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Interview, conversation or replicas in the gaming scene. Author's text. It is called the author's narration or commentary.Sometimes accompanied by the transfer or film gives the comment of one of the characters because of the frame. In some cases, you can keep the comments of several voices. Voiceover monologue or dialogue. Such a solution of the director corresponds to the situation where the viewer does not see the characters, but their voices sly shit.They can develop as a commentary to accompany the action, in which they do not participate at this time, or attended was once before. Internal monologue. Often, without saying the words out loud, we are talking to yourself. Screen technique of interior monologue just simulates the situation.Hero in action block is not open Wai mouth not articulating, but this time his voice sounded because of the frame, it says replica, talking to himself or IMPLIED MEVA partner. And in the practice of creating movies and programs are not always pure videprimenyaetsya one or the other method. Sometimes you can take the path of convergence.Dialogue combined with the author's commentary, an internal monologue with direct replicas and so on, depending on the director's vision. Music is able to perform many different functions in screen works. But in the most general sense of the music can be divided into two types. Music in the frame.In all cases, when we see the source, the cause of the music on the screen, it falls into this category. This can be a band that played at the moment in the picture, radio, participating in the development of the action scenes as props, radio, and even the player headphones on his head hero.It is not necessary that all personnel attended the scene in a row, or the orchestra musicians. In mounting the image sequence, they may be shown only once, but what is important: the viewer knows what is the source of music.The viewer knows that the receiver or radio are in the area where the action is, that they make sounds. Offscreen music. This music is always conditioned by copyright solution and can perform a variety of theatrical features. It may be the author - to express the author's attitude to the action.May be an expression of feelings of the hero. The viewer can create a certain mood, and can perform more tasks dozen directors. About the music on the screen written entire books. This is a large independent subject. Noise. All possible and impossible sounds, real and unreal are divided into two simple categories: synchronous and background.Synchronous noise. The very name of this type of noise is indicative of their main features. But they can be characterized and very different. Most often, these include all the noise with single or repeated, but sketchy sound. Knock the car door, the steps a man pounding waves of the embankment, hammering or gallop horse, etc.But the viewer is sure to see the source of the sound. In practice, sometimes the same individual sounds of invisible sources are a bit of background. But then they are all the same off-screen, and not synchronous. Often this type of output noise for a large sound plan and be sure to mount the image with accuracy to kadrika.Background noise. The term is commonly referred to as the sounds that are continuous or continuous sound is distinctly expressed bursts.

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Film комедия 2013 год
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