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And it was all very simple. In the State Committee for Cinematography man who did not even know who I am, but seeing that I experience, told me: "What do you want, it discounted the film, it does not maintain the set parameters." Yes, even as it showed.After each batch of material Andrei Tarkovsky stops shooting and flew to prove, and he said: "Everything will be okay." Completely unfairly to say that Andrei Tarkovsky renounced material because he wanted another option. There were people in the aquarium, as if in dirty water. It's only giant will Tarkovsky;he was able to come back a second time to plan and watch online movie scout and have a second "Stalker". Blood oozed from Tarkovsky! No director could not decide on it; moreover, Andrei Tarkovsky was very economical and the shore every penny. For the money allocated for the second series, all remade it just was heroism.You know, Andrei Tarkovsky was a great industrialist, he could learn from other directors. We all assembled films and passed ahead of schedule. Another thing is that no one did not take a picture right away and everything was done so that we were late, but all the pictures we handed over a month ahead of schedule.On "Nostalgia" Andrei Tarkovsky even planned to come to shoot the Russian nature and that in the meantime we all assembled here. He knew that we have time. And he knew that at Masha Chugunova on Artemyev, you can rely on me, and if the Italians do not give money, then we'll do it for free.You even can not imagine that Mary was for him and how he treated us all. He could not even notice us just because it was just part of his life. But we were ready to do everything. Here "Andrei Rublev", the first copy in the singular.Six years, we hid her in the halls, rooms "Mosfilm", almost in the restrooms, two-part film. Then thanks to Masha sent him to the White Columns. This whole story. And then all sorts of Larisa pravdaminepravdami reached Kosygin for it can be to her feet to worship. Always my favorite movie was "The Mirror" as you like "difficult" child.But when I saw the "Sacrifice" ... Not that I was sorry for the hero, but Tarkovsky talked with me, argue. He always wanted to make a very long takes one shot, and I thought, this is utopia. Naturally, it is not me, and yourself a chance to prove this, but as we talked about it a lot, then I argued.Have you noticed in the credits there is "mounting Tarkovsky"? So, trusting no one. And more to the original copy that was imported from Sweden, the installation of this color. The film razvedchitsy. It seems that there flashed lightning or something else, and he that spirituality superhuman energy creates a visual, color flicker.Of course, after the "Mirror" is again a confession. Everything is there: and Larisa, and stepdaughter, and his Tyapa, and that's the last movie, the outgoing "sorry." There are so many hidden. he may be, and not thinking about it, but the film said.I remember, was once he arrived from abroad, was there at Fellini and Antonioni, saw all the improvements and complained that we are living in the stone age 148. And I'm so happy that Andrei Tarkovsky been there, could work. In "The Sacrifice" is evident: there is an abyss subtleties, such color, such skill ... Well, it is time to ...From confession to preach film "Nostalgia" Tarkovsky shot in Italy. While detained abroad, he was not going to. More surprising premonition "Russian disease", which he described before she became his worldly destiny.

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