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Let's look back to the literature, finally.Story - it is a story, a coherent narrative about the deeds and thoughts. Which, apparently, there is "noise", which wastes the melody in the confusion? So no, and here works the same rule. Detail, for example, looks over-covering the main idea, going to the side, to ado.Czechs and delicately evasive not accept higher density Bunin's prose - it seems to him concentrate requiring dilution, as bouillon cube. What would he say - desyatdvadtsat live another year - or about Babel Leonov?Hard reproach Gorky Hemingway, Dos Passos and domestically produced, the strangeness of which are not confused today because they were download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and replaced by new works, new strange, too, seems to promise to become the norm. Rhyme - that's really where is truly non-stop work on mastering the "noise", the involvement of his aides in the author's intention.Contemporaries Cantemir or Derzhavin would not hear harmonies in the words "still wet" - "pulse", "melting hell" - "damn", " relented after" - "Honeysuckle leaf." According to a study download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and conducted by David Samoilov, new principles of rhyme in a period become the property of a variety of poetic trends.Can I still compare the "left" - "come", "bridges" - bushes? " Of course, why not? But the accord, the corrected grammatical uniformity, losing our current perception of the essence - matching sounds like comparing meanings. And even more so is directed development is seen in the evolution of acting on the screen.An astute scholar of American cinema writes that especially on our order: "Every time his idea of ​​authenticity and its limits. Reliability of Gary Cooper, seemingly in the thirties and forties limit, produces the impression today skillful and prudent simulation.Especially when you compare this with the accuracy of the simulated what brought on the American screen in the early fifties, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman, Montgomery Clift, Rod Steiger and other New York's Actor's Studio students. The followers of the so-download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and called "method" - the U.S. versions of the Stanislavsky system.About Cooper in the thirties, you could say, "It's not a game." Now, in the seventies, even Brando did not say "do not play." Playing - but with the highest degree of accuracy, which is now seen as a matter of course, as an essential foundation created by the actor's image.And about Jack Nicholson and other American actors today really want to say, "Nothing is download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and played." What will they say about Nicholson in twenty years? Look online. And whom will say then, "It's not playing?" This evolution of the actor caught on tape.Another evolution - tastes and preferences - can be traced to a newspaper article, redkoredko pass every course in the "noise" without fireworks terrible accusations, without accusations of "naturalism" and "objectivism" unwillingness to generalize, in presenting a poor spectator semifinished inedible.What a shock to the usual cinematic representations was neorealist Italian experience. It download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and seemed, collapsed arches and pillars, and it's just changing techniques of storytelling with a desire to reach, "appropriate" an area that still lay beyond the aesthetic norms, traditional ideas about the "melodic" and "harmonious."Already in the sixties of the venerable Soviet director spoke of tapes Antonioni: "His films are full of details that I certainly would have left overs. At the same time, they do not have enough chegoto that I thought it would be the most important.

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