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In our opinion, this is the formula SA in pure form: before you act, and to act, should be familiar with all the details.Kurosawa said that the most difficult period for him filming that, "when the character has not yet begun to act: to form his concept, sometimes need to think a few months", but this is difficult because it is important for the character himself: he himself above all require all data.That is why the Kurosawa films are often divided into two very distinct parts: the first is a long exposure, and the second the characters begin to intense and dramatic action {"homeless", "Between Heaven and Hell"). That is why also 'See especially, "indifferent nature." Collected. cit., thatYet download the film В бой идут одни старики and Eisenstein was download the film В бой идут одни старики and interested not so much different space as the paintings in the form of a scroll, which he compares with the panoramic scenes. But he notes that the first kartinysvitki form a linear space and evolve in the direction of the organization shading surfaces, animated by some breath.There's even a form in which the scroll is not curtailed surface of the painting, and the image on such a surface, thus forming a kind of whole. Therefore, we find the two spaces. But Eisenstein describes the movie as a synthesis of the two forms. 2Mizubayashi Akira. В«Autourdu bainВ». В«CritiqueВ», no. 418, Janvier 1983, p. 3 Kurosawa.В«Entretien avec ShimitzuВ». В«Etudes cinematographiques KurosawaВ», p. 260 Gilles Deleuze KinoObrazdvizhenie 261 Kurosawa space can be download the film В бой идут одни старики and narrowed theatrical space where the hero holds all the data in the field of view, and to keep an eye on them to move to action.So eventually the space expands to form a large circle, connecting the world to the world of the poor rich, the top with the bottom, and the sky and hell;requires study the bottom of society and at the same time, a download the film В бой идут одни старики and detailed presentation of its vertices to draw the circle, typical great shape, the circle, which is crossed at the edges of diameter, where the rum and kotop moves hero.However, if Kurosawa had no other merit, it would be only a great director, developing great shape, and it can be understood by Western criteria has become a classic. His study of the bottom of society would be consistent with the western criminal or "mizerabilistskim" films;his large circle of the world and the poor world to the rich sent to the liberal humanist concept that Griffith skillfully imposed, both as a reality of the universe, and as the basis of installation. In short, the need for pre-exposure effect would be of good formula CA: from situation to action.And it is certainly in the great shape many aspects of this type of evidence of profound originality, which, of course, can be download the film В бой идут одни старики and attributed to Japanese traditions - but they also explains the genius of Kurosawa. Data, which is engaged in a full statement of this director are not simple data about the situation.This is the data of a question inherent in the situation, download the film В бой идут одни старики and rolled in it, and ihto hero and should detect that byt5 to act, to be able to situag, tion react."Answers", therefore, is not only a reaction to the situation, but in a deeper sense - the answer to a question or a problem that the situation was not able to uncover. If there is some piece rodstvomezhdu Kurosawa and Dostoevsky, it is directed specifically to this point:Dostoevsky no matter how extreme the situation is, the hero of this deliberately ignores and seeks first to find an even more pressing issue.

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