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I thought - this is it, just the nuns did not hear properly.It turned out it was Sega, who stayed in Rome for three days and hoping to see me put off his departure. Until the fourth day, I realized that this Sega, Sega nicknamed Bagarone. I begged the nun to bring me the phone, I had a feeling that if I do not talk to Segoy, disaster struck.But the phone did not want to give me, I should not be tired, must lie still. This inspired me even ponemetski, and when, in protest, I began to swear, very strict nun looked at me sternly and uttered, "You is not a poet," - in a tone that seemed to catch me in deception. Let them. Anyway I needed a Sega, the caller is from the station.Deliberately weak, almost dying voice, I said into the phone: "Bagarone, do not go, come to me." At school, he was nicknamed Bagarone for what, angry, he began to stammer and mumble like this bird. But in spite of stuttering, Sega was the first student in high school and were extraordinary diligence.Stepping over the last class, he went straight to the university, the medical. Upon learning this, I was very happy: in the event of illness could rely on each other - a great doctor. Sega All the same, came to the clinic. I just suffered a collapse, told him what happened to me and how I was now being treated. And he immediately concluded:"Sanarelli - Schwartzman." -I thought he was joking, and I laughed, thinking of fashion in two surnames in pre-war comic magazines. But Bagarone not joking. Then I said, "You stay in Rome and presented their views luminaries of people here." And the next day they all Bagarone explained. Luminaries heard him very carefully, and then said:"Your theory is very attractive ... brilliant interpretation ... "- and so on and so forth Bagarone blushed. When Bagarone red, his face takes on a purple hue. My friend Bagarone, my classmate, my Rimini ... That night I dreamed of our port and rough, green, terrible sea, like a moving meadow.Above it to the shore, download the film хроники ридика and suffered tremendous, heavy clouds. I myself was also great, and tried to swim out to sea from the bay, a small, cramped. I said to myself, "If only I and a giant, but the sea - the same sea. And how not to get out? "And all the same I'm not worried about it. I quickly swam breaststroke on small bay. I could not drown, so how to get the bottom of the feet.What a meaningful dream: maybe he will return me the belief that I was able to withstand the sea. Do not call this higher estimate their strength? Or cease to be reinsured by obtaining, just that, to all kinds of small tricks that can only bind me?In general, so I did not understand, or me from the beginning to get rid of this complex "close port", or should not overestimate their abilities. Look online. In any case, one thing is clear: the hunt back in Rimini I have not. I must admit it. Triggered a brake. My family - mother, sister - still live din.So, I am afraid kakihto feelings? Primarily associated return there for me with a sort of smug, masochistic chewing memories - pose, in which there is something of the literature, the theater, though it can not be denied to a certain attractiveness, charm - sluggish, hazy. Here's the deal:I can not take Rimini as an objective fact.

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