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, however, opened the explanatory dictionary Dahl, I found it a precise definition of the word "entrepreneur": the organizer, the owner, founder, owner of entertainment.Without claiming to be the patron of the arts, I dream only about the freedom that would allow me to play something else from unplayed, to participate in this play, which would have been impossible in a traditional theater ... I am happy to work with the star of the ballet by Sergei Vikharev, Independent artists troupe Alla Sigalova, artist Alexander Borovsky.God willing, in the new work, we meet again, maybe there is someone else who would want to join us ... "And the signature - No one expected such a rapid success. Tickets sold out for all performances. First of all, I do not expect that anything should Borisov able to open. At the premiere of brother came and said, Remember the phrase: "Thank you for your work."He took his cloak, which inadvertently left in my dressing room, and the door creaked ... December 8 Everyone has their own hell! Formanovskaya strong impression of "Amadeus." When made two such films as "Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus", can be no more shooting. The next day, I looked again.If the film does not want to return, it is unlikely that this is a good movie. It seems to me, "Amadeus" you need to look at least three times, from three points of view - after all, it is a development in the three areas. Our films that are no different - they are, at best, one slice, and that is not always deep. But I'm not a movie about this.The first, which went on Foreman - confession Salieri. Admission beaten, no matter how strong, and so dangerous. This is even more theatrical reception. Any falsehood would have increased a hundred times, if I had a place here. Surprisingly, this static reception action is Foreman. Everything goes to the forgiveness of sins, the usual outcome of any confession.But in the eyes of Salieri I read: "All sins will remain in front of me! I'm with them, I came into this world with them, stand before the Creator and will answer for them! "They say everyone has his own hell, not God sends us there, and the man himself creates it for himself. Maybe so ... The second trend - the actual plot.Made with precision, and the biographer has one feature of which is to talk. I'm not a fantastic budget is not about costumes and makeup, not a rare musicality. I'm talking about the simplest - that had once been the strength of the Russian actors and what we are now hopelessly behind. On the accuracy of intonation and the ability to convey the idea.Installation and deadlines do not allow filming their actors play vaguely blurred. Most of our play is now just that - counting on scoring, the double and the next something else ... "After you no one should want to say your text - told me Vershilov. - Let's even the role of Hamlet.Put it in a unique sense and Learn to see their work - that's all! "That's what I took off two actors in" Amadeus. " The scene when the terminally ill Mozart Requiem dictates Salieri - one of the brightest in the film. It lasts almost the whole part, but consists only of musicological terms;there is a desire to so "at us," was written by the entire Requiem. 'The third direction - especially staging: how filmed operas by Mozart, he conducts them. This small movie in the movie, like a parody of traditional operas. December 19 conversation. - That's not ... met such like? - Something unusual.

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Film В бой идут одни старики
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