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His lover, Wendy, works under Uisbichem in subdivision "the Agricultural Army" women's organization, whose members during the Second World War, he worked on the farm twice a week, he goes there on a motorcycle to see her.Smoking tobacco, "Parsons Pleasure", already pounded in the officers' canteen did not sell, like anise drops, and for Wendy buys chocolate "Frys Five Boys." - Michael. Why did you all learn by heart? - Yes, then, that these people smoke and buy sweets. For the first time, Mr. Blake looked into the shop, simply because walking past.Now he is to get here, twice a week is the extra half-mile. After the war, the case begins to expand, customers will love very important for us. - When is it? .. No, you just listen to him. Michael, this is vsegonavsego shop. - This grain, Aunt Rose. So, after a week I go back to school.On weekdays, you're hosting here with Aunt Hannah. I'll leave you with this book. Try also to learn it by heart. Everyone should know it by heart - Danny, Dite, Miriam - everything - that they can, when you help on weekends and after school, to instill a sense of importance to buyers.According to the family, Michael's fate was sealed - as if he was born a prince of Wales. Michael was in power - that's all. In the next school holidays, as the war was drawing to an end, it really began to expand - the very grain had sprouted and gave shoots. Added distributing newspapers - a morning job for Danny, his sisters and cousins;on the shelves of a small shopping zalchike became cramped from bread, potatoes, flowers, and more variety of cans, and in the end, Michael and Richard decided that it makes sense to buy a house next door to break into the adjacent walls of the door and thus create a small copy shop "Domestic and colonial goods. "In 1947 Michael won a scholarship that download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and allowed him to go to Cambridge, and download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and rejected such. - Now you can do the really matters, - he said. The visitor, however, reject the agenda for next year's call for military service was not so easy.Michael's longtime protector for prep school, Edward Wallace, received extensions to study at Oxford, which he had just download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and finished at the time, persuaded Michael to file with it a petition for admission to the Royal Norfolk Regiment. - Not much that's good, you'll be with the roosters in the henhouse. We get a lot of time for the races and women.Get by just still learning in Wiltshire at the officer, Michael read a story Somerset Maugham and drew from him an idea that has long sought. It was the story of who lived in one of the central counties of the young man who was once in the evening needed a pack of cigarettes.He went through the streets, looking for a tobacco shop, and download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and stomped a good mile before he found her. Rather than forget about it and go away before the young man returned to where he was visited by the thought of cigarettes. "I'm here Otkroyuka tobacco shop, - he said to himself - it is clearly not enough." The company was expecting thunderous success."What a simple" - thought the young man. The next twenty years he traveled the cities of Britain and wandered through their streets, looking for cigarettes. Any time finding a place from which to buy cigarettes had to go away, he opened another store. For thirty-five years the young man became a millionaire.- Well, Tedvard - said his friend Michael Wallis - God bless Mr. Maugham. - And do not you think - asked Wallis - that someone else was able to try to do the trick?

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