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Again, a documentary film, the whole graphic material was made up of portraits of members of past events and filming are many places where the events took place. The Court held each time in a room behind a massive door. It has been known. Facilities on the screen looked impressive.According to the plan, after the door opened, begins the story of false accusation and trial. And the idea to give the door a special significance. The director decided to invest in this sound his attitude to these heinous attempts mighty mischief film REPORT online in excellent quality and wring the neck of a proud and honest defender of the interests of the fatherland. Assistants have heard all the noise of opening doors in shumotekah three studios, but the desired sound director was found. Work on the film ends. Went last scoring.Tired assistant overweight physique sat on stulvertushku and turned - there was a heart-rending creak. Here it is! - The desired sound image. From such a vile sound spectator necessarily shudder soul! Creaking door was so memorable that was repeated three times in the film. In the latter two cases, with no direct link to the image.Even the text that is again ready infamous massacre, was expelled, and the viewer without it understood that over again Tatischev held unjust court. Gnashing of the door opening up of the image in the symbol.Dissolve function and action in the list of features of perception has been named the ability to easily learn new sounds belonging implying for any act or thing brought by the viewer in the image. Chekhov's situation. Dacha. Terrace. On the veranda, two - the bride and groom shy.The bride is waiting for a declaration of love, and the groom is going to film REPORT schoolgirls. watch online and ask for the hand of his beloved. Young man going for a long time and finally decided the spirit of the main words to say, he is gaining a deep breath to get an explanation.But at this point of the room to the terrace out bratpodrostok proud and independent air is directed to the end of the suburban area where there is a lab-house, called the toilet. 166 Attempting to explain the serious disrupted. The boy comes to the toilet and nimble quick movements spins with wire nail door.This action is accompanied by a very characteristic sound: "tyrtyrtyrtyr." The boy opens the door and hiding inside the "house". On the terrace, comes the painful anticipation of the return troublemaker. After a while again hear the familiar sound, and emphasizing the independence of conduct, brother passes pair and hiding in the house. Groom sigh of relief. The second time, says the weather is good and is going to begin the most important part of the visit. Gaining for the determination a deep breath and ...But at the same moment the door opened again to the terrace, and a small villain defiantly repeats all of his actions. Loving couple looking at each other, and as soon as they drifted up from the depths of the familiar plot "tyrtyrtyrtyr" shyly lowered his eyes to the floor. Explanation again thwarted. All this is repeated for the third time.In the on-screen incarnation of the situation in the second, third, and even more so for the fourth time is no longer required to show how the "villain" twists the wire on the toilet door. Enough to give the familiar "tyrtyrtyr" in the image of seated lovers or close-groom to the viewer all became clear. What is important for us in this example?And the fact that during perception from the screen of this scene was learning audience. They were able to associate a particular sound "tyrtyrtyr" with concrete actions and remember it so well that a re-run of unwinding wire nail is no longer needed.

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