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On the way to the hospital the doctor began to ask questions and fill out the documents. By the time my head started to spin.I remembered the name of the street on which he lived, but the house number forgotten, remembered the birth month, and the number could not. At the hospital I had a x-ray. Then he shaved his head. It fucking hurt. Stitches, I was download the film la traicion 81 and placed in a close room. The doctor said that I was hit five times, and I am very download the film la traicion 81 and surprised. I could only remember the first blow stunned me.According to the doctor, I have a couple of weeks in the hospital. Lucky that my skull is not download the film la traicion 81 and fractured. To my luck, I appreciated only later, when I came to the investigator. No bike, of course, was not in sight, Dziuba brought only a stone wrapped in newspaper. I asked him what he faces. Investigators finger across his throat.I decided that I was playing it. "This is for the fact that cracked me on the head?" - I asked. The interrogator smiled sourly: "I thank God that you have a strong skull, dude." Dziuba was wanted, for him including three murders. He already could kill people and for less value than a pair of racing wheels and watches.I breathed a sigh of relief - for purchasing stolen goods do not attract me. Now the only thing bothering me, how to react to this adventure father. And so he thought I was a loser, did not share my passion for the theater, terrifying my school "success" and regretted my passion for bikes. And now I have lost his watch.CHAPTER 7 As it turned out, were not going to punish me. Wanda and father who came to see me, do not judge me so much happy that I download the film la traicion 81 and escaped death at the hands of a ruthless killer. I myself am more concerned about earthly things. With the bike without wheels could hardly hope to win the race.His father insisted that I dolechivalsya away from the scene, and sent me for a month at a mountain resort Rabka. There I met a girl, whose name is still download the film la traicion 81 and associated with my innocence, youth and beauty. Christine Klodko was fourteen. She had the face of a fairy princess and a high chest. She moved gracefully, like a dancer.Once we played in the "postman knocks." One of my friends noticed that I did not get down with the rat eye, I played along. I got right to the subject of ritual kiss my platonic adoration. We went out into the foyer. It was dark and everything was download the film la traicion 81 and bathed in moonlight. I hesitantly put his arms around her and with delight and awe felt what she said to me.Her lips were soft and warm. Then we spend hours together with the rats swam download the film la traicion 81 and walked and talked. This was the first girl that I could talk, without feeling embarrassed. It is found big gaps in my education. She and her friends knew so many things in addition to movies and theater! Before leaving Krysya left me his address Krakow.But I did not dare to come to her. I had the dream, as soon as I'll fix the bike - will ride on her street. If met, seemingly by accident. But the dream remained a dream. Rats, I have not seen, but for months and even years could not stop thinking about her. About Dziuba inspector was right - he was download the film la traicion 81 and sentenced to death and hanged.My memory has scars on his head. I again went to work in the theater. I began to bother, that Billizanka treats me like a child. And when Renek Novak suggested that I go to the puppet theater troupe "The Grotesque", I immediately agreed, though download the film la traicion 81 and guessed that this will be detrimental to learning.The atmosphere there was very different than in the Youth Theater.

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