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Let entertainment, as well as the empty lounge, does not happen.And if active - is a change from one activity to others, entertainment involves switching from the usual "waves" of perception and cognition of life on unusual experiences with the everyday routine of empathy for adventure, discovery, unknown world, accumulation of human passions and achievements, ideas and attractive upscharacters with which everyone can samootozhdestvitsya. Moreover, the implausibility of situations and images do not necessarily lead to their artistic untruthfulness. However, we made the reservation that such high efficiency in principle accessible romantic works, is not accidental.It allows and even implies the existence of the gap between the potential of this kind of art and its immediate practice, as there are many substitutes entertainment.And then the "art" it is certainly in the best case is empty, immerse their customers only in a waking dream, but in a more popular option - again filled with specific content, ideological bias, which is programmed achievement ratio has harmful effects.The situation of the gap is just typical for the mass culture of the West. Speculating on the romance as a natural media needs, romanticism, "spiritual" nihilism, ie psevdoromantizm appeals to primitive and baser emotions.Evil, violence, inhumanity, freed from the "shackles" of intelligence and morality, appears here in sparkling gowns, although most of them are hiding leveling, cheap popular simplification of both aesthetic and ethical concepts and categories.Value of the negative impact psevdoromantizma factor can not be underestimated, given that the art lies organization's ability to conduct individual, his views and aspirations that it awakens in man the need for action, lights the way to the disclosure of deeply embedded in it forces sends it forward or filmAndrei Benkendorf watch online in excellent quality and back, to progress or regress, to realize instructive lessons of lived experience or dismiss from them. Representing an emotional outburst and stunning human discharge, romantic art at the same time makes a certain structure and order in his spiritual condition and feelings.Romanticism is distinguished, among other things, a special communication skills. Therefore, it is important who goes on a direct relationship with the reader or spectator, what messages are encoded in the form of enticing product. Imitation of spiritual and emotional turmoil, not related to the realities of history and modernity or grossly distort them, often designed for omnivorous undeveloped taste, the aesthetic undeveloped audience.But the installation of maintaining and cultivating the latter is just one of the assumptions, one of the cornerstones of all foundation and one of the main tasks of the bourgeois mass culture.Romantic art spectacular in nature and tends to meet various forms of entertainment, which in modern conditions dramatically increased leisure won quantitative leadership in culture. In the abstract, it is possible to admit that the spectacle brings people good. But this is just purely abstract.Watch Online and start with the fact that entertainment can disagree with artistic. Suffice it to refer to the well-known fact that the great demand works sometimes not the best, but the action-packed comedy, or that is capable of producing a maximum collective emotions.

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