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And this in turn will be reflected immediately on the box office. The situation is so serious that, despite his own depression, I nevertheless want to offer you soon find a way to publish official data refute rumors.You must openly declare that it is not true that you have no intention to leave the baby and leave her husband, she has no plans to marry someone else the other. I suggest you do everything in your power in order to disavow the message, which is detrimental impact on your reputation and could lead to a personal tragedy.I hope you do not posetuete my frankness. All this seems to me so important that I could not write to you about my position in this matter. With sincere assurances of respect for you, Joseph Breen heart. " The letter threatened her not only as an actress.It threatens its revenues, as well as the success of "Joan of Arc" has just hit the screens in Europe and the United States. It was a threat, and the address of her latest film, "Under Capricorn", which in the autumn waiting for the screens. Of course, the sword and hung on the film that caused a scandal in which they are now filming of Stromboli.Given the extent of the power that had Hollywood moguls, it could be assumed that all three films will be withdrawn from the rental. Telegram from Walter Uongera, producer of "Joan of Arc, has not made its soul calming: vile rumors about your behavior need immediate denial.If you do not care about your own fate and that of your family, then you should know that I believe in you, in your honesty, I have made huge investments, jeopardizing their future and that of my family. It is under threat as long as your behavior does not refute the rumors that radio, newspapers spread all over the world.We both need to feel a sense of responsibility to Victor Fleming to his memory and to all who believe in us. I assume that you are not aware of it all or misinformed about the importance of newspaper fictions and their consequences that you are completely deluded.But do not be fooled into believing his act bravery and artistry. Nobody does not relieve you from compliance with norms and propriety, which are accepted in all the common people. Wire me on receipt of the telegram. " Ingrid seemed that no one around you understands her situation.Yes, she made this important step, but she really did not have a right to privacy? Surely no one realizes that she has a point of view that it does not make any grand crime? download movie Erotic movies.However, almost periodically brought a bunch of new stateek mocking newspaper, letters, cartoons indignant signatures. Her condition, full of guilt became unbearable. In desperation, she sketched out a letter to his father Domsure, French priest, a former consultant to the "Joan of Arc". She felt for him the deepest respect."Stromboli, May 1, 1949 Dear Father Domsure, how deeply I hurt and disappointed you. What are now your kind words about me? When people think well of you, exalts their love. That hurt worse then feeling its decline. Among the rumors, gossip, has now spread around the world, a lot of fabrications and lies. But there is the truth.Until now, I can not get over the fact that my actions become the property of the press, all that I do or say, including telegrams and phone calls passed to the newspaper.

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