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If I found the artist is now the role of Lenin, of equal, in my view, Shchukin and implementing roles and Basil Matveev, equal to me Okhlopkov Vanina and I without a moment's hesitation, I would put the new "Lenin in October" and "Lenin in 1918" to extend the life of these pictures on the screen for anotherdownload movie bretskaya fortress and pyatnadtsatdvadtsat years. I am sure that the Soviet screenwriting can not only create, but has already established a number of classical works. This can be seen, at least by reviewing the collection of selected scenarios of Soviet cinema.It has a script, no way inferior to the best examples of Soviet prose and Soviet theatrical drama. Of course, prose - the immortal kind of literature. Artistic prose was, is and will be among the leading native arts.But compared with at least a theatrical drama screenwriter has the right movie watch online bretskaya Fortress and take a leading position. Meanwhile, still we believe the writer of theater playwright and screenwriter - in the best case polupisatelem.Not by chance the fact that the Chairman of the Union of Soviet Writers screenwriting Stein recently wrote each of his first work for the theater, and then to a movie, that is, considering the cinema as the second of his profession, not as the first. The last thing I blame this Stein, I blame the rest of us.Meanwhile, I remember a time when such screenwriter as Vinogradskaya, Zarkhi, Graebner, Leonids, considering screenwriter noble task and the highest form of literary creation, entirely dedicated themselves to cinema, found in him a complete and utter creative satisfaction.It is thanks to the efforts of these people have managed to Soviet cinema in the 20s of this century come out on top in the world download movie bretskaya fortress and show unsurpassed examples of revolutionary art mighty deep innovative and ideological in orientation and development of film language, surfSpecifically, the new cinematic form. Union of Soviet Writers should finally start full operation in the field of screenwriting, putting the task to contribute fully to our art, to provide filmmaking vysokoideynoy and highly artistic literary basis.Sure, on the screenwriting dramatically affect the overall state of the Soviet literature in recent years. Tough was not the screenwriter and yet false, timeserving spirit of his works live and in cinema. The Second Congress of Soviet Writers must resolve many important issues.- Second All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers working in Moscow 15-26 December 1954. Romm was a delegate of the Congress of the Moscow Writers' Union. See .: Second All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers. Verbatim record., writers and poets, playwrights and theater critics are waiting with hope that the debate at the Congress and its solution will open new perspectives for them. But most of all interested in the decisions of the congress is screenwriting.Until now, the Union of Soviet Writers - neither his government nor the Secretariat - was not responsible for the state of affairs in cinema. There comes a time when the Union of Soviet Writers should take care of screenwriting. The three main challenges facing it. The first - to raise the level of screenwriting leading branches of literature.The second - to organize a permanent, close and living relationship with the film industry to take an active part in ensuring decent cinematography literary basis.

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