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Even on the phone, I felt like he was waiting and hoping. The last performance will be on Saturday, and I'm so sorry to leave. Terrible when something ends. Remember the "Intermezzo"? Then I cried.At first, I thought to go straight to you, the nurse put Pia in a pretty bungalow "Garden of Allah", and then, for the arrival of Peter, to return to New York. But then I decided that it was all the same very expensive. So think up to take them out of town and wait there Peter.The money that I am now the bank, I want to spend on a luxury room on the thirty-fourth floor overlooking the SentrapPark. I want to look at the face of Peter, when he sees the top of this wonderful city, a city of eight million inhabitants, the city from which I never get tired. " All download the film Королек птичка певчая and turned out not the way I wanted.I met him at the airport and taken to the hotel. He was not unhappy about having to live so high among the clouds and look down from there. "How dirty everywhere in New York, as a dirty" - the first thing he said. Of course, in New York quite dirty. Then he went to his toes by number and grumbled, "Well, because of dirty carpets and socks have become dirty."I tried to bend the line, "Look out the window. Look at this beautiful city. Is not this the most exciting spectacle in the world?" But Peter was completely indifferent to all this, and soon returned to Sweden to finish his business before finally moving to America . so that success was not my event.She wrote of Ruth UinmillKottedzh, Amagansetta, August 20, 1940: "I'm feeling very lonely since I left Peter. Long Island bothered me forever. Decided to move to New York in the next week. If September 15 will not be engaged in the performance, the come directly to you. still am negotiating.Dan O'Shea, a spokesman David O. Selznick in New York, says that soon I have to shoot, but I do not believe this. Do not want to be disappointed again. By the way, you never read in the papers that I'm doing because I have a feud with David O. Selznick? Poetomude he gave the "Joan of Arc" Joan Fontaine.Now I take to heart, and, as you know, this little piece of news did not lift my spirits. As far as I know, it's all fiction, but in principle, we know very little. " September 2 from the hotel in "waves" in New York: "Thank God, we finally got back after spending all summer on suitcases.I was just happy to arrange your things on the shelves clean. I want to try to find a school for English classes and get to the gym to lose five pounds of excess weight that I gained from despair. But soon again become beautiful and be able to communicate with people. Kay says that David will not take long, "Joan."He rejected all of its proposals. Lord, if I could play Joan instead vile idleness and eating ice cream. Do not think that I'm dying to re-emerge on the scene. With great pleasure I would have acted in the film. I am one of those actresses who really believes that the movie is a miracle. Good role in the film - that's what I need.Work, for God's sake, get to work "I went to Hollywood with Pia, as Swedish nanny download the film Королек птичка певчая and decided to return to Sweden. As soon as I arrived, I immediately download the film Королек птичка певчая and realized that David and the studio completely changed their minds about Joan of Arc: "In the story, there is no love interest;British and French allies, and now together fighting against the Nazis, so for them it would be a bad propaganda. In general, it's boring. " But, since I came to Hollywood, David had something for me to do, that I did not occupy his apartments.So he borrowed my studio "Columbia Pictures", where director Gregory Ratof filmed novel "The Inheritance." In the movie, it was called "Adam had four sons." I play a governess who comes to educate young sons Warner Baxter.

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