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The woman in the window

They live in an old Russian city of three friends. Everything - good, gay, unmarried. Everyone is under forty, but the personal life of each in its own way did not work. Once in the capital city comes to the circus. Valerian Power juggler moves into the apartment of one of her friends and the hostess does not recognize his classmate.And she still loves him - and his son, named Valerian ...... to read further                                               

You Are My Happiness

The beginning of the XX century. Russia. He - the old prince, a noble warrior, hoary with age, the scout. She - young beauty, surrounded by admirers, a talented singer, full of promise. Between them - 40 years difference, prejudice, condemnation of society ... And yet, despite everything, they will be together - Duke Cave, singer Paulina Gaivoronskaya.They were joined true love, and this effect can not be broken no gossip, no wars, no riots. Secretly married, they will be happy together, but not for long: the revolution will bring about changes in their destiny ...... to read further                                               

With the new happiness! 2

One of the subplots of the novel tells of the heroine, played by Irina Muravyev, with love in her offering her his hand and heart of a fairy-tale prince.Fairy Prince is her way of a conductor, a global celebrity, which is occupied as a compelling character-lover, Superman, an alien and a spy of Soviet cinema, actor, and now independent Baltic republic Ivars Kalnins.... to read further                                               

With the new happiness!

Nurse Faith threw her husband. Three friends, offer to take revenge, to deceive, to return it. But faith is honest and believes only in the future. And here she has reward - a new great love. Very soon he knock at her door ...... to read further                                               

Saved under the birches

Saved under the birches - the old Moscow church, built several centuries ago and in the middle of the 20th came in full decay. But one day in the temple came his father George, who decided what would be any cost to restore the shrine. Collected at the modest means had purchased, and repairs of the icon.Soon the clergy in the church was formed, there were singers, and pulled into the church people. "The Church under the birches" - a story about the lives of ordinary citizens, coming together around a resurgent. This series is made up of individual stories, and sometimes not at all connected wit... to read further                                               

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