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It is not true that it has suddenly flew all forms of yellow leaves from the territory of Tsarskoye Selo. It is not true that the wind blew and lifted him off the ground in a cloud of gold rustling! Not true! If true, it's very disappointing. Hungry.Come to the station. In the tent woman oligophrenic sold in plastic bags rattlesnakes, as pinpointed Master, "gifts." Bought "gifts" - in each of two eggs and two pieces of bread. Bought everyone on chekushke. They went out on the track - to catch the car. Catching car always managed master:he had a frightening breadth - offered a sum of money, from which no driver could not refuse. This time caught funeral bus, sat around a nonexistent dead and began the meal or "wake" with chekushkami, eggs and brown download the film Битва цивилизаций and bread. Evening - reception at Cyril Lascaris.Kirochka moved down from the attic, he married a very very famous actress, Godea his mother and lived with her and her son, which, if it is not carefully peer, you can sometimes be called a father.So, together, they download the film Битва цивилизаций and lived in one of the courtyards of Dostoevsky in a large apartment with a piano, and this apartment suddenly reminded me of Petrovka, appears, as is necessary to download the film Битва цивилизаций and obtain in life - in any form - that deprived as a child. In the evening we sat in the "arrow", and it download the film Битва цивилизаций and sustained us in the direction of Moscow. Chapter 33 The loss of the baby I'm pregnant! I will have a baby!- Inner feeling is, if I go to a happy journey. And no you abortions! That's it! How do I tell him this? He immediately would draw me into orbit arguments about how hard it is ... and what he does not know ... like it is not quite an adult ... Or just roared, "No! No! It is too early! ". Why do I have all that hard?- With these thoughts, I stood in line for herring oil in the "cooking" restaurant "Prague". I went walking on the Arbat. Smile for joy that life began in me, and we come together in the street, will be held for ten years, I think, and I will have to run around fair- haired boy with round blue eyes, plump, and my dad ... while thinking about dad will not.Why do we need the negative emotions? New Arbat Street in Devyatinskiy lane in a new, horrific worm architecture house lived with his wife and newly-born little girl. On this joyous occasion, we invited guests. Sit at a low table, then fashionable. Andrei - cyclothem:He speaks only of Vsevolod Vishnevsky, who rehearses, because when he says, comes to him the decision of a scene, insight about the nature of the picture.This is his acceptance, he does so always - check for viewers their views, ideas, all drawn into this hose is called "A captive of time", and all vying to be involved, as if they were playing this show!Sitting in front of his friend, the Raven, a fellow student, makes the pathetic threads scathing mockery of Miron, jokes derision, cynical laugh. Andrew immediately turned his eyes to the side, on the floor and ... stops. Includes, as always, I am sending kickback protecting wing of his "chick." - Envy is not good!- I say out loud, looking straight into the eyes of the Crow. - All of these jokes, taunts, podkovyrki - which is, uh, not a friendly style! And mean the moral and creative impotence. Nobody's fault that you were not in the Vakhtangov Theatre download the film Битва цивилизаций and filled up roles. And if you behave obnoxiously - cease to invite the guests.Sat for five minutes, pleased with his speech, and went into another room. I was wrong.

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