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As this community occurs under strong pressure formidable military events, it is nothing more than a download the film brusli and forced fraternity.Many European refugees who have been in these temporary communes know how loneliness inherent in such a brotherhood. In "no-man's land", aesthetically interesting, vague dream of an earthly paradise contrasted vague notion of "hell on earth".Particularly ambiguous is a symbolic final episode where the approaching battle makes five soldiers to leave his refuge. According to Canadian critic Shelley Hamilton, "the last time we see five soldiers in the sky:standing shoulder to shoulder, they wade through the barbed fence, arising in the way, and went off in the same tight formation. "From No Man's Land, they went to the land of the non-existent, the war is behind them continues. German militarists and really should not have to be afraid of domestic pacifists .Following the provincial funny comedy "Scandal because of Eve" Pabst put the "Threepenny Opera", a film of "UornerTobis" in Brecht's play of the same name popular - Weil, which was based on the old English "Beggar's Opera" by John Gay.A screen adaptation of "The Threepenny Opera", the first steps were influenced by Brecht, was significantly different from his writings, but in general, to preserve the social satire firsthand, genuine lyricism and revolutionary painting, Kurt Weill songs reworked for the screen.The film is set in the fictional London end of the last century, where there are three "incorrigible personality": Mecca Messer, thieving gang leader, Picha, king of beggars, and Tiger Brown, the police commissioner. Mecca, leaving the public house of his mistress, Jenny, meets on the street Polly, daughter the film brusli and Danced with a girl in a cafe Mecca decides to marry her and tells her "slave" to prepare for the magnificent wedding. On the same evening, they clean out many of London's shops, intending to play a posh wedding in secret, an abandoned warehouse, where they bribed the police commissioner should welcome the guest of honor.Tiger Brown turned a blind eye to the criminal antics of his old pal Mecca. Picha, having learned of the forthcoming marriage of Polly, comes in such a fury that download the film brusli and threatened to hold a demonstration beggars during the forthcoming coronation of the Queen, if not send the police commissioner of Mecca to the gallows. Commissioner shall not be subject to the risk of the coronation.Mecca is hiding in a brothel, but it does not help, because Jenny jealousy brings out his former lover. Police lack of Mecca, but Picha, not believing the promises of Tiger Brown collects beggars on the demonstration. Meanwhile, Polly picks amazing scam.Considering that legal plunder is much more profitable illegal dark dealings, she, along with members of a gang of thieves open bank. Watch the film brusli online. Comedy with the bank inserted into the film despite Brecht's play. Once Picha learns profitable venture daughter, he calls her his share.Picha tearfully begs beggars not to disrupt the demonstration celebration, but they do not want to hear it. As long as they march through the streets of Mecca Jenny helps to escape from prison: her love overcomes Jealousy. Jenny resembles the image of German prostitutes on stage and screen.Demonstration of poor results in the failure of the entire life Picha and Tiger Brown. However, the Mecca of sympathy take them to the bank shareholders Polly. New financial kingdom flourished and prospered, and the three crooks are pillars of society.Because this one hundred percent a play could not make a good realistic film, Pabst download the film brusli and changed its previous approach to the material: instead of the camera to explore the real world around us, he built a fictional microcosm.The film is literally awash in "outlandish, fantastic atmosphere," many of which have contributed to the creation of scenery Andrei Andreyev.Analyzing them, Paul Roth mentions "an incredibly steep and very long marches narrow wooden stairs" in a secret warehouse, and admires the "house of tolerance in the late Victorian style, with the windows papered and napkins on soft chairs, with a bunch of useless trinkets and giant statues of black women, arranged byroom.

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