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This reality - the post-war Europe, which is in a state of complete disintegration. Its disgusting demonstrated in the episodes that are remarkable not so much uncompromising frankness as penetrating understanding of the symptoms of social malaise.That symptom, for example, is a combination of cruelty and lust in Halibeve. Thanks to these observations on various segments of the population movie sometimes seems kind of report about the diseases of European society.In this report, Pabst and then resorted to the testimony of inanimate objects, which in turn points to the undeniable artistic aspirations director. The real object in the "Love of Jeanne Ney" he attributes roughly the same role, which granted them Karl Mayer in his films about heroes in the power of instincts.But if they were Mayer identification marks mute areas that inhabit the characters possessed instinctive passions, the Pabst seals inanimate objects because they help him create the special reality that he wants to film Goldcrest singing bird watching online in excellent quality andexplore. The world's full of crumbling or decaying into primary elements, things get out of secluded havens and begin to live separate, independent life. Iron washbasin in a hotel room, perched on a short night with Joan Andrew, like exudes sadness:it breathes the entire interior, prepared for a failed love affair. By its very existence, these items support the idea that you can learn from the vicissitudes of the plot: the image of the world - a jungle inhabited by wild beasts.The entire film - a tacit accusation to the world, since it asserts that all human values ​​will be neglected, while we do not radically change society. However, as in the "joyless lane" Pabst constantly discredits their freedom-loving statements.His assignment as desired by UFA melodrama indicate how strong was his own desire for her. Forcing a girl from night club to kneel before the noble blind angel Pabst picks traditional motif "prostitute with a heart of gold."Using the shooting motion, he injects the first drama of the Paris meeting Andrew and Jeanne, turning to the latter-day lovers Tristan and Isolde. In other episodes he is innocent of their children, who have purposed to destroy the evil sorceress. These ambiguous interludes neutralize guilty pathos inherent realism Pabst.In other words, a dispassionate observer puts to shame Pabstamoralista Pabst. It is noteworthy that his "Love of Jeanne Ney" is replete with precise observations of the fast elusive phenomena of real life.If it is true that only the mind is not clinging to the exact definitions may help countless real phenomena, constituting a reality show by its essence, the Pabst - peerless observer of these phenomena, because it does not impose any values ​​to them.Credibility pabstovskih paintings - it should not be mistaken for the truth - lies on the indifference of the director. This reluctance to make vitally important findings is also reflected in another aspect of "installation art" Pabst in the accelerated assembly sequence figurative elements.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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