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The film's director Dami? N Szifron. Alfredo Diaz, a cop with the experience, know about his wife's infidelity and depressed. His friends and the chief decided to help him, "seconding" to his therapist. Mariano Silverstein, a successful psychoanalyst, accused hit by a woman.When he offered to drop the charges in exchange for help in the treatment of the police, he did not even realize what's coming. And then begins the story, full of surprises and the Argentinean humor ...                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Dami? N Szifron

Director Dami? N Szifron.... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Tiempo de valientes
Regisseur Dami? N Szifron
Country Argentina
cinema Genre Tragicomedy
Cinema-garbage a box Comedies

exit Date on screens 26.12.2005
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