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So far:the fact that at the time I was very impressed the French theater and in particular the "Comedie Francaise" {"Comedie Francaise" the oldest national theater in France.} and dreaming about how to play the role kakuyunibud pofrantsuzski. But where and how to arrange it? The role of the tutor was written half in broken Russian, and half in French. Well!If you can not play the entire piece, at least one role. Even before you select a song to a certain extent, I owned and broken accent of Russian speech and a more or less decent French accent. Like that, and the other is already producing some political specificity depicted person. And it warmed me from the very first rehearsal.In addition, I had a legacy for the role of the operetta times hobbies zhyudikovskim repertoire and played a series of roles in this genre. French gestures, mien, techniques, typical of the French in general, were stored in my muscle, auditory and visual memory and waiting for use.In the old days, playing porusski We achieved the illusion of French language and habits of the entire foreign French. The easier it was to get to the French, which he pushes on the right rhythm, and at the right pace, and the correct accents, and all manner of tricks and, habitually associated with them.From frequent visits to Parisian theaters I had on hearing all of intonation and voice modulations of speech best artists "Comedie Francaise." Besides, I could always use the excellent live model in the face of our French correspondent of the factory office, which I did not hesitate to bring this time friendship.Thus, the lack of material for the role was not. In any role I do not feel so free, fun, fresh and easy, without thinking about the way I was playing very image that came instinctively from the right being on stage. Perhaps for the first time the external images are created by instinct, from the inside.Who knows, maybe this time, said the French blood babushkiartistki? There is no doubt that I was in the role of distinctiveness is no doubt that once again was a great success and the role and the performance. I download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and loved the role, plays pleases me and, apparently, at the time I again got out of the impasse, and got on the right path. To the chapter "Othello" ...It turns out that it is not Othello Othello, and Romeo, he sees nothing but Desdemona, he is nothing else did not think of it as he believes it is unlimited, and we download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and wondered how Iago can turn this Romeo jealous Othello. How to feel the force of the impact Salvini! Will speak figuratively: it is easier. ...Salvini creativity on stage bronze monument. One part of it ... he just cast in the monologue of the Senate. In other scenes and acts, he cast a more parts. Put together, they download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and created a monument to human passion.Jealousy, built of love Romeo, boundless trust, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and insulted love, noble horror and indignation, brutal revenge ... But we did not know what all these terms are so clear, so certain, so palpable and to study.Salvini showed every part of the cast bronze, and they appeared before us by such vague, elusive, vague, just dissolved in the clear air of our dreams. And how many non-transferable, new, deeper and more vague sensations and memories spawned this heavy and rough bronze.Othello Salvini monument, a monument, a law for all time, which can not be changed. Balmont somehow said, "We have to do forever, once and for all!" Salvini worked this way: "forever, once and for all."Ajar for a moment the gates of paradise in a monologue before the Senate, pointing to a second, at a meeting with Desdemona, what to credulity, boyish love can reach a large, masculine, no longer a young soldier, Salvini intentionally, for a while, the door ajar paradise of his art.He once and for all life deserves our trust, and we eagerly pounced on the places and the role of speech that tells us to notice and remember Salvini.

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