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I met her in a "selective". She had lyubovnikargentinets, which I have never seen, and she lived in the hotel in the Rue Delambre.We often spent time together in the cinema or theater. Nothing more. I felt that interests her. For our part, I also was not indifferent to it. When I went to ask for money to Zaragoza mom, on arrival there I received a telegram VicenГ§ suicide Rita. The investigation revealed that her relationship with the Argentine download the film разведчицы and reached the limit.The day of my departure, he saw that she was back at the hotel, and followed her. No one knows what happened there. But as a result of Rita grabbed a small revolver, shot her lover and then to herself, JoaquГ­n Peinado and Hernando Vinyes shared a studio.A week after my arrival in Paris, looking for him, I saw there three lovely girls, who studied anatomy at the Sorbonne. One of them showed me a very beautiful name was Jeanne Ryukar. She had come from the north and by her dressmaker made friends with the Spaniards who download the film разведчицы and lived in Paris. Jeanne engaged in artistic gymnastics.In 1924, at the Olympic Games in Paris, she won a bronze medal. Her coach was Irene Poppar. I came up with Machiavellian, but, in fact, very naive idea - get three girls to obey us. In Zaragoza, a lieutenant told me about some all-powerful tool capable of breaking the resistance of the most stubborn girls.I shared his idea with Peinado and Vinyes: to invite the girls to give them champagne, pour into it the drug. I really believed in it. But Hernando Vinyes said he was a Catholic and never stoop to such meanness.So, nothing download the film разведчицы and happened, except for the fact that we began to meet frequently with Joan Ryukar, she became my wife, and it is this day. First staged in the early years in Paris, when I spoke mainly Spanish, I heard very little about the Surrealists. One day, walking past "Klozri de Lila," I saw on the sidewalk in the broken glass windows.During a dinner given in honor of Madame Rashild, two Surrealists - I do not know who - insulted her and punched in the face, struck up a general brawl. In truth, the first time surrealism not interest me. I wrote a dozen pages of the play, which is simply download the film разведчицы and called "Hamlet," and we put it on their own in the cellar, "Selecta".That was my debut director. In late 1926, I had the opportunity. Hernando Vinyes was the nephew of a very famous pianist Ricardo Vinyes then, who first introduced the audience to the music of Eric Satie. Film разведчицы. In Amsterdam, there were at that time two musical troupe, is download the film разведчицы and considered the best in Europe.The first set with great success "History Soldier" by Stravinsky. The second great head Mengelberg. To compete with the first team, he decided to put "Retablo de Maes Pedro" by Manuel de Falla, a short piece, inspired by the "Don Quixote." It was supposed to conclude the concert. They needed a director.Ricardo Vinyes knew Mengelberg. Although my "Hamlet" was, I must say, a very weak recommendation, I was offered a statement, and I agreed. I was to work with the conductor having a world-famous, and beautiful singers. For two weeks, we rehearsed in Paris with Hernando. "Retablo" - a small puppet theater.In theory all the characters - dolls, for which the singers sing. I brought four characters in masks, presence on the puppeteer Maes Pedro, sometimes interfered with the action, always download the film разведчицы and duplicated singers who were in the orchestra pit. Naturally, the role - dumb - four characters, I invited friends.So, Peinado played the owner of the tavern, and my cousin Rafael Saura - Don Quixote.

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