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But do not be sad at the thought that after the death of the keys to these secrets will be lost!Some American intellectuals, as I know, have expressed surprise at the fact that Europeans, particularly the French, according to the author of Hitchcock in the sense in which the authors considered to Jean Renoir, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Luis Bunuel or Godard Gianluca.Name Hitchcock's American critics oppose the other names that have won prestige in Hollywood over the last twenty years. Not to contrive controversy, I will not name them here, but I note that in this manifest disagreement between Paris and New York's criticism.In fact, it is not just a performer, these are the great Hollywood figures, Reapers Oscars, regardless of whether they are talented or untalented, in fashion trends moving from film productions in the biblical story to the psychological western, military murals comedy about divorce?How they differ from their colleagues in the theater, if just finished filming the play by William Inge, start big screen adaptation of the novel of Irwin Shaw, at the same time thinking of the film of Tennessee Williams?Not feeling the urgent need for correlation of their work with their own ideas about life, people, money, love, they become a showbiz professionals, simple artisans. Maybe artisans topper?The constancy with which they use only a tiny fraction of the possibilities offered by the director Hollywood studios, makes us doubt in this. What is their job? They mark a stage are arranged in sets of actors and shoot the whole scene - that is dialogue - with shestivosmi angles: full face, in profile, with a height and so on.d. Then they drive off the scene again, this time changing the optics, remove it and completely generic, then the middle and finally, close-up. Of course, there is no reason to believe these great Hollywood directors impostors. Most of them have their own skate, something which they know perfectly.Some work well with stars, while others have a special nose for talent. Some writers are very inventive, and other great improvise. Someone puts a great battle scenes, someone copes with chamber comedies. From my point of view, all of Hitchcock superior because it is universal.He owns kakimto particular aspect of cinema, but a master in every frame, every plan, every scene. He likes to build the script, but he loves and installation, photography, sound. It is full of creative ideas for any occasion, and great in all areas, including in advertising, but more on that, and so everyone knows! Alfred Hitchcock has its own style, because it controls all the elements of the film, his subordinates to plan every stage of its production.No one will dispute the fact that it is among the three or four directors working today whose handwriting is determined on the basis of a few minutes of watching any of his films.To test this assertion there is no need to choose a scene of high voltage, Hitchcockian style manifest itself even in the stage of conversations between two characters by the dramatic quality of the crop, unique way sochlenyat views simplify gestures to arrange a pause in the dialogue.This style is manifested in art produce in the viewer a feeling that one of the characters is dominant over the other, in the art of creating a dialogue on precise dramatic atmosphere and lead us from one experience to another on its own whim.

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