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And 'all the guests who came to the rehearsal.Old master Mizuho Suzuki, an experienced actor, so happy today to partake of the basics of the profession. Because the last day of life, it's necessary to go back.Young Masaru Ikeda - probably ambitious, probably no fun listening to endless criticism, but he overcame himself and after a dozen repetitions seized and committed the message of energy required, he finally discovered the key to release the tension. And the famous Komaki Kurihara, for each moment of time where so many people claim.And she works at night, and leaving a half-day to another city. But now she's here with us - absolutely equal. Toiling talented actress. Movie star. During my stay in Japan, there were two films with her participation in the lead roles. And all of them - many tens Behind her, a lot of the biggest roles of the world repertoire.But know this only from the very films or articles. Her behavior that does not know. (Bitterly I was reminded of one - yes one right? - Actress, a good actress, movie star, too. How often prohibitively I heard her words, "my personality does not accept", "my audience expects from me ...", "I not in a position to ..."And, finally," I'm a star, yes, yes, a star, and it must be remembered. " I remember. But bitterly. Long live the actor's modesty) on adult and children's good to be a guest - the city, the country, the people voluntarily and involuntarily turning to you the best of his party.Damn nice to eat hospitality, dive into the unknown to you statutes and customs, which, as luck would have created for you, it is you, it was a little surprising, comfortable and not boring. But I'm not a tourist. I came here to do art. I am an artist. I need to feel the pain points of their lives. Without it, my job is meaningless.Tears and laughter, understanding, and pain - these are two of my rough tool. But why make them? Our communication- polished courtesy. No bitch no hitch. Where projections and roughness, for which you can catch on? We have to get close, to get up close and see the world of the play from a single point of view.I can not direct, shouting from one coast to the other. I have to share their hopes, their pain, through them in the theater I can really express my worldview, my essence. But they have to be understood. The response should be. I have to understand that the pain of the Japanese, something to laugh at them.This should speak from the stage performers - from themselves. Otherwise it would be download the film бретская крепость and colored text. In the best case design. And we did theater. What hurts them? In the download the film бретская крепость and forehead do not ask, that you have a headache? - You're not a doctor. To look into the back streets, when before you open reception rooms, too awkward. And know not. Feel it is necessary.Then, then, patience and attention. Japanese cards are not varnished life.Ginza street and there is such a - glossy, flooded to the brim with colorful moving light, furnished with high-rise Building, sparkling clean, elegant shop windows bursting from great products shops, restaurants offering cuisine passer of all peoples of the world-from the Polynesian to the Russian.Yes, saw eight o'clock in the evening in these most glittering showcase for the night began to settle the unwashed, unshaven men. And in ten one was asleep, curled up right on the rocks. Others are built bed of a pile of newspapers.Some even download the film бретская крепость and pulled the rope from column to column, draped newspapers at the height of two feet, and there, in bed, all covered with a paper.A one in a download the film бретская крепость and tattered hat, with many days of stubble on his face broke into a huge pile of newspapers, and was poluzanaveshen newspapers, and read a newspaper through the broken glasses and smoke, blowing smoke in the direction of pedestrians and contemptuous glance at them.

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