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I gathered the courage caught David - much to the anger of others. - Well, - I said cheerfully, - God is merciful. I did not bring anything with them black.If it came to the funeral, the kind I would have a terribly festive. To us the basement of Annie: - There are plans for today kakienibud, Oliver? - Well ... - I held out. - Do you want more time to ride on the lake? - Offered by rounding lovely eyes, Davy. Annie did not like his proposal.- Looks like rain is going - she said, eyeing cloudless skies. - In any case, they say. Segodnyazavtra. Maybe take a trip to the city? Watch movies, or even anything should? Hint understood.Annie wanted her child is in a safe urban environment, not stuck here on the grass, laying hands on the guests, just BernadettaSvyataya Bernadette - Marie Bernard of Lourdes, where at age 14, several times was the Mother of God, followed by the healing power that has become subsequently a place of pilgrimage. at the festival.- Badsome thought - I said. Anyway, I'm still going to Davy porassprosit the horse. What he did - his hands clenched her side and put it in his ear crystal ball ... what? - Okay. - Enthusiastic Davy did not show, but the willingness showed. It turns out, now it's my turn.Rebecca, I know, and so it's all right, Patricia is in a state of razdergannom because she download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and changed her this Ribak and Clara prostonaprosto to correct strabismus and teeth to move back. With takoyto nonsense I myself would have coped. No doubt neither I, nor, I hope Davy is left: the first thing Matushkina angina.But, damn ... all vodka left. We'll have to sneak down for a bottle ... Tact ... it better. Much better. No I did not see a full flask of "capital" - that is, it is now possible to focus on. Where was I? Mother with Davy received furlough? There is a story to tell. We turned the corner to where I was standing, "Saab".- What they have there is? - Right? - In the movie, empty your head. - .. - He kicked a rock - what's the difference? I started asking questions as soon as the car moved out of the driveway. - So, Davy. You are my dear. I need to know everything. He smiled and looked at me.Astonishing desire to outline the lips tongue, to push them to get inside threatened to strip me of all understanding. Terrible. Just awful. I'm in the last days remind myself Esau female. Give me a hairy man, and not smooth, "Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man.", This is my ecstatic scream. Davy undoubtedly has the power - and, you're kind of coward? - But it owns or possesses, Mother knows that she should be very, very careful. - Listen, - I said. - It's time Priscilla Truth and led the team its fans, inseparable girlfriends Isidora sincerity and frankness Octavia.I know Jane, you know about her. I know about Edward with his asthma, and so are you. Now we have more and Lilac with its magical liver. Davy took a deep breath and download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and drummed his heels on the floor. - I need to see Davy. As you know, I myself sick. I need to understand what is happening. A silence - Davy struggled with his ...I do not know, with my conscience, I believe, and with pride. - I have very hot hands - he said finally. - Feel. And he handed me a hand. The day was warm, I did not expect that the palm turns Davy cold as a fish, but it ... Scouts honor, darling ... it burns.It was not humid heat, no sweat, but, my God, where's hotter than 36, 6 В° C, ready to swear.

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