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You can certainly argue that the return of Ranevskaya in some degree includes all of download the film В бой идут одни старики and listed options, and many others too.This is true, but something needs to dominate in each case, depending on the definition of the event. Before going to study actor especially needs to clearly identify the main, in the acquisition of emotional dominance, which will allow him to not get lost in the mass of the given circumstances and highlight the most important of them.When defining event sketch artist's imagination is to get accurate directions. However, the study download the film В бой идут одни старики and failed to even mention brought his favor, as well as the director and the actors want to look into to make mistakes, which led to further analysis of active and committed the scene.Unfortunately, sometimes hastily got rid of sketch, the actors and director soothe each other, that "for the first time not bad," and proceed to the next stage, missing an important link in the development of design performance. Again examining the scene, the director said that it is an attempt to return Ranevskaya saved from humiliation, despair, and loneliness.He said that did not return Ranevskaya herself - her daughter had to send a specially ... That the dramatic conflict is exacerbated meeting, of course, the threat of selling a home and garden ... And yet - it is salvation, in which she met her Ranevskaya and so want to believe ...And in this regard, the behavior of the most refined and Ranevskaya and the attitude of others for her return, and a measure of understanding of every dramatic situation, and most importantly, how this is overcome by all the drama and most Ranevskaya ... Along with these major issues arise, and others.In particular, there being Ani, which it needs to overcome in this scene ... And it becomes clear that Varya the bustle around things should not miss the point - the very Ranevskaya ...And the actress, rehearse Charlotte, said that, given the sad circumstances of the meeting, she would like to make it certain elements of playfulness, humor, and for that she needs kakieto detail props ...And playing Gaev wondered whether changing the rhythm at the entrance to the house, because Guys tired from the long agonizing waiting for the train was late for two hours, cold, tired of the bustle of the meeting, and now he wants to relax, warm up, relax ...He said that in this relaxed Gayev, conflicting with the excitation Ranevskaya against their rhythms also expressed an event ... In short, every artist looking to develop their own ways of events, based on their observations and emotional memory.I must say that once again played at separate study its shortcomings, has carried the title elements of the event. Look online. And most importantly, Ranevskaya barely restrain tears this time, was the nerve center of Studies, attracts the attention of others.And as the central figure in the scene found the truth of behavior and well-being, then the other members of her - as often happens during a sketch - unwittingly engaged in the atmosphere of confidence and felt the confidence and freedom.Of course, in this case it does not matter how competent young director was download the film В бой идут одни старики and offered the event, but the fact that it made the participants engage in a rehearsal actively seeking his relationship to it, the emotional relationship that awakens cast temperament, creating the necessary impetus for sketchy improvisation.Psychologists believe that "temperament is expressed predominantly man's relation to current events around him."Therefore, study on the event - is not only a method of analysis and validation of the play intended behavior, but at the same time and checking the extent to which this individual is capable of evaluating the proposed event and whether it is contagious in this assessment.

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