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Then he pulled himself together. - What are you waiting for? Get in, where it suits you best.I saw in the corner of a broken chair in the old black and cracked skin, so as not to interfere with someone enthusiastic about the acquisition, flopped into it. Hearing the mournful creak of springs suddenly snapped and growled: - Get up! Now get up! thought, it is clear, he risked his ass poke a broken spring, and jumped up.- You know what this chair? - Asked breathlessly download the film комедия 2013 год and shrugged. - Stalin's time? - Suggested tentatively. - This is a favorite chair, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov! - Said with great value. - When it comes to me, I always sit in it. And I decided to make a joke.- So, - he said - I can now be proud that he met with Vyacheslav Mikhailovich assholes! - Fool - said good-naturedly, and again returned to the Atlas. - Okay, now sit down. The main thing that you feel. What is it - fetishism? Longing for permanently departed idols? I do not know. Let understand this psychoanalysts.And I, like my colleagues on stage, mental health problems so far, thank God, did not suffer. And what I'm told, our environment would be taken for bikes. For jokes. Who of us normal: jester, turning tragedy into a farce, or a king, for which threatens to turn into a farce tragedy? I do not know. Shakespeare knew.No matter how conventionally dramatic art, but it carries more reality, even in the parables and allegories, than some of our realists whose download the film комедия 2013 год and brain became vestigial appendage. The interests of artists, as well as people of any other profession, can not be limited only to the trade.Otherwise, the person, to paraphrase a little Kozma Prutkov will be similar flux. And it is very uncomfortable condition. To preserve the symmetry of their spirituality, in our theater was established travilschikov Academy. In order to be elected to it, it was necessary to tell the story, which would all academics believe. And if someone said:"I do not believe," claims to this title was to prove the truth of his story. Usually collected in dressing room before the show, when they were all in the makeup and costumes.Especially expressive it looked, for example, before a performance of "Boris Godunov", when some of the academics could be seen in the bartenders and tsaryabatyushku Cap of Monomakh, a severe patriarch brodyagchernetsov Mishael and Barlaam, princes and boyars in luxurious fur coats. This must be seen! And each had a specific theme:one - medicine, the other - a love story, with a third - the movie ... The story is told by one. Here Prince Shuisky convinces everyone that Ankipulemetchitsy had sexual relations with Vasily Ivanovich. The evidence? Please. And the prince begins to analyze the scene where Petka explains Anke gun device, and the frame for it.And then the most interesting - blackout. After all, in those days did not show intimate scenes. But! In the next shot there is evil, like a dog, Chapaev. He has, for sure, everything was told, and he could find no rest. Its like Othello, gnawing fierce jealousy! No objection. Convinced. We had Strukova actress. She played all babYag.Somehow she told me: - I came one day to see a doctor. And that says something, and without looking at me and says, "Take off your clothes." I went behind the screen, and got undressed.

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