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Of the German star shells get great fireworks.At the base it was necessary to drill a hole, put in the fuse, set it on fire and quickly hit the road. Once I get by just lit the fuse in the middle of an empty street, as nowhere on a bike rode Russian soldiers and said shell.He paused, trying to figure out which side it is better to go round, but in the end the curse fell when the shell exploded. I took to their heels. Soon, however, I was caught and taken to the police station. When download the film Военная тайна 009 and searched in my pocket showed the fuse from a grenade. I am a great situation is.I called the police fictitious names and addresses, trembling, as if they do not try to take me there to check. But they did not bother. Let me go. I was not the only young fan of fireworks in the city. A vacant lot on the outskirts of the guys burned a fuse attached to a few boxes of cordite, and ran for cover.However, it was not far enough. In the explosion, which could be heard for miles, crater several feet deep, and all of them died. We set out to examine the scene. The man was carrying something in a wheelbarrow. From above it was covered with an old bag. "If you want to look at my son?- Dispassionately he asked, lifting the edge of the bag. - The legs are missing, - he added. - If you find it, let me know. " Then, exploring the area, we came across a part of children's feet, download the film Военная тайна 009 and smeared with mud. Fervor I then diminished, but I still determined to try a German grenade, pulled the pin and threw it over the wall.Minutes passed, and nothing happened. "Probably a misfire" - I thought. I still hesitated and went to check why the grenade did not explode. At that moment there was an explosion. This finally cured me. Mietek in my raids did not participate. By the path decided that I was a bad influence on him. Accomplice of my crimes was Krupa.Mostly all my findings were somehow related to fireworks, but I still found a few German stamps. I do them no good was not, but the leaders of the Polish black market, they are very interested, and they paid for them to surprise many. My puzzled about why they need it, not for long.After liberation, no currency was legalized, and then just download the film Военная тайна 009 and issued the first banknotes: one relies on PLN 500 on presentation of German identity kennkarte. download the film Военная тайна 009 and Instead of a receipt for the card with scissors cut the Eagle "Third Reich."My print must be allowed to forge the black market than one license. Look online. Revenue from the deal by the path I gave Mrs. that she bought food. When we last ate rabbits, which previously grew, we had to have been laid by for them download the film Военная тайна 009 and bread crumbs. With the clothing situation was almost as bad as the food.I then outfit was comfortable but eccentric. I found the coveralls. Pants were too long, so I bent them so that you receive the socks, and the ends still sticking out of my huge shoes. Although foot in the shoe was not too comfortable, I was proud of his "military" look. Germans left me koechto for memory.Somehow the evening - probably after twelve - I got up to the toilet. When I turned on the light in the bathroom, I heard the roar of an airplane. Blackout rule was still in force. I thought that it would be necessary to lower the shutters, but the window looked out on a narrow courtyard, and go to him at that moment I could not.Just when I was going back to bed, I was thrown directly on the glass bathroom door. I landed in the hallway. The air was dust. I did not see it - the apartment was dark as the grave - but I felt the nose.

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Film Военная тайна 009
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