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Show how, when, where they were truly happy; Page.165 happy and joyful because walking in obedience to nature, not against it. You must first select the role of all the organic feel. They plan to build a whole and the entire skeleton of the role and had already download the film Битва цивилизаций and proposed to introduce random circumstances in it.When the organic sense roles will be exciting for you not alleged circumstances that drew your imagination, that is, your mind, and the role of the skeleton? When they are made to sound and your heart, that is, become a rhythm of your heart, then you pass the sounds of the singing voice all the colors of your experiences;they go from deep, creative forces that have awakened in you. Now you can not use them either changed or cut, nor hide. These are given in the role. Your temperament is download the film Битва цивилизаций and awakened there to pick them. And it was taken in their harmonious work of all of your body. It will not be one to you - this pair of heroes composer - typical feelings.It will be the power of creativity that will resonate and compassion throughout the auditorium. Everyone will feel them in yourself. It does not matter to the viewer, if you are so connected it with you, that you have no figure of Apollo or Roman nose.The viewer is important that your face - Werther - happiness in the world, that your movements are fast and agile, and purity that the world is blowing the whole atmosphere around Charlotte. The whole conglomeration of these qualities already talking to the viewer. You have to absorb it into their circle of life on the stage, although he had not heard any of your singing notes.At the same time, no matter how good your appearance: costume, wig, all external environment, all the beauty that made the stage director - all just more stress on your helplessness, if you took the stage empty. What are you, Charlotte and Werther, doing now? You watch each other.Trying to learn and inwardly feel the closeness to each other. But you try so hard not to communicate what happens to the life in the role, and to the efforts of itself becomes a task. You do not try. You sharper peered into each other. Set yourself a challenge: "Good-bye to feel joy."As if by invisible tentacles - rays from the heart - to penetrate into the heart of another, asking, "I'm glad he to me? Parliament whether it me?". Pp. 166 You are both in the very prime of his youth pore. There are no doubt the 30-year-old people. Do you believe in the word of one another, both your hero hypocrisy do not know.Fatal denouement to happen because that wholeness feelings can not tolerate even a small compromise, not only with the knowledge that the download the film Битва цивилизаций and beloved "given to another." Not transferred to the external environment German town, and in his inner life.In a framework of conditional parenting, which are great store average of nature, but that could not meet the huge heart of Werther and Charlotte. Watch the film Битва цивилизаций in excellent quality online. Why do you currently have, Charlotte and Werther, such heroic poses and such powerful voice sounds? The heroic struggle of yours, Werther, lies ahead.And your line of heroic struggle, Charlotte, will be when you read the letter Werther, here you are in the very first words insert a tone of melancholy, such a drama of your heart and all your women's lives, crushed items, hear the voice, the audience immediately alert, feel your tragedy.As long as you are targeting only in familiar circumstances of your day. Yours, Charlotte, day today is not much different from the hundreds of other days.

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