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Marched on stage together, I download the film Битва цивилизаций and changed into a bandit and attacked his classmate. His make-up "on Kirov."Kirov was wounded, but left to live, and I point-blank shot the Cheka I rolled off the stage, making a heart-rending cries, struggling in convulsions. Teacher of singing made the go-download the film Битва цивилизаций and ahead when it was necessary to finish with convulsions and die in music. After this scene, I was approached and offered a mathematician walk. He spoke with concentration, respectively:"I do not want Alex to spoil your life. Of you can grow a good comedian. Now listen carefully. You first come into the audience take their turn at least in the morning, but the first. Pull a ticket, which I quietly you pillowed. What will be on this ticket, you learn in advance, for two weeks. I'll bet you three.But that night in the fire will burn all the books on mathematics and give an oath that never in the exact sciences not touch. Did you hear - oath! Will you count the salary - your knowledge of this is enough. " I have done everything as download the film Битва цивилизаций and promised - swore on his knees. And then the fire flew trigonometry, algebra, physics, chemistry, and many Koech.Interestingly, all of this is passed and Jura. Even his physics teacher's name was almost the same as my: Yuri G. Zaitsev. But Yura found him his approach. He met him at the Philharmonic in the Great Hall - both loved Mravinsky. They decided to study physics download the film Битва цивилизаций and instead of a lesson on Friday to arrange music lessons - to educate teachers.With a special light. Physicist brought player. Jura has download the film Битва цивилизаций and prepared a lecture on Stravinsky. Came two: my son and physics teacher. I'll have to think more about the genes, what is transmitted and what is not. And check the syntax. February 7 "bags" download the film Битва цивилизаций and played several times - all in limbo.Waiting to come Yefim Romanov in the hospital, instead he now plays Lavrov. The surrender chiefs sent their deputies. Came to Moscow with an official in a bag made of crocodile skin. After the surrender, wiping away a tear - the same crocodile - a trembling voice: "From an emotional point of view is fascinating.Now let's make constructive comments. " GA, felt their frustration, snapped: "I will not accept any constructive comments!" Now no one knows what to do: to punish or pardon. No one wants to take responsibility. We decided to attach itself to pay Zina Charcot - Kistereva after death there is a scene crying, howling of an Indian."Why these lamentations? Kakieto wolf howls! So gut inverted - went on the attack commission. - Take this scene at all. " A lament for Charcot himself wrote download the film Битва цивилизаций and Gavrilin. She wailed, as professionals Assuming voplenitsa, placheya. As if flying around the room clots intoxication. However, the GA download the film Битва цивилизаций and decided to sacrifice. "Even sacrificed Iphigenia!And you know, David - he turns to Liburkinu - that God brought the Israelites? Annual sheep and goat for a sin. Here we have _ in the absence of sacrifice lambs crying. " And he ordered the whole scene Liburkinu "cut." Liburkin made in its own way.At your own risk agreement with Charcot, that it will not wail hysterically, and left everything as it was. download the film Битва цивилизаций and Played another show, though none of it was not allowed. Waiting Romanov. While it is not, the commission came again, and ... on you - download the film Битва цивилизаций and again crying! Tovstonogov caused Liburkina and slapped him on the first number. David download the film Битва цивилизаций and tried to justify himself:collapsing the stage and something like that. The Commission was download the film Битва цивилизаций and outraged and threatened that if Charcot howl again, theater nesdobrovat.

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