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She came into his world. Val at the end of the film is the same as in the beginning. Lady character is changing. To highlight these changes, moving to the same lenses, we used to shoot Lady grid. Grid - this is literally exactly what its name implies:piece of mesh stretched over a metal frame and download the film Вера Васильева and fastened to the lens. It is used for light scattering and further easing of the object. It should be used with caution, especially when docking frames taken with its use, and the frames taken without a grid. There are different degrees of mesh density.By the end of the film finds Lady is expecting a baby. In a charming monologue she compares herself to a fig tree in the garden of her father, dead tree, but - restored to life. Boris used all: long-focus lens and a grid with three-stage light mist to highlight the heroine.Looking back, I realize that we went a little too far, but at the time, I thought we had achieved perfection. "The Hill", the operator Oswald Moe in "hill" we are talking about a British military prison in North Africa, the effect - the second world war.British soldiers exiled here for disciplinary and other faults. It's a cruel world, sadistic manners prevail here, and all kinds of penalties are meant to break the will of every accident, caught here.Achieving extreme contrast, we used Ilfordsky positive developer, rarely used by operators, because they find it too contrasting. Decided to shoot the entire film in three wide-angle: the first part of the film - 24 mm, the second - and third 21 - 18 mm. And filmed it all, including close-ups.Of course, the faces looked distorted. The nose is doubled, forehead swam back. In the end, even at a distance of only a foot away from the camera to the face of the actor in the background were clearly visible and the prison, and the whole desert. That's why I took advantage of these lenses. In any case, I did not want to miss the subtext of the narrative:none of the characters did not get out of detention and not to escape from ourselves. But back to the contrast. Nature we were shooting in the desert. The sun was merciless, the heat was such that by the end of the day everyone was completely dehydrated. A few days later I asked Sean Connery as his situation with urination. "Only in the morning" - he said.When switched to close-up and download the film Вера Васильева and started filming the actors' faces, not turned to the sun, Ossie download the film Вера Васильева and asked if I wanted to see the face of the performer. Look online. If I said I want the camera rolled closer to him. If I said "no", Ossie asked: "What about the eyes?"If you agree, he tore off a piece of cardboard or - when the camera is close enough to the person artist - took out a handkerchief and use them instead of a reflector, directing the hot light of a celestial object in the eyes of the actor. "Murder on the Orient Express", the operator download the film Вера Васильева and Gottfried Unsworth. Our goal was to share the natural beauty.To do this, there are two ways: long-focus lenses, softening the image, and backlighting. Backlight - the ancient method of ornamentation. The light is directed on the back of the shoulders and head actor. The light is much more powerful than the one that is directed at him.If you are wandering through the woods in the direction of the setting sun, or go south on Fifth Avenue, a bright sunny day, you could not help but notice how beautiful the leaves look or a street. Because it is backlit. The back light is so popular in the movie just because they always give noticeable results.Onat and made Garbo and Dietrich and all the other more beautiful than they were in reality.

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