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In the second term the mouth in the center of the frame and is sent to the background. If the case is download the film erot?c and moved to three characters on one line, it is possible a similar solution.For this technique, a strong and vibrant, use of the camera is almost at right angles. The principle of operation is the same. Actors plan A, B, and C are moved diagonally to each other and go for the shot. When was the last actor leaves the frame, provides a new plan.Plan C is included in the frame is sent to the right, stops A and B are in the frame on the left side and stop. As we can see, the input character is omitted from the frame. When we allow him to move from the center to the edge of the frame, the effect is more dynamic. 319 t .1 movement through half frame for each actor in each plan. 320.2 Movement starts in center of frame at the beginning of the second plan is a visual connection of the two plans. The case of the camera is at the right angle you can and as much as it is shown on. In the foreground are four characters, in profile to the camera. Then they are sent to the left. And it appears to go to the left edge of the frame, C, and D reach the center of the frame.At this point, we give the background, at right angles. A and B are already in the frame on the right, they are sent to the burning aircraft in the background, followed by the others, who are consistently in the frame on the right.The repetition of the frame for sectors C and D is reached when A and B are moved first in one half of the frame, and then, in the background, in the other half. The case of two actors who are moving toward each other, can be removed from the position of the camera at the right angle.In the foreground, two actors, moving in an uncertain direction, moving toward each other. Plan 2 is given, where both are shot by their forces and stop in the middle. 321 3 The camera at the right angle. Removed several actors start moving, moving one after another.Case Cameras, located on the same visual axis, may also withdraw the motion forward. The first plan is divided into three parts vertically. Actors are at the beginning of the first part and go to the end of the latter. We then give the new plan, with each of the actors can be seen in the sector frame.Necessarily emphasize that both actors have to move with about the same speed by going to their movement on the screen would allow them to come about the same time to the place where they are on. If one of the actors goes faster, it should slow down on his arrival in the frame in the background.However, you can in the background at once to show their simultaneous arrival. Case Actors can approach each other at right angles, as shown in. The installation process will be similar to the one we saw in the previous cases. Here placing the camera at the right angle coincides with the movement of the actors themselves at right angles to each other.Movement through the frame or in an uncertain direction is in the same half of the frame in both plans. 322 .4 The movement converging at one point, the motion to rotate the camera at the right angle. 323 .5 The two actors walking towards each other, showing the positions of the two cameras, one visual axis. .6 Two actors meet at a right angle to each other, and the camera is also located at a right angle. The occasion of the two actors, the movement of which meet at a central point, is download the film erot?c and removed as well as the meeting of the two groups.

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Film erotıc
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Cinema-garbage a box

exit Date on screens 00.00.0000
Quality of video DVDRip
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