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The film for Van Sant, also known as a photographer and artist, begins with a visual image. For "Drugstore Cowboy" has become one of those photos of Larry Clark. . "My Own Private Idaho" began with a book cover. In the case of "Die For" it was a perverted way, almost artificial perfection.Something similar can be seen in culinary magazines - perfectly matched combination of colors tablecloths and food on the table. The heroine of "Die For" could well be a housewife, which is more concerned with the overall impression than the food itself. Symbolism is important in the film Van Sant, for example, the symbolism of the place.So, Portland he usually means daily life, Idaho-ground lost dreams. In Portland, the action is "Drugstore Cowboy." In Portland, the hero lives and suffering "Bad Night", but for the lover he went to Idaho.Father Scott from the movie "My Own Private Idaho" - the mayor of Portland, and his beloved "father of the psychedelic" returned from a trip to Idaho. If the "Bad Night" viewers watched the male prostitution as if through the eyes of the customer, in "My Own Private Idaho" on the contrary, it gives opinion on the opposite side.The two main characters - Mike and Scott - are engaged in prostitution; one - out of necessity, the other - for fun. Image Scott written based on Shakespeare's Prince Hal in "Henry V». The whole scene of robbery - processing the relevant passages of the play.The director is not too successful rewrites Shakespeare's dialogues, complementing the literary allusions falstafovskimi movie motifs. The action of the first four films Van Sant is "on the edge" of American society. His fifth film, he said, "a departure" from tradition and not only subjective, but also figuratively.Married couple at the center of the film he describes as a "middle-class that lives in the middle class in the standard mediocre town." The weight of his paintings - a black comedy, a tragedy which intertwine, laughter, satire, but in "Die For" humor comes to the fore.In "Die For", staged based on the true story of a teacher who was convicted for having hired three students to kill her husband, Van Sant gives a satirical image of the unstoppable desire of Americans to fame, glory, success. This theme is not original, but the director breathes new life into it.The heroine of the film Susanna - woman, obsessed with the desire to achieve success in the media, and for this ready to do anything. Her brain is fed only information gleaned from television and the tabloids. Compositionally movie video frames, is working on Suzanne. film brusli.In it she talks frankly about everything, "has learned". We learn not only the real story of the death of her husband, but also the essence of its philosophy. "In America, you're nobody if you do not show on TV. What sense do chtolibo worthwhile if no one is watching? ".Humorous and at the same time - humanistic - Van Sant tradition does not change, and in his next film "Good Will Hunting." Van Sant has formed his own company to help young talents. In the future he intends to work on a biography persecutes fighter for the rights of gay Harvey Milk. Since 1984Van Sant each Godchaux removes one autobiographical short films, intending to eventually create one kinematofaftesky blog.

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