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Oh, what a difficult task Watch Online and to portray on stage the deck of a moving ship! Let alone sail, covering the entire scene, to build a ship only in the imagination of the viewer."A little film Gold Rush South America watch online in excellent quality and say a lot - that's the point. Wisest economy with an enormous wealth - it's all from the artist. Japanese draw a blossomed branch and it all spring. We draw all spring and it's not even flourished branch! ".The third act, where, according to Wagner, the scene is cluttered and locking high buildings, and the parapet with a patrol tower in the middle, and the gates of the castle in the back of the stage, and a spreading lime, our artist expressed a bleak expanse of the horizon and sad bare rocks of Brittany.For the attention of those wishing to get acquainted with the literature of the issues raised in this article: 1) Richard Wagner, «Gesammelte Sehriften und Dich-tungen», Leipzig, Siegel's Musikalien-handlung, Auflage. (In my article cited in Wagner Translation: Koptyaeva - "Russian Musical Gazette", 1897-1898, Syunnerberga, Sun Meyerhold).2) «Nachgelassene Schriften und Dichtungen von R. Wagner», Verlag V. Breitkopf und Har-tel, Leipzig, 3) Adoliphe Appia, «Die Musik und die Inszenierung», Verlagsanstalt F. Bruckmann, Munchen, 4) Lishtanberzhe, "Wagner as a poet and thinker "translation Solovyov. 5) G. Fuchs, «Revolution des Theaters», bei G. Miiller, Munchen-Leipzig, 6) G.Fuchs, «Der Tanz. Flugblatter fur kunstlerische Kultur », Strecker und Schroder, Stutt-gart, 7) Hagemann,« Oper und Szene », Verlag Schuster und Loeffler, Berlin - Leipzig, 8) J. Savjts,« Von der Absicht des Dramas », Verlag Etzold , Munchen, 9) «Japans Buhnenkunst und ihre Entwickelung» von A.Fischer, «Westermanns illustrierte deutsche Monatshefte», Jamjar 10) «Kunstler-Monographien von Knackfuss», XXXVIII, Schinkel. 11) Dr. Th. Les-sing, «Theater-Seele», Verlag von Priber und Lammers, Berlin, 12) Houston Stewart Chamberlain, «Richard Wagner», F.Bruckmann, Auflage, Munchen, 13) Maurice Denis, «Aristide Maillol», «Kunst und Kunstler», Almanach, Verlag Bruno Cas-sirer, Berlin, 14) Wolfgang Golther, «Tristan und Isolde», Verlag von S. Hirzei, Leipzig 15) G. Craig, «The Art of the Theatre». 16) Max. Littmann, «Das Miinchener Kunstlertheater», Verlag L. Werner, 17) C.Immermann's Reisejournal, Ausgabe Botberger, Berlin, bei Hempel, Buch, Brief 11. The second part from the diary I. MAX REINHARDT Max Reinhardt, the organizer "chamber" performances, trying to change firmly-established theatrical technique.When Reinhardt staged at the theater "Pelleas and Melisande" Maeterlinck, then still could not say that the soul of his directorial ideas - Reformed. wrote about this performance as follows:"The scenery out really great - it was a series of artistically finished paintings, where the sea and sky, rocks and forests caused the illusion of life. Thicket of woods, for example, consisted of two-three trees in the foreground and the prospectus in depth and from a number of trunks in the natural volume and length in proportion to the scene as tall »etc. .And so it was. Reinhardt really cared about the "illusion of life" and "natural" on the stage, and yet Berliners say about it is that he fights with naturalism on stage and uses in stage productions by conventional methods."Pelleas" Reinhardt raised five years ago, when the tragic rhythm plastic "Pelleas" I had to make the leap from the clownish "parody" of his own, setting which marked the beginning of an independent and entrepreneurial activities director Reinhardt.

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