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- But, of course, Simon and Mr. Lister - not only those who serve you, do not you, Sir David?I guess I will not be wrong to say that is present here young Mr. Healy in the last two years, this is the least well receive from you a scholarship. Adrian closed his eyes and tried to focus on Mozart. - However, in order. Two years ago, Sabo, at that time still behaved Hungarian scientist, arrived in Salzburg for a conference.There he hid documents concerning his car, "Mendax". And you can not tell him to hurry. Six months after his return to Budapest to visit the Hungarian authorities on Szabo and demanded to show them the results.Your department, David, also heard about the "Mendax" and firmly decided that Britain should by all means take possession of such an intriguing device - at least in order to make an impression on your American confreres.It should be remembered that the world then tolkotolko learned the truth about poor old Anthony Blunt, and I'm sure your service should be covered as an irresistible desire to get a great trophy, that lay at the feet of the aforesaid who have superior.You assumed that if Sabo tries to get rid of somehow "Mendax," I, the oldest of his friend outside Hungary, somehow find myself download the film бретская крепость and involved in this. - What happened, my old love. - That's right, last year I received a letter from Sabo. He wished me to take the documents, hidden them in Salzburg. Asked to come the seventh of July, two in the afternoon, the home of Mozart, where dioramas depicting scenes from the dinner "Don Juan," I will have to wait to be connected. I have no doubt that you, Sir David, the letter was intercepted. And rightly so, I'm not complaining. - Oh, how I damn upset if you started to complain. - Gracefully articulated.So, what happened? At this meeting with me came Adrian, the eyes and ears of Sir David Piercy. In Mozart's House I had to meet a friend Szabo, Istvan Moltai, violinist, officially arrived in Salzburg festival. So far everything is fine. - So far, so obvious. - Well, now move on to things that may be less obvious.Adrian could not understand why this meeting into a public dialogue between Donald and Uncle David. - I would like to know, sir, David, have you ever heard of kogdalibo Walton's third law? - No matter how you shake it, the latter is always a coward? - Not really. In wartime, this law was the basis for the rules adopted by the Secret Service.If the appointments and the time it is given in the twelve-hour format, which means that the meeting is to be held for thirty minutes before the download the film бретская крепость and specified time. The fact that Adrian, I believe, would have called a professional way. Accordingly, Moltai met with me at two in the agreed term of the day, and in an hour and twenty-seven.At this meeting he told me where are dealing with "Mendax" documents. I was supposed to pick them up here, in the "Golden Stag" at the reception.A few seconds after he shared this information with me, someone will be like I have to assume, in blissful ignorance of the third law of Walton Moltai cut throat.In a few more days, your people, Lister, acting, no doubt, on the basis of information received from Adrian, made in the parking lot of a West German autobahns pretty tasteless attempt to rid me of these securities. Sir David leaned back in his chair and looked at the Lister, still standing at the door.- You were tasteless, Lister? Sorry to hear about it. When done it will go with me. - Tasteless and unsuccessful.

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