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As a general rule, it is used in the climactic zones director of the film, as well as during the monologues of the characters.For example, close-ups of people already appear in the first frame of the film, when Victor tells the story of Eva where characters face close-up only for their better representation and do not carry any special semantic overtones. Further, the exposure of the film, during the first conversation Eva and Charlotte.When Eva told Charlotte that her second daughter Helena is also located here, their faces appear first close-up in one shot. Charlotte does not hide his displeasure, but behave very reserved, and Eva, thanks to his behavior, sense of moral superiority over Charlotte and experiences while some peace of jubilation.This situation, which was the embryo of the future quarrels, plastically stressed the director. After this method will be used during the greatest misunderstanding and alienation between Eva and Charlotte. Their faces appear in the same frame, and while playing the piano.At a time when Charlotte absorbed when it shows its Ewe how to perform the music of Chopin, Eva with a puzzled glance view rests in Charlotte, but does not listen, or rather not hear how to play her mother. She stares blankly at Charlotte and no string of his soul does not respond to the music.In the same way as she does not want to subsequently respond to the call of his mother understand their past and present feelings between them both. Episode night conversation, rather extended on a wave structure inside the development. So, there are four waves and each - with its culmination center.The first wave starts quite harmless, even somewhat naïve question Charlotte: "Eva, do you love me?". The culmination of this wave will be the words of Charlotte: "Yes, you hate me!". The next wave is a monologue Eva, occasionally interrupted phrases Charlotte.Eva pours toward Charlotte's accusations about her long hours of work at the piano, frequent and lengthy concert tours, and after, crying and screaming, but about "the boundless energy of love" Charlotte, "directed against me." Eva blames mother and uncomplicated personal life.Charlotte admits he was wrong, trying several movie la traicion 81 watch online and soothe Eva, but it s not possible. Concludes his tirade Eva words: "People like you - a real nuisance, you should be put under lock and key."It was at this point the most intense reappear their faces close-up in one shot. And the heroine looking directly at the viewer, rather than at each other. Close-up of the maximum effect creates emotional contact with the viewer, on the one hand and simultaneously effect generalization - other:the character's face becomes the face of man in general, and it helps the viewer to feel deeply, to penetrate into the atmosphere going. Charlotte and Eva are not perceived as the heroine of the movie, and become the prototype of the relationship of mother and daughter who are very close, but at the same time, separated by an impassable chasm.How can it be that the closest become strangers to each other and express words of hatred? Where is the line of alienation, which passed the heroine, and whether it avoided altogether? Third Wave permeated the mood of quiet melancholy.This Charlotte remembers episodes of her childhood, when she did not know love, tenderness, and all your senses could movie download la traicion 81 and pass only through music.

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