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A theatrical spectacle disappear from the face of the earth? Will there be some theaters in the form of original reservation, a kind of museums or the theater will still be living? "All living things in the end deserved to die," - said Engels.Of course, I would like to see this quote has been understood in the sense of too straight. Theatre, of course, will live, will exist and even grow. Moreover, I believe that the number of houses has increased dramatically, but the theater has changed a lot. The need for the game, the need to cast the action is extremely strong in man.This need takes its roots in the most ancient times, and it does not mean to fight. On the contrary, we should strive to develop it, because the closer we come to communism, the more will increase not only the number of consumers of art, but also the number of artists, people living active creativity.We know that under communism everyone will be a creative worker. Some people will do in the field of science and technology, the other - in the organization of human society, and others - and they will be very, very much - will do in the arts.Even now, we have the vast majority of young people reaching out to art, finds it's place. Under communism, the road will be open to all. Already in this country can be seen rapid growth theatrical performances.From amateur amateur circles gradually moving to a form of the very real and sometimes very good theater. Recently in Moscow I saw two performances of amateur theaters.Maybe some actors lacked in skill professional actors professional theaters, but these performances in terms of action on culture, cohesion and inspiration to the team, finally, the artistry was better than the performances of many Moscow theaters, and perhaps chemto even better.Number of amateur and folk theaters will be more and more increasing. The closer we will come to Communism, the wider network will become free from money put theaters, each of which can be based on your number of visitors - fans of this particular theater.The theater will draw strength and his acting in this circle of spectators. Theaters can be very different. They all join together like- minded people. I am download the film бретская крепость and convinced that most of the theaters will elect a spectacular bright, emphasized theatrical manner.This feature of the theater, in which it differs from the film and this is his kind of power, in some degree opposite of the mighty power of cinema, strictly realistic observation and research of life.Huge network of amateur theaters, each for a few, this is a huge network can serve as acting and directing for the base of universal popular art, the art of a more complex, requiring large expenditures of time and effort in creating each piece - for the cinema.The best of theater artists - those who will be worthy to represent the person on the screen for all the people - will be filmed in a cinema near the purely cinematic actors. Film бретская крепость. The best of the directors of the theater - the ones that would be able to create works of art, interesting for all the people - come to the cinema.Do not forget that a painting requires a complex, download the film бретская крепость and specialized and hard work the vast number of people.

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