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- I do not know that I can not, I'm in the life of Lenin was a baby. ...Jadzia! Only she could say about it, we have been about ten when Pobedonostsev coming. Why, why, she says it, here everyone can turn into wine, so she was arrested, then vote in the basement was it, I forgot about it, because its cowardice it everything can tell a ...- And this is your Jadzia, sister, or friend, or dependents? - School friend, like a brother. - Oh, and you're a fool! How could you tolerate in the house hanger, you kind of worked, but it is at this time of bliss, doing nothing? - Jadzia helped in the house. - Well, do not tell, this is when vasheyto mom, and even with the housekeeper, and even with nanny? Ha!She did not sweat from work. One that often sits in the corner and sometimes long sitting - today with the interrogation: - And from your relatives in the bodies no one is working? - Maybe relatives Gorbatova? - No, it was your family. And burst out: - It's impossible! - You do not say! Really! Brezguesh us! And you want, we'll ...?That opened up its anti-Soviet little soul! Go ahead, say it! Speak out! That's a witness! Here we are you now standing in solitary confinement and zamuryzhim not to offend members in attendance! They laughed. - So, here are your relatives do not work and can not work? They download the film Вера Васильева and looked at each other.- But you are in Tashkent offered to work with us! That, too, "incredible"? Brezguete! Despise us! And I would have you download the film Вера Васильева and pinned to the wall! I would have made you work for us, a kind of honest bird, hard to get! I wonder what would be left of you stukachka which denunciations you would write ... ... How long will this mockery, not anymore! ..The one in the corner, got up and walked out. I was taken, trudge through the corridors. ... Who first download the film Вера Васильева and coined the prison, why, why? .. Strange face of Lieutenant Colonel in the corner, there's something else in his eyes, not like Sokolova ... Burn - Uncle ... my uncle ... Mom's brother ...Then for a long time he was download the film Вера Васильева and transferred to work from Saratov to Moscow, and the mother only thirty-seven dropped that her brother works in the bodies, so it is then not allowed to see Grandpa, even to me, a child, and at the same time is dropped, when she alone came to know him, they insulted our family and, of course, ruined and Babi and Dad ... Lifting, sat up in bed, and probably fell again, and perhaps the key to the guard knocked badge, and now shakes, plant, but again I valyus, mind drifts ... End. Interrogation. - What are you totters? Why do not you eat, this is stupid broken. Tell me, how did you publicly criticized the communists! Both husband Communists!And what is it you do not hit? What is you communists resemble Nazis? ... If it's written in my notebook - the end! .. He was carrying two pieces, held together in a corner. Denunciation ... ... do know that in public I could not say ... - It can not be. I could not say this. ...forward to speak, to see whether I am really - where, when, who informed ... - This is necessary so to throw mud Soviet songs - and vigorous, and strong, and that - again, "I do not remember." - Sokolov mimicked me. - What do we have so lost its your memory! - You ask about these episodes that are forgotten.- And now I have to remind you that you have a home in the living room at the piano, two talented authors with composer brought you to perform just written their songs, and you and the songs began excitedly razrugivat!

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Film Вера Васильева
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