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Oleg speculated that the artist is: do all of these meetings, the whole show? "The Artist - is a mystery - said Dahl. - He should do the dark matter and disappear.It does not have to poke a finger in the streets. He has only to show their face in the paper, as Vertinsky his white mask, something prodelyvat, and then remove the mask to avoid being download the film хроники ридика and recognized. " I say this in relation to the behavior of many of our artists. They demanded attention, walked, showing himself - was a struggle for popularity.But Dahl was right: the artist is not in it. Artist that you are doing in the arts, in the works. Dahl loved music and musicians. Said - that one has to learn to listen to each other. We often do not hear, do not feel a partner. We are busy. But for some reason, in the theater it is forgiven, so the theater is very easy to lie.And they play a share, a quarter, an eighth. They are heard and happy when taking the baton from one another. Improvisation, attention to each other - that anyone should take an example. He was not the sort of grumbling "hero of our time" - a lot of wants, but can not. Although Dahl had reason to be a grouch. He could do everything.Oleg was surprisingly bred people. It was something of an American - strong, biting, thin body. He was built like a wonderful animal, sustained in a good breed - very slick, a lot of running, a lot of jumping. All this was very expressive, not melteshaschee.Like many "sovremennikovtsy" Dahl was very similar to Golovin Ephraim. That was reflected in their students, including those in Oleg. There's nothing offensive. Perhaps Efremov while embodied certain naivety, which had in our national nature. This was his charm, which is then perfectly download the film хроники ридика and mastered Vysotsky.They all seem the same root. From generation to generation. Kryuchkov and from Aleynikov to generation 60s. Only those was stronger by nature, but these come, and consciousness. Dahl had a furious temper. He might be crazy, and then suddenly became soft, almost feminine. He could not show his strength.I was shocked to know the power of Dahl in "Twelfth Night," he did not find her. All of his body suddenly lovely, lovely infirmities. This could only afford a very great artist. This was surprising, as the artist always wants to show his strength.Unfortunately, with Oleg took the very creepy case when Hamlet is, and while it does not want. But Dahl was a normal person. He held back, download the film хроники ридика and calmed himself and suddenly died down, so much so that it becomes unlike Dahl. And then - go. When he retired from the "Contemporary" and came to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, I wrote to him: All theaters Dahl tired.After leaving the "Contemporary" ancient, he decided four weeks, then have a month to spend in the village. "Month in the Country", he played huge. I was at the premiere. But Dahl has suffered the fate as many of his colleagues. The fact is that in the theater at Efros was a wonderful actress Olga Yakovleva.None against it can not say anything, because it is a really great actress. Except for one thing - she was so fond of art in itself, that few of his left. Because of its terrible demands partner always download the film хроники ридика and happened hard. Dahl was hard to play with her. They did not find a common language. Efros loved them both, but probably more Olu.Of course, every care Dahl from the next theater had different reasons. I remember rehearsing in the Tchaikovsky Hall performance of "Mail to the South" by SentEkzyuperi.

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