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But it is, I have a song to be ingenuous and far away, and he won her luxurious manner. In fact, he laughed at her, and he was at her care. You catch? - Yes. Tomorrow we'll talk. - No, you need to strike while the iron is hot, I feel that I can think of a lot now.I have ausvays, I'll take a cab and come after you. The cab stops. She did so. Along the way she exulted: - I have it captures or conveys, Momona! Catch! Let his girl out of it! Naturally, this night writing songs has not moved much. - I want to spend with you the whole night. I have a right. Two days later Henry brought us the book.- This is the "Back Street". You can help in composing songs. For you this story is clear. Because of this book, they just did not have the balance of the final break. Edith read it in one gulp of the night. No booze, because she could not read, if you saw: a child she had left unstable vision, if she had been drinking, she swam before his eyes.The next day, in the bathroom, she laid me that she was in the heart - a big stone. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she told me the story, "Back Street" - the story of a poor girl, who has lived all his life, not daring to appear next to the man she loved. - He's making fun of me! Shove me so! I do not, "Madame Beck Street"!That - poor klutz! What to do with me? And then my song "respectable man"? I'll sing a song, because it's too good, but the rest - he went to hell! Too expensive for the board wants a single night! When I remember what brought him coffee in bed! Wait, I will not leave!When Henri came with a bouquet of violets, Edith said: - Put them where you want them you look as if you did not have to on a date. He bent to it film warrior in time to watch online and kiss, she turned away. - No time. Sit down. Why have you given me this book?What am I - a poor fool, willing to wait for you all my life? So, monsieur want me to stay at home, crying, knitting, cooking dinner, to which you do not deign to come from afar to monitor your happiness? .. Well, you got a finger to the sky! I'll show you how I play the role of inconsolable girls "Back Street", which threw the villain of your breed.Are you represent me as a victim? Whose? Bed-hero? Me! Edith Piaf! No, you did not see! Thee I have waited a life! Yes, I have been and will be the men, both in the phone book! I swear, you are the horns I will wear - protknesh ceiling to the neighbors above! If Cocteau heard that he would write a new play.But Edith suffered and to take revenge on Henry decided to make him jealous. She persuaded himself that the love in a dramatic actor Emona. Her enthusiasm lasted only two weeks, but Edith believed in my passion, and this led Henri into a rage. This time, he took everything to heart.This nice film warrior in time to watch online in excellent quality and hear his mistress: "I love him, he is not like everyone else. Henry, you have to understand me. " In a rage, he called her crazy, hysterical, nymphomaniac, a whore. He had a large vocabulary, I do not even understand. However, he paid tribute to his eloquence.An hour after he left, Edith was in despair, passion for Emona disappeared without a trace. - Momona, what have I done! Emon me indifferent, I'm crazy! I'm afraid to lose Henry. Did not he call? He can not do this to me! Edith was crying and could not download movie warrior in time and stop.Buried in a pillow, pillow biting ... Endless hysterical.

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