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His task was to find a former detective, or even more, and take a picture of their home. Same with "The Birds." In order to correctly reproduce the images of local people, I took pictures of all the inhabitants of Bodega Bay - women, men and children - and handed shots in the wardrobe department.The restaurant in our movie - a replica of one of there. House teacher - a combination of homes in San Francisco and teachers Bodega Bay - remember, because my character came to work in Bodega Bay from San Francisco? The house of the farmer, to peck to death - an exact reproduction of the farm located there: the same hall, the same corridors, rooms, kitchen.Even the view of the mountain from the window in the hallway exactly the same. The house, which is shown in the final, "North by Northwest" - the layout of the house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of it we recreated for the scene where Cary Grant walks in circles around it.I would like to stay on a long episode with Cary Grant in a cornfield, which begins long before the plane appears. The scene is a wordless minutes to seven, bold idea.In "The Man Who Knew Too Much" is a ten-minute scene in concert AlbertHolle, too, without dialogue, but it is supported by the tension and the expectation of the famous music of the incident. The proven way to maintain focus in such cases - the accelerated installation of connecting the increasingly short plans, but in the "North" they are all of equal length.It's not in time but in space. The length of the plan was to emphasize the distance that he had covered, and - the absence of any shelter. Such a scene can not be removed completely from the point of view of the character.We must show the approaching aircraft before it was noticed by Cary Grant, because otherwise the plane would disappear too quickly out of sight of people sitting in the theater, and they do not have time to figure out what's what. A similar situation is in "The Birds" when Tippi Hedren was attacked birds on the boat.If gull quickly disappeared from the frame, the audience would have taken her a crumpled sheet of paper that has fallen in the face of the heroine. The scene was shot from the perspective of Hedren: she saw the first dock, and then - something, hit her in the face. And all this with lightning speed. So we went to the violation of the rules of perspective.Subjective opinion deliberately changed to an objective point of view, show a seagull before it struck a blow; so that the audience could clearly understand what was happening. This line we used in "North by Northwest" to the audience prepared for the threat perception of a diving airplane.I came to the conclusion that the accelerated pace is usually used to circumvent technical difficulties, or combine parts taken separately - that was invisible "seam." By this technique, for example, resorted to when it is necessary to remove the person hit by a car. film la traicion 81. All too quickly, you want to say?Anyway, in most films. In one of the TV films, I had a car accident. I shot people on sight that this happened before the show itself in case. Or, more precisely, as follows: five people showed at the moment when they heard the noise.Then I took a moment in which the rider fell, hit by a car, quickly removed from the scene. These are the points when to stop time, to stretch it. Clear. Let's return to the stage in a cornfield.The most piercing moment of the episode with the plane - its absolute cause, this scene is totally devoid of signs of credibility and even a sense.

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