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These are the stamps, which I always come across at first, in any role, those stamps, which every time I thought I got rid of them, and they waited for me as the worst enemies. I do not believe it when Wisniewski Burdzhalov and told me this.I was quite sure that this is quibbling to me, to the "system", a new reason to stab me, disappoint. I was so sure of it, that not even embarrassed, do not believe it. Nevertheless, left alone, wanted to make sure I'm right, and as a result knew were right and Burdzhalov Wisniewski.From that moment began to grow and become my doubts, flour and seeking real truth and simplicity. A huge band of which was that, to be simple, as in life, nothing more. The more like this, the more stamps were noticed, the more they grew and download the film бретская крепость and multiplied, and clear:when you want to be simple, if you think not about the main tasks of the role and the play, but the simplicity and that's why you start to strum this simplicity. Produced stamps of simplicity, the worst of all stamps. I realized this and turned to the role of nature, even closer to the broken part of the problem and was probably best to fulfill them.To heal, I began to look to the role of the common elements and compare them to my personal items, look at each piece of the affective grain, and most importantly-through. It began with misogyny. But I love women and I could not find the opposite feeling. Tried to remember which of the women I hate. Ed remembered. Georg.4, download the film бретская крепость and remembered all women thick, annoying, arrogant. In my mind, myself, I hated them, I felt anger, but worth thinking about others and everything disappears. And it was not funny, and, most importantly, not charming. My strong unpleasant tone, dry and in life.Finally figured that out misogyny not create itself neither grain nor-through. He returned again to their elements of the soul. I first of all good- natured and naive, especially in matters of love. Thinking and adjusting itself to good nature, I felt that I would rather give in to fear women.I remember the rehearsal of the first act in the studio with Gzovskaya in the presence Yartseva As if something was found and it was funny and warm places in the soul. I even noticed that the timid, sharp look straight into the eyes Mirandolina gives the download the film бретская крепость and desired sense of comic fear of her as a woman. Come to life a little bit.Nevertheless, my stamp was eradicated, and the stamp is not torn, it poisons all living feeling and a sense of fear and embarrassment women die soon download the film бретская крепость and poisoned with lies, and all the new things that come from a minute chance of inspiration for the next time stamped and mertvelo . The next important step created Wisniewski.He convinced me to try it with a sense of fear or other women say, as in life, by itself, did not play, in short, to find themselves in, moods and feelings. Went to a new battle with a stamp in the newly created affective moods.I forgot to say that in the spring before, when I thought of the cavalry, he certainly seemed to me characteristic face Captain Spaventa 6 of the Italian commedia dell 'arte ... Benoit overheard my dreams and gave me the corresponding figure and makeup: poluDonKihot, poluSpavento. I liked drawing.Also, I could not feel otherwise, and find humor in the role, as surely old cavalry. From this I have it out stricter immobile. These are all dead ends where my nest stamps. Benoit did not put up with any rigor, nor old age, nor with the importance.

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