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Of course, the equipment is download the film гай риччи and needed. You can not every night just to experience the death of a loved one or your own death.But the play is true to the original play roughly - the actor simply must. In this connection, will tell a story. Efros put, here in the MDGs, Pushkin's "Boris Godunov", where the Ravens played King Boris, and I - Prince Fedor. And now, as we did beat, did we fail death scene of Boris Godunov and his farewell to her son.Does not work - and all! Famous scene. Boris dying make nobles. Prince runs. - Come all - says Bo - Leave a prince to me. I'm dying! Hug! The prince rushes from his dying father, who gives him instructions how to govern the country and how to behave: - Farewell, my son, now you download the film гай риччи and begin to reign. Dismantle the stage.Of course, it is naive to think that Boris is simply instructing. Rather, it is the fear for the fate of the child who is the heir of the boyars, to whom the king Boris was often powerless. Moreover tsarevnadoch. So, most likely, it says the father, not the king. And he wants to say to his son as much as possible.Need to have time, time ... And death is getting closer and closer ... I think everything is clear, but it does not work. And so we agreed to meet up with Voronov rehearsal koechto try and show Efros. And we have download the film гай риччи and agreed this is what Ivan D. present the really, mobilizing all their imagination that he actually dies, tune to it.And I submit that this is my father died ... Such is the profession - have to enclose and the worst. Collusion. Came Efros. Rehearsed in the office of Mary Osipovna Knebel. We looked at each other and started the scene. I ran into the office and saw the pale Voronov in the chair. His lips were trembling. He opened his eyes, they had terrible pain.- I am dying, hug ... I ran to him and sobbed. Began to stroke his face, shaking, pushing numbness. In Voronov tears flowed down her cheeks. - Advisor, first, ... therefore choose to troops now download the film гай риччи and needed ... of the chair, he slid to the floor, and I lay against his knees and wept. And suddenly it became muddled Voronov, and then just started mumbling.I looked at tsaryabatyushku and stopped playing. His face was white as a sheet, around the mouth are marked by black wedge, his eyes download the film гай риччи and rolled back. He died! Efros download the film гай риччи and rushed to the phone and began to call "ambulance." I jumped in the lobby and began to yell: - Who has anything should of death? Watch the film гай риччи online. Ravens lost consciousness and was lying on the chairs, where it was moved.Something he was given or poured, I do not remember, but he opened his eyes and sat up. - Are you crazy ... - pale Efros said. - But is it possible? Well it's a theater, and not ... It's terrible! All right, thank God. Ivan D. in my memory never sick. He was a big strong man. Behind the scenes, he often was doing the trick:took in hand a large nail and smash them punched a thick plank. And even though the case was really awful, but it I download the film гай риччи and realized how great opportunities actor. A Ravens then I often spoke with pride: - Well, like you and me then! Let the living creature so try and we'll see!And I, frankly, did not want to because he once " tried" - it would be good not over. In 1955, Victor S. Rozov wrote his comedy "Good Luck" and brought it Efros. Since then, the playwright remained true to our theater, and all his plays brought us:"Finding Joy," "The unequal battle," "pre-dinner" ... and I was busy with all of these performances, which gave me great happiness and brings more creative pleasure.

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