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Here says is true, as you can picture to help. If the picture becomes clear - it crumble. The question is, from the outset to set the unsophisticated spectator game conditions. Find a way to make it clear to the audience that he can not find the story here.There are only hints - the episode with a dream, a dream of words, if they were in the beginning ... In general, I think the picture is very good. Apparently, after this conversation, leadership of the studio is seriously concerned about the situation with the painting. And the conclusion of the Association for VIEWED work having download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and proved tough and hard-hitting. APPROVED:General Director of "Mosfilm" SIZOV REPORT on film Tarkovsky's "The Mirror" Manual IV Creative Association, reviewing the new version of the film "The Mirror", said that mounting the amendment and reduction made on the recommendations made by the Board of artistic association, the film went on advantage.However, the work done is not given the proper result. Many of the requirements made by the union, and then the Office of the Council of art studios, unfortunately, have not been realized. As before, still need to be clarified and the author's idea and design of the whole picture, and a series of individual episodes.To complete the work on the film guide association considers it necessary to do the following: Association recommends that a clear distinction between the three main reservoir filmasovremennaya reality, memories, dreams.Due to the fact that one and the same performers play the roles of mother and wife, father and son, you need to clearly identify who currently appears on the screen. Still raises objections, the episode of military instructor. Conceived by the author as a heroic episode, however, download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and turned out to be inaccurate ideynosmyslovomu their sound, as it does not express the pathos and the atmosphere of the war years. This episode should be either re-re-shoot or editorial changes - either text and attachment - to give it the right sound.The war in the film shows one- sided and does not correspond to a plan formulated by the director in a scenario where it is said that the film will be "talking about World War II, its mission of liberation, the patriotism of the Soviet people." Recommended group to implement this directorial vision.For this purpose, it is appropriate to use the additional material hronikalnodokumentalny the Patriotic War. Front-line of the episode chronicles present in the picture, should be excluded naturalistic details. Film still lacks a wide breath of time. The spiritual world is not enough character involves a great life.In this regard, it is extremely important to us to restore chronicle episode run stratospheric balloon to expand the Spanish chronicles the events that show the arrival of the Soviet Union, the Spanish children and meet them, as well as a May Day parade in 1939 on Red Square. In clarifying needs scene from the Spanish.Now she slurred, its relationship with the main content of the film is not clear. We think it necessary to complete the episode with earrings care of the heroine, who expressed her opposition благополучнообывательского existence during the war. Still puzzling image by hovering in the air heroine. He is vague and unclear in meaning differently.This frame should be deleted. The appearance of the author at the end of the picture makes the story told in the film, life is too private.

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