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He first sees Annie from afar, and then approaching it so closely that he can see only her face; if he goes on in the same direction as it offers the film, then, logically, it must penetrate the outer shell and Annie to be in her thoughts. If film erot?c watch online and accept this interpretation is correct, then a close-up of her face is not an end in itself; rather, he, along with the subsequent frames is intended to reveal the audience what was going on behind the external appearance of Annie in her soznanii- ie her dream of returning to her husband.For successfully found part of the physical appearance of the heroine of the film - a close-up face - helps dramaturgical disclosure of its image. This, presumably, applies to another close-up of the famous Griffith: clasped hands to frame Mae Marsh in the judicial episode of "intolerance." You can download movie erot?c and assume that frame her huge hands with convulsive quivering fingers stuck with the sole purpose to give a visual representation of her mental anguish in the most critical moment of the court session;generally speaking, the only purpose of each of such items, probably reduced to enhance the viewer's participation in the whole situation, but here is how to understand the meaning closeup Eisenstein.Its main purpose, he says, "not only and not so much to show and Watch Online and present as Watch Online and the mean, mean mark. " Denoted what?Apparently, something important for the story, and assembly thinking Eisenstein immediately adds that the plot value Closeup comes to a lesser extent on the content of the plan itself, rather than on how it is mapped to the surrounding frames According to Eisenstein, close-up - is primarily assembly unit.But is it just this purpose? Back to the combination of the frame with a close-up face Annie. The place allotted assembled episode indicates that Griffith would like us to 77 visually perceived face Annie and for the sake of the person, and not just in passing, in an effort to see something through. him and for him;close-up shows before finally determined wishes and feelings of Annie, and her face was so attracted us with its mysterious uncertainty. But Annie's face frame and carries independent meaning, as well as hands Mae Marsh.Close-up of hands, of course, should Watch Online and make us an idea of ​​the state of mind of the heroine, but it not only makes us feel that we are in some degree would feel without him, because we already know the characters involved in this episode.Close-up and brings something of their own, an important and unique - it reveals the behavior of the human hand in the moment of total despair. Eisenstein criticizes closeups Griffith films is their relative independence from the context. , calling them "isolated unit" designed to "show or presentation," he argues that to the extent of their isolation close-ups can not film erot?c watch online in excellent quality and to convey the meaning that could be drawn from them by assembling Eisenstein weaves Do not be so obsessed with the belief in the magical power of the installation, it certainly would have recognized the dignity of Griffith's cinematic close-ups.Griffith huge images of fine material phenomena not only integral components of the narrative, but also discovering new aspects of physical reality.Using close-up so Griffith, apparently guided by the conviction that the film introduces us to the physical origins, side and associated values ​​of all emotional and intellectual events that make up its subject, the more cinematic, film can successfully reveal to us the processes taking place in the showercharacters, if it does not lead us through the thickness of the material life, which gives rise to them and in which they are rooted.

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