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Do you remember the legionnaires? - Vaguely. - Do you remember? Legionnaire Riri? From the barracks in Port de Leela? Henri! I remembered.That was four or five years ago, when we were singing in the streets and in the barracks, where I had to be very careful, because the soldiers would try to go without paying. Edith put me at the entrance to the dining room, gave into the hands of an empty tin can for the money. - Stricter Momona - she told me. - They need to command respect!Try suggesting, when you're fourteen and a half years, and growth - meter fifty! Get by just when all soldiers were settled, there was a legionnaire in a white cap with a red belt - in short, in full dress. He looked down at me and threw: - I do not cry. Edith was standing next to me. In such cases, it has always made a sweeping gesture.- Skip it Momona - she download the film В бой идут одни старики and ordered. Then Legionnaire said Edith: - Meet me at the exit. He was not more beautiful than others, but he had blue eyes ... Riri went back to the barracks at seven o'clock in the morning, and he was put on his lip for four days. We have discussed it knew nothing. Edith was to meet him the next day at six o'clock in the evening.He loved her. At the appointed hour we were at the barracks. Ask about it at the time. - What do you want? - I'm his sister - said Edith, - came to see. - And she, - asks the soldier, pointing at me, - it is also his sister? - Of course - answered Edith, - once she's my sister. - He punished. Get out. - But that's impossible.I have to tell him of his mother. She is ill. Edith zamorochitsya so head on duty that Corporal download the film В бой идут одни старики and called Sgt. - It is necessary to call the Major - he replied. Edith whispered to me: - Momona, if it goes, we get to the general ... - Although it is not according to the rules - Major said - but once a legitimate reason, I will send for him.After a while Riri lead, and he does not even look at us, to focus not see. But Edith was not embarrassed, threw her arms around him and whispered in his ear: - You are my brother. - Well, you give! All were laughing all the soldiers understood and Riri quickly appointed her appointment as sergeant download the film В бой идут одни старики and ordered him to: - Come on, kiss their sisters, so tight!Riri has stayed for four days, then he and Edith met and liked each other, probably about a week ... until the regiment left for an unknown destination. Edith forgot Riri. So do I. That's the story of the legionary. I do not understand why Edith is excited. - Listen, Momona.While we were in love Riri, Raymond, of which I knew nothing then, wrote the song, he told her "my" story. He called the song "My Legionnaire." Can you imagine? That's a coincidence! I do not know his name, did not know about it ... He download the film В бой идут одни старики and loved me one night ... My Legionnaire! Throwing me in the lurch, he left early in the morning in the rays of light!He was tall and handsome, He smelled scorching sands, My Legionnaire! Solar flare played on his forehead, and in the light hair download the film В бой идут одни старики and played rays of light! - Here, Momona. And do you know who sings this song? Marie Dyuba! Raymond gave her! What a dirty trick!In vain I argued Edith that Raymond is not guilty, that before they met, he could dispose of his songs. She did not want to listen. - "Legionnaire" - this is mine, and no one's more! He had to keep it for me. This is my song, my story! When she was chemnibud a passion, objectivity should not wait.I knew his Edith, I imagine, because of what this song was once gave Marie Duban, became days, and most importantly, Reymond night ... She knocked fist on the table: - Fuck it, I'll sing it! Do you hear?

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