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Now was the nature with which you can mold, living material for creative people and images. All Get real justification was in its place.Making drawings and staging featuring artists or a particular scene, I was guided by vivid memories, but not fancy, not speculation. Main result excursion was to the fact that it made me feel the inner meaning of the play. "Freedom at all costs!" here its spiritual essence.The freedom for which people fall to the bottom of life, not knowing what's out there, they become slaves. After these trips to the bottom of the famous life I have been easy to do the layout and planning, I felt quite at a flophouse. But for me as an actor was the difficulty:I had to pass a scenic interpretation then the public mood of the moment and the play's political tendency, expressed in sermons and monologues Satina.Combine this bosyatsky romanticism that pushed me to the usual theatrics, it will be apparent difficulty and danger for me as an actor reefs, which now and then I came across. So, as I could not aa consciously achieve what unconsciously reached as Shtokman.In Satin, I tend to play the most and thought about obschestvennopoliticheskom value plays, and just Onat not commit. In the same role Stockman, however, I was not thinking about politics and trends, and she is, intuitively created. Again practice has led me to the conclusion that plays obschestvennopoliticheskogo value is especially important to heal itself as thoughts and feelings, and then be download the film la traicion 81 and passed on its own trend piece. The direct path to the most directly aimed trends inevitably leads to a simple theatricality.I had a lot of work on the role of that to some extent away from the wrong path, which I was originally, in the care of the trends and romanticism that can not play, which must themselves are created as a result and conclusion correct mental make performance was stunning success involves endlessly directors, allartists and especially the magnificent Luka Moskvina, excellent Baron Katchalov, Nastia Knipper, Luga, Vishnevsky Burdzhalov and, finally, of the Bitter.It was very funny to watch him for the first time appearing on the stage, I forgot to throw the cigarette he held between his teeth as he smiled with embarrassment, not knowing that it is necessary to take out a cigarette from his mouth and bow to the audience. "For now, my brothers, success, eybogu, honest! Accurately told himself at the time of Gorky. Clap! Right! Shout!Here shtukato "Gorky became the hero of the day. Behind him walked the streets, in the theater, a crowd gazing fans and especially fans;first, embarrassed of his popularity, he came to him, pulling his red- trimmed mustache and constantly adjusting his long, straight hair with your fingers strong masculine hand or tossing his head to drop fell on his forehead strands. Look online. While Gorky shuddered, opened nostrils and hunched with embarrassment. "Brothers!he said to the fans, smiling guiltily. You know, that ... uncomfortable somehow ... right! .. I promise! .. Why stare at me? I'm not a singer ... not a ballerina ... That's what ... istoriyato Well, here, eybogu, honestly ..."But it kind of funny and embarrassing manner of speaking with shyness even more intrigued and even more attracted to him many admirers. Gorky charm was hard.

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