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I immediately said: - Tell the truth, and it will be very long! He's funny smile.He calls me or Tatyashkoy or tatyanka and when suck - Tatyankoyobezyankoy or Tatyashkoyobezyashkoy. - I mean, Tatyashkaobezyashka ... You just do not get angry ... I unload the wood at night ... Net work ... And I sleep in lectures. I have to study all the good ... We look at each other, well clear of deep love, friendship, soul ...And Mitya? I'm back to him. When he realized after I left that happened, he began to ask the forgiveness of all, was once a gentle, considerate, said the remake itself, no scandals, no heavy drinking, no jealousy.He vowed to honor communist promised that never again do not happen again, and everything started over again, but this time I left myself, without the Pope at all. Mitya did not go out of the room, it was necessary, as in the first time, to leave me.Like the first time, did not give the money, hoping, as always, the Pope, and when Pope was arrested, the only person who can protect me, was following me again, swear, and when I realized that this is forever, became wild, actions were inexplicable - waylaid mother when she went out on a walk with Malyushkoy Boulevard, stole, tookchild and ran. Malyushka writhing, screaming with Mom a massive heart attack from fright Malyushka ill, and then he went to the party committee and repented not having download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and perceived enemies. I have removed from the picture. I realized that he - not just Neum, and vile, and cut off forever. I started to eat the worm of doubt:or maybe you can not and do not live in their approach, and cooperate for close chemto do ... I became an adult, feminine, male success ... Maybe ask one of them for help or even to get married, and we shall be saved ...But the Pope, my poor, my wonderful Dad, he himself has put in me, "it is necessary to fight for life to the end, to be honest in the senses" ... He also kept my virginity to the first love ... He also said that come together with a man, not feeling anything to him, - the fall ... that life is download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and measured not in verbiage, and actions! God! God! Arrested Natalia Sats!The very Natasha Sats, which created my children's theater. She was arrested, the theater crushed. What is it? What is it? What a misfortune! Does she, you know, sitting in jail, what she did for Russian culture as owned our little hearts! It is impossible to understand, to comprehend the concept of "execution."To kill a man for what he did not work there, do not say so, is not it a thought ... Leave to the periphery, as anything should be known to the Pope and Babi. At the head of confusion confusion: what is happening in the country, now almost every family has been arrested and if the Pope arrested for it, "the former" the Babi? Why Babi? Just a woman.Mom and Babi came from Saratov, and we had a lot of friends in Saratov, and they were not "former" - they also download the film ДОКЛАД О ШКОЛЬНИЦАХ. and arrested ... The more you think, the more confusing ... 13 Seven calls. On the threshold of Boris Gorbatov. I met him in a summer cafe journalists - there appeared occasionally tremendous delicious crayfish, and all the fans there came running to eat.I was in a cafe gave me a pretty good friend and writer Ilya Vershinin. He knew that I was passionate rakoed. Boris was eating the same passion. Ilya and introduced us. Ilya's family was, like mine, in the country. Apartment on Nikitsky Boulevard buried in bugs, and I spent the night with Ilya's. Boris was also at the Ilya, he seemed to have no place to sleep.The apartment is big.

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