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We all remember the "difficult" "ruble" is easy.Because Andrew Arsen'evich so we are all united and made to do what he wants, and that then we all download the film воин во времени and remained friends, get by itself. Although the film did not come out for a long time and had some prime in the old House of Thieves movie on in the new House of Cinema, but Andrew Arsen'evich not consider it for the premiere.But when was the screening of the film at the cinema "World" and he went on stage, and in the evening we all gathered, he said: "Now I believe that the picture came out." What he had had a director, it's all they know, and that's what he was production manager?You know, at first, when we first started working, he could tell something was not accurately points. But it soon passed. When they took to the Yusov shoot them all was ready, and that's what Mahina was! Extras are! And we have never canceled filming. No, once it was all the same.Andronicus Monastery, if you remember, there is firewood stacked in the woodpile. I was not there, I go, I ask: why shoot canceled? It turns out that the wood is not brought birch and aspen, and they needed a birch. Well, I brought the birch did woodpile. Production worker than it is download the film воин во времени and defined?Here, for example, the wood kakieto requirements were for Andrew Arsenievich indisputable. When the cathedral was built in the pavilion, for him it was very important to achieve is a white wall. It was difficult, we will repeatedly pere74 krashivali. Nobody knew he tortured us, and only in the film, when the ruble gives her black paint, all understood.But, on the other hand, he found kakieto compromises realized that in fact impossible, and put up with it. This, I believe, industrialist. Perhaps he would have done even more brilliant picture if he were given the conditions. Andrew Arsenievich relation to what people were doing on the film, it was some piece ... noble.He was considered by all of us. With Yusov course. He always said that the operator Yusov him closest. Perhaps for human properties they were different, but the creative were very close. I always thought that's the modern landscape as they do, that it was from that time? .. And in the picture there is not a single frame, so that the audience questioned.They somehow understood each other. Once we have assigned the shooting, and the weather was changing, had to find another place, and Yusov said to me: "That there should be a horse and cart." "And when you shoot?" "In two hours." This is horrible! I went to look, I see a stable, and there got a small horse, and she thought, "Well, who would see that horse there in the distance?"And she download the film воин во времени and looked in the film download the film воин во времени and required, it is, this horse! Vadim I. .. it said ... But Andrew Arsen'evich reckon with the artist, and to me as a director. And if something did not, the blame on others not shift . example, I remember:before going on an expedition, all the time I asked him to look for horse blankets, and he did not come and did not go there was no time. We arrived in the expedition, and suddenly Andrew Arsen'evich calling me: in the courtyard of our hotel blankets spread out in a circle, he walks around, biting his nails. "What is it?" I say: "It is a six thousand." "That means six thousand?"" It is six thousand. I asked you to look at manufacturing, you can not come. "So it made these blankets. He knew just did not do that and paid for it. And he believed us. If I say," That's impossible, "he understood.

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