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One that in the 40 years will be confirmed by the Italian neo-realism, in the 60 Soviet new wave. In all things, as a true Russian, Khanzhonkov was download the film хроники ридика and broad, bold, risky. As a business person - prudent and rachitelen.Even in the best of times in the production reigned saving mode. For example, the print preview and negativity preceded the selection of footage. Technical equipment touching detail: we constructed a setup for instant film and washing machine for punching. And at the same time did not stint on the cost of conversion.So two first Russian movie camera "jungle" was bought Khanzhonkova. Honorarium artists was associated with income from rent movies, koi carefully download the film хроники ридика and recorded in a large cash book. It was open to anyone interested. Bring financial success solutions, such as in steel, were sometimes very simple and accurate.Starting show foreign films in the province, and desiring to gain time, was to send movies with train conductors from city to city. Spending download the film хроники ридика and unprecedented money to stage the film "The Defense of Sevastopol", decided not to release it in the car, but to sell all at once, and offices in every monopoly in certain areas.Topics download the film хроники ридика and covered expenses and even went out on a profit. The download the film хроники ридика and developed system rolled missed the last link - the corporate site of films. In 1913, the theater was built by "Pegasus" in Moscow on Triumph Square. Building in the Italian Renaissance style, three storey hall with 800 seats, the biggest screen.The planned opening of the contents as if modeled on kinodela Khanzhonkova. Consecration theater. Then a business breakfast. Retrospective show's best films of 1908-1913. And as a finale - a demonstration on the screen of the chronicles of the event. For kakienibud two o'clock able to remove, display, print. The effect was stunning.Cinema 47 was conceived and acted not only as a center for leisure, but also education. Here lectures on cinema. With the scientific comments showing cognitive and educational tapes. Views on such youth was invited for free. download the film хроники ридика and Conducted preferential matinees for children and students.Soon the "Pegasus" was renamed the "Theatre Khanzhonkov and Co". Here was a band of 35 musicians and the best music illustrators. Khanzhonkov wanted to combine under one roof the theater and cinema: a specially written script to give a single show, consisting of a film on the screen and live performance on stage.Khanzhonkov download the film хроники ридика and planned in several cities in Russia to build this type of movie theater. If they download the film хроники ридика and wanted to create Kinobiblioteki best films. And, of course, met resistance конкурентовтеатровладельцев, producers of films. Khanzhonkov firm, like others, produced periodicals.It was a necessary tool to promote their own films, commercials, competition, develop their own strategies. The first in 1910 was the release of " Bulletin of the cinema", the second in 1913 - "Cinema" in RostovenaDonu. But the most significant was the monthly "Pegasus", which was first download the film хроники ридика and published in 1915.This was not the first magazine for filmmakers, like all others, and for the audience. It was the "Art Journal" considered in the context of contemporary cinema literature, music, theater, painting. This approach download the film хроники ридика and testified about the changes in the understanding of the film and its place in culture.The "Pegasus" were first published screenplays and articles on screenwriting, as a new type of literary work. "Kinodrama and narrative", "Theory of Stanislavsky and artists of cinema" - these names are telling.

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