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But it did not get download the film Битва цивилизаций and bored while picking up a shirt for Iksdy or download the film Битва цивилизаций and altered cloak patiently stood before the mirror Komaki. All over the case. I'm amazed how many here-fit. Used as a rational place. And again, these three - and two zakroyschikhudozhnik dressmaker - work. Quietly and continuously ...and qualitatively. And the results of their work, here they are. Closet sliding and moving. It consists of a dozen sections. Some trivia - threads, laces, etc., while in others, a collection of the past. In fact - the museum. Excellent woven materials made over the years plays. Photos sketches, costumes, scenes from plays. For many years.Dozens of performances. Clearly. See Gorky's play, Brecht, Shakespeare. But Komaki in Shakespeare's play ten years ago. All download the film Битва цивилизаций and saved. Everything can be restored, revived. And all this is done here these three masters. It happens all day do not have time to eat. And, coming back late, suddenly feel a terrible famine. Well, "nothing.There hour shop nearby. There's everything that you want, and the hosts are already familiar. But there is another temptation. Now that's exotic: on the street, tent, or rather tentik. Say precisely - square umbrella, a little more than usual. Under it sit two. Owner of "establishment" and the client. Mikrostolik between and below the stove.With an awning hanging translucent cloth-download the film Битва цивилизаций and covered back. January drizzling rain. Wind. And in the middle of the street is this tentzont and sit under a flashlight inside, two people. One down and feeds the other. Talk about something. I really wanted to try Laghman. And there were these tents in anticipation of the guest. But I did not dare. How to explain?As no language is so close to look into each others eyes? And what did we talk to him? We go to the press conference. In a large hotel presskholle our fitters estradku shield. About sixty journalists. TV. Photographers. In the center of the table - the president of the company, subsidizing production. Brief speech. Then the questions ...More and more on part of the costs of expenditure. income. Solid. But somehow, I would say, one- sided. Handled per hour, even less. Actor says his company just sit, chill. Hard to communicate with power and money-haves. It's nice that we have a different, their own company. We have come to this at once. But come. And here is the last day in the basement.We gathered our fans, friends - the Soviet representatives, who live nearby, - Leonid Hamza. Sergei Agafonov. Of course, they came and Sasakisan, Galya and Lena Nakagawa. Run over. The youngest of our technicians Kengo Adachi - dresses up in a corner, he wants to dance for me, for everyone. For memory.And in national dress with a fan he goes to court. Including music. Kengo view is missing. He looks inside. Movement is slow and inaccurate. He is serious. He is calm. All he does is built on a solid, reliable foundation proficiency and infinitely ancient tradition. Turn on the camcorder. Dance on memory. And watching.It sounds strange, mesmerizing music. The end. Applause. - Who taught you to dance? Quite podetski: - Mom. We are once again going through one by one before the camera and say farewell words of thanks to our basement, each other. Already dismantled scenery. Moving. In the theater "Hayudza." At Roppongi. Three days later, the prime minister.On the premiere of The entire lobby of the theater into a cave of colors from the floor and almost to the ceiling.

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