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Stamps are decent:For example, a well- established part of the time and neglect to the inner side of it is converted into an external stamp. But he was once a good captures experiences.No matter how bad a stamp, it can not compare with the stamp of a different kind, which is puffed up outwardly convey what was experienced feeling so cliche, which is trying to replace the truth acting convention, worn from time to time, if consumed frequently.The worst of all the existing stamps a stamp Russian hero, knight, boyar son or a country boy with a broad scope.For them, there is a specific step to the collapse, once and for all download the film Питер Уир and established broad gestures, poses with a traditional "hands on hips", remove the head, knocking vskidyvanie descending on the forehead curls valiant, especially to play with a cap, which mercilessly mauled for mechanical amplification of passion, daring voice Grace at the topnotes, melodious lyrical diction in places and so on. These platitudes so much eaten into the ears, eyes, body, muscles of the actors that you can not get rid of them. On my death at the time was in fashion opera Serov "Power of the Fiend" It is known, is written on the subject of the play by Ostrovsky, we download the film Питер Уир and played, that is "not so live as you want."If bad stamp Russian hero in the drama, the opera he completely intolerable. In particular, the role of the opera Peter stamp is the worst of all the heroic stamp. And it onto me and took over as the starter opera continued to sit in me and for the time of stalled.Whenever I feel after a long period of acquaintances acting techniques and their feelings, and I like the smoker who after a while download the film Питер Уир and again start smoking in full, at the mercy of my bad old habits. The harm of the download the film Питер Уир and described performance is understandable. But there was also good.He uses the evidence to the contrary found that the tragedy and drama of a strong, requiring ten times stress can force the most sense if it is not brought itself, intuitively or through internal equipment worked properly.That's why the damage from such roles can be very large, and I caution from him young actors who have not yet developed an equipment already drawn to Hamlet, Othello, and other tragic roles. Before you take on this job, let the young artists will get more tricks inside equipment. Watch the film Питер Уир in excellent quality online. Neither play nor my role not successful.As a result of temporary despair, loss of self-belief. But since neither worthless creation on stage is not without its fans, and this time I found them for you and comforted. My failure is not download the film Питер Уир and reassured me that I was too early to take on the tragedy. I stubbornly continued to dream about it, delaying the natural course of development.I do not know how to explain my very exceptional success in vaudeville "Mystery Woman" 81, where I repeated the play in our domestic circle of the role of the student Maigret. I have not changed anything to do before, and yet the old principle: the game at all, not to miss, which created the role, of course, was false.Hanging out the words, continuous operation without interruption, raising the tone for raising the tone, speed for download the film Питер Уир and speed tempo pace, patter and spilling words, in short, all the mistakes that have been created by us in our first amateur steps left and this time.But, to my surprise, they liked my playing strict connoisseurs Fedotov, Komissarzhevskaya and Sollogub. They download the film Питер Уир and praised me as Maigret. And I wondered to this fact.

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