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I was saved by God in the hallway shot rang out, the girls screamed, ran out because of all the table, rushed there. I jumped in the general commotion on the street, a minute behind me chased "Lenya" and began loudly download movie chronicles ridika and threatened that he and I can shoot.Neither this Lenya nor Sergei Alexandrovich in Tashkent I never again met. Boris alive! Today Uzbek ran and brought the "truth" of his correspondence. Elena revived, began to leave the yard of our basement to get some air. We are waiting for news.Ends "Parkhomenko" and generally remain without any salary was - Uzbek studio we can not take on your content, the more artistes. "Uzbekfilm" takes one picture a year in which no one Russian female role. Joint efforts find a way out: to create at the studio theater, it means the state, which means the salary.Now the battle began for the artistic management of the theater, two candidates, two competitors - Romm and bows, all were convinced that will be assigned Bows because Romm - artistic director of the studio, but nevertheless it Romm appointed artistic director of the theater and ...and he immediately chose to play with a remarkable American woman's role, which has appointed actress Kuzmin, my wife and I received the second part, it is not their role, and I would be difficult to play - as in Gorky wife Shadrina. But in this whirlwind all becomes unimportant.I came out of our basement with his Silver Fox to go to the studio and see - at the end of a long yard, at the gate, the military about something asks neighbors. Rushes to him. Both crying. When recovered herself, Boris frantically looking for my fox. Then he carefully looks me in the eye, did not prevent the I and we laughing with happiness.Poor veterans, of course, they should not come to the rear; after the blood of thousands of deaths, after the shameful retreat Tashkent struck Boris. Struck our animal struggle for life, the loss of human, worthy, the insignificance of existence! And then there came the first under Boris removed from Leningrad. Those left to defend Leningrad, and these ...director Gerasimov with the same of his beautiful wife, a bad actress Tamara Makarova, flaunted by Pushkin in the luxurious sitting on their brand new uniforms, and immediately sit on the sidewalk, street children are in lice, in rags, scary, their spit and spit echelons.Even when I starred in "Hot Springtime", this pair produces an unpleasant impression - cool, canny, able to adapt to anything - they also lenfilmovskie Wall Streeters.Boris has made room in the four-storey building on Pushkin and moved us, it is the former Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek republic, which was released for the evacuees scientists. Now Moms dream of our dark basement, there are two huge windows look directly at the sun, and in the peak heat Mom wrapped in wet sheets and crawl under the bed. Boris has achieved and improve one ladder rank soldering. Issued its military certificate, so I now "godfather King."Talk to Boris about the war is pointless, or will not say anything, or so say that the truth does not get to the bottom. Curtly that the retreat was a terrible, running, throwing everything - tanks, guns, people - until the Rostov, who miraculously did not get into the environment.His mother met with surprise, but indifferent, not embarrassed for lying about it - however, he considers it normal.

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