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should be added the fact that the general suffering and contributed to the development of the danger of deep-rooted consciousness of the need for solidarity, understanding that the fate of each is closely linked with the fate of the entire nation.After the tragedy, and in spite of the fratricidal struggle, the power of the events themselves born the collective spirit, which indicates the viability neugasshey people. Wonderful unit Lumiere was right there - a carousel of images, as it was called, factory cheap dreams, but also the most powerful means of reproducing reality.Now it was not a peaceful life and surface 1895, a simple play that makes Watch Online and shout of the miracle by the very novelty of the invention and the world shocked and collapsed:from his paintings the viewer's throat ached, showing it could not cause all the same thoughts, the same emotions and reactions, I would say, even - all led to the same conclusions.While this statement may seem too bold, no doubt, the first neo-realist films made the impression that it was re-opened cinema: the audience found themselves face to face with life in its terrifying truth - in a sense, just as it happened in 1895.But now they were shown life is not a pleasant face, and her deeply humane content, in the dialectic of war and peace, barbarism and civilization and progress of the reaction: mechanical reproduction became the artistic interpretation.The audience, accustomed to half a century of development of the expressive means to read a movie image - to follow in the face of the actress or actor, starred, the ups and downs of love stories - now saw a reflection of his own face on the screen, reading through it their tragedy and their troubles;It followed for longer "history", and for the history, there is a reflection of life on the screen in its entirety. Hence the confusion, rapid success both in Italy and abroad, the first Italian neo-realist films that were unable to explain the writers and kinoestety.For, I must say, these movies seem in a sense crude and primitive, like the first short tape Lumiere brothers, and, of course, did not have a clever cunning and sophistication, which reached the cinema for half a century of development. Neo-realism and realist predecessors in cinema Why suddenly such luck? Such a resonance?The question arises by itself, if you think that the "realism" was not new in the movie, as well as movies, we call them so, political and social nature. Suffice it to recall some American Vidor tapes, such as "Hallelujah!"" Our Daily Bread ", or Soviet films of Eisenstein and Pudovkin's" Battleship "Potemkin", "The End of St. Petersburg", or the French realism - films Renoir and Carné "Chelovekzver" and "Port of Shadows" 2, stylistically far more mature, than our "Rome - Open City," "Payza" and "Shusha";however, and in the Italian cinema that preceded neorealism, there were realistic for that came from "Lost in the dark" Martolo to "Obsession" Visconti, in which, according to historians movie, you can find more or less significant precedents. Antiformalistskie origins With the advent of neo-realism of Italian neorealism once transgressed poetics and grammar, care about the form, even, I would say, concern a technical nature, particularly close-ups, For now filmed with a minimum or even completely effective hardware and realhuman life, matter, if you know what I mean, prevailed.

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Film Джон Майкл МакДонах
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