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Big-budget historical film scripted by American writer Gore Vidal on the reign of Roman emperor Caligula, known in the history of unparalleled cruelty, treachery and vices, lust, oblivious to the floor.Directed by Tinto Brass candidly revealed what was behind the facade of hard agonizing Roman Empire, a once great and invincible. Flagrantly on display all the details of brutal and perverted reign of Caligula:shameless sexual attraction to the sister, his marriage to the most depraved of the Roman prostitutes, ingenious, subtle in its brutality of repression against those who would stand in his way.Talents of Malcolm McDowell and Peter O `Tula in conjunction with the great game of the ensemble cast and the participation of dazzling beauties in erotic scenes make this movie a true masterpiece of unparalleled movie screen.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Tinto Brass

The director was born on 26/03/1933. The director, screenwriter. In the first period of his life is no accident Brass was named man-orchestra of Italian cinema. He dabbled in different genres: from the typical comedies in Italian (who is working, he is lost, Chi Lavore E Perdiuto, 1963;Flying disc, Il Disco Volante, 1964), including the favorite directors of film short story collections of the Apennines (novel Bird, L'uccellino, and the car, L'automobile, in the movie My wife, La Mia Signora, 1964), to the abstruse style fashion belts in the second half of the 60s movie kontestatsii (Ca Ira, the flow of the uprising, Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta, 1965;Out of breath, Col Cuore In Gola, 1967; cry, L'urlo, 1969, issue of 1972). Brass surprised surreal delights in the banal story of western Yankees (Yankee, 1966), deceive intimate, almost psychopathological revelations in a series of paintings in the late 60 70s (eliminated, Dropout, 1970;Holidays, La Vacanza, 1971), as well as mock-sinefilskom Movie Action! (Action!, 1979), in which the mass of stinging kinotsitat, until he finally found the sought spirituality in erotic fantasies, desires and latent daring fun.Initially, sex tape Brass deck themselves in a political fashion, the anti-fascist (Salon Kitty, Salon Kitty, 1975), or historical, anti-totalitarian (Caligula, Caligula, 1977, edition 1979) film.The key point in the picture kinobiografii director was appropriately named Key (The Key / La chiave, 1983), from which devote... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Caligula
Regisseur Tinto Brass
Country USA
cinema Genre Thriller
Cinema-garbage a box Hollywood

exit Date on screens 14.08.1979
Quality of video HDTVRip
Size of a file 2.18 Gb

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