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And looks like the earth itself, as it is all in front of you turning? Of course, to fly and see - it would be great! But only just. And now back. On a distant planet, he would not fly. With so interesting? Kakayato red grass, purple sky.Why did he have purple? He and blue very much. In general, how can you live in a purple sky? A cloud? Clouds will then kakienibud yellow. He imagined for a moment purple sky and yellow clouds. No, it is wrong, it is very beautiful. Of course, nice, he thought, that would look.Voobscheto new places to see, too, wondering how it is there at all of them works. But only just. Look - and that's enough. It's time to come back. The blue sky, the blue sea, the smell of the waves and the cry of gulls. Not there, on distant planets, such sea. Maybe there kakoenibud brown and thick, yellow and hot, but this sea there anyway.Romka aside. Near sat Lyudmila. - Let's write out a check to you, - she said, opening the notebook, - say their data. As a patronymic, how many years, the exact address. - Why is that? - The money you get. - For what? - For recording. You got today is the first day of shooting. He shrugged, but his data saidand middle name and age, and address. Lyudmila recorded it all on the ticket, and gave the boy download the film Великий мастер and showed the place. - Prove. He signed. She download the film Великий мастер and pulled back pass, gave Romka. - Hide. On this check and get the money. - How much? - He asked, blushing. - Yeah, - heard the question director - seen as a conspiracy! How much?Why do you need money? Romka download the film Великий мастер and embarrassed silence. - What are you gonna do with them? - Continued to try to find a director. - What do you say? Well, how much do you need? - Eleven forty. - Total? - Enough. - And for what? - Mask, fins and snorkel, so the whole set is worth.- Well, my boy, you're on the set for a couple of days of shooting will earn - reassured its director - set - this, of course, a thing necessary. Only you, the mud, the raymage no tubes, no fins, just a mask. - I'll go to the city - quickly said Roman, - and then the sea. Away in Yalta "Rocket" walks. Three hours - and there.- As long as you earn money, while getting our accounting for checks only the fifth and twentieth-pays. But then still go to the city or sea to Yalta stomp ... - The director paused and suddenly concluded: - In a word, take my kit. Watch the film Великий мастер online. This will give you a present.He download the film Великий мастер and handed obomlevshemu Romka string bag, in which lay the very yellow cast fins, mask and snorkel. - Just bring back the grid, the grid needs to myself. Romka took the net, whirled in his hands helplessly. - That's not right - said helplessly. - We have all the movies you can - assured director and threatened: - You take it, and then change my mind.- Take it, Roman, - said Lyudmila - our director - a kind soul. Tell me, what do you like his glasses, and he'll give points. - No, not given points - quickly said the director - without glasses, as without hands. Without the package, as is a pure land, always get along.- Bury, Marchenko - said the operator, - he still loses his gdenibud. - Well, how can that be? - Still did not believe Romka. - And just like that, - said A. Yegor fun. - As for anything should - it's very bad, my friend, just bad. When nothing, just for nothing - it's the most fun. - Thank you ...- What, Egor - up operator, looking around - why should we be dragged so far, that's great cove. The director looked at it and agreed. - Stop the car!

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