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It is like a natural history classification of Linnaeus, or the periodic table. Nevertheless, film requires in this case a new approach. In etoyhvyazi should remember Bergson wrote it in 1896, "Matter and Memory", which turned out to be a kind of diagnosis of the crisis psychology.After it was no longer possible to oppose the move as the physical reality of the external world as an image of the reality of mental consciousness. Opening Bergson "obrazadvizheniya" and deeper "obrazavremeni" still retains such great importance that it is impossible to say for sure whether all the implications of this discovery are known.Although perhaps too sweeping criticism, which Bergson later subjected the cinema, nothing can Watch Online, and to prevent the unification of Bergson 'obrazadvizheniya "a cinematic way.In the first part of our study we , the film chronicles ridika watch online in excellent quality and talk about obrazedvizhenii and its variants. Obrazvremya will be the subject of the second volume. Great filmmakers, in our view, are comparable not only with artists, architects and musicians, but also with thinkers.The basis of their thinking is not a concept but a way: obrazdvizhenie and obrazvremya. Of course, in the film a lot of trash, but such "products", strictly speaking, no worse than any other, although the economic and industrial implications of this can not be compared with chemlibo. Therefore, the classic movie only more vulnerable to other filmmakers:it is immeasurably easier to interfere with their work engaged. The history of cinema is a long martyrology. From this movie does not cease to be part of the history of art and history - independent and essential forms, which in spite of everything managed to devise and implement an author of the film. We do not give any illustrations:we would like to own our text served as an illustration of the great films, in one way or another imprinted in the memory of each of us, to movies, thrill us, or maybe chemuto learn. KinoObrazdvizhenie 41 Chapter I Proceedings of the motion 1 Bergson leads not one, but three thesis of movement.The first of these - the most famous, and therefore there is a risk that it overshadowed the other two. Whatever it was, it is a kind of introduction to two other theses. According to the first point, the movement can not be confused with the space traveled.It covered the space belongs to the past, and move - to the present, is the act of passing. Elapsed space divisible, and even infinitely divisible, while the movement is indivisible, or is not divisible without having to not change at each division of his own nature. It follows that all of the space passed belong to the same homogeneous space, while heterogeneous movement and not reducible to each other. Before you , the film chronicles ridika watch online and develop the second point, we recall its wording:you can not restore traffic through the positions in space or moment in time, that is still "cut" ...You realize this restoration not only as estimating the positions or instant sequences of abstract idea, giving them the mechanical, uniform and universal, copied from the space and the same for all movement and then you miss two ways by movements.On the one hand, how infinitely you may be approaching a moment or two provisions, the movement will always occur in between and, therefore, behind you.On the other hand, no matter how you divided and subdivided any time, the movement will always occur in a specific duration, and consequently, every moment will get its own high-quality durability.

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