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Here's an excerpt from the article: "The truth is old and been known to all that in Europe, including in Russia, there are two literatures that have very little hostel to one anotherliterature, fighting ignorance, and literature, using it, and living at his expense. With regard to the first, if we take the story of her for several centuries by different people, we will see that with all the changes Her content, moral character, type Her remains the same.Proud consciousness brought in good and at the same time modest, she never resorts to no advertising and touting a lush, nor to any other kakimlibo crooked paths to spread and prosperity. Applications for a century, compromises, minutes of use - not in Her character.Her only weapon - the truth, the only aspiration, leading her, spilling a single drop of light vseobschago darkness and in this respect it is not the case, asking whether people have ney of light, or more profitable for them to be in the dark.Very often, the dark lighting it is completely out of place, because it has to reveal things that can only be performed in the dark;while struggling to put out the fire lit and the Restless immodestly osvetitelnitseyu human filth, but again she lights his torch and the good is that century in which many of these luminaries vozgaraetsya and even for a moment razseetsya general haze.A completely different type of literature is, the operator ignorance and living at his expense. However, this literature can not be postoyannago and opredelennago type because applying to spirit of the age, the ruling principle, it is changed to the never ending, every century, introducing a character ...In the XVII and XVIII centuries, in this era of aristocratic luxury and luxury, Versailles events, sponsorship and lozhnago classicism, industrial literature wore a fashionable wig and started to creep pridvornyya front, where, bending in three deaths, equating effeminate effete secular Celadon to the heroes of classical antiquity .Since frivolous socialite know of. all looking for some enjoyment, and the literature does not require anything more than a pleasant entertainment, and industry literature, applying to these requirements, its best to delight readers сантиментальнобуколическими paintings, nice tickling nerves, Refined sensuality ...But after the revolution of European manners completely changed ... Obeying the century, industrial literature immediately took off all the fashionable outfits that she download the film Питер Уир and sported in the manor before the front, and got up behind the counter, took all manners merchant environment, habits of our age.Ceases to sing and touch the tender heart, she download the film Питер Уир and started to trade, creating a kind of literaturnopromyshlenny hype. Watch the film Питер Уир in excellent quality online. Obeying all the laws of competition, the law of supply and demand, it began to look not for the generous benefactors, and the crowd of buyers.This crowd is not quite said those requirements that are looking for men of literature in XVIII century. She proved necessary not prohladitelnyya, sweet drink, and firewater, excitatory beverages prepared from alcohol vysshago degrees and cayenne pepper flavored.Literary industry and started to manufacture beverages such as a multi-volume novels with perjury, incest, murder, - novels, deliberately designed to make getting through the toughest bourgeois nerves, so if that would be represented by fraud, such as the hair stood on end at samagozakorenelago villain, and would prevail if the love scenes, so that the love described was all as it is, in all its essence, and with all the ins and outs, without any equivocation, and cover-ups.

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