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We arrested. Once fled - then indeed "saboteurs"! Morzavod hung up sirens. - It is wrong to leave ... - Do not worry, I'll take it on yourself! Reported, as expected, the admiral of October. - Let's wait a little longer! Levinson did not share my feelings, but he agreed to:- Well, well, another half hour - risk because, as the idiot, in cross-bombs! We were on our way to the pier - a bare place, and there is no shelter. Time passed, not a soul does not appear in the explosion. Yes, and how she was to appear? All this time, we listened - but only a slight noise of the sea, the distant cries of the seagulls and the sound of blazing fire.- Look, here is how to order the boat! And then, maybe today is no longer to be an occasion. Stuck up in the morning! - Okay, let's go, you're probably right in its own way, but I was not myself! - Yes, sorry guy ... - suddenly said Levinson. - Maybe he realized what he had done, and he was download the film воин во времени and ashamed? - I have already said in the hotel, although I understand that there are no miracles.- Listen to me because it became clear that he was covered. Warehouse download the film воин во времени and pulled so that the miracle that we survived ... I did not know what was hoping when we there for two hours ... protorchala I reported to the political. I was told that stores smashed to the ground ... Sorry guys. Calm down though because tomorrow it could happen to them ...Waking up at night, I saw that Levinson does not sleep - sits and smokes in the corner of the bed. - Hey, how you think, and if he was still alive - he would have wished? .. More ... How many times during the war, I'll be under the gun, aimed his, Russian - and here, in Sevastopol, and then, on the long road of war ...MEETING WITH DOVZHENKO Moscow, July 1942, we know that now lies in the balance and that is done now ... Anna Akhmatova on the Count pier we, the defenders of Sevastopol, he knelt down and took an oath to Stalin - fight to the death, to the last bullet, to the last drop of blood ... It was.All cartridges were vystrelyany, wounded, bleeding, waiting for their fate, fulfilling his duty and oath to Stalin killed - silent. Waking from a serious injury in Novorossiysk, I bitterly learned in the heart that Sevastopol trample fascist boots, shell- shocked and I was taken, unconscious, on a submarine ... It's over. Heart sank. Stopped beating. No more of Sevastopol. "Our troops after heavy fighting left Sevastopol ..." - I read the first sentence of the Soviet Information Bureau. In Novorossiysk me " patched" and I went to Moscow. From the central terminal in the Leningrad highway koekak I got to the subway. The first person I met, going to the studio, there was Alexander Dovzhenko.He stepped forward, put his arm around me. Warm breeze gently ruffled his silver hair. - I'm glad Vladislav that you're alive, I could hug you ... I believed that you sustain all the tests and will return ... - he said, holding me by the shoulders. Tenderness and kindness shone in his tired blue eyes. - Yes, but Sevastopol of the Nazis in their hands ...- By the throat again approached spasms. Alexander Petrovich download the film воин во времени and looked at me, put his hand on his shoulder with his father's involvement and warmth that my heart for the first time the war has spread calm ... - Let's sit here in the sun, talk, calm down - suggested Alexander, and we sat on the porch steps.- I know how hard you now. Me too hard, and it can be even harder - he showed a look at the two older women with children in their arms, passes behind the fence studio.

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