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sick.The disease is similar to old age cautious wisdom of the body, a greater knowledge of their physical features, their limits. Patient motion and movement is almost always an old man with controlled, calculated, deprived of emotional rashness, and that is in common with the theater.These movements have a form, and so it's interesting to watch, guessing or fantasizing content. Somewhere at the bottom of the memory pops up very old picture - it is cloudy and faded, but it worries me. Court, the court of firewood and grass, dusty bare patches in the grass, sawdust under goats, abandoned saw sparkles in the setting sun.On the wooden porch sits an old man. He is wearing a cap, I'm in short pants with straps standing in the middle of the yard n sorry old man. I think it is very boring. I do wonder if he was not interested. I can play alone or with friends - they are waiting for me.I'm bored with the old man, even to look at it is boring, but I decide to donate a piece of his time, and fun, to entertain him. I jump in front of him, throw logs, hack grass rake, even. seems to ramble. It tells me something like normal, "Go play yourself, boy." I do not remember that. But clearly remember burning shame of a sudden discovery: bored look on my jumps, and his immobility is not boring to him, he lives in it with pleasure, I'm going hurt, but I can not overcome this moment with a secret interest in the old man. Was he clever, "this old man? Maybe he download the film Битва цивилизаций and lived the intellectual life, thought and intelligence shone in his eyes?;? I do not remember, I do not. But his body seemed wise.Then I explained to the same effect of Rembrandt's portraits of themselves, the significance and the wisdom that comes from its old people. He also wrote of ordinary people - what's the strength of their attraction, why they are so impressive? I think that the matter is in the transfer of body wisdom, economy, rationality plastics.Movement of sick people, too, always download the film Битва цивилизаций and appealed to me. They "umnyat" person, so to speak, make it more valuable to the casual observer. I was in hospital a lot and seen going for an operation, arising for the first time after a long lying, bearing his physical pain.For an actor, the way to the soul of the character is always through the body through movement. So I went to their elders, not knowing that I would have to play them - went through a strange, sometimes hostile interest in the lives of the elderly, through the observation of human patients and disease in itself. B, "Arturo Ui" directed Axer I played Dzhipolu.Goebbels, the prototype Dzhivoly, was lame. Watch the film Битва цивилизаций in excellent quality online. Foot dragging - the ego is given by the author. It is used in all productions. And I also download the film Битва цивилизаций and started the first rehearsal limp playing Dzhivolu. For a time it had only an external device - for the audience, for the portrait likeness, but nothing gave me the most, did not add to the internal characteristic.B somewhere middle of work I got sick - chill neck, his head did not turn, any sudden movement hurt. The only way to take part in rehearsals polusidetpolulezhat was in the chair. Every time I was looking for, the most comfortable position, and finding, not stirred. Froze anyway, so the text.Axer once said "that he start to like what I'm doing. I began to watch her painful plastic. The common cold is gone, and I consciously began to look at the role of plastic strained neck and an unnatural position of the inside-pos.

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