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The action takes place in a very conventional lunatic asylum in Portugal: a mansion in the park, no honey. personnel, respectable clothes inhabitants - all this makes them look like visitors to a reception, and nothing in the cleared area of ​​life does not distract from the abstract conversations, of which the film consists of.All the inhabitants suffer from religious hallucinations of one kind or another - even a cynic who denies the value of any religion. One pair is playing the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden, and then the woman who portrayed Eva, play the St. Teresa de Avila.Another pair of characters in the novel imagines himself Dostoevsky, and one man says in his possession - the fifth Gospel. And each has its own point of view, which he did not hesitate to speak, protecting her in a debate with great sincerity.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Manuel de Oliveira

The director was born on 11/12/1908. Director, screenwriter, producer, actor, cameraman. Manoel de Oliveira is not only the oldest active film makers, not only the original master. He is also a living history of cinema.His debut work on the river Douro (1929 1931) reflected the expressionist quest 20s, and first became an occasion for reflection on the merger of documentary and feature films. The first full meter Aniki-Bobo (1942), shot with nonprofessional actors, children, anticipated the discoveries of Italian neorealism.The second big movie action spring (1963) predicted a metaphysical movie coming decade, in particular, Pier Paolo Pasolini movies.Since the seventies, in an era of growing creativity, which began after the overthrow of the dictatorship in Portugal, already a mature master Oliveira scored his parallel passion, such as car racing and winemaking, finally forming his own unique style. Its main sign of unwavering attention to other forms of creative expression:from painting (Oliveira prefer static shots moving plans) to the theater (some of his films are even divided into acts) and literature (from the 70's, almost every picture of the director's film adaptation).Do not forget about the history of his native Portugal, as detailed in the films studied Cultural Lisbon (1983), No, or the Vain Glory Command (1990), Word and Utopia (2000) and The Fifth Empire (2004).In the last film to date, a mystery of Christopher Columbus (2007), Oliveira set out to prove that th... to read further                                                                                               

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Film A Divina Comédia
Regisseur Manuel de Oliveira
Country Portugal
cinema Genre Drama
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 08.09.1991
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