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Long sitting on a small bench, leaning on a stick with a knob.And here, among the graves and trees shumevshih crowns under weak wind, among cries of crows and the chirping of small Pichugov, loneliness Messing stood out painfully sad and hopeless.He stared at a small chernosery monument with a small portrait of Aida Mikhailovna, then stood up, leaned over to the monument, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and kissed the portrait and walked along the narrow path between the graves, limping and leaning heavily on his cane. Slipped on the muddy clay after rain fell, dropping his stick. Long raised.Coat and pants stained in red clay, and shake them was useless. Messing walked on, leaning heavily on a stick .. And apartment G. Wolf Messing emptied completely and irrevocably. Vitaly Blinov, who came here in the footsteps of his hero, slowly opened the door and stood in the doorway, not daring to enter.Then he stepped into the hall, took off his coat and slowly download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and walked into the living room. Turned on the light and looked around. Desk ... glazed cupboard ... sofa, dresser with a TV ... Above the sofa Messing portrait painted in oil. Great looks with psychic blades infinitely sad eyes.The journalist went to the portrait, and looked into the eyes of Messing and quietly shook his head sadly thinking: "I have examined your life day by day and now I know about you is even less than he knew so far ... So far, no one can understand how you could read minds, how could you mind telling the people and animals ... how could you see the future?The more I got to know you, the more difficult it was to me to answer these questions ... Your mysterious talents are not just saved your life and download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and heralded the death of another, leaving no room for fear or hope ... But death came to you in due time ... And you do not it could suspend or postpone. Or you yourself called her, because here you had nothing better to do?"The journalist in thought crossed the room and stopped in front of a desk. He sat down and slowly began to sort out the numerous photographs, searching his face ... And Messing already asked aloud, referring to the space: - So it was all the same? What you wear in yourself? Divine gift or diabolical curse?- Journalist carefully picked up the old tattered prayer book, flipped through the pages and put it back on the table - in fact, you were terribly lonely, great Wolf Messing. The only person you download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and loved had a wife., And she was gone before you, leaving all alone in this world, where you lived, and so very uncomfortable ... Great ilMutanabiya said:"The greatest of misfortunes, when there is no true friend ..." Vitaly Blinov download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and pulled out a thick notebook, almost completely used up, there was only one last blank page, picked up a pen and wrote: "The greatest of misfortunes, when there is a true friend.- He download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and paused a moment, his hand in the air, then quickly slid his pen to paper. Watch the film Андрей Бенкендорф in excellent quality online. - These words are fully applicable to Wolf Messing, one of the most intriguing mysteries of the twentieth century ... He did not want to use her gift for evil, but he never learned to do good ... All his life he had read silly thoughts of many people.He did not want to make the world worse, but did not know how to make it better ... It's a pity that it does not become a rabbi ... "In the cemetery next to the grave of Aida Mikhailovna appeared modest obelisk with a bas-relief of Messing.Different people have come here, for the most part, those whose lives he has left his mark - the pilot download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and Konstantin Kovalyov, a former political prisoner Vityusha Podolsky and his beloved Victoria ... they came to him and journalist Blinov, which has long tried to understand the fate and destiny of the great unsolved and Wolf G. Messing.And for him, wistfully looking at the profile of Messing on the obelisk, suddenly catch a glimpse of the picture ...... The little boy slowly walking barefoot on a cold floor boards to the open window.

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