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The process of their mutual transition - one of the essential aspects of the cultural development of the world man with signs. It manifests itself most clearly in art. Based on the two types of signs grow two kinds of art: visual and verbal. Separation of this is obvious, it would seem, in any further explanation is not needed.However, you should look at the artistic text and ponder the history of art, as is clear that verbal art, poetry, and later fiction, seek out the material symbols to construct a verbal image, the iconic nature of which is clearly detected at least in the fact that a purely formal Levels of expressionword mark: phonetics, grammar, even graphics - the poetry becomes meaningful. Material symbols of the poet creates text that is a sign of the fine. Simultaneously, there is an opposite process:pattern, which by its very nature, the sign is not set up to serve as a means of narration, the man was striving to tell. Attraction drawing and painting to the story is one of the most paradoxical while standing trends Fine Arts.In extreme cases, the sign in the painting can acquire peculiar word against conventionality of expression and content. These are the allegory of painting classicism. The viewer must know the meaning of poppies, the snake, holding the tail in his mouth, an eagle sitting on a book of laws, a white tunic and purple cloak in the portrait of Catherine II Levitsky.In the history of art of ancient Egypt was a genre of murals, reproducing life of the Pharaoh. Painting was carried out in a strictly ritualized forms. If the pharaoh was the woman pictured, as always, a boy and a true sex object image emerges from the verbal sign.In this case, the drawing of a boy, was the expression, the content of which was a girl, which is fundamentally contrary to the very essence of visual signs. The quest for the transformation of visual signs in verbal and narrative as the principle of the text there is a direct and immediate connection.If we consider these samples narrative pictorial means, as icons of the Russian painter XV century Dionysius "Metropolitan Peter" or "Metropolitan Alexei," it is easy to see that their composition includes two key elements: the central figure of the saint, and a series set around the figure images.This second part is constructed as a story about the biography of the saint. Above all, it is segmented into equal spatial pieces, each of which covers a certain time of life of the central character. Furthermore, the segments are arranged in chronological order, which also defines a sequence of reading.The fact that this is not a simple aggregation of diverse, unrelated to each other drawings, and a single narrative, defined by: The repetition in each segment of the figure of the saint, meeting comparable artistic media and identifiable, despite the change in appearance, with the sign - lights around the head.This provides a pictorial unity of a series of images. Film гай риччи. Connection with the scheme drawings of typical nodal episodes lives of saints. Inclusion of pictorial images of verbal texts. The last two points defined by the inclusion of images in the context of verbal lives, giving them a narrative unity.It is easy to see that the constructed so that the text remarkably reminiscent of the construction tape film narrative with its division into frames and, if we talk about the "silent" film, a combination of visual and verbal narrative captions.No mechanical connection of two types of signs, and synthesis, growing out of the dramatic conflict of almost hopeless, but never stopped trying to get new means of expression, to use sign systems, it would seem, in spite of their most basic properties, creates a variety of forms of visual storytellingrock drawings to Baroque painting and window growth of the national splint, knizhkakartinka, comics are as different in historical determination and artistic value of this single moment of movement.The emergence of cinema as an art and cultural phenomena associated with a number of technical inventions, and, in this sense, is inseparable from the era of the late XIXXX century.

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