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Stood undecided for a minute and download the film Военная тайна 009 and pushed myself not for fun, not for a laugh! She went into the garden and stood by the open window.Was to catch up to her trifling matter. Grabbed the window sill and almost climbed on him. Stretched out his hand with a flashlight. Light slid along the wall, moved to the left: I will lay on the bed in his sleep Vaska. Sheet, which he was hiding, was on the floor, a pillow slipped away, and he was almost asleep across the bed.Oksana took a flashlight to the right spot and danced on the other bed: neatly stacked cover, whipped another pillow in the morning. Oksana download the film Военная тайна 009 and gasped and fell down. So she knew, so she felt! She rushed headlong to the veranda and tapped on the door, where he slept Romkiny parents.Romka woke up from the cold, I get up and for some reason I could not. At first, he did not understand why, tried to free his stiff hands and all of a sudden remembered. Remembered and looked around. He was lying in a large room with bare openings of windows and doors, with another unfinished floor and no ceiling at all.Right above it could be seen through the rafter beams sky - light, just a whitish. Drawn to an invisible horizon light cirrus clouds glowed purple. "So - he thought - the sun had not yet risen, then, about five. Well, it's time to act." First, he decided to sit down. He tried, but download the film Военная тайна 009 and failed, would collapse like a sack back.Then he decided to lean on the wall. But for this you have to crawl to the wall. And the closest brick from him - a half meter. Half a meter! It is just two steps, it is one leap, if you are alive and well, if not bound hand and foot! And if you bound?And then there's sex is not sex, all in pieces limestone, bricks, boards and other debris. Romka then decided to roll: from his back to his chest, with his chest on his back and so on ... download the film Военная тайна 009 and Tried. Slightly hurt - cut hand and stabs his feet, but it is certainly possible to move. He rolled over and stood by the wall.A little breath and began to arrange to sit down. Is also not an easy job, but it is certainly possible. He tore his shirt, scratched his hands and repeatedly hit his neck hurt, but it is certainly sat up, leaning against the wall. This is already a victory - hence, in this state, you can resist, you can fight, you can act.Now you have to think of the second stage - to be free of the ropes. He glanced down - the rope was in front of him, right next to, thin, twisted, linen ... What is the rope? Lace shnurochek ... Just how to get rid of it? He remembered somewhere seen, and maybe read that you can where his hands behind his back, a rope to rub.But to do this we must first get rid of the rope that pulls it all, he was wrapped and twisted. "Well, - he concluded - remain teeth." He leaned forward, trying to grab the rope with his teeth on his chest. It was very uncomfortable, and, of course, it hurts. Taut neck, prevented the chin, and the rope was so close.After a minute desperate attempt threw back his head, caught his breath, breath and reached out again to the rope with his teeth. This, of course, it was almost a lost cause. But if you know that there is no other way, that choice is not given, then it may seem hopeless cause output. Koekak he reached out, grabbed the cord with his teeth.I really wanted to straighten up - it seemed that the spine votvot crack, but straighten up - then release the string.

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Film Военная тайна 009
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