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Next Artist Jankowski leaves the overall plan and begins to move away from the wall. And as tied beside him goes the camera. Behind the figure of the artist slowly in the opposite direction moves the background. The viewer does not know how long he will have to go, and it exacerbates tension.It expires five seconds, ten, fifteen ... Light wind. It covers the spark back, goes further. Another gust of ... candle goes out. He comes back. The action starts from the beginning. Again starting position again lit the candle again, blowing a breeze, but we need to move. And the hero is, blocking the flame from the wind hollow cloak, then again by hand.The survey is repeated every one to one. Only the actor acts with increased caution and slowness to keep the candle flame on the entire path length. The voltage at the sympathetic audience is further increased. It takes ten seconds, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty ...This is a huge amount of time for the screen when there is no change of action. The nerves of the audience is already stretched to the limit, and the hero of all goes on and on. As we approach the target character is getting closer and closer to the camera, being consolidated.Statement of the frame to the character in the profile does not allow the viewer to see where it goes, how many steps or meters left to the goal. This director's decision further aggravates tension.Uncertainty, uncertainty, or, as the scientists say, the lack of information always leads to increased nervous excitation, and the director skillfully uses these techniques. You can ask: where in the scene movement, which creates a voltage that moves in the frame? Background!It slowly creeps, crawls it is because of the vertical picture frame. It is there, and the viewer looks at a candle. Because of this vertical frame borders to the viewer waits for the stone to which you want to reach the hero. And this stone still no and no ... Pass shattered the windows of the former openings, but - not even wrong.Wind breaks flames again, the hero comes back and re-lights a candle. Everything is repeated. The third attempt is the longest and ends with a close-up: a candle in his hand. A total length of the frame up to 8 minutes.This is - an example of the masterful use of camera movement to create suspense mixed with fear. This scene can not be removed by other methods, such as using an inter-frame mounting without loss of the artistic merit that it gave Tarkovsky.And if you want to know what the scene is over, look at the film "Nostalgia". Another example. In a documentary film tells the story of the widow of her husband, repressed under Stalin and rehabilitated after his death many years later. The film brusli.She tells about the wonderful and talented man who was shot by sentence of the notorious "troika". The camera slowly pans from her close-up on the corner modestly furnished room and goes to the wall. Moves on rare photos showing far happiest years of her life. She and her husband in kakomto park.Smiling father with a baby on her lap, the three of them, a small photograph of her husband with kakogoto document in a frame. After each photo is a big gap blank walls with cheap wallpaper striped and rare flowers. The man had big plans for the future, but there were only a memory in the memory of a woman and four photos.

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