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227 Projected "shining wheel of life." How did the films satisfy the longing of the isolated individual? His exposure to impressions realnozhiznennyh transient phenomena, changing on the screen, it's like a flaneur of the nineteenth century.Judging by the testimony of the survey, it makes the strongest impression is the flow of real images. Along with the side for their fragmentary incidents such reality as taxis, buildings, passersby, inanimate objects, individuals, apparently excite his senses and provide food for his dreams.Premises bars fraught with the unknown adventure; casual gatherings promise new contacts with people; sudden change places fraught with unforeseen opportunities.Intrinsic films prefer reality cameras allows the viewer to fill his lonely soul huddled constrained environment in which the naked scheme of things get any download movie warrior in time and displace the things themselves, fill it with pictures real life - a sparkling, multi-valued, boundless.Obviously, poorly linked to each other on-screen image, which he, of course, free to combine differently, bring deep satisfaction dreamer, because they offer him an escape from reality in the illusory world of concrete things, stunning sensations and unusual features.Everything said so far proves that pleasure delivered viewer movies, do not go and do not necessarily come from their plot.In the words of Georges Schaper, "except sometimes in the middle of the film, when we clear the whole story, and we know in advance where to stretch his meager thread, we suddenly arises this feeling that has become the main screen image, and she" story "has acquired secondary importance ?"The state of isolation amateur movie releases not so much a spectacle cheyto personal destiny, capable rather again plunge it into despair of loneliness as the kind of person among their own kind, the kind of people to communicate with each other. This audience attracted by the possibility of the drama more than the content. The Almighty, like a child.Taking advantage of these opportunities, the viewer satisfies another wish. As already mentioned, Hofmannsthal believes that dormant in ki228 nozrntelya raised dreams of his childhood stored in the recesses of the subconscious."As long as he draws from his eyes glowing screen tysyachegrannuyu picture of life all its own innermost being to shake up the deepest roots" 29 Hofmannsthal writes. If we assume that he is right, moviegoer again becomes a child - in the sense that it rules the world the magic of dreams, develops a genuine reality. This is confirmed by some of the statements of German moviegoers interviewed Wilhelm. "I can be everywhere, all you have to stand like a god-screen world" - says studentpsiholog.And in the words of one teacher, "you're kind of all-seeing gosioda God, and you have the feeling that nothing escapes from you, do you understand everything before the end of" The pleasure that gives them both an imaginary omnipotence is perhaps symptomatic of today's state of affairs in our society.It features not only the weakening of religious or other restrictive regulations and loss of concrete thinking, that is, two factors that help to understand the causes of such a lust for life - but also, and the third, consisting in the fact that the individual is becoming more and more difficult to understand the forces in operation, mechanisms and processes,shaping the modern world, including his personal destiny.

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