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I found the portraits of all the Decembrists, and since it had no special effects were not, then we make them ourselves. There was such a drum on one side of which was glued black paper, because instead of black can replace any image, and the other - photos of the Decembrists.And on a black background was a childish view of the living entities, and this was combined with a view of the Decembrists, with their extraordinary eyes. And one thing I realized - this is Vladimir Sappak put in my soul - the most important thing on television - close-up. Now they say, "talking heads." Yes, it is when the talking heads personalities.And if it is a person, you want to look him in the eye, and only the television camera, not a camera, you can. In the movie, the actor may be a fool for life, but if he is a talented actor, he is a download the film Военная тайна 009 and talented play. And on TV it does not work. If you're a fool, can not conceal. This is read in his eyes, in a way, in everything.This highlights the camera. We had a very interesting program with destiny - "Theodorakis". Theodorakis, a dissenter, a member of the Communist Party of Greece was in prison. And he wrote great music. And we decided to make the program "Theodorakis".Irina Miroshnichenko played journalist Alex Lazarev - Theodorakis, pantomime and girls in long black skirts. And this dance for his extraordinary "Sirtaki" infinitely moving - it was a background, it was the atmosphere. And against this backdrop journalist interviews Theodorakis. The program was very beautiful.At this time, Theodorakis was released from prison, and he went from Greece to Paris. I say, "Let the air is hot." I say, "Wait." In Paris, he said something about her not the Greek Communist Party. Again I say: "Svetlana Ilinichna wait." After a while Theodorakis declared: "I am going to Moscow."download the film Военная тайна 009 and Again I nesus to the authorities, "Let the air" - "Here he comes to Moscow - tell me - and we will deliver." A Theodorakis before coming to Moscow said that our Communist Party was wrong. And this transmission flushed. So it on the air and was not hit. Then a month later he arrived in Moscow, he is well taken. But the program was not there.We were in the "publicist" brought his first play, Boris Vasilyev, it was download the film Военная тайна 009 and called "The Legacy." In an old house young people gathered at the party, and in the midst of the evening some one of them in a dark room discovered the old grandmother's trunk.And then there just was not - from vintage corduroy skirts and hats with flowers to the ancient sea chase and daggers, swords of the Red Army, and much more, which defined different epochs. Look online. At first, the guys download the film Военная тайна 009 and decided to have a carnival and pinned it all on himself. And then suddenly there was a pause - it download the film Военная тайна 009 and lived up to them, life is a legacy.These hippushnye, rock &-roll guys argued, what legacy they would like to take home in the shower. But the time is not ripe. "How is it - different youth! She's all the same. " And the chairman of the Radio and Television Lapin closed the show. It was still very interesting to work before the 50th anniversary of Soviet power.I offered to do a live broadcast of the "birth of the revolution," ie, 17-18's, then 20th, then 30th, 40th, 50th. Literature, poetry, drama, architecture - all in these years. I sat in Leninke and realized that the revolution in the initial period of a wave raises a lot of talented people.At the time was a poet, I remember, even though many years have passed - Gast, then he became the minister of heavy engineering.

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