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It again from time to time lowered his hands in a basin in the rhythm of the music, and in her own rhythm gradually medlennomedlenno nc light, stopping only on it and on it there, in the back of the stage.All disappeared postepennopostepenno ... wet eyes ... wet face ... She remained at the last scene, when the lights went completely. That's what I call an imaginary ritual, which at the same time so catchy biologically, it's probably not worth specifically explain everything so clear. This is something that can not fail to impress.Because the director will, revealed in the statement is absolute, and so obvious that it provides tremendous unity concept stage with the audience. By the way, in "Hamlet" I definitely want to make a scene, which it is not Shakespeare, but will determine the kind of special relationship between Gertrude, Ophelia and Hamlet.I have invented it, but still do not know how to build a scenically as materialized. As I said, in the middle of the scene will be a great heavy bed, almost without a back and without rollers. Sheets shot down, and they are lying in boots Hamlet. He'd just like to say that? "Bad" did to Ophelia.In my conception of this scene is very important! At this time, is Gertrude and Ophelia runs after her. Why? Because she feels its dependence on the Queen. After all, she is the daughter of Polonius vsegonavsego, so-so, who knows what. And then the Queen seems to be a witness.And at the same time, she was afraid she envies, in the recesses of their plans kakihto wants to be like her so that the entire scenic atmosphere must be impregnated with these strange mutual cramps ... Everyone wants to be like each other, everyone uses the same methods, and the idea of ​​the crime just in the air.This explains why Hamlet and finally uses the same methods as all the others: Slash everyone, and all the "normal." And Ophelia running, running for Gertrude. And that in a bright red dress calling. Samat Ophelia just a girl, dressed in a suit, a deadhead.In no case, no romantic Ophelia should be healthy strong girl who knows how to ride and can stand up for their honor, and if so, I'm sorry, it komuto "gave", only on their own so no one does not master against her will. This is ridiculous. Especially funny when it comes to Shakespeare's play.Ophelia normally deals with Hamlet what she wants. And the Queen, as if noticing all this and understanding what had happened, gradually disappears further into the back of the stage. Actually, I think that the whole show is being played on the floor, as if from behind a raised vertically to the viewer. That was like a receding perspective.So Ophelia runs for the Queen, in pursuit of her, wants to stop, but that does not stop. Ophelia then pulls her skirt, and a dress with a bang broken. How to do it on stage, I do not know. Queen must download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and remain topless, to turn to us and seemed to set.Cranach like only he seems to know how to animate a woman raised from the grave. Gertrude is a woman full of passion no matter what. And when the light fades, the last of his reflections we already see Ophelia in the same red dress, but as it is disconnected from everything. She mocked the Queen and completely shut down.That is important for me to draw a clear organic logic of download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and certain relationships. All connected, as in life. Otherwise do not exist. Ophelia And there simply by itself. Yes, that would be fine.

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