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This is exactly the signs of genius.Wearing a mask of grandeur can any activity, including, I'm sorry, and a fool, but afford not for a moment to take care of his greatness can only be a great person!And of Lenin - Lenin, sitting hunched on the steps of the Congress of the Communist International, download the film хроники ридика and Lenin alive indefinitely, then angry, then good, train hard and amazingly soft, brilliant insight and chemto childlike, never thought of himself, gave the case and people, and life and laughter, and sorrow, and joy to the bottomsoul - something of Lenin managed to Shchukin ... and managed more than other workers, but they will forgive me this truth. He took over from Lenin and therefore give more to all of us. That's why people loved the image of Lenin Shchukin. He loved his bright and bold images humanity. It's a lesson we should not forget anyone!Many years have passed since, when I was a novice director, have worked with Shchukin. He has played in my life a prominent role, I have to thank him not only as a teacher in this difficult art, but also as a man who was an example of service to this art.Vasily Vanin My acquaintance with Vanin happen in download the film хроники ридика and unexpected, purely cinematic circumstances. While I, a young film director, started to film " Lenin in October." Dates I was given an unusually short: begin filming this huge picture on August 12, I had to finish it in October, so that the picture was released November 7 - in the days of the 20th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. download the film хроники ридика and Shchukin was supposed to arrive by September 1. In eighteen days of August I had to remove almost all the scenes pictures, not related to the image of Vladimir Lenin.I started from the stage at the Obukhov factory, where the chairman of the factory committee meets representatives Matveev SR Government informs the Bolshevik factory that is preparing an armed rebellion, etc.Vanina then I personally do not know, I saw him several times in the theater and, frankly, was not sure that he can play the role of Matveev. Matveev appeared to me above all a man larger, self-confident, more outwardly typical Petrograd proletariat.As the reader, I represented Matveeva more traditional, and therefore the role of this chose another actor who started acting. It was two days of shooting, and the third came to pass, as it is sometimes only in our film industry: he arrived at the studio, I found in the dressing room Vanina.It download the film хроники ридика and turned out that for the role Matveeva suddenly and seriously ill, and my director Dmitry Ivanovich Vasiliev per night had an agreement with Vanin, handed him the script, brought to the studio and put me with a fait accompli: the actor is replaced, there is no escape, the timing can not wait another minute . At first, I was confused:sitting in front of a mirror grimirovalnym short, ugly, bent, with puhlovatym, inexpressive face-like person not on the clerk, not the employee of the provincial accounting. Watch the film хроники ридика online. Man try on this mustache on his face which was not done at all is impressive.Small comb he download the film хроники ридика and tried to beat sparse hair, comb it download the film хроники ридика and parted in the middle, then lifted his hair up, then download the film хроники ридика and lowered the cook on his forehead, his face expressed nothing but fun bewilderment. - It's too suddenly grabbed me - tell me, friend, download the film хроники ридика and Vanin. - I have no idea what's playing!Stsenariyto I read finished reading in the car ... Well, just do not know to hold on! At least kakuyunibud dash to begin with, gesture, perhaps, kakoynibud.

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