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Tsar Fyodor in the play "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich" at the Maly Theater download the film бретская крепость and staged Ravenskih.Ivanov in the play "Ivanov" in MHA'G staged Ephraim ... Dorn, Judas Golovlev, Watchmaker of the " Kremlin Chimes", 4-th member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, "So we will win!" ... Carton Manco yellowed leaves with performance texts, written in the margins hasty familiar handwriting, and each folder - as a sealed container that holds a genie.Innocent Smoktunovsky not leave theoretical studies conceptualize own acting experience, exploring his own technique. His views on the nature of dramatic art, the principles and methods of work with directors, partners, and on the process of creating a role scattered in one hundred books, articles, interviews and letters. Worked with him directors and actors have kept the memory of his behavior during rehearsals, the course of the rehearsals of the "ten thousand questions," which he dumped on the director, the "tricks" and "Munky" used Smoktunovsky during image search.Leave out the fact that study results of the work of art actor repeatedly described in articles and monographs in drama dealing Innocent Smoktunovsky, in this book the author would like to focus on the analysis of technology actor reconstruct its working methods.Critics consider and study the drawings and sketches of artists. Literary transcribe drafts. Methods and techniques for the study of theater "draft" is being shaped and formed. An important milestone was the publication of papers and copies of directors Stanislavsky researchers and historians - Baluhatogo, VinohradskГЎ.Event was the publication of the continuing legacy of Meyerhold, a group of scientists led by Feldman.Special place in the works of Soloviev, first suggested considering directing copies as a separate artistic substance, opening a new stage in the study of the director's career, the possibility of a radically different way to see and reconstruct the path of creating the play.Acting roles notebooks remain on the periphery of scientific interest, and appeal to them should be the next step in the learning process of the actor on the role. In interviews actors give retrospective of their search.In recordings made in drama rehearsals we are dealing with the evidence of an outside observer who sees only the external results, hidden from prying eyes. download the film бретская крепость and Scribbled notes in the margins working actor Innocent Smoktunovsky notebooks offer a unique opportunity to look into the creative "inside."See no one shows the work "warm" the author's text, understood range of associations, internal moves, goals and objectives in a given scene, the selection and screening tools, see how discoveries are born. Investigate the interaction of the "I" actor with a way to understand the laws and mechanisms of this interaction;identify methods and techniques of the actor, "appropriating" his "alien rapture, grief and joy", to see how from the "rubbish" speculation, associations, tips, memories grows image. Finally, compare the resulting finished stage image with the image that vymechtal for himself an artist.Entries Smoktunovsky became a sort of "black box", save the data on the process of creating a role. Gone rehearsals have already been removed from the repertory performances, and a folder with a notebook and keep the spirit of the progress of work on the role, keep a layered structure as in a live performance appeared solid and monolithic.Perhaps, the actor playing the role is that played Smoktunovsky, his notes to remind rather Travelogues - by Myshkin on Fedor, according to Ivanov.

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