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Schiller set out to bring together the work of twenty-four prominent photographers, filmed Marilyn Monroe.From a huge archive, there are about sixteen thousand photographs download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and formed an exhibition called "Marilyn Monroe: The Legend and the truth" - an exhibition that took place so well that its outcome was the idea of ​​the book. To implement it invited the writer - me.On the pages of this book the reader will appear for two whole history - textual and visual. If successful, they will join together, in a difficult souchastvuya try - catch the truly elusive: to give visible shape charming appearance, albeit a difficult woman. Chapter one.Romanbiografiya So we think of Marilyn - about Marilyn, embodying the love of everyone in America, about Marilyn Monroe, blonde, beautiful, endowed with a sweet voice, which echoed the singing of the spheres, all clean and sterile sterile manicured backyard of this country. She was an angel to us, sweetest angel sex;and the sweetness of sex, which emanated from her, were born in the air the same vibe as a chord congregate with pure violin string. Molested her love experience wise men from five continents;it languished for freckled young, barely took over his first shift at a gas station, for, and for those for other Marilyn becomes liberated, brilliant Stradivari sexual world, its ruler and the magician, so powerful, indulgent, fun, pliable and soft as Mediocrity violinist himself beyond the power had to be madedissonance in the harmony of his captivating magic tool. "Anyone suffering sent down, and let him be sent down to the love of heaven" - this truth, borrowed from the revelations of Mary Baker Eddy, she expressed all of its existence, and we understand the deeper meaning of the utterance, replacing the word "love" with the word "sex"."Sex with Marilyn Monroe - A Voice smile young star - so be revealed to any suffering."She gave everyone a feeling that is to do with her love - and he immediately transferred into the heights beyond the clouds, which can not simply by eating the fruit of the unfulfilled pleasures and sweet delights anticipating even more unrealistic, not to experience a rebirth. And she did not demand in return.Her passion was dark abysses, slumbering in the loins of sultry brunettes, seek for blood oaths of loyalty to the grave and ready to let out vengeful furies, once they see your changes, no, Marilyn all kind demonstrated that with the other sex, and indeed can be difficult and dangerous, but not with her: to her, he is sweet.Suffice it to your taste download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and coincided with her taste, and rainbow dream will come true.Early in her career, at the time, "The Asphalt Jungle", when there was a screen, like a gentle peach, ready to burst with ripeness votvot, download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and captured in her face undefeated sexuality, it appeared the embodiment of a new love, fluttering in unusually pure breathing rare sense in the morning;the impression that, already dressed, she ran out of the box of chocolates on Valentine's Day donated: a coveted, so inviting, so graceful it download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and seemed as if every letter in justifying tattered advertisements word "graceful", and so, it is a graceful creature not concealed a threat;a respecter of Marilyn was not the slightest fear that her beautiful nails turn into voracious tentacles. Watch the film золотая лихорадка южная америка in excellent quality online. Sex with her was chemto like ice cream. "Vlad me - tell her smile. - I'm easy.

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