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Sometimes it even leads to him.At the end of the film, each of the characters aloud gives his strongest desire, and Shirley MacLaine as his right komuto whispers in your ear, you can not understand what it is, but we can guess that this is something unusual. And in the final revealed that her dream - a double bed. This fact was not in the book, right? No.This put John Michael Hayes. This little touch as it puts a question mark suspense, which enhances the interest of spectators in the final part. This is equivalent to a crescendo, or codes of my other films. The same thing we did in the finals of the "lifeboat" and "rope." "The Trouble with Harry" - the first picture of Shirley MacLaine.She was very good at it, and then made a remarkable career. The young man, John Forsythe, now very popular as a television actor, he was at one time a major role in one of my first TV show. Humor in the film is based on a method of: indifferent carelessness.Characters discuss the circumstances of the corpse, the negligence with which would talk about a pack of cigarettes. Absolutely. Nothing interests me as innuendo. We have already talked to you about the differences between the British version of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and the American remake.One of them - the part in the remake of James Stewart. It is very thin and the actor is remarkably demonstrates its potential. On the surface of Cary Grant and James Stewart could safely switch places in your movies, but in reality you differently manifest their dignity.Cary Grant movies with more humorous, and with James Stewart - are more emotional. Naturally. Despite the resemblance, they are very different. In "The Man Who Knew Too Much," James Stewart portrayed an honest and humble citizen. Cary Grant was not able to. If I download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and invited him to the film, the image would have made very different.Do you, as I noted, had some trouble with the censors associated with the mention of the country in which the unfolding events.In the original version, they begin in Switzerland, and the second - in Morocco, and the end is not clear whether the diplomat, who must kill национальнодемократических representative of one of the States or is it from the other camp. Of course, I did not want to tie yourself to kakoylibo particular country;prosgo we pointed out that killing the ambassador, spies hoping harm the British government. I was concerned about one thing - choice of actors for the role of an ambassador. To the opinion of the casting department to rely in any case impossible.I suspect that when any living creature asks them to recommend to the actor for the role of, say, lifters, they draw huge ledger, open it up on the letter "L" and call one by one all those who kogdalibo honored to play such a role. Really that is their way of working? Only in this way they act.While in London, I made an inquiry about an actor who could play the ambassador, and download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and reached out to me with a string of shorties goatee. I began to ask who they played in his life, and the answers were: "of the Prime Minister", "Charge d'Affaires," etc.I prayed not to send me any more "ambassadors" and instead send photos of real persons accredited at the time in the country. Imagine: all the embassy building was not a single bearded! Who you chose was awful good: bald, as the knee, with an expression of childlike innocence on his face.He was a very famous actor in Copenhagen.

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