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Some are in the powder magazine, which will be blown up.They understand all the defects, and these difficulties oblige them to fight. On the other hand - the socialist world. Here, people also get into trouble, because the world does not take all, and then start hesitation razdumyvaniya. Dress this world needs to be determined. How to do it?Very often, people think that this can be done only through the color, the color - basic. Artist comes and says, "Yes, by and large, color - a beautiful thing" - and he begins to flaunt stock color combinations, for which he is responsible and who is really pleasing to the eye and the psyche of the viewer. If a man came in a black dress, what it stands for?They say: "He dressed in mourning." And if people come in the winter in a summer dress with yellow flowers, all a bit download the film Вера Васильева and surprised: "Well, the - say - his misunderstanding." If in the winter at 20 В° below zero man came in a summer dress and in Panama, things become a little divorced hands, and it certainly left its mark on the characteristic."But, you know - say - then download the film Вера Васильева and washed case." Here, for example, Wolves, always acts in a suit athlete, and I'm sure he can not throw a single ball. And if need be, as a curiosity, to show that man, nothing to do with the sport does not have, is sporty suit, it is in terms of scenic produce a certain impression.On this you can build a whole movie that will make sense to discredit that person. For download the film Вера Васильева and Chaplin - a whole theme. Chaplin - and suddenly in a jogging suit, but that is completely discredited athlete ... II. Extract from the dispute June 17, 1931 ...Olesha when questioned about how to think through the problems slowly, which he puts in front of him, it is not attracted by the problem of growth. Some people think that serious problems can not only raise but also razre254 shat on the scenic platform very hastily - as it rightly makes the newspaper.But the fact that art is chemto different in nature than the newspaper. Serious issue should be put before the auditorium provided always that it is thought out and deepened in a very serious and not hasty, otherwise we can slip in the end, in the swamp, when art loses its charm as it is an art.Theatre ... always builds his case on the law for the theater staged. Nature of any theater - the nature of debate. Another appointment at the theater not like getting in the audience to create a discussion that would have led them to the audience, leaving the audience, do deep generalization. Film Вера Васильева. The press asked the question:who wonder what took Olesha kakieto and portrayed misery and suffering Elena Goncharova? Theatre should build their play so that in the audience have to create a discussion so that you can make generalizations. ... 255 LETTER Vishnevskaya July 1, 1931Kharkiv Hello, dear Vsevolod, do not get angry - do not answer to you for so long on your nice letter, even two letters, one passed me your stepmother, another - Sophia Kasyanovnoy. Of course, you can not imagine how I'm always happy to give your letters.Especially pleased me much news that you set to play for us. It is not good to rush an artist, but still consider: oh, you must have the play as soon as possible. That's who we promised to play: you Olesha Bezymensky, Sun Ivanov and Demian poor. However, no one has said a download the film Вера Васильева and certain period of change.It is important to have in the summertime play, because it gives the opportunity to thoroughly prepare the mount.

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