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He's never worn, not licking. He knew what - to fight with the boys to krovyanki. He knew how to stand up for themselves. He was Gekklberri. His ballads were saturated with this bravado. Carl called them estradnougolovnymi. Charles himself out of the country, and later became a rocker.And hit the "second tier." Something does not work out. A talented composer, Karl did not became a talented performer. He did not believe in the seriousness of his own music. He did not have and complexes associated with childhood, with a thirst for approval itself. After several years of neglect took Mack Charles in his show. Trey wrote:"You are our hope, the pride of the South, the whole country, and we welcome your recovery, your 33 you have to revive their teaching his disciples, good luck to you. Mack, Charles, Jerry." "Oh, you found a chord" - John thought. The guys even have repeatedly download the film Великий мастер and stated in the press that all rockers - his disciples.Even now, when everyone went their separate ways, they still think of John the teacher. "Sorry, you can not start over. Maybe singing along to" - sentimental, he thought. And Tug is shaking his head. No. First thing, he never knew how to do it. Each time the song was different than before. No one, including himself, could not have known - how it goes.The song came out of hand, turning the new shimmering face. Music led him and made him forget about everything. And, of course, it was a miserable idiot when allowed Colonel insist kinokontrakte. That thought brought him back to the dressing room. Where are they all? I looked at the clock. This gap of time!Carefully put the message of friends in the same "souvenir" box, where it lay, and other cables. Weakness, of course, but she was always with him during concerts. From the first tour. Closed casket. Turned on all the lights and sat makeup. Reflected from a mirror, the light hurt his eyes, knocking her tears. Right tingling.This light stitching appeared a year ago. John include such phenomena due to overloads during filming - too much glare Jupiters. But vision is not failing, and doctors worry he did not. Occasionally, tears in his eyes, but with his youth, he did not consider it possible to burden the workers learned men.John closed his eyes, giving them the opportunity to get used to the bright light, and being next to the desk phone rang. Mechanically he picked up the phone. - Yes? - Trying to change his voice, he said. - Honey, you did not learn to play - voice said P download the film Великий мастер and Startled from mockery, John still relieved, your voice. Wife download the film Великий мастер and continued to tweet:- Liz today is incredibly quiet, as if aware that her dad is preparing for a final battle for the title of artist.

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Film Великий мастер
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