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Poster myuzikholla "Bobino" download the film brusli and flashed the most famous names of pop singers. The concert started at midnight and download the film brusli and ended at five in the morning. It was the only time that Edith performed in one program with Marie Dyuba and Maurice Chevalier.The room had a lot of soldiers. Edith, as always, prepared a surprise. She sang "Where are they, my old friend?" Where are my druzhochki? Those who are early in the morning to go to war? Where are my druzhochki, Those who say, "Do not worry, you'll come back." All the guys in the ranks with Menilmontant responded: "We are here." They went to war, singing songs. Where are they? Where are they?At the last "Where are they?" In the back of the stage was lit blue - white - red. At first he was the size of a badge, and then poured the whole scene, and it seemed that Edith thrown over the French flag. All this came up with herself. People jumped up, screamed and picked up her song chorus, some even saluted.Paul and, standing in the wings, afraid to even look at each other not to cry. After the speech, Edith we download the film brusli and stayed in the room to listen to others. No one wanted to leave. That night in the "Bobino" people believed in the victory. It seemed a little bit, and all sing the "Marseillaise." When we went outside, the edge of the sky turned pink, the dawn, it was warm.We embraced the amazing feeling of lightness, we did not drink, but we hope intoxicated. - For the first time in my life I feel like laughing when the sun comes up - said Edith. Paul opened a bottle of house champagne, we drank for us, for all of our expectations! Paul smiled. We were happy. We were good.Mechanically, he download the film brusli and turned on his beautiful new receiver and simultaneously raised his glass - For today, 10 May. And then we heard the ominous voice of the announcer: "Today, at six o'clock in the morning, the German troops violated Belgian border. Tank units are moving into the country ... "The fun was over, and for a long time. Week after week download the film brusli and raced.Paul did not stray far from the receiver. We heard the names of Paul Rainey, Daladier, Weygand then Petain. Paris was pathetic. We learned that this air of anxiety, and their terrible fear. Edith did not want to go down to the basement. She was afraid to be buried alive. So we raced in the "Bidubar." It's forbidden, but we let in there all the same.We sat in the dark and waited. Paul has been with us, he is now not leave us alone. Pass by our house a lot of strange machines. The first car came with Belgian refugees, on the roof, they had two or even three mattresses. At first we thought Edith, it's their bed, but it turned out that way they are protected from bullets.After the Belgians appeared fugitives from the north and east of France. They all passed, no one was download the film brusli and detained in the city, and they trembled and spoke of boshah terrible things. But most importantly, they said, that Paris is not reliable. It's hard to believe, but people began to leave Paris, first emptied a beautiful neighborhood, and then gradually the whole city.Government, ministries went to Bordeaux. On the walls there were ads, which said that Paris would defend to the last. Then, panic-stricken, left those who remained. Paris declared an open city. The messages on the radio urged people to remain on the ground. But the people have lost faith, no one listened.Was complete panic. We did not understand, and held on to Paul. We will not leave. Lord, what a Paris was gloomy that morning, June 13, 1940! Through the lowered blinds, we looked at the street, where people were pushed into a car that they have been the most valuable.Old concierge of the house across the left foot, holding in one hand a suitcase in the other - a cage with a canary.

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