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Thought of yet to get into the well and read out "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" to have heard in the house.Lay between the beds and put them on a pile of bricks ... Finally decided to apply. My first year in the Studio. And - the year of its initial release. How we envied them! They are artists Arts Theater! Will play with Kachalov, KnipperChehovoy! Kept us in severity.Our master Gerasimov patiently stripped from us superficial and lifeless and download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and insisted that we did everything in tune - whatever inspiration visit us or not. We knew that we should go on the given circumstances. It was the law. Studio ready to change for the theater. We knew and were proud of it. And tremble.There, through a transition connecting studio and theater, was the shrine, where we had to enter. We wanted there. And sought to penetrate. Peep rehearsal that led Cedars and Lebanon. We did not miss and performances, watched everything, sitting on the steps of the first floor. Ushers knew us and not expelled.When he first saw the "Three Sisters", left home in the wrong direction ... Do not forget the "Three Sisters" on their way to a funeral and memorial service day Dobronravova. We came to the show from the cemetery. There we still held, but when played in the fourth act, and march download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and sounded remark: "Our go," we cried. "Our" are gone, and with it - a century.Century was short. April 9 cracked open vessel in the left eye. Weak flask. Start all burst and fall out. .. What depreciation! April 22 started working on Efremov "nacreous" Talking about the future role, but no movement of the characters. What begins, the ends. Only words. A lot of words. He tells us:"So you should! .. No chew for you not to be ... "Look what tone ... Samit themselves, but let's director! After that, he took to drink. April 28 will ship two car brick. Started building a house. Perhaps this is the greatest achievement in recent years. Brick for the foundation, but the bar can not get it yet. Need 50 cubes.Put a fence - and the joy. We went with his friend Yuri Andrei Gavrilov in Odintsovo. His house is worth - and how! So the white man should live: studio for classes, tennis courts, a camera to track visitors ... I have it, most likely, will not. Perhaps only the street lights! - Andrew gave an address where they can get it.When they burn, the feeling that you're on the runway. May 17-24 Two Oleg Ivanovich widow Oleg Dal Lisa trusted me to read his diaries. Read on television. Difficult exercise, especially as it is almost a record on the cuffs - not processed, not intended for reading. Thoughts written signs. There is an ethical point: why me?and have it at all right? And the moment the technical - how to read it, that we were able to digest. On the other hand, I attempt to close the actor's self-absorbing. When I was getting ready, compared him with his diaries and found that Oleg Ivanovichapervogo are less diffuse, less literary, therefore, more certain. Lived download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and damned little, played less, and because the amount is small - kakihnibud thirty pages. And all ihto not read - you need screening, limit tact ... That's against Efros. Eulogy followed by disappointment. Dahl writes, "Efros builds. Builder ... "resonates with my perception of its directors. But then:"He comes up faster than the artist finds. Therefore, it makes a blind artist, deprives him of the creative process. This kills the artist content, making it hollow, teaches them to formalism, Crafts ... He will never have at artistovlichnostey and will have artistovmarionetok.

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