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G. Wolff went to the first floor, walked down the hall and stopped at the door, covered with black leather. Knocked on the jamb. Colonel Fedyunin quickly removed the small speaker on the table, download the film гай риччи and turned it off and put it in a box. - Log. Entered Messing. Colonel greeted him with a smile: - What is already download the film гай риччи and finished? - No. Perform the installation of one of your students. - Messing picked up a box of cigarettes "Kazbek", opened it, took out a cigarette and put in your mouth. The remaining cigarettes Messing grabbed a fist and forcefully squeezed his hand. Breaking cigarette loud crunching.- What are you doing, Wolf G.? - Colonel download the film гай риччи and frowned. Messing, without answering, threw the broken cigarette and crumpled box in the trash, standing at the table. - It is necessary to throw, comrade colonel - Messing smiled and took the matches from the table, lit a cigarette sticking out of his mouth, and awkwardly long.Immediately coughed loudly and extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray. - Well, it seems, did as ordered ... - This is my job gave the robbers? - Colonel asked menacingly Fedyunin, rising because of the table. - Nuka, let's go. - No, Comrade Colonel, you have them that curse going? - I have them now glei Lather, bastard! What is this familiarity?- Why familiarity? Gay guys - this is a good - smiled Messing. - No, no, come on ... - The Colonel went to the first door. - You allow yourself this, comrade students? - With these words appeared on the threshold Fedyunin classroom. Cadets at once with a roar sprang.- Cigarettes break my man made ... non-smoker to smoke made it for disorderly conduct? Lednev, it's all your stuff? Recognize wild imagination ... - Voobscheto, and the truth would quit smoking, Comrade Colonel, - smiling, dark-download the film гай риччи and haired said. - Why do non-smoker smoking made?- Yes, I gave when installing, did not know that Comrade Messing nonsmoker. - Where was your observation? What are you, the devil, the scout, if smokers from non-smokers can not tell? Well, under the heading "Observation" five extra sessions. - Look ... - dark-download the film гай риччи and haired student put his head in confusion. - All right, go ahead.And look at me, so no tricks. - The Colonel Fedyunin left. In the classroom, it was quiet. Cadets watched Messing.Messing download the film гай риччи and looked at them ... for every individual ... and suddenly pierced his consciousness like an electric shock ... and darkness enveloped him ... stirring deep, smoky haze ... and again from the darkness began to fish out of a person ... and messing cadets saw them burning the dead ... in the car ... He was shot ... lying on the floor of the room in a bloody shirt ... - I have to tell you ... II understand you'll be very unhappy ... I will complain to someone Beria, but ... I would not be able to teach your students of ... - Why? - Sorry Fedyunin colonel asked. - What happened, G. Wolf? Again my players threw kakoynibud focus?You talking to me for an hour, you can not engage with students, but do not want to say why. I think you just do not want to help us. After listening to your conversations, work out with you, our future spies would be prepared better and safer ... maybe they would have learned the methods of telepathy ... It's very capable guys. We selected them for a long time.They are download the film гай риччи and designed for a long introduction ... they are important for illegal work. Messing silent, gazing out the window at the snow- covered area of ​​special forces ... on the fence ... on slender spruce and pine.

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