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Often at the heart of area delineation of figures is precisely the principle of the relation of light and shadow.Figure can be separated from the background, using kontrazhurnoe lighting that generates the contours of the object. Most illuminated part of the image catches the eye, and if it does not meet the main compositional element, it will distract and disrupt the viewer's attention.Line Line - one of the main factors in creating visual compositions that can be used to structure the viewer's attention. Any visual elements within the images grouped in a line can be used for the organization of the gradual transition from one view to visually Ward.Picture Composition for Film and Television element to another, and finally - the central image object. Focuses on the intersections of lines or break lines with an abrupt change of direction. View tends to actual or potential point of convergence of the lines.In practice, in the construction of a composition are not only well- defined lines, but also subtle - for example, the direction of gaze of the hero. The vertical line standing alone vertical object, such as a tree or tower, is seen simple and inflexible.He catches the eye and visually dominates the horizontal or any other linear structures in the image. The figure of a man standing on the ground, immediately attracts the attention not only because of its psychological significance, but also because of the visual dominance of vertical objects.Some people believe that the image is composed of distinct vertical elements, creates an atmosphere of grandeur, solemnity and serenity. If we see that in the composition there is a clear predominance of vertical elements, you should take some steps to establish equilibrium in the image.Usually, good composition, with vertical elements and horizontal contains that overlap with each other. If the vertical line just crosses that obtained two independent images - in fact the screen is divided in two. The most common vertical lines used for the production of two competing parts of the image.Line can be defined in a specific place facing a tree that connects the surface of the earth and the sky, or kakimito vertical elements of furniture or buildings, through which the lower part of the image is linked to the top.With increasing proportions of vertical object latter comes into play dominant or main element frame. Sloping line composition, based on diagonal lines, carries a much greater charge of vital energy than the composition of the vertical and horizontal elements.The greatest potential is enclosed in a line running diagonally. Before the fall, the tree is vertical and stable. From the moment when it was cut down, and before it takes a static horizontal position, the tree makes a complete dynamic motion.The most effective and at the same time account for the dynamic angle of 45 В°, which after passing the final fall seems inevitable. Line drawn at an angle, Sun Ward.Compose the shot, in the movies and on television Figure 9 Converging lines should be placed in such a way that at the point of intersection of the alleged was the main object of the image. Clarity and expression leading to the main object of converging lines can be controlled by changing the position of the lens.taken as a moving, except when the angle of deviation from the vertical axis is small and can be explained by the corresponding setting the imaging camera.

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