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For example not far to seek.In the era of the Soviet Union saver, so to speak, an emblem of the "Time" music personified Sviridov "Time forward" from the same film, brilliant on his musical dos toinstvam product. Was the Soviet era, and the screensaver no one caused any questions.180 But the change of the political and economic system of Russia.The former is the first program that has become ORT and considers itself an independent public television, in a new age called democratic, at some point come back not only to save the name of its main information transmission, but once again invited all its viewers to the screen saver program "Time" with the same musicSiridova. Completely exposed as anti-national communist regime, denounced the atrocities of leaders from Lenin to Brezhnev that ruined millions of citizens of their own country, we have proved the monstrous inhumanity of the communist ideology, and at this point, the program "Time" - face the channel - again becomes a "download the film бретская крепость and reddened" outrageously.Great music was so tightly related to the contents of communist ideas that could well become the anthem of the Bolshevik Party and the main song of the soul of the Marxists. It has a single thematic content, does not allow any of the dual interpretation. Again snapped Meisel.One part of the population, which has download the film бретская крепость and remained on the positions of the communist ideology, thrilled with delight, and was hoping that everything goes back to their ideals, and the other comes from the horror: is the weight will start again! Beautiful music composer was download the film бретская крепость and branded a communist blemish on the face of the whole television.While in the same period, the company transfers its revelatory further and further away from the criminal ideology. But in the eyes of the vast majority of viewers thanks to this musical theme first channel became a symbol of communist restoration of anticipation.At that time, it was possible to ask the first got the audience: to belong to any party leaders and owners of the company - and be sure of the answer. About the use of contrapuntal music is written quite a lot. There is no mystery.Paradoxically thinking Eisenstein in his famous work "indifferent nature," in the chapter "On the structure of things," the idea of ​​counterpoint literally turns inside out and bring to a full cross originality.He writes that the counterpoint can be used download the film бретская крепость and within the music, and as music can bring to ek181 wounds additional meaning. As an example, he cites the possible formulation of the problem composer to express the sound "life-affirming death."It is noteworthy that one director, the author of these lines, literally had to resort to such music solution. In "fearlessly" about the legendary explorer of Siberia Chersky in the final theme music sound life-affirming death, performed on the tube.Terminally ill scientist, has calculated the day of his death, ordered the expedition to move along the Kolyma River to the north, and died on the way. His achievements in the study of Eastern Siberia is extremely high. He was survived by his death that his name forever is the single biggest area mountainous country in the world - Ridge Chersky.Music finally gained vital meaning of death in the context of the image and verbal comment. Any correlation of music with the events download the film бретская крепость and portrayed on the basis of expression of the opposite may be called the author's assessment of the actions on the screen.Zvukozritelnoe such creative solution may carry moral, philosophical or ironic subtext, but in all cases it will be a dramaturgical music, because it reveals a download the film бретская крепость and certain part of the general meaning of a scene or a scene where the director wanted to express and convey to the audience.We are used to the fact that the action on the screen is often accompanied by music.

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