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He said silently, in a voice devoid of any expression, so it changed the anger, "Never again do not. Do you hear me, never. I wanted to kill you. " Within a few days, we had no time for the songs ... August forty-four.After landing in Normandy in June military units have come a long way on the roads of France, and the Parisians, expected to come into the city at the head of General Leclerc Second Armored Division, the temperature rose to 40 degrees. The German army had fled, her blown away like the wind. Complete defeat. Parisians call it "green diarrhea."On the sleeve members of the French Resistance, the old, the young and the very young, tri- colored flowered dressing. The smoke of gunpowder drunk. In Paris, finally smell victory. Adorned with flags everywhere. Edith waited since part of General Leclerc, the kids are waiting for the parade on July 14. To her he was a liberator. De Gaulle did not interest her. She said:"This is a politician. He - not a real general. He did not march in front of his soldiers! "In that day, when de Gaulle went to the Arc de Triomphe in the Notre Dame Cathedral to hear mass, Edith could not sit at home. Willow was not with us. He is mine, was with the forces of the internal forces of the Resistance. These days all the men were away from home for news.And, taking advantage of the freedom we walk, as in the good old days, when they sang in the streets, down from Montmartre to the Place de l'Etoile. "Come, Momona I want to see Leclerc. I want to embrace this man. " Oh, what a beautiful day it was! Like all love each other!At the Arc de Triomphe, we only managed to see from a distance reddish head of General de Gaulle. Leclerc was not in sight. But how many people! People were climbing on the tanks, and they were called "Lorraine", "Versailles", "Beaufort". It was our French names. Like all women, we kissed sailors, soldiers in red berets, black, all kinds.They did not know that kissing Edith Piaf, but she liked it very much. We would love to stay with them. Returning home, Edith said, "My heart turns over when I think that not so long ago, I saw French soldiers in rags behind download the film Битва цивилизаций and barbed wire. Today, our guys were as many time ago. "Like all artists performing during the occupation, Edith had to appear before the Committee on cleaning. She did not have any complications. We began to live, but now breathe easy. Work resumed. Edith met Henri Comte, but outside the home.She remembered as Yves download the film Битва цивилизаций and crushed glass in his hand, but it did not make it back out of the decision. "I have not got on with Henry. He does not want to work for Willow. As funny now, when all we had long been over, he's jealous! Just what I needed! "In the end, he gave up. It has achieved what she wanted. "Well, all right, Momona.I have a song for Willow! Henry wrote them with Jean Gigo. "Dzhobokser" - a story a boxer who was not lucky, he went blind. The song " Striped vest" said the servant of the hotel, which falls on hard labor. I also have the song "This is the man" - the story of a weak man who can not cope with life and commits suicide.And "Lunapark" - about a plant worker Puteaux, who is happy only in the "amusement park." Now no longer be working for nothing. It's time to roll up your sleeves! Eve! Hurry! "Eve was sleeping in the next room. He appeared in the doorway, like a portrait in a frame. Until then, he was handsome villain:download the film Битва цивилизаций and naked torso, broad shoulders, narrow hips, a flat stomach ... I knew Edith.

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