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For almost a year, it's too long! Momona, anything should do, she listens to you.- I would love to keep it, but you know perfectly well that no one in a long time it has no influence. What do you want, Edith lived without love, it is like a ship without a crew, drifting. We need to find her a man. She download the film комедия 2013 год and lacked the men in the house. Those who lived near her was do not care: it served, and all.They were afraid of losing such a nice place, where Madame did nothing, did not notice where the money flowed like water ... And it feeds small streams, and they turn into big rivers. At the same was to be a broad stream. When Lula announced the hunt for the bottle, when every nook was thoroughly searched:a double bed, in the medicine cabinet, a wardrobe, chest of drawers, a toilet, a piano - wherever you can hide the bottle, including the recycling bin - Edith, seeing that there is nothing to drink, fell into a wild rage and destroy everything around or in the night shirt and slippers, threw only coat, ran away into the night to land for the first got the the film комедия 2013 год and Resounded in the morning phone call, pick up the phone and Helen, the wife of the driver, heard the voice of an unknown bartender: "Come for its madam, for Edith Piaf. For six hours, and we are closed, and she does not want to leave and yelled: "I'm yours!" We should go to bed. Grab the way, checkbook, her decently written. "The driver and his wife, Mark and Claude Bonel as capturing group, went to the house to deliver the hostess, which, depending on the mood, sometimes download the film комедия 2013 год and tried to take with them is a gaming machine, the electric pool, the window curtains. At present binges Edith was no fun.Get by in the evening, shortly before leaving for America, she decided to rehearse and started singing and then download the film комедия 2013 год and stopped short. - I forgot one thing in the bathroom. - I'll bring you, Edith, - Claude said. - No, let's go together. After a stay in hospital Edith could not stand being alone for a minute.It had to be download the film комедия 2013 год and accompanied everywhere, and especially in the toilet, and she did not care who was around this time, a man or a woman - she had left the door ajar, and at peace. Soon she was back. Her eyes were shining. She began to sing, but she was laughing: - I can not ... Words are pushed in my throat, want to jump all at once.Do not push! .. They would not listen! In their mouth too much ... I'll go again ... She spit left. Back pale and sunken nostrils, drops of sweat on his download the film комедия 2013 год and forehead. - Edith, you feel bad? - Bad. Again prevented speak. I'm coming ... A few seconds later there was the sound of her voice, and broken glass. Everyone rushed to her. Claude - the first.She was standing in her room on the bed and crying in the corner throwing empty and full bottles of beer, where they broke the wall. It was an attack of delirium tremens. "Spiders, mice - she cried, - kill them, they climb here! Their feet ... their paws scratching me ... ". Edith tore off his clothes, torn fingernails face, hands and screamed, screamed."It was impossible to make - later told Claude. - Simon, Simon! She is a talented, it is great, how it can be such? "He had tears in his eyes. Night came "first", and she was taken. She's barely two men could handle. Edith suffered terribly. Again, she was locked in the clinic.A month later she came out, exhausted, but recovered. "Momona, my dear, that I made - can not be worse! How they mocked me! This medication is love, a good start, but the end - the enemy does not want.On the first day I was a sister, a hefty babishchy with powerful biceps, full of such as the police, and took my order for food.

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