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Second case:a person believes that he has enough information about a particular situation, idazhe expects to have all sorts of consequences, but realize that there is a hidden issue he suddenly understands that changes his decision.Here and assistant "Red Beard" understands the situation of patients and data of madness from a scientific standpoint, he prepares to host its own, whose methods appear to him authoritarian, archaic and not very scientific.But the protagonist meets a crazy woman and starts to comprehend in its mourning what has been common to all the other crazy - an echo of painful and incomprehensible question that is infinitely superior to any objective or obektiviruemuyu situation.He suddenly catches his boss question, "understands", and its methods help you learn about the abyss of the problem: hence, is an assistant at Red Beard.It is especially clear that the issues themselves involve dreams and delusions, ideas and visions, impulses and actions of entities in question - while the details of the situation remain a cause and effect, and to deal with them can not otherwise How to eliminate a great breath, and once download the film хроники ридика and served as a support for the question and for the answer.In fact, there is no answer, if not to keep the issue is not imbued with respect for him - up to the horrible, ridiculous and childish images, in which it is expressed.Hence, the films of Kurosawa hallucinatory visions, and they are not merely subjective images, but rather the shape of thought, opening the data transcendental question the extent to which they belong to the world and its 262 Gilles C, 263 elez KinoObrazdvizhenie deepest depths.Breathing in Kurosawa's films is not only in the sequence of the epic and the intimate scenes, tension and rests, trevellinga and close-up, realistic and surreal sequences, but much more - in the manner of the rise of the real situation to necessarily unrealistic data on the issue, in this situation imposes itself '.Consider the third case: the character needs to "soak up" all the data. But since this "propitkadyhanie" refers more to the issue than to the situation, it is quite different from a similar phenomenon in the treatment of Actors Studio. Instead soak situation for production response that can only be explosive should soak issue and make the action to be truly thoughtful response. Thus mark etched undergoing unprecedented development.So, in the movie "The Shadow Warrior" counterpart will soak all that surrounded his master - he must make prints host and go through a variety of situations. At first glance, the Western filmmakers embraced the same theme.However, this time the double must absorb all of the information about the issue, known only to its owner, the "rapid, like the wind, silent, as if the forest terrible, like fire, still as a mountain." This is not a description of the owner, and the riddle, the answer to which he knows and takes with him.It does not facilitate imitation owner, but raises it to the level of superman or gives it a cosmic scale. As if we come here to the new limit, the one who is impregnated with all the data is no more than double, shadow, bailiff host World.The hero of the film "Dersu Uzala", sp ^-in etched wood, and he gradually comes to the state shadow kogdaslabeet his sight and he can not understand the lofty question that asks people to the forest.

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