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" Did you need more then a great apology?I will limit myself to some of the psychological consequences of properties arising from the foregoing. Until now, we were wrong. No theater, no romance, no cinema. How to distinguish them? So: Movies do not want evolution. It wants action already formed characters.It wants the sixth instrument of tragedy or a book, takes place after the end of the psychological novel. It takes character of the whole, so that immediately catches sight of their psychology and behavior and clarifies the conflict. Serious risk could provide psychological reflections, shadows, highlighting the development. Eyes reflect too little;no time. Chanson de gesture deduced clearly defined and limited psychological simple outline of the characters and go straight to the action, and through the actions we understand psychology better than words. Now for the other. Reality is not enough. Girl crying because her boyfriend died. Her despair and tears enough for me.Involving artistic means:music, painting, poetry, - I will try to sow in this soul, truly suffering from invented for her drama, a drop of art, some music or color, sound or smell, or a picturesque vision of the poem, which is not something that will enhance the reality, but it will suit shining garments of art that can not afford to weave of life itself;and so we get the truth sinegraficheskuyu significantly higher than the same human truth, and it will happen because of the aesthetic effect of art on this very truth. What's missing from the movie to be rich? Suffering. Movie is young, it does not know tears. Too few people have died from it, on his hands and in his name.Genius works in the shadow of pain as long as long as it does not become a shadow into light. The movie is not familiar with such a shadow, that's why it does not have great artists. Too many people talk about it, and very few people understand it.There are people gifted too subtle scent that takes them on purpose, like the dogs that are looking for a hare, and come to the lover's mistress. They go out to hunt for enemies movie, but with every shot hurt the movie itself. Our corporation shouting: "Let us come together" - are heard at every turn, but they did cause a profound echo?When you realize in how a small degree you are a friend of his own, would be surprised that you're so alone in the world. The light is download the film хроники ридика and introduced into the film not with a sun glare on the screen. The flame that burns in the breast of the artist at the time when he takes the stage, the screen lights up much more than the rays stolen from the sun itself.Try to read from the screen of the famous poem. You be disappointed, everything happens as if a deficiency suddenly increased, thereby reducing their poetic qualities. Let critics hold disinterested experiment.And it shows that the screen is more dangerous than the road over a precipice or what book, and that it requires perfect colors and lovely ripe fruit, because all that does not bloom in the soul of the artist, now and forever appear false.Image exists only as an expression of the power of the one who creates, but is an expression of force may be visible to varying degrees and at the same time acting with equal effect.This means that if I create a picture and someone creates exactly the same image, the impression that the viewer will be substantially different, in spite of the absolute identity of "quality" images.

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Film хроники ридика
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