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Schukin - actor Vakhtangov school. As far as I can tell, in his creative ideas Vakhtangov find the most powerful, consistent and clear expression. For Shchukin path to high through funny, strange and peculiar was organic.Simultaneous search acutely understood outer characteristics in the realization of the full depth of character - that, I think, was his main weapon cast.Note that in episodes of open high passions, such as a speech at the Michelson factory, an explosion of anger after reading the letter of Kamenev and Zinoviev in the "New Life", as the dispute with the fist phone call Dzerzhinsky, - all these episodes burning thoughts and feeling almost completely removes the external device:specificity fades into the background, although the pattern of the image is not broken, it is only transformed, goes back to a higher level. So Shchukin very, very happy when I gave him the remark Gorky.He asked me if I let him play like Lenin that in some episodes, including the very first time he appeared, the audience would smile and maybe even laughter. And I said Shchukin tutti that my first acquaintance with Lenin began to laugh. On that day we have groped as if the first step of a common understanding of the actor's task.I completely trusted Shchukin. Of course, Shchukin firmly through all the episodes conducted a through line of the image: Lenin with an iron will led the party to the October insurrection, was immersed in a continuous operation, the main work for the triumph of his lifework. This pass-through line Schukin sought in each frame.But where to find the charm that would make the viewer not only to respect the great man to bow before his genius, but also to love his soul? To love a person can only be understood by close in chemto equal.If a person is infinitely higher than you, you can pray to him as a god, brusli movie watch online and adore him, in awe of him, but not love. And we wanted the image of Lenin on the screen caused a national love. It's a matter of principle, decisive.Therefore Shchukin eagerly grabbed the episodes when Lenin comes to the apartment Basil, sleeping on the floor, covered with a cloak stranger when it comes to Smolny disguised. This vibrant and sharp scene gave material for understanding Leninacheloveka.From the very first piece of Shchukin he began searching Leninist humor Leninist immediacy, severity of the reaction, lively temperament, and - most importantly - clear and simple human contact with each interlocutor: how to be on an equal footing, without the slightest feeling of superiority, self-importance. In search of these features Shchukin was unwaveringly consistent. Any podium was for him not only disgusting, but organically unacceptable. This enduring truth and the golden grain Shchukin approach to the image of the greatest people of our planet. Many years passed.On "Mosfilm" started shooting painting "The Battle of Stalingrad", where he played a superb actor Wild Stalin. And that's what I saw on the screen the first episode. Stalin is slightly propped up on a goal, relaxed, calm, holodnovelichestvenny. Behind him, someone from the marshals. And Stalin, without turning around, talking to him. I ask the Wild:"Why do you say, without looking at him, why are you so arrogant that do not even interested in the views of the person with whom speak?" Wild answered me: "I'm not the person I'm playing granite monument. It is designed to last. The monument is no place for smileys and other household husk.

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