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And it is in his acceptance speech said that she was very pleased that on the same day it receives the prize student. The director of the show was Laura Kislov. Previously, she worked in the youth edition, and then left the chief director of the editorial office of information, where he works to this day. And she told us. "Well, then.Sit down here and go straight at the camera. " She wanted us to remove each face. When they announced my name I became wadded legs, I could not get up. I stood up, walked, and his feet seemed to be driving around in different directions, because the Kremlin, Sverdlov Hall, all this gives an incredible feeling ... kakoetoAscension, he did this evening received the State Prize, at the banquet said to me: "We Zoe decided that ours was the best."This is about "our biography" not received the State Prize Anatoly Monastery, director, made a very interesting movie, and I inwardly to this day I can not put up with it because he deserved it as we are. Now a little bit about what is true, and that - no. It was our version of a very interesting program, "With all my heart."State Prize for this program has received Valentina Leontiev. I have nothing against that, it is a great actress, she led this remarkable transfer, but it came up with Mariana Vasileva Krasnyanskaya and Zorya. Did this transfer Igor Romanovsky - the director, they are not a word was said.And in the end, Valya also believed that it was she who created this show, not collective. And it's terrible. Just as the fact that at the recent anniversary of Yuri Nikolaev called him "father" of "Morning mail", but came up with this program editors Leonid Sandler and Anisim Gimmervert.And the first led the "Morning Post" Speaker Kovelenov, and then there were the director Larisa Mikulski and editor Natasha Vysotsky, who have made this program further. And much later appeared Yuri Nikolaev, although he was a great leader, very charismatic and artistic.This unfair treatment of people who are behind the scenes and not flash on the screen, and to this day there is on television. And I think that is a huge injustice. Now, if the State Prize gave Sasha Masliakov for KVN, though it and other people have created, I would have understood it:Sasha Maslyakov KVN became a soul, then he kept him as a phoenix reborn with him again after mnogomnogo years. Here it is necessary to distinguish between a person who comes to the screen with their thoughts, their emotions, and actor coming prepared a whole group of people who create all this, but, alas, remain behind the scenes.And I'm still in the frame - and in a documentary and a feature film, I want to see how ideas are born in a human. is not ready, and they are born. The main thing - people.Otherwise, the camera, due to their specificity, pulls out all the flaws of design, light, camera switching, all that should not see the audience on the screen. Remember, at the time the film was created on the Sistine Madonna, shot almost entirely through the eyes of the audience.And the picture became clearer and closer to us than if only the camera glided by brilliantly written eyes, hands, and voice-overs instructively forced to pay attention to details, paint, air. I, the viewer, must experience emotional distress, sitting at home, not pre-tuning.And how many years have passed, this exceptional feature of television for us, its creators should always be the main challenge and task.

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