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Well, the film is ready. Some moments, some episodes for one reason or another have not been download the film разведчицы and removed.For example, the episode with the Parisian shoemaker, sewing shoes for clowns, or the history of the hall, "Medrano", now converted into a pub. We also came up with an episode of Charlie Chaplin - it prompted us to a tragic accident with a rider Corradini. Corradini download the film разведчицы and served one striking number.His horse, he download the film разведчицы and arranged a lift - a huge circus gear, take them up: Corradini, in a frock coat and top hat, sat astride his Blondene, and he download the film разведчицы and rested his feet in four small - largest hooves - ROM. Top artist welcomed the audience cascading colored rockets, and then went down to the arena.But once bounced a spark hit the eye horse, and he stood on his hind legs. Corradini, knowing that download the film разведчицы and Blondin could not re-enter on the front hooves too small disks, kept him on his hind legs as he could. Then he gently patted the horse, in a farewell salute waved public cylinder and collapsed with Blondenom down to death.I wanted to resurrect this story with Chaplin. But so- called " asked him not to put him in an awkward position if he had refused to answer us. I did not shoot the episode with artists Dzakkini, came up with a trick with a man-"shell."Huge spring threw "live bomb" from the mouths of cannons, with either because of a bounce in the heel, or because of the mixture of the powder to mimic a shot, full of people in a moment lost consciousness.But it was absolutely necessary that the artist came to another flight, as he had to get done saltomortale - otherwise he would not fall back into a download the film разведчицы and stretched mesh. This number has ruined many. From performing his fifty-six people were killed thirty-two. Finally Dzakkini designed himself a special aircraft:Getting out of the cab, he did all sorts of somersaults at the height of one or two download the film разведчицы and hundred meters above the ground. The cabin also remained his wife, who, by the way, to control this unit did not know how. All the same, once Dzakkini fell and broke, and the wife had to fly for as long as not out of gas.Dzakkini lived in the United States, where they had their own house with a lawn, too small, however, to carry out training flights on it a human "shell." Therefore, acrobats, flying out of a cannon mounted on the lawn, landing in a meadow - on the other side of the road passing by the house.Who did not know about this drivers, seeing flies across a man who thinks that they have hallucinations, and lost control of the car, because of what is often a crash.In the end, the mayor of Tampa - the town where they lived Dzakkini, considered it a landmark as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, - put on the highway at the entrance of a banner reading: "Seeing people flying through the air, do not panic. Watch the film разведчицы online. This train Dzakkini. " One more episode left, so to speak, on paper:Room with bold microphone. "Human Microphone", just like the red, white refuses to transfer speech clown: clown spite microphone twists around him, laughing at him, let derisive comments about his speech. This idea is an old one, it goes back to the years of my youth:microphone, forced to translate all the years of fascism vicious nonsense rebelled, began to publish kakieto inarticulate sounds and misinterpret the message.

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