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- How did it with golovoyto? What happened? - Outstanding head. You need not worry. - Oh, I'm excited! As she, poor thing, is there? With the bed up? - Not just gets up and swims and plays tennis. - Nadia, you would have called me to tell the whole truth.I promised, and the next day in the morning went to visit an old lady knows what troubled. That summer she was alone in the apartment. I've been called, but no one opened it. Behind the door was heard banging and ringing.It turned out the night Catherine Lukinichna pulls a chair to the door, put the stool on it, and on the top - a bucket filled with water. - Why? - I asked. - You know, Nadia, I was fast asleep. Now, when thieves come at night and the door will open, the bucket drops, tingle - I wake up and I'll know that the apartment thieves download the film Эротик кино and climbed.- Why are you so worried about Lucy's head? - You know, Nadia, the thing ... Lyusenka me almost every day to send emails. And all the time wrote: "Mom! In no case do not eat rice! Rice is very bad for your health! "Of course, I'll do without rice, so if Lyusenka wants. But when she wrote about the fifth figure, I thought:I do not if she got sick? Previously, she had so often I did not write. Then he received a telegram: "Mom. Figure categorically harmful to health. To die for. Lucy. " I was just in tears ... What happened to her? I as she could, calmed the old woman. Returning from Foros, Lucy told about the reason for his strange letters and telegrams.- When I was leaving for a vacation, hid all her jewelry in a box with rice - and forgot to warn her mother. I wake up at night in Foros and I see all my earrings and rings are cooked in a pan with rice. I was bad. What else could I do? - But why on the phone or in a letter to say my mom the whole truth? - What are you, Nadyun!- Lucy download the film Эротик кино and waved her hands. - All phones tapped and letters opened. If I told the truth, thieves always carried off to all. It was a funny story. And these fun and funny tales were many in the house, Lucy and Yuri Petrovich. We often went to them and I download the film Эротик кино and loved when they come to visit us. They lived together for almost twenty years.It was a surprisingly friendly, cheerful family, download the film Эротик кино and absorbed by common problems and interests. Their common brainchild was the theater, which they dedicate all their time and all the talent. April 23, the birthday of the theater, gave all of us the first night and each time it was a celebration for all who managed to get to it."Every domushke their rattles" - Lucy loved to talk. Probably, and they had everything like everyone else. They parted at once. Evening, February 21 Yuriy left. The next day we were waiting for them for dinner - was the day I was born. Lucy download the film Эротик кино and called at eight o'clock in the morning.Long spoke kind words, but I have only heard a low, deep voice instead of the usual ringing. - Lucy, what happened? - I have to tell you that we have with Yuri Petrovich parted forever. Today you must decide one of us do you stay. I came to you in the evening make sure you check. If you want to continue a friendship with him, forget about me.If you choose me, I'll stay with you. She came before the scheduled time. Brought by Catherine Lukinichna Enormous pumpkins, on which was written: "Nadenka in forty years." I rushed tudasyuda, not knowing where to hide this pumpkin.

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