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But once I gasped and fell on the stage: a terrible pain in my knee up I have not given. The Institute Sklifosovsky filled card: tendon rupture, meniscus, fractured patella. Foot to groin packed in plaster.A few days later, I asked to go home from the hospital. Lay with the stupid plaster foot and cried in despair. Came to visit friends. And secretly told Tumanishvili offered to take a new artist: premiere in jeopardy, can not wait. Yes, and some colleagues have already download the film Королек птичка певчая and offered their services. Tumanishvili said flatly: - No!At least a year, at least ten years! I'll wait Durov. The next day I was rehearsing in a cast. I really love this part. And, as they say, play it well. The play was a success. We wrote. But in his heart remained kakayato wine. To whom? Can not say exactly. Why, I do not about that - not about guilt. I'm a joke. On the Comic.About that mask comedy, corners of lips that carefree Zadran up and to some elusive moment sadly fall down, and we see before us is a mask of tragedy. At what point does one mask is converted to another, when there is this amazing metamorphosis, sometimes difficult to detect. And whether you want to confide "harmony with algebra"?In that case, we run the risk of losing most intimate secrets - secrets of reincarnation. In a broader sense - the secrets of creativity. And without that all creativity is losing its appeal, its charm, it loses in the end, a deeper meaning. I do not care to know, from what rubbish made verses.Let it remain a secret of their creator. I want to enjoy poetry, free from any impurities. The mystery of creativity - is great! And try to get into it - a fruitless exercise. You would think that my mind again went out of its intended channel. But in reality it is not so.Just by itself work - boundless, and thinking about it in the same endless, as, say, a reflection of our mortal life. Moreover, as the ancients said: "Art is eternal - life is short." Speculations about the comic and tragic unwittingly leads to the concept of good and evil. No one is born a villain or a hero, good or bad.Every person lives all, but in the end, triumphs, defeats something one. So they go next - Romeo and Tybalt, Othello and Iago, Klaus, and Pastor ... There are as long as Tybalt kills Mercutio not, Romeo is not in a fit of revenge draws his sword;while Iago because of a blind animal hatred will not make Othello kill Desdemona, but he did not kill the his wife, while Stirlitz not shoot at Klaus to save many people ... And is not a drama for Romeo hit sword person become a killer? .. And Tybalt? Is he - could not understand that a feud is ridiculous, a great evil, stupidity?He could be like Mercutio, Romeo ... And it is also a drama. And Iago? Why wild blind hate, not kindness and love? He robbed himself became spiritually poor! Drama! But why bother? Because you can simply denounce or condemn. Can. Sure you can.But then all these facts of history will chronicle newspaper, but not the subject of artistic research. They are so flat and featureless zastynut pictures taken from a cheap camera and printed on paper klozetnoy. I am absolutely sure that every role, no matter how "funny", carries a dramatic start.Let us remember once again of the "funny" actor - Charlie Chaplin, the little man with childlike amazement looking at the world.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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