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Aforetime Offenbach operettas, in the execution of the French, gave me a true pleasure.This performance was so download the film la traicion 81 and talented, that blind imitation, known in the theater world tradition, has become mandatory for all future generations. And alas! Who has seen the original, no longer able to look up, and they had to see a copy, do not want to look Perekop etc.Unfortunately, with the complete overthrow of the genre had to replace the old operetta graceful, delicate verse carefully download the film la traicion 81 and carbonated authors and artists, lively cancan contemporary artists, which gave the skirt a different purpose, that is, do not cover the lower and upper parts of the body.With equal regret and am sorry I can-can replace good old times when beautiful Helen just teasing you barely rising his leg, just for a second to show the public with the help of a cut in a skirt. " Untitled manuscript, not download the film la traicion 81 and dated by the author.In addition to this manuscript in the archives Belova Stanislavsky kept two notebooks, which contain descriptions of the preliminary sketches divertissement "galamonstr" farcical theater, operetta and immediately following their piece about ballet. In one of these sketches have text, not included in Belova option:"Recently, I was in ballet with the express purpose to check whether the time has left its mark and progress. Everything remains as before, and age-old traditions guarded. I download the film la traicion 81 and recalled his youth. This was the most fun time of my life, marriage and the family ran out of happiness for many of my friends.Time innocent pranks unrest longing, expectations, hints, unsaid words ... It was fun and young behind the scenes and very boring in public, of course, when _e_ e_ was not on stage. "Stanislavsky's passion for ballet described in the" interregnum "in the book" My Life in Art, "and in his diary in 1881, published in this volume.First published on the manuscript. 1 In one of the rough drafts "to start the season," a fragment of the ballet ends with the following words: "That's why I download the film la traicion 81 and started attending operas and unconsciously loved them.I was so fascinated by them that began to learn to sing, and all went to the theater, despite the fact that she had stopped to look in the fourth row from the right, since she download the film la traicion 81 and married ... ". OPERA The manuscript is not download the film la traicion 81 and dated by the author, in terms of content adjacent to "the beginning of the season."First published in the book Christy, Job Stanislavsky Opera House, 1952, page 35 Initial drafts describing an opera "Faust" are found in the manuscripts of Stanislavski began 900's.In the most complete of the draft manuscript Stanislavsky prefaced passage of "Faust" entry on the goals and objectives of the theater, included them in processed form in the "beginning of the season."One can assume that after the "Faust" were to follow the description of divertissement "galamonstr" farce and vaudeville theater, operetta and ballet as a notebook, in which are placed the outline of Stanislavsky, is essentially a continuation of the original No In the 20's and early 30s, working on download the film la traicion 81 and planned opus about the different types and directionsContemporary Theatre, Stanislavski download the film la traicion 81 and intended to include an excerpt of the opera, along with other fragments of "The Beginning of the season," in future sections of the book. Published on the manuscript. 1 In the draft manuscript has the following, which were not included in the main text: "Artist sang so silky voice, which was created in order to pronounce:"Love, amore, io t'amo!" These words, along with the passionate sounds of pouring into a young woman's heart and make it beat acceleration.

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