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Magnates built studio on his own likeness, to realize their dreams. "Everyone had their own ambitions and different ways to implement them - said Billy Wilder.- "Warner Brothers", for example, appealed to writers more severely. Everything is done by the hour. In contrast to the "MGM" or "Paramount", where you can come and go as you please. Warner also personally checked all the rooms of the studio and put out the lights in the toilets. He was such a master. ""MGM" is notorious for spending a lot of money - says Milton Sperling. - There, for example, were everywhere chic white phones, while Warner - ordinary black. "Austerity affects the movies download the film гай риччи and filmed here. Paintings" Warner "is simple, dynamic. The scenes they were flat and cold.One producer says that cut a single frame of the movie, to accelerate the pace. This style is best suited to modern urban scenes. In "Warner" had its stars, but they rarely meet a Hollywood star notions of grandeur. It worked, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Muni, Bette Davis.Perhaps the only good looking Erroll Flynn, the image of the romantic hero. All the others were sober, insightful, cynical people. This is partly due to the fact that Warner picked artists who responded to his ideas about himself, the hero who would be his alter ego. Tall, elegant heroes "MGM" - it is not for Jack.As Harry Cohn, Jack saw himself as the leader of a rebellion against the establishment of beautiful and hypocrisy. He recognized his features in some images created by Edward Robinson, for example, Rico from "Little Caesar." It was like Cagney and heroes - strong, smart, able to survive - and cynical observers Humphrey Bogart.But if the stars chosen because they were the embodiment of idealized Jack, then he is often download the film гай риччи and imitated their manner of dress, walk, turn the cigarette habit in his fingers. And he directed the studio, respectively - as a tyrant and a cynic. Employees are exploited mercilessly. Cagney says:"It felt that Warner confuse actors with racehorses. Mine, for the first forty weeks of work, I download the film гай риччи and starred in six films. Temperature filming was unimaginable. Sometimes we worked until trehchetyreh morning. Sometimes, we started at nine and worked day and night until the next the morning. " But autocracy Warner still can not be created.First, all the men were dissatisfied with him. Secondly, looking strong, uncompromising people, Jack picked up the group in which the rebellion was almost inevitable. Watch the film гай риччи in excellent quality online. "Y" Warner "had to constantly fight for everything. Was not always win, but they at least remember that you are still alive," - says the actress Ann Sheridan.In those days, most of the stars have long-term contracts with the studios, which, however, could be canceled at any time at the initiative of studios. During the time that the actor did not work, he did not pay.In this situation, the actor, who were abused, there was one - pointedly away from the shooting in the hope that due to this trouble - the cost of time and money - forced the studio to make a compromise. To "Warner Brothers" such demonstrations were in order."Over the years spent at the" Warner ", I just did that - says Cagney. - I went to the East and lived at his farm until he could come to an agreement with the management." Jack wanted to appear strong and stubborn master, but unlike Harry Cohn he download the film гай риччи and lacked the temperament to be a tyrant."Jack was a man terrified - said Milton Sperling.

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