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It's a simple formula:it serves to primarily provide actors the audience to follow along with a moving camera, and when they reach the place where they were going to show them there. In this case trevelling used only for the most important part of the episode.During the pan at the end of the plan can be seen in the background actors D and in this case, the plan is to give two main actors closer to those that are visible in the background, and then crop the entire group of actors when they meet.Figure 30 The same principle as in the previous example, but in the end there are the actors face to face. 456 457 .32 panning at the beginning, then the camera moves while continuing pan, takes a group of people going to the two men who wait for them.BUILDING A STRAIGHT LINE When the actors move in a straight line, the camera can move faster or slower than them. If the camera moves faster, the actors can be shown one after the other and quickly.But if the camera, maintaining a constant speed, moving slower, the actors have to go one by one, first by reducing the speed of its movement to the 458 speed camera and then increasing the speed at the exit of the frame: the actor comes out of the frame, another rises in its place.This cycle is the same number of people as they pass along the same line. Another option is to shoot to show one man out of the line of motion, camera, moving faster, so that it gradually overtook all the other actors.He can move the camera and the straight lines of the other actors are, or for that line. In the first case, it is in the foreground, in the second - in the background.Another situation - a chain of people moving in the opposite direction of the camera and the main actor in such a way that the latter remains in the center of the image, either in the foreground or in the background, while the chain is moving in the opposite direction. Such a construction is seen very rapidly on the screen.MAUV/U8 To this shooting was better, the camera, as in previous cases, is facing three-quarters to a chain of people and never be parallel to the actors. .33 If the camera is download the film Военная тайна 009 and turned to the group at an angle 3/4, then the action is download the film Военная тайна 009 and removed is much better than when the camera moves parallel to the angle of 90 В°.459 SPEED TREVELLINGA Speed ​​cameras are almost always dictated by the speed of the object that it removes. If the camera is sent to a static actor or group, or download the film Военная тайна 009 and separated, the rate at which it does so, depends on the scene.Classical transition from plan a full frame to the approximate plan actor can be used to highlight the actor's face, or the movement of his body at the end trevellinga. Watch the film Военная тайна 009 in excellent quality online. Rapid movement in the beginning can be used to transfer information from the background of the approximate plan affect the reaction of the character.The slow movement of the camera emphasizes intimacy, in slow motion, the state of the actor. Slow and regular movement towards the speaker or the silent actor, allow the viewer to better understand his condition, or the meaning of his words. His problems become ours, sympathy or antipathy to him becomes clearer.Slow trevelling back can accentuate the feeling of loneliness, sadness, depression. It isolates the stationary actor from the audience. When using repetitive movements on various points or giving different plots, the rate should be consistent trevellinga.Even when using repetitive movements forward, towards the different subjects, the speed should be the same.

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Film Военная тайна 009
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