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First, if the hero interview in the frame for close-up looks from right to left, the interviewer should look from left to right. Second, the size of the frame and eye level should coincide Ward. The composition frame in the film and television to give.And finally, each frame in the sequence must be film Gold Rush South America watch online in excellent quality and is located on the same side of an imaginary line drawn between the speakers, if only no cutaways, which allows you to change the position of the "old" line.Very easy to forget about the direction of view when writing questions or "nodding" after the interview has already withdrawn, especially if it involved three or demonstrated when the collateral to the equipment, or explain his work. Make sure the camera is always on only one side of the imaginary line drawn between the speakers.Exit out of the frame is not always necessary film Gold Rush South America watch online and follow the action.Sometimes for the subsequent installation can film Gold Rush South America watch online and be useful to the subject left the frame, as this will give editors a choice. Five second module News stories usually constructed as a five-second unit. Here is an example of how news shows:12 "- it sets the background to frame 10" - the announcer says in the chamber 10 "- speech in background 25" - Interview 7 "- speech in background - time plot: 1 minute 04 seconds. In order to ensure maximum flexibility editor, try to divide shot at time intervals that are multiples of five seconds. Panning and zooming is done quickly.For example: 10 "- holding frame at the beginning of the zoom 5/10 '' - zoom 5/10" - retention after the movement. It gives editors a choice of three frames. Avoid prolonged duration of panning panorama frames or frames in development.Although it may be difficult, but nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, try to clear movie download Gold Rush South America and start and finish P. Ward. Picture Composition for Film and Television camera movement. It is very difficult to mount frames, the movement which begins or ends gradually.Be sure when you change the layout of the frame. If possible, use a tripod as unstable footage difficult to mount, and they distract the viewer's attention. SURVEY OF MULTI-Value method multicamera shooting is the ability to simultaneously monitor the event from several different positions. Such real current events, like sports, music and social events, the debate in the audience, and so on. E., It is possible watch online and broadcast live or maintain their continuous recording for later broadcast.In traditional multi-camera shooting requires that the image from each camera is selected using the remote videomikshernogo and transmitted in "line" in accordance with pre-established script chamber in which all of the frames painted or as a mixture of free training and pre-planned.In order to comprehensively highlight a current event, like sports, each camera performs its role. For example, when shooting a football game one camera shoots mainly general plan, which will be used as an opening or a frame for replacement and that can be inserted at any point in reporting.Other cameras will be located closer to shoot close-ups of individual players.Cameras are assigned to roles in order to enable the director is guaranteed at any time film Gold Rush South America watch online in excellent quality and choose the frame you want, otherwise you may find that at his disposal only copies of the same frame.

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Film золотая лихорадка южная америка
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