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He was also his translator throughout the work. He teaches, translate, conducts business negotiations, and then fly to Moscow and back: the contracts, persuades, explains, connects people, strengthens the thread of trust.In his modest suit, nesogrevayuschem cloak, without a hat, always without a tie, with an open collar - he goes from one end of a great city. Tokyo at night, the last train, because not all things are made, very tired, but unstoppable.In his car, he greets guests at the airport, but the way of a distant and expensive - the road toll. He is willing to spend time and money to show guests the ancient Kyoto or Kamakura to hit Japanese dinner at the height fifty-second floor, with panoramic views of endless lights eleven millionth city.But in whom there is nothing of a cheerful, benevolent, boastful tour guide. Miyazawa - the original people. Stern philosopher with a critical mindset. He does not like wealth, any excesses irritate him. He recalls his time Tokyo youth - a low-rise, hungry - and said that if there were more spirituality in people and in this city.He does not live under the general laws. Incredible Japanese technique, as developed, adapted for a variety of needs and interests, as well-known all over the world, so cheap, after all, is alien to him.However, I want to note that all the folk and my circle of friends to have far fewer vehicles at home than Muscovites art and non-art, too. I bought a camera on my theatrical colleagues looked with the same curiosity recruits that I - what a toy is made, from which only those come from? " Spiritual poverty, humility?Who will listen to the preaching of self-restraint, when the city bursting with wealth? When advertising invents and opens new needs and ways to meet them? When the wisdom of life fits in a hundred tips, a thousand tips a million tips?When starting to think that the philosophy itself through scientific votvot computers together into one huge handout? Miyadzavasan silently moving his lips. Think. - Wealth is temporary, and the philosophy of folk need pits will come when other times - he said at last, - therefore it is necessary that some one of its preserved and developed.B last year in Moscow he was given two days off. He got on a plane and flew to Irkutsk - to meet Rasputin. They spent the day together. A day later, I had a business meeting with Miyazawa. He was full of conversation with download the film la traicion 81 and Rasputin. And now he shows me the text of the story of Rasputin, "Fire." He takes it for his magazine.Difficult language. Complex, long sentence, many special turns, rarely used words. Miyazawa suffers. Asks: - What does it mean, and how to understand it? - Do you think this story will attract buyers? - I do not know. I do not think so. But it must be translated. This is important. - What are you personally in it attracts, you could be formulated? A long silence.- Clean the author's intentions. Miyazawa and his wife Michiko and his friends - do not earn money. They spend on the case, which considered it a matter of the soul. There is a possibility, and that the two friends create this same "Gundzosya komnani download the film la traicion 81 and Limited." Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, do not do anything in their convictions. Idealists? Stubborn? Impractical people?Moralists? The newspaper ad appears: a concert here in the unusual genre - Artist of the USSR show "one-man show." Will be performed by Pushkin download the film la traicion 81 and Shukshin Zoshchenko Pasternak.

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