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17 February 1976 year_ "komarihi" to agree to a recital and left for two days to make money. Have already begun rehearsals "Truckers", I said to the output, the law asked for another day. Released. I rarely agree on the following measures:chtetskih no programs, clips from movies, too, no, go on stage and ... what they say? Provincial audience, Thanks. Listen with bated breath, some standing. I expect a miracle. I told them my whole life. Minutes for eight - ten. Trash, ashamed. That I still have in stock? - Monologue Golohvostogo ...In any case allowed to ask questions. Fortunately for me, one spectator immediately responded. Raised her hand: - I'm sorry if my question will seem strange to you. I would like to know if you believe in nature perfect? Whether all distributed fairly? Such a question I did not expect his party. Shrugged and answered vaguely:- I do not kakoynibud Spinoza, I do not know ... I guess all in all fairness. As would be download movie War of the Rose and assume it did not accept my answer: - Think Oleg Ivanovich. Do not you think that the number of directors exceeds the number of poor quality, and more than hard, and it hurts your profession?- Do you collect full of incriminating evidence, writing scientific work? - All for myself ... for self-improvement. - She looked around the room a sense of superiority. - All the same, Oleg, try to answer my question: are all in harmony in nature? I was scared it takes ... - I'll try to satisfy your curiosity.Now we rehearse Gorky "Summer People". One character Shalimova, there is a remarkable replica of "Nature - beautiful, but why there are mosquitoes?" I do not like too badly when I was eaten by these creatures. Dacha in Komarovo, it is impossible to be in June. Recently even read that most stick komarihi ...First on her face appeared wary, then rather uncertain, crooked smile - well, in the genital cavity. That smile on her face and froze. I felt uncomfortable - because he himself had requested to ask questions - and here it hit me: yes it is from Mary L. "Truckers"!After all, its the same - so, like all revolutionaries - tormenting question whether all divided evenly? Approach her after the show, I could not - I was immediately surrounded by a crowd, and the director of the local theater admitted that shocked the scene with "komarihi." - Oleg, I'm thinking about kakomnibud amusing show about mad, looking for some little piece.I would like to use your dialogue ... - How to use? - I did not understand. - Where do you find an actress for this role? So, it will not play! The movie War of the Rose. - Actress on this crazy? A dime a dozen such typecasting me ... - What is she crazy? She sane, I assure you.Asks questions that bother her, that's all. Why hang tags ... This is very serious, "ideological" woman. You would be better than to look crazy about, put b "Truckers". Read a long time? - For a long time, I confess ... I get by in the head ... - But read through the eyes of Mary Barto ...If I played in Shakespeare's times and would then afterpiece such, I would ask the director to play Maria Lvovna. For Real! Smeared have front teeth - she admits: "The teeth are inserted three teeth ...., I'm unhappy woman!" I think I understand the nature of the mechanism of occurrence of this ideology. My Suslov and says:"We need to make it more likely she was pregnant." Maybe then used and the revolution was over ... ... Already two months have passed since that night.

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Film Война супругов роуз
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