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Only a hundred or so years ago there was a theater singeki- modern drama. Wonderful actors working with me, it is the representatives of this trend. They abandoned the old. They embraced global theater and it developed his talent.They are interested in the analysis of effective elements tovstonogovskogo method, meaning Brechtian alienation. And a stranger from a distant Moscow, putting contemporary Soviet plays, explains the essence of the staging, referring to the methods of the ancient Japanese theater. And I have it from? Did I myself wrote? No.It has come down to me through the second, third hand, through my uchiteley- lessons and Stanislavsky and Meyerhold, and Lobanov and Tairov, and Chekhov, who in turn studied and creatively implement the great finds of the eastern theater. Boomerang. Communication times. Dialectic. Kiva full. Smiling. Politeness or understanding?On overcoming the crisis Japanese actors speak very little rehearsal. Just listen and try. Rare questions are asked during the breaks, and always with a previous apology. With such sensitive people need more care. It happens that sformuliruesh inaccurate, you will not find the right image. Retrograde? Nods his head.But then strained his attention, including intuition. On the grounds of the smallest noticeable: it is unclear inaccurate. The scene is not just speak text and perform staging. Stop! - Maybe it is not clear? - It is clear, but not yet obtained. Guilt takes over. Oh, how important it is not to pass without Watch Online and take the delicacy of the truth.Stop! First? All forget. We bite into this piece. Pull out the thorn. Otherwise, it will be then download movie Guy Ritchie and vesicate this place. We are rehearsing sideshow spectacle - a scene from "The Decameron" "Boccaccio. Pa plain, feel like there was full of brake. Lodovico escapes from Mazzeo and shouts:"I am blind, I'm a cripple," to , Guy Ritchie movie watch online in excellent quality and to soften and avoid punishment. I see - the actors something embarrassing. Talking. Again? Performed, but again the brake. Not glued, not glued. What? Simple piece. - No, no, it's okay. - Again! - Again embarrassment. Stop! We will understand.It turns out that in the Japanese theater is not accepted from the stage to utter the word "cripple", but respect for the text of the play prevents actors tell me it's right. Lord, throw the word! This is not a text Aleshin, is Boccaccio, he will not mind. , Guy Ritchie movie watch online and throw! Bottom of times we say, "I'm blind, I'm blind!" This is possible?Total sigh of relief. Node chipped. In our basement is cold. It should be a great heater, but when it is included, very noisy. Quickly heats the room and it becomes hot. Includes breaks. But starting runs large pieces. Action has been going on for about an hour. Very cold.And what aktrise- Komakisan in light jacket. A Iksdasan all wet from jumping and desertions. The cold wave spreading through the room. I want to stop. But there is a scene. Wait point. Finally - stop! Bask! Frozen? Laugh - frozen! The habit to endure the inconvenience to ignore, overcome. Just bring up children.Late in the evening I go to the station sky train to the hotel. Cold. Wind. Goes woman on a bicycle with three detmi- basket at the helm, on the frame and very tiny girl in a basket on his back. Getting ahead of myself. At the intersection of I catch them. Here the wind stronger and colder. And the road up the hill. She gets off the bike and pushes it. Slowly.Children without headgear. But do not ezhata not whimper. Sit straight, politely. In the morning I brightened at his friends: why such patient children?

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