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Daybreak scenes meant that the two romantic hero, the director, his assistants and other members of the crew must be on the farm for a few hours before sunrise to prepare everything.Rooster has kindly agreed to sit on the fence. The sun also rose on schedule. But as soon Henley shout "Camera" - cock got scared and flew down. By that time, as it dwelt on the back fence, the sun was too high to shoot this scene. With a sigh, Henley told everyone to gather in the morning at three o'clock.- At this time - he swore - we certainly will make sure that damn rooster not fly off. We fasten his feet with wire to the fence. But at the second morning, when the sun rose, the cock was so engrossed in disentangling their paws from wire, not shouting.- There is only one way to make a rooster crowing, - said the omniscient operator who unexpectedly announced that he grew a Kansas farm, whose cocks for many years won all the prizes at the county fair. - It is necessary to yell second cock. Hearing it, our cock will be jealous and try to drown all.Perhaps it was the correct theory, but no cock no sound in the morning. - I forgot to tell you one thing, Hobart - whispered operator director. - It was necessary to collect more chickens around the cock that they should be for anyone to sing. The result came another setback. One of two things:or chickens were not as attractive as expected, or cock too nervous. The main thing is that he is now unable to cry out. At this critical moment someone from the team download the film бретская крепость and remembered that he lived in South akterlyubitel one who could save the situation. His specialty was simulated forest and domestic birds and animals.When a representative of the studio came all the way to the Southgate - LosAndzhelesa outlying suburbs and challenged him, this guy thought that his fate is being accomplished. He told his wife: - At last the time has come my big break in the movies.Arriving at the farm, he asked a makeup artist, and was crushed when he was told that the make-up is not necessary and they're not going to shoot, he crows, because it would ruin the illusion that they are making. He will have to simulate a cock behind the scenes.As it turned out, chelovekpetuh was master of his craft, and a real cock, probably too download the film бретская крепость and impressed, to join him in a contest. Either way, he shouted download the film бретская крепость and again, which meant that the failure of yet another morning shooting. Farmer download the film бретская крепость and liked the profitable trouble:he and his wife earned a little money, every morning to prepare breakfast for the whole team, but he was an honest man, and explained: - My cock could see before him download the film бретская крепость and crowed people. That's why he refuses to sing. The next morning, Henley told simulator hide behind the corner of the house and gave him a big bush sage.- As soon as the sun comes up, - he said - pokes his head out and yell like crazy. But keep the bush in the face so that the rooster did not know it was you. The next morning, preparing breakfast for the production, the farmer's wife looked out the window and found the man under him and fell to the ground, which she had never seen before.It is clear as day, it was crazy, because keeping the face of the bush sage. She called the sheriff, who hurried to the scene to see with their own eyes and asked the abnormal: - Well, what are you doing here? Imitator of birds and animals decided that the sheriff - an aide Henley. - Oh, I cock - he explained.- Okay, I'll take you to where you will find good chickens.

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