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I studied badly, but in an emergency situation when the exams took a ticket, it was necessary to collect the remains of knowledge, which sank in your stupid head, Vera Vasilyeva movie watch online in excellent quality and to mobilize and get out.I remember how I myself was surprised when I showed some political theorem. Oh my god, I just thought that I rediscovered it. This convinced me to kakoeto time that I do not quite idiot. In the meantime, life went on in the boys' concerns, I went to Sokolniki skate or tantsverandu, as I have already started to be interested in girls.Standing among this tolkovischa, but did not dance, it was not my genre, looked with disdain on those who dances, showing all his views, that I'm not interested. On the contrary wasteland where we often played football, was a student dormitory, and there was a pretty girl, which I really liked.Her name was Dean Vasilenok, and now she is a doctor fizikomatematicheskih Sciences. I played football is not the best, but when she appeared in the window, I became a true master. I have changed the figure, and I was hitting the ball with such force that it cracked boards on the fence.Not only that, I started to scream at his companions, which usually just do not dare to raise his voice, because they would have killed me, "Me! Here let the ball, I hit! "Then, when she disappeared in the window immediately disappeared and my strength, I became shy and awkward. When Dean appeared again, I again kakimto not his, and rough and hoarse voice shouted:"The ball, well, here I am!" - And even scoring goals. I remember "The Adventures of Felix Krull," Thomas Mann, where the author described his great hero who never knew how to play tennis, but if she looked at him, he loved playing as a world champion. Something similar happened to me.Oddly enough, a house located near the mental hospital, I relate amusing memories. It seems to me that in the late forties - early fifties was the craze chess.Then was the age of Mikhail Botvinnik, who became the first Soviet world champion, and all went to the boards, and indeed it was some piece curiosity for the game. A lot of people seemed to look at kakihto mediocre, the board showed the wonders of imagination and ingenuity. We have in the yard playing chess all.And I also had a board with chess, chess player but I could not get out for a very simple reason. In our entrance on the ground floor living Jura Kryukov, who once knocked my teeth, which was quite rightly, because I always called him "stykatsya", well and eventually ran.His roommate was a Kish absolute blatnyaga, with a sly smile, covered in tattoos and had served several years in prison. But I was never afraid, because, in spite of the terrible appearance, he was handsome, charming and nice guy. I went to Yuri Kryukov listen to the gramophone.His mother was very fond of pop music, and often bought kakieto very black plate, which for some reason, it seemed to me, smelled sunflower oil. We carefully placed them on red felt circle gramophone needle and gently changed, but often could not make out the words, spinning records many times and asked each other:"What he said here?" And the mother herself was like a pop artist who has worked at the bakery. Kryukov early bought an accordion, and he called me his Watch Online and see. The accordion was all pearly and Jura very cleverly put it on yourself as a jacket on the back side.

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