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As if the soul of the download the film В бой идут одни старики and murdered Dmitri inspires in him - in Fedor ... Of course, every artist thinks, as is achieved sverhvozdeystvie.Think about how the interpretation of the Word becomes a process of poetic, thought - not mechanical? How, for example, play vocabulary Kirillov, his inability to "gather thoughts to the point?" The fact that he said "is not grammatically somehow, somehow strangely download the film В бой идут одни старики and rearranged words and confused, if he had to make a longer phrase," - as a message?People invented spelling rules and rules of conduct in order to streamline, "average" itself. Lead to kakomuto denominator. Desirable well familiar. Usual. Kirillov download the film В бой идут одни старики and struggled with this: "I've always wanted, so it's only words. That's why I live, it's not like ... "He had to have their say.What word is said Kirillov - known. "Out of grammar" that life exists David Borovsky. Punctuation in his own. He can choose his words for a long time, as if searching for a way out of the maze. But at the right time will be the download the film В бой идут одни старики and curtain to the "Hamlet" or hanging porches to the "Tales of Old Arbat".Many people would like to get in his bald head, and find out how they think - Curtain and porches. Not everyone is as easy as Chekhov explains: "You know, as I write my little stories? Here. - And he looked round the table, picked up the first thing that came to my eye, it was an ashtray and put it in front of him and said: - Do you want to be a story tomorrow ...The title of "ashtray". There is a force that makes this ashtray attracts. And I think I know almost palpable now that strength. Lusha finished reading the prayer, and I still tingle at the temple. Do not let go of his hand. Ding note is download the film В бой идут одни старики and sounded. Now, when it will again be read, I'll try to repeat her.Undertone. Without points. February 9, "True to the room," They went out on a small stage. Dress rehearsal of the first act was 1 hour 30 minutes. I did not like it, because at some point began to assume the chair. Empty. How many people will come. Brake is full of that awkward "undress", when so few people. Habit? "The share of the truth.True to the room and the whole room, or the truth to the world. No small truth you will not find a big, no room would not come to the area. " But it is not I say, February 11 Fever and can not sleep. Before all that I do, every thought to be swell. That is the motivation needed. And I? Here's a scene where she revolver guided, comes out.Not because of Natashi3 - because of me. Zachemto recall Chekhov's "Bear", "Missing! Died! Fell into a trap like a mouse! "This is when perturbed Popova shakes before him the revolver. As at A similar situation is given in derision! But this is just the feeling that Chekhov easy vodevilchik ... Just so often download the film В бой идут одни старики and played.February 20 I still can not explain, except death, and death. Impossibility of death in general. I think if God created life again, he would come up with anything should better death. Perfect. Perhaps it was his only mistake. March 22 Tovstonogov come! Not for nothing, I wrote this number in red. It will be remembered for a lifetime. He came so that gouging.Still not seeing, not knowing. And he began to look. God! What was this run! Two people in the room. No, it's Dean Schwartz. The entire run of Dodin he download the film В бой идут одни старики and talked in a raised voice.

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