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They came every day for three weeks. Very intrigued, Carlsen tried to guess the reason for this interest. But I could not achieve anything, since those are not explained in their own language. In the end he let them in for free, but the more they do not appear."Tristan" Although this novel in letters and does not have the best Galdos, the image of Don Lope has long been attracted my attention. I also liked the idea to transfer the action from Madrid to Toledo and thus pay tribute to my beloved city. At first I was going to shoot Silvia Pinal and Ernesto Alonso. Then the Spanish film producers interested in others.And I thought about Fernando Rey, who was so brilliant in "Viridiane" and a young Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli, which I really liked. The scandal, which broke out around the "Viridiana", tore the implementation of this plan. The ban was lifted in 1969, and I agreed to the two producers - Edward Duke and Gurruchage.Although Catherine Deneuve in type and is not suitable, it seemed to me, to the imaginative world Galdos, I'm happy to see her again. She wrote several times about what he thinks about the role. All the shooting took place in Toledo, a city full of memories of the 20s and in the studio in Madrid, where the artist Alarcon exactly reproduced cafes Zocodover.Although, as in the "Nazarene", the main character remains true to the romantic model Galdos, I made significant changes to the structure and atmosphere of the work, placing the action, as in the case of the "Diary of a Chambermaid" in familiar to me an age when starting social unrest.However, Julio Alejandro, we have put in "Tristan" a lot of things, to which I was attracted my whole life, say the bell tower of Toledo and the monument to Cardinal Tavera, on which the film is inclined Tristan.I've never seen the movie, so I find it hard to talk about it today, but remember, I liked the second half, after the return of a young woman who lost her leg. I can still hear her footsteps in the corridor, the sound of her crutches and talk over a cup of chocolate priest.Memories of the shooting due to the drawing, which I invented for Fernando Rey. As a close friend, he will forgive me for this story. Like many actors, Fernando is proud of its popularity. He loves, and it is quite normal when it recognized on the streets, wrapped him go.One day I told the director of a picture to contact with pupils of a class in college and ask them when I find myself next to Fernando alternately come to me asking for an autograph. But only to me. And so it was done. We sit with Fernando on the terrace of a cafe. The film kindzadza.Fit young man and asked for my autograph. I'm willing to do it, and he leaves without even paying attention to Ray sitting next. Then fit the second, and everything is repeated. When it is the third, Fernando began to laugh. He understood the joke for one simple reason:it seemed quite incredible that I asked for an autograph, and while they did not recognize him. And he was absolutely right. "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" after "Tristan" shown, unfortunately, in France, in dubbed version, I went back to Zilberman, and we no longer leave.I settled in Paris in the same neighborhood of Montparnasse, the hotel "Eglon". The rooms overlook the cemetery. The first breakfast I was getting into, "La Font", "La Palette" or "La Klozri des Lilas". Again, I was doing a daily walk, and spend the evening alone.

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