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- We made you a wonderful gift, - he said. - You will be very download the film воин во времени and surprised to see him. - It is interesting that you download the film воин во времени and started. We'll have to wait patiently for a week, said Allen.Eighth of November in the restaurant gave him a small premium, even though he worked there for quite a bit. The friends told him that the host to birthday gifts always make employees. Of new friends he download the film воин во времени and invited to the feast Thierry and the waiter, whom became friends more than the others. The triumph was decided to hold the "SenZhermendePre."Event organization have made friends, led by Alain Lezhonom. When Allen download the film воин во времени and entered the cafe, his company, download the film воин во времени and situated at two tables, loudly welcomed birthday. He was given small gifts and souvenirs, but judging by the whispers and mysterious views of friends, he download the film воин во времени and realized that the main gift promised Lucien was not shown.- I wish you health and wealth, toast it drug.A that you never got bored alone, let me introduce you to ... Nina! At the end of his words, the girl herself appeared in a bright dress with her hair over her shoulders. He went to Alain and kissed him on both cheeks.All zaapplodirovali and burst pleasantry, and the young man in surprise could not utter a word. - Happy Birthday, Nina said in a low voice. - Sit down, please, pulled her chair Alen.Do still can not believe you're here. I have long wanted to meet you. - Do you like our gift?Lucien download the film воин во времени and asked loudly, closing din that prevailed at the table. - I am shocked and very happy. It seems that today I do not birthday, and the day come true desires. And you - my guest of honor, he turned to Nina. She smiled, but said nothing.She download the film воин во времени and seemed to feel a little uncomfortable in such a noisy group, although it was known to most friends Alain. This fact has download the film воин во времени and puzzled him. He was convinced that only recently Lucien did not know the girl, and now treated her like an old friend. Look online. So what happened? He could not wait to get an explanation.Birthday party meanwhile continued. Many of his friends brought with her friends and, in pairs, leaving the table, move to the dance floor. - You want to dance? Asked Alain Nina. - I think so. Today is your day. The girl was moving smoothly and at the same time very relaxed.Her manner was nothing of the ballet school memorized movements Annette. Constantly changing expression of her face, the light in his eyes and a habit of sharply folded back hair gave out passionate nature Nina. Allen was delighted with the girls. The whole evening they did not leave. Finally, the guests began to disperse, and the young man asked:- Can you hold? - Of course, I live near here, she said. - Lucien, thank you for the evening. I promised to carry Nina said Alain drugu.Vernus home later. - Today, you do not expect Lezhon said, drawing out the word. She stood in the street, impatiently tapping his fingertips on the rails of the ladder.When Allen came out, she took his arm, and download the film воин во времени and called out, which was her home. They decided to go on foot. - How did you get today in the cafe? Young man asked. - It's a long story. The first time we're facing in the cafe at the beginning of the summer, right? Then I came to a few times "SenZhermendePre" one, but you were not there.When I last saw you, you are full of dancing with a girl. I'm very jealous, so I forgot about this cafe and about you, too. But a couple of days ago was back here, I saw your friends and ask them questions about you. Lucien immediately download the film воин во времени and invited me to your birthday.

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