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Unknowingly while I was flattered, too. Oh, if only we knew ... and disappeared behind the bookshelf. Frank Sinatra sang louder, cheeky and vulgar speech, cries, giggles ... Engels took him aside and began what is passionate and unhappy whisper, touching the mat.I was sitting with a book, and not turning any pages. "Creepy humiliation. Something is coming ... "- thought to herself. Gently, with a smile Andrew came to me and brought out clearly: "Tanya, now you have to go. Immediately. " - "Well, - I said meekly. - Only I can tell you two words. In the kitchen. "We went into the kitchen, I closed the door, pulled from the wall aluminum colander and download the film воин во времени and launched his might. He download the film воин во времени and ducked, grabbed a ladle, I - pan, flying cups, glasses, pitchers, plates ... all to pieces! He grabbed me by the arm, and I struggled when he suddenly ran to the stool, he had me in vdvinul cupboard."Kiss or give in the face?" - Probably flashed through his mind. It was our first ravishing fight, during which we did not say a word. Then he got tired. I left the kitchen, preparing to leave for good. No one. There was no one. Nor Engels, nor the two snouts. Fled. Andrew went out of the kitchen. "Where is everybody?" He opened the door to the stairs - no one.Only the lonely dopeval his song Frank Sinatra. Putting on a coat, I triumphantly declared: "Now I can go!". - Tanya, no, no ... I beg you ... do not go! Began to collect the pieces. Get out. Take out the garbage in the garbage disposal. He vdvinul plastic tube in his throat download the film воин во времени and started a champagne bottle, turned off the light. - I beg you - seriously said.- Is it late. Let's go to Petrovka? - Let's go. At Petrovka in Rakhmanovskoe Lane, in the apartment of my parents I went to the bathroom to take a shower. On the neck, chest, stomach poured black ink jet, download the film воин во времени and coupled with soap and powder for effect lengthening eyelashes. He went and stood in the door jamb, long look at this picture.- God, I love you ... - he stumbled on a word, blushed, and said, - when you nenakrashennaya. Took a washcloth, soaped, put him in the bathroom and began to wash: hands, fingers, neck, chest, back ... and all - so carefully!Then he poured the shampoo on your hair, deft movements as a barber, and washed his head, wiped the entire towel, comb, download the film воин во времени and wrapped his faded blue bathrobe and took my place in the shower. I sat on a chair in the living room and waited. I have before me a portrait of his mother, a famous actress. Probably, in the south, I thought:a straw hat, golf down, bare shoulders, with a sweet smile and ambiguity in the eyes of a fox. - What do we have? - I heard the voice, the tone of which is thirty years old and starts pounding heart. I walked over to the wall, where there were a collection of the first Soviet porcelain - the pride of the family. Colored plates with hammer and sickle. "On the left hammer, sickle on the right - this is our Soviet emblem. Zhni want, and want to take the ball ... "Now, this collection is in the museum at the Delegates. Came and took the two plates, washed, wiped, put on the table. He just yelled, "Mom went to crazy, if it saw! You can not! This is a collection!"- Just think, you can not ... you can. What shall we eat? He brought out of the fridge pound jar of caviar, was - grain, bread and two tablespoons. download the film воин во времени and Opened stuck with a champagne poured into glasses, looked straight at me. Instantly his eyes flashed a tragic picture and said: "I am a slave.

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