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download the film Война супругов роуз and Needed advice. Logical that of the teachers, who I knew very well that recommendation gave Nikolai.But, naturally, I did not ask, but here he was calling the institute to the department, the office of cinema, and I was called to the telephone. He said to me: "Do you need a recommendation to the party, go, I wrote it to you." What happened, how I was exonerated, I do not know.But the verdict and the defense I have received from Z's, not through the second and third person, and it was from him. And I want to remember Joseph L. Dolinsky. It was a very kind and considerate person, intelligent, gentle, but acrid.One day I download the film Война супругов роуз and received a flick on the nose, when getting ready for the little lessons, something began to improvise on the fly. He said: "When you talk about the film, do not wave your hands." Wise advice. And Joseph L. Dolinsky had a right to it, though, in general, the life he download the film Война супругов роуз and lived very humbly, no matter what do not claim, all the while fearing chegoto.He somehow always been Neustroev in life, he lived in a terrible apartment, was seriously ill, his wife was ill. And when he became a widower, when, apparently, it's over, in his life there was a young, wonderful woman, our colleague, a good film critic Ira Grashchenkova, and the last years of Joseph L. were painted bright burst of emotion.Because of him, I want to tell you a short story. The fact that the masterpiece of Soviet cinema, movie "Chapaev" threatened litigation. If you remember, in the credits indicated: a scenario download the film Война супругов роуз and based on the Vasilyev brothers Furmanov and Furmanova. Furmanov - wife of the legendary writer and commissioner - decided that Vasilyev stole her material.Dolinsky appointed expert. But the fact that his master's thesis he wrote just for the movie "Chapaev". And the thesis was very honest. Due to a misunderstanding between the widow DOLINSKAYA Furmanov and Vasiliev not gone to trial. He came to Furmanova, brought her your stuff, all your calculations.She set the table, but the tea was cooling, and Joseph L. very carefully, precisely, not waving, explained why the script Vasilyev brothers original and is only indirectly download the film Война супругов роуз and related to its content. And when he had finished, the woman - if that were possible, would now be judged until you're blue - told him: "You're right, let's have tea."Very colorful figure in our department was a master of drama Valentin Konstantinovich Turkin. Man legendary even for bad dedicated to the history of cinema. Everyone knows the movie Protazanov "Cutter from Torzhok", whose script written Turkin.He was also a screenwriter classic tape ROOM "Ghost, which does not return" - the film adaptation based on the novel by Henri Barbusse. Turkin, this piece of pre-revolutionary cinema, with his uncle Nikandr Turkins published once known but very apolitical newsreel. We, unfortunately, not long learned from the master.When we were in the third year, he died during the exam, got up and download the film Война супругов роуз and announced a break, went for lunch and somehow download the film Война супругов роуз and relaxed, sat down on the thing that the VGIK our stairs.

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