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The number of people who are professionally engaged in art, was growing rapidly. By the beginning of the century theater in Europe began to number tens, books distributed in thousands of copies.As we all know, under socialism the number of consumers of professional art has been growing even faster, and we have the whole nation becomes a spectator and reader, and the need for a hearing and sight is growing. The actors of the last century are remarkable, in particular, the fact that there were very few.Now in our country acting craft engaged tens of thousands of people. We at school know that a man of communist society in its free development of his art will make organic need. However, no art can not catch up with the cinema to a mass audience.MAT for sixty-plus years of existence, along with the branch missed through its walls twenty - twenty-five million people, or ten percent of our population. This is assuming all the performances, starting with the premiere of "Tsar Fedor Ivanovich," and if this suggests that each show was held with great success.But each average Soviet films, which has, in the words of film distribution, "satisfactory progress", collects as many viewers in the first months of hire. However, there are pictures that pyatnadtsatdvadtsat for years collected only in our country, to one hundred and fifty million viewers each.The fruits of the labor of the great Soviet filmmaker saw hundreds of millions and even billions of viewers. These figures are well known, but sometimes we do not give due importance to them, not to try to understand the concept art for the masses.On these figures it must be remembered when we try on the functions of art in the future communist society, in a society in which all humanity will merge into a single, close-knit family and trehchetyrehmilliardnuyu where any work of art should be accessible to every person on the globe.So, the film opened in the bourgeois epoch as another profitable inventions, another attraction, was necessary to develop the culture of communist society, the transition to which Marx was grounded for several decades before the discovery of cinema.The more download the film киндзадза and extended the range of consumers of art than the art of making a public, than it became more widespread - the larger development receives it realistic tendencies.I rule this part of Western painting, sculpture, music, as many bourgeois artists from a particular time were consciously focus on a narrow range of consumers, began to work, based on the "expert" or a very rich man, imitating connoisseurs.The history of Russian literature of the XIX century, can be seen as the story more and more attention to detail, realistic, in-depth study of man. From Pushkin to Tolstoy, to Chekhov. Theatrical drama was doing the same movement to the maximum available for the vitality of the theater and the details of human relationships.The peak of realist writing in the theater were opyattaki Chekhov, Gorky. Most realistic of all the houses in the world was at the time of moss in the years close to the Moscow Art Theater in Tver had "illusions" in which film actors madly leaping and tearing my hair out, because then the cinema was not yet out of diapers.History of cinema as an art form, I would download the film киндзадза and begin with the First World War. It was then that he began to find itself. The First World War has shaken up an unshakable seemingly foundations of capitalism, and in the same years was born a new art designed for the new society created by fate to serve socialism.This art was incredibly strong effects on humans.

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