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Treason! All go out of power! And Mironov - a famous movie star, I do not need him. No! Why am I given a quirky mind? I do not eat it! But then again, the alarm was rolled again took from under the feet so hard over the years forged attitude - "Today I am Napoleon.I am a leader and more! "He covered his face with his little zveryushechimi handles, and suddenly it seemed to him as Master of the office breaks with the crowd of artists, they slowly come to him, barefoot on hot coals, and his chair thrown from 4th floor. Him! On the island of St. Helena! "I do not want to go to Saint Helena! I do not want!I want to sit in the Satire Theater on the fourth floor! I - Napoleon! All on their knees in front of me, seemed to rise less ... "- spun in the fevered brain of the Cheka. During this period of stagnation came to the theater in the fashion production of the play. Masters took the play Azernikova "Freak man."For the role, after the success of Catherine, I did not expect, but in this play and it was not. The distribution suddenly saw his name. I was appointed to be the secretary of the old woman, who appears at the end of the performance, and delivers a monologue. Master deftly held Checa. The role of secretaries was almost home.To how to decorate a boring topic production, Masters decided Paul Kadochnikov movie watch online and show this way of development - from 20 to 60 years.And I gradually growing up, was Paul Kadochnikov movie watch online in excellent quality and appear on the scene every ten minutes, changing its image - new wigs and exotic costumes. - Where is my favorite actress Tatiana?- Master spoke into the microphone on the whole theater, and suggested that I write a text to each of the output to the stage. What I gladly did. In the theater I went amorphous Mermaid growing belly. In the depths of my soul I moved terrible feeling, but it, Andrew, I just hated the loud, stopped noticing.By such means, I still defended by a single stroke in the game under the name "Canadian hockey," where rates were our lives. Outdoor Nejdanova continued turbulent life. We Anthurium with awe and delight ran to the performances to Lyubimov - Taganka was the only place where we felt outside the system.Burning Anthurium constantly rehearsing in the theater, he plays a lot, and her relationship with the foreigner were uneven. He continued to threaten to go to yoga, when it ceased to love him, and we sometimes took his proposal - to come to him in "Metropol", where he lived. He ran out of the room to the buffet that we buy something, and we, knowing what we overheard, talked quietly, gesturing. Then suddenly Anthurium visited insight, she started to laugh uncontrollably and my question: "What are you laughing?" She said, choking with laughter, he replied:"What if we did not overhear us and spying? From the ceiling or from the closet? "New Year was celebrated in her home, with her fiance. She sat at the piano like an angel - covered in pink muslin dress with pale blue bow on a highly selected hair and sang an old song: Oh, yeah let light condemns Oh, yeah let curses rumor!Who once loved, who understand and do not judge ever! And do not judge ever! From the walls looked at us Nesterov, Polenov, Aivazovsky, and Anthurium stared wild-eyed foreigner Uli, who for two years trying to prevail upon her to marry him. - What Watch Online and do? Scary! - She told me. - Worn out!- It is better to be the wife of a foreigner than his mistress - I objected reasonable. - Do not you want the world to see?

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Film Павел Кадочников
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