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And each of us is a special way or a possible center;we are nothing more than a scheme of interaction between the three images, the combination obrazovpertseptsy thicken, and obrazovdeystvy obrazovemotsy.Among other things, you can proceed "in the depths of history," along the lines of distinguishing between these three types of images and try to find a matrix, or obrazdvizhenie as such, in its acentric of purity, in its first mode of variability in its warmth and light, when it is not download the film гай риччи and obscured any centers uncertainty.How do we rid ourselves and how we untangle ourselves? This popyt1 MM, p. 203-205. Eng. per., p. Beckett did KinoObrazdvizhenie ku, creating cinematic work entitled "Film" with Buster Keaton in the title role.В«Esseestpercipi, there to be perceived" - says Beckett, picking up the wording of the image, belonging to the Irish Bishop Berkeley, and it is certainly a slip of the "beatitudes percipere and percipiВ», if we know that our perception will continue until as long as we are alive, the most perception itself is terrible?Beckett has download the film гай риччи and developed a system of simple cinematic conventions "in order to put this problem and do this operation.Whatever it was, it seems to us that the instructions and diagrams given by him, and the moment allocated to them in his film, reveal his intention to only half Because, in fact, three factors are as follows. For the first time on a character rushes forward and runs horizontally along the wall;Then, on the vertical axis, it is trying to climb up the stairs, all the while holding on to the wall. It "works", and this perception of action or obrazdeystvie, subject to the following conditions: OE camera shoots him from the back and only at an angle of forty-five degrees;if it lifts the camera happens to surpass this amount, the action is blocked, gradually fade away, and the character will stop and hide the part of the person under threat. The second point:person entered the room, and since it is no longer leans against the wall, angle security camera is doubled and now stands at forty-five degrees on each side, and, therefore, ninety degrees. About perceives the room as well as things and animals in it, while the OE perceives himself Oh, the room and its contents:perception is perception, or obrazpertseptsiya taken in dual mode and dual frame.Camera to shoot still adhere to the terms of the character's back at an angle of forty-five degrees, but the additional condition is that the character has to drive out of the room to cover all animals and objects that can serve as a mirror, or even frames, so that subjective perception has download the film гай риччи and faded, and there was only an objectiveOn the perception and then be able to get on in the cradle and gently sway, eyes closed. But just in this, the third and last time coming is the most terrible danger: With the fading of subjective perception, the camera got rid of the restrictions' Beckett Samuel. В«FilmВ». - In.: В«Comedie et actes diversВ». Ed. de Minuit, p.113 - Three things marked Beckett are: street, stairs, bathroom. Film гай риччи. We propose a different classification: obrazdeystvie, grouping Street and staircase; obrazpertseptsiya for the room, and finally, to obrazemotsiya shaded room and sleep in the cradle of the character. 120 Gilles Deleuze KinoObrazdvizhenie 121 shooting angle of ninety degrees.With great care she overcomes this value and the other is moving in the range of two download the film гай риччи and hundred and seventy degrees, but each time it wakes up the character who finds a piece of subjective perception, hides and cowers vynuzhdaetkameru retreat.Finally, using the numbness Oh, OE can not look him in the face, and the camera slowly approaching to face So now we see the character on front, and at the same time found a new, and the last condition:OE is a camera on the double, they have one and the same person, eye patch, the only difference is that on face anxiety, and at OU - attentive, in the helplessness of an effort to move, and at OU - sensitive surface.Now we invaded affective perception, the most powerful, because it remains after we unravels all the others: it is the perception itself, obrazemotsiya.

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