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All the same, a forced record came out. And the song "It's not the weather" remained ... Or. Filmed "31 June". Shooting goes on "Mosfilm" commissioned by the Central Television. And then, like artiodactyls-the-box, two people suddenly appear.Watch is not quite ready, but almost movie collection and make more than thirty fundamental comments! For example, part of the ballet: Remove all the places where there is an allusion to the skin! But what does "naked body"? The concept is very loose. Bare to the knee or elbow? This is a ballet!Dancers any reason, made it a rule to dance with bare feet to the obscene. Musically it was this remark: "The arrangement - typical of capitalism behinds. All soloists must be replaced. " Short, but capacious! Someone from our group asked: Maybe instead of general Yoaly Valley and put Leshchenko and Tolkunova? And what - told - is possible and so.In the hall there was laughter. But it was laughter through tears. Naturally, none of us had anything against Leshchenko and Tolkunova, outstanding soloists, but the film was of a different genre and required very different performers! Director of "June 31" Leonid Kvinikhidze after such comments Kondraty just not enough. Though close your picture!It ordered all cut, remove songs, soloists change. "Gypsum is removed, the client leaves! .." It is good that the director of "Mosfilm" Sizov was a man of creative writing books and art treated with tenderness. He looked up and said Leonid material Kvinikhidze: do not change anything, keep so! Make me two copies.One copy he sent to the television. A second tricky Sizov let on state dachas. On television, pulled the answer to the last moment. Listen: what they say about the movie? .. And there is just reacted very positive. We went Kvinikhidze DH to superiors. One telenachalnitsa all I try to find out:Alexander, well, why do you have Jaak Ioala early in the film singing with one voice, and when he is on a plot in the twenty-first century, something else? His voice changes, becomes hoarse kakimto ... So this is a different person! - I explain. - Another century, another manner. And in response I hear: No, that will not do! .. Let perepoet! No! ..Then we cut out this song! And two songs from the movie cut. Thank God, at least the film remained. Then he was allowed to broadcast in New Year's Eve. But not at eleven o'clock, and at eight, when all or going to visit, or prepare a festive table, and up to the TV has not got a movie ... And then put on the "shelf" for eight years.Because the singer starring Sasha Godunov from the Bolshoi Theatre after touring remained abroad. This equated to treason. That's "Prisoner of the Caucasus" somehow slipped! There's nothing terrible happened. In Gaidai, however, they cut quite a remarkable piece where Etush played tunic "under Stalin."Me, as a composer, it is not directly concerned only indirectly. Still, it was a shame for Lenya, cut out a lot of funny remarks. In the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" to the music, too, do not find fault. Cut out again only gaydaevskie director's findings. I wonder how in the "Diamond Hand" have missed the song "Island of bad luck"! ..It kakoeto miracle! How did they not see that the "Island of bad luck" is very similar to our country? .. Although we were not going to push through anti-Soviet, the inner attitude towards the environment, the system is still manifested ...This song was so bright in the text - about "lyudeydikarey", so naverenoe, and no one came to my head that someone would so openly dared to "straddle" the Soviet Union.

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