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And then you will not be pedants and do not keep on the freezing point of such a large event, like Stanislavski.I purposely throw this idea in today's meeting, because we have this agreement. It seemed to me when I worked on "Rigoletto", although I have download the film Военная тайна 009 and changed a lot of staging, data Stanislavski - the spirit embedded in the piece, I kept it. I have not seen any objections from those artists with whom I worked.When I showed anything should Orfenovu, Bushuyeva Borisoglebskaya I have not encountered objections. And I understand that they feel comfortable in the saddle. I felt that they were not contradictory, but go easy on these corrections and proofreading. Because they realize that the grain is the same.Some impose me in this work the scene that do not belong to me, and I say, guilty, I in this scene did not do anything, it has remained intact. Of course I am pleased that my work is credited, I have not done that. But I'm here, do not apply hand. That is the extent to which there is a merger. What is the repertoire plan?So you heard it. Well, good. But that's what we forget - this should say at once. When you hear repertoire plan that you caught my eye? And that's what. Giving program for two to three years, I have no classical opera did not name. I did it on purpose. That's why.This theater is a sinner before the country that he has not made a major installation on Soviet opera. And that's why the 474 is a great sin:As so, we passed by, while the Maly Opera Theater in Leningrad seamlessly switched from the repertoire of modern and began working with new young inexperienced writers because they brought the Soviet theme. And look - in the short time that the theater was the laboratory of Soviet opera repertoire.Why should those who led the Stanislavsky Theater in 1937 - 1938 years, have not done the work that did Malegot your neighbor, you pave the road? Ahnite so, do this: Involve young energetic librettists. We download the film Военная тайна 009 and worked on it a little bit and have koechto received.Pavlenko download the film Военная тайна 009 and interested, Rod took up the libretto for an opera, and before the same was not interested. Previously, none of this has been done. So, there was a dead sleep. Theater workers that they did - I would ask the other living creature. How - what? They download the film Военная тайна 009 and protected the "system" of Stanislavsky. I myself have toured.I was the theater, and six months of the year we were touring. I'm not talking about the period of the decline of the theater. But at a time when it worked well, we engaged Wisniewski - showed "Last Decisive" - ​​Selvinokogo and others. So, I say, this work could be carried out and in the tour.Of course, this is more difficult, but that an important development. Trends were not. The desire at all costs to save the theater in a state of necrosis was still a fact: your theater person you are, perhaps, do not know. I came here and I thought, let a person feel out of the theater. They say that a person of the theater - a Russian repertoire.What is the Russian repertoire? I understand - it means, "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky, "The Tsar's Bride", then you can still be called "Snow White," "The Golden Cockerel." Take care that a Russian name for it is not hiding a Russian Orthodox material. This is when it comes to the libretto. For who can say against RimskogoKorsakova?And against the librettists, which attracts RimskiyKorsakov, can say a lot.

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