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- ZhanKlod, you stand thousands of teachers, said Allen. Tom liked the compliment, and he smiled. Before leaving for Italy, Delon did not talk on the phone or with Brigitte or Marie. The actress does not bother him, knowing what condition he is in front of first survey, and Marie is no longer called.Brialy accompanied him to the airport. - For some reason I think that we are flying again in Cannes, he said Alen.Slishkom quickly it all happened. - Wow, I said ZhanKlod.To you do not like to wait, unhappy with the speed of developments. Do not worry, everything will be okay.The young man went to the land and thought it was a mistake not told his mother about this invitation. She dreamed of his return to BurlyaReyn after the army. What he could raschityvt in the wilderness? After the memories of his native town much stronger Alain wanted to sign a contract and to ensure its future.In Rome, he was met by a driver holding a sign with the inscription "Delon". He drove to the hotel of the future actor and handed him a note from Harry Wilson with time meeting with Zeltsnikom the next day. Before dinner was only a few hours, and Allen decided to explore the city.He avoided the noisy crowds and did not go inside the Colosseum, and stared at him from the hill where lay the ruins of Nero's villa. Taking a walk through the main streets, he scrutinized the passing girls, but soon a little disappointed - they seemed to him too swarthy.However, some showed interest in him and was not averse to meet, but he poorly understood poitalyanski. In the evening, he called the hotel and told ZhanKlodu of the day, held in Rome. - I wistfully recall our trip to Cannes, he said drugu.Mne are uncomfortable and boring. - Amazing! Brialy said.As I recall during the festival, you spent all night, locked in a room. Who's stopping you imagine that now you are there? - You comfort me, I said cheerfully Alen.Zavtra call you back as soon as the faithful from Zeltsnika. - Agreed. By the way, you called Marie. We had a nice chat. - Do not you dare to stick to my girlfriend, said Alain.I very soon will be in Paris. - She too. She has a nice voice and she has a sense of humor. Imagine, he said that I was her best friend, because it reacted with understanding to her bathing in the bathroom in our room. For a moment Delon distracted from thinking about tomorrow's meeting and recalled the meeting with Marie. It has since been a few years.- Why are you silent? Briali.Ty asked not seriously jealous? - Of course not. You can talk to her, using my absence. Bye. Allen hung up and fell into a chair. "All the same it was in Cannes calm," he thought. Head of the morning in the hotel lobby waiting for Delon driver yesterday.Once in office Zeltsnika David, the young man felt that he could not utter a word, and tried in vain to catch his breath. However, the producer met him cordially. When Allen was carried into his office, Zeltsnik pointed to a chair, and for some time he said, no questions asked. Seeing Allen bit to learn, he said:- I was wondering how you were at the Cannes Film Festival? You've recently returned from the army? - Yes, I resigned less than a year ago. And I came to the festival with his friend, actor ZhanKlodom Brialy. - Clear. You want and to become an actor? - Yes. I have never filmed, but thanks to my friends sometimes present at the site.

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