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The work was done quite exceptional.If Starkovsky lot does not reach, so maybe these are diktsionnye declamatory and properties of the actor. This must be taken into account. We do not show in each area of ​​its kakogoto Salvini, kakogoto exceptional prodigy or a genius who does all brilliantly.Starkovsky - an actor of the old school, he had his tongue to swing at bad samples did not download the film воин во времени and train it on a good model, it has the ability zabaltyvatsya. But to say that words are ignored, unfairly.When I spoke of the word, that is a pattern on the go, then I say this because in the theater - I insist on that 238, - will never be cleverly build verbal material, if not build a good skeleton of the script, if not constructed of iron skeleton.That's the experience of participation fellow Vishnevsky in my work managed to find a very precise scenario skeleton and he in his work, and I'm in my work as a director - I was easily vkomponovat words, and words are the patterns - not in the sense that it ukrashenitse and in the sense that they are the backbone of inaccurately recorded in the minutes, obviously, you should:the motion is to support them and they are on the surface. And you should not think that the scenario material does not give access - just because the words are on the surface oprozrachnivayutsya like lace pattern fabric, which is why the ear reach earliest. Now regarding the Formula friend Brodsky"Down with the conventional theater, long live the realistic theater." This, of course, need to be clarified or that formula to oppose a different formula, which I, of course, I can only throw tezisno and which I will not expound, because this is necessary to make a special report.He thinks so, if we say "conditional theater", the realistic theater - is full of the other. Here a colossal mistake. When we say "conditional theater", we say "conditional realistic theater" - that's our formula.This is a misunderstanding, into which comrade Brodsky, is only because the article Bryusov, which no one mentioned it, but someone else - you re-read it after my application and see that there is all that is denied in the conventional theater Bruce, is exclusively to the unfortunate expression.Because there are a lot of conventional theater - the theater of Shakespeare, Japanese Kabuki theater, Spanish street theater, conventional theater TIM - it's all different types of conventional theater. Conditioned theater, established themselves in Moscow on all our mistakes of the first period - is the Chamber Theatre.When I come to any of his statement, I see - well, well done, but it is conditioned theater, which is built on a completely incorrect assumptions period of our first steps, all the mistakes, which wrote Bryusov. The game as such in the Chamber Theatre, and the game as such, we have - two different things.We therefore are antipodes, an opponent of Chamber Theatre. In Moscow, there is no other theater that would be the opposite of us as Chamber. We learn every gesture, every design, every mise en scene - that's how grown download the film воин во времени and conditioned theater for our mistakes of the first period. We parted with them for a long time.Starts and then another time when our conditional formula incorrectly interpreted - is Proletkult. Article about Proletkult and all criticism Proletkult made comrade Yakovlev, was not taken without my help. Comrade Yakovlev 239 before writing this article, had a long meeting with me.Incidentally, it was sent to me by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to interview me on this.

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