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Then Murnau left Germany, but Lang was left at home, and new talent continued to emerge into the light.The decline of German cinema is not explained impoverishment of talent, on the contrary, a lot of talented filmmakers in decline, the causes of which is worth exploring. Another explanation of the general crisis is download the film бретская крепость and rooted in the fact that at that time the widespread tendency to "Americanize" the German film. For the life of her download the film бретская крепость and aroused purely export needs.Because many people thought that Hollywood figured out the secret of how to please the world, the German producers dreamed of imitating the fact that, in their view, was a true Hollywood style. The results were very sad.But when - Pabst, a prominent director of the masters of the post-war period, it was necessary to shoot "Love of Jeanne Ney" in the American way, he managed to create a wonderful film. Hence, the desire to put the picture "for Hollywood" does not explain the notorious decline.Although the desire to work in a Hollywood manner, probably download the film бретская крепость and contributed to the decline, it's this desire is a symptom of that crisis. "Americanization" of the German film was hand-in-hand with the "internationalization" of the entire film industry.During this period, a very prosperous and frankonemetskie anglonemetskie community, they dedicated themselves to co-production, which, as a rule, to make do with small- minded cosmopolitanism.Most of these paintings - including great bands, like "Nana" and Renoir's "Therese download the film бретская крепость and Raquin" Fader - filmed on the German studio, because their technical equipment was gorgeous. Noybabelsberg, Shtaaken Gayzelgashtayg and become the favorite sites for foreign film crews.Since the German film industry is widely opened doors to many by foreign invaders, some newspaper columnists immediately decided that the process of "denationalization" and is the root cause of the decline of German cinema.Robert Brazilyash - French collaborator, who was executed in February 1945, in his "History of Cinema" points to "a gang of scoundrels doubtful nationality" as the main source of all the evils of German cinema.A French critic, RenГ© Jeanne, put it more precisely, berating "Jews and foreigners" for the fact that the majority of German films has lost its original "German character." The notorious "German character" then really should be, surrendered its position, if it just lost a bunch of parasites suck.But the essence of this phenomenon remains unexplained, because Brazilyash and the like in the heat of racial prejudice have overlooked some very serious circumstances. Film бретская крепость. After all, do not be an Austrian Jew, Karl Mayer, a German film would never be what it was.A native of Vienna, Fritz Lang, too, by the way, is not a pure- blooded Aryan, so put German films that even Hitler admired them, and he was an expert on this matter. Even in the period of inflation also just saw that while "gang of scoundrels" to get hold of the film industry, the German screen knew no artistic decline.This can not decline after 1924 was due to the agreements that gave rise to a further set of cheap "quota films." Some of their properties, these paintings were little different from many of the costly superkolossov.On the other hand, one of the most remarkable artistic achievements of this period, the documentary film Ruttmana " Berlin, Symphony of a Great City", belonged to the "quota films" staged for the company "Fox EuropeAid." According to Harry Potamkina, "the real reason for this decline was of an internal nature."Model of internal psychological existence caused the value of German cinema throughout the postwar period.

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