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Therefore, the studio director, even though beautiful, did not answer my then dreams, especially if we take into account that by the time I was disappointed in the scenic artists, and canvas, and in paints, and in the cardboard and external staging facilities and tricks directors.All my hopes and actor sought to develop a solid foundation for his creativity and technique. Open studio was dangerous, it seemed to me, for the very same idea, for which it is based, as the bad idea to show it means to kill her by the time the autumn of 1905 the revolution broke out. Muscovites was not up to the theater.Opening a new case was adjourned for a long time. Tightening isolation, I could not download movie scout and eliminate it so that all pay, and therefore had to close the studio in a hurry. In the Moscow Art Theatre was even glad failure studio as me to her jealous.Now, with the liquidation of its affairs, I fully back to the old comrades. "Stanislavsky poked, tasted burned and realized that without us, the old, you will not manage." But we, ie. E.NemirovichDanchenko and I clearly saw that our art has stopped at a crossroads, you need to refresh yourself and the company that we can not remain in Moscow, and not because it interfered with preparing the revolution and the general mood in the country, but because we do not We know where we go and what we download movie scout and do.The yield was: just what we do not and it was to remain in Moscow to arrange a trip abroad. And here there was one thing that gave us the impetus in this direction.In the Moscow Art Theatre was declared a premiere of a new play Bitter "Children of the Sun" Prior to her the city was a rumor that the extreme right-wing elements of the "Black Hundreds," says our theater over the left, and Bitter enemies of the fatherland, were going to attack us during the actual performance .Have gathered spectators were in suspense promised scandal. And so, in the last act of the play, which depicted a riot during a cholera over the fence home protagonists play burst on the scene the crowd of extras who took over the Black Hundreds, attacking the theater. Someone in the audience shouted.Rose incredible noise became hysterical women, and even men. Someone hurried to close the curtain. When the audience saw that the crowd took the stage for the Black Hundreds, the play continued, but at a much deserted hall. Here's to etomuto tragicomic case we found fault, to speak about the need to leave.In October, there was a great strike. Then armed uprising broke out. The theater was temporarily closed. A few days later the shooting stopped in the streets, but the state of siege was in force. The streets were allowed to go no later than eight hours. scout film.Under such circumstances, our trip abroad received sufficient external justification. The first trip abroad to address the issue of foreign travel all the board of the theater gathered in my apartment, in the coach number. We arrived at night.In the evening we had described during that whatever the cost to solve the problem, for which we all gathered, and after the decision to send to Berlin for hiring good theater, orders decorations and so on. Stay in Moscow had to get the money and organize everything for the trip.The meeting lasted all night, and even after the guests went to bed and put out the candles, the debate did not stop, especially since no one slept. A few days later the actor Wisniewski went abroad as good, and 24 January 1906 the entire company, and my wife and children went through Warsaw to Berlin.

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