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Where do you live? I'll put you on the tram! At the entrance, he turned me to him and, looking straight into his eyes and asked: - You're the only one tell me how you got into the "Metropol"? I am told. He threw me and ran back to the hotel. I quietly went home.With the Pope to talk about it in any case impossible - he burst into "Metropol" throw all this tripe on the street, this cockroach nest, these toads, these woodlice! .. But not all leaders are ?! Uncle Bukharin other ... He will avenge me ... He will kill this old man! .. How dare he !!! How could he !!! Or maybe I was someone specially sent to him ?.. Yes Yes! After a day .. And maybe he's not old man, and such as the Pope? .. I was almost run over, need to calm down ...When I get to the "Metropol" with the papers, I'm home I do not go on the tram and go walking past the "Grandhotel" on Herzen Street, our boulevard is just around the corner, and the street Herzen - my favorite, beautiful, old, past University , conservatory with Lyovushka ... We really like Uncle Kolya Bukharin.Also our friends in Saratov, we have another Smolensk, are friends of Aunt Varya and Uncle Kolya Levushkin parents. Aunt Varya, my dear, beloved aunt - father's sister, and Smolensk - the family Asteraceae. They had long since moved from Smolensk to Moscow, and they - the leaders, too, but not like in the "Metropolis". Uncle Bukharin in their house as a mother.For us Lyovushka holiday when we are invited to visit Astrov. Such other nice people in the world no longer. Three of them girls - our peers. Once Uncle Bukharin brought us all to tears. We played hide and seek.Aunt Alya Astrova this game can not play, it's so big that it nowhere Watch Online and hide, and Uncle Bukharin always played with us. He drove me, all found, and Uncle Kolya can not find. Well, no - that's all. We're looking for all along.Uncle Kolya could fit anywhere - it's small, fast, - Break all the cabinets, looking under tables, under the sofa. No! Aunt Alya iron clothes and choking with laughter ... He could not violate the oath and get to the stairs! .. Suddenly something on the ceiling snorted. Uncle Nick was lying on the closet and could not stand, snort ... We barely pulled it and laughed to tears ...And now Uncle Kolya avenges me that nasty old man. I am a night never passed "Grandhotel": ceremonial shines on the car pulls beautifully dressed men and women ... The doorman in gold braid ... Jadzia! My favorite friend Jadzia, betrayed me ... Merry, dressed with Esther. She looks me in the eye does not see me pass by.The film Vera Vasilyeva. I was six years old, she - seven when my mother took us to a music school for gifted children. I spotted it immediately and start as often as possible to pull the braid, which I was not, she did not complain, and it won my heart.It turned out that we live close to each other, learn in the same school, but it is a parallel class. They - Lithuanian Poles: Mother and four girls have grown older, Jadzia - the small, fair-haired, quiet. Dad died. Mom simple, very quiet, too, works as a seamstress, barely making ends meet.Jadzia was often at us, and then just to live, and only occasionally went home to dendva. All but Babi: the Pope and Mother and I - loved it, and Babi chemto she did not like, maybe because Babi intelligent, saw it all and saw the beginning of Jadzia me mudrovat and twist of my rope:just not for her, she started to go home, and I told her to concede.

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Film Вера Васильева
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