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This large image turned all sound performance. The final was found immediately at the first attempt.And then when we went back to rehearsing the first scene, it was found that Mr they began to change, grow big mizanstsenirovka. The whole play is built almost changed when we found the prospect of the final found. The viewer was constantly the whole apartment, weight room at once, only the walls are transparent - they were not.And the viewer to follow the action in the foreground, but also seen in the depths, Polezhayev in his office. It took me to play this long ten-minute silent running. thinking person. Movement but the apartment was not the inputs and outputs, and a long pass to the suite of rooms.They defined a unique and mesmerizing rhythm of the play. I can remember numerous finds BDT in search of parts and accessories, the ability to give the character, detail in costume and makeup. But now is not the point. I'm talking about his talent director, architect performance.That is why I so often deliberately use the word "sphere", seeing it as the main thing in common, defining. Another word is extremely important - the atmosphere - I did not touch. Tovstonogov perfectly able to create an atmosphere - a living and changing the air show, but it does already in rehearsals, and only together with the actors.The scope is created in the plan, it is a personal creation, and that's about it I download the film гай риччи and wanted to tell. One more play. "Three Sisters" by Chekhov. 1965. This performance Tovstonogov do without assistants. Proceeded with all the rehearsals - from first to last. On this performance, much has been written and a lot of arguing.On the rehearsal process of working on the "Three sisters" download the film гай риччи and filmed. I will not repeat the known. But my, private, hidden from prying eyes. I started rehearsing Tuzenbach very easily. The atmosphere of the work was easy, fun, but more than ever said and argued. I thought that I had found in the role of humor and lyricism.Unanimously said that they had received a suicide scene with Irina. Grim was expressive. I went in the morning to one of the first run. Late, as is often the case with me. Caught up with a well-known theater critic, who was walking toward us. He did not have to make up. He did not hurry. - Late in the going. Jurassic '- he download the film гай риччи and called me.- And my make-up simple - I threw on ^ ode. - A soul? Have time to make up the soul? - He sent after him. - Hops, playing Tuzenbach, came to the theater for two hours at least. And CP; shno, from trifling conversation, I suddenly broke. I was scared of the ease with which the output of the stage.I actually climbed into his soul and began forcibly make up it. Was run as usual are the first run. But during the performance I felt like a fraud. I suddenly felt that I was not download the film гай риччи and prepared, do not know - what he wants unfortunate baron, as he walks like he says. Comments I did not follow.I myself went to Tovstonogov and candidly spoke about his condition. - No, - he said, - mine, all right. Vyalovato only today. Tighten the inner pins. And as luck would have, in the evening I found in the library on a book about the hoppy.I read about his agonizing, long, download the film гай риччи and detailed work on Tuzenbach, bites eyes in his portraits roles. The accuracy of the rotation of the head. deep and expressive eyes. Oh, I pulled the pegs to the next run. So pulled, after the second act Tovstonogov download the film гай риччи and asked me: - Serge, what's wrong?Ease can not be returned, it is impossible to replace negligence.

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