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The only professional acrobat, I saw who could fall and look funny, was Pudds Hennford - great circus clown. Though I called and acrobat, I note that I am no more than half an acrobat.I learned as a child to fall - as did Chaplin, Lloyd and Fairbanks. I have mastered a few acrobatic tricks, including return jump over his head and other simple exercises.I could walk around the "butterfly" - a series of "wheels" without touching the hands of sex, but anyone who has seen me doing flips, understood that I lay acrobat. People think that the leap back over the head, where you land on your feet, do not touch your hands to the floor, it is very difficult.But it's much harder to back flip when you touch the hands of sex - the first jump just looks difficult. All you need to - it's control over his body. When you take off the air, it all depends on how you hold your head - it is your steering wheel.If Steve Brodie controlling himself, he could jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and have a good chance of rescue, download the film хроники ридика and instead of just pretending that he was going to jump. Man who jumps or dives, of course, know how to manage them, but if it is download the film хроники ридика and pushed, thrown or dropped it accidentally, he loses that control.That is why, down the stairs, you can greatly hurt ourselves. In my opinion, even Doug Fairbanks was just the best acrobat YMCA. His jumps and other tricks looked better than they were in reality, because a perfect knowledge of Fairbanks distorting camera properties and used them very effectively."Cops", but did not know anything about crashes. It seems that no one told them that both ends of the spine should be protected, or that some types of crashes to relax the whole body, while the other strain the back muscles and the seat. Jimmy Bryant, the most sedate of the "police", was another valiant hero, who did not know how to fall.In fact, Bryant did not even know how to make a "wheel" - a trick that quickly learns every nine American boy after to make the first somersault. Jimmy - a large man with a bull neck - was the only one of the "Keystone Kops," who looked like a real cop.Together with Al SentDzhonom Jimmy left Sennett to work with Roscoe when Arbuckle was making his own dvuhchastevki. I realized what was willing to Bryant, just to stay in the film, during the filming of one of the earliest dvuhchastevok Arbuckle, in which I download the film хроники ридика and participated. It seems that it was called "His wedding night."At the beginning of the film was shown on a large department store room in which she doshivala her wedding dress, using me as a dummy. Bandits, assistant chief villain, the rush to kidnap her, but she just went to another room for the pins.They take me for a bride, because in my wedding dress, pull out the window and slide down the sloping roof. At the bottom of the street waiting for Jimmy Bryant and cart. He was going to catch the "girl" in his arms, and stood with his legs apart, one on the ground, the other - on the steps of the wagon.I was download the film хроники ридика and supposed to fall on his head down, and he will try to catch me, but missed. We rarely rehearse kostolomnye scenes like this, because it's too easy to bump or injured. download the film хроники ридика and Wounded, even if not excluded from surveys, could thwart the work a second time.

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