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The world of bad taste. " According to him, the concept of "truly bad taste" had never existed, and is a product of the bourgeois system.Of course, in art and literature have been mediocre and artistic failure, craftsmen labored talentless and imitators of the great masters, but never cultivated phenomenon, which has the outward signs of art, but it serves as a deliberate falsification.This does not mean Dorfles stipulates that certain cultural products of our age can not be considered as an art as long as it does not carry a certain aesthetic, social, psychological or technical qualities.On the contrary, the design principle is no less true of the art than poetry, the film - the theatrical piece, advertising - than painting. The essence of the problem is different:pozdneburzhuaznoe society places much of Art "is an unprecedented feature" - a calling to deliver only fun, sugary inspire feelings and even reduced to a kind of "seasoning", decorative background or symbolic status to select a person from the total mass of its kind.There was a self- contained pereaktsentirovka value of art on its use of any external purposes. "When the requirements of a fashion the upper hand over the true criteria of art, we are download the film В бой идут одни старики and again confronted with the case of the triumph of kitsch ...The same thing happens when a great work of art, such as the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, the cheese used in advertising or for other similar purposes "1 Dorfless G. The Kitsch. The World of Bad Taste. L., 1969, p.18 - Dorfles trying to divide the concept of kitsch, highlights giperkich - "bad taste of the elite culture," linking him rituals, decorations and badges of some social movements, including the fascist:"The imperial eagles, murals with brushes, greeting and goose-step - all bore seal basest taste, as they are different and pretentious ceremonies Ku Klux Klan, Masonic lodges, and some pseudo-religions, especially in the school .. Kitsch exploits irrational, even subconscious instincts of the masses. "With the conclusion of Dorflesa that kitsch is the ratio of its objective and subjective aspects of the manifestations is the most telling sign of "the current phase of Western civilization," not according to some other theorists "functionalists."They argue that this relation is "obsolete" and, though it continues to exist, among them critical midkultura acquired, absorbed elements of the traditional artistic mediocrity products for the masses, along with the set on the flow of "imperishable treasures" of the elite and high art.However, such an amorphous culture "of the particles," they are not subjected to theoretical analysis, replacing it with any description raznostilnyh most events, which generally follows the scheme of mechanical homogenization.Participants conducted by American magazine "Commentary" special discussion defended the view that the value of any art can absorb at different levels and in this - the key to its democratization.On a practical mechanism for this kind of "learning" a specialist in avant-garde Hilton Kramer spoke at the discussion in the following words: "With the high level of culture in Western society has happened is that it became available to many people in the form of entertainment ...The case goes to the fact that high culture actually download the film В бой идут одни старики and remain within the narrow circle of the initiated, serving for other entertainment, and not a situation in which aesthetic values ​​belong to all ..."2 refuted, unwittingly, the thesis of the alleged democratization of Western culture, Kramer tried to stretch a little idea about the dubious beneficial features entertainment, popular culture to promote the previously esoteric pseudo-modernism.However, the marked-theoretic "functionalists" in emphasizing midkultury in a way reflects the real processes occurring in the capitalist world.

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