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Pioneer acting in films, he does not know yet what works most dismal theatrical cliches. Thus, no elements of the game and the glory of the action items created "political irrigators."There was an explosion on quantitative accumulation led to a qualitatively new formation. Were born kinobasnya, cinematographic. A line kadrovopisany gave due thought, morality. They joined in the sphere of thought, experience, human rights and the work of consciousness by analogy.Gardener is no longer simply a gardener, and a boy - just mischievous teenager. They, like the value of mental algebra, pushed to a conclusion in Washington Aesop: "Sometimes, not knowing the cause of the scantiness of their troubles, seeking salvation, not where it is necessary, the very same self-harm and anger transcends reasonable."The difference between previous studies and that the micro-LumiГЁre is the difference between unstructured improvisations "about" and a clear structure of fables, anecdotal type. This latter finding is also not necessary to dismiss.Lumiere changed here "line Lumiere" and point to a future fantasy MГ©liГЁs, in which the camera out of the tool fixing become an instrument of creating a fantastic, unprecedented reality. The basis of "political waterer" served as a string of magazine pictures, comics.In the future, this is the line - poluLyumerapoluMelesa - please unprecedented fruit. The term "art film" will only understand the game film, and he in turn will be based on literary subjects, in the text, in the spirit of waste plays.Documentary, trying to achieve an artistic effect is literaturnoigrovogo movie will huddle in the back with the title of "unreal movie." Meanwhile, it is just different modes of operation of the "phenomenon of authenticity", the fundamental features of the language of cinema.Director, working in literaturnoigrovom film, too, in a sense, to be documentary.For the story of history, scenery and costumes for today's Russia and medieval France should see and reveal to the audience something dokumentalnonepovtorimoe - for example, the human identity Ina Chourikova play the lead in "The Beginning."Director, working in this field should be used even on l s h i m documentary than a movie maker pravovernodokumentalnogo. That for a second - the need to work, for the first-task. Documentary bound hand and foot, inability to think, write, deliver - to spy, waiting to catch.Game director, it would seem, can easily afford all of this, but there is a lightness of chess with himself, resigned when the enemy tried to giveaway. The apparent ease turns tenfold difficulty: the laws of reality, making it possible, and "then - no, we have to feasibly model.We note as a curiosity that the filmmakers' igroviki "usually with great success working in the documentary field. Opposite examples are extremely rare.Odessa recent film studio "for their fate" would be an ordinary, unremarkable melodrama, if it did not appear directed talented artist who has download the film комедия 2013 год and received, despite his youth, several international prizes for documentary shorts. Here, in this new field, he was not able to shine even level of professionalism.Scene on the street, in the port, broaching meaningful panorama frozen vessels removed so that you know: director dismissed the internal drama, potentially inherent kadruopisaniyu, download the film комедия 2013 год and believed in the secondary, auxiliary personnel for these accompaniment.

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