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This strange film was successfully shown at the festival in Cannes, may appear black comedy, sarcastic, and even crazy fantasy about a boy Leola, who sees the world a bizarre and violent, forcing him to deal with relatives and neighbors, vicious and criminal.Fantasies are dual Leola - are disgusting, full of humor viselnogo, mockingly to those who do not like Leola (for example, his grandfather - vuaerista and libertine), but elevated and romantic dreams of a young neighbor - an Italian girl, Bianca.In her honor, even a teenager declares himself an Italian, coming up with hilarious, racy tale of how the sperm collector tomatoes from Italy came into the bosom of mother Leola, who lives in the distant Montreal.Tape Canadian Jean-Claude Lauzon is largely autobiographical - his character even has a name Lauzon, and the director himself and his relatives, as well as heroes, often were treated in psychiatric clinics.But in the second paper a young producer, luckily, there is a significant contrast to the more somber and at times pathological debut film "Zoo Night" - namely, the magic of childhood imagination, the surreal comedy of situations extravaganza kinoillyuziona going back to basics and the farcical spectacle makabricheskogo art " Grand Guignol. "Lauzon in the "Leola" finds a balance between poetry and hidden ugliness of reality. The tape does not make a painful impression, remembering how subtle, surprising the mood of the parable of the Sorcerer transformation of a dull and dirty dreams of peace in a small (by age) man, so unlike all the others."Elemental kinovarvar" Jean-Claude Lauzon is much more interesting than the widely lauded for some reason, his compatriot, weedy and pretentious intellectual Atom Egoyan.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Jean-Claude Lauzon

The director was born 29/09/1953, died 08/10/1997. The director, screenwriter. Jean-Claude Lauzon was born in Quebec, Canada. Prior to joining the film industry has tried many professions. In the late 70s he studied cinematography in Los Angeles. Movie Night and a menagerie of Leola Jean-Claude brought worldwide fame, have been noted by critics and festival successes.Along with the famous Canadian director - Denis Arkan, David Cronenberg, Jean-Claude Lauzon was a member of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts Canada. During the filming of his third film, Jean-Claude Lauzon was killed in a plane crash, airplane piloting, vozraschayas from fishing in Quebec, Canada.In the plane, too, was a friend of the director, Canadian actress Marie Salts Tugas.... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Leola
Regisseur Jean-Claude Lauzon
Country Canada
cinema Genre Tragicomedy
Cinema-garbage a box Comedies

exit Date on screens 16.09.1992
Quality of video DVDRip
Size of a file 953.27 Mb

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