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possession insure against accidents, dislocations from any formalist. Possession of these laws and necessarily rezhisseravospitatelya and leader of the theater group.After all, without knowledge, understanding these laws rezhisserpedagog would not help the actors to improve and deepen their acting skills. A "know", "understand" - acting on the means "brusli movie watch online and feel."Therefore, the director its way into the art should start from the same, from what an actor - to the practical study of the laws of acting. It is necessary that he "was in the shoes of an actor", learned all the intricacies of his profession. 35 PIECES REHEARSALS GRIBOYEDOV "Woe from Wit" Further lessons assistants Stanislavski constructed in the form of practical training.These lessons have begun a few months before the opening of the studio and continued for some time after. Stanislavski worked with us over the elements acting psycho verbal action, on the role of the method of physical actions, conducted trial lessons teaching system.It is worth recalling that Stanislavsky has always paid great attention to studies psychotechnics elements and verbal action. These classes he considered absolutely necessary for each actor throughout his creative life - because without a well-developed apparatus of actor impossible to convey the subtlety and depth of feeling inherent in the role.In our case, these studies has attached special importance because without proper preparation of external and internal unit of the actor it would be impossible to undertake the primary purpose for which the studio was created: to work on the role of the method of physical actions. Psychotechnics the lessons I'll detail a bit later.Now I focus on the work of Stanislavski with us, assistants, on the role of the method of physical actions. For this work, he suggested that we play Griboyedov "Woe from Wit".Stanislavski believed "Woe from Wit" an unsurpassed example of realism in Russian literature and in Russian theater, highly appreciated his patriotism did not stop to admire the precise, bright, sonorous language Griboyedov. In quite a fair idea of ​​Stanislavsky, the reference to such material was further enrich us internally.I'll tell you about three things work on this play. The very first zanyatierepetitsiyu Stanislavski began to talk about the method of physical actions and the work on the role of using this method: - First, we worked like this: the director outlined the mise en scene, sitting in his office, and offered the actor to perform them.The case came down to the fact that the actor essentially copied that showed the director. , but a copy is not art. First, we are filled with all sorts of lectures actor of the era, described in a play about the life of a particular environment, and so on;as a result of the actor on a stage with a swollen head and could not download movie brusli and play. I do not deny the need to study the era, history, etc., but above all we must proceed from the action, which is the foundation of our art.36 How can practically be built on the role of the actor's work on a new method? Immediately after the first reading of the play directed by actor offers to enter the stage area and try to "pass" the entire role from the beginning to the end of the events. Of course, the actor does not remember the words to the role, but the catch is the main idea of ​​the play.

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