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In other words, they rob the film is just the very reality that tends movie.Therefore, the sensitive viewer such scenery spoil your movie experience as it may seem strange, but a dramatization of real events on screen can give the illusion of a stronger than the same event, shot newsreels.The late Leo Metzner, the author sets the pavilion, which was filmed in the mine disaster scene for the film - Pabst "Solidarity" - the episode marked a special authority,-download the film Питер Уир and claimed that the shooting genuine accident probably would not produce as convincing impression But then the question whether as accurately stagereality is that the eye cameras found no difference between the original and the copy? Blaise Cendrars attempts to answer this question is a good hypothetical example. It offers imagine two identical film frame, but one of them shot on Mont Blanc, and the other studio in the pavilion.According to Cendrars, the first will feature a quality that is not in the latter. He claims that in the mountains, there are "light or other radiation acting on the film and how to breathe life into it," It is possible that much of our environment - both natural and man - can not be an exact copy.Formotvorcheskaya trend. Formotvorcheskie filmmaker much wider possibilities of photo opportunities for the reason that the films cover areas inaccessible photos. Movies are different spheres for the means of expression and construction.Filmmakers never limited himself shooting a physical reality, download the film Питер Уир and located in front of a movie camera, but from the very first days of cinema persistently sought to penetrate the sphere of history and fantasy. Think of MГ©liГЁs. Even thinking realistically respond to the desire of the Lumiere viewers see on the screen the scene.In structure films are divided into two basic types-on game and non-game movies. For non-gaming related experimental tape and film facts. Factual film, in turn, encompasses subgenres, ka, a film about art, and the chronicle of the actual documentary.It is easy to see that some types of movies more than others to the realization of the aspirations formotvorcheskih directors at the expense of their core realist tendencies. As for the scope of expressive means of cinema, then, say, in the field of fantasy filmmakers always portrayed in dreams or visions are not realistic scenery.For example, in the movie "Red Shoes" Moira Shearer, somnambulisticheskom being in a trance, dancing in a fantasy world, which is clearly download the film Питер Уир and intended as a reflection of her subconscious visions, all these piles of forms, vaguely reminiscent of landscape or almost abstract, and wild combinations of colors theatrical on all grounds.So wild flight of fancy takes the filmmaker away from the main task of cinema. Contribute to forming shapes and some types of construction films. Most experimental bands does not even focus the viewer on a physical being;and in almost all the films based on the theatrical drama, the semantic richness of the fable obscures the meaning of what is able to express the untouched nature, is used to translate the plot.It remains to add that the forming shapes may violate the realistic direction and in those types of films, in which it is inappropriate, since the disclosure of the physical reality is their main concern. Thus, in many documentaries, footage of real life only serve to illustrate the narration.63 Clashes between the two trends.

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