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The first beam was the signal.Sudden flashes of lightning covered the eastern edge of the Crimean land. Clear morning air quivered. Shook of the deck. Breath and ears. Prolonged increasing roar of cannon gun merged with drone flying strafing 'mud', and above them a fighter - bomber.Pounding, heart beating loudly, I put my forehead cold "Aimo", and began to shoot the flying "sludge." So I was able to pay off the excitement download the film Вера Васильева and gripped me. For some reason, I decided that it started a great idea, when in fact it started yesterday by landing troops on the ships, boats, pontoons ...Now, continued the assault of the Kerch Strait with access to the fortress Yenikale near Kerch. With spit Ingots stretches up to the Crimean land is thick, oily, like cream, smoke. It seems to be stopped, froze, closing a going to storm the Crimea ships with troops. A narrow gold braid continuous flow rolling technique.Ingots - pyatnadtsatikilometrovaya braid with viscous sand - stretched from the Caucasus to the Crimean coast. How much sweat and blood of the soldiers was worth its golden sand twenty meters wide! From shells will not hide, do not vyroesh hole - dug razokdrugoy - water.From chilling nordosta not hide, do not get warm no coat or jacket, or alcohol. German hit from Kerch area at random. Smokescreen impact parameter download the film Вера Васильева and prevented the fire. Enemy shells grown whole groves of white tears, and colorful rainbow of colorful, flowing, played the spray.Air howls ringing, buzzing, hard gasps and choking, as if unable to download the film Вера Васильева and sustain such a large number of sounds. That's shore. Taxied to the barge, half to jump out on the ground. As I found myself on the beach? Rented. We download the film Вера Васильева and nailed-up berths feverish work - with large barges move out "Dodge", "Studebaker", loaded with boxes of shell.Somewhere in the dust, not seen, rush, seriously shaking the earth, shells and all, subject common to all the team "survive" fall flat - who in the mud who haphazardly ... Many were left lying for a long time - until he was buried in a corner. I'm wet. I'm hot, barely have time to recharge "Aimo" and take off again.Podchalila self-download the film Вера Васильева and propelled gun, the ramp-step rapid business men fled with guns blazing. They download the film Вера Васильева and rushed to the mountain chain under the ramparts Yenikale and rebuilt in the ranks, went into battle. Look online. Apart from a small airfield berths.With a minute to take off and land several planes Una bumpy road, as the waves, rock and roll in the direction of Kerch hundreds of trucks. Slicing through the mud, passing heavy vehicles, flash, like a torpedo, brisk "jeeps." At the head of only one thing - shoot, shoot everything I see.And the first time the excitement and perhaps fear - to confess - it was terrible - I was hiding behind the forehead pressed firmly bubbling chamber. She led me forward, and maybe that is blocking my face from bullets and shrapnel. Naive, but I was the one ostrich that hid his head under his wing.In the chaos and confusion of battle, even covered with a cold chamber face, wet with sweat and cool the nerves ... Our units have a suburb, but then release the Kerch failed, the troops went on the defensive, a foothold on the Crimean land. Landing was clearly premature. ... Long, long time I dreamed of a nightmare:moonlit night landing, sinking into the water pontoons, silently, in silence leaving the water soaked soldiers in heavy coats and earflaps ...Return of the Crimea, April - May 1944 Fear arises because of the loss of confidence in the fact that I - it's Antoine de SentEkzyuperi Eighth April 4 th Ukrainian Front went on the offensive - this was the beginning of the Crimean offensive of our troops.

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