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Of course, conservative layers of Italian society, those who issued the verdict of the Risorgimento and which was finally Watch Online and destroy the liberation war, are making great efforts in order to resume in the body of the Italian society and a new process of ossificationregress ... But where have you seen the weakening and softening of contradictions colors?Contradictions that Italian society could not be resolved even after the Risorgimento, the perennial deep ulcers that after the Liberation prevented our country to move forward, a legacy of mistakes which did not help get rid of even the proclamation of the republic, the nightmarish threat of new wars, the uncertainty of the unemployed in the future, the innocentconvicts sitting ten years in jail when suddenly it turns out that "their actions do not constitute a crime" and generalykollaboratsionisty coming out of prison, although the crime they have committed, but, they say, are subject to "discipline" - is all the real facts does not exist?Or maybe they are just the opposite, according to the situation, which is absolutely does not fit into the pattern of normalization, which allegedly was bound to follow the ruin of the first postwar years? I do not think that the current situation could be called normal.Even the least sensitive of us thought he was abnormal, full of contradictions and unresolved problems in the day when, for example, have been arrested our friends and Renzi Aristarko because this provision only dared to touch. We say again, you start to talk about politics.But is not the extreme politicization and is one of the main characteristics of the Italian reality? And that it does not give to call a spade a spade, it is so long ago inhibits our activity.The heroes of the film "Rome - Open City" before download movie kindzadza and die, talking about politics, but why that debate has not been cold and academic? Why it did not believe the propaganda? Because of the film's characters were not just partisan, not all members of the underground and the underground Italian;take part in the Italian Resistance was a political act - it meant to participate in the process of renovation of Italian society;and the value of "Rome - Open City" as a realistic work, the film, which looks even today, not so much that the film camera was taken out into the streets, but in the fact that it has been fully and dialectically revealed the reality of the Italian Resistance, and, consequently, all the realityItalian life in one of its turning points. In no other country in the world political struggle is not sharp as in Italy: the highest percentage of participating in the elections, ten millions of Italians are in favor of the socialist path. All this, dear friends, is part of the reality, they want to or not. Trying to fight it, the newspapers only write that about communism. However, when kakomunibud company facing closure as in these days in Florence, the bishop and communists, liberals and Christian Democrats are protesting together against it.Printing progressive organizations brings a message about what is happening in the world today, in little forlorn villages, the existence of which we learn only when they falls flood, but in the evenings two dozen illiterate gather around a boy who knows how to read, and he reads them disturbing the latest news on hydrogenbomb or factory workers employed, gdenibud in the North of Italy, or even an interview with director De Sica, who wanted to stay, "a film about the South of Italy, but the censorship did not allow him to do it.

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