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Work download the film киндзадза and stopped and the top brass threatened to shut down production picture, if not quickly find a replacement. And, perhaps even with the filing of Lucy noticed me.Quickly made a test, quickly began shooting. Outside it was late autumn of 1945. Try to shoot all the fireworks scene. Finally left of scenes in a forest glade, when Lucy goes to the farm and on the road Semibaba meets Ogurtsov, that is me. Beginning of the scene filmed on location at the end of October.At first, when we rehearsed for two days, the weather was good. And day of shooting. Zharov calls "Masha", a great cameraman Pavel download the film киндзадза and leaned over the camera and then ... snow. He did not stop and the following days. Since the plot is unfolded in the summer, had to endure shooting pavilion.Moscow at the end of the 45th - early 46th's not heated, pavilions "Mosfilm" even more so. Spy Philippi, who was getting out of the water, had from time to time to pour hundred grams for heating. Lucy froze as men. But the form is not download the film киндзадза and filed, remained the same ever cheerful and perky. "Mosfilm" in those days was almost empty.Only two adjacent pavilions has been working on the colored part of "Ivan the Terrible" and the adaptation of Ostrovsky's play "Guilty Without Guilt." To characterize the already difficult time will tell episode we've assembled the neighbors. On the set of "Wrongfully Accused" during the feast scene actors ate all the chickens and pigs.It was necessary for the next take again throughout Moscow look for provisions, and to hungry artists again overrun all download the film киндзадза and ripped and shooting everything edible this time poured kerosene ... Since Lucy was very easy to work with - it never gets angry if some scenes had to retake several times.She was the soul of the team, raised the spirits of all. Mikhail Ivanovich Zharov and the management of "Mosfilm", starting to work on the "troublesome economy" does not take into account one of the "little" things: photography began during the war, when it is not outdated propaganda that the enemy - a fool, a coward, do not be afraid of him, go forward and easy to win. Finished a film in early 1946. When, in May, he was released, fell down, to say unkind reviews. The fact that the "father of nations" has already spoken with their mouths new truth, we won the strongest, most technically equipped, the most treacherous, the most intelligent enemy.And then in America our film was released called "The Merry War"! So we asked the same pepper criticism! .. "Plot" troublesome economy "was simple and ridiculously naive, so the film was held solely on the talented actors' performances.Corporal Tonya, download the film киндзадза and played Tselikovskaya performs important military task - goes on a date with a German spy, with the assistance of the Germans false information to keep in the cold. Events occur near the front.But no enemy shells exploding around, Nazi planes diving on the wrong airport, and all the polls men fall in love with Corporal Tonya, who flirts with them, but their sympathy in the end gives a ridiculous cucumbers.Cucumbers himself from another comic situation takes prisoner important German headquarters, download the film киндзадза and packed to capacity by enemy officers. The film, full of amusing stories, this effervescent farce download the film киндзадза and created in order to distract the viewer from the "download the film киндзадза and naked truth of life", give it a rest, download the film киндзадза and immersed in the unreal world of good and giggly.All spectators, of course, understand this simple truth, especially the military, have experienced the brunt of the nonfictional war years.

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