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Even were listed varieties of trees and the names Caucasian orchids. Many times we read "Papin" scenario this evening. We understand what a terrible responsibility rested on our shoulders.And now all of our future, life itself depended not only on our "talent", but also on the good or bad mood of our customers. Until midnight we made a plan for tomorrow shooting. Every word and every sentence he wrote, were strictly observed and understood. From sunrise to sunset, we worked without feeling tired.I ended our stock color film on Saturday night, and we immediately reported by Vlasik. On Sunday morning, accompanied by a soldier Vlasic and gives us a heavy box. - Here's your studio sent everything you asked! Begin shooting. We were amazed at such a speed.This meant that night at the studio have been caused by people and the director, the film opened the warehouse, was found fit and without any red tape, the plane the same night sent us ... Less than seven days, we announced the end of the shooting.In Moscow, we were met by the Minister of Cinematography Ivan G. Bolshakov and went out because of a large desk to meet, we shook hands with Boris. This with him never happened. It was ordered to urgently make a film, and in the process, to report to him. The film "Lake Ritza" was completed in an unprecedentedly short period of time.We were Makaseevym avtoramioperatorami, edited the film director Leonid Varlamov. After watching Ivan G. congratulated with a good picture, he said: - Wow, you guys! In my opinion, all is well! Like now I go there! Just in case of fire, leave your phones. From Moscow, anywhere! The next day the call. Calls Bolshakov:- What have you filmed? Hell! Immediately to me! - Short beeps did not let me answer. My hand holding the tube, poorly obeyed, and I could not put it on the lever of the phone. On the stairs, the Committee was waiting for me, Boris Makaseev pale frightened face. We exchanged a puzzled look, and entered the office Bolshakov.He sat at a table and a hand covered his left eye. We all know that if the minister covers the left eye, then he is in great anger. - What are you filmed: What? .. What? ..- And he said, adding the issue, very significant and intelligible sentence. - Ivan G.! You've all seen ...- I tried to speak. - This is what we saw! Seen! And is not he!So, not seen! .. I realized that Ivan G. worried than we are both. He knew that he would withdraw not only chips but also his head. He, more than anyone, knew his "boss": often drove him to watch the film, the director and one injured at this show. - I'm going to college.So far, not come back, sit back and wait for the call from there! - He left. They waited until the evening. What did not change your mind! .. Bell was not followed ... And in the morning at the studio - again call: - mikoshi immediately to the phone! I felt hot. I jumped up, and when set foot on the stairs, I felt unbearable pain in the foot shell-shocked. - Mikosha! Dear! Who called himself!He really liked the movie. Asked on his behalf to express my gratitude to film! Let me immediately! Makaseeva secretary looking! Ivan G. came to us because of the table with arms outstretched: - Congratulations on a tremendous success! Well done! Called general Vlasic, he apologized:before the film projectionist at the tape is broken, and after gluing flew word from the text - instead of "sixty trees" - happened only ten species.

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Film la traicion 81
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