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where he died ... In the day when he returned home VanGog mortally wounded, Dr. Gachet who treated the artist went to Paris and stayed VanGogom Gachet's son - a young man of sixteen. In his hands the same night he died VanGog.Gachet's son lived all his life alone in a house not far away, often recalled as the most important event of his life, death VanGoga. He collected paintings by French impressionists and died four years ago, a very old man, leaving a rich collection.Portrait of a father Gachet work VanGoga in light cap with a blond beard and bright eyes, we all remember from reproductions. Here it is, this room with a slanted ceiling. Small window directly into the roof of a visible piece of the sky and the pipe of the neighboring house. In the room - table, woven straw chair that found in the paintings of the artist.Iron bed with twisted backs. How many people, how many young artists reverently touched his fingers iron rods that bed, take the last breath of the biggest masters of painting.We descend on a twisted ladder old, even the walls of her home are not solved Grand Master movie watch online in excellent quality and repair. Peeling, dirty paint left over from the days when he VanGog coming down from his attic, in a striped suit, with a box over his shoulder and a canvas and easel in his hands ...We sat down at a table. There are eating all the tourists. Things are good hosts. A piece of roast beef, a glass of red wine, fresh lettuce, cheese and coffee with liqueur we are quite satisfied. Now our way lies in the cemetery where his brother's funeral VanGogi. Again rain. The cemetery on the hill, desert, naked. No trees. Some stone crosses but tombstones.Against the wall - two modest grave, completely overgrown with ivy. For by one to a stone plaque with the inscription: "Here lies Vincent VanGog. 1853-1890. " Next - the same board: "Here rests Theodore VanGog. 1857-1891. " That's all. No flowers, no obelisks. Ivy and gray stone guarding the peace of Vincent and his brother Theo, who loved her with no memory of the artist.We walk through the cemetery with Marcel. Light rain rather wet fog of dust falls on our Macs. - Theo - muses Marcel - Theo. With this name is associated with the last moments of Edith ... - Of course, he remembers Theo Sarap. - Tell me, what made her marry so young? - He did. He insisted on it.He loved her, even though she was no longer young, sick and ugly. I loved it incomparable talent. It was her student. She led him to the scene. There is even a duet, which they performed in concert at the Theatre Bobino ... She then wrote six songs for him ... The duo has always had the greatest success.Imagine a couple - young handsome Greek and around the little old Frenchwoman. He sings about love - it is a continuous concern, anxiety, worries, and Edith responds to his every verse that love - it is light and joy and even it causes suffering, but love - always new sources of life.And they are so finely and delicately performed this song and so natural for their positions that were neither comic nor pathetic. - And what was he before that, Marcel? - Hairdresser. His father was the owner of a fashionable hairdresser. And he had to take his place and become a singer. She made him an artist.And we must pay tribute to Theo, he was with her the rest of her perfect day. It really is a gentle, loving friend, wore it on his hands when she could no longer walk. He gave her the opportunity to not die alone, that she had always feared.

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Film Великий мастер
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