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And, of course, such people are extraordinary people, conceivable only in this extraordinary country. About 434 international goals THEATER Here is the problem of international importance which have set themselves the advanced workers of theater groups: Problems of Peace.Protection of cultural achievements of mankind from the day of his birth. The rise of culture. Going above humanity made of past centuries. The convergence of art and technology. Comparison. Showing kinship. Show interaction. The art closer to the people, who had previously been deprived of art, art was only the tops of the property.Vitamin professional theater: folk songs, folk dances. Using stadiums. Starting from the XVI century built theaters, which had clearly expressed social hierarchy layout seats for spectators. The fight against vulgarity and pornography, as the decomposing mass. The struggle for ideological saturation.The introduction of social motives, not only in theatrical performances, but also in the movies. Theatre and cinema should solve the big problems of our time. Playwright and poet of our time. Theatre should download movie The Battle of civilizations and stop working for heaps of sectarian, theater should become a truly massive. a) means of expression:simplicity, b) style: clear, lapidary, dramatic tension, lofty tone, pathetic tone heroics. Zhanrizm 435 Down! Long live the realism! But in all art, to produce more work. Art, as a result of a careful study of the art of the past. Down amateurism!And here of amateur theaters of amateur art.You can not just film The Battle of civilizations watch online in excellent quality and call it the art of life, it is necessary to them to lead, we must expose the amateurism, it is necessary film The Battle of Civilizations Watch Online and put the task before the amateur groups be able to recognize the authenticity of folklore.The trouble is, if the amateur clubs will emulate the professional theater. Income theater employees. Wicked theater system in Germany: a small group of the annual salary, and the rest received only a one-time payment. ... That's another problem: as a modern actor must train his declamatory machine. And further:School at the theaters. 436 LETTER Stanislavsky January 18, 1938 Dear Stanislavski, Gogol, describing one of the events in one of his stories, he felt the difficulty express on paper what it is now in the story that's happened, he suddenly stopped and exclaimed: "No! Do not .. I can! .. Give me another pen!My pen sluggish, dead, with a thin slivers for this picture! ". Holding a letter to you on the day of your birth, I find myself in the position of Nikolai. to you - dear to my teacher - my feelings are that to express them on paper, and every feather is sluggish, and the dead.How The battle of civilizations movie watch online in excellent quality and tell you that - I love you ?! How to tell you that - how great is my gratitude to all of you for what you taught me in such a difficult task, as is the art director ?!If I have the strength to overcome all the difficulties that confronted me the events of the last few months, I will come to you and you are in my eyes read my joy for you that you have recovered from your illness, you are once again bright and cheerful, you again started to work for the good of our great motherland. I shake your hand. Kiss you.Hi all your house. A special hello to Maria Petrovna. Affectionate greetings to your granddaughter, which moved me to tears, his keenness to see me at my questioning of you. Loving you Sun. Meyerhold 437 LETTER Reich October 15, 1938 Dear beloved Zina!

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