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And demands Genevieve documents.In the West, in the hotels of the cubbyhole one suddenly comes up and asks passports. Genevieve shook with fear as a tropical fever. She thought at first. What is bandits. Our trio carefully examined the documents Genevieve, and my passport was not even asked. While we were talking with her only poangliyski.I guess I have the excitement on his forehead stood out stigma В«Made in USSRВ». But this was only a prelude. I was not allowed to live in a hotel with his wife, and she - at my house! Composers' Union allowed us to live together in Ivanovo, although the party committee SC frowned. But that was later.In the first visit Genevieve lived a week, to suffer, and went to France. I had download the film воин во времени and applied to the Central Visa Office, where I was a good friend. I said I wanted to go to his wife in France for three months. It takes two to three months, reviewed my documents. And my friends say: Do you mind! Why? Consider: not appropriate.Now, only one year can apply. Year to wait! Two hundred years have to wait to get to his wife! Well, apparently, will have long to live. That's a long time and I live ... I ask: What do I do? He replied: If you still write "three months", you will be denied again. You'll wait for another year. So will wait for five years, then, perhaps, be allowed.Write better - "a permanent place of residence." Released! .. But I do not want a permanent! .. You lose nothing. You are a daughter, her apartment. Will you write a letter, then it will register you in its area. If there were no daughter back you would not have accepted. And at any time you can come back. This is - in theory.I'll tell you that almost did not let me back half of the year! But then I had no choice but to agree to the download the film воин во времени and proposed version. But it took two years! In 1980, I download the film воин во времени and applied, and only in 1982 I may download the film воин во времени and Jacked. WHILE SHAKESPEARE rest ... I have gathered koekakie things music.Piano, books, paintings, of course, to take a not allowed. I could, all packed into the car. I generously discharged document stating that my "Lada" fifth model can not return home. I went through Leningrad - in Helsinki, where I lived a familiar producer Jussi Kohonen. We worked with him in the picture sovetskofinskoy Gaidai "for matches."He told me that he had in Helsinki is a director who would like to work with me. And at that moment he download the film воин во времени and needed tango music. Watch the film воин во времени online. And for that I wrote five different tango. Jussi listened and said, That's it! 'll Come - you will be working. And I went.The customs office I met an intelligent-looking ofitserpogranichnik and reported that the car I should certainly return the homeland, I generously poivshey birch sokom.U Well I apply for permanent residence - weakly resisted me - and the car is not stolen! .. Guardian theater spread his arms and making a curtsey, saying that would be happy to, but I can not.Had solemnly promised that necessarily true iron horse into the original stall. I arrived in Helsinki with great expectations, burzhuaznodemokraticheskim air breathed, lived with his friend a few days. And it turned out that, unfortunately, promised the film will not: finance sing songs. No money - no film.Money in the morning - in the evening movie. But a good friend of Jussi has promised to help me. He has a friend, filmmaker Vojtech Bright, who in turn - one of the famous Milos Forman, both of Czechoslovakia. Clear now in Germany the film "Suicide" by Erdmann.

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