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I mean, she was able to sing so much.And the most amazing thing is that even then she had the voice, who then learned all the voice, which then cost millions. She sang so loudly that overlaps the street noise, honking cars. She said: - Look, Momona, I'll zapoyu on the seventh floor and the eighth to open the window, I heard even at the top. Even the Eiffel Tower.I looked, and, really, we flip a coin, it seemed, from the sky. Edith gathered in the street crowds. Once a police officer in plain clothes said to her: - Look, it's my site, and I have no right to allow you to stay here. Go to the opposite side and sing me "barge." This is my favorite song.No it does not sing like you ... We went to the other side, Edith sang for him, and he gave her five francs. In the evening, she showed the coin to our friends, "I gave it to Pharaoh ... Is not the glory?" We did not go from house to house. Thus we became engaged, much later, when the evenings in a cabaret.At the time, Edith in the morning feeling very tired, and the yard could sit on the garbage can. She even sometimes so sleep! In the courtyards of the public is difficult, because it does not come to listen to you, and you're forcing it, then there are people who like it, but there are others ... Some chased, have to beg, and not always it is peaceful.Edith had the patience, she sent them to hell. Raised a cry, download the film Вера Васильева and opened the window, but not to throw coins. As soon as it gets cold, the hostess sit in the warmth, not stick their nose into the street, they bought men.One, in which the heart zateplitsya feel something stir in his chest and his eyes download the film Вера Васильева and screwed tears when she hears the song of love, we have many who have heart petrified, covered with scabs, a love song can make them dream, she did not cause their memories. They all forgot! The street is another matter.It suits you and, if you like, remain. Edith held out his hand. It was my job. I looked people in the eye until they were taken the purse. Edith told me: - Look, no one is missing out. With tvoimito peepers! With men, it was easier, easier getting through more than women. They are hard to go past the two girls, giving them nothing.We did not have a kakogoto quarter. We have them part of me, download the film Вера Васильева and wanted to go to other places. The first thing that, coming to a new neighborhood, the police asked where the Commissioner to sing away from him. We did not have permission, and then what we did was called "begging the group."However, we have repeatedly been download the film Вера Васильева and detained, but never released. Watch the film Вера Васильева online. With us were even affectionate, because we were still very young, almost children, we were not taken seriously. Besides, we came up with different stories. It was said to be living with their parents, they are not rich and stingy, we sing just for fun, to buy a pair of shoes or go to the movies.That just do not talk! And we believed. The only thing that it was impossible to tell them that this is the truth. I was a minor, Edith, too. It was enough to be a "Good Pastor" or in another the same "kindergarten." Two girls hang out all day on the street, is it permissible? As if the matron in shelters - a reliable guardian.We were not dressed like beggars, but not far away from them. I was taking, which I avoided the crowd. We comb his hair the same way, with bangs - shorn of its own. Edith thought it would be better if we at first sight to be taken for sisters.- I mean, when I say cops, you're my sister, and we do not have the documents, we have to be similar to us, they believe.

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