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I went on a few stunned Shumyatsky. - Undertake? - I asked the Prut. - And you have many other suggestions? Other suggestions I had, and I said nothing.We dressed quietly and silently out of the famous cinema building on Small Gnezdnikovsky Lane, where many producers have experienced their greatest success and a heavy blow of fate. Silently walked down the alley. - It is necessary to immediately go to the desert, - I said finally. Rod even stopped: - Why?- Well, at least to see what it is ... - Desert so called desert, there's nothing there - didactically said Prout. - This is an empty space ... It is better to let the story write. How many of us would be heroes? - Thirteen - grimly joked me. - Very good! This something is:Thirteen ... It's mysterious, it portends something ... What if we call the film "Thirteen"? Huh? ... Sounds! Two weeks later, Rod sent me a libretto. The libretto was a company team. There were students and soldiers, and kakieto ladies, and professors - very different people. Some effects were very strong.Well, for example, when the professor discovers that the leader of the gang, Colonel, it was his own son. He came out and said, "Oh, great! I gave birth to you, I'll kill you. " I did not like it. Besides, I did not like as Joseph Leonidovich showed well. He showed as follows: slabs, on which sat a Red Army, the barrel. He said:"But something is blowing" - and showed well. I decided that if I did "donuts" as a single collective portrait of the bourgeois multi-headed, you try to fix this device on the Soviet material - borrowed and mud, rather frivolous idea.It has proved difficult because it is easy to give a single, not the detail of portrait of multi-headed creature in the well-established understanding of what the bourgeoisie, and in addition sharply negative portrait, you can find a lot of colors. In "thirteen" generally failed. Especially since it was a sound picture, but not dumb.Although, in general, she starred as a mute, and there are many finds of pure dumb. On the role of the commander's wife in "Thirteen" and the role of Lisa in "The Queen of Spades" I invited the actress Elena Kuzmina - Romm adds, "... she began to make a sample. A sample of it makes a funny, short, said a few words Aronovich Leo, who was director of the association.- I pay a little, - she said - it would be good, would pay more. Her voice was thin, had not yet been delivered. I said: - Well, pretty, everything will be Watch Online and to act. " you know then only on pictures.Kuzmina in the era of silent film played brilliantly sharp and complex role in the "New Babylon" and "One" Kozintsev and Trauberg, and then worked for Barnett. In the film "Thirteen" I invited exclusively cinematic actors. Only the lead role was taken by Nikolai Kryuchkov - Former tramovets, which at that time greatly moved. The operator was still Volchek, an assistant to him went just finished VGIK Era Saveliev.I took a junior administrator Privezentsev Kohl, who worked for me then all the pictures before reaching the director of the group. In 1941 he went to the front and died. In the spring of 1936 we went to Turkmenistan to shoot Outdoor scene "Thirteen."We expected , Guy Ritchie movie watch online and capture the entire nature of the spring until it was too hot in the summer and return to Moscow, and here the night to finish the pavilion stage.

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