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"Edith generally hated when she asked questions and demand accountability. Outside, we were free, so Edith cherish it. Since we have enough nights at Lulu. We have not always earned.And we are not always fun. We sang. Cecelia was in a wheelchair. She has been in two years, when one day at the Madeleine, we met with a sailor. Edith always had a weakness for sailors. With them she felt that she, too, is traveling. Correspondence ... It was a nice guy - take a red pom-pom, a sailor collar.He listened to all of our singing, and when we finished, I put in takes twenty francs, and said - well you sing, you are so sweet. Should catch good luck. I was funny, I knew that "you" - meant only "Edit". It was evident that he had a good education. I bet the house slept on clean sheets. He download the film erot?c and continued:- But you know, on the street you do not watch for a poorly download the film erot?c and dressed. And suddenly blurted out: - Dirty. Edith took it all with a smile, she liked him. From the top of his tiny growth she gave him a look from head to toe and said tone Queen: - Do not think that I'm such a life. It is for the public. I'm working on, but that night I did another.If you see me in a different place, would not know. Sailor only waiting. He would like to meet with Edith, but to make it look otherwise. I must say, we were kind of very unattractive. And he appointed her to a meeting in the evening, outside Royal. We ran rushed to the hotel. All three were washed in a download the film erot?c and basin.I do not know how we download the film erot?c and managed it, but we are even dirtier than the morning. Edith pulled red velvet theater curtain Suit - word, gouge eyes, download the film erot?c and trimmed with fur, probably a cat. Hair was oiled and download the film erot?c and taped to his head. Nakrasili in the style of the time:deathly pale complexion, her lips bloody ... It was like a bad movie actress of the silent movies. Our hostess, Madame Zhezekel, she lent heels. - I mean, when we were going to go to hand, not that I was so small.Her legs were the thirty-fourth the size, and the hostess - kind of the forties, and Edith stuffed into shoes newsprint. All just to please the sailor. We went to the subway, I was a baby. Profits to the Ministry of the Navy. Edith tells me: - Go to the "Maxim", ask how much beer there. It seems that this gorgeous place.He will go mad., When it sees us. I go, the bartender called me a price - something about five francs. Look online. I thought he was making fun of me, because we are poorly clothed, and was with him swearing. But Edith dragged me - Momona, not scandal. Went. It does not matter, buy a newspaper.We bought a newspaper, spread it under the arcades of the ministry, and sat down, not to get dirty. And they wait patiently. He must have told his children: "I met two girls, see what they are pretty." When he came and saw us on the newspaper with the child, he said with horror: - It can not be. You are even dirtier. And he left us.It was a sad story. We are download the film erot?c and ashamed to look at each other. We were so sure that everything will turn out, he falls in love with Edith! .. We have it and they put on a better ... When we went there, all the way Edith download the film erot?c and repeated: - What is it good, is it? Saw his eyelashes like a girl? A neck - beautiful, is not it?Here he was surprised when I saw in a dress ... in itself will not be able to come. He did not come ... On the way back, I saw that she had suffered. It was hard on the heart and I have too. This hurts. She said: - You see, back in his ministry, and left us. Did not happen.

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