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There are writers who long before the movie written as excellent filmmakers - I mean, first of all, Pushkin and Tolstoy. Many pieces of Tolstoy's prose written with amazingly accurate "single frame" vision.Each entry is arranged in the world quite specific size and binding perspective, which is easy to film REPORT schoolgirls. watch online in excellent quality and to feel and see the reader, you only want to peer into the ice. This has already been mentioned, and I do not want to repeat.I can only say that Tolstoy - is an invaluable teaching aid for the study began cinematic installation, staging, and the entire composition mizankadra kinoepizodov. On the direct influence of cinema on modern prose mentioned a lot. This influence undoubtedly, but what is remarkable:just those writers who most prominently experienced the impact of movies, most of all lose when the film adaptation. "Cinematic" Hemingway is evident, he repeatedly emphasized it, and at the same time it is one of the least suitable for the film adaptation of writers. American cinema tried many times to get it on the screen:has a picture of "Fiesta", there is a picture "Farewell to Arms", there is a picture made of the early stories, there is "The Old Man and the Sea" - and it does not matter paintings. Although the author praised the staging of "The Old Man and the Sea", it seems to me that the film is not only worse than the story - it's just a very bad film.Does not save even a charming and intelligent actor Spencer Tracy. It's not just that the "cinematic" Hemingway's only apparent that his main reception - default and cinema inevitably verbose.The point, I think, is that literature, perceiving many of the lessons of modern cinema ... recycles this very "cinematic" in a purely literary device that is difficult to reverse translation to film language. The process becomes irreversible.Good film, in turn, takes the lessons of literature complex and not direct ways. Best shot - it's one that is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to describe. Recording "Battleship" Potemkin "do not show the great picture. Chaplin movies can not be recorded without loss of humor and depth of thought.If the film pochemulibo disappear greatness of Eisenstein and Chaplin is unprovable. Lermontov same or Chekhov remain great regardless of the many bad, mediocre or good adaptations. The appearance of the author's voice and gave the interior monologue of modern cinema weapon of great power. Film REPORT schoolgirls..Free installation, free moving camera, observation of real life, the rejection of the scenic props - all this made the film an indispensable tool for the study of modern times. I believe that in the seventh decade of life is the art of beginning released from neighboring direct imitation of ancient art in all its elements.I am convinced that even a good film dialogue is good only in the living utterance, and put on paper should be made worse, much worse, literary worse, because it is not a theater, where the word embraces all, this film where the word - this is only part of it. The human eye sees ten times more than the ear hears.So in life, so it should be a good movie. Modern cinema tends to increase the activity of the viewer, make it creative partner of what is happening on the screen. It seems to me that this is a fundamental fact. And, maybe, it follows and the second:Instead of the usual planed material, designed to directly illustrate the author's idea, which was built by special laws conditional actions - are increasingly being implemented detailed, in-depth observation of a piece of life for man and the environment, the birth and currents of thought.

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