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Back Soon

The film's director Rob Williams. The wife of the protagonist, Logan gets in a car accident and dies. Friends think that Logan will never recover from the shock, and they are not surprised that Logan has decided to sell the house: probably too much in the house reminds him of his deceased wife.And on the first day, the house is put up for sale, appears on the verge of a former drug addict and drug dealer Guillermo. And Logan begins immediately feel some attraction to him, and Guillermo also feels the same to Logan. For both, it is all the more strange that the two - the typical straight, let a... to read further                                               

Long-Term Relationship

After the invention of the internet dating long-term problem has become particularly urgent. Today vstertil online one, fuck, tomorrow another - the guys in the network is complete and the time to learn deep new friend, no. Do you recognize the situation? Glenn - gay, he was about 30, but he he still has no permanent guy.How much can you learn on the internet, fuck it once, and disperse! One day his friends he has finally gotten an ad in the newspaper - I am looking for long-term relationships. Glenn decided to meet with this guy ... and so he met with Adam. They are the two begin dating, to a... to read further                                               

Make the Yuletide Gay

Olaf «Gunn» Gannanderson, a popular college student and a gay man returning home for the holidays is afraid to tell parents about their orientation. It's the conservative Midwest. He patiently attempts to demolish the parents to bring him to his former school friend, Abby.But when his boyfriend, Nate, suddenly shows up on his doorstep, Olaf forced charade to continue, so as not to reveal the secret. But the pressure continues on all sides. Does he dare to discover the truth before she will pop up outside?... to read further                                               

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