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But in some cases assembly phrase can develop the idea that arises from the connection sharply contrasting objects of action - then frames within a phrase can be connected to the principle of contrast, even on the principle of contradiction .Here is an example of the episode, in which, apparently, each assembly phrase should movie watch online Breti fortress and the shape of the iconic contrasting plans. In Zola's novel "The Trap" is an episode when Kupo roofer working on a steep roof, and he was being watched from the sidewalk and Gervaise kakayato curious old woman out of the window.Old woman clearly wants to roofer fell.The idea of ​​the danger of the work roofer highlights these observers, and therefore in the same mounting rhinestones here can be connected and a roofer on the ridge of the roof, against the sky, shot in a sharp angle from the bottom, and the old lady, looking out the dark window, and Gervaise with a baby standing on the sidewalk staring up and visible in a sharp angle from the top.In these cases, frames contrasting composition, but united by a single action. Another example. We talk about the funeral of Lenin and in the same mounting phrase show how at the very moment the funeral in the world - in Moscow, Leningrad, in the countryside, in Paris, in London, Cairo, Melbourne and so on. Etc.-for a few minutes stop motion.Here, in one phrase mounting can be included very contrasting external features materials with, however, the inner meaning and emotional unity.But this phrase can include mounting and display those that stop motion not only surprised, but maybe irritated, angry and even frightened, say, capitalist ministers, industrialists, and so on. D.Individuals showing this kind can also enter into a single phrase extensive wiring, and thus, it will connect the frames in place sharply contrasting actions taken in the different parts of the globe, sharply contrasting responses of course, quite dissimilar setting for audio, or around the world, and yet together composing a single thought in a singlemounting phrase. I stopped at length on the concept of mounting the phrase, because parsing installation whole episode should always download movie Breti fortress and establish its structure, that is, break it down into a series of complex structure simpler pieces, i.e. mounting phrases.Frames, finishing mounting phrases not only create a transitional step towards the further development of the action, but they need to create a sense of compositional completeness of the phrase. This is even more true of the staff, close more assembly episode.Shakespeare is a great scene in blank verse without rhyme, but the last two lines in the scene it usually rhymes. This immediately creates a sense point of completion of the episode. Similarly, Eisenstein in the second series of "Ivan the Terrible" is a series of episodes in acute diagonal frame construction, but the last frame of the last two to three or frame it usually builds frontally, creating this sense points the final episode.In the practical study of the installation must be the most serious attention download movie Breti fortress and pay for the rhythmic organization of the material inside the assembly phrases and scenes in general. Rhythmic elements play a huge role in the assembly and must be taken into account when shooting.Here is a good example of rhythmic organization of the material for further editing. Sturm Corfu from the second series of "Ushakov" was filmed in BelgorodDnestrovskoy fortress. Moat wall height was 18 meters above the wall is still the wall and tower above it - all in outline made it possible to remove the fortress-like fortress of Corfu.

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Film бретская крепость
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