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When Capra rejected a lawsuit in New York, Cohn trumpet all that teperto Capra crawl to him with an apology. Having heard about this from the writer Robert Riskin, Capra ran out of the house and ran to the mountains. For a long time, standing on a cliff above the ocean, in a frenzy, he threw down the stones, until he was exhausted.There, in the mountains, Capra decided not to give up: soon he again filed a lawsuit on Kona this time in England. After about six weeks Cohn Capra came to the house in Malibu. Now he first portrayed repentance. He explained that Capra would almost certainly win the case, and then distributors will demand compensation and refuse to take pictures of "Columbia".Employees "Columbia" in England fined and possibly go to jail. Himself Kona expel angry shareholders. Do not agree to any Capra for them all to give up the claim? Capra remained adamant. Then, as Capra says, Kohn said the most unusual in his life tirade: "You think I do this easily, damn you! Yes, I am crying!I created a "Columbo" with their hands, from scratch. I could not pay the actors, I stole a sly, cheating all in order to build the "Columbia". I am famous as snapper, kicker, slicker. But I did, "Columbia" a major studio. Yes, you also helped.But I dug you into a ditch and helped la traicion 81 movie watch online in excellent quality and get out. And now you want to quit "Columbia." For you it's nothing. Poor- street. But for me, "Columbia" is ... it's not just my love. This is my baby, my life. Without it, I would die!"It was an idea for the purpose of film la traicion 81 watch online and soften the heart of Capri thus a way that would benefit from the hero of the Capra. Capra melted, withdraw the case and returned to studio.Two years later, he received another "Oscar" in addition to the already existing for "It Happened One Night" and "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", it has fulfilled its obligations under the contract, resigned from "Columbia" and founded his own independent company. Harry Cohn sent a telegram. It said: "You'll come back." He did not return.By the mid-30s, when the "Columbia" joined the ranks of the major Hollywood studios, Harry Cohn had to maintain its image as the most brutal and the most ill-mannered person in Hollywood. "He liked that he was considered a bastard," recalls his friend John Teps. But despite all this, he sometimes showed generosity and nobility.He sent one rare medicine dying writer, although at the time he filed to him in court. When the writer began to shower him thanks, Kohn warned: "Do not tell anyone. I do not want to spoil your reputation."When, during the Second World War, women were asked to donate a portion of its profits "Columbia" in their fund, he refused, citing the fact that the profits belong to shareholders. But then he turned around and wrote a check for 10 thousand dollars of his assets.He had a touching relationship with a black driver Henry Martin. When he resigned, Cohn old friend allowed him to open a coffee shop in the "Columbia". A few years later, Henry was seriously ill, and Harry immediately at his disposal a studio doctor.Before going to the hospital, the doctor gave Henry a box from under the cigars. In it, he said, kept all his savings of about seven and a half thousand dollars. All this amount he bequeathed Harry Cohn. Pose Kona required open hostility to the culture. In response to an invitation to the ballet somehow he replied: "What?Three hours to watch them there are film la traicion 81 watch online and run each other on stage and so no one and not get caught? "He wanted everyone thought if he fed on bread alone.

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