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Deaf Vnukovo airport gate widened sharply after the sirens of our "victory." We drove to the airfield. At the start of the concrete track was "Douglas" - C-47, and two of its propeller spinning. "Victory" braked sharply at the very iron ladder open hatch. - Quickly on a plane!I helped throw the equipment into the dark hatch, and the door slammed shut behind me loudly. It was dark. The plane jerked and I sat down and fell on the hard seat. The plane picked up speed. Dim light came on. - Vlad! How did you get here? - On the opposite seat, I am sitting at the window of my studio mate cameraman Boris Makaseev.At his feet lay a movie camera and tripod. - What do you got here? We were both terribly glad to see each other. The plane gained altitude. Also in our cabin was empty. Boris told me how his night was taken away from home. Everything happened exactly the same as me. We both did not know what lies ahead. It was dawn.We stuck to the window, trying to determine the direction in which we fly. - I have seen and experienced many things - the war in Spain, the Great Patriotic War, but never out of bed at night I did not steal! Boris spoke softly and always looked as if we could overhear. The engines roared, and I heard my friend eleele.Of course, I did not tell him that to me at night has come from Lubyanka. And, thank God, have not taken away. - Yeah, I wonder where are we going? - I blurted out. - And maybe we ask the pilots? - Boris is clearly worried. - If you want - ask, and I will not. We also did not ask for anything ... Soon all will know yourself. Hold on! It was quite light.Ahead sea. Starboard sailed Novorossiysk, and suddenly the plane has laid a sharp turn to the left of Novorossiysk. We fly along the coast toward Sochi. - Well, thank God, not to the Kolyma! - Boris so waved as if crossed. The plane, laying on the sea one more turn, went to the landing at the Sochi airport.It is very small - in the heart of the city, and I remember during the war, it could land only top-class pilots. Our plane, I thought the wheels touches bridge over Sochinku, but he skillfully - on three points - landed. Before he could stop, as it rolled open "Packard". We immediately recognize him, Boris:His "Daddy's" car. Pilots helped us unload, we were approached by a major high - Major Semin! At your disposal! - Introduced himself, he helped us to place the equipment in its "Packard". He sat behind the wheel, and we did not go, and flew along the coast in the direction of Gagra.Counter and passing cars, trucks and SUVs, stood on the sidelines, and some simply in a ditch. Film Gold Rush South America. Numerous police on our way stood at attention - on a rack "quietly" and saluted. The wind whipped her hair - the rate was one hundred.A little to slow it, we swept through Gagra and moved a few chickens and a goose, rushed forward. Soon after the sharp turn flashed rugged mountain Bzyb.Rustled wooden bridge, we breathed in the coolness of the river, and when the fork over the bridge Major abruptly veered off Sukhumi highway left in the mountains and on the left bank of the river began to climb up, doubts have not been where we race. - At the Lake Riza? - Yes, the lake Riza! - Major said, without turning around.Steep turns followed one another, squealing tires and the occasional creaking brakes, but the speed is not reduced our driver. We sat, gripping the railing with both hands, not to be left behind.

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Film золотая лихорадка южная америка
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