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Zukor could intimidate. "Over time, there was such a habit:He laid them on the table two clenched fists and slowly spreading out to the side, said: "Cecil, this is how I can break you." Power was to Zukor end in itself, a way to take revenge on the world in which, even for a long time, he felt helpless and others. Having achieved the status of art for film, Zukor won a powerful force in the cultural elite.Now he was going to repeat everything again. The changes that he made in the movie as in the arts, he secured the changes in the financial system of filmmaking - it will take five years, from 1915 to 1919. This time, Zukor goal was simple - to get their hands on all the film industry.The first victim was the company "Paramount", her character - the snow- covered mountain peak, reminiscent Ridge Vasach, ancestral edge of the founder "Paramount" Hodgkinson, a traveling salesman from Utah - download the film гай риччи and posted bold aspirations pioneering Zukor.To start Zukor proposed merger with Jesse Lasky, second largest producer, using the "Paramount". Lasky has succeeded as well as Zukor - buying the rights to plays, but he was a man of a different kind."Lasky did not look like a Hollywood mogul - said one writer - it was soft and helpful person, to his work, he treated with caution and full of children had no commercial instinct or knowledge in the field of finance." Jew SanFrantsisko, Touches assimilated so much that hardly aware that he was a Jew."He did not have to fight for survival in the Eastern European ghettos in New York's East Side - said his daughter Betty. - So he was a gentle man, he was not a fighter, a fighter, a killer. He could be ruthless. Unlikely that he would have reached such heights if not good luck: he met Zukor. Adolph Zukor was a shark. "Having tried a few quick ways to get rich - trade home syrup of maple leaves, or some device, which supposedly has pulled gold from sand - Lasky began playing in vaudeville in a pair with her sister Blanche.Soon they were performed in the best theaters of New York, but Blanche was no temperament to actively participate in the show business, and Lasky tired of touring around the country. He decided to open his own agency, and soon became a Broadway impresario.His agency, however, did not have the prestige, and he decided to open on Broadway analogue French cabaret "Folies Bergere." However, the project failed and the Lasky suffered losses, is estimated at about one hundred thousand dollars. Watch the film гай риччи in excellent quality online. When the next year Lasky vacationing in Maine, brother Samuel Goldfish download the film гай риччи and tried to persuade him to try his hand at film.Lasky, arguing that the case beneath the dignity of a "cultural entrepreneur", refused. In the end, he came all the same in the film business - with best friend Cecil De Mille.De Mille in no way convinced Laski, he just complained that he was tired to struggle with poverty, find work, said he decided to go to Mexico and get a reporter - to write about the revolution raged there. Trying at all costs to stop the other, Laski download the film гай риччи and invited along to open a business - the third will Goldfish.De Mille liked the idea, and the contract was signed right in the restaurant - on the back of the menu. In 1916, when the download the film гай риччи and proposed merger with Zukor "Paramount" Lasky already download the film гай риччи and enjoyed some influence in the industry. Zukor also had to fight a war in our own home front.The contract with the audience favorite and biggest star "Feymos pleyerz" Mary Pickford was over, and excitedly invited all the major film companies: Competitive Fever star to drive the price of one million per year.Although even the first half of 1916 there were rumors that Pickford decided to part with "Feymos pleyerz" Zukor assured everyone that it is not true that they have download the film гай риччи and entered into an oral agreement Pickford and it now remains only to fix it on paper.

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