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Wrecked car towed, a politician will go further. Actual events means that the camera work methods must be accurate and reliable, responsive to the event. Often there is no way to remove a double. The shooting scenery in the scenery are nothing special.They often as a visual accompaniment stories. A typical example is shooting interviewee entering the hall prior to the interview. These frames are then possible to voice, setting out who is the hero of the interview, and perhaps to do with it.Duration of filming should be big enough to put it narration, give the viewer information that is not covered in the interview. The hero leaves the interview shot at the end of filming, which gives the final frame interview. Most of the structure contains a mixture of outdoor pictures of this type of information, and decorative frames.Piece of art is the creation operator for the editor / narrator diverse capabilities, while maintaining the proportional speed shooting time available for installation. Information frames - this is usually the immediate shooting scene or object. If Ward.Compose the shot on film and television shooting is done technically correctly, the data frame does not require anything other than changing size and sound installation. Decorative frame requires knowledge of techniques for television recording and the ability to use camcorder capabilities and parameters of the lens.INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS There are many installation requirements that affect the composition of your shot when you shoot without a script prepared for the camera. Brevity and relevance value frame to determine its compliance history.Only fifteen-frame can summarize the news, but to be too large in any other context. Before you bring your subject in visual supplement, make sure that all the vital footage filmed and are of sufficient length. Installation of news - the reduction of the plot to the most important points.Make sure that allows you to record for a short story in the process of installation, and prepared for the interview relevant thrashing. Variety of frames to squeeze news to the most important information, a variety of editors required shots.That is a lot of good shots for the restructuring of a long event and create the desired duration of the transmission. When showing a continuous twenty-minute speeches on listeners or without suitable perebivok inevitable installation, if you want to show a few excerpts speech.Plan to change the size, use the pause, which may be a signal of transition to a new subject, the time of applause. The editor uses only the "key" proposal, and the difference in grain size of plans in those moments will avoid undue jumps when cutting fragments of speech in order to reduce the plot.Panning, zooming and changing the angle of inclination can be used in many ways, but it is desirable to keep the footage before the camera movements and the end of a period of five seconds.Technical aspects of no use to shoot a lot of shots when they can not be used because of the exposure is incorrect, or if they are out of focus, or removed if not color temperature, or they tremble P. Ward.Picture Composition for Film and Television and poorly arranged, and important action starts before the record was stable enough to install. Note the continuity of the possibility of a lack of continuity between shots because of non-compliance actions in the background or foreground information.Keep track of how the changes that occur over time, and the action in the background, to avoid interruptions.

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