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Was intended to have a courier in order to send it eshtafetoy, but is overcome by curiosity, what has never felt. I can not! I hear that I can not! Drawn, so that's pulling! In one ear and hear so here:"Do not print! perish like a chicken "and the other as if some demon whispers," Print, print, print! "And pressed wax - through the veins of the fire, and print - frost eybogu ​​frost. And his hands trembled, and all dizzy ..."The monologue is very similar in construction, vocabulary, early saturation of the internal state of Gogol's story, in which it was the contact with the demonic force, where a person is on the edge of a precipice, which attract and repel at the same time. Call of otherworldly, demonic forces justifies the logic of everyday life.In relation to the "Inspector" is not an exaggeration to say the presence of this magical power, devilry, witchcraft, infernal. It is this aspect of the play highlighted Meyerhold in his famous opus 1926.Magical power item in the "Inspector" is not present itself, it is primarily concerned with its main character - Inspector, Gogol understood in two ways: there is a higher power of God's judgment is his vyvertysh, underside, chimera, emptiness. But this chimera are on a scale of living, is not identical to the real human being.Emptiness, a phantom, deception grow before our eyes imperceptibly to a giant character eats his real shell. Generally very poor objective world Gogol plays functionally very diverse.For his household shell always shines plan symbolic bridge had to be moved to the illogical hollowness, the emptiness, the absurd and distorted human existence. For example, here are two things. One played out throughout the play. The other - there is a second, but remains in the memory forever. The first - the money and things."Auditor", " saturated" dengamiassignatsiyami, rubles, coppers, body, carpet, Sugar Loaf, trays and other offerings. It all starts with a fantastic inspector general lack of money - "a dime" - to cramps in the stomach from hunger. Ends collapse moneys collected from applicants.At first, you can still try to calculate how much was Khlestakov. Calculate possible, but not in this case - these sums begin to lose your real account. In our minds, so it's just built Gogol, they turn into a money rain - like a county town oozes out of his pores bribes.At some point, a person is lost, the person begins to run and be replaced by the amount that he has given "the paw." Deception and fear in the second half of the play begins to materialize in this "fruit-bearing" a cloud of money and things. The second thing - the famous rope Osip, completing Khlestakov extortion, "What is it? Rope?Come and rope - the rope and the road is useful: Truck broken off or something else you can tie up. " On the one hand - the practicality and thrift servant who lives in store - you never know where fate will make!But on the other - what is download the film киндзадза and unprecedented, it is a sign of the universal magic of total Russian robbery - all completely, dry, ground, and there could not care less! No action, no conscience - and now all at once! Ecstasy, lust binge on the edge, at the edge. The same magic abyss and end of the world. The same "tear on mankind ..."The main principle of the object on the stage as a sign of non-material respects for the Gogol expressed primarily in the hyperbole of the subject. In the course of action he begins rapidly "swell" in its real function and breaks its shell, flooding Wednesday, displacing people.

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