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The famous opera singer, People's Artist of the USSR Maria Maksakova remembered that Bob Tselikovskaya "sang in the choir with me and always pulling my pigtails."Perhaps the memory is the year preceding the First World War, because later sixteen Basil is download the film Вера Васильева and listed chanter in his new position, of course, have been prohibitive such antics. In 1915, he made his debut as a conductor in the Astrakhan Drama Theatre.Shortly after the birth of her daughter download the film Вера Васильева and created chorus and orchestra in the Caspian fleet, and in 1923 he went to study at the Moscow Conservatory. He finished it in 1930 and had already led the Symphony Orchestra of the Central House of the Red Army, where in 1934 he moved to the head of the Bolshoi Theatre musical part.Further his life is spent in isolation from the first family. It creates a band in the Kyrgyz Drama Theatre, enters into a second marriage with Nuriye Alexandrovna Markova. After the war, a third marriage he had a daughter, Nadia.Vasily works on All-Union Radio, and later, until his death, which occurred February 5, 1958, serves as the Chief of the Music Department of the Ministry of Culture CCC Vasily, although rarely in the last years of his life met with the first-born Lucy, continue to love a daughter, corresponded with her, and through itnonresident relatives passed her regards and their appreciation of viewing pictures with her participation. Lucy's mother, Catherine Lukinichna the same age as her husband, too, while studying at the Moscow Conservatory, graduated from the vocal studio of the Bolshoi Theatre, and sang the title role in the opera "The Snow Maiden."She had a beautiful soprano, but soon left the stage and changed the stage on the stove and turned into a wonderful homemaker. Until the day she lived next to her daughter, nursed his wonderful soup and pies numerous guests Lucy nursed her grandson and great-grandson of Alexander Caro."Increasingly, now I remember my mother - shortly before his death, download the film Вера Васильева and confessed Lyudmila. - It was a beautiful voice, but the circumstances were such that she had to leave the conservatory and become a housewife. My mother had a theory of education. Very simple. She believed that children should caress and cuddle.I have had my world, and it is an achievement mother I owe it to almost everyone. She and I used to go to the church of Christ the Savior. Walking, playing in the figures, the smells, the association. Mom says the numbers, and I said that she reminds me. Twenty-five - it was a big birthday cake, seven - the homeless. Why? I do not know - the homeless, and all.I lived as if "on the stool," which put the children when they came to read poetry. In the family there was a way of life. At Easter, went to church, post positions. " Catherine Lukinichna and young, and in the old days was different enviable hospitality and cheerful character.Incredibly loving his only daughter, proud of her, she never fell into a sanctimonious high-flown praise belonged to fame Lyusenki with irony and often fun to make fun of her admirers. Daughter took over this trait Mom and learned laugh at themselves and their popularity.Prewar GIRLS In 1925 Lucy and her mother moved from Astrakhan to his father in Moscow. They settled on one of the burgher's streets. Say, the move has been download the film Вера Васильева and associated with the disease, Lucy and the advice of doctors to change the climate, but it is unlikely Moscow communal wet climate was someone a favor.

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