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In bad weather and cold, they were transferred to an indoor theater.The whole atmosphere was download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and applied to the needs of the audience and had a garden print bad taste. This affected everything:and in the color of the walls, and wallpaper designs, and in the selection of colors and finishes in the banal and squalid luxury, and the signs, plastered on the walls, and in the advertising curtain on the stage, and the waiters in uniforms, and in the selection of snacks buffet, and in the offensive structure and routine at home.We had to erase the bad taste out of it, but we did not have the money to create it for a decent civilized people situation. All the walls with their vulgar ads we just painted over with white paint.Nasty furniture closed good covers, carpets and found decent strewn them all the corridors adjacent to the auditorium to the sound of steps took place did not stop during the performance.We download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and removed the vulgar curtains with doors and windows, washed the windows, painted their frames and hung lace curtains, unsightly corners closed laurel trees and flowers that give the room comfort ... But no matter how old junk fix it, nothing good can not go: in one place will make or zamazhesh, and another will open a new flaw.For example, in my dressing rooms I was nailing a nail to hang a shelf on the wall. But the walls were so dilapidated and thin that shock ran through a brick hammer and a hole in the wall through which burst into the room cold outside air.Particularly unfavorable was download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and heated theater because all the pipes were damaged, and we had to fix them on the go, moreover, at a time when it turned cold and it was time to heat the building every day. The flaw of the theater brought us a lot of suffering and delays. But we did not give up and fought with obstacles.And they were very serious. I remember in one of the performances I had to tear off the wall of his bathroom primerzshy her suit, which was to immediately put on yourself. How many rehearsals had to be carried to the accompaniment of deafening beats of metal pipes, which were download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and repaired quickly until tomorrow, when they re-port.Electrical wires were in a mess and repaired, so that the rehearsal took place with cinder, in almost complete darkness. Open every day more and more surprises.It turns out that the decorations were not placed on the stage and we had to build a new barn, we had to simplify the staging, staging and scenery most because of insufficient size of the stage, I had to give up due to insolvency download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and beloved effect of stage lighting and mechanical apparatus.All this delayed work in the most importunate time before the opening of the theater, which was to be held as soon as possible in view of the complete depopulation of cash. In parallel with all this complex chore were preparatory administrative work.We had to have a release candidate is announcing the opening of the theater, we had to come up with the name of the new business, but since we have not yet download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and guessed his future faces, the question hung in the air and put off from day to day."Public Theater," "Playhouse", "Moscow Theatre", "Theatre of the Society of Art and Literature", all these names have been download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and criticized and could not stand it. Worst of all, there was no time to focus and to think carefully about the hastily put to all matter.All my focus was on trying to understand what ultimately comes out on the stage of rehearsed plays.

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