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All changed. I am always grateful to Constantine for what he did for me that day. After all, it is not concerned! "Your child Momona, is like mine. Therefore anything stupid, do you hear! You have to be very careful. The beauty and strength of the child is put in the womb.That he was beautiful, you do not have to look at that ugly. And I myself will keep track of how you eat. " It does not weaken the surveillance for a minute. When we were in a movie, she took me by the hand. And if you decided that enough beautiful sight, bad for small, she clutched it to me. "Momona, do not look, I forbid you!"Everything else was in the same spirit. "Drink beer will be more milk!" - The problem was acute. I do not imagine how I would feed the baby - he could in her mouth to suck my breasts completely! Dropwise as pipetting. Everyone around knew Momona pregnant and should assume that it is good.In the days of Henri Comte Edith arranged for us to play with his desire to have a baby. To pretend when she claimed that a man should be judged from the point of view, whether it is good or not bugayproizvoditel! But this was a grain of truth.She was sad because her daughter died in poverty, and now that she has plenty of money, she could not have children. She did not miss such a wonderful occasion to refer to the table and ask him who I would be: a girl or a boy? And brave the table said, "Boy. And you have to call it by Marcel!"Because of my condition, Edith Charles imposed another obligation: to take care of me. "Charles, go to Momonoy. I'll trust it. Take care of her as the apple of your eye! You are responsible for it, and the small "! And in every theater where we went, and my belly was getting bigger and bigger, Charles I substituted a chair, Charles was holding my bag, Charles saw to it that I drink."Nothing of alcohol, it is harmful," - he told Edith. Poor Charles, what for him was the boredom - to hang around with a woman whose belly on the nose climb! Poor fellow, I tied his hands. But he endured. If, unfortunately, in the presence of Edith Charles suddenly forgot to take my arm on the street could be heard resounding: "Charles!"All the passers-by turned around, as if on cue, this famous strong voice. Until the last minute Charles stoically bore the cross. A few days before my birth Edith was worried: "You can not make it happen in my absence. If you are sure of the date, it should happen soon. Moreover, labor may begin suddenly.I'll tell Charles to always wear your bag! "Now he had to carry not only me, but my stuff! "Be proud! - Tell him Edit.-'re a pregnant woman under the arm!" Warning and affectionate attention of Charles I will never forget.Approximation happy event did not change anything in our lives. Edith everywhere dragged me along. One day, at seven o'clock in the morning, we all fell out of the company of fun theater, when I stopped dead. - All. Began. - Come on, - commanded Edith. And we went, I, leaning heavily on the arm of Charles, then Edith Eddie and the rest.Together, we showed up at the clinic. Despite the fight, it was very funny. The nurse turned to Charles with a significant "Monsieur," and he could not tell her, "You are mistaken, madam, I'm not my father!" In life, no one else did not come to the maternity hospital. As if tumbled wedding with drunken revelers ... Edith's sister said grandly:"We - the members of the family." I'm sure the poor thing had never seen such a family!

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