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Throw in the north - that's another nail in the lid of your coffin. Another component of a terrible mistake. Your father died, and the mother was a teacher of the place in Manchester, in a school for the deaf. Dad was an officer.Air Force officer, as you no bitter to admit it, not kakogonibud posh army regiment. Fly it never flew, so romantic and there was no smell. But even though the officer, and thanks for that. Be honest, in the Air Force, he had come simply ordinary. Of the officer class was not in it.He had to work hard to make your way to the officers, and, my God, how did it angers you, right? Then he died - on the basis of complications of diabetes, rather bourgeois, if not proletarian, disease - and you, mom and your sister Karina moved north. (Karina! Karina, you are my God, my God! What kind of a name?Tell the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk named Karina, no one frown. But between the phrases "Do you know the lady Kareena FitsalanGovard?" and "This is Karen Garland" - a huge distance.) You left the old Harrow, lost close to them, to their tail coats, top hat, blazer and boater. You were twelve.Malopomalu you started to stick northern accent. Not very distinct, so that one small thing, but your sensitive, attentive ear he cut about the same as striking palate. You started to say "One" and "None" "One" and "no" as if they rhyme with "Shone" and "Gone", and not with the "Shun" and "Gun" "light" and "left";"Avoid" and "shoot", you soften the "g" in the "Ringing" and "Singing" "Bell" and "singing". In school you even rhyming "Mud" to "Good" and "Grass" with "Lass" "Dirt" and "good", "right" and "girl." And rightly so, because otherwise you would just hit like a sissy from the south, but some of this linguistic mud drags you with him home.However, the mother did not notice anything. And then the day came. That day she invited you to tea beds from their deaf students. After they left, did you say, my god, it even gesticulate with Manchester accent. It is you download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and wanted to make a joke. Mother reared and download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and called you a snob. She first publicly download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and uttered the word.It hung in the air, and the feeling of it was about the same as if someone farted in a quiet cafe. I pretended not to hear him, but we both knew - chemuto came to an end, because both choked and red. I started messing around with my shoe laces, and her attention entirely consumed kettle lid.That's when I began to write it all and ... Yeah, I went to the story in the first person. Film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ.. I wrote "I am." Never mind, all this will soon be the past. Attention, I votvot join them. And they are no able to stop me. I'm smarter than them, bolder and better. I am ready for any exam, they can not refuse me.But I have to be ready to learn and learn more. Education, that's what counts. Knowledge of life, if you will forgive me this ordinary phrase. I will add to his surname mother's maiden name. Why not? They have done this for centuries. I'll BarsonGarlend. Wash, sounds good. Hell, I would have download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and closed up and trehstvolkoy.BarsonBarsonGarlend, how do you mean? Small bust, mine. But BarsonGarlend - not bad. Softens Ashley makes this name is almost bearable. But above all - a reprimand. I will do, reprimand would have been, so they are nothing to guess. I have already ordered the - to exercise: Do not say "good", say "gid" "Good" and "megrims."Do not say "post", say "paste" "Post" and "paste." Do not say "real", say "mil" "reality" and "railing." Do not say "go, say gay" "Go" and "fagot." Do not say ... Banged the outer door of the office of biology, and Ned, looking up, saw the inside of the glass door of Ashley's head.Ned closed the diary, quickly download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and stuffed it back in the bag and tightly pressed his fists to his cheeks, immediately download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and hunched over a textbook on the biology of cells, so that it overhangs thick hair on the face, like a tight silk curtain.

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