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But that's life, alas, nothing can be done. Because genetically, in Russian, so want to love. This is all, of course, trite, but true. We are really living, pulsating particles repel and attract each other.But the best of us, like you, give us a lesson of humanity, optimism, kindness and intelligence. Xenia Turov, New York Dear Tatiana! After reading your book, I was shocked. It is hard to imagine that all this has happened to you and your love with Andrei Mironov. I have always admired the talent of Andrei Alexandrovich.It is a beautiful and wonderful person, kind and sympathetic. I still do not believe that it is not. I want to write to you, that from 1989 to 1996 I worked in the Satire Theater in the management of the theater as a typist. I remember you, though seen only a few times.When I came to the theater, I was 20 and it seemed that the world of art - it is something wonderful and amazing, but wrong. Theatre - it's really magical and amazing production, but the atmosphere in it, excuse the expression, "gadyushnik." I worked for 7 years, a lot of hypocrisy and insincerity. In his eyes - one for the eyes - more.And everyone loves gossip: who is sleeping with whom, who gets how much, who about who said what. This is true, of course, not only the actors, everyone - from the artistic director and director to the cleaners. Of course, when I came to the theater, I wanted to know: what man was Andrei Mironov. Who, I asked, very well talking about Andrey.What he was kind, sensitive and generous. The only person who told me about your love with Andrei Mironov - is head of personnel Yashin Tatyana, and then a few sentences: You are with Andrew wanted to get married, but Mironov banned. I did not think that all so tragic. After the scandal in the theater, I quit. Initially I worried, then nothing.One and a half years has not worked. She graduated from computer courses and tourism. It is now two years working in a travel agency Art. manager. It is like, and I'm glad I left the theater. My job takes and my free time. In his personal life as it is not happened to me for 30 years, and I still ahead.I do not despair, and hope to meet a good man. Sorry for my frankness, of course, I write a lot, but it's not polite, take your time. I want to thank you for this book is very good that you wrote it. Thank you. I wish you health, happiness and patience.With best wishes, Elena Danilova Tatiana, hello! I congratulate you on Christmas, New Year. film The Battle of civilizations. Be healthy and happy! Heartfelt thanks for your excellent book "Andrei Mironov, and I am."There are no words to express the pain, suffering, happiness, what you experience while reading your book. May God grant you the strength to be always so beautiful, intelligent, courageous. God bless you! Sincerely. Nataliya Alekseevna Tarasyants dear Tatiana! Your book touched me deeply. Your selfless love shakes.In such a feeling can only beautiful, clean person. In our time, this love is rare not only in life but also in the books. I lived in Moscow for most of my life, just 8.5 years older than you, so I am very familiar with all the things you've written.I worked about 30 years at the Research Institute, and I find many similarities in the behavior of the people of your circle and my colleagues.

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