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and it is necessary, that it immediately at a glance podetski recklessly in love with me, not hiding his feelings. I was not drunk, afraid to eat with your hands and everything looked like it myself and was delighted by the idea of ​​my New Year with him, and instead of the usual male revelry planned ball.Mourners until Vienna, agreed to call and discuss all the details, but went into the hotel, I saw neatly put Frau luxurious invitation to the New Year Marshal Konev in BadenBadene.Such an attack can not be applied to General, and I decide to celebrate New Year with him, but Lurie, Michael and George with one voice cried out that this is also impossible, and I'm far away, gently hints General said on the phone about the situation.How much he had covered the hundred kilometers, it is not clear, but almost immediately after the phone call, he stood in the doorway of my room, almost in tears.It turns out that he also has an invitation from Marshall, but he considers it possible in such a celebration to give up his soldiers and officers, and asked for permission not film Goldcrest bird singing watch online in excellent quality and come to him. Exit found!The general was a little late, but it is certainly coming to Konev, and I will do everything possible so that he was sitting next to me, and, beaming with happiness, he retired. Oh, how boring at Konev. Everything is subject to subordination, all piled on top of food, get drunk. Women are almost there. As this technique is not like the one with Tito, not to mention Moscow receptions with foreigners.Marshall himself to the banquet did not come out, he was not feeling well, he seems to have a stomach ulcer. General reigns yellow, right hand Konev, he turned to my neighbor on the left, and nothing could be done to my general was sitting to my right.The general was sitting diagonally, did not drink, did not eat, did not take his eyes off me, pale, flushed, and when the yellow cared for me at the table, he tried several times to jump, and you can expect to see his tank corps at any moment!I was stunned by his love just as was once in love bows, but the least and ham, but it is certainly a man of art, like as if an intellectual ... And the general?He does not know what to give flowers, he just saw me, they bring joy and Frau gathered all the vases in the hotel and did not know where to put them, and the city of flowers there, and when they offered such a chrysanthemum that breath away then Frau koekak explained to me that the general buying them at the famous Viennese cemetery, but there can beget. This novel is fine, but I look with envy at the General! Really to me never to come here is the same all-devouring sense of ... I do sdurela delight. Film Goldcrest singing bird. I was taken out to go skiing in the Alps Blue!We are in the famous Vienna Woods, sitting beneath a mountain in the no less famous tavern, which hosted a century dynasty, and now five sons, healthy, ruddy, cheerful, served us wine and beer its preparation - devilishly delicious! Summed up the horses, heart stopped: perhaps gdenibud quite close together and my Mars!Horses are like hosts - funny, playful! For Lurie, and for those who do not travel on horseback, two strollers - and the cortege moved. "I love you, Vienna" ... obsession ... no ... two boys in a wheelchair with a flute and a violin ... condition ... implausibility higher - more snow ... closer indecent blue sky ... horse jumped on top ... of the Danube!Without end and without ... However, in the famous Viennese Opera delighted me floated all, as we do: the same cardboard staging, just sing, motionless, face in the room, and these persons are meaningless and nothing to do with , neither the text nor the plot does not have the same sham, the star of world renown, five pounds ...I close my eyes and only revel in her charming voice, music, orchestra ... The museum has paintings after the war did not return, and I revel in the beauty of the buildings, palaces, parks!

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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