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Our society is influenced by the West, but the family relationship in which a father sacrifices himself for his son, who - for the sake of his father, still reigns in the world of the Japanese family.Exactly the same happens between "big" and "student" in the Yakuza gangs. Explain what the Yakuza, you will learn how the Japanese society. " According to Kitano yakuza periodically perform the role of controllers on the roads or punching agents in show business: "Yakuza - not offenders with guns, they are integrated into society."Kitano said many times that the world of sport and the more television in Japan, if not controlled by the Yakuza, by their rules. Yakuza have often been, intentionally or not, participate in the creative process of the director. On the set of "Sonatina" download the film разведчицы and occurred anecdotal case:preparations for the next stage, in which the bloody Yakuza drove to his office, walked in the street in front of the building where the office was controlled by the yakuza, they decided that the competitors have come to deal with them, and ran out into the street, armed to the teeth. The conflict was resolved prior to the shooting - literally a miracle.There were other cases. For example, during a trip to Osaka Kitano once discovered to his horror that he was being download the film разведчицы and watched several dark yakuza. It turned out that the head of the local clan, big fan of his, I found out that the city comes a favorite director, and sent bodyguards to ensure his safety during the visit.In the movie "The guys come back" main characters new to the Yakuza, when they come to the bar and order a drink with cigarettes. Officially it is not allowed - what immediately informs the host institution, but sitting in a corner, surrounded by his entourage local boss allows boys to violate the ban. Law yakuza - it zakonperevertysh.In the same film bokseryakudza teaches inexperienced athlete holds download the film разведчицы and barred and does not allow him to enjoy himself in the right form: he download the film разведчицы and seemed disgusted by definition any settings and rules. It is also a seductive version of the law. "They must have the police, and the police thugs are not afraid!" - Says one boy to another in the form of the yakuza.Not only spectators China, but his characters are easily confused with the real false law. But to those who do not respect the law of the yakuza, threaten much more serious problem than the true violator of the law."It's your rules, not mine," - says in the first scene of "Sonatina" host gambling establishment bandits who came for a monthly fee, and adds: "If I broke something, even if I am arrested." Less than a day he dies a painful death.This - one of the possible explanations so tragic fate of the guardians of the law in the films to China, because the unwritten laws not only watch over, but write yakuza. Certainly, there appears satirical talent to China, but much more than expose a corrupt society, he wants to reduce the romantic spirit, dispel halo.If ordinary criminals, who often plays the role of China itself, are capable of performing miracles dedication, leaders of criminal clans always look tatty administrators, clerks have download the film разведчицы and served with dim eyes, hidden behind glasses with thick lenses.They determine who will live and who will die, and their cruelty is expressed except in an indifferent tone of voice and understated gestures.

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