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I bought two hundred florist tulips, of course, cut, stuck them in the ground in your garden. Coco delighted. By the time she left all tulips bent down to the ground. - They bow to say goodbye to you - I said. She understood everything and laughed heartily. Jean often came to "Nomad".I have also been on the street Montpensier. Jean wrote the French version of the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire "by Tennessee Williams. I dreamed of playing in the play. The name of the boat Jean Marais. - Colette wants you to play a major role in "Cheri" - said Jean. I have participated in a radio show that plays with Yvonne de Bray in the role of Leah, which she was amazing.The transfer was a great success. Director of the theater "La Madeleine" came up with the idea to resume play. - But, Jean, Colette always felt that I'm not the character. - Out of respect for a great writer you should meet her. I go to Colette. I had the good fortune to be her friend, besides she loved Muluki.Whenever in her speeches on the radio, as well as in the books, which, like the leaves from the trees in our garden, flew out of her room in my PaleRoyale, I found evidence of its enormous arrangement to me. So I was very awkward to refuse to play "Sherry".I timidly reminded her that before she could not imagine Sheri blonde and I'm not at that age. She answered his wonderful voice, simultaneously delicate and powerful: - The play I wrote, and I'd rather kogolibo other know who Cherie. Sheri - it's you. How can you not comedy film 2013 watch online and to accept?I refuse to "Streetcar" Desire ", and we rehearse" Sherry ". Charm Valentine Tessier, goodwill Andre Brule, amazing professionalism director Jean Balla, integrity of other actors make me jump into the water headfirst. I try to be like the perfect Sheri. And triumph.Valentine, quite extraordinary, critics sing praises. Me as a child, they say that I have achieved some success. In essence, it suits me. I am proud that for ten years has been successful. If I download movie comedy 2013 and to continue in the same spirit, that only I reach?Moreover, if we succeed - privilege children, then I - a real actor, because actors are always children. Like them, we are constantly renting exams. During production of "Sherry", just as the day of death Marcel Cerdan, ill Muluc. He began coughing, more like a gasp, wheeze.I called the vet and waiting for him in a restaurant near the theater, on the cheeks I shed tears. I am ashamed of my weakness. Elbows on the table, hiding his eyes. The film is a comedy in 2013. Ran my director Andre Brule - Jeannot, you so upset death Marcel Cerdan? I feel even more ashamed, and I mumble: - No, Muluc dies.I have to go into the dressing room. The vet came back. He determined that Muluki cardiac asthma. Over the next two years I will always go out with a solution of camphor, syringes, ether and wool. In Muluki happen syncope, and wherever it happens, I do it a shot.Once in the subway, I dropped the box, syringe, ether and the rest - all rolled on the floor. Ambient looked at me with conviction, taking the addict. I'm less likely to take Muluki a walk. I'm thinking about buying a pram, so that he could walk with me. But then I remember about the reporters who, of course, do not miss this event.Had to abandon the idea. Muluki need a garden, and I was mistaken for a site search, find suitable in MarnlyaKoket. Plans are at home, immediately begin construction.

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