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In addition, when apathy collective creativity is contagious. It develops with extraordinary rapidity and reaches an extreme.In this state workers collective creativity stops at a dead point where it can no longer move or energy producers, trying to rekindle the extinct creative hobby or personal efforts themselves collective workers.All these people eventually become victims of established common herd creative mood of apathy. Need a case to whet was once fresh, virgin and viable creative hobby. But the case does not always come, and the fruits of artificial passions, like a second youth, lack of vitality and flavor of true poetry.At best, they can be movie la traicion 81 watch online and compared with the crumpled and withering rose, but most of all they resemble overcooked and warmed dish. Collective Creativity should be harmonious. Harmony of the whole is created from combinations of relationships and proportions of many separate parts.Our collective art is based on the harmonious combination into one whole stage of many and diverse creativity: the poet, director, actors, artists, musicians, dancers, sculptors, and so on. This combination of many scenic creativity in one piece is called "ensemble".Thus, the "group", in the broadest sense of the word, is a major challenge for all artists and actors performing arts.Unfortunately, this simple truth mastered by few, but the majority, contrary to common sense, has our collective art for personal creativity, relegating most theater and all its workers to the service role.In fact, often the authors write plays or for specific roles and actors, or to promote their own political, social and other ideas that have no relation to the creation of the performing arts. In these cases, the poet violates the foundations of our collective creativity.In other cases, the artist, neglecting tasks poet, director, actors and stage ignoring the conditions of creativity, writes as an independent painting scenery without any dependence of the total collective task.Therefore, any delay in the overall creative work, as well as the desire for personal benefit or to the detriment of the overall success of the business must be recognized as an immoral act that violates a friendly and artistic ethics artist.Such ethical law must quickly enter into the consciousness of all, without exception, people who work in our art and in contact with him. This must be done in order to save our art from misunderstandings, errors, unconsciously committed at every step of the practical life of the theater. They distort the foundations of our collective art, brake work and demoralize workers scene. Can not list all the misunderstandings and errors of this kind, it is possible to stop only on the most important and typical.The first violation of collective impact of our work is that actors often play a role, not knowing the play. In the remote province it happens every day, because the role is prepared with one rehearsal and only once. There is an artist in the season plays sometimes up to a hundred or more new roles.Outrageous statement of the case makes it impossible to talk about creativity and teamwork. I'm talking about other cases when a good actor, despite the possibility of studying the play, are not familiar with it, finding it unnecessary in certain cases.

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