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This is due to many reasons, including the fact that it is not exactly built crowd scene on the screen is illegible, a person's life has the ability to selectivity.When an event occurs before it disposed in the space, it can look at any of its neighbor, or distance, instantly focus his eyes at any depth. Likewise, the audience in the theater. On the plane of the screen case is completely different.Here the director himself defines the point, the center, the main thing that the audience immediately and certainly a must see. When the screen works great mass and acts actively, it is necessary to establish clearly the object of attention, otherwise there will be confusion, the frame will become blurred.Suppose we have to show in the film workers Putilov, who came to the revolutionary demonstration and move down the street. Here, as in the scene of the train station, too, can participate five thousand people.But if you show an event such as the collision of working with the police, carried away by genre elements, the main contents of the frame appears to be broken. In this kind of crowd scenes inappropriate way of conducting and organizing shooting applicable in the scene at the train station.Storming of the Winter Palace, the attempt on Lenin, the Odessa Steps, mutiny on the battleship "Potemkin" revolutionary demonstration in "Mother" Pudovkin and dozens of similar scenes from Soviet films do not accidentally requested a different method of surveillance and action.This scene actually massive, they frame the content is actively serving the mass, and therefore the building should be guided by a completely different rule, namely, the more clearly and unambiguously expressed in action in any given frame, the greater may be taken of its scale.It should be borne in mind here that the scale frame plays a crucial role here. Frames must be unambiguous, monolithic mass action. Such scenes are the best way to express installation. How better, for example, to build a movie scene to assassinate Lenin? In life, this event could wear the most hectic character.At a time when there was a three-shot, someone got scared and ran, someone did not understand what was happening, someone immediately rushed to Lenin, to help him, someone rushed to catch the criminal; there was panic - some fled, others sought the phone, others asked what was the matter, the fourth cried chased Kaplan, enemies rejoiced.All this is happening simultaneously. People acted as varied as in the scene at the train station evacuation. But if so show the attempt on Lenin in the movie, it is not will create a clear picture of the behavior of people is not got nothing but chaos. How did this attempt is depicted in the film?All of the various and complex tasks extras divided into a number of time following one after the other short, clear, local, unambiguous objectives. In every single moment of the assembly is developed only one of them. Their alternation creates a train of thought. Immediately after the shot is taken the theme of anxiety, only anxiety.At this point no one fixed a person. All run: people are fleeing to Lenin, fleeing from the factory shop, Kaplan runs, runs Vasily Novikov runs - in short, only developed this theme. Followed by a screening of Lenin, lying on the ground. Around him the ring of people. Developed the theme of mourning. All stand motionless.If isolated close-ups, it is yet again the sad closeups: women cry, men are looking down. Around the machine closes the ring. The device goes up and reveals a huge sea of ​​people still.

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