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..Twenty-eight, in a dirty, raskhlyastannom uniform, Lieutenant, long in silence, shaking, looking at me, can not stand before Him corpse to find out ... learned! - Come on! I was beginning to writhe with laughter, because this expression can not think. Animal next to him - a deep thinking being, he has instead of a face - pelvis!Taz with clear eyes, and the pelvis is also very funny lisp and pronounces half the alphabet and letter of bad for a long time you could read my entire opus twice ... I'm ... - Hey, what do you miss the text in the twelfth issue? - Where? - And here ...twelve issues of "Dance of the Little Swans", why not write the text, as they dance?Still, I went, knowing that for the laughter you can get another ten years, and then I played a swoon, played well, I was sent for a stretcher, epileptic here a lot, but could Kornienko had a heart attack when he saw that I carried on a stretcher. And of course, forbidden me to send notes that lieutenant - he very vigilant.I finished the biography of the Little Swans and their thoughts during the dance, what a pity that the history of such documents are not saved. A dance of the small swans could really happen. Anna found a professional dancer, she was interesting, with a marvelous figure, quite a young, twenty-six years.It is at the beginning of the war he download the film Война супругов роуз and graduated with honors from the Odessa Ballet School, evacuation was impossible, and she and her mother were left in the city. The city came Romanians. The theater reopened, and she shone in Giselle, in Odile, entered our "Treason. 20 years." Here for six years on the same heavy work.After a conversation with her, I thought a lot about the work: in my eyes her face changed, as though he were filming make-up, it caught fire, it was the face of the actress. To his mom flew to Odessa letter and somewhere already floating in Russia three pairs of ballet shoes and this time with notes, and do it all again, Anna.Ballerina download the film Война супругов роуз and named Val, she immediately selected two of the most talented, young, good looking girls, and the three of them every night after work involved machine. And it helps me to put dancing, round dancing, which I know very little. There are already four!Nearing to the general, the heat became unbearable, suffocating in the sauna, swim in a sweat - otrepetiruem piece and jump out for a moment to breathe hot air, can, however, rehearse on the road, but then they see before our miracle!Night came the stage this event here, because here the stages almost never, for the same reason, and here - there is no place to put people. I ran! There can be no Muscovites: Luba Bershadskaya she recently saw Boris hares, they are always open, long passed, will soon be married! Tihotiho ... smile, joke, thank, go away ...Kornienko, seeing my face, runs to meet. I tell. Silently walks. - Can it be? For even here gossiping about you when you were on your deathbed! - Rabbit ... Moms influence ... Sixteen years ... student ... I do not know ... No, can not be. Bo .. this is not possible ... maybe ... Kornienko download the film Война супругов роуз and interrupted me:- But you said that you download the film Война супругов роуз and loved Gorbatov and did not change ... Now I download the film Война супругов роуз and interrupted him: - I have not been caught, and I am very grateful to him, if he has dispelled this belief in me, it would have nothing more respect, and so I thought that if a man loves, betrayal .. .impossible for me to imagine that I could change the first husband or Vlado ... Kornienko fairly hums: - How nice of you this Bershad uttered nothing - you would now sat in the cooler.

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