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And how you cried for the whole Riga at 4:00 am: "No, you see how she looks like my mother!No, you see how she looks like my mother! "To whom are you addressing at 4 am? Empty Riga. Who are you shouting? It is very interesting that the Latvians, I like your mother! This to me was interesting. I deciphered this cry as a declaration of love, like a flash sense to me. But it was not to me, but to her, about whom you scream!We ran and jumped for joy and could not know that we were invisible and persistently - and lakes, and in the haystacks, and the white sand of the coast - is accompanied by an image of King Oedipus in the splendor of his destructive complex. And your mother, which was founded this Oedipus mine., The years pass, and we all took turns in this undermined the mined segment of life. Someone will survive someone concussion, someone will die. Then, on the streets of Riga, jumping for joy at the dawn of the day, we do not know. And they could not know.And even if I knew - nothing can be changed, as this way I'm going out on a date on the Arbat to the unfamiliar and tedious Chapkovskomu! Well, do not sit well in 22 years at home! Vakhtangov theater inhaled the latest wave of spectators. Once I drew level with the first column of gray buildings, slammed into the ear like a shot, "Where are you going?"Face to face - Andrew, Andrew, Andryushenka. Aloud, defiantly replied: - On a date! - To whom? - He demanded. - To Chapkovskomu! - Who is this? - And you care? Do not have time to finish, as was captured by the collar. Nearby stood a car "Volga". During my dialogue in the cabin on the other hand crept download the film комедия 2013 год and glued two girls.Someone male sitting in the first seat in the dark I could not see. He grabbed me by the collar of my new, produced to the commission coat, opened the door and vdvinul me in the back seat. Opened the front door, cautiously pressed the button, so I have not rushed out, got behind the wheel, opened the throttle, and ten minutes later we were in Moscow, as Volkov Lane. As he escorted brought me to the entrance, pushed the elevator up to the seventh floor, and all went to his studio apartment. Then Andrew was 25 years old.The process of knowledge of life is painful for all who live and grow there. Music, the sound of dancing reminded bombing. To avoid scandal, the boy's parents built the apartment where he could indulge with gusto stunning newness of life. The apartment was very small, by today's standards.Kitchen - 5 meter room - Divided shelf for books in half. Watch the film комедия 2013 год in excellent quality online. "Living Room" and "bedroom". The "living room" - table, chairs, a tape recorder. Wall painted on wallpaper artist - friend Leo Zbarsky, known by the fact that his father was download the film комедия 2013 год and embalmed Lenin red and burr. The painting is as follows:Two people on the wall diagonally to each other, hand in hand, feet apart and two heads. Modern. The "bedroom" ottoman. In the frame of the canvas image of the Mother of God. The curtains on the window - gray canvas. In a way I knew who was sitting next to Andrew in the car. Artist of the theater "Contemporary". They starred together in the film "Marx and Engels."Engels elongated nose, you see, with a set of Napoleon, like all young men - self-affirming womanizer. All friends enjoyed Andryushechkoy his bachelor apartment. Undressed in front. I immediately separated from them, and went into a "bedroom", sat down on the couch, took the book and began to read.They were grouped in the other half - the laughter, the replica, champagne, sandwiches, cigarettes, smoke.

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