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Then send in a positive developer just like an ordinary photo and make a copy. We call it a standard.If you were able to achieve the desired color, with reference copies are interpozitiv. And it internegativ, which then will print all copies of the film. The original negative is sent to the archive. He's very valuable. At times, he is the real software, under a bank gives money to the film. And the last problem.When the mixing is finished, the soundtrack comes down to tape the same as on your recorders, only much bigger. Now it has to be download the film разведчицы and transferred to film, the so- called optical tape to the "marriage" of the reference copy.Magnetic tape passes through an electric "eye", which translates the magnetic pulses into optical soundtrack. The optical film is imprinted in the reference copy. I'm going back to her in a recording studio. We put the magnetic recording on one channel, and a copy of the reference to the other.And begin to drive tudasyuda, checking whether the quality is not lost in the transition from magnetic tape to optical. Little distortion is always there, but in general everything is almost the same. There is no longer anything. The film is over. It is time to present it to the studio. Studio: is everything for this? I do not antistudiyno tuned element.I have already spoken of his gratitude to those who give me millions of dollars to shoot a movie. But for me and, I think, for any director surrender picture becomes a challenge. Perhaps because it's the first show.In fact, probably because after months of strict control film goes from me to the people, which I can not have any effect. As in all other areas of American life, the decisive factor in the preparation of the campaign is rolling poll. When the film was put studio, the first thing that will organize, test viewing.Of course, the government has already seen the picture. Koekto share his views, other poosteregutsya. But any discussion of the amendment postponed until such time as the result of the test will hear the verdict of view. Most often, these scans show the working copy with the casting time of music and sound tracks.For the master copy of the film is cut to the appropriate section. Although after that you can make any changes, studio management has a clear law: negative immune. At the studio convinced that audiences care quality printing.One official said the demonstration tape, in one place on a black background with white letters: "The missing episode." All just laughed. I said that's probably the episode and did not put as its insignificance speaks for itself. I never get in a traffic jam and come to watch a half hour.We have all the cinema. Viewers recruits, scored a major department store. They were asked to see a new film, briefly describe the plot. Scurry around sociologists. In turn the entire demographic spectrum. Since the film is clearly a category R, ​​anyone under the age of seventeen was not download the film разведчицы and invited. Complied with the principle of internationalism:few African Americans, several members of the download the film разведчицы and Latin American, Asian. A preview of the film "With an empty tank" officials invited some teenagers as the main role was their idol River Phoenix. It does not matter that the film dealt with the radical Left 60s, escaped from his devastated campus.There was no chance that someone under the age of twenty-five had heard of their existence. Studio head shot zvezdupodrostka, so in the audience to be teenagers.

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