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There is! Glory to you have? There is! Your pictures are even download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and abroad. Apartment you have! What more do you want? Dukla could not understand the nature of creativity.This was for him a completely alien area. <...> - Reprinted from the text stored in TsGALI: fragments of the first, third, seventh, ninth - from "Records 1948-1951 gg.", Fragments of the second, fifth - of the "Tales of the set of" Lenin in October ", fragments of the sixth and eighth - from the "oral histories 1963-1971 gg." the fourth - of the "Records 1968-1969.". Leninist theme captivated the attention of Arts. In theaters began preparations and staging of Lenin's performances. The greatest actors preparing for playing the role of Lenin. In particular, in the Theater of the Revolution - Strauch, the Vakhtangov Theatre - Shchukin.- In 1937, Strauch download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and played the role of Lenin in the play "The Truth", based on a play at the Theatre Korneichuk Revolution. Simultaneously in the Vakhtangov play "Man with a Gun" role Lenin played download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and Shchukin. Staging Leninist painting was download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and transferred to the "thumbnail" and commissioned the famous director Jutkiewicz.He hesitated between the two scenarios, and finally settled on a "man with a gun", where the role of Lenin was much lower than in the scenario "Uprising" - so the script Kapler, who was placed on the film " Lenin in October."In 1936, the Sovnarkom of the USSR announced a competition for the scripts and plays dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the October Revolution. Prizes were awarded to "Uprising" and "November" Pogodin. . Jutkiewicz has decided to work gradually. After spending the spring sample Shchukin the role of Lenin, he went to the south, where the work was going to fall over the shooting script. He set deadlines are:by November 7, he will take the first pilot episode. The choice of "Man with a Gun" was quite clear. The script for "rebellion" in the plan was, perhaps, larger, more significant scenario of "Man with a Gun," and Lenin, it was given a great place, but the script was loose, download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and unassembled, in fact, it was not finished.In these circumstances, Shumyatsky, who then felt insecure at the head of cinema, decided to make his main focus on quick-release picture of Lenin.<...> Ensure that the Jutkevich can hardly wait now until at least a year, he download the film Андрей Бенкендорф and decided to try and charge me along with Yutkevich staging scenario "Uprising", led to unusually short lifespan. Pattern would be completely ready by November 7;rather, it is already November 3 to be shown the party and the government. I recall that was already May and the script demanded improvements. <...> I read the script, and I thought that it laid a great opportunity.I figured that for mesyatspoltora, roughly the middle of July, we can reduce the literary scenario in relative order. Then at least a month was needed in order to conduct even the most hasty preparation period.It turned out that the whole staging huge, monumental paintings Responsible for all the work with the actor, who will play for the first time, Lenin - still only half of August, September and October. Issues such as editing, dubbing and re-recording, I did not take into account.I said Shumyatsky that if and agree to put the picture in these terms, it is only at the "Mosfilm", then, only on a full submission of all workshops and body studio this picture and all the conditions, so to speak, extraterritoriality of this work, in which I will be able to dictate the studio requirements necessary to immediately andunquestioningly followed.

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