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Appeared on the stage of the opera soloists Nezhdanoff Smirnov tenor, bass Petrov and other famous Moscow opera singers who sang favorite things, and our theater artists Katchalov, Moskvin and I download the film erot?c and acted as a reader.After dinner, drove artists studio of the Moscow Art Theater with a number of humorous scenes and numbers, such as those of which we once staged skits. Then he danced, played petits jeux {parlor games.} Juggle and so on.After a few days in the lobby of the artists I had my first encounter with the singers theater for a friendly conversation about art. I asked questions, I download the film erot?c and answered them, demonstrating his thoughts playing, singing as he could.In this case, in my soul again download the film erot?c and revived a long-standing, neglected hobbies, buried in me since my opera training with the old man, Litke Komissarzhevskaya. Again resurrected my love of rhythmic action of the music. I can not complain about the treatment of my actors: it was very attentive.Many were interested in those samples and exercises that I made, and like to work with, without false pride cast. Others are only present as spectators, believing that you can know all the details of dramatic art and being creative artist on the scene with a simple observation. Hardly they were right.Not become more of what you look like the others practiced at least, for example, in the gym. Our business requires much like gymnastics, systematic exercise. Those who are addicted to continue their studies and have made progress and soon drew the attention of the audience your game.A small group of artists, supporters of the new studio, take a caring and motherly protection Malinowska, our endeavor brought great sacrifice and acted heroically. After all worked for free and, moreover, at a time when life has not yet entered into shape after the first storms of the revolution.Many singers with beautiful voices had to walk on snow and wet without galoshes, in worn shoes. Nevertheless, they did everything in their power to attend the studio. But there were conditions that they could not fight.Their frequent appearances in opera productions of the Bolshoi Theatre is invincible obstacle to regular classes at the studio, concert for a piece of bread and constantly distracted by them. All winter download the film erot?c and failed to collect at the same time with all the participants in the Quartet rehearsed opera. Today did not come soprano, tenor, tomorrow, the day after the mezzo.And it also happens: bass due to the concert is free from eight to nine, and in view of the tenor of speech in the first act of an opera performance at the Bolshoi Theatre was freed after nine. So the first rehearsal of the quartet was not a tenor, and when he came, no bass, who was on his show.With the extraordinary efforts and the obstacles we have, however, by the end of the season 1918/19 year, which is in the spring, make some samples. We download the film erot?c and showed our work in the hall of the studio some of the singers, musicians, actors of the Moscow Art Theatre in NemirovichemDanchenko headed. The show was a great success and led to speculation.But, most importantly, it convinced me that I can be useful in the opera business. The following season, I agreed to continue training at the Opera studii206 on other conditions, such as:I asked to let me dial the Studio shot of young that were before they were in the studio as artists, to pass under my direction a number of subjects.

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