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Lost in Paradise

After the revolution in Russia, mother and son emigrate to Paris. It seemed, after several years of bad luck and misfortune, they manage to escape poverty, but the happiness did not come to their house. And the mother takes responsibility for the crimes of his son to save him.... to read further                                               

Call the fire itself

Group of Soviet underground resistance, lead scout Anna Morozova, unable to communicate with Poles working at the German airport. Constantly risking their lives, the group prepares and carries out successful intelligence gathering and a series of acts of sabotage.For this important, albeit small on the scale of the victory of the war have to pay a high price ...... to read further                                               

The judge in the trap

UK early XVIII century. From the house of a rich merchant, his daughter runs away Hilaret to secretly marry her lover. Young people's lives in danger. But in spite of the intrigues of unscrupulous guardians of order, and vice punished, and justice prevails ...... to read further                                               

Mother Mary

The film is about a bright and tragic fate of the Russian poet Elizabeth Kuzmina-Karavaeva. Trapped in exile, she became a nun in the world and took the name Maria. In the orphanage she founded have found sympathy and support of many of the dispossessed. During the war, Mary becomes the mother of one of the heroines frantsuzckogo resistors ...... to read further                                               

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