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Blue - this constancy, tenacity, perseverance, loyalty, dedication, seriousness, rigor. People who prefer this color, try to put everything in order, brusli movie watch online and organize. They always have their own point of view;devoted to what they do, their dedication to people can reach slavery. The myths - blue color - is a manifestation of the divine, the color of mystery, values. Blue - the loss of reality, dreams, fanaticism. The blue clad magicians and wizards. In the Middle Ages, people who walked in the blue, knew the truth.In ancient Egypt, the pyramid from the inside painted in blue. Zhuk- Soon, the blue color. Buddha and Krishna - blue. The blue color in the flags - freedom, unity, belonging to a larger whole. Treatment - helps to restore the nervous system;It helps with distractions, with tachycardia, with intestinal disorders, nervous stress, relieves raging passion, extinguishes emotions, reduces blood pressure. People experiencing prolonged stress, tension, rejecting blue. It is also, as a rule, reject and smokers.Choose blue color, those who are tired of the tension, who want harmony with others, with his nervous system. Shades. Blue - the color of carelessness, it calms, radiates reliability, but, looking at it, it is impossible to concentrate. It is not conducive to the development of imagination. It reduces stress comfort.It is the color of "quiet emotionality"; It allows you to be outside the boundaries of society, expanding space. But! slow growth and development. It is the color of dreams and dreams, the color of peace and harmony. Dark - blue dreams. It is very deep, leads to depression, causing a dampening effect, anxiety, excessive seriousness, sadness, sorrow.Causes of physiological need of rest and satisfaction in the world. The rejection of this color - with reluctance to relax and unwind. Brown Positive characteristics Negative characteristics Reliability Common Sense Depression Disappointment This - is darkened yellow - red:impulsive life force is constrained by red, fades. The brown is the vitality that has lost its activity. It expresses the vital sensations of the body. People who prefer this color, the desired physical rest, rest. Ignored state of health at the rejection of brown.Brown represents stability, commitment; it is all on the surface. Soothes, support during an alarm, excitements. Select nervous exhaustion, when a man thinks that the situation of the conflict is unsolvable. is rejected when a person wants to find their identity, to get away from the instincts of the body brusli movie watch online in excellent quality and cease to depend on them. At the same time people need attention and categorical. Shades of yellow - brown diligence and rigor.Cream has a mild effect, expands the space, facilitates the perception of reality, gives us confidence that everything will be okay. Purple image of a red and blue, which cancel each other out. Red finds its resolution in blue, and the blue their meaning in the red. Hence - a veiled excitement. It is the color of pregnant women.It indicates a sensuality that is on the verge of individuality and determined as suggestibility. It is the color of idealism, enhances self-esteem. The myths - in the Middle Ages - the color of penitence. The cardinal's ring - purple amethyst - a symbol of chastity. Purple - a heavy color.

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