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Need kakieto invisible radiation creative will and feelings need eyes, facial expressions, tone of voice barely perceptible, psychological pause. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate all that prevents thousands of people perceive the inner being experienced by their feelings and thoughts. Again had to resort to immobility, to bezzhestiyu, destroy unnecessary movements, transitions on the stage, not only reduced, but completely cancel any staging director. Let the artists still sit, feel, say and infect their experiences in crowds of spectators.Let the scene is one garden bench or sofa on that land all the actors, to the sight of all reveal the inner essence of showers and a complex pattern of psychological lace Turgenev.Despite the failure of a sample of such methods in the "drama of life," All the same, I decided to repeat the same experience, in the hope that the "Month in the Country," I'll deal with ordinary, familiar to us in real life, human emotions, whereas in "Drama of Life" I had to pass on the full bezzhestii the strongest, to exaggeration,human passion. Strong passions gamsunovskoy play seemed to me difficult for fixed transmission than complex spiritual figure Turgenev comedy. However the actor, who played in my face a major role plays Rakitin perfectly understood the difficulty of the new task set me same director.But I trust this time the actor download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and refused to help rezhisserapostanovschika. At least we know, I reasoned, if we have in the company of the original artists. At least we will check on the experience, whether it was true that the artist and creator of the first person in the theater.Thus, in "A Month in the Country" in the first place come across an internal pattern, which is necessary to understand both the viewer and the artist himself.After all, if you take away one to Turgenev play, you do not need and do not need the most work, and go to the theater to watch it, because all the external actor's action brought by the author, and even more so in our production to a minimum.In addition, the artist, the entire show sitting motionless in the same position, it is necessary to secure the right to such stillness before thousands of people, who came to the theater in order to watch. This right gives him only an inner action, mental activity, defined as a psychological pattern.In the "Month in the Country", this figure perfectly delineated by Turgenev, and therefore, despite the complexity of the psychology of actors, we are relatively easy to decrypt it in all the least bends. In this respect, the play of the Russian writer is very different from the Norwegian.In the "drama of life" internal pattern is not developed in detail, and given broad general strokes. Watch the film золотая лихорадка южная америка in excellent quality online. There should be played at all stingy, generally a dream at all passion. But in our case it is the most dangerous game of all. As a result, it gives mental uncertainty contours and deprives the artist a solid ground on which he can stand confidently.In our art artist must understand what is required, what he wants, which may inspire him creatively. From an infinite number of these exciting challenges for the actor, the role of pieces, made up the life of her spirit, her inner score. We managed quite easily to make a clear picture inner core plays; Turgenev download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and helped us a lot in this.The implementation of this pattern and mental scores as download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and required of me as an actor of great concentration of attention, which distracts me from the hall and gave me the right to sit for nearly the entire play without motion in one place.Thus, a task which failed me in the "drama of life" in identifying strong passions, this time in the field of fine comedy in us on the shoulder.Performance and, in particular, I myself as Rakitin was a great success for the first time were download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and observed and evaluated the results of my long laboratory work, which helped me to bring to the stage a new, unusual tone and style of play that distinguished me from other artists.I was happy and satisfied with not so much personal success acting as a recognition of my new method.

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