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The consciousness of this will encourage her and then laid out to the maximum, in order not to fall behind the competition. She even resorts to a clever trick. There's a scene, which makes it a special rate:morning, when Guy Lenglend, who spent the night with her, falls back on the bed and hugs her. Studying it in the script, she took the episode as the culmination of a love line as fifty feet caught on tape film history, which will never be forgotten: Gable kisses Monroe. But this is not consistent with the approach of Houston to love scenes:why on earth would he rode on a track, a hundred times been run by other directors? No, broke out between the characters "Misfits" passion he shows, without undue sentimentality. A middle-aged cowboy and pleasant kind blonde behave with each other casually, almost like a newsreel. All that;However, throughout the episode, taken from two cameras, her body covered with a sheet, and set the seventh double Marilyn - if unwittingly, whether intentionally - allows one of them to capture the moment his bare chest - so creating a conflict, resolve that would not be right before the release of the film's release. What do the authors:include rolling up "Misfits" frame with topless Marilyn or not? The latter, which is not surprising, absolutely "for", "I love to do something that does not pass the censorship. Anyway - what we're all here: to stand and wait until say, "You can '?" Houston in response to mutter: "The fact that women have breasts, for me, is not news."No, he will not let the sight of her wayward nipples shook ascetic general structure of his cinematographic. And when the film will be on the screen, the audience will see only her back. Nevertheless, the episode is significant in its own way: it allows to understand what her idea of ​​what might be called the on-screen balance.After all, she has to fight the giants: the "king" of Gable and "genius" Clift, and with possession of a full set of actors Eli Wallach tricks. There was a conspiracy or not, the fact remains that the role Wallach Miller intends to make significant adjustments.He is too good an actor to limit its presence caustic remarks against Gable and Monroe in the final of "The Misfits." And when its share drops malomalski shock scene, like Lindy - dancing performance on a par with Marilyn, the one with the bat starts to accuse him of being a partner, de, trying to beat it:the fact is that during the dance camera captures its movement back and its front. However, she and then his words are never at a loss, adding: "Well, my butt audience will like more than Eli's face." Meanwhile, for the past five years, as it maintains friendly relations with Wallach.The impression is that, breaking with Miller, she literally steps over from one continent to another, talking to Eli, without witnesses, it goes so far that in the hearts tells him, "No chemto you Jews really parsed." What is the cause of this explosion of emotion?Does she think the rabbi once told her that the afterlife does not exist? Or the pitfalls lurking in the plot Millerovo scenario? Indeed, from the moment when the idea was born a movie, it's been three years.For three years she download the film В бой идут одни старики and lived in captivity comforting idea that one day, when he and Arthur made a film that will breathe in her image to the public the most precious thing - the soul.

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