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does not change anything, break the circle, but to expand it. Enter a new task, while remaining in the same rhythm of breathing, and follow its full tranquility. Enter the easy and flexible new challenge: three fingers to bend toward the palm, the two keep apart and change the rhythm of breathing.Three fingers are pressed against the palm of your hand - inhale, and two sticking to the sides are joined together - an exhalation; and simultaneously raise three fingers pressed against the palm upward. Again reach! harmony and in this tachypnea compared to the first delayed.Then even expand the circle, raise your other hand, and by two "together in the same rhythm, slow or rapid, but always the same smooth and quiet. Notice how only the rhythm of selected respiratory broken, so your focus - the stoppage. What here conclusion? The one about which I have already said, the rhythm - the basis of creativity.Gradually, the studio should Peter Weir movie watch online in excellent quality and introduce music when doing Page. 82 Focusing on. And the music, coinciding with the rhythm of your breath, that is. E. To the base of your life on earth, should raise your concentration, introducing your whole being into harmony.Music should be drained at their own pace and your thought your feelings and to introduce you to what we call a true inspiration, t. E. In the awakening of your intuition or subconscious.Until you realize that the foundation of your life - breath - not only the foundation of your physical existence, but that plus the breath rhythm is the basis of your creativity - you will not Peter Weir movie watch online and work on rhythm and breathing with full consciousness, ie. it is necessary, in such a concentration that your work has reached inspiration.Without this work, you can become a good actor, you can download movie, Peter Weir and substitute a work of intuition development of more or less noble instincts, but you will not leave the viewer in the energy and impressions of itself - as an image that will make him remember you, look for a more lofty and noble in its trackstypical day life. The first step is common to all the doers, sosredotochennostsamaya difficult. Overcoming it, learn to send forces in all your body to certain parts of it, you learn to do in parallel from your thoughts like a fireball.Your idea bonded attention poured in you in a certain rhythm in a word if it is thrown in your full attention, breaks all convention offered you surround the stage and poured directly into the heart of the listener.You are not afraid of any obstacles risers in front of you, not for you no insurmountable difficulties, if you - the rhythm and concentration - harmoniously merged your consciousness, feeling and physical action. Peter Weir film. That's why I always tell you that the opera better drama. In the opera, the rhythm is ready.You only have to understand why the composer wrote your aria 3/4 rather than 6/8, why he made those, and not these words shock - and your task is clear: to enter their physical and mental ready to start rhythm composer. In the drama, you should carry a composer.You yourself must create a rhythm, and if you have not created or created incorrectly, your role is - an empty place. Similarly, if the director has not created a single rate for the whole of the play, if it failed download movie, Peter Weir and create all roles of the actors, ie. E.from individual rhythmic particles, the full and harmonious chord for the whole play - his performance is incomplete. In the drama, even the introductory music, which helps, as a general rule, to build a rhythmic performance, can destroy Page.

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