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Unbeaten Catholicossate

The film tells about the adventures of the mythical hero Catholicossate (Miles O'Keeffe), in which the dark forces led by the menacing spider, killed all his family and burned the village and kidnapped his wife. Ator wants revenge ...... to read further                                               

Gynecologist at the civil service

This is a funny story about the gynecologist has happened in Italy, but it can occur in any other country. One trendy in wealthy circles gynecologist borrowed Mafia money to build a medical center, but in addition or as a mobster's wife can not conceive. But something went wrong with the construction project. That he had to go into hiding.But who would give up such a profitable business? It employs a simple gynecological clinic of the district by the name of Franco, he promises a worthy reward. Franco could not have imagined what awaited him in this job ...... to read further                                               

Alcove / Lust

British soldier (Cliver) returns home to the Zulu war trophy: the daughter of the tribal king (Gemser). Princess with ebony skin becomes its slave, the wife of writer-warriors gets jealous .... drama, beautiful sensuality, jealousy, spreading like wildfire ...... to read further                                               

Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali

Emmanuel, a working journalist, during the preparation of the material of the mental hospital is faced with a girl - cannibal who has applied to the pubic unusual tattoo. These characters belong to a tribe of cannibals considered to be extinct from the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. To find out the truth, Emmanuelle goes to the full dangers of the expedition.... to read further                                               

The Arena

Rome 2000 years ago. Cruel and simple manners, if you want to live - kill the enemy and take away his weapon himself. In this film we are faced with an unusual but very beautiful sight: female gladiators in an almost nude fight each other and with the male gladiators for their honor and freedom, and this show is not for the faint of heart ...... to read further                                               

Emanuelle - Perché violenza alle donne?

Young, charming and incredibly sexy girl Emmanuel works as a photographer in the editorial of a magazine. At work she has to travel a lot, to collect materials for their "hot" stories. Because of the tendency to adventurism, it always gets naughty in different situations.... to read further                                               

Rosso sangue

Eastman returns as affected by radiation mutant killer, whose wounds have the ability to heal at an incredible rate. Having escaped from the hospital, he sneaks into the house where the girl paralyzed, her little brother and their nanny.... to read further                                               


A group of tourists travel around the Greek islands. On the way they meet a girl who asks her to throw one of the outlying islands. Arriving on the island, they realize that someone has destroyed all its population, leaving only mangled corpses.Further, they are the only surviving blind girl, which tells us that on this island inhabited by someone whose only desire - to eat human flesh ...... to read further                                               

La monaca del peccato

The convent with its orders and regulations. Orders tough, even those Superior beast - any violation immediately punished. And in this situation, a newcomer, is accused of obsession with the devil.... to read further                                               

Le notti erotiche dei morti viventi

Captain Larry O'Hara yacht hire, so he took provisions to the island, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is building a luxury resort. With him there sent the owner of the island, John Wilson and his girlfriend. Despite assurances from Wilson that the island is uninhabited, travelers will soon have to make to the contrary.He lives with his old granddaughter, Luna, and the company they make many zombies ...... to read further                                               

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