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Wow!Cap rises, flies, and a completely bald head entirely, as on the stump mushrooms grow ears. They make their way through the small horns. The horns grow and develop into a horn. "A cousin of Mephistopheles" - I thought the definition of Belinsky."Only in the new year can be a prividetsya" - I thought, mentally lifted his ears and horns, and then on his head curled dark hair under his black eyes. "It even vices attractive," - I did not have time to think how to dramatically turned around and saw eye to eye, piercing me from the opposite end of the hall look Maria Vladimirovna.- Now we will expand the vessels, - said Sharmer. - As for the others anpeshechke p p p p p uzhbu! And others pp ruzhba - concept clock! - Hlobys! - Said the Master and knocked a glass of cognac. - Warning! Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen! Cuckolds and rogonositsy!Now before you perform the famous singer - John Bubba, that in Russian means Ivan Bubnov! - Or the Jack of Diamonds! - Not without malice I said.- Using the unique capabilities hypnotist and psychic, Ivan Bubnov bring their patients to the delight and ecstasy, which often leads the participants of this dangerous experiment in death. As suggested by the statistics - die best. The rest - is immortal!- A contract artist Mironov machinegun speech monologue, went to the scene, where he has long been waiting to take the microphone, accompanist threw his fingers on the keys, and began his favorite theme in the musical performance of "Love - not potatoes!".I sat on a stone chair, with a huge blue bow in front, looking at him, he is expressive - the cap of blond hair, eyes and Sinkova despite its acute hostility to it felt, "God, the horror! I love him!"March Lipetsk, head of the literary section, who loved men, six cakes and eclair once revolutionary songs, corpulent lady, lush blonde, with a short beak, giving her girlish face, sat in his office with the Master. The beautiful manicured fingers with a smoking cigarette stuck.They are quiet, but with interest said. If you could see them through the wall, then it would be clear - they are plotting intrigue, and all this "mural" reminds "council at Fili." The fact that a young man from Martha's had an affair with the playwright Nikolai Pogodin, and she had an idea - a play on the theme medley compilation works download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and Pogodin.Leaning over the table, on which lay all her big breasts, she download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and whispered Master, what if Pogodin Ceku to come to its filing, that will drown the idea immediately, as she and Cheque "differences." If Pogodin offer Master - resistance will be. Have done so, and in the theater began rehearsing "Air 1929".Martochkiny "disagreements" with the check were recently repressive. All developed, as usual, on the same circuit. For many years she, as a serf, wrote articles for the check, and he did the rest - subscribed to them and get money, money, denzhonki!As in the tale of the fisherman and the fish, he began to bury, once insulted her in the face as a woman - because serf, all endure. But she was not a serf, she allowed herself to forgive him for it, and said that now let the article says "Petro" and she washes his hands.The check was in a furious, frankly speaking, the revolutionary gesture under his face, which in anger download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and grabbed a chair and threw it at Martochku - thank God, she abruptly turned away. Since then, he has methodically, enjoying her sadistic poison.He had a lot of Jesuit methods - for example, in a meeting "to give the face" to instill a general principle, completely removing it from the work, pretending it does not exist, to drive out of the study, entitled "Litchast" and made it unnecessary storage things.

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