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TUZENBACH goes, goes to the piano, sits behind him and begins to speak. But was I started, I returned as Stanislavsky. I was seething. Then I did not understand what Stanislavski was right.But then, when I became a director and at the same time playing, I realized that when Baron TUZENBACH went to the piano, you get the impression that he does not say a word, and read them. We get the impression that what we say what we think - should download movie Andrei Benkendorf and pronounce words, rather than read.After all, words are the result of what we have thought. And at the time I did not, and Stanislavsky I returned each time. Ten times nothing came of it. Then he went out of the auditorium to the stage, threw me a piece of paper and said:"You go to the piano, tell the first three words, and suddenly seeing this piece of paper, it raises you and going to a place where you have to sit, you deploy a piece of paper and say next." It really helped. It turned out that it was necessary. Or was such a case: I have no trepidation at one centime, and the words I'm looking for, so they tenderly sounded. Does not work.Then he gives me a stoppered bottle of wine and a corkscrew and said: "You say his monologue and thus open the bottle." And indeed, when I began to do it, then got into a position which caused the drop of trepidation, that I had to increase. I bought it in the fight against difficulty in otkuporke bottle of wine.I've done it quite experimental - I used to know how to uncork a bottle. Then I hated Stanislavsky hated bottle, hated, hated anyone in the world - and I was in a situation where there were obstacles, and then in his monologue, I found the tone of the truth. After all, stupid Watch Online and tell about himself:"I studied at the Cadet Corps ...", but when I started this monologue and saw a piece of paper, bent down to pick it up, it was a lively gesture. After all, we live experience, we all bring to the stage their experience, and this gesture, when I picked up the paper, turned from a conditioned reflex, which I remembered. I was able to live intonation. ...Lenski writes, as he has the image: here he sees a hand, foot, then the neck, head, and so on.. Some never see a 400 image. This was Ugine. We called it a closet: he would like in the closet were inserted plates, which gave the right intonation. The opposite was Lensky, who himself to change, because he saw the image.The ideal is the actor who sees and hears himself. When I read Pimen, see it, but still can not hear. It is this extraordinary harmony between the external data, the harmony between the gestures and the way you speak - it must be Watch Online and find. This requires a lot of work.The worst thing - to immediately go. This is a big job - to find a way. ... As we have uncovered, Pimen was not alien to love adventure. Here there is a springboard to this: "At the age I live over again, the past goes before me - long since it bore, full of events, worrying as moreokiyan?" See? Chutchut Cervantes romance.Charming memories lyrical emotion. There certainly should give rise. I see. Here the lines are excited, and then it will be clear to Gregory phrase: "Mlada blood plays." This is - a waltz. This is something vortex. And then it will be packed with drily. Here at these points you will acquire scale. ... Remember?I offer you a whisper say, "Oh terrible, unseen grief! We have angered God, sinned, Lord himself regicide We have named. " This is a must, it is quintessential.

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