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Taking out of his hands a bouquet, Patricia asked sitting next to her manager to give way Delon. - Thank you, she said, his deep voice vibrating. Noticing that everyone in the dressing room without taking his eyes off her and actor Patricia turned to him: - I am very tired.Friends took the hint and began to come out of the dressing room. Musicians singer went last, warning her: - We are waiting for you outside. Do not forget the dinner together. Patricia was alone with Alain and smiled at him: - Your most beautiful flowers, I'll take them home and put in a vase in the living room. - You upset me with words of fatigue.I understand that we have long known, but wanted to invite you to the "Maxim". - I am pleased to have dinner with you. Standing on the street musicians singer said: - Go to the cafe without me. Dinner in the company of stars interested her much more than friendly party with them.On the way, she was ready to sing for joy that a famous actor invited her to a posh place. She formed a creative way is not easy, Patricia nachanaet his career with performances in restaurants without going to any comparison with the "Maxim". The search for a producer take a year, since her voice was considered "unfashionable."In the end, the money in the organization of concerts of Patricia and recording the first album put actor Gerard Depardieu. The very next day after the conclusion of the contract rumors about their romance, but she did not care. All the powers she gave singing and winning recognition of the public.- Two years ago, I also recorded an album, Allen said, but did not dare to consider themselves to your colleagues. Your voice makes you forget about everything. - I like your singing. Do not think it's flattering. I strict in regard to the performance of songs. The actor smiled and said: - You are very kind, and I hope are true.He handed the car keys to the waiter, "Maxim" and gave Patricia hand. Together they entered the restaurant and immediately photographed young korrespondenotom on duty at the entrance waiting for celebrities. Kaas frowned and Delon said: - I have long been accustomed to their obsessions.But on the other hand, it is the attention that other, as a recognition of our popularity. Pride Patricia was granted. Allen said the words "our popularity" as a self-evident fact. He treated her like a match for yourself. Over dinner they talked about the little things.The actor knew that Patricia tired after the concert, and chose to talk about interesting and pleasant topic. At night, he drove her to the house and got out to open the door with her hand and feed the girl's hand. In response to her thanks, he said, - we shall see.Patricia took a few steps toward the house naprvlenie, but then quickly returned to the car. John Michael McDonagh film. - I left her bouquet, she explained. Allen gave her donated them flowers and kissed her hand in farewell singer. Through the glass door, it looked like he was going and thought, "Alain Delon - a wonderful man.How lucky to have such a fan. "The actor opened the door key, not wanting to wake Rosalie, but she fell asleep in his chair when he heard the noise in the hall, raised her head. - I had a strange dream, said ona.I again something unhealthy. - You're very pale. Tomorrow I'll go to the doctor, I am concerned your condition. - Did you enjoy the concert Kaas?I'm sorry that did not go with you. - Patricia beautifully acted. I met her and we chatted briefly. - She looks exhausted, jealously noticed Rosalie. - Do not depleted and graceful, with a smile, she denied her Alen.Revnost you to face, in the eyes appeared shine.

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Film Джон Майкл МакДонах
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