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It was very noisy, fun and witty.With Irina Dmitrievna Month in 1970-1980's we made a serious series of evenings, "We knew them well" - those who passed away from us prominent people in politics, science and culture. Irina Dmitrievna's brainchild - the evenings "Knights of the Revolution," "Paths of brotherhood," "Roads of Friendship." Ambassador of Mexico so deeply moved that he did not want to leave.A night download the film Королек птичка певчая and dedicated to the anniversary of the "electrification"? download the film Королек птичка певчая and Tracked down one of the first builders Shatura power, documentary film, singing songs of the time. The atmosphere in the crowded room was amazing. In 1989, at the home of actor conducted a pre-election meeting on promotion of Boris download the film Королек птичка певчая and Yeltsin to the Supreme Council.There were so many people, the apple to fall anywhere. Initially, we were sitting in the office of Margaret Eskin round table. Then came the Americans, or the British with cameras. Boris Eskin asked: "May I?" She replied, "Yes." Then he shook my hand and we kissed. As we believe this man!As every poster on the street, I arranged a meeting! How then was of sandwiches to the White House! Lord! But back to the House of the actor. The year 1975 - the Union-Apollo. Our astronauts in space, download the film Королек птичка певчая and joined with the American crew. After a successful landing, they come to Moscow. Does such an event could pass House actor!These letchikikosmonavty, both our U.S. and have been download the film Королек птичка певчая and invited for the evening. We were instructed to choose someone else from the U.S. or from our astronauts and the entire evening to take care of.Initially, we download the film Королек птичка певчая and handed them luxury gift books, icons Tues I chose Donald Slayton, probably because he was older than the others, and I was older than the girls who made this company. He was very serious - hard hedgehog graying hair, deep-set eyes are very sad. In the beginning was a concert, and then down in a restaurant, banquet began.And we said, "Girls, come down to the banquet, sit side by side and make sure that they are not download the film Королек птичка певчая and overcrowded." We went down to the banquet. On the other side near Slayton sat full of the singer from the Bolshoi Theatre, managed to pour vodka into glasses. And it cost me great effort to remove those glasses and pour Donald Slayton in a small glass.And, the amazing thing, he said porusski very bad, I know the strength of poangliyski ten words, but we all evening talking to him, and perfectly understood each other. In Slayton incredibly interesting fate. He at that time was 51 years old, he was the oldest of the astronauts.He said I could call him Dickie, as his name is all friends. He fought in the war, flew heavy bombers, was married, his wife's name was Marjorie, and they have, as I understand, not all is well in the relationship, and he has one son, in which he doted.I talked to him on television, explaining that such a director, what I'm doing the program. When I download the film Королек птичка певчая and started to talk about the difficulties of our television, global time we could not speak, he said that in 1962, the year, two months before the launch into space, doctors removed him from the flight. He found a disruption in heart rhythm.But we must see him, his face - once it became clear that this man had ever before what not aside. He was treated by all the top cardiologists, who had only been in the U.S., and finally decided to treat himself: to engage in physical exercise, jogging long distances. And said:The longer the distance, the more he leveled the heart rhythm.

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