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Mystery Munakra

The film's director Gabor Chupo. When the father of a 13-year old Mary dies, leaving her homeless orphan, she has to leave London and move to Sir Benjamin, an eccentric uncle, whom she had never heard of his mysterious mansion "Moon Valley". Maria is in a world divided the ancient feud with the dark comes de Noir. It... to read further                                               


Josquin - an immigrant from Hungary, who rents an apartment in Los Angeles with Vladislav from Russia. In their search for the "American Dream" they get into all sorts of trouble, wild and funny situations. In a foreign country on their side only to the generosity and dedication to their incredible friendship.... to read further                                               

Bridge to Terabithia

Hope fifth-grade student Jesse Aaron to become the fastest runner in the class broke up after a rookie, Leslie Burke won the competition. Reasons for hostility towards each other at Jess and Leslie are more than enough, and yet between friendships.How can you not make friends when you have to be a king and queen of the forest discovered the magic kingdom?... to read further                                               

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