreed with him then, and especially today.He said that if the characters live today, and speak the language of Chekhov, we deny the viewer to immerse themselves in a world that is gone, put yourself in the place of those heroes realize their ideals. But the means of expression must be new, and the internal solution should have a modern sound.And he did not like the actors began rehearsals philosophize! Can not talk, standing on the stage, it is necessary to say this, but on the stage - to act, to try. And a lot of fun to talk Tovstonogov: that no idea is a piece of life, but life must be brought to the character.He said, and I thought of "Petty Bourgeois" and catching moths, or the storm in "Uncle Vanya" - storm as the state actors and then it - the symbol. And next rustled sea, and along the same path that we download the film Павел Кадочников and walked, intertwined branches rose, and, surprisingly, he blossomed even fall, showering the track and creating a special flavor.I understand how hard it is sick, but what a clean head, and how it overflowed and download the film Павел Кадочников and overwhelmed with more and more new ideas about creativity, ideas for new shows. "It is not important to not make a mistake, but it is important not to make the same mistake a second time.And in order to face the truth, as if she was not bitter, and draw lessons from it, one must have a strong will and an obsession then be multiplied by the inspiration, then next to the inspiration will be present calculation.Perhaps not in the same profession should not be so combined Mozart and Salieri, as in ours, because if we can imagine the artist, in which more Mozart than Salieri, or conversely more Salieri than Mozart, in directing this should harmoniously combined, as in any profession, "- he said.And when it came time to leave, Tovstonogov said that when I'm in Leningrad, I can always come to the theater, and even if it is not, for me, there will always be space. So it was up to his death. And now his theater for me - his theater, but a lot has changed, but still alive, his actors, and his performances are still alive.I just touched chutchut this genius, but this meeting - for life. All the same, I will define "music"! Hands even eat soup, but with the music - the trouble is that! So that you do not come off the hands, not the music trozhte hands.Andrei Voznesensky I would never have survived, not download the film Павел Кадочников and formed as a person, not left to itself - a woman - no matter what, if next to me was Grisha. I always felt his shoulder, his gentleness and strength. When I left for Moscow Kalinin, we parted almost half a year.Phone calls, train, but then we were both busy, and before that in Kuibyshev, Kalinin, we were together all the time.

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