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On one of the lower tiers and the boy was Volik. He showed no signs of life and was no different from the other dead. Opened the heavy door morgue, and suddenly a bright light came on.In the morgue, Dr. Abel entered, followed by four other young men in white coats and white caps. - Please, gentlemen interns - loudly spoke popolski Dr. Abel. He was also in a white robe and a white cap, tall, with thick black hair and a black mustache. - Please see the place called "the morgue refrigerator."Here takes on the bodies of those whose souls have download the film Военная тайна 009 and departed, I hope, in the kingdom of heaven. It is your task is to choose a corpse that you like it, inspect it and make a conclusion about the cause of death of this unfortunate. I'll give you five minutes.- Dr. Abel moved the robe, took out of his waistcoat pocket chasylukovitsu gold, download the film Военная тайна 009 and looked at them and slammed the lid hours. Trainees were scattered along the shelves, with fastidious curiosity examining corpses lifted the arms and legs and looked into the face, turned over the dead body from back to stomach. - Pan doctor, it's alive!- download the film Военная тайна 009 and Cried fearfully low fat man, recoiling from the bare Velika. With fright on his face made perspiration. - I know, it happens, and the dead will rise, and the crosses are beginning to walk, and even a witch in a mortar with a broom and flies - mockingly said Dr. Abel. - Honest, Mr. Doctor, it's alive! Moved his hand again - download the film Военная тайна 009 and again jitters download the film Военная тайна 009 and exclaimed Zhitovitsky fat. Dr. Abel, and behind him the rest of the trainees went to Zhitovitskomu. Approaching, Dr. Abel stared at a download the film Военная тайна 009 and naked skinny boy. The boy looked at him with wide eyes. - Good morning! Dear sir from the dead? - Dr. Abel bowed.- You came back to report to us that everything is well and you are well organized? - Pia-it ... - barely audible voice rasped Volik. - Piit, please ... - Bring water living creature - the doctor turned to the students. - Look, how do you stay here for three days and three nights? You do not freeze? - The doctor took the boy's hand and patted his chest and abdomen.- I do not remember ... I was sleeping ... - Volik said. - Did you sleep as much as three days. - I do not know ... - And you wake up, remember? - I heard voices, and then before I touched. - And those three days you will not touched? - I do not remember ... I do not know ... fat Zhitovitsky brought a glass of water, gave Dr. Abel. - You can sit down? - Asked the doctor.Volik sat on a shelf, legs dangling and bashfully covering her hands causal place. - We can not be shy. - Doctor smiled, handing him a glass of water. - We will not frighten you - are all men. And scare you while especially nothing. - The doctor smiled. - And all the dead are not supposed to be shy.Trainees, intensely gazing at the strange boy, download the film Военная тайна 009 and smiled and looked at each other. - I'm not dead, I'm alive ... - Drink, drink ... - Dr. Abel turned back to trainees: - Zhitovitsky, darling, go for the senior duty officer at the morgue. And clothes kakuyunibud there tack. Coat at least. - And often these things happen to you?- Popolski asked Dr. Abel, staring at Volik. He sat across the table, drinking tea and eating voraciously sandwiches with sausage and cheese, lying heaped on a plate. - Sometimes ... - Volik also posted in Polish, but sometimes admixed Russian words.

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