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We were spoiled, we took over our achievements. After this introduction, I can not talk about a tour of St. Petersburg, without fear that my story would start acting for vulgar ostentation.However, it's better for me to say one of our friends in St. Petersburg, the old theater-goer, an excerpt from a letter which I will bring: "For several years have passed since the spring stopped coming to us of the Moscow Art Theatre. So many great things have happened since then, it seems a long time ago.But in the last term, yet far more evident than they were for us these your visits, the "tour", which was torn all the intellectuals, the entire student youth, for which fetched a place at a difficult time for them and the class-conscious workers, students and school Smolensk other evening courses.Have you heard from your administrators a crowd of thousands who stood day and night in front of the theater on the square, sometimes in bitter cold or the March slush to get in line for a ticket; you saw in front of the theater electrified the audience, who listened to you, breathlessly and enthusiastically shouted after closing the curtain;you received flowers and wreaths, picked up from the scene modest bouquets that you threw from the top students and girl students, and leaving to Moscow, you pleasantly bowing out of the car windows of countless others, but you have already contacted people who had gathered from all over the city, to accompany you, look at you again and waved his handkerchief afteryour receding train. But you are aware that those of our feelings, which are expressed in these meetings, applause and wires, had its own special tone, not the one with whom we have met and accompanied his other favorites? .. The old theater-goers, we knew from his youth and enthusiasm high grace shocks that give us great talent artists scene.We cried in the theater and then screaming like children to vent natural soul overflowed with emotion. And, meeting great artists, we waited for these disturbances and intoxicating delight. But we have waited and met poosobomu:we have waited and met in the spring, which brings with it the joy of light and dreams, and hopes that reveals even stalled slaughtered life hearts singing springs of living poetry.Your best performances we went download movie go to fight some old and watch without number of times, and not only watch, listen to them, we went as music, and listening, experienced happiness.Artistic pleasure, moments of ecstasy is what we found in the theater before, but that the performing arts can be such a wonderful mother, and, like a spring, that it may give people of all ages is a young, timid, taking to new dalyam happiness is only because we have learned you ... Did you feel this? income up to you whether the flavor of the sentiments that you have called? .. "We fetirovali {Fetirovat from the French verb feter honor..} In various circles of society with quite exceptional cordiality and warmth.Especially memorable one crowded gala dinner in the great hall of the restaurant Contant at our first arrival in St. Petersburg: the best speakers while Kony, St. Andrew, Karabchevsky welcomed us with interesting content, and talented in shape speeches.For example, horses became an attitude of strict prosecutor and giving appropriate expression to his characteristic face, said dry official tone, referring to NemirovichuDanchenko and to me: "The defendants, stand up!" We obeyed, and stood up.

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Film В бой идут одни старики
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