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In the case of football commentator with particular clarity opens the difference between plot and story, and the fact, the subject and the object.No wonder that the various commentators, offering us different Soblasti capable on the material of the same football artifact construct different aesthetic construction. I equally need and Nikolai Ozerov and Kote Makharadze, and Vladimir Maslachenko. The first is able to look at everything from the height of the broad interests of our sport.He seemed to not have their own likes and dislikes, favorite team, favorite player. And what happens on the field, Ozerov sees global consequence, the fundamental reasons - good or negligently download the film комедия 2013 год and trained team holds a training system, there was once alive the glorious tradition, acquired or not the main peak form ...It was beautiful, Nikolai Ozerov, when in the last game at the Montreal Olympics, choosing a half minutes before the end, calm, clear, very low-key, but think carefully about the words described the reasons for our failure and download the film комедия 2013 год and named perpetrators football leapfrog 1976.What he said was far more interesting and far more useful to the listener, chemto what happened on the field. Kote Makharadze fascinated others.He has no equal in the transmission of the vicissitudes of the football match is a match, the Knights' collision, dramatic spectacle with its own laws, when the slip turns disaster, attack - a brave but hopeless undertaking, inevitable loss - sad, download the film комедия 2013 год and undeserved stroke of fate.Vladimir Maslachenko, using their professional knowledge, looking at what is happening through the eyes of a seasoned man. The game presents a string of techniques varying usefulness, justification, prevalence, and even different levels of risk.In a simple open complex, luck - good luck, the loser - a natural failure wrong score or coaching triumph counter more logical plan. This is very good at jumping, he feels insecure at the outputs, this remarkable breakthrough speed, but not exactly strike ...Regularities in a combination of regular treatment to his own goalie practice: I preferred it, and feared that now holds the view that togoto Do not ... We have before us a little time memories, a little conversation to improve skills.Usefulness of these commentators to me, the viewer is not only in comparison with my Initiation. But also in the fact that each of them, predstavitelstvuya on download the film комедия 2013 год and certain aspects of reality, represents yet and my own conflicting desires.I would like as wide and discerning judge during the competition, just to see talent in every match the dramatic spectacle, as thin sort of tools and skills. Look online. Weak commentator - not just someone who knows what is happening on the field is no better than you, but also the one whose point of view is not a response to the request of your soul.I remember three or four years ago, a commentator, is taking its first steps in the TV coverage is fully and finally fell into my eyes - not because it's worse than I figured out in the game of emergency, but because of how the reacted to the mistake. First, it was said: "Of course, there is no need to lose his defender ..."When it became clear that the judge firmly on the side of the defender and even pulls out a yellow card to put in place arguing with him frontline opponents, the announcer said," Forward definitely not right ..."Make a mistake it was not surprising, but" of course "and" clearly " aimed first of water, then the other way, opened my inner world commentator.

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