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.4 The two previous reception are used together in this case. Group is moved from one zone to another, then one of the actors is sent to the third zone, while its companion is the second.557,556 one actor moves the other remains stationary in this case one of the actors is moving away from the area shared by the two actors in the area in the background. The main thing in this technique is that the actor is constantly moving, until it returns to the partner responsible for his words. Partner is also a free movement throughout the episode.The formula is simple: Plan Medium shot of two actors. Then the camera pans to the side of the actor in motion, which is moving away. Plan Internal kontrplan actor, who remains in the same place during the whole episode. Plan main panoramic plan where the actor in motion moves the set. He moves in stages with stops.In this overall plan included two small plan motionless actor. These two small general plan taken on the overall visual axis from the positions of the internal kontrplana. The episode ends with a plan showing how the actor in motion returns to its original position and is again close to the fixed actor. .5 illustrates the shooting of this episode using the described technique dialogue between the two actors. .5 Layout plan for the site. 3 this case, one actor moves from zone to zone, and the second continuously moving. .6 Simplest case, when one actor is moved from one area to another, and the second actor remains stationary throughout the whole episode.558559 plan US plan. A and B are talking. In turns and goes to the right. The camera pans it. At the stops, turns, turns to face the A, which is now out of the frame. Plan American Plan A, facing the camera. He answers. Approximate plan Plan B, facing the camera.He turns and goes into the background, in the position of the OT, the US stopped up, facing the camera. The camera pans to the left. He says. Plan American Plan actor He listens. Plan American Plan actor he once again moves to the left heading to the position B4 approximate plan. The camera pans to the left.He says. Approximate plan Plan A, facing the camera. He is listening. Approximate plan plan he moves to the right position B5 approximate plan. The camera pans to the right. He says. Approximate plan plan he responds.The plan US plan he sent to the left and comes to an actor camera pans through it, showing two actors American plan. They speak. The end of the episode. Optionally, both actors to remain standing for the whole episode. Fixed an actor can, for example, sit.Actor in Motion can revive their movement from one area to another kakimito minor details: light a match, light a cigarette, rearrange a vase of flowers, and so on. D. .6 Shows the composition of the frame for each of the four basic plans, combined with one another in the episode.If an episode is very long, the actor who moves can somewhere to sit down, then stand up, stand up kakoeto time, then keep going.The camera, in addition to the pan, can Vera Vasilyeva movie watch online in excellent quality and produce a movement forward, backward relative to the actor who moves from one zone to another.In the middle of particularly long episode we can combine the actors for some time, and then repeat the movement of the actor in the whole circuit again. Importantly - the fact that one of the actors is stationary, whereas the second moves from one zone to another.

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