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In the five years preceding the Civil War, I lived in Paris, where he was an apartment on the street Pascal made his living dubbing for "Paramount", and since 1934 - in Madrid. I have never traveled alone for pleasure.I am not familiar with such a download the film Война супругов роуз and widespread addiction to tourism. I feel no curiosity to a country that is unfamiliar to me and I'll never know. But I love coming back to places where there lived, which are associated with my memories. Son-Vicomte de Noaylya was Prince Lin.Knowing that I was attracted to the islands of the South Seas, that is, Polynesia, and assuming that lives in me the gift of the researcher, Noayl said to his son-in initiative, generalgubernatora Belgian Congo, organized an amazing expedition, which cross the whole of Africa from Dakar to Djibouti.It consisted of two or three download the film Война супругов роуз and hundred people - anthropologists, geographers, zoologists. If I wanted to make a documentary about the expedition? Should only submit to a military discipline and do not smoke during the conversion. But I can shoot all I want. I refused. Nothing drew me to Africa.I spoke with Michelle Lerisom, he went for me, and brought the film "Africa - the ghost." I participated in the activities of the Surrealists until 1932. Aragon, Pierre Unik, Georges Sadoul and Max Alexander left the group earlier, joined the Communist Party. Eluard and Tzara followed suit later.Being very close to the Communist Party and the working of the Association kinosektsii revolutionary writers and artists, I never download the film Война супругов роуз and joined it. I did not like dolgihpoliticheskih ARPA meetings, which sometimes went with Hernando Vinyes. Impatient by nature, I could not bear the entire agenda of endless debate. In this I was very much like Breton.Like all the Surrealists, he was also close to the Communist Party, which in our eyes carried a revolutionary beginning. But at the first meeting, where he came, he was asked to draw up a detailed report on the state of Italian coal industry. Very disappointed, he said: "I am ready to write about what I know, not the coal industry" ...I began to move away from the Surrealists because of their political infighting and some snobbery. The first time I was very surprised to see in the window of a bookshop on the Boulevard Raspail excellent promotional photos Breton and Eluard. Watch the film Война супругов роуз in excellent quality online. I told them about it. They replied that they have a right to advertise their products.I did not like the new magazine "Minotaur", but essentially secular and bourgeois. Gradually, I stopped going to the meeting and left the group as easy as entering into it. But maintained good relations with his former friends. I was very far from their arguments, splits, charges of intentional behavior.Today survived rare representatives of the era - Aragon, Dali, Andre Masson, Tyrion, Joan Miro and myself. But I fondly remember, and those who died. In 1933, I spent some time doing a film. It was supposed to shoot in Russia - it had to be a Russian production of "Dungeons Vatican" by Andre Gide.Aragon and Paul VayyanKutyure set about organizing the production. Gide took me and said that flattered the selection made by the Soviet government, but the person has no idea about the movie. For three days - for an hour or two, not more than - we talked about how to film the novel. One morning VayyanKutyure told me: "The shooting will be canceled... "Goodbye, Andre Gide." Las Urdes.

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