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But to draw conclusions about the true abilities of the characters is almost impossible. Moreover, we see it in the sea only during the first clumsy exercises - and once again, closer to the finale, but then we can only assume that the "surfer in a yellow suit" - and there Shigeru.And this despite the fact that the leading man Kuroda Maki - a professional surfer and could movie download Grand Master and show a cool ride. Without any help of stunt. Surfing itself is not particularly attracted to Kitano, the really interesting to him he Shigeru.Lonely imposing figure with a board under his arm runs throughout the film, and it's a meditative movement is balanced by a fixed panoramas and endless sea. Even if the storm, Kitano prefers general plans, and to them it is almost impossible to determine whether favorable for surfing the current weather.In focus - the relationship between man and the sea, strange and not completely clear of any spectator, nor, it seems, to the author. Especially in words, even the most rough, they are not expressed. You can be sure only that Shigeru throws his silent call is not other athletes, but only the elements.She pulls it from the first frame of the film, she swallows it at the end. Kitano took detailed death scene deaf surfer, and then did not include it in the movie. Shigeru simply dissolved in the sea, and the viewer only guess - whether it is on their own hero, or in spite of it.Given the increased attention to China in the early period of his career to the phenomenon of suicide, the first option seems more likely. Shigeru comes as the hero of Plato's "Chevengur" quiet researcher Sasha Dvanov:immersed in water to movie download Grand Master and learn from their own experience, what are the secrets of the store empty eyes dumb fish. "In the mountains, I sleep well and dream beautiful dreams - says China. - But the sea I always dream about suicide. One and the same dream: I go into the sea and go forward until it does not absorb me.As a child, I once nearly drowned after falling into a pond. I experienced a great shock. I still remember the faces of people looking at me through the water surface. Probably so people looking at fish »Fish - the first frame of the film Kitano," Sonatina ";dead fish impaled on a spear - blue fish on a red background, denoting anything, but certainly not the watery element. Gangsters led by Murakavoy, the role played by Kitano himself, - the same fish. Water - their element, it helps them, so do not pay the debt owner of a gambling house at the beginning of the film die, drowned in the Gulf gang Murakavy. "Let's see how long it will last under water" - they say so carelessly, as if themselves davnymdavno turned into amphibians. Later Murakava and his comrades fall to Okinawa, to the beach, where long days indulge in idleness, waiting for instructions from the leaders of the early gangster war.At sea, they come to life, play, joke, dress in bright Hawaiian shirts. By the sea, and during heavy rain when the water everywhere in Murakavy tied affair with a local girl.To the sea, he comes to suicide, and in the final last still images - the car with the body Murakavy and his girlfriend, frozen nearby - only instead of music accompanies the sound of the surf. Starting with "Boiling Point" sea or at least, water is becoming one of the most important elements of the film Kitano.However, the sea surface can be seen in "police brutality." The sea is experiencing only embodied in the film moment of happiness Azuma.

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