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170 "Best writing" a very successful show. Safely say that I played the way I download the film разведчицы and wanted to play always like playing ComIdie FranGaise, that is, with pauses, quietly, life and soul. All that I have been scheduled, managed as well as possible, even though there was very little rehearsal.I remember the first rehearsal, I felt very uncomfortable, and it lasted so long, until I strictly delimited their places, transitions, etc. A small change on the advice of Paul Jakovljevic Ryabov: throwing the letter into the fire, I am sorry for them and not immediately throw them, and paused, which expressed a doubt, the desire to keep writing.Every time I threw another letter: that with some annoyance, then quietly but nervously, etc. These variations should be done differently, according to Schoenberg, read your scene is somewhat monotonous. After the play, he ran to the bathroom Mityushin I've seen him play, was impressed.He said that today I had everything in moderation and feel and body language, especially the latter, as it was not exaggerated, as always. I played without makeup and was striking. Under the coat I wore tolschinku why the figure had become dense and shapely. Opinion: Tretyakov172 ecstatic. Lukutin play it left a big impression, and he begged them to let him play kakuyunibud role. A good sign. Schoenberg are thrilled, delighted and pauses to say that if we do not repeat the play, he a stranger to me. Olga Timofeevna173, download the film разведчицы and cursed the play in the last year, this year was in awe of her.Ryabov said that the play and the performance of one beauty. About Kozhin and his wife and say nothing. They melted. Vansyatskiy174 that during rehearsals he assured that the play had not download the film разведчицы and worked and can not have it, confessed that he did not expect any such performance or conditions. The audience during the performance was total silence.I felt it in the same way as the current one, which is installed between the performers and the audience. In the language of the theater, the audience was living with us. Another said:some phrases that I wanted to give a subtle shade of comedy, although they did not have anything that is likely to cause laughter, yet called him just because I told them extremely easy. Some have noticed this when reading emails. I told them, not looking up from the letter, as soon changing intonation, casual.At the end of the play we called a very, very amicably to seven, ten times. Granted, it is a success. But the most expensive for me this evening is an experience that left in Marousi. When I came into the hall, looked at her, she was excited and even blush. To the question, well I was playing, she only said: "After."What does this "after"? Good or bad? I had one or the other word to calm down. She reassured me: "You played amazing, extraordinary. Of the rest home." Returning from the Company, Marusya recounted to me in detail all of the impression made on her play. According to her, the best performance was impossible and demand.The play, as she put it, we did not play as lovers, not as actors playing the Maly Theater, and even ComIdie FranGaise Marusya not get that impression, what she had to try this evening."You are an amazing actor," she repeated more than once to me All that I outlined in my role, all shades, transitions, as they download the film разведчицы and seemed to me, were it clear.

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