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- Your. The one from the book, and which is now on you. His name is Sergei. We drink coffee.New in 2000. Meet him in Finland. Win the lottery, the first prize - a huge bucket with tulips. Finland - Russia, ideally. Pink Snow, cleanliness. Instead of salt and sand streets strewn with fine gravel. A fairy tale! There's also download the film brusli and learned that on December 31, Boris Yeltsin turned 180 degrees and left his presidency. Indeed King Boris - only the king is able to king's actions. As Maria loved to repeat, "Oh, Tanya, this time will soon be over! I've been through, when he was the NEP. " The people on the same occasion composed quatrain: We all live in the era of glasnost. Comrade, believe it will be, and the KGB will write our names.We have a new president - download the film brusli and Putin. We want to believe, even the brain build a pun: the revolution, before the disaster, the main man in Russia was Rasputin - roads, potholes, bad roads. But Putin - way. Maybe it will be all the way through. "World News" article Felix broke Medvedev's novel."In frankly shocking material foundation for the entire book Egorova" Andrei Mironov and me. " The success of the book mad - this is not no one dreamed of. " And further: "All sincere confession of humanity excited people's morality, secular moral postulates.Confessions of Rousseau, and even now, 200 years later, the blood boils come into life ... "" ... There just names now can not be found on the book bazaars, Gaft, Andrei Voznesensky, Oleg Tabakov ... But luck is not enough. A documentary novel written Egorova download the film brusli and talented, bright. The author has a light readable pen.Feels literary acumen thinking educated contemporaries. Reader is not fooled - it boring in the mouth will not take. And the poor will not reveal your wallet. On such a bestseller can only strong nature, able to love and be loved. download the film brusli and Naked truth about the famous actor and his entourage - to me, a feat of both life and art Egorova.Author of "Andrei Mironov and I", I think, a happy man. She understands that the living need not only alive, but dead, to extend their age among men. " Rushing to "Mercedes" on the Minsk highway in the city of Bryansk. Driving - Glory. Type - new Russian.Extremely charming, and out of the valiant and rushing force that seems to be, it can turn the whole world. Speed ​​- 190 km / h Glory calls it "push piece of metal." In the back seat I sit. Next to the glory - Sergei, whom we met on the bridge and "drink coffee."He offered to accompany me to Bryansk - a long way back, a strange city, and better, if there is a reliable person. I agree. Ate flash, bare tree branches, snow- covered fields - February. And here we are in Bryansk. Immediately lunch, and an hour - the presentation of the book in the largest library of the city. In the same radio Bryansk, Bryansk TV.Finally I'm on stage. Room full of spectators. All is silent. Ask questions - silent. Start talking myself. Roused the hall, people are revived, began to ask questions. A spirited girl all the time jumps up and asked: "But you have Maria in the book turned frugal, zhadnovataya." - Was stingy.She was 16 years earning money with their work and knew its value. Then education - Domostroy, tradition, order, cleanliness, and money in the wind throwing. You say - buying ... Andrei in the theater was odevalschitsa - Aunt Shura, Alexandra, an old.Always brought him to the top of the play tea, coffee, washed, dressed him to the scene, took care of him.

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