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Somewhere in the third hour of Alla Serve sudakaorli zhyuleny and, from what I have come to even wonder. Kuznetsov4 asked for the recipe. The city rumors that Borisov, it turns out, not a village. Walls remembers how come Luspekaev.Powerful, very like a wall, his legs were already bearish decimated by disease. A few cups of coffee almost gulp. He asks: "Do you know what the riddle download the film Королек птичка певчая and posed Sphinx Oedipus the king?" Of course, I do not know, say nothing. "What has four legs in the morning, in the afternoon at two, three in the evening?" Himself and says, "This is - Luspekaev, okay? When I was little, then walked on all fours.As' l you. When the young and healthy - two. And threatened me with a stick or crutch - this will be my third leg. Why Sphinx asked about Oedipus, and not me? I recently walked past them, past those sphinxes that the Admiralty, and they both took up water in the mouth. " Then he asked Yuri bring pyaterchatku - sick leg.He swallowed half a pack in one go, not drinking and did not even wince. Came Platonich came to say goodbye. Sad, as always, the gate will open. Drank Kiev - only for the flora. I slipped him some of his works, published in the "New World" and bound me in a book. He made the inscription. On the title "Month in France" wrote:В«Vive la France, dear Oleg! Let's meet in a cafe in Montmartre kakomnibud! "It would be nice, it would be good! .. Remarkable essay on "The life and letters" - "Play, Oleg, the inspector general, and I will write a review in the course of these essays." But it is already passed. To "Grandfather and granddaughter" remained the inscription: " dried up! Just for good memory. " And then he added:"You need to write yourself. Diary to make. This order for the brain is good, and for hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoids - in particular. Even if there is no time - at least concisely ... Do you in fact have one advantage: all writers now usually do not shine fantasy. All at pravdochki.And the actor chegonibud compose, fantasize - ugh!. Worth nothing. So feel free to write it down and in between times. You have a sharp tongue, for sure. " I remember, then download the film Королек птичка певчая and shrugged his shoulders: "That's what I write down?" But, of course, the head sunk. Sunk - and here's the result. We ought to somehow finish this story.Gogol's great ends "Story about how fell out ...": "It's sad to live in this world, gentlemen." Indeed, sad. And that Pushkin? "Scene from Faust"? Gloomy. "Faust all drown. Mephistopheles: Now. ". Besides, vaguely, as if something else behind this coming. And I have a follow - one more question.No, if you really from download the film Королек птичка певчая and Pushkin, it is best to take the "Little House in Kolomna": "... no more squeeze out of my story." Here it comes. March 3 I play old role of a good, clean, and there to get by on its own. After the horse, my debyuta7 Kiev, has not played anything like it. Of course, in this play, vampilovskom "Chulimsk", a figure more interesting.This - the investigator Shamans. Conducted the case kakogoto "son" wanted to plant. Plant was not given. Shamans insisted on the court, but it twisted. Went into the wilderness, this very Chulimsk, all the while dreaming of retirement. I was told - apparently deliberately - a replica of tovstonogovskogo cabinet.Say, Shamanov - the role that gave Lavrov - could play Borisov, could ... and CA understands that. But then the play would become impassable. Prior to my retirement there are fifteen years old.

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