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I turned around - the headmaster! We go down to his office. - Scoundrel - he says to me - what are you smoking? - "White Sea", - I answered. - Give it to me! I take out of his pocket, put it on the table. - How much money you give her mother the day?I do not remember now, after all these monetary reforms, as I gave her mother for lunch. We lived poorly and all was running out. Call amount. - How much "White Sea"? - Asked. download the film erot?c and Again, call the amount that eats all my daily budget. - You bastard! - He says, puts my "White Sea" in the table and pulls out a pack of "Surf".- That's what you bastard, you must smoke! And then you will at least for a bun! Get out of here, so I'll never see! When I left the office, I felt that my face was on fire. After all, he did not scold me for absenteeism, did not say that "smoking is harmful." After all, no one fool would argue that "smoking is useful."Vsegonavsego he wanted me to have the opportunity to buy himself a bun every day! Director of the school smokes "Surf" and his snotty student allows himself "White Sea", which is three times more expensive! This conversation has only one goal has made me the impression that a few days later, I stopped smoking. And I realized what it was a great teacher.Finally I discovered this after another story. Once we start a fight - class against class. Of course, he immediately reported to the Director. He burst into the classroom, pulled his uniform so that he had had all the buttons crumbled, and shouted, raising his voice for the chromatic scale: - Durov!Today you hit your friend, tomorrow you hit the teacher, then - me, then you kill a member of the government, and then begin to smash windows! Everyone froze. Then I saw a little something. But later, analyzing his tirade, it occurred to me: what is the member of the government? Nothing! But the glass after the war - it was a great problem.Especially - for the principal. Yes, the epic was a teacher, our Director. Relationship with a teacher, I could not develop. We had a chemistry teacher Krestova. With it, I had complete discord. I did not study, and how each teacher is offended and annoyed. But as time went on to the finals.My neighbor's party was Lev Kogan, a very intelligent young man. Here he says to me: - You're going to go to drama school? - Yes, like ... - So it is necessary to end the ten-year? Let's study together. - Lev - I say - you're going for the gold medal, but with me you will not.You learn and download the film erot?c and instead get a certificate and a medal only help. But Lev was a stubborn man, and insisted. And then it turned out that he is a brilliant teacher. - Come on, - he says - we will play with you in chemistry. - But how? - And that's it. He picked up a textbook on chemistry Bauman Higher Technical School, and we began to work with him on this textbook.And there were more problems than and interesting exercises. And we played and download the film erot?c and played, and I suddenly began to feel himself a brilliant chemist, almost Mendeleev. And so I went to the exam, go to the mailing street fun, confident, even jumping. I feel that I know the chemistry, as poetry, I'm not afraid of it and pass the exams brilliantly.I'm interested to see the faces of teachers and members of the commission. And at that time in the final was attended by a very representative of the commission. I went to school. All shaking. They say all sorts of passions. If the desk put so the pupils were at least half a meter.

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