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That is, collapsing person who believes that he has the ultimate truth, which he has every right to explain to others, expound, to impose;people view the world only through itself, as a means of personal realization, as crude matter, the price is not having no invasion of her, without her conversion; man, intoxicated by their knowledge and confidence that the world is exhausted, calculate, formalize and cataloging that it can move the complete order, cleanliness and reasonable mode;people do not understand what is spirituality, intuition, that there is a truth and beauty, its right in the disorder, the elements, unknowable; people that put their materialism to solipsism, whose atheism becomes fanatical faith; a person who believes that morality is not, and there are circumstances of the class struggle;person sincerely confident and naive smug, who decided that it once and for all the faithful horse saddled; a man who knows that he must think and decide on their own and should not go with the flow, dissolved in a fun run time; people, not seeing the roots of conflict, whose historical optimism proved naive, shallow, scanty.The collapse of this optimism was the beginning of socio-political sobriety, parting with illusions, the beginning of a sober, realistic view of the world and the tragic worldview. This was the way to his own opinion, conscience and responsibility to the choices and decisions. Brecht and important and even key issue.Many common starting points - social, aesthetic, psychological. Leftists and avant-garde. Lumpen complex. Salvation - a revolution in the service of the masses. Paphos denial old. This Paphos - anti-cultural, antiduhovnye trends. Paphos enlightenment teaching. Objectives of literacy tasks as art in general. "Pestalozzi" - Brecht.Brecht knows the truth absolute and explains it to the masses, without asking them, confident that it is they need. He is not looking for the truth as an artist, she given him the public consciousness. Art - social therapy, ideological and political education school, a visual aid, almost independent value is not available. Creativity, inspiration, and so on.- Idealistic notion. Creativity, but there is a game population ultimate truth. Bypassing the viewer a sense - through reflexes straight to mind. Unconsciously assumed that ideas rule the world: as soon as the mass shine forth realize everything will be fine. Therefore it is necessary Watch Online and grind. By force, aggressively.There is no understanding of what culture as a whole - a dialogue that art - also a dialogue with the artist himself and with the world, with the present and eternity, a dialogue in which both sides are equal and mutually are known, mutually recognized grow.Understanding of art as propaganda of violence - a product of the revolutionary era, to exaggerate the importance of the subjective factor and prone absolute immediate tasks and methods of their solution. To understand the origins of the "left" art, it is important we have:Dadaists and K "show book" Cock and Harlequin "is a kind of manifesto of the poet, artist and music critic Jean Cocteau, speaking herald constructivism and surrealism.Cocteau called "overthrow of Wagner's" renounce "fogs, clouds," Impressionist art, as well as from all major music genres, so as not to interfere with the prospering myuzikhollnoy musical practice and practice kafekontsertov.With great determination, he insisted on the need to create a "music of everyday life", or - in the words of his associates, composer Satie - "situational" and film warrior in time to watch online in excellent quality and seek to simplify the language of music. "3 Contradictions.

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