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So, after the general plan should be "taken away from the eyes of Pierre hands.""Dolokhov sitting in the same position, only his head was bent back so that curly hair download the film Военная тайна 009 and touched the collar of the neck of his shirt, and his hand with a bottle of rose higher and higher, shuddering and making an effort." "The bottle probably empty and so together rose, bending his head." "What's taking so long? - Thought Pierre. ""Suddenly Dolokhov made a backward movement with his back, and his hand trembled nervously, this tremor was enough to move the whole body, sitting on the sloping slope." "He moved the whole, and even more rattled, making the effort arm and his head." Then comes a sharp escalation:"One hand came up to grab the sill, but fell again." At this point, the culmination of the event once download the film Военная тайна 009 and again Tolstoy throws Dolokhov and installation by going to Pierre: "Pierre closed his eyes again and said to myself, never to open them. Suddenly, he felt that everything began to move. " "He looked ...""Dolokhov was standing on the windowsill, his face was pale and fun. - Let me go! "I believe that this entire paragraph from the 9 frames of a mounting phrase, but here a director may decide otherwise. The same 9 frames can be divided into two or three parts of the phrase. It is a matter of rhythmic organization of the material and the composition of plans.Who will answer me that remarkable for us filmmakers, in this passage, that you noticed? From the place. Reflex action plus a parallel installation. R o m m What is interesting in the assembly? From the place. At the time, as Dolokhov drinking rum on the window, shows a number of plans are present, and you can see how they react friends, sensible man, a footman. Romm.Why put a reasonable person? From the place. In order to make it clear how dangerous this venture. Romm. Moment when Dolokhov finishes rum, slipped down involuntarily on the edge of the slope when he votvot fall, as we have seen, generally overlooked in this description. But the climax of the prepared twicefirst that shows a man who climbed to the window and looked down, then, after a very thorough description of how to sit Dolokhov, as he gets much care and precision download the film Военная тайна 009 and invested in the process itself - as he put the bottle down, sitting down, as Rusper both hands as released one hand, as corrected, examples, as raisedbottle - then do not have time to finish his preparations Dolokhov, as one of his discreet intervention again reminds the viewer about the dangers of having started the case. Anatole brought candles have highlighted the danger. This illuminated at room polusumrachnoy figure would seem to nail the whole attention of the writer.But no, he throws it instantly as soon as Dolohov starts drinking, and goes to those who look at it. Tolstoy returned to Dolokhov as he download the film Военная тайна 009 and trembled and crawled down. It would seem tempting to show how Dolokhov creeping down as he can get better.But Tolstoy goes back to Pierre and returned to Dolokhov only when the bottle is drunk. This is a very powerful method to apply for the event in all its human significance. This technique is directly related to our art.The passage is mainly played on a rather large belt plans of people who watch the event - the game more than it Dolokhov, who provides a high level of preparation in the first, the second time - in the middle of the action for the third time - when all is It's over.

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