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You can recall a lot of ideologically purposeful works of documentary films, including "discussion" Paul Roth film "The world of abundance," which promotes ideas, unable to reach the consciousness of the viewer without the aid clearly expressed arguments.Conceptual thinking undoubtedly require verbal expression, but not only in this lies the reason for his nekinematografichnosti. In the seventh chapter we have seen that the difficulties arising from nekinematografichnostyu dialogue, to some degree be overcome.Enough film War of the Rose watch online and to deprive the living word of his leading role that it has ceased to be pure noise; Then the focus switches from the meaning of speech in the content of motion pictures or material qualities of speech. But in this case impossible.After the dialogue, built mainly on speculative arguments, the most important thing is just its semantic content - that is, the reasons explaining the motive full of meaningful plot. Consequently, the entire construction of the plot rests on the words and their meaning. If they are lubricated in the interest of the movies, the main idea of ​​the work remains unexpressed.In this case, words should certainly play a leading role. Abstract reasoning alien to the screen. Gabriel Marcel, to whom they mismatch specificity of cinema clearer than komunibud another writes: "Suppose ... that I wanted to bring as a character of the film at the Sorbonne professor in the department of the history of philosophy.Of course, I could well invite him to discuss the doctrine of Kant. However, in terms of aesthetics a movie that would be absurd. Why is that? Because the audience does not go to the movies and then to listen to the interpretation of the theory. "Marseille adds this remark at least categorical judgments about the methods that still allow the actor to adapt such requirements to the level of culture of cinema. "It is clear that the professor of history of philosophy can be a character of the film, but only under certain conditions or in strictly limited aspect.The focus should be switched to his demeanor - that is the way he walks, sits like, and in the case of speech - his tone and, perhaps, facial expressions, but not in any way to the content of what he says. " 347 The tragic. Introduction.The term "tragic" is used here in its strict sense, which is best illustrated by way of the tragedy of Macbeth in Shakespeare or Wallenstein Schiller. However, the tragic and often referred to the suffering caused to people or the serious circumstances of an unhappy fate. But the tragedy is that really the case?When in the movie "Limelight" aging Culver rejecting Terry against her will, sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of what, perhaps waiting for her later in life, his resignation, loneliness and death rather sad than tragic. The film War of the Rose.There is nothing to do with the tragic hero and gangster, preferring to die in battle with the police than to be caught and punished. The narrative of the tragic conflict may, in the sense of the environment and the characters film War of the Rose watch online and based on the different materials.But whatever their subject matter, this certainly used to expand the scope of the conflict to a unique event, the psychological reality of huge significance. If implemented at all tragic, but only in the form of the leading motive.This feature explains the natural affinity threads tragic story of theater types, the highest dignity which, in Proust's classic definition of tragedy is to keep only those images, "that facilitate the understanding of its ideas."As the tragic events of the inner life determines the development of the plot in the form of a whole with the idea, and often ideologically focused.

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