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Songs, "collected in a fist," the song realistic. Raymond Asso believed that he should open a new stream of the truth of life in the French song genre, the jet which will have an impact on future performers. The first song written for Edith Raymond and created her fame were:"My Legionnaire", "Journey to the poor negro," "I do not know the end." It also happened that Edith Raymond brought a new topic "in a handful." So, one day she came back from the south by express train. In a compartment next to her sat a young, good-looking guy. She especially remembered his great, frank hands.Shaking seasick Edith, and she fell asleep with his head on his shoulder. He leaned his head against her head and went to sleep, too. When they woke up, the train was in Marseilles. The boy jumped - it was his stop ... The next moment, Edith had seen him through the window wagon, his two police inspectors were apparently waiting on the platform.His hands were in steel handcuffs. More he did not meet her. But I was born the song "Paris - the Mediterranean Sea." Hurtling Express. The night is full of movement. Behind were the entertainment. And at the heart of the vague longing. Opposite napping nice guy, he kind of tired and full of more good hand. Raymond loved Edith.He gave her the best of everything that lived within him. He made it Film Grand Master watch online in excellent quality and read. Edith, who was only interested in sensationalist newspaper with headlines like:"The killer was left-handed" or "She was Grand Master movie watch online and fifteen when she was tempted!" Began to read and understand real literature. Aso was the first to take its spiritual culture. But Edith was gone. This was the beginning of the war in 1939. Raymond was already mobilized, when the life of Edith appeared actor Paul Me "...Raymond, I once asked you to forgive me for it - Edith wrote in his "confession" - today I want to again ask for your forgiveness. You were always with me so kind and so generous ... "Paul Meurice was able, like no one filed by women coat. He was able to open the door for her and Watch Online and pass it forward.He knew how to keep his arm as if he was carrying his companion, and at this time to take her witty conversation. His restraint and equanimity captured the chaotic nature of Edith. She lived with him for long, and that life was a continuous battle for credibility. Edith always tempted to take him out of balance though chemnibud.Sometimes she would sneak up behind him on the carpet and on tiptoe furiously screaming in his ear, and though he just started! One day, exasperated his composure, Edith started to beat and break everything she came to hand. She growled at him and throw the beast. He just lay on the couch, and then said:"Please do not break the radio." It was enough that she grabbed the receiver. Paul opened one eye, Edith dropped the receiver onto the floor and began to stomp his feet. Then Paul stood up slowly from the sofa: it is not good, what are you doing, - he said quietly, then slapped her a good slap in the face, lay back on the couch.They had to break up. But this period is reflected in their joint brilliant performance. Jean Cocteau wrote for Edith sketch "indifferent handsome". The sketch was only two roles: men - without a word and female - a monologue. The action takes place in a small room at a cheap illuminated advertising lights through the window.Here lives a little canary from the nightclub, who loves a handsome guy, already indifferent to it. All her life - waiting for ... He enters silently puts on pajamas, lies on the bed, lights a cigarette, and unfolds the newspaper, close it, begins to read.

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