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Ted agrees and makes Canada a very successful film "Apprenticeship Duddy Kravitz."This sad and poetic film, which tells the life story of a poor Jewish boy who was destined to become an event in the English Canadian cinema. The success of the band has surpassed all expectations.Triumph of the English-language movie, which always loses French-speaking counterpart in the country of maple leaves, did not know since its inception - 1914.Kotchef became almost a national hero, but, as often download the film киндзадза and happened with the Canadians, rich neighbors in the States immediately lured him to Hollywood, promising the best conditions and decent fees. Comedy "Funny adventures of Dick and Jane" and "Who is killing the great European chefs?"Made easily and gracefully, spiced with witty jokes and funny pranks characters performed by talented actors - Jane Fonda, George Segal and others have strengthened Kotchefa reputation as a good professional.But the real fame he brought the film "First Blood", which started the famous TV series of the Rambo film, ascended to stardom and starred Sylvester Stallone and, of course, Kotchefa.Background veteran of the Vietnam campaign, caught in transit in the small provincial town of the U.S., and the evil, stupid sheriff, having aimed to destroy the alien could easily turn into a traditional action movie like "begistrelyay" but, fortunately, it did not.The authors were able to see the film in simple plot is not just a collection of spectacular battles that demonstrate the skill and experience of a soldier, they acquired in the war, but the tragedy of many guys that America once sent into the jungle under urapatrioticheskie slogans but shamefully disowned and betrayed their sons when theyreturned, having escaped from hell. John Rambo was download the film киндзадза and destined to become a collective image of the soldier, Stallone - star of the screen, and the Canadian Ted Kotchefu-author of one of the most famous films of American cinema 80s.Further career director develops quite happily, he makes films in various countries around the world and many of them are the most flattering assessment, but to repeat the box office success of "First Blood" to him as yet.The most successful of his later works was a popular film version of the play of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's "The Front Page" devoted to journalism "kitchen."Moving the action pictures on the television vision Kotchef in the film "Changing Channels" was able to vividly and convincingly show the bustling, busy lives, those who "hunts" the news, a life in which tightly download the film киндзадза and intertwined personal and professional interests.Starring Burt Reynolds and Kathleen Turner were good companions Kotchefa, and much of it is their game film owes its success. When shooting pictures in many countries of the world, Kotchef has a particular fondness for kakomulibo genre.He willingly puts comedy, action, and even melodrama, while remaining a good professional and friendly person, who is able to work in different environments and with different people. Joel Cohen, director, writer Ethan Coen, screenwriter and producer. Joel was born on November 29, 1954, his brother Ethan - September 21, 1957in the town SentLuis Park, into a family of college. Joel studied directing, in New York's University, and Ethan studied philosophy at Princeton.

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