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- Why not?Alan, you have a problem with the voice? - He has no problem with the voice, download the film Великий мастер and answered for another Briali.On can not speak with expression. - And you were not able to teach him? - Yes, I repeated the damn monologue day and night. So stupid - he read it right, but he did not explain. - Allen, say the first couple of phrases, asked Bridget.- I'll bring the wine and glasses, download the film Великий мастер and volunteered ZhanKlod. He was ready to go for the wine in the store, but would not listen to an excerpt from the play boring Cocteau. At this time, his friend carefully as the exam, read the monologue. - I get it! Aktrisa.Poprobuy stopped him use my method:to relax and get into character, I imagine that next to me empty, but all the words I say to myself. Just having some fun, like sing a song. - I will not work, sadly said Allen. - It will not work, okay, lightly waved Bridzhit.Mozhno think all the directors will require you to recite Jean Cocteau.I personally chose the first part, because I no longer resembled the other heroine. Come on, tell me again: "O my lady ..." Five minutes later, Brian, standing in the kitchen, almost in awe heard Allen says with a sense of the replica. The actor immediately rushed into the living room and cried: - Yes! Finally!Bridget looked at him as an amateur, and his friend went on with gusto declaration of love imaginary lady of his heart. - You - a great woman. Revealed to him the secret, right? Tell him, and I, too, asked ZhanKlod. - You do not have to know him. Apparently, you have your own approach to the role, but you do not put it. - I swear I do the film Великий мастер and Offered a glass of wine for you, Madame Aubert. Over time, you will discover acting class and will teach beginners. Bridget smiled smugly. - Allen, to be sure, you shut up for now anyone who tries to get the role of the romantic hero, she said. - Thank you, you're very kind. With such a teacher, I did not fall. - All right, I gotta go.Allen, call me tomorrow, I wish you success before leaving for Cannes. ZhanKlod, take me to a taxi? - Of course. The actress could barely wait to talk to him alone. - A good teacher, really. Why did you choose this monologue? He's not the least bit suitable Alain. He just looks gentle young man and nature - a real pirate.How do you not understand? - I'm not a fool. But Bridget, take any producer, because he first notice the beautiful face Allen, who in good time utter the word love a knight. - You're right, long thought, download the film Великий мастер and agreed aktrisa.Da, it makes a difference. You are very practical, Brian. Here it is, your secret.On Sunday, friends packed their things when ZhanKloda dawned - We forgot to get you to rent a tuxedo and kletaem tomorrow morning. What to do? - Maybe on the spot find him? - What! Visitors will download the film Великий мастер and begin in the afternoon, no time to engage in a suit. Allen, take the book and call up the studio. God forbid, you are lucky, and one of them will open.A young man rang the first number, and he immediately responded. - You - the lucky one. Come pick a tuxedo said ZhanKlod. By evening bags were collected, and they breathed a sigh of relief. Allen did not want to vex vsoe future, but was sure that he was lucky.Constantly communicating with the Parisian bohemians, he hit on the idea of ​​becoming an actor. When the plane gained altitude, all events that happened to him recently, seemed to him a dream. He was afraid to wake up and find that it is worth at the bar waiting for a glass of wine for a visitor "Coliseum".These thoughts to distract ZhanKloda loud voice: - Girls, you fly to Cannes, to rest or to the festival?

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