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Natalie took the opportunity svedshim them on the court and openly sought by Alain renewal of love relationships. - You're doing all that I regret our meeting, she said akter.Zabud his antics, and my kisses can count only during shooting according to the scenario.Natalie got angry and started Watch Online and harass him with phone calls home. This caused irritation in Mireille, and she delivered an ultimatum to her lover: - I will be present at the site, and if you try me download movie kindzadza and ban ...- I was going to Voobscheto kindzadza movie watch online in excellent quality, and to beg you to do that, but you had read my thoughts, said Allen. The former wife of the actor failed their quarrel, but Mireille long remember about these shooting. Delon felt her silent reproach, and said:- I love you, but on the set of accounts Watch Online and to deal with ex-wives and mistresses. The next film I'll play with Romy Schneider. The actress thought he was joking, but Allen was serious as ever. In 1971, he signed on kotrakt shooting five scenes and did not allow himself a moment's rest.- Honey, work will kill you, tell him Mirey.Davay go away on vacation, spend a week at sea. But he did not agree with its proposal. - When I have a goal, I did not stop, I said on.Ya want to finish the construction of houses and arrange everything to your liking. And, of course, in your too, he added. House in Dusi was important for Mireille.Much stronger than she dreamed that he and Alain will spend more time together, but it was impossible. His overflowing energy did not give him an opportunity to relax and have a break in the work. - I'm afraid to lose even one day, I said on.Nedelya holiday will break all my plans.Actress obeyed his will, and spent a lot of time in Dusi, where builders are preparing Watch Online and start the interior trim of the house. In the spring of Delon and Darc went to the Cannes Film Festival.There was feted by Luchino Visconti, and Alain warmly congratulated the great director's award to a "Palme" for his contribution to cinema. At a reception at the Visconti actor I sat next to Romy Schneider. It is a friendly welcome Alain. - I have matured a great idea, he said to her.- I'm afraid of your ideas in a whisper she said with a sly smile. - Do you agree to the role of a political film? Too, he whispered. - What are you secretly talking to? Visconti asked the actors. - We make a political conspiracy, dear master, said Alen.Vernee, I try to draw it Romy. The film kindzadza.- In your place I would not rely on luck. I have a more attractive offer to your neighbor, said the director. Actress blushed with pleasure. For its participation in the films of famous men have fought two each own way a significant impact on her life. - And what you yourself think Romina? I asked her Visconti.- I do not know what to say. I am sure that both roles are wonderful and I will be sorry to lose one of them. - That is the true answer to the actress, said the director. The next day, Romy got the script from the Visconti and Delon. She has agreed to Alain a month, although her answer was clear immediately. Romy could never resist his desires.Journalists constantly ask questions about Mireille Alain cooperation with both former lovers, but the papers did not manage to bring her out of herself. In all of their attacks, she invariably answered: - Alain We love each other, between us there is complete understanding.In addition, I admire his gift to recognize the true actors suitable for the role in his films.

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