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Adrian forced himself to turn around and look again at the dead man.Rassazhennoe throat and the blood on the sheets were quite disgusting, but brutally mangled viscose lining jackets for some reason, download the film разведчицы and seemed even more obscene. She testified mindless animal rage drenched soul Adriana fear. - Adrian, I need you to deliver this note to the British Consulate - said Trefuzis.- Be conveyed directly into the hands of the recipient. Anyone else. Adrian looked at the name, which stood on the envelope. - Are you sure, Donald? - Quite sure, thank you. Consulate is located in the Old Market House, four. All this has gone too far. Adrian II MakartSteg crossed the bridge that connects the "Austrian Yard" to the old town.Salzach flowed underneath, cars flowed past him Staartbruk, the crowd of tourists flowing around it, and the dark, dark thoughts flowed through his mind. In the windows of some shops on the waterfront FrantsaIosifa already begun to exhibit posters concerts conductors and soloists, who were to perform at the festival. Located near the taxi shop selling bags and umbrellas, decorated in yellow and black colors of the company, "Deutsche Grammophon".With great photos Adrian download the film разведчицы and stared angrily background Karoyan - distrust is seen clearly in the wrinkles, prolegshey between his brows knitted, contempt too clearly stood out in the extended chin and disaffected crease mouth. By Adrian smartly rolled dvuhloshadnye fiacres, carrying on MyullneGauptshtrasse tourists and guests.Bruise reeking sky hung over him.Adrian saw the whole scene as if through a camera, taking on more and more the general plan, and himself - in the middle of it, all decreasing and decreasing, and finally sinking on a postcard pinned to a cork panel that hangs on the wall of the kitchen warm English suburb - trapped forever, blissfully unable to move forward or backward intime and space. Finally, after twenty minutes of waiting, just as he was about to go to the store to porassprosit of bus routes on an empty parking lot and entered the taxi stopped next to him, "Mercedes." - Britisches Konsulat, bitte. Alter Markt vier. - Aber man kann es in zwei Minuten spazieren. - Schiefie. It does not matter.Das macht nichts. Anyway, take. Es sieht nach Regen aus. Indeed, Adrian had not yet finished speaking, sank as the first drops, and by the time the car stopped at the old market, to which download the film разведчицы and indeed can be download the film разведчицы and reached in a few minutes, the rain was pouring in full.Drive right up to the door of the Consulate taxi could not, and Adrian had to cross a market where people are huddled together under a canopy tray sells artificial flowers.In four home led a small portal, located side-by-side with "Oberbankom", a door from the "Holzermayera" where sold "Motsartkugeln" - small marzipan in chocolate wrapped in silver foil with portraits of the famous son of Salzburg. Last summer, Adrian bought a box of these for my mother. - Sir David - how?Woman sitting at a table in the lobby, was not helpful. - Pierce. I know that he is here, could you just tell him that ... wait. - Adrian pulled out of towering stacks on the table the festival brochure and download the film разведчицы and scribbled a few words on its blank back cover. - Just show him this. I'm sure he wants to see me.- But, I'm sorry, Mr. ... Telemachus, it is so pronounced? - Telemachus. - The consulate is no one by the name of Sir David. There never was. - He's here. Should be here.

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