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Sam was right - the soul came. Only one did not consider the chief "Light": these souls were not ba barrels. And perhaps, the calculation was for its continuation? Sam loved to nurture talents. John whirlwind rushed into the studio. The boys sat with pasty faces, sipping Pepsi through a straw.- I wrote a song for you, - said Charles. - Humorous. About shoes. - And I - download the film Война супругов роуз and responded Mack. - About the rhythm. Your rhythm. - I did not write anything new - put blame Jerry - but my dog ​​or you have available. - But I still ... - Well, the donkey - interrupted Carl. - "Give" is not up to you.It is impossible for life to drive the cities in search of an engagement. Think think, but do not try to give up. Davayka, sing anything should of gospel music. John sat at the piano. And that he learned himself. By ear. He knew that the gospels and spirituals better to sing at the piano. An hour later, Sam, along with Marion went to the studio. Four sang. Entered sat on the edge of his chair.That was a sad moment - progressive loss. Probably because boys sing one last time. John led the topic, others singing harmony. And the simple text of the anthem at swam - to God. Four persons have been detached. John closed his eyes, eyebrows, form an excellent sad line. I look like a Mack goes through walls.Karl face contorted with pain, from which the skin is stretched tight. Jerry in the face of large, almost obronzovevshih folds. They are different, but when occasionally sing like that, Sam's heart comes from happiness: here it is, here's a classic example of "southern sound": a mixture of country and nasally lingering melon soft gospel music.The last note shot up, tighten kakimto unthinkable pirouette. Touching the touch keys light farewell, John stood up and looked all eyes, threw short "until tomorrow" and walked out. In the morning he told Sam: - Well, that is contracting. - They offer the following conditions ... - Sorry, boss, I will not delve into it.I trust you in everything. Is that good? - Baby, you're a jackass. I am obliged to tell you. My studio is getting thirty-five thousand, you - five thousand as an advance. But it's not me, and not even in the studio. Good for you that you'll be able to sing everything like you want. Well, thank there. Money. But it will be something else:intrusive advertising, constant interference in your life. The contract was signed for three years. From that moment, John received a personal manager, a lot of studios for recording, the ability to performances on television and in major concert halls around the country, and bought his company - the right to reprint the plates that came to "Give."By the end of the first year of the new company, John recorded a CD, which immediately headed national Hit Parade. Watch the film Война супругов роуз online. Recorded participated famous quartet - "Ayrsy" but accompanists were the same: Scotty, Bill Joy. download the film Война супругов роуз and Received an unusual thing. Sound, slightly faltering and hiccupping like going from the bottom of a giant well, bizarre erosion.He was pleased and download the film Война супругов роуз and decided to get by to thank the guys from the quartet: - I would like, if you do not mind, to write to you a few more records, of course - if you're happy to work with me. Only a few years later, Gordon, head of the quartet, admitted: - You know, we did not pay any attention to your words. Do not even remember your name.For us it was a job. And only. John again, this time as the property of another company with his old friends, among whom was now the Red, played in various cities of the South.

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