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That's my disciples .... I was in Moscow, asked: "Why did you go to Leningrad to read? You live in Moscow, read in Moscow. " I tell them:"Why, there is the assembly of my students, I have to Leningrad to go, I'm there to say this word, which I now want to download movie comedy 2013 and say, I have they call to order. "I, as a former leader of the "Theater October" I insist on the fact that my business is to come here and tell my Leningrad students, my followers, my friends who work on the theater front, I call them to order as a "leader".If you allow yourself gamesmanship and other leftist bend, you answer me, I'll find a means to expose you. I will appear here in a theater critic, I sit down to the ground, and instead of the reviewer will write reviews of your performances.I still dream to translate their skills on the rails drama, probably I did not succeed, but in the end of my days, I did a good reviewer. I will appear to the ground as in the paintings by Daumier, I'll stick with, I'll go into the auditorium in a coat, because under my coat is armor.If my hair is quite gray, I'll get into a gray wig. I'll be gloomy, old and evil. That, comrades, I hope that the proletariat of Leningrad will help me in this, he and I will have to sit like a chorus, not just a spectator, as will the ancient chorus. Speaking in Moscow before aeroflottsami, I said:that leftist bend there, that formalism bloomed so full flower, blame not only criticism, not only we, heads of theaters, but blame and viewers and listeners to blame.However, I was there crossed the line, I called in the first place aeroflottsev them to try download movie comedy 2013 and take tricks with the help of the whistle, and I think, comrades, only Then we will have real theatrical art, if we resurrect the best era of theater, that is to say, in France Deburau theater in Italytheater, where they worked Gozzi and Goldoni, if we remember even a little Spanish Teatrika. I think we are right when we say that 341 klakerstva good traditions we have, perhaps, to resurrect. Nothing, if the new theater will be built in such a way that there will be two boxes built.We now - the government lodge, the lodge journalists and diplomats couch, and I think that there should be two boxes in the auditorium - bed satisfied and dissatisfied bed. During the performance of the lodges are carried satisfied replica supporting, so 2013 movie comedy watch online and say this stuff. And then the bed of these critics, that these old people like me - there will be handed out replica destroyed, scourging the people who smuggle drags on stage all harmful. For example, I went to the Little Theatre on the play "Othello." All told, it's a great show, shouting:That's a real performance - like that new era, all found. Shakespeare is, and all that is, and Othello is, and everything is great. These are the rules, about which I have spoken. I came in and saw that, first, there is nothing of Shakespeare.I remember something "blather" Radloff in an interview that he does not puts the drama of jealousy and drama of love, but not a drama of jealousy, is not interested in the drama of love Shakespeare.Shakespeare was interested in the intrigue which people spin the wheel and under the car which killed and Desdemona and Othello, and another living creature can 2013 comedy movie watch online in excellent quality and die. That, comrades, is what it is.If this is true, but it is, first of all, the main character in the play - Iago and Othello are not, despite the fact that the play is named "Othello." Shakespeare's Othello in fact terribly sorry, he was sorry to give the title of this villain Iago - it was to be called the play "Othello."It would be strange if, instead of Griboyedov "Woe mind" would have called the play "FAMUSOV" or "Zagoretsky" but not "Chatsky." But not Chatsky main character in this play.

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