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External and internal kontrplan camera uses one and the same composition, keeping the actors in the same part of the screen. This technique was used for the filming method of placement of cameras by the internal conflict. This enables shooting each of the two central figures individually.Both actors 36 37 take the same scenic area in each opposing the plan. Two-thirds of the screen images in both compositions are empty. .22 The center of interest in the two general plans to remain on the left side of the frame. The rest of the frame is immersed in darkness, illuminated to highlight the left side of the frame. .23 In this example, two external kontrplana used for trimming the actors in the same part of the screen. Attention is drawn to the opposite direction of the views of the actors.Normally, when shooting two opposing internal planning figure of actor occupy two thirds of the screen, leaving one-third empty in front of him, as if to air space in front of him, while making the picture more enjoyable for the viewer. .24 In general terms, each two-thirds of the screen given to the actor, the remaining third - the free space in front of him that pleasing to the eye. Directed Albikokko in the movie "Rat America» Q »uses a wide screen compositionally unusual way, removing the paired internal opposing plans.Figure 25 shows the look of the actors in the frame when taking a plan from different sides of the screen. The effect of surprise may be movie download la traicion 81, and contribute to an atmosphere conducive to the perception. It applies the same principle of opposition opposing the inner planes, as shown in.26, where the actor's face is placed on one side of the frame, leaving the other half of the frame is empty. This is an unusual way of mounting two general internal opposing plans one after another, greatly enhances the perception of the scene. 13tot. composite construction method quickly grabs the viewer and has a tendency to change the atmosphere of the scene.Nevertheless, in some situational Embodiments of such compositions make imbalance, which can overload the scene. In this case, it can be used outside the opposing chambers arranged at different height points on the line of interest, while an actor is placed at the lowest point of the frame, and the other - the top D.In this way, the placement of cameras on the screen allows you to change the actors' places. . Only with close-ups of the principle arrangement of the cameras is not working.Three points of a triangular pattern, are drawn axis, 39 38 which placed the camera to film la traicion 81 watch online and get close-ups, plans approximation plans mean plans full frame , a strange way of trimming the two actors in the general plan. In this way is achieved a sudden perception of the scene. .28 Of the three points of the figure formed triangular formations cameras, you can hold the line on which any distance shot the central actors of the scene. .26 Here the actor's face - from one side of the frame, free space for him.This is an unusual way to the composition of two major plans. Let us now use this experience for scenes with dialogue between two people or more. Each camera position in a triangular pattern will give your overall plan.With each position on each axis, each chamber may be at least twice la traicion 81 movie watch online and shoot the scene completely. These general plans are necessary in order to movie download la traicion 81, and to cover them from the perspective of the viewer completely.Before you begin a serious study of the rules, let's see how the principle of the triangle allows you to shoot an actor.

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