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Especially one person stood out in this living wall with his fierce expression. Strange and gratifying as easily humanized beast in man ...Cost our companion Gurevich, known Petrograd journalist who look tenderly at the person who lost it was a human face, when she download the film Королек птичка певчая and smiled her kind smile and shake his head with a half-joking reproach, and the "beast" was embarrassed, she calmed down and no longer has never download the film Королек птичка певчая and succumbed to the temptation hardness .Meanwhile, in the room where we were herded, began kakieto terrible cooking. In the half- opened windows and doors stuck his gun. Steel zachemto move and rearrange tables, then so deliver, that way. All the time in and out kakieto military. Behind the doors for a few minutes as if calm down, then again, moaning, screeching, roaring.And the door flew, often immediately falling, new captives. Then dumped in regard to our Serb woman with disheveled hair, for which it is enough reservists, the pregnant Frenchwoman cry. Sometimes, when the door was open, distinctly heard the terrible sound of blows. Someone else beat.But I must emphasize once heard all the same, so we were already familiar war cry, he called to order, and excesses continued. Again, at the time of the rebuilding of silence. Should generally specify that here, as before, in Munich, badly behaved with respect to non-Germans only crowd.Unfortunately, no exception and the German intelligentsia. But still wearing his uniform, and military and government officials, it is, however, clung to any formality, and sometimes these staff in formal income to bullying was to stupidity strict, but we have to correct.We were placed in the panel room, just against guns, sticking out the window. Swirled in his head the idea of ​​shooting. And strangely, we all just came over some piece of mind. Anyway, for some reason, it was quieter than when we knock about at railway stations and cars. I even felt in his heart rate was steady and clear.And this peace was, it seems to me, at all. Flashed for a second reason, I thought, as they did not wish a good panel? After all, when we will shoot, it will certainly spoil. Then I began to think that if we shoot a lot, then death will be instantaneous.But if six people will shoot at fifty, stuck in the window six guns, then it will not be shot, and just carnage ... Mentally, I immediately decided that this room with the panel will not shoot us, and lead to the right, into the street, through the roaring crowd, which stuck to the windows.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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