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For example: one of the skits coincided with the election of the chairman of the State Duma, and Moscow eagerly waiting for news. Fake phone rang immense size. Baliev approached and held the phone to his ear: "How do they say? From St. Petersburg? Because the State Duma?"Baliev worried and appealed to the public with a request:" Hush, gentlemen, hard to hear. "The theater stopped." Who is this? "The whole figure Balieva suddenly turned into servile. He became a low bow to the one who spoke to him on the phone. "Hello! Very happy ... Thank you for calling ... "Then, after a pause, he continued:" Yes, yes ...skit ... very fun ... a lot of people ... full, complete collection of ... "another pause, then he said quite emphatically" No! "The new pause. Baliev worried:" No, I assure you, no, no no ... "After a pause, he each new all nervous, all choppy, all excited and resolutely protested.Apparently, someone strongly pressed forward with full of request. He had even, for the sake of gain refusal shakes his head and shrug his hands and eventually almost abruptly and firmly break the conversation. "Sorry, I can not, I can not."Then he hung up with stimulation and rapid steps went backstage to go into the audience throwing ice, with the sour face: ".. asks you need in our skit chairman." Among the jokes and fun for artists skit highlight some numbers that hinted at a brand new for Russian theater jokes, cartoons, satire, grotesque.In that case and took Baliev talented Tarasov. First they founded in the basement of the house at the Church of the Savior Pertsov a kind of club of artists of the Art Theatre. There's an intimate of fun and jokes and other actors of our theaters.Subsequently he formed the theater "Die Fledermaus", which due to various conditions was forced to change the direction of the former towards the beautiful, often truly artistic images and scenes with singing, dancing and reciting. This repertoire, which has become typical of the "bat," thundered the whole world and quite famous.The actor must be able to speak Pushkin performance were the years of world catastrophe. The war began in 1914. In Moscow, he was very lively, and there was a rise. Theaters worked as ever. The repertoire they tried to make up to the moment, and produced a series of hastily baked patriotic plays. All of them failed one after the other, and no wonder!Can a card war theater to compete with genuine, who felt in the hearts of people in the streets, in homes, or resounded and destroyed everything in front? Theatrical war at this time seems insulting caricature.Pushkin performance under rezhisserstvom NemirovichaDanchenko and artist Benoit, with its decorations and performed by the best artists of the Moscow Art Theatre, that's what puts our response to events. It was decided to put three pieces of Pushkin:"The Stone Guest", "Feast or Famine" and "Mozart and Salieri" in which I played the role of Salieri Many fascinated Pushkin's verse, underestimate the actual content of Pushkin's poetry. I, on the contrary, tried to end download movie chronicles ridika and to exhaust the inner essence of drama.I felt inadequate to portray only envious Salieri. For me it is the priest of his art and ideological murderer of someone like shaking the foundations of the art. My Salieri at the opening of the curtain is not bliss for morning tea in a powdered wig.The viewer finds him in a bathrobe with hair disheveled, exhausted after a night's work, which brought him fruits.

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