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But since our birth accident, the earth, the universe can exist without us.It is hard to imagine now theoretically meaningless, empty and infinite universe, which can not see the people and that there is one, as a kind of endless chaos, like an abyss, inexplicably endures kakihlibo without signs of life.It may be that there are other worlds, of which we have no idea and are continuing their incomprehensible existence. So it turns out often hidden deep within us the need for chaos. Some dream of the infinite world, others portray it in a limited space and time.I feel somewhere in the middle of these two mysterious, equally incomprehensible worlds. On the one hand, the image of the infinite and incomprehensible world, on the other - of the finished world that once gone, drags me into the fascinating and at the same time a terrible abyss. I am moving around between them. And I do not know what to do.Let us imagine that an accident does not exist anymore and that the problems of the history of the world, suddenly became a logical and anticipate can be download the film erot?c and solved with simple mathematical calculations. In this case, you must believe in God, believe inevitable active existence of the great watchmaker as one of the top organizers of life.But how could the almighty god of pure caprice a world subject to the will of chance? No, the answer to us philosophers. The case can not be generated by God, for it is the very negation of God. These two terms antinomic. They exclude one another. Lacking faith, I do not see how to get out of this vicious circle. That's why I am not in it at all.The conclusions that I make for myself, is very simple: to believe and not to believe - are one and the same. If I could prove the existence of God, it would not change anything in my attitude. I can not believe that God is always watching over me that he was engaged in my health, my desires, my mistakes.I can not believe it - at least, I do not accept this - that he is able to put on my eternal damnation. What am I to him? Nothing a piece of dirt. My life is so short that it does not leave a trace. I am a poor mortal, I can not be taken into account in either space or time. God does not deal with us.If it exists, as if not nonexistent. I was once the thought expressed in the following formula: "I am an atheist by the grace of God." This formula is contradictory at first glance. Near the accident is her sister a secret. Atheism - mine, anyway - leads to the recognition of the inexplicable. Our world - secret.I just refuse to accept the intervention of divine power, whose actions seem to me even more mysterious than the mystery, I can live in a kind of fog. I agree to this. Neither the simplest explanation may not be comprehensive. Between the two, I choose their own secrets, because it at least gives me moral freedom.I will say, as a science? Look online. Do not seek it in other ways to reduce the mysteries that surround us? Maybe. But science does not interest me. It seems to me pretentious, and surface analysis. It ignores dreams, chance, laughter, and a sense of contradiction, that is all that is valuable to me. One of the characters in "Milky Way" says:" Hatred and contempt for science, technology will have in the end to the absurd belief in God." Nothing like that. As for me personally, it's just not possible. I chose my place, I live in a world full of secrets.

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