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The simplicity of design solutions and technologies leads to the discovery of sensatsionnoevristicheskie committed every day on the screen, or something else? Prototypes of the movie camera, according to Komarov, there is reason to believe the development of Russian designers Akimov, Timchenko.Among the models of French scientists stand cinecameras Reynaud, Marey, Demeny and other inventors. In 1897, in a suburb of Paris Pathe brothers built a studio in France also enjoyed a good reputation kinomasterskie Gaumont that took the stage and scenery, allows you to shoot in natural lighting.In Russia, Cine Cameras appliances located, for example, film studios Khanzhonkov film studio. Magician and hoaxer Melies known among fellow designer various mechanisms by which carried kinotryuki and connected operator and director's camera function.They were discovered spectacular techniques "stopkamery" - a technique allowing to make any replacement in the object using the stop unit. In the glass pavilion Méliès were hatches, carts, lifts, through which he carried out a combined shooting. His "Magic Theatre" shows a lot of incendiary attractions.Shooting is often performed with the unwinding of the film back with the lens retracted. People and objects on these segments the film begins to move backwards. In 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris was shown kinoattraktsionsinerama "Ballooning", which was held in a circular pavilion, covered screen.Here GimuanSanson demonstrated gondola balloon on the ropes hanging from the ceiling. The disadvantage then functioned projection technique was its universalism. Separation of photographic and projection functions of the machine is the later.Edison and Dickson designed the machine, which they called "peep show", which was recorded and included in the patent in 1893. Edison's Kinetoscope had two significant drawbacks - no projection on the screen and the "blurring" of the image due to the continuous movement of the film.In the eyepiece at the top of the unit could see only one person. If we turn to the direct predecessor of the Lumiere brothers, it is easy to establish that they are mainly working on fixing the problem of moving images. These were experiments conducted astronomer Jansen, physiologist Mare and some others.In close proximity to the device created by the Lumiere brothers, was a student of Professor Marey chronophotography - Georges Demeny. He, along with Leon Gaumont designed machine that can simultaneously film erot? C watch online in excellent quality and shoot and view images. Film erot? erot? C watch online in excellent quality and carry out the same demonstration movies Demeny could only after the first session of the Lumiere brothers. Thus, the idea of ​​creating a unit share of shooting and projection of moving images literally "hanging in the air", but its real decision was made only in 1895Level cinetechnics silent period was determined mainly by the quality of the optical and conveying systems. Luminous flux film projector were, at best, a few hundred lumens, and it gave the opportunity to highlight the small screens with low brightness.Even after a quarter century after the opening of the first cinema screen brightness was low, and their width is limited to five meters. So they had to take into account the possibility of observing the viewer screen within a small angle of view: 40% for the front rows and about 17% - for the rear.

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