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Criticism would require extensive scientific and literary knowledge to parsing works of all ages and nations to judge people and their lives, portrayed the poet and artist.It needs an inquisitive mind, analyzing and dismembering creativity. The critic must know perfectly painting technique and the technique of dramatic art in all its details, from the psychology of creativity the artist, to the exterior conditions of work, the mechanics and the device stage and the terms of the theatrical business.Critic must know and feel the crowd psychology to find access into the recesses of human hearts, where the best hidden strings of the human soul, and to conduct in these caches intentions of the poet and artist.The critic must necessarily be impartial vysokoporyadochnym man to inspire the confidence and generous use of the great power over the crowd, which gives him the download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and printed word. For the same purpose the criticism you need experience and exposure. He needs familiarity with scenic art of other nations, it is necessary ... and so on and so forth ...Is it surprising that a good critic is so rare. Most of the critics of this or lack of abilities or qualities, and because their work is incomplete and one- sided. Very few people understand our special art and its techniques and psychology of visual art.Even more rarely come across people who are familiar with the mechanics of the stage and theater work conditions. These gaps completely deny them the right to judge what you can claim, and the fact that the theater is not available, and therefore the opinion of such persons is not useful.II3 C_ o_ v_r_ e_m_ e_n_ n_y_ e_ _k_ r_i_ t_i_ k_i_ _p_ i_sh_ u_t_ _v_ _s_ v_o_ i_h_ _r_ e_ts_ e_n_ z_i_ ya_h_ _l_ i_ch_ n_y_ e_ _m_ n_e_ n_i_ me. It is presumptuous, since the society interested in such opinions only exceptional individuals, such as Tolstoy and Chekhov.Express personal impression or opinion in the newspapers have the right not just from critics. It was entitled to only one genius Belinsky, but this right onto it and did not use. He judged and rated creativity with logic, knowledge, curiosity and sensitivity genius. Now, however, the measure is a private, not- tested sense of criticism.It depends on all the accidents of his health, on the state of his nerves, stomach, domestic and pecuniary circumstances. It can not work of a few months the whole corporation of artists and professionals depend on the case.At least a measure of personal impressions and minute it has the right to a theater critic, as his impressionable worn, frayed daily visits to the theater. Worst critic, blazirovanny viewer.--- C-p-u-e_d_ _k_ r_i_ t_i_ k_o_ in, _k_ a_k_ _and_ _v_ _d_ r_u_ g_i_ x_ _o_ t_r_ a_s_ l_ya_ x _o_ ch_e_ n__ _ch_ a_s_ t_o_ _v_ s_t_ r_e_ ch_a_ yu_t_ s_ya_ _t_ u_p_ i_ts_ s. Literary dumbass especially dangerous in our business. First, because, like every stupid, aplomb and confidence are strong.The theatrical audience related to theatrical reviews easily and thoughtlessly, such confidence hypnotic effect. In our art, no one had download the film Джон Майкл МакДонах and studied, the public there is no ground under its feet for the evaluation of what is happening on stage.

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