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So, every visual element in the frame can perform two functions: 1) the function of the content - that is,relate to those elements of the composition, which provide an image perspective and provide information on the actual content of the frame; P. Ward. Picture Composition for Film and Television Figure 1.Diagonal split lines in the composition gives a sense of vitality and produces a more favorable impression than vertical or horizontal lines. House, taken from the pediment, visually static, because of the large number of horizontal lines.If we move the camera so as to expose the two sides of the building, the horizontal lines are converted to diagonal. Sloping line is the potential movement. Composition, download the film Эротик кино and based on the diagonal, carries a more active principle.The main object of the same frame in both figures, but the structure was reorganized Adra construction so as to get the attention of the audience, no matter how much he is interested in the actual content of the frame. 2) the shape function, ierefers to the elements responsible for the creation of a visual solutions and being at the forefront of the image, elements of the group are responsible for a reaction of the spectator, not dependent on the specific content of the frame. Abstracting from the above functions, you can create a plan frame download the film Эротик кино and composed of lines and shapes.The plan is called "circuit diagram image." Schematic diagram helps to identify the visual elements that could potentially hold the viewer's attention on the content of the frame. In the construction of the fundamental two-dimensional frame schemes should focus not only on the content.For example, every operator knows that the building will look more interesting if 1) to move the camera to the point where only one side is visible, and set it at an angle to the frame were two or more parties, or the surface of the building, and 2) change the height the location of the lens.Setting the camera to another place changes the concept of structural construction of the frame, while the content of the frame is the same as before, and we can learn the building. Changing the shooting angle of the object, we have a ratio of the boundary lines of the roof, windows, doors, etc.Now, when the lines come together in a potentially remote location, there was a prospect, and the image became more attractive. By controlling the angle of convergence of the lines, placing the lens in a certain place at a certain height, adjusting the angle of view, you demonstrate a basic understanding of the construction of perspective.In the XV century, many artists did a research perspective. Their findings help operators assess the current level of influence and position settings of the lens imaging camera for building composition at telephoto cinema. Ward.Compose the shot, in the movies and on television Figure 2 Fragment "Scenes from the legend of the desecration of the guest" Florentine painter Paolo Uccello. In this painting, the artist used the newly discovered techniques for linear perspective, allows you to display the depth of the space on the plane.INDICATORS depths of space, and their interaction with the lens mathematical laws by which objects diminish in size as the distance from us, and parallel lines converge to a point and disappear on the horizon, have been used in Western art in the XV century.Here is a piece of the picture: "A scene from the legend of the desecration of the guest" Florentine painter Paolo Uccello.

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