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Wide spread of television has made it completely unnecessary. Bogdanovich - software apolitical artist, his interest is mainly aesthetic and stylistic problems. For example, if the set of "The Last Movie session" prishhigshalno he refused to color.Selecting monochrome range, he has made clear kinship with the American Film 30's and 40's. In addition, he generously poured narrative quotations from films of their idols. Episode with Taylor from the "Father of the bride" Minnelli shows that the action takes place in the early 50's. Sam's funeral scene reminiscent of an episode of western "Shane" George Stevens.In the final part of the frame there is "Red River" Hawks, in which John Wayne and his partner yells, "Get ready for the road! Time to distill our cattle". This appeal raises a vigorous way Duane, he went to Korea, trying to forget the wounds of his youth. Reaction to "The Last Picture Show," was enthusiastic.Bogdanovich himself regarded as an endorsement of the success of his method and began to act more vigorously. In the movie "What's Up, Doc?" He repeated the story Hawks comedy "Raising Baby", slightly modifying the occupation of heroes. Paleontologist into a musicologist, madcap girl - a chatty student Judith.The relationship of these eccentric characters form the rod, which is strung a lot of funny scenes. Comedy has enjoyed tremendous success, and continued to experiment with Bogdanovich film classics. In "Paper Moon" He used widely in the 30-40's. motive relationship orphans and compassionate companion.True, the latter was a fair Bogdanovich Dodgers. However harsh 9-year girly not let him turn in full measure. This funny comedy gets a bitter taste when the characters are in the Great Depression devastated the Midwest.Stylistic devices borrowed from the movie "The Grapes of Wrath" Ford, Bogdanovich helped create an impressive picture of the popular disaster. In the film "At last love" Bogdanovich tried to revive the tradition of the musical 30s. Associated with the work of composer Cole Porter. He managed to put in place about 60 of his songs.However, the lack of actors Shepherd and Reynolds comprehensive musical training and download the film brusli and distorted efforts to glorify the praises of the old musical. The film download the film brusli and flopped at the box office, for that matter, and the film adaptation of the story of James "Daisy Miller" that cinema lovers regarded as a response to the film Welles' Magnificent Embersony. " In 1975,Bogdanovich directed the film "Nikelodeon", referring to the early days of the American film industry. Look online. O'Neal download the film brusli and played a lawyer forced by life circumstances download the film brusli and retrain as directors, and Bert Reynodds - rider, who became a star screen.In action reflected amusing anecdotes that Bogdanovich learned when gathering material on classics films. However, this film is not a success. Hollywood producers have download the film brusli and turned their backs to the director. And just feeding, true to his tactics to support talent, Bogdanovich allocated money for the black comedy "Saint Jack."It took 3 years before on the screen, a new work of the director, "They All Laughed," a light- hearted comedy about New York's detectives who get in ridiculous situations when tracking down unfaithful wives of their clients.One of the roles download the film brusli and played by Bogdanovich beloved Dorothy Stratten, the model of "Playboy", which he download the film brusli and intended to turn into a new Marilyn Monroe. A month after the shooting of Dorothy, was brutally murdered by her husband.

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