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He appeared on the fourth evening:black hair, dark eyes, and as proud as sovereign prince. Such was his name Menelas. He was an actor. "That I dare to send you flowers. I want them to talk to you before I did. Let me show you my country. " Country! With whom? This could only dream of! That evening he took me to the foot of the Acropolis in the moonlight.We download the film Великий мастер and walked up the path. The air was filled with the smell of the hot set. Below, as the sounds of the orchestra, came the city noise. He began to tell me that was once among the majestic columns wandering youths dressed in peplos, his ancestors. I thought, I can see them! And he kissed me ... What a great country - Greece!You can not imagine how I loved it! Two weeks ... Like it or not, I could not stay there any more! A few days before my departure, he turned my whole soul, he pleaded: "Stay. Do not go. Never I'll never see. You are my life. Stay! We're getting married.My country - the country of the goddesses, and you - the goddess, you - love ... "He shook me so I thought maybe in the end this is real life - forget everything for one person! .. The next day I woke, having download the film Великий мастер and received a telegram from Lulu "tour of America. Boston, Philadelphia, New York. With the "Companion". In November 1947. "I download the film Великий мастер and called him on the phone, "Are you out of your mind? .. America did not pull me ... "Then - you know me - I said," Okay, I'll go, let see, they never dreamed it. " After I fell on America and all related training, such was unnecessary. How I cried when I was leaving!In my life I did not have any more beautiful, no better ... I was sure that the more we do not see each other. Can you imagine, I met him in New York. He refused a very good contract, to return to their homeland. He was still beautiful. "Many years later, when Edith was seriously ill, and the newspapers reported that she had absolutely no money, So send her a gold locket, which she was once gave him for good luck, and wrote, "You have it now more important than me." This made a big impression on Edith. She said:"You see, at that time I probably walked past this, a great love ..." After returning from Greece, Edith began to prepare for the trip to school, "Oh, Momona! As I was sorry that you were not with me, you would have seen this! But you know, I have a hamstring shaking! America - It's not France, a different scale! Film Великий мастер. Lulu ordered a cabin on the ship.I download the film Великий мастер and dined at the table captain. You had all the time to look after themselves, there is the corner of his mouth, as if all the dishes you nasty. Talked about in the same style. Relax was not necessary. Thank God, I met with the commissioner - shatenchik, well built. Much of anything could happen - the ship's not rubber, where you will get?Also, I began to notice that ZhanLui follow me - it was not funny ... He told me all ears buzz about what will happen in New York! Dripped on my brain: "Do you think we can do it? Do you think they'll like us? .. "The first meeting with the download the film Великий мастер and United States disappointed me. I thought that the Statue of Liberty is fascinating.Not at all, no more experience than the one that faces us in Paris at Pont Mirabeau. All around so great that it seems to be quite small. But what is really overwhelming, so it's skyscrapers. Jean Cocteau wrote: "NyuYork - a city that gets up on its hind legs." Our houses are close to these would appear to be a cottage.We are at a Paris think nosimsya the streets with all haste!

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