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The general scheme of the movie just gives an opportunity to look at his work from a distance. The following form allows mounting diagnostic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the film.To use this form to: View the film, pausing after each episode in the form of an empty cell to enter a brief definition of the content of each episode. Episode may reflect:factual information or description of the appearance of a new character, a new situation or a new story line, illusion, which were later developed further, a particular mood or feeling. You should: Next to each cell to record the value that the episode has for the film as a whole. Add timing.Assess the expression of each episode, so that the best of them would get five stars. What describes the American director, according to our ideas is just the work of a silent version of the film - that is, to record narration, music and noise. Chapter VII. AUTHOR Aesthetics Theory documentary This part deals with the theory of documentary.The Oxford Dictionary defines a theory as "hypothesis, which was developed in the course of observations or experiments." It is surprising that the theorists of documentary films are often professional linguists, philosophers, and not directors. The main task of experts in the field theory - to analyze the films that have already been taken.And directors, and theorists and critics realize that the basis of documentary are questions that are difficult, and perhaps impossible to answer: What may be the real documentary? What you need to do to remove this documentary film? What are the hidden relationship between the director and the characters in the film?As a director can truthfully tell about your character or characters? The grounds for the director to draw conclusions statements? For the novice director fear of making a mistake by repeating what has already been done kemto before him, might just be paralyzing. Criticism is important, but more important than creativity.Become independent creative unit means to explore the traditions and find one that suits your own interests in the arts. Better to be incompetent, but energetic than hesitant and slow, because the latter is actually meant to be dumb, dumb.Do not be afraid to experiment, and one day you will find your own place in the profession, and popular topics today will be organically integrated into the context of your work. Interestingly, the founders of the genre were heated discussions about the author's identity forms and opportunities of the new art as a catalyst for social change.Even in the days of the formation of documentary definite opinion on this point was not. The most active of the directors of the time even wrote an autobiography to present our own views. Particularly interested in working Grierson, who never doubted that a documentary can and should change the world.Topics documentary about a talented director and prominent film written much. But often it is very difficult to find in the video library and see old or foreign film, referred to in a given study. It is best to find a book written by a director with extensive professional experience and koekakim literary gift.For example, a book by Alan Rosenthal, "The new documentary in action," Andrew Diddley "The concept of film theory," "New call documentary" and Wim Nichols' reflection of reality. " The theoretical work, as a rule, contain arguments about how politicized admissible, the dependence of the documentary film from public life.Most of this debate comes down to the problem of choosing between art as a mirror of life and art as a way to influence and change the reality.

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