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However, the magnetic tape is already rewound. - Sit down, - said Trefuzis. - There's a table there are quite entertaining "BatarMontrashe" you can pour a couple of glasses. Pour into glasses of wine, Adrian moved on to the office librarintu accommodating Donald, his desk, computer and tape recorder.The Cabinet was in this room and seredke is an inner sanctuary area of ​​no more than six square feet and eight feet in height, built entirely of books, most of which were, apparently, in the Romanian language. There was even a door.It was once it forms part of the scenery in a student production of "Travesty", very much Trefuzisu.Rezhisserpostanovschik Bridget Arden, a student Trefuzisa, presented him with a gift in the door first, it was kept in a standing position - as well as on stage - specific balances, but then I grew up around a pile of books crushed the door, and now she stood there so firmly that it is better not imagine.One of the advantages of this strange interior of how assured Trefuzis, consisted in the fact that it constitutes an excellent soundproof chamber, which is very convenient to record on the radio.Adrian also believes that it panders to the inherent Trefuzisu agoraphobia or, at least, claustrophilia, available at Donald whom would never admit. When Adrian tiptoed into with two glasses of wine in the room, Trefuzis spoke into the microphone: - ...and since this is the difficulty, in all its noble, monumental proportions, already known to you thanks to worthy efforts of the press, I have from time to time will spare you the description of his gaudy details, though, and I hope to share with you onymi - unbiased, directly and courageously - even before the end year.And while I, if you will, suspend these wireless essays and go see the world. When it becomes clear to me, what it is I, be sure to give you know about it - those who are wondering these things, of course; others will only speculate. In the meantime, if you were with us, continue to be not even think it over.Trefuzis he sighed and put a microphone. - Yes, it's all very sad - he said. - To attach the wine? - Adrian asked, looking around for space. - I would try in the throat, dear boy - Trefuzis said, taking the glass and sipped from it. - Nus, suppose you come film erot?c watch online and tell me about the meeting? - It was outrageous - said Adrian. - Menzies craved your blood. - Milyaga. The film erot? C. How silly of him, it was not there at all, all the time to stay here rippling through my body. I would come and ask. He suffered greatly?- Anyway, my tactics it did not deliver pleasure. Trefuzis anxiously looked at him - you did not say anything superfluous? Adrian described the proceedings. Trefuzis shook his head. - You acted like a very stupid boy. I think my letter KlintonLeysi read? - Yes, it is, perhaps, pulled the rug from under the feet of Menzies.However, it was not necessary, Donald, no one wanted your retirement. Why did you write it? - The heart has its reasons. - And be careful with Menzies. I bet next year he will try to prevent your return. - Nonsense, we Garth prostotaki overflowing love for each other. - He is your enemy, Donald.- Not at all - said Trefuzis. - I will not have them until I do not call him. It may crave that can stand before me on one knee and pray for an open hostility in the most violent of its manifestations, but for skirmishes, as well as for mating, needed two.

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