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Abandoned heroine's husband gently asked: "And who will cook me food?" Ingrid should download movie John Michael McDonagh and say, 'Let cook breaks his head. "Instead, with ease she uttered:" Let cook break your head. "We played in Boston, when I heard that in Hollywood during the ceremony of awarding the "Oscar" will be awarded a special prize to Jean Renoir. Jean at the time was sick and stayed home, BeverliHillz. He said that he is unable to accept the award, but I could get it for him.During our tour said Arthur Cantor, but he was so moved by asking Jean that annulled several performances, and the three of us: Lara, Arthur Cantor and I -Send to Hollywood. In presenting the "Oscar" I said a little speech, and as the ceremony was broadcast on television, Jean could hear and see it, without leaving home.In his speech, I said that all the films of Renoir feature inherent individuality, poetry and lyricism that the main content of his paintings is his own love for people, whatever their nature manifest from nobility to madness. Then, holding the award, I addressed directly to the camera, and added:"In gratitude for all that you taught young actors and movie audiences around the world, I say to you on their behalf: '' Thank you, we love you, Jean. '" Everyone applauded, and I sat down. My mind could not come, that I also get some political reward, even though I knew that among the candidates put forward by my Swedish missionary on in "Murder on the Orient Express."But it seems to me, "Oscar" for the different roles five times, and I received it twice - for "Gaslight" and "Anastasia". This success is enough for anybody else. And then it was a tiny role. In I had only one episode where I am explaining what the missionary on how she takes care of small children and so on.However, Sidney Lumet did not take the camera from me throughout this scene. In the film, Truffaut's "The American Night" Valentina Cortese played great. And I'm sure was that awards it. And suddenly I hear: "The best a secondary role prize is awarded, Ingrid Bergman film" Murder on the Orient Express. '"I flew to the scene and said the first thing that came to mind: "It's not fair. This award is necessary to award Valentina Cortese. She deserved it." Of course, should not say such things to representatives of the film industry who have every right to decide who is worthy .Everywhere sparkled blitz, camera sights on Valentina, and she got up from his seat and gave me a kiss. Everyone applauded. Valentine spent rest of the evening with me. We were photographed together. I was really upset that she was not given the award because she deserved it.Later I realized that I acted, as always, too impulsively. In parallel to this award were nominated by three actresses, and they played very well, too. Of course, each of them could be offended by what I have just mentioned Valentina Cortese. It would be better I do not open my mouth.Lara was next to me and to this celebration, and at several other meetings. But our marriage existed in name only. In fact, nothing has changed. I and most would end our marriage. We started divorce proceedings. Bitterness on this occasion I have not experienced. We got a divorce.But the news was kept in complete secrecy.

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