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Here and Claude, kind, quick, dedicated, - it was late by the time of the return of his mistress. Recital in the "Olympia" was prepared in a few weeks. The whole house was in a joyful revival. We, her old companions, have regained their former Edith.The atmosphere is almost the same as in the time of emergence of a new man. And it really shows: it Felix Martin. Before the performance in the "Olympia" Edith decided to break in its program in the province. As usual, all organized by Lulu. Well aware of the mistress, he warned her: - In your program performs a novice: someone Felix Martin.- I trust you, - said Edith. The first evening tours Tours Edith, as usual, before the performance was shaking with fear - the worst possible moment for a visit of courtesy. Sitting in front of a mirror, she makeup, when the knock on the door. He went quite a handsome young man, eighty-seven meter height, independent of the form. - Good evening, Edith.I'm Felix Martin. Maybe, Edith and sucked good manners with their mother's milk, but this type of apparently did not realize that she - "Edith Piaf", and introduced himself as if he was the son of the Lord God ... "You know, I, Jesus, son of God the Father ..." . That she did not like. Only she was going to put him in his place, he added - it turns out he's not finished:- I am very pleased to be working with you, thank you very much. - Not at all ... Maybe he lacked good manners, but he had the ability. Edith came to listen to him once, twice, thrice. On stage, he is a cynic, but she thinks: is not hiding any of these gentle heart? He performs:"You have a beautiful tie", "Write out a check to me", "Music for the ..." She listened to him and can not decide. However, it is certain: it has a personality. The more she looks at him, the more beautiful it seems his figure, and she begins to think that if this guy says, "I love you", my heart will freeze as much as you need.Some time later, Edith called me: - Momona, it happened, I got engaged to the love. And it all began on a new ... But this time it is not, and I asked: - What do you see in him? - For me it is - a cocktail. It has something of Montana meter eighty-seven was also growth and dockers; by Merissa: cold in the genre of "you did not deduce from itself";by Pusea - beautiful rogue. - Well, you know, it's not a man, but a clown! But most of all she likes to own decision: film REPORT schoolgirls. Watch Online and remake Felix Martin, film REPORT schoolgirls. Watch Online and make it a true artist. For a long time her hands empty fashioned. Wasting no time, she says Lulu: "Call Kokatriksu, I want Martin sang in my program in" Olympia ". Once Piaf so wishes, Bruno she trusts. He will take the dumb sing in "Tosca" if Edith so wishes.However, it is less than other performers are, the better, and the name of Felix Martin enough is known to make special claims. All made up for the better. The situation is worse with the time: Edith only one and a half months for the manufacture of a new Martin. This is who he is, she does not like Felix.It needs around download movie REPORT schoolgirls. and to teach, you need to get it passed school Piaf. Edith does not lose a single minute. She calls Marguerite Henry Conte and his latest discovery, Michel Rivgoshu: "I am going tomorrow in Nevers, met on the train, I need to show you a beginner.He will speak with me in the "Olympia" and I want to film REPORT schoolgirls. Watch Online and replace it repertoire. " And all three escorted her to Nevers. She knows them well, none of them can not refuse her ... That same evening, she seats them for their work.

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