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And we're going to on December 11 at the rehearsal. Within ten days of doing the show, we show him hudsovet theater and obtain from it "good." Then we order scenery and somewhere in the end of December in favor with already prepared a performance on the stage of the Shchukin School.Some Vakhtangov our new work, of course, aroused envy. Experienced people in the face Remizova and lions, said: "My God! What they earn the money! "- I give you permission to play where you want - Eugene Rubenovich.- supported us but not on the stage of our theater.You Lyudmila too much singing, all this smacks of the stage. Then Vakhtangov theater very zealously cherished by the penetration of pop numbers. We were in the Moscow and Kaliningrad in Odintsovo.Then I arranged with the Philharmonic, and the first performances with decorations Vakhtangov Theatre took place in a crowded Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky. Two thousand spectators, unceasing applause. From that moment began a triumphal procession through the country of our productions. Vorontsov.I would add that while our work is seen as an innovation, because creativity Zoshchenko after the ban "Canvas Briefcase 'entrance onto the stage was closed. And suddenly, his stories were heard on kontsertnoestradnyh sites. We are the first to dare to make such a spectacle.We even did not initially allowed on tour in Ukraine, there many more party leaders continued film Paul Kadochnikov watch online and be impressed by the report Zhdanov about the journals "Zvezda" and "Leningrad" . Shalevich.When we went to the show on a commercial basis, are of great importance was the cohesion of our team, because the lion's share of the time I had to spend on the road. What is the company acting? It trains, planes, hotels. It usually starts whims: bad settled, lousy fed, late transport.No grumbling, dissatisfaction with living conditions by Lyudmila Vasilyevna we never heard of. In one compartment, or have to go around, we met with fanfare obkomovskoe authorities or have themselves to get to the place - it was totally irrelevant. We have selected a lively, friendly company, woven from different generations.Masha Vertinskaya knew the youth, the older generation admired Tselikovskaya us with Misha also well received. One of the first trips organized with the help of our theater, proved difficult. Then we went to Georgia. The performance is still not fully formed.We continued the search for creative, improvised, every day brings new changes to the setting, renounced their own findings when we started Watch Online and to understand that they malovyrazitelnoe. Film Paul Kadochnikov. We have not yet found stability, but through trial and error approaching her.Lyudmila different subtle taste and become very sensitive, if you notice that we have with Misha on the stage there is a certain ambiguity or raunchy. Recall the scene where the scenario it for several minutes lying motionless in the scene. - You uh? child, and I watchmen here this stuff, - already in the course of the play, I came up with a replica.- I'm not disgusting, I do not muck - turning away from the audience whispered reproachfully Tselikovskaya lying on the floor. The next day I changed the replica. - You go, and I watchmen here this joy. - Now another thing! - Glad Ludmila. Vorontsov. I also want to add to the words of Fame.Our performance was a success due to the fact that in the evenings, after a speech to the audience, we all sat around the table and begin to analyze played.

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