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But gradually I began to understand that I was acting not so much sickness and fatigue, but simply fear. Therefore, the first of the twins, which was nearby, I said, "Poydemka shopping." It was wonderful!We went Ridzhentstrit, Piccadilly, and Ingrid finally asked with concern: "Are not you tired?" - "No, but perhaps it's time to go home," - I replied. We came home and I announced "very stupid, what we're as if I am disabled. We went to the theater. "We went to the theater, and life began to go on track.In the morning I was exposed to, and at midday and in the evening live a normal life. Again I returned to Zhuazel. The forces gradually returned to me. At first, I could not Andrew Benkendorf movie watch online and keep even a spoon. The arm was completely helpless, I could not pick it up.But I did the exercises, developing a hand brush, and gradually things went better. Every day I noted in pencil on the door of my wardrobe, how high can Andrew Benkendorf movie watch online in excellent quality and raise your hand. I swim in the pool.Swim, snorkel, and finally the pencil marks on the door climbed quite high. But it took more than two months before I was able to freely Watch Online and raise your hand and felt very good. About my surgery only knew a few people.In January 1975, Ingrid felt so well that went with the play "The Constant Wife" on tour in America. Griff went with her as director of the company. He knew nothing about her illness. She was able to hide it easily.It premiered in LosAndzhelese, but rehearsals with the newly formed American troupe took place in New York. Marty Stevens, one of the artists of the troupe, recalls: "It was the most ordinary rehearsal meeting on Ninth Avenue. I met the entire cast and director Sir John Gielgud.The room seemed a breath of fresh wind - included Ingrid Bergman. No makeup. And once he heard her wonderful laugh, "Hello everyone. I'm sorry I'm late for ten minutes." From it came such heat, that from the outset we all went like clockwork. When it was lunch time, we went to a cozy cafe neighborhood.All tumbled to a crowd and who sat where he could, without dividing the ranks. From the first day, and so we have become a tradition. The trip was supposed very long. It began in LosAndzhelese, then we had to move to Denver, Washington and Boston. But not in New York City. There we were only due to Ingrid. What can you say about it?At whatever stage it appeared neither in this play, it was always an event. The same can be said about her film roles. Her appearance in your life, too, is seen as an event. It is impossible to describe in words. It is a true miracle, and everyone who sees it on the stage or on the screen, can not feel it.At first, there is the idea that there is full of focus - whether subtle calculation, or grandstanding. But no. It emits full of shine. Neither at the bar or on the street - it never dissolves into the crowd. There is no place where it had something to lose, it wins everywhere.Sometimes you meet people kakimito least twenty, even fifty years, but beyond a mere acquaintance, even if you like them, is not going. How to train: a train going past the different stations, and no one does not pull to get off, because they are all mediocre. But those people who have an impact on your entire life, very little.This phenomenon is difficult to analyze: what if someone gets close to you, if you know his whole life, feel safe with him about anything you do not think, just enjoy.

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