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The desire to justify evil foundations of capitalist society, and cites a number of leaders of bourgeois culture to the absurd:to idealize and romantizirovaniyu banditry, his image as a "just" one of the possible methods of enrichment. Comprehend killers retribution perceived simply as a failure, unfortunate accident;but naturalistically download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and described methods and techniques of murder, robbery, child abduction, forgery of banknotes and documents, car theft, handling weapons, providing an alibi, police deception is quite useful as a visual aid and a guide for beginners criminals.Typical examples in this regard can be given, not only in literature, but also from the practice of cinema, because along with adaptations of literary detectives after the war increasingly come to dominate film is based on an original script, that is, are not "by-product".Here is one of the typical examples. In the gray twilight ... early in the morning on a curve and a nondescript street in a car accident occurs.The body of the owner of the burned car mangled beyond recognition, but the police on license plate quickly establishes his name - Joan Ezmo Moreover, it appears that he was killed before the accident with a knife in the back and that the accident - all just a clever hoax.Questioning people who knew the deceased, and especially the three women who loved him, as if that were the three different "mirrors", forcing the police inspector to come to the conclusion that because of frustration Ezmorisu financial affairs was favorable to impersonate the dead. Inspector to set traps and catch Ezmorisa.Further investigation reveals that he accidentally killed in self-defense kakogoto bandit, and then dragged his body into the car. Eventually Ezmorisa justify ... In general, quite banal criminal history, Private Detective, which to confuse the story is built on the well-known formula is not a killer, and the dead shall be guilty.The viewer is invited to admire the actions of the authorities, an experienced inspector, to solve the crime. But is it true? Whether the crime was download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and discovered in a Portuguese film "Three Mirrors", the contents of which have outlined? Is Ezmoris justifiable?Suppose that he had accidentally killed a bandit, defending his own life. But it took him by all means to disappear, to impersonate the dead man. Who but the offender may need it? Ezmoris - financier, businessman, and the authors have not regretted paints his portrait.He possesses extraordinary strength of will and determination, and the ability to win over the people, but their abilities are used only for enrichment.One of its regular business operations - creating phony oil company, which was not to pump the black gold from the earth, and crispy banknotes pockets gullible investors - as luck would have failed.To avoid bankruptcy and get rid of the trouble Ezmoris and resorted to staging a car accident. For all normal human laws Ezmoris does not in the least criminal than a bandit, was jealous of him and his girlfriend to attempt upon his life.Filmmakers told the audience about the financial activities Ezmorisa, but did so with Olympic serenity, even admiring this "strong personality."They did not disclose the true nature of the crime and sentenced banditabiznesmena because it would have to simultaneously condemn the society that generated it, and perverted the laws by which it is governed.For the same reason, are not fully disclosed the crime - at least, their origins - not just in the movies, where bandityfinansisty output, but also in those where there are common bandits.

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