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Then I said: - Well, let's just say - Yura! Again he was silent. We are leaving with him backstage. And I had already prepared the bloody shirt, and I drew on the body bloody streaks. In a moment, I flew out behind the scenes, as if tortured cat.Took the floor and read out a message of greeting him. The success was overwhelming. Even Pencil said: - After Durov I will not go on stage. Although he was greeting with a live crocodile. I apologize to the huntsman, I cut him off. "Now, - continued the huntsman - when we sewed up the cat in rabbit skin, it seems as if paralyzed.He evidently could not understand what to do. The result was a sort of kotozayats. He did not run, did not jump, and could only crawl. So, after this procedure, I'm going to the hunting lodge ... Knocking. I go. Nikita saw me and frowned. - What is it? - Asked. - Rabbits - say - appeared. - Well! And you said that no birds! Ulbricht, go!They grab a gun and jump on the porch. And they see the monster crawls - kotozayats! They raise their trunks and - bang! boom! And suddenly the rabbit, "Mya and in" - and a pine tree. Ulbricht from the scene fainted. Nikita yells: - For the second time Germany won! Inundated German! Here called "ambulance", Ulbricht was taken, and Nikita for three days drinking in the house.And every morning, went to look at the cat, who was sitting on a branch, and was afraid to come down. - All you sit? - Asked him Nikita and warned armed: - You to me this hare not touch. Do not shoot him. He told me the second time Germany won! On the third day of the "hare" was gone, apparently, still download the film воин во времени and slipped from hunger.Nikita, leaving, kept asking and punished: - You remember him? Look, do not shoot. And then on the orders of Nikita, I was given the award. True, I do not know why. Still later, Nikita told how he was in the hospital and he said Ulbricht: - Nikita, what fool Hitler was that he went to the Power, where hares by pines climb.We shot the bear cyclist house Ostashkov. And in the places visited by foreigners every year - Bear Hunter. They paid for the license which is a large amount. If piled bear, you have had to pay if I'm not mistaken, that is about ten thousand marks. Most of the Germans came from West Germany.Here's how it came to a German, settled in a hotel Ostashkov, waiting for him to find a bear in a den. He lives, and the bear still can not find. No bear! A license term ends, and ten thousand marks are covered with a copper download the film воин во времени and basin. What to do? Then someone download the film воин во времени and rememberedin a neighboring town has a circus, and they have a bear that has download the film воин во времени and discovered a cataract, and so it can not work, and he decided to put down. And smart guys doth he die anyway, let's go take it to the case. We're here, look. Bear really sad sitting in a cage. Well, they paid for it with vodka and brought to him.Immediately reported to the Germans that finally bear Lures for oats and tomorrow to go hunting. German dark lay down on the oats with his gun and waits. Hunter shot the bear with a muzzle and released. Well, Bear, probably thought that the play begins and walked on its hind legs, both in arena. A front waving and bowing to all sides.And there was a path, and on it went Dachnitsa bike with a shopping bag, which lay products. She saw the bear - Bryk! - Threw a bicycle and ran.

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