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Domchalis his car to the hospital. He died before he could get to the emergency room. Postmortem report download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and stated: "acute heart failure." Deeply saddened, shocked, Ingrid came to the funeral.'s Dictionary Ingrid has always had two concepts: "love" and "being in love."She was "in love" in Bob Capa, and she " loved" by Victor Fleming, as she loved many of his other friends. She had no idea that the death of Victor awaken a destructive storm in her heart. Nevertheless, she felt a download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and certain responsibility. Was his death the result of various difficulties with the film? No one could know.Now came her turn to stop and look at ourselves. She felt that at the time some piece cried out of the rut. And she made a decision. She should seriously consider their relationship with Kapa and possibly stop them. It should pull myself together and get back to the role philoprogenitive mother, devoted wife, the mistress of the perfect home.But it still bothered own position in the art, it is constantly growing irritation with Hollywood craft. As soon as I saw Ingrid Rossellini films, she realized that he wanted to make such films as "Open City" or "Payza" - true realist films.When I recently watched "Joan" on television, I saw that it was a smooth, polished Hollywood production. All the battle scenes are filmed in a studio; tower Chinon, the French countryside painted on the backdrop. And I do not think I look like a country girl. Rather, I looked like a movie star, playing the role of Joan.Clean face, beautiful hair. I do not blame hairdressers, costumers - they did their job. Though sometimes drove me crazy. At the very last minute, they rushed me to carefully put the hair, one by one.Someone doing my suit, straightening his then here and there, someone powdered my face, but I still had to re-pronounce your text and thinking about leaving. Usually I was able to focus and do not pay attention to them - after all it was an integral part of the filming.When I look back, I realize that it was then started my rebellion, my resentment, then began to change my outlook. "Arc de Triomphe" looked great on the court, but it is certainly was not this. And Joan, I would like to shoot in France.When I visited Domremy, the home of Joan, I had a feeling that it was necessary to start shooting there. Even before that, when I worked on the film "Notorious," I asked Hitchcock if we can go to South America, where it happened, and there to make a film. He said, "No".But now the war is over, and the next job after "Joan" was the film "Under Capricorn", again download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and directed by Hitchcock. I started a new treatment of Hitchcock, "Look, the action takes place in Australia. Why do not we go to shoot in Australia?" I am not persuaded Hitchcock to go that far - he agreed to England.Well, at least new lands and new faces. The main thing - to get out of the studio atmosphere. "Dear Ruth, O my dear, for the seventh week of waiting. Filming began on time, the nineteenth, but because of ten-minute takes Hicha schedule is download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and delayed for a week after each shooting day. Local technicians have little experience or none at all.Sometimes it seems that they do not care. I wait, I wait, but every day I hear the same thing: "We are not going to shoot that scene, but the next morning ..." Finally, after four days, I was told that Hitch decided to postpone the shooting of the scene and began to work with me . I was happy.

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