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The defeat of Marseille upset Edith. She decided: "This house brings me bad luck! I do not want to live here anymore. " She was very superstitious, to the extent that invent their own signs. So, Thursday was her lucky day, Sunday - unhappy.When she saw a flock of sheep, he exclaimed: "This is about money! Compress fists to keep them! "One might think that this helped her! So we found ourselves in Boulogne, at number 5 on the street Gambetta, in a private mansion, for which Edith paid nineteen million old francs.She went to the expense, because the living room was so great that it could serve to Marseilles gym. That was the only reason, impelled her to buy. "He will train at home, it will no longer leave me." We lived among the workers, to repair the house.The decorator had to finish his finish during the upcoming trip to America Edith. America fell in love with Edith. She had a new engagement at the "Versailles". Since October 1949, it was supposed to play there in a few weeks. Edith went alone, leaving me with Marcel, who was on France with an exhibition match in favor of the needy ex-boxers. I went with him to take care of it. "Momona, I'm counting on you. Look after him. I know he is not ever look at women, but men are the same, so the guard. " It was not difficult: it is no one else was looking.The tour was over, we had to go to New York, Edith. The day of our departure had already been appointed, steamship tickets ordered. Edith that she boarded the plane, in a taxi, always afraid, when it flew close. But the day before our departure, she called Marcel:- My love, I beg you, come quickly, I can not wait any longer ... Fly a plane, by boat for a long time. Arrives. - Well, - I said Marsel.- I'll be tomorrow. I kiss you and love you. These were the last words he heard from Edith. Why Edith wanted him to immediately flew? I will never learned.Whether it is missed, or afraid to commit kakuyunibud stupidity. Change it. From it after all you would expect. I had to buy two tickets on the plane and resume his overdue visa to the United States. I apply for an extension, but I just have not given it, and the matter was delayed. The lack of passport printing saved my life.We Marseille have made every effort, but got only one plane ticket. I accompanied him to the airport and said: "See you soon." It was over. The next day when I woke up, it was in all the newspapers reported the death Cerdan. He was identified because he wore a watch on both hands.Finally, I was given the visa, and I flew. Edith needed me. I met Mr. and Mrs. Breton. From them I learned how to deploy the event. Lulu Barrier was in New York. He did not leave one Edith. It was he who was supposed to meet Marcel, because Edith did not get up so early. Arriving at the airport, Lulu has learned that the plane Paris:- New York City crashed in the Azores and that the name of Marseilles in the list of victims. When Edith Lulu saw one, she cried: "With Marcel had an accident! He died! "- Because it had to wake Marseille. No one could wake her, but me, and in my absence - the only one she loved.When she saw Lulu, she immediately understood. Barrier could not utter a word. He looked at her, and this silence was worse than any words. Day telegrams began to arrive.

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