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In "Autumn Sonata" for me one of the finest moments of the film is the scene where Charlotte tells of the death of his friend in the hospital, on their last night.Whenever I watched this scene, I find it wonderful, just perfect. This makes her Ingrid. I consider this one of the best kinoepizod in my entire life director. " Two years later, in the summer of 1979, I returned to the island to see again with Ingmar.Togdato he showed me a long documentary about how the shooting took place, "Autumn Sonata." I did not even know about this conception, because during filming near you always crowded mass lighting, camera operators, which often lead shot, standing behind you, or working with a hidden camera.With great interest I looked at myself - never before I have not seen ourselves. Taken was all very frankly. I even said Ingmar: "It would be nice to see this film before filming. Then maybe there would not be so much trouble because of me." I could not believe what happened to me so hard.I always say, all the controversy, all terribly annoying. Perhaps this is a good thing - see yourself for who you really are. Maybe even in my youth I was better? Oh no, it's doubtful. The film begins with the fact that Ingmar sitting on the table and resting his foot on a chair, tells all: "Hi, I'm glad to work together again with you."Then we download the film гай риччи and begin to read the script and I immediately catch the debate: "This place is the most boring of all that I had to read kogdalibo. D is too long. And this piece I just do not understand: what does all this mean?"At this moment the camera stops on the face of one of the officers, the representative of the administration, which seems to be eager to incinerate at me. "With it, we never finish a film," - can be read on her face. I do not blame her. If I showed itself in the first five minutes, how they were going to make me for six weeks?Ingmar was calm, gentle, "Okay, well, Ingrid. When we get to the scene, the porepetiruem it and see how it will look. And now let's move on to the scene back later. " Then they all began to make a mark Napoli, and I resumed my "What? Lying down on the floor? For what? You're crazy! Yes, the audience with laughter dies!"But finally started shooting, and I began to behave decently. I have to say that regardless of my presence in the film, I watched it with great excitement, almost like painting kakuyunibud Hitchcock. So this is our job? That's how all this comes together? The sight was amazing.I think this is really the best documentary on how to make a movie, even though I'm playing a role in it is not pretty. Ingmar going to eventually pass the tape to the Swedish National Institute of Cinema. "During our work with Ingrid happened another unusual for her change - says Liv Ullmann.- Even if she had to say the incredible size of the monologues, it was not the day, when she did not know the entire text. Ingrid conducted the same night life, the rest of us: watching a movie, went to parties, as it became a member of the large family that has download the film гай риччи and developed around Ingmar.She was not locked in his room, but still have never had occasion to have to do something twice because of the fact that Ingrid did not know the text. A Swedish it was, of course, impeccable. I love it. I just adore her. Looking at it, I understand what the movement is seeking to liberate women.In front of me a man who has lived and continues to live by his principles every day.

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