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- Zoe, thank you, but I can only go with his producer Sergey Leonidovich. - No problem - meets Zoe Germanovna. Begins training - have to do posters, submit documents for visa to the United States, to figure out how to act. July is approaching the day the memory of Andrei, and gratings in the cemetery is not.Finally on July 30 are facing grave - the architect Yuri Nuts, Sergey Leonidovich me. Soldered to the grid steles. All of them! Done. Andrew! Maria Vladimirovna! You all right, all washed, cleaned and restored the stolen grille. Going all to Yuri Orekhov in the studio. Cover the table and wash. Release the heart ... Andrew!Write a lot of letters. I want you to know that what they write about this book and about you and me. Therefore, invest in their letter writing my readers, your viewers. "Dear Tatiana! I'd like to express my gratitude and admiration of your book "Andrei Mironov and I". Have not experienced such emotional extremes of literature.That laugh, the tears! You - very clever. Thank you very much for the pleasure, joy, sorrow, regret, joy. Be healthy and happy. You - God's chosen one! Kind regards. "Dear Tatiana! With great joy read your book "Andrei Mironov and I". Book on me a deep impression.Have not read anything like it, fascinated by the book and your way into it. On the emotional impact can be compared only with the book youthful impressions, when I first read "The Forsyte Saga". Brilliantly written, precisely and accurately, all metered, internally logical, right, easily recognizable and 100% believe all that is written.We Rostov your book sold out completely, it is nowhere to be seen. To test his reaction to the book, and gave her to read more of your friends and acquaintances. The results are as follows: - all cried over the last chapter; - Three two days did not go to work because they could not Watch Online and off.Ignore the screams links. People at one time committed villainy should not be offended that I say about it, and quietly Erotic movie movie watch online and silent. Tatiana, looks like you have become the founder of a new genre in our literature.Above all, your book is done to promote the creation of Andrew and his aura is hundreds of times more than special polunauchnye or literary books. In general - "Bravo, Egorova! Good For You! Keep it up !! "Victor A. Schick. Sincerely, Tomorrow, 08, remember with you Andrew. " "Dear Tatiana!For example, I can not judge the reasons why you download movie Erotic movies and write, and I do not even dare and have no right to judge, but after reading the book your rather already in the process, I felt a strange dependence on her - as if I passed on your energy, even the sounds, the smells of the time that you describe ... finished reading,I felt what that yearning and even emptiness. I wore the book and in the subway, and to work, like hiding it from everyone and everything. I do not know how to express exactly, but in your book amazes me is not what it says, and as it is written. She (All riddled poetics, music, perhaps it is your soul?I do not know you, but if you are in your book, then you are very thin, rich, rare and happy person. I've re-read your book and need experienced "finish" a little image of her, and you, and all your. So I went to look for Trubnikovsky lane and Savior house, and "circle". When I was there, I thought about everything:"What luck, but I probably will not ever so ..." With gratitude, Tumanova Irina, 24 years old. " "Hello, dear, dear Tatiana ... Your book changed my soul.

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