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Larikoa, looking into the room and almost without moving his lips, went on very quietly, so only I could hear: - What is it that you young people, ten minutes were a monologue - and not a single tear. This is not the case. Here, look and learn. Again tears dripped: - My son, son ... The room began to cry ...Pasha Luspekaev was a very witty, but the scene did not tolerate jokes. Any signs of carelessness, jeers to the cause left him with anger. he, by nature, are almost never able to hide. Was "Irkutsk Story" Arbuzov.The scene where Victor learns from Rodica that their friend Sergey Seregin tragically died saving drowning children in the river. Luspekaev played Victor, I - Rodica, solution performance was conditional polukontsertnoe on stage psec time present characters, who formed a sort of chorus.Stand throughout the performance, not participating most of the time at work, it is difficult. Actors tired, often have download the film Битва цивилизаций and sinned in that talking quietly, even exchange smiles. And now - the news of the death of Sergei. Climax - Rodik already told the terrible news. Victor can not understand what download the film Битва цивилизаций and happened. A long pause.Luspekaev bores me with his black eyes frantic, noisy breathing. Bends his head to one side in a painful effort to hear what has long been spoken. A stone's throw away from us whispering actors in the chorus, saying of his. Luspekaeva lips curl, sparkling whites of the eyes on the dark face.Suddenly, instead of text Arbuzov Pasha, turning the chorus speaks loudly, separately, on the whole theater: - must be able to act on the stage. Actors froze. It download the film Битва цивилизаций and seemed that anything should happen to terrible - the ceiling to collapse, a scandal broke out. Nothing happened. The audience did not notice, did not hear, but could not hear the words Luspekaeva.They lived in the action, plot, and that was out of this story, they do not perceive. I then asked the men in the hall knew, they felt the shock of the moment words Luspekaeva. No, they say, and the words are not heard, and shock in the audience did not notice, but Luspekaev played very well ...This effect, when a half thousand people listen - but not hear, see - but do not see in the theater there often. In the play "Barbara" when blinded Politseymako on stage, the audience did not notice anything strange about his behavior. Moreover, they did not notice the lack Redozubova in the remaining three acts.The part was removed forcibly, the most necessary remarks were quickly distributed implementing other roles. The mood of the performers was depressed. The audience did not notice, the reactions were the same.Replica Redozubova so deliciously sounding Politseymako have spoken now other actors, spoken simply, unprepared, too, had the audience's reaction. Once played the play "The Fox and the Grapes." Tenyakova, who played the role of Adhesives, would ill. Fever, dizziness.By the third act she did was bad, and Clay in the third act is the action from beginning to end. In the interval, agreed to cancel all staging: Clay will be sitting in a chair and just say the text. It seemed to us - the act is catastrophic. After the performance came familiar: in the hall did not notice anything and take no worse than usual.On tour in Arkhangelsk in the same play "The Fox and the Grapes" Figlovskaya played the last act with a broken leg: Meli slave sitting in a chair, and Mrs.

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