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First of director's table were both directors, often working on the same formulation. Now, each of us had his own table, his play, his production. This was no difference in the basic principles of any gap, it was quite natural phenomenon:because every artist or artist to work quite well, must eventually come out on the path to which pushed its features of its nature and talent. Separation of our paths who have committed to the time of our artistic maturity, really made it possible for each of us only to express themselves more fully.I can not help War of the Rose movie watch online and noted that the time for this period the highest achievements of Vladimir Ivanovich in directing his remarkable staging "The Brothers Karamazov" and "Possessed "Dostoevsky, in which he said both his literary penetration and its ability tosent to his intended depth channel creative actors. Especially remarkable was the courage to stage design and the brightness of its implementation, production of "The Brothers Karamazov", in which the outer, decorative side was reduced to a meager artistic allusions and the whole center of gravity to the actors.Some of them were developed at the same time from an unexpected quarter.Leonids as Mitya Karamazov showed great dramatic temperament, and monumental, who went two nights in a row performance reached in the second part of the stress of capture and that gave a premonition full of new and future Russian tragedy I went in this time your way, full of doubt and restless quest ."Drama of Life" The first experience I have found practical application in laboratory work practices internal technology aimed to the creation of a creative being, has been promoted to play Knut Hamsun's "Drama of Life" I will try to describe this great moment of my life."The drama of life" for me at least a work surreal, as the author looks at everything that happens in the play through the eyes of its protagonist, a dreamer and philosopher, genius Kareno, which is experiencing the highest point of his creative life. The play was written without shadows and midtones, one major mental palette colors.Each of the actors in the play represents one of the human passions, which it invariably carries through the entire play: all time stingy stingy, dreamer dreams all the time and nothing else in the play does not, love is only love, and so on. D. Get the picture, written as have longitudinal stripes of colorful flowers:green, yellow, red, and so on. d. Kareno himself, whom I played, represents skyrocketing dream, an idea; Teresita in love with him, which sang Red Rooster, t. e. the blood began to speak, lives only female passion and all the while burning love for the hero of the play. In the rush of the hobby to them she is furiously playing the piano, then extinguishes light on the lighthouse during a heavy storm, floats her rival wife Kareno. Wind and storm, expressed in musical sounds, raging around her.Meanwhile lame postman, freak like Quasimodo, voluptuous waiting sacrifice his intended for his lust, excellent Teresita. A Theresita father only thinks about how to squeeze more out of their estates, until greed does not lead him to madness.In the fatal moment of the play is a silent mysterious and sinister figure with outstretched hand of a beggar begging Chu, called "Justice". He fate plays.

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