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You let him take the film? We continued to walk, all the while Nehru just smiled and nodded his head. But no promises. But the next day, Roberto received permission to remove the film from India!. and he immediately left. Many called my strange behavior.The newspapers and download the film brusli and discussed how his wife chased Roberto Indian producer, began their romance as he finally left with her from India. But people are committing a lot of strange things. Perhaps we should be able to analyze their actions, put on the scales of all the "pros" and "cons". "This is good, this is bad, but what is most important?"- I reasoned. Of course, the fact that this man is back, making a new film, in which, apparently, done something important. Perhaps, the film turned out? This option is also necessary to think about. And if you love adventure? So what! It just does not matter. The main thing is that it is infinitely talented, even brilliant. And no he did not take.A talent - is the most important. When Roberto was returning to Paris, I went to I 'refers to the documentary Rossellini "India, 1958." - Note. Trans. to meet him. This puzzled reporters crowded around me. - Miss Bergman, is it true that your husband ran off with Indian woman? Did not he hit the wife of an Indian producer, Miss Bergman?- Really? - I was surprised. - I have no idea. I came here to meet him. Roberto walked into the airport, and I threw him on the neck. He hugged me, we download the film brusli and kissed. This picture went around the whole world press, and the signature underneath stressed that believe stupid rumors. "Please see:Ingrid Bergman met Roberto Rossellini - they embrace. " Well that reporters were not allowed to follow us to the hotel, "Raphael." We went to my room. Roberto download the film brusli and settled in his chair, pulling her hair. We have not seen each other for a long nine months. - You're still playing in this stupid play? - he asked.- Yes, and imagine it a great success. No free space on all performances. Of course, I can arrange you a ticket if you want to go. - Probably not. So I went to the show, and then went back to the hotel.Roberto went there kudato - lunch or just - I do not know, but when I came in, he was still sitting in the chair, thoughtfully pulling hair. And I thought the time had come. I told him I had already met with Sonali - Indian, who had gone with him. She arrived in Paris for a few days before.I did not intend to meet with her, but a mutual friend called me and said, "She came from India and wants to see you." - "Okay, I'll come." She looked pretty, very pretty and very serious. In her arms was a child, I thought, "God, this can not be! How much time was Roberto? Nine months!No, of course, it is impossible - the child for several months. " We Sonali talking. The child was her youngest son from muzhaindiytsa. Another son, the eldest, she had left in India with her husband. "The press was behaving badly - she complained - there were so many myths and lies." I said that I have a lot of experience on the part of newspaper tales.Sonali said that most of all she needed to see me. And I thought: "Poor woman! Is it not strange: she left her child, repeating exactly the same as that at the time I did." And now, sitting next to Roberto at the "Rafael," I asked as gently as possible: - Look, Roberto, you want to get a divorce?I remember how he leaned back in his chair, continuing to pull at her hair, and looked at the chandelier, not saying a word.

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