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Among them, there were very few business partners, even fewer stars - only Maurice Chevalier, Tommy Meighan and sometimes Mary Pickford. "My father thought - remember Eugene - that family and business should not be crossed."However, Eugene suspected that the real reason was fear of compromising himself too close to their subordinates. Only in Mountainview Zukor could relax, relieve mask aristocrat.In the years before he was king of the film industry, he made a circle of friends, like himself, who from him nothing supernatural expected. One of them was Aaron Jones, owner of a small theater in Chicago. Every summer he came to Zukor, played with him in golf or cards.Family came Blau, who - even in Hungary - Zukor was once worked as an apprentice. Evenings Mrs. Zukor made sandwiches and English gave way to juicy Hungarian. In the conflict of the past and present was awarded the main paradox of fate Zukor. The man who hated to lose chegolibo, something to lose, lost myself - true.The man who hated a lie, invented his biography, penned a new Adolph Zukor. He coped with the hardships, he climbed out of poverty, he defeated rivals, he won in the struggle against those who did not recognize the greatness of the case, which he was engaged, - the greatness of the movie. But most importantly, he won hunted orphan from a small Hungarian village.Defeated himself. Or created. Born on the Fourth of July If I were asked what that word Watch Online and describe my father, I would choose the word "energy". Irene Mayer Selznick Each year, the Fourth of July Mayer interrupt the work of his studio "MetroGoldvinMayer" and feast.Basically, the cartridge was one - the grander the better. All employees, all friends and relatives were invited to a picnic, a baseball game, a concert: Mayer himself uttered the old-fashioned patriotic speech, overwhelmed his senses, and he spoke very clearly and magnificently.As the celebrations coincide with Independence Day, his statement was true of the new beloved homeland, but only partially.Saying the immigration authorities that on the way to America's parents lost all documents Meyer appointed his birthday on the Fourth of July, so that celebrations were held at the same time and in honor Mayer, and perhaps even more so in his honor.In this extraordinary, full of symbolism found expression combined two essential traits of the future Mogul: the love of excess and desire to be the father of his subjects. Meyer has always been an extremist. He just was not enough to become an American citizen, he took another and usurp her "birthday."He had little to lead one of the biggest Hollywood studios, he wanted his studio was the largest, most famous, the best. Meyer was a great actor, he was called "Griffith actors.""If you went to a meeting to Louis B. Mayer, it was an event - says one producer. - It is not just a game, it always outplayed. He fell to the ground and prayed, sang, showed what movies he'd like you to get it fell into a wild rage. So I tried to stay away from the Louis B. Mayer. "He cried easily, famous for the ability to tame the Shrew stars "MGM": flattered them and explain in love as long as they and he would not let a tear. But not all it was a performance. He really was very emotional.

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