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The active image on the screen draws our attention more than, for example, wallpaper, furniture, surrounding objects and people.In this two-dimensional integrated composition comprising shkalyindikatory depth is perceived when viewing as perceived three-dimensional space to the outside world.Abstract At the heart of the most famous psychological theories of perception on the concept of perceptual processes as active search forms and structures required for pattern recognition. Recognition is usually based on the definitions and notation of the object or process.Perceptual study includes an assessment of abstract image elements, such as shape, color, brightness parts, contrast, texture, movement of objects and their spatial arrangement. Recognition is based on the formation of the structural image and grouping by similarity of form and so. N.Plays an important role in the study and knowledge of the world. The image can be identified and the shape of virtually any complicated and confusing image regardless of whether it presents the familiar objects. Under this approach, we can define an abstract painting as a direction in art, based on Ward.The composition frame in the film and television combination of form and color is due to the object. In the abstraction represented by a form that is not related to a specific manner. Often abstract works created by full or partial erasure of boundaries between figure and ground. Extreme simplification image may also be the basis of abstraction.If you shoot pour sand on the seashore, we will see changes in the forms, textures and contrasts, but thanks to the breadth of the image and its continuation beyond the borders of the frame image is perceived to be one and constant.Full or partial waiver of markers - indicators of deep space often leads to an increase in the number of abstract elements. In the frame containing no prospects, volumetric visual elements are converted into two-dimensional structures. Often, a similar effect is observed when shooting reflected objects or highly textured.At telephoto cinema operator seeks the most plausible reflect surrounding reality, but we should not forget that in any case the image is then download movie 009 Military Secret and displayed on a flat screen.The latter circumstance often leads to the fact that even the most ordinary objects appear before the audience in the form of abstraction. Shooting a long lens with a relatively narrow angle of view allow Watch Online and to emphasize the shape and form of the object. Reducing the number of indicators of depth, proximity to the characteristics of figure and ground, simplification and the constant repetition of the same elements - all of which lead to the construction of abstract images.These elementary images is nothing else than a simple visual elements, the allocation of which is the basis of perception. Understanding the meaning of the image viewer sees a release reality only in a certain perspective. His choice is limited to the choice of the operator.Of an infinite number of frames that can be taken on a particular event, only a few hundred are the really worthy of display.

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Film Военная тайна 009
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Cinema-garbage a box

exit Date on screens 00.00.0000
Quality of video DVDRip
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