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"How to make themselves up with a beard or no beard?"It seems to me yet. download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and Baffled me. Some people say that I am more beautiful with a beard, others advise to play mustache. How could that be? This question is even more nerve. As the evil two trouble. Fedotov Yashe70 to pick on, and cursed kicked him for no reason at all, and he was gone. Who would I get up? had to beg to stay Yasha.As these scenes upset nerves and spoil the mood. Another scene: the First "Boris Godunov" and Alyanchikovoy 71 no. Terrible commotion. But, thank God, it soon came, and the play went on as usual. Turn came up to me. I was terribly worried. He began the role and felt that the first words download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and failed.Gone was fun, but entertaining and download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and distorted kakoeto word embarrassed. Following this is a thought, how terrible to play to the audience: It so happens that you will forget the word and you will not find appropriate to replace it, because the scandal. Is frightening, and the fear of the public. All of this distracts from the role, and forgot to look for another word.But here comes the monk and said, embarrassed something quite impossible. I konfuzhus. At the entrance of Donna Anna would throw a cloak, but he is confused, and I can not unhook it. When the download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and curtain fell, I did not realize how it went, but I heard the audience clapping in unison. Bowed to one, two, three, four. Surely the same success?Someone at the scene said: "sensation." Donna Anna jumped out to me, letting me a sharp look, and with the excitement of shaking my hand, saying, "What you an artist, what kind of artist you are!" Surely success? I went to the bathroom and wait for the guests. Volodya, a brother, said: "Not bad, just the voice is deaf." This is probably the embarrassment, and in fact, I was afraid.The first time, the excitement in my leg was shaking so much that I could not stop her. Schoenberg, 72, which may be little understood, but always tells the truth, says: "beauty!" Tretyakov73 does not seem too pleased. He says that bad, but a little hard. Dudyshkin though was in ecstasy, but I stopped believing him.In general, it's very first act of praise and say that was pretty good. All that made me worry less in the second act, but I was looking forward to its release. Look online. Ginkulova74 repeated both romance. Scene with DonKarlosom when a view in the moonlight, the sound of the guitar, aroused applause. Finally I went out.When I appeared, I remember, there was full of noise in the theater. I flashed the thought: "Do not laugh at it?" But because of the wings, I heard an exclamation Donna Anna: "Oh, how beautiful!" I calmed down and was glad that it was not a laugh, and the approval of the public. Pause, I was standing freely, was laidback.Voice was better, but I feel does not leave me this elegant phrases, such as: "He wanted it to," etc. We must reduce gestures. During the game he remembered that morning remember the mirror, and these places could. Scene with Laura, mud, held passionately. I hugged her and kissed that Ginkulova cry. What does that mean?It ended the action, and we were called very friendly to four or five times. On the stage was already a crowd of people, who exclaimed: "How lovely, how artistic!" etc. Undoubtedly, the experience turned out fine.This is confirmed by the fact that during the intermission resorted to mass public restrooms, without exception, said that the game and the setting is not only beautiful, but also art.

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