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If you look at what we throw away from the text, and weigh that fat material, we can see that this - the literature, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but it is certainly - literature.And so, that these literary "values" did not disappear by themselves in a whirlpool of stage action, we ourselves have decided to remove them and help them stage action. Thus, the script, the skeleton of "Dawn", lost fat, download the film Битва цивилизаций and gained fry body.And so, to save the life of this rangy body came to the aid of nerve comedian, the voice that we really, really listen.We understand that the comedian dying on stage as old Eren, not tolerate his body decomposed for half an act under the recitation of the Prophet from the village, a prophet from the city, worker, peasant, shepherd, Jacques Eren and others is another matter - the corpse Jacques Eren Peoples Square, where he is the object of attention - stage phenomenon.Comedian and could not bear to naverbovalnye of studios and amateur circles crowd jostled on stage and allowed him to play, pretending to be a bunch of ten people download the film Битва цивилизаций and perceived the audience as the crowd of two hundred people. By the way, here we take the opportunity to ask fans crowd scenes:how much to hire extras to make such remarks requirement Verhaeren, "the crowd acts as a download the film Битва цивилизаций and multifaceted creature"? If we are told - 100 people - will not believe will say 200, - do not believe it - a little! If conditions do not allow the scene to let 20,000 people, we prefer to 7 people.Next, the comedian can not stand hanging around and explaining the actions of the character. Out - take them to the pages of the program or in orhestru. Lacking programs, we stopped at orhestre.And that will not tolerate the comedian who plays Eno to the most pathetic moment of its role, its programmamaksimum was confined to the explanation of his sister in a family setting - it is stands, the right to enter into open competition with their opponents at a public meeting. But how is it so expensive to surround the army of extras?15 But he did not resign herself to 200 - 1000 he was served, how can that be? And here's how. We have data to suggest that a large number of the population of Siberia fed by the fact that, together in clubs and studios, playing shows.In Moscow, the number of theaters over so we think that it would be useful to work out such zritelyuakteru performances on the stage;why we welcome the thousands of visitors that will fill him first theater hall of the RSFSR, take an active part in the action, providing the comedians playing Eren, Le Bret, Hainaut, Clara and Ordena those ovations that they require in the course of action. Further work - to explain not only the audience, but also to themselves: who is who wins in this play?someone who wins? Watch the film Битва цивилизаций online. what it took to play the hero to carry the corpse of his parents in the besieged city? whose troops besieged the city? whose troops surrounded the cemetery, which was about "the people", and where the cemetery is located - in the city or outside the city? And what is the government Oppidomani? - The Government of absolutism?конституционнодемократическое? "Temporary"? and what is the consul? Following the example of the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, who, before taking a novel, drew a topographical plan of the scene, we download the film Битва цивилизаций and tried to draw the same plan. And out of the plan became clear that Verhaeren confuse the reader because of his play that he got confused and fell into a contradiction.Here is a plan that helps to clarify this: 16 A - the location of foreign troops kings surrounded Oppidoman from north, south, east and west.

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