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Jack film Goldcrest singing bird watch online and not at all interested in religious education. He recalls how his rabbi taught and how every time the boy makes a mistake, stabbed his very long hat pin. "Then I said to myself:here that when you next time I ukolesh pin, I unscrewed your head. "Another wrong answer did not take long, Rabbi reached for the pin." I grabbed him by the whiskers and the like should be pulled. His chin hit the collar, he screamed and ran to my father. "I'm not going to teach this boy more!" he shouted.At this end of my religious upbringing. "This was not the first nor the last time Jack was disobedience, this story can film Goldcrest singing bird watch online and serve as a paradigm throughout his life. "In his heart he was a rebel," says his son Jack Uornermladshy.In Youngstown after the fourth grade, he dropped out of school and wandered from street gang. He felt the need to be constantly on the mind hold the attention of others. His mother somehow once promised him two coins, if he can be quiet for five minutes. He could not. Jack was as if created for the entertainment industry.Soon replaced by speech before the guys came from the yard work at the Opera House Youngstown, and then toured in vaudeville as malchikasoprano. Harry and his brother Albert initially engaged in sale of bicycles. The idea of ​​the movie originated with Sam, in many respects similar to the Jack.Somehow he saw Edison peep and then spend hours learning to drive with him. He wanted to get his own movie projector. One woman, who lived in the neighborhood, just told him that her son wants to get rid of such a device, if only to find a suitable fool.Sam immediately rushed home to persuade the family film Goldcrest singing bird watch online and make an investment of one thousand dollars. That's because Warner and got into the movie business.Of all the Hollywood Jews Warner, apparently, were the only ones who are not too worried about the social status and recognition on the part of the "real" Americans. This is probably the result of the fact that they grew up in Youngstown, where class differences are not so obvious.For Sam, who in his youth was a greeter at the carnival, then sold ice cream, the attractiveness of such entertainment like movies, was obvious. For Jack, the movie became possible Watch Online and show themselves. For a more conservative Harry and Albert attractiveness movie was not so obvious.Only many years later, Harry realized that this kind of art can be used to promote tolerance and justice. From a business standpoint, Harry is nothing attractive for myself did not find, rather on the contrary, the risk is too great.Apparently, he was brought to the cinema interests of the family business, the ability to control and hot younger brothers. Becoming the head of the financial department of the new company, Harry will always be able to control them. These motives are confirmed subsequently elected Harry course of action.Warner opened his business in 1903, staging a cinema in a huge tent in his yard, and began with the presentation of "The Great Train Robbery", a copy of which is attached to the projector. A few weeks later they went to Ohio, where he was a carnival, and rented an empty store. For a week they had earned $ 300.Then Sam and Albert went to nearby cities with a copy of "Loot". When they got tired of driving around, they began to think about the stationary theater. Their choice fell on Newcastle because during his tour that is where they managed to collect the most money.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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