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And if he was not armed with love, he did not include in their creative circle and students themselves - he paid himself and them harm. The damage is huge, if, instead of careful skimming Page.56 students of his convention, his prejudices, his inveterate theater download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and instead deepen his attention to the process of thought in itself and away from the stencil master purely external way he was to "show" how to play a role or a particular feeling.From the first steps should begin the process of education of attention to himself, to some pinched muscles in the body, and the ability to let them go on their own, and switch all the focus on one muscle group kakuyulibo. There is no boredom in this work.This is the most exciting thing, where each day a student opened for a surprise in itself, all the new features to victory over himself.If the teacher is not able to be pedantic, but will get a load of organic human tendency, he always sees the effects are always organic growth qualities in a student will make its way through all the challenges confronting him. Courage on both sides!Mutual respect and trust in each other's honor can never put a teacher and student in the situation of conflict. The teaching in the studio - no flour, no yoke. Only boring, little attentive teachers can not get out of use of authority and despotism.At every moment in teaching need to think about the transience of the moment, and therefore value it above all else, to focus on it all the power and avoid pettiness in conversation, vulgar jokes and frivolous stories.Studio only be studio, if everyone is in it all my best and clean and all stand on guard for the general level of culture, one for all and all for one. Only such a union to be akin and is equal to all the rights and responsibilities of creativity. Pp.57 TENTH CONVERSATION Whatever was studiets in his private life, he's just a member of his new family - the studio when he came into it. Do not matter nor his entourage or his daily routine when he devoted himself to the art, but is of great importance, if he thinks that he is just "learning" in the studio, but live outside of it.Only that, and can go through all the tests of creativity and someday get ready for it, those who live in the studio, who considers himself a loyal son and it does not forget its covenants when it goes beyond the threshold.Once thought through his decision tasks of life, deciding to give herself to a particular kind of art, studiets again and again have to check yourself after the first three months of training in the studio.He saw all the difficulties to realize a lot of work, which will have to carry all my life, and if this work ignites his energy, for it is the joy of life, then you have to stay in the studio, and switch back again, on a new track, because there is no way forward on the same internal problems.Every time full of a stage has been completed and achieved results within kakieto made as external actions, we must seek ever higher goals. Watch the film золотая лихорадка южная америка online. There are parallel creative work of teachers and students. Cold to watch progress of his students can not. If studiets devoted himself to the studio, the teacher - a man Page.58 is not less but more dedicated to their work. All his life - art and studio - the fruit of his heart, which grew its total removal from personal relationships in the classroom, where he just is a living example of unity among his disciples.That mutual love and love of the art that comes from the hearts of all the Studio and teachers can form dense, impenetrable wall, guided them to the beauty of pure impulse.

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Film золотая лихорадка южная америка
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