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is too great in quantity and quality has been a strong team, a nice "the abundance of colorful bounty." And even at a time when the "World of Art" formed the left wing, had journeyed along paths of Cubism, in the theater, nothing changes:strongly approved by the styling, flowing stream bright colors, reministsiruetsya old, climbs every kind of fancy, a sort of baroque and stalking aestheticism it tries to establish itself as a kind of immutable canon. The course I dragged him into the swamp of two directors: Mardzhanov and Tairov, and not surprisingly, the last so zealous to praise first.The right wing of the "World of Art" sprayed on areas MAT and similar scenes. They Tairov not on the road. Of course, the union with Tairovarezhissera Eksterhudozhnikom not put in the position of the Chamber Theatre Theatre edakogo «echo du temps pas-se», - but so what?Though for a while and will be able to Exeter download movie Gold Rush South America and beds to fool his "leftism" Chamber Theatre will long remain at a standstill.All learned Tairov during his stay as an actor, "the water" Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, "eagerly follow" the work of a tunable Theatre 1905 - 1906 years and eagerly soaking up all that the founders themselves during the change of the naturalistic theater theater conditional steel prod Shear yet still left and right - all TairovIt takes the audience from year to year, varying in different ways. In the Chamber in "Romeo" is not neorealism as the Manifesto says Tairova and neostilizatsiya. In place Sudeikin designed to Exter - that change: a new sign and clerks, the same goods. "The principle of the naked body.""Naked, painted in free rhythm of the moving body 43 actors is not like the artificially established reliefs conditional theater" - happy Tairov. Moving moving there, still there are still, well, let them: there is no similarity in the temporal and spatial phenomena stage;and what to say in your defense Tairov, if we ask him, did he not seen nakedness and painted in Bakst, Sudeikin, Golovin, sometimes Fokine in times long past. And Duncan, whose body is covered with a cloth so transparent? Well, how can you not ashamed of these outcrops Tairov speak so solemnly:"In the form of significant advances have been made." However, the worst seems Tairov expounded in the chapter on the viewer.Unless the technical impasse can choose a replacement artist Exter artists Vesnin or Yakulov, the complete break with modernity established by the statement that the theater can do without the viewer, the viewer is not necessary impetus actor that there is no need to abolish the ramp, and so on. D., And t. e., Tairov becomes a more dangerous way. By the way: Tairov, wanting to catch me on the controversy, resulting in my insistence that the viewer "for a minute did not forget that before him the actor who plays" and asks how the viewer will be able, under these conditions, "runs into the ecstasy of the platform to join the ministry? " .The current new audience, most capable, in my opinion, to get rid of the illusory nature of hypnosis, and it is on the condition that he should know that before him the game, go into this game deliberately, because through the game he wants to say himself as a promotional and how to build it a new entity, because for him every live theatrical essence onlyan excuse to declare from time to time in the reflex excitability of the joy of a new life.

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Film золотая лихорадка южная америка
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