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Then I began to grow up and ... and my mother - a German - was a violinist in the quartet and train hard my violin technique. I was ten years ... a bit more than you ...and I began to make progress, seeing at the same time as it irritates her father. I already paganinievsky Caprice rosin and Therapon flooded with grief in their bowls brandy. First they omachival fingers, then all his goose neck. Emerged the wild envy in his eyes, and one day, when I trill, he perpetrate revenge:drunk, ran one of the bowls in my direction. With all the power that it has accumulated. The lower part of the cheek was covered with blood, and the instrument became worthless. He ran around the room with a roar: "We'll see which of us is talented!" Then went to the binge.Mother put him on the street, and later he sold his time some piece harmonica for a song - it was, after all homebrew, and many bowls have lacked. Then he died of fever. " Shocked by the story of Leo Ferapontovicha, I decided to become a musician. I studied diligently. At the first lesson, he showed me a curl, chin, mustache and all that is necessary.But by the third week of classes opened before me notes of Mozart - it was the Fifth Violin Concerto in A major. For his age, I realized pretty quickly, "But I still have to learn to read music ... What about me? .. "-" It's very simple! "And he laid out the essence of his method. - No scales, no acrobatics! Music will be high!One must understand at what height will jump. How long will be in place to mark time, but the pleasure of the contact ... will tremble, cry with frustration. What about those nasty exercise? .. Just beat off hunting ... - He took the download the film Военная тайна 009 and violin and reverently led the first topic. - Prior to this - the orchestral introduction. It shows:is everyday life, turntable works ... You're still in zhivotemateri. You - the fetus, umbilical cord is formed only, fingers on the arms are tiny ... Angel flies, silent angel - like Chekhov. Asks ear: - You really want to be born? - And how can I change my mind, anything should be changed? - Still can not ... - But I want to light!It's so uncomfortable ... in such a gnarled posture. Besides, I hear beautiful, enchanting sounds ... - But these sounds in Vienna ... they are far away ... - Explains Angel. - You will be born, most likely, in a cold country, the poor parents. - But could not there ... in Vienna? - We have not made a final decision, but I think it will happen gdenibud near Yaroslavl ...In the reprise of the first tutti missing, you can hear the mysterious transition? .. All this Ferapontovich Leo told me, without interrupting the game. But I did not hear him, and lamented the fact that he was born on the Volga, and not on the Danube. "Do not torture yourself with this - he consoled. - In music, everything is explained. Do you hear the push at the end of the first part?- It is connected to your impulse ring, in other words ready mind, and you move to a new state. Testicles descend into the scrotal sac .. "This topic interested me, but Leo Ferapontovich asked not to break away from the music and went on to examine the second part.He built it as a monologue angel guides to good life, preparing for tests. That's one of the commandments: 'Do not think you're a loser! You're not an animal ... Think of me - and failures elude you!"Leo Ferapontovich repeated cadence of the second part and especially download the film Военная тайна 009 and stressed the place where the violin suddenly makes a small click" This angel lightly strikes the nose to you sparks rained and you had forgotten.

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Film Военная тайна 009
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