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But Onita never properly did not rehearse, oh God! "The Opera House in Barcelona is huge, and it was filled to capacity. We started, and soon I saw on the stage of the new monk. Before, I never saw him again. He ran across the stage from one end to the other, pushing and raspihivaya all.Running past me, he looked out from under his hood and, frowning, said: "By the way, you also do not really like me!" It was Roberto. He ran the show on stage. "Stronger ^ og 11881to, it is better ... Now ballet ballet - a busy, lively. " It seemed as if the audience liked the performance.In the Spanish people must be generous heart - the audience applauded, shouted "Bravo!". But for me it was torture. Now we have traveled a great company: Roberto, I and the children. And even if we found ourselves in Spain, Roberto decided to take Robertino the bullfights. I hate bullfighting and never to go."It is too small for such spectacles - I said. I can not watch when these beautiful animals are killed for the amusement of the public. No one asks a bull if he wanted to kill him. He who kills knows that risking his life, but he is brave. He knows what is coming. And he thinks about this bull? It's not interesting.I had heard about the blood of horses with their bellies ripped open. Spaniards addiction to drama, death, fury - they even minted their dances with full of rage - all of this is not to my taste. I can not even kill Fly with a calm heart. Before you slam it, I always say: "I beg your pardon."So I tried to prepare Robertino to what awaits him, but apparently overdone. I introduced him to the bull as fire-breathing dragon, whose flame shoots from his nostrils. When Robertino returned home, he looked as usual, and immediately took up his toy vehicles, the noise is greater than the "Ferrari".He obviously was not upset and told me nothing. I decided that what he saw, perhaps, gone deep in his subconscious. - Well, what do you think of bullfighting? - I asked. He did not answer, continuing rumble of his car. As if by chance, I asked: - Like it? - Mom, - he said. - Do you know what a bull? Do you know who runs out of the gate?Husband cows. That's what was his greatest discovery: the bull - the husband of a cow. Again, I too dramatize the situation. And Robertino continued with his car. We arrived in Paris on our galapremeru oratorio at the Opera House. This was to be a real event.But the trouble was that he lived in Paris, Paul Claudel, who had already heard that we follow are not all his stage directions. We were invited to tea. Claudel was very strict. film go to fight some old. With passion he asked Roberto, what, in his opinion, the essence of design oratorio.An essential part of success, he believed, is a fixed Jeanne, then, that within an hour she remains tied to a pole, dies, facing the audience. And when I admitted that a lot of moving around the stage, he was horrified. - I just can not imagine how you did it, as made such a mistake - he said.- But I will not allow this. You are not allowed to put in my Opera oratorio with all these strange stuff. We darkened. Y - The only thing that we can do - is to show you the dress rehearsal in the hope that you will enjoy the show - we said. - Well, if you do not approve ... And if he does not approve of? Catastrophe!Before the premiere was only a few days.

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