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After a car accident, Pierre lost his memory. The old mansion, beautiful wife, a business in Hong Kong ... Bit by bit, he collects his past. Much surprised and wary. All that talk about him a wife and a family doctor does not converge with his own feelings. He was the victim of a conspiracy!The worst suspicions become a reality because of this mystery are always in need of the victim ...                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Julien Duvivier

The director was born 03/10/1896, died 10/30/1967. In the film, said Duvivier, there is no sudden revelation. Here the genius of an empty sound, film craft, and craft, hardly comprehended. The director, screenwriter and producer. Born in Lille (France).Educated at a Jesuit school and University of Lille, but abandoned his studies at the university for a career of a provincial actor. After moving to Paris, Julien Duvivier was an assistant to famous director and innovator Andre Antoine, who advised him to try to force in the movie. From 1918 he worked as an assistant to directors L.Feyada and M.L 'Erbe. In 1919, Julien Duvivier made his debut as a director, taking off his first film Gaseldama. In the 1920s, the director has put a number of commercial feeds, of which the apparent romance with a Hispanic man (1926) and adaptation Ryzhik (1925) (on Zh.Renaru).Later, popular with viewers Ginger was filmed them again in 1932 - in the audio version and the other actors. In 1930 Julien Duvivier is becoming one of the leading masters of French cinema, adhering to the direction of poetic realism.Among the major works of this period - Banner (1935), Pepe le Moko (1937), Ballroom notebook (1937), End of Day (1939). The director filmed the lead actors - Zh.Gaben, Fernandel, L.Zhuve, V.Fransen, M.Simon, F.Roze.Delivered in 1935 on a grand scale episode from the life of Christ, the film Gologofa, attracted the attention of Duvivier Hollywood moguls, who, after Pepe le Moko triumph invited hi... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Diaboliquement vôtre
Regisseur Julien Duvivier
Country USA
cinema Genre Crime
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 06.05.1967
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