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It is changing every obrazdvizhenie expresses whole depending on the objects, between which there is movement.Therefore, the plan can already be considered a potential installation and obrazdvizhenie - matrix or cell time. From this point of view, the time depends on traffic and belongs to him, it can be defined in the spirit of the ancient philosophers as "momentum."Consequently, the installation will be quantified, varying depending on the nature of the internal motions considered in every way, in every respect.Uniform motion in a single plan defies simple measure, but the movement of the diverse and differentiated associated with rhythm, movement purely intense - with a tone, and the aggregate of all potencies plan - with harmony. Hence input Eisenstein differences between installation metric, rhythmic, tonal and harmonic. Eisenstein himself saw a certain contradiction between the synthetic point of view that comes from the time of installation - and the analytical point of view, according to which the time depends on the download the film brusli and mounted obrazadvizheniya According to Pasolini, "now transformed into the past" due to mounting, but this past "always appears aspresent "due to the nature of the image. Philosophy is faced analo1 Pasolini.p. 211 - An excellent page that compares death with kinematic graphy with the same point of view, we find already in Epstein: "Death gives us the promise of a cinema ...".2 Eisenstein download the film brusli and happened reproach himself for what he put in too Privileged position of installation, or coordination with respect to coordinating mym parts and their "analytical deepening": this happens in the text В«Montage 1938В», В«Lefilm: sa forme, son sens В».Here, however, we can not lose sight of how difficult it is to separate the genuine texts Eisenstein of grandstanding responses to Stalin Skuju criticism. In fact, Eisenstein has always insisted on the need to be regarded image or plan as the organic "cells", and not as a rental indiffe element: in the text of 1929Entitled "Installation methods", rhythmic, tonal and harmonic methods are used to analyze the internal of contents of each plan, deepening the analysis and all the more given the various "of the potential" of the image.However, two points of view - one - installation and other Guy - image or a plan - take the opposition, even if this opposition tion should resolve the "dialectic." Similarly opposition to the concept of "momentum": the number to appear here and as an independent instance, how common dependence on the fact that it is measured.Should we not here to stick both points of view, as the two poles of indirect representation of time: time is dependent on the movement, but through the installation, the time comes on the installation, but is subjected to movement? Classical reflection revolves around this kind of alternative: installation or plan.There is one essential aspect - it is necessary that the movement was normal: just to satisfy the conditions of normality, it can be subject to time and turn it into a number that indirectly measure it. Normally we call the existence of centers:the centers of the rotational motion, balance, strength, severity of moving bodies, as well as an observatory for the viewer, the ability to know or perceive the moving body and control its movement. But the movement, somehow evading centering, it is untenable and perverse as such.Antiquity to face these aberrant movement, which affected even astronomy, and is becoming increasingly important as scientists move on to the sublunary world of men.And it turned out that the aberrations in motion again questioned the status of the time as an indirect representation, or momentum, as they escape the numerical relationships.But from time to them has not even shaken, and soon had an opportunity to appear in an explicit form and shake his own submission move, turning this subordination.

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