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Suppose there were many friends. We repeated the play entirely. Call no end. My game is especially amused. Natalia N. Fedotov said that I am the best. Sappho Martynov 201 aloud and praised me die of laughter.After that evening I had to meet with some of our usual audience, not to see the play this time. They are the words of the witnesses claimed that the play was executed perfectly. Marusya praised and told me I was funny because he looked like a knight-errant.It came against my intentions and expectations 203 two years ago I saw Lena as Paratov his life and made a fine play to get the impression that since I was looking to give a speech in the said role, thinking that I can create a shape on simplicity and consistency similar to that of the person who plays Lensky.I thought that the appearance due to my body will have more spectacular than his. I gladly took up the study of the role Paratov, ask the following plan: Paratov gentleman, a rake, egotist, he said loudly, in male company busy. Ever- smoked cigarettes from a long button. In the manner of a very low-key, especially in women.It did not fall in love with a passion, but rather for his cool, calm self-confident. Before his appearance Ostrovsky introduce him to the public on conversations Knurova, Vozhevatova and others. It turns out that he is a winner of hearts, people, surround yourself kakimto mysterious and very interesting for women halo.Everyone is afraid of him, and really, how can you not be afraid of a man who with extraordinary serenity shoots a gun into a glass, put on the head of the woman he loved. Last so confident in it that boldly stands under the shot. There are people who all his self- assured and calm figure inspire the confidence of the infinite.Such, in fact heartless people, conscious of his power and superiority over others, there is little value the public opinion and allow themselves to eccentric and daring antics, like the above, or something like that, which he throws with his partner, Robinson, with whom friendship compromised to any other but not the original Paratov.This is the same Lentovsky 205, just more a gentleman. One of those people that talk a lot, which many criticized, only slowly and with whom consider it an honor and a pleasure to be friends, because it's kind of a celebrity to the whole town knows. Moreover, he puts himself Paratov too high and not every one will be Bro.Many aspire to be an exception in this case and in a hurry and sign the honor to be his drinking buddies. With women he treats, like a cat with a mouse. He plays with them, and this pastime gives him pleasure so far as it tickled his vanity.After nice if all sides women unanimously recognized her love for him. And he never passes his attention. With all it has to play. During the game he takes on different roles.Perhaps under the influence of wine, or a woman's beauty, he can be sincere, but not for long, "Ugar infatuation soon passes," he says himself at the end of the play. If a woman he will change, he will not soon forgive her this, he says at the beginning of the play, and, download the film la traicion 81 and indeed, his pride will not forgive such cooling to him.One word that Larissa, in front of which he is guilty, married Karandyshev, is haunted by his vanity. He can not come to terms with the fact that he changed. He should calm down and make sure that it is otherwise, and that Larissa loves it and goes to another as needed.Once again he is in the house Ogudalovoy and takes on the role of download the film la traicion 81 and outraged betrayal.

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