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"Why do not you take a picture? - Asked by police. - We would then quietly went to sleep." But here we are stubborn, "Let us decide when we can shoot." It was a real siege, but we do not give up. The police remained with us until four in the morning, drank champagne with us, celebrating our wedding.The next day the photos were taken, and all were happy. All but Roberto. With Roberto download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and started this trouble. He started a trial on child custody and utterly unscrupulous. I was a Protestant, I do not have any close relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and I was married to a Swede. Hence the conclusion:Who am I to raise children? He made a bet just that. He took advantage of the fact that my name is not mentioned in the birth certificate Robertino. How could I resist the custody of his children? In addition, it is not clear whether legalized my new marriage, or I was in sin dvoemuzhestva.Every time I come to Italy, I doubt not, it will try to Roberto put me in jail. One day he brought to the court's mother and sister, Marcella, whom I sincerely and dearly loved. Just like they told me. They had to sign a statement that will live in the house of Roberto in Rome to look after children.How many times after that, his mother, crying, told me: "Ingrid, neither I nor Marcella did not want to sign the papers." "Yes, I know what Roberto, - I answered. - It makes people do what he wants . This is the most terrible of all the stubborn person I've ever met.But when he got his way, he immediately becomes the sweetest creation of the world. " In late January 1959, in the half-empty hall of the Paris Court of Ingrid was allowed temporary custody of the three children. The judge download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and declared that the children must attend an Italian school in Paris, and that Mr. Rossellini given the right to visit the children during the weekends.Roberto tried to protest the decision of the French court, citing the lack of legal rights. - I am an Italian citizen, - he said. - As my three children. And I believe that the Italian court decision regarding custody of children more legitimate than any decisions made in France. Started, as expected, Ingrid, open hostility. Now she had to fight in the Italian court. Liana Ferry told her in those days: - You're an actress. Go to the Italian judge, cry - and get their children. I know Italians. - I'm an actress on stage, - said Ingrid. - In my life, I can not play.In such important issues, it could not cheat. After the huge success of "Anastasia," "immodest" and "Tavern six lucky" Ingrid has regained its reputation as one of the biggest movie stars of the last decade and is abundant received offers to act. Typically, she chose the ones that come from truly her favorite companies.A studio "XX Century Fox," Ingrid download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and loved because it was led by Spyros Skouras. During the first meeting with Spiros he seemed quite charming. "I am your uncle, the Greek," - he said. Yes, the accent he was a Greek, and very strong.In London, I was present at a great lunchtime with Spiros and the representatives of the "Fox", who came from all over Europe. I was the only woman among them. They were aware of that before you sign a contract with them, I had the first time to break another agreement, on tour in South America with "Joan at the stake."At the table, all discussing how lucky I was to have to break that contract. - Yes, lucky - I said. - Although it cost me quite expensive.

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