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Summarizing, we can say that this film is not the Chinese have taken more than a defiant rejection of cinema.What appears on the screen, like anything: TV show, cartoon, concert, even shadow theater - not only for the film. Perhaps the author made it before the ritual is creative suicide in the hope that someone will stop him, hold, ask to return to serious - but, unfortunately, at that time, few have evaluated - paintings.However, it is a matter for the psychologist, but in the history of culture "took off kogonibud?" Remained paradoxical experiment. It would be curious to know the reason why a central role entrusted Kitano Minoru, content with a small episode.Perhaps he would like once again to take the risk, not only moving model komikovaniya television to the big screen, but also to convey it to another artist, to finally debunk the eyes of public the risible clown glory. Anyway, this problem he did.In "Kikudzhiro" spectator laughs to the finals more often - to the extent that, in a real movie plot brewing tragic turn: first, we learn that his mother left him irrevocably Macao and forgot about it, and then present at the meeting Kikudzhiro nagging mother.Laughter, constantly cry from the screen and in the audience for the last half-hour picture, as if drowned "appropriate" emotions.This way of dealing with the excess Pathetic Kitano uses in other films, for example, in the most tragic of his paintings, "dolls", the majestic pair of lovers like beggars begging comic duo sets off in colorful costumes - no other story or composition functions they perform.Own little drama is at each of the participants lighthearted games that ends "Kikudzhiro": all of them - the download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and unemployed, loners and misfits who share a common goal, Kitano formulated it, talking about the film: "We had to amuse the child." Not only download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and invented Macao, but also download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and filled him with the role of Yusuke Sekiguchi.If the boy laughed, then admitted the episode a success. In "Kikudzhiro" heroes voluntarily expose themselves to public ridicule. But as a rule, the most comic characters Kitano can not guess his comedy.They - not touching the silent film comedians, ready to laugh at themselves themselves, and not pompous fools of old French comedies, do not deserve nothing but contemptuous laughter audience. Asao of " Removed kogonibud?" Considers himself a tragic hero.No accident that it is waiting for the final brutal death, which was unlikely to be the hero destined to any other comedy - provided a modicum of sympathy for the author, in this case seems to be compliance.The third movie in China, which can be at least partly find comedy, "Zatoichi", can finally articulate what makes heroes of this director comic. Funny they are solely because of inconsistencies expectations - their own or chimto else Shinkichi dreams of becoming a skilled player, but he is not given, so it is ridiculous.Village idiot dreams of samurai armor and running around the yard with a stick at the ready - it is comical. Malchiksirota, was once raped the owner and since ENT forced to walk through the world dressed as a geisha - a figure frankly tragic scenario, however, it appears ridiculous.Victory over all rivals voinumassazhistu Zatoichi brings the same comic effect, this time carefully planned: pretending infirm blind, it allows opponents to be deceived by his looks and hit them in the most unexpected moment. Sighted, who pretends to the blind, but draws ink on closed eyelids eyes to pretend to seeing - that's a vivid example of the comic hero Kitano.

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