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Messing download the film Битва цивилизаций and walked down the aisle to the eleventh series, and stopped again. Again began to look around, and then walked along the row. Sitting in an armchair audience quickly stood up. Chairs have fifteen Messing download the film Битва цивилизаций and stopped and download the film Битва цивилизаций and asked: - Stand up, please.Sitting in the chair, broad red lad of twenty-five download the film Битва цивилизаций and grinned and got up slowly. - I dictated to me to call your name ... Now try to ... your name ... Victor ... no, not that ... is your name Henry ... no ... you name Walter, and your name is Belle ... Yes, it is true - Walter Bell.You serve in the Army ... no, something else ... it's not the army, but at the same time, the army ... black ... Yes, you are in the SS, and your rank Scharfuhrer! Do not, do not say I told correctly or not. Then Mr. Rummenige would tell myself. Now unbutton his jacket and let your right to get into the pocket ... Red Bell rolled his eyes and his mouth opened.He looked download the film Битва цивилизаций and stunned for Messing and almost mechanically unbuttoned his jacket, threw floors apart. Messing gently put his fingers into his pocket, pulled out a photo and then pulled her to his chest, covering his hand. Said aloud: - This is a photo!Mr. Rummenige standing on the stage, tells me to name the person in the picture ... Now try again ... Hitler download the film Битва цивилизаций and turned his head slightly and looked at Hanus said sarcastically: - You still can? I doubt it ... - Why, my Fuhrer? With appropriate training ... - No, you can not ... well - Hitler again looked into the room.- How he was able to name and rank? - Quietly download the film Битва цивилизаций and asked Goering. - He's in download the film Битва цивилизаций and plain clothes! - How did he know about the picture? - Instead of answering Hitler asked. - Hanus it never did - just softly said Goring. Messing slowly, millimeter by millimeter download the film Битва цивилизаций and fingered photo.His fingers trembled, touching photographs, head slightly thrown back. Tensely silent hall, hundreds of pairs of eyes boring into shape Messing. - The photo shows ... - said Messing and immediately corrected himself: - depicted ... man ... whose name is ... - Messing stopped, and pause long.In the darkness ... flashed sparks download the film Битва цивилизаций and scattered and went out, and suddenly out of the darkness began to fish out a different person ... and the sight of them was terrible ... black sunken eye sockets ... grinning mouths of which were huge fangs ... and then floated face Fuhrer:Bang, mustache ... and his eyes, like, barrel gun, looked straight at Messing ... Hitler broke down and leaned forward, his eyes on Messing, who was standing in the middle of the room between the rows. And fat Goering also leaned forward, craning his neck. Pulled behind the neck and Standartenfiihrer Hanus, they also froze, staring at Messing.- This is a man who worships the whole of Germany - Adolf Hitler! - Photos and messing raised above his head. They could hear the room gasped, then download the film Битва цивилизаций and screamed hysterically woman, then another, and suddenly the whole audience stood up, rattling the seats of chairs and hundreds of throats barked in one breath: - Heil Hitler!The eyes of the audience turned to the bed, curtains, which parted and they saw standing in the bed of Hitler and Goering. Hitler with a smile download the film Битва цивилизаций and raised his right hand, and the audience roared again: - Heil Hitler! The next second room erupted in thunderous applause.Part of the audience got lost in the crowd near the lodge, women and girls were screaming and crying, push each other to the bed and pulled his hands. Hitler download the film Битва цивилизаций and looked at the raging crowd and smiled as he raised his right hand in a Nazi salute.

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