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You learn it tonight, coming to "Buat and Vites"! - God, is again all over again? I - the killer! Bastards! When will it end! She was completely suppressed. I grieved for her, but looked at what is happening on the other side.- They are - Scott, I agree, but it is certainly not what is, is advertising. For the first time people will come for the scandal, but if they come again, I have for you. Edith is prosekaet quickly. She thought a moment and said: - Well, to swallow. But even then headmistress cabaret though not clinging!I wish there were a few people, and not one beggar bum. If we put the scandal, then play VABank! I will speak to this convict. And they talked. Instinctively, she behaved like a seasoned pro. She always felt that you need to do. In personal life, she happened to make mistakes, but when it came to her profession - ever.But what forces he had to have to get over it, "baby killer if Piaf?" Prove it, "Who is Who", very quickly. Invited her to "Buat and vites" for one month, and she was left for three. The pay was small, only a hundred francs a night, she and her accompanist. With us there was no Robert JUHEL.Edith could not hold it at a time when she had no work. Before leaving, she download the film разведчицы and invited Rene Kloareka, a very talented man. He was not yet known, and lived in a small hotel on the outskirts of SenMarten. He liked to work with Edith.He arrived with his wife, cute, nice, but we became friends, it was not our birds of a feather - a comfortable economic meschanochka. For everything we had with Edith fifty francs. It was a little bit. We have never eaten so much spaghetti, "welling. Cheap and nutritious!"- Momona, you should start to work, otherwise you can not stay here. Dance. And she said to the hostess: - add me fifteen francs a day, and my sister will do their dance number. It runs in the top of Montmartre cabaret. I persuaded her to come with me, she needs the sun. You see what it is pale.If you want me to stay, invite her. Edith had an amazing aplomb. I do not know what to think headmistress, but she agreed. My "room" Edith has created in our room. She cut off the old dress of black satin, pinned me to the hair green bow, looked and said - do.Since download the film разведчицы and satin dress, will dance classics. Then she bought a black school apron and tied me a red bow. - Put on your low- heeled shoes, and you have another number. Acrobatic. Will be called "stem must be." Then I wore low heels, however, I always wore them because of my extra two inches of growth.Edith could not live with that. Watch the film разведчицы online. Step is the hardest! Tumbling more or less get; father's lessons were not forgotten. But a classic! I changed anything should every night. I do not even know how to move your feet to the beat, my God knows what happens. In Nice, Edith found a small hotel near the mall EmilNegrzn. We thought he was very decent.But our hotel was not considered respectable. One day we really felt ashamed. Come home, room door open, we see the maid brush sweeps out of the room a lot of garbage: boxes perched sardines, download the film разведчицы and perched Camembert, empty bottles, scraps of paper, wool ... We looked at each other, and Edith whispered: - Lord, and it was all in our hole?And out of the room came the voice: - It must be such sluts! .. Dirt Dirt ... Well ... It was a fall from a height! Myto considered themselves neat all shoved under the bed! .. We quickly ducked out and returned, when everything was taken away ... In Nice, we met Roger Lucchesi, the conductor of the orchestra, he was with a friend.They took us by car to see the coast.

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