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Hitchcock, who directed the film "Rope", showed that the length of the frame is not particularly download the film комедия 2013 год and limited, the frame may have a complex mise en scene that occupies the time as much as 10 minutes.No character, no Chinese or Japanese, can not "compete" with the scenes in the amount of information contained in it, in the amount of content. However, some researchers continue to work in this direction.It should be open almost any istorikoteoretichesky magazine "film history notes", you will encounter a discussion of symbolic interpretation of the nature film, although it is clear that such a theory could ever, and in any form, can not be realized in practice. She is download the film комедия 2013 год and divorced from the real task of creating on-screen works.All these efforts can be described as the desire to grammar and syntax, language features to the principles of addition-screen work. And if it was done, then it becomes very simple: there is a grammar, there are rules, they should be strictly adhered to.Otherwise, communication, contact, mutual understanding between the author of the work and the viewer will not take place. This "grammar" was bound to the rank of law. The effect of this "law", of course, more easily traced back to the lowest level - at the junction of adjacent frames.And this is really the act of the assembly, there are some limitations, especially when it concerns the development of action within a single scene. Such an interpretation of the "laws of the movie" and "the laws of assembly" has led to a sharp protest among the creative youth.Each new generation of artists seeking to bring in their area of ​​creativity something new, unprecedented and original.The trouble is that with the misunderstood and unconscious of "laws" was thrown out of the baptismal font professionalism, the need of vocational training, the ability to rub paint, cook canvas, applied to the image and create a drawing itself.Was kind of rejected the need for professional training, which could not affect their subsequent work. The idea that the assembly can not be taught that the installation in all its forms - is the realization of the free flight of fancy, and now called by some professors in the so- called top film schools.In fact, everything looks different. "The laws of drama," "Law installation", "the laws of rhythm," etc. are not the laws of film and television. They have not invented by previous generations of creators. You can even assume that these "laws" do not exist in nature.In nature, there are very different laws, or, more precisely, the patterns of perception and information processing of human consciousness: psychological, physiological, and general psychological sotsialnopsihologicheskie. They impose certain conditions on the unbridled imagination of artists.You want to be understood, you want to transfer their emotional relationship to chemulibo, you want to excite, to make its audience to experience something - be kind, mind you, these features of the multi-perception and psyche. Watch the film комедия 2013 год online. Recall:Kuleshov download the film комедия 2013 год and discovered in his experiments are not "laws of cinema," and the principles of the method of comparison in the viewers mind and perception.

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