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The authenticity of the image of the person on the screen, for which fought Kuleshov, and attracted young Eisenstein. It download the film В бой идут одни старики and borrowed from Kuleshov principle assembly approach to the actor's performance, but the sitter replaced types.Character - for the role, the appearance of which coincides with the characteristic director intended character. Eisenstein and Kuleshov, like many other young enthusiasts movie united vehement denial "psiholozhestva" pre-revolutionary cinema, they sought to oppose craft playing life of a real person on the screen.Kuleshov download the film В бой идут одни старики and filmed natural persons which simply reflects a sense of the actors portrayed these feelings. Eisenstein went further: he download the film В бой идут одни старики and selected the artists who portrayed themselves. "It's usually not actors - says Eisenstein. - And the more typical household of their looks, so it is generally more difficult to ask them chtolibo" do "at the screen.Sometimes for mourning suite "close-ups" download the film В бой идут одни старики and needed a person with prints of grief. Sometimes in the face to complacency. Sometimes - suspicion. Sometimes - gloating or doubt.But there are so many people that are so for life and printed such specificity - the result of long-term behavior in a download the film В бой идут одни старики and certain direction, "Krakauer thin film theorists noticed that typecasting social dominates personal."The thing is - he says - that" type " needed when the filmmaker will show a broad picture of the social reality in some aspect - togdato he enlists the aid of people who are part of this reality and the most typical Physical environment is inseparable from the screen, in which he finds download the film В бой идут одни старики and supportPudovkin Coll. Op.: In 3 vol, vol 1, p. 190 - Selected Eisenstein. pieces: 6, 1968, v. 5, p. Krakauer Nature film / Per. Since 1974, p. their behavior and their feelings. Tipazhnoe performance is download the film В бой идут одни старики and limited not only the environment, not only facial features inability to act in imaginary circumstances, to adapt to unusual "if ...".Feelings, emotions and thoughts facial features are limited outside of personal experience. The difficulty arises in terms of the emotional apparatus artist difficult to bring in the necessary commitment. Natural appearance and behavior of non-professional artist do not occur on the screen and require the director's ingenuity and patience. Pudovkin remembers that he could not pull off an episode in which an amateur singer was to play just go out on the porch, walk up to the railing and look up. The old man, who had been download the film В бой идут одни старики and invited to film posoldatski walked stiff- legged, stayed at the railing and abruptly raised his head up.To achieve a natural impulse, the director went on deception: he said that he will not shoot out on the porch, and the return. Then the old man calmed down, his movements are natural, the episode turned Tipazhnost - property inherent and professional performers. Film actors are often known precisely because of its tipazhnosti.Famous Pickford created the image on the screen, "America's Sweetheart", close to its own shape. Under the contract, she should not go out of their way innocent heroine and off screen: she had no right to appear in the night restaurants, go out the actresses who played the role of frivolous women. Directed by de Mille wrote Pickford and American stage actress, "What do they mean for this skill or something outside of conscious art.It so happened that both belonged to the same individual, rather, their is no longer a handful in each generation, that spark the imagination of millions, as responsible chemuto deeply hidden in the hearts and minds of his contemporaries.

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