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I wonder if they would pluck the courage to ask for help from the servants. As soon as we approached the front door, stair nosing Soda began excitedly barking and running around frantically. - It looks like something found - said Simon. - Come on, girl! Find Davy Find DavySoda download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and barked twice, and so rushed to the front lawn, that Simon could hardly kept the lead. Max posprinterski ran after them, to show that is still able to keep abreast with the spaniel and a boy of seventeen. I fell behind, jogging more lazy, and caught up with the three of them at the end of the lawn.Max and Simon lights scoured tudasyuda, but light to see that there were no signs of David's not here, and so missed. Maybe he went through a ditch and went to the park. I was there in the early evening, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and looked at a tub of whiskey. This association gave me the idea. - False alarm - said Simon.Soda and barking furiously circled in a ditch. - Podozhdika, - I said. - I have been here last week, in the morning. - So what? - Asked Max. - You know, I walked across the lawn at the footprints in the dew, and that's where they disappeared. I could not understand what was happening. It's just in the morning when I got to the park and threw a bottle of whiskey.I think I'm a little crazy then. Traces got this far and then suddenly disappeared. Simon looked at the lawn, then stared into the ditch, on which still desperately rushing Soda SJSFTC just epileptic. He slid down and cried Sode: - Search for Davy Come on, girl! Find him, find Davy Soda has gone in the excited barking and paws zaskrebla shore.Moment Simon looked at her, then grabbed by the collar, pulled Soda ago. - Look! - He shouted, pointing. - Here it is! We were still on the lawn, so Max lay on his stomach, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and looked down and led flashlight on line in the turf, pointed out by Simon, in a broken line, forming three sides of a large square.Simon grabbed the grass, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and pulled. Heavy rectangle of turf, about three by three feet, and began to separate from the coast. Its upper left side is not cut through, forming a kind of hinge, but Simon pulled and pulled until they tore the whole rectangle of land. We are Max, bent over, helped raise him and drop into the ditch, at the feet of Simon.Hardly opened the entrance to the hiding place, Soda tried to jump on him, but Simon kept her: - You can not, Soda. You can not. Clever girl, good girl. Stay here. He sent in a hole flashlight.We are Max, lying on the grass, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and looked into the tunnel, cut through the beach right below us, and saw two bare, stained with mud feet, which download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and highlighted the lantern Simon. - How is he? - I download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and shouted down. - How is he? Simon grabbed the ankle and pulled. - I do not know - he said. - I alone can not cope. We jumped into a ditch.Max shining lantern us, and we with Simon Davey slowly dragged out. Completely naked, he lay in the cramped tunnel for him, stretched at full length. Vents, if they bothered to build Davy still be flooded by rain and raised the ground. For over an hour, I thought, he's here to lie could not.From the tunnel bore frightening stench land him limp, turning into mud. From the house and heard the sound of screams. Michael and Ann were running across the lawn, followed by a little priotstav - Rebecca, Patricia and Mary. - Did you find him? - download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and Cried Anne. - Where is he? They looked into the ditch at the bottom of which we have already laid the body of Simon David.Soda licking the dirt from his hands and moaning like a rusty gate.

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