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No, Jack did not die until the sound of his songs, while his talented brother holds all the strings in his hands. He has published two books and promotes songs Yevgeny Martynov among young people. It is a pity that his son Eugene lives abroad, and his ex-wife was not brought up in it for the pride of his father.And thanks again to Nina Trofimovna for her talent and her sons. About one person I would like to say a few words. This is my favorite of the extraordinary - Igor talc. I believe that his tragic death - a great sorrow for all students, because he was an amazing singer.I took off only his lyrical songs, all other shooting other people. In his lyrical songs it is so deep, so internally emotional. He had unusual blue-green eyes. He did not have any clips, because in his eyes was all that was sounded in the music and lyrics of the song.When shooting a song was a very long zoom cameras from the average plan to eyes. "Svetlana Ilinichna, I have bad skin on your face." - "And then the skin, your eyes as deep as the sea, and such a tragic - will only look at the eyes."Yes, not every singer can sustain such a big plan for this to feel like felt Igor. He unordinary in the lyrics - no unnecessary movements, only the inner fullness. When he died, he was not forty, I think, about thirty-three years. Here's a age - the age of Christ, tragic.Songs Igor Talkova thought-provoking. Once in the Concert Hall "Russia" Valery Leontiev sang his song, and Igor came on the scene and began podtantsovyvat with all under Leontief. I then said: "Igor, you have no right to movie download John Michael McDonagh and jerk. You have a completely different image.Yours - Russia and the depth of love for a woman. As soon as you start to dance, you become six. Artist must remember what image he created in people's hearts. And this image can not be destroyed. "In Igor talc never been star, I mean those unpleasant traits, which, unfortunately, appear in the character and demeanor of famous actors, and work with them can be difficult. Igor has worked with pleasure, he liked the process of filming. And in all affected his personality, his scope and depth.Not everyone is able to songs in music think. Igor managed, rather, he could not girlfriend. I was afraid that after the death of Igor in the newspapers, on television screens will flood of memories of him and it appears that the "log on the first work day carrying eight people." All will be well aware Talkova.About Vysotsky on television talk talented people are the same as he did, the person. God grant that talc and talked as he deserves. When I worked with Igor, there were no failures.After his death, I promised to collect all of his videos, all the footage, which we did with him, and simply, without chatter, maybe even without words, and connect it to show. I gave my promise in the newspaper "The Voice" on the fortieth day after the death of Igor. But I was not allowed to execute it. Felt that need another program - not sad.Not lyrical. And they did it was with a lot of the text: all talked and talked, subject to swing, and the program has turned out not about Igor. A letter came from people who read my article in the newspaper, and I was asking when I will fulfill my promise? And I could answer them? At this time, has become a break Musical version.

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Film Джон Майкл МакДонах
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