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Clearly, here and at night convene meeting" About the same destination on the island of Othello, he said: "Who same posylatto against aziyatov as not black. "He realized that the public usually does not see, and that is an important condition for the play: national differences and the difference in the position of the Venetian nobles and enslaved them Moors. No place to put other opinions, even opinions about the performances of masters Maeterlinck 4;but in these reviews impacted inquisitiveness and penetration simple spectator. Better yet confirmed this need in the theater, if you look close to our dear wounded soldiers who, because of war were in the theaters along with all the spectators.Particularly interesting conversations between the artists and the soldiers in the hospitals, at least in our hospital teatra5 Art, where our artist and artists serve wounded as brothers and sisters of mercy. Yesterday's heroine of the play, which saw the soldiers, the day meeting with them for ligation.And there are long conversations and disputes between actors and audience. Interestingly, the first admission to the hospital, the soldiers get by with doubt and misunderstanding are totally unknown to them of the actor.But, having visited several times in the theater, they enthusiastically begin to follow the performances and really care about, that actress, their nurse, was not late for the play. They solemnly remind her: "Today, you have a" Blue Bird "sold out. Come, sister, will be late ...".At this moment, when the German material culture download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and turned towards barbarism, the Russian culture of the heart and spirit must strongly influence the soul of the people. The aesthetics of the theater and folk houses one of the most powerful tools for this, our art, though short- lived, but it is irresistible to his contemporaries.Theatre is the most powerful pulpit to communicate with whole crowds of people simultaneously.RECORD ON and roles on the show "The Wise Man Stumbles" Director's Notes Here's another example of how dangerous the director does not specify the root or seed feelings, not a whole logically and consistently increasing range of these feelings, but only on the final result of what he achieves.One artist has conceived Krutitsa play in the play "The Wise Man" dilapidated, overgrown with moss Moscow exactly a pillar. In this image for some reason, he wanted to personalize, as he put it, Orphan's Court, the Board of Trustees and other overgrown with moss establishment.For some reason, he has remained in the memory of the ancient old men important, important, hlopochuschie even flying around in an empty and useless matter to the director is very close friends with this way, but his idea was born from a different starting point. Look online. He went from the rest of the epic Ostrovsky This peace he understood some banal appearance.He wanted the actors stood motionless, moving slowly, etc. The director was not immediately felt that the artists download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and wanted to do the same peace, only in a different, less download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and trampled road. They were looking for a quiet confidence desires of actors and their irresistible conviction.At such a psychology people warmly because they do not understand and do not appreciate, and this stagnant swamp in which they wallow, it became even thicker, more hopeless. The director had the imprudence to open their cards and declare their ultimate goal to which artists sought unconsciously.Due to this error is still unclear by the artists work their internal affective immediately download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and stopped, and the energy was download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and distracted to the surface, that is, to the external peace.

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