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I saw that a policeman on my "goat" and arrives with a ferocious sea is me. And that shows him in the civilian identity, and says gently, gently! .. He fell, I saw ... And that: So it is, a robber, without a license goes! In short, I was taken in GA I'm so sad, I go home.He went to a friend of mine, her husband worked in the criminal investigation and was killed. Its well all know. She said to me: Today is just the evening traffic police in the House of Culture. Take the accordion and - there! I came there, really, the police walk. I sat somewhere in a corner and began to play. All revived, began to dance.Then my friend came up to deputy chief of traffic police, and told me all about. He says: Now the barn is closed. Suppose that tomorrow morning suits. And I returned to my favorite bike. And then I passed on the right. But in the second year I broke down and sold his accordion. He took the old man, who lived six thousand. Interest, of course, huge.But too great was the desire film War of the Rose watch online in excellent quality and buy a car! I came across the "Victory" green city download movie War of the Rose, and twelve thousand kilometers. All is good, but it was time to return the debt, and no money. It is necessary to sell the car.Urinating APPLE BUSINESS I have learned that it can be successful download movie War of the Rose and sell in Tashkent. Thousands of twenty-five. Well, I think, I will give debt, and even buy a kakuyunibud mashineshku ... for the rest of the contract with his friend Leonid Afanasyev, also a composer, to go to Tashkent together.He is older than me by five years, during the war, was a pilot. His plane was shot down, wounded himself, he has since been back ached. Lenya then received the State Prize in Moscow for a concert for violin and orchestra. He then moved to Moscow two years he studied at the graduate school of the Moscow Conservatory.By the way, to say that our professor Brusilovsky spared no time for us, but its Moscow teacher Aram Khachaturian Lenya saw a couple of times a year. The one on the road or writes.And doing a post-graduate assistants ... To make our trip even more profitable, we Lenya bought one hundred kilograms of apples, loaded into the trunk and drove off. The road is good, the weather is wonderful, the climate is amazing. If the rains ended in May, then to November - no dampness. Well, storm, maybe thunder - that's all.The sun, the mountains, the snow on the tops ... and two merchant apple on the green "victory." Perezzhali pass, going through the city of Frunze. It's getting dark. We leave to the river. We must look for a ford, to the other side film War of the Rose watch online in excellent quality and perebiratsya.Ty, Lenya - I say - do not go in the water: you spin. I'll go! The water - from the mountains of ice! .. Maybe it will pass? - I suggest. We shoved into the river - and the engine stalled ... There is a way to move the car with a jack. Put the side doors between the jack, raise the car to the maximum, then I faced forward. It moves on two feet. Again on the jack ... And so on.Sisyphean labor. So for half an hour, I tumbled to the ice some water, too lazy to find a normal ford. Once out on the dry spot, rubbed a candle. He started the "Victory". What luck! .. And then suddenly pulls a truck driver says: We see suffer. Would you pull out ... we spent the night in the field. Lenya - in the back seat. I - on the front.We drive in the morning in a suburb of Tashkent. And in it all the windows look to the yard from the street are only visible walls of the houses. We reveal the trunk, and there - apple compote of our business. We gave it all pigs. Their hosts were very grateful to us. As, however, and the pigs themselves. I, as in mathematics, and in commerce - not bumbum! We go further. Lo and behold - tire burst!

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Film Война супругов роуз
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