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Fascinating and bewitching process when right in front there are first and long- awaited features its own "child."Changing technology is so fast that trying to walk with her in the leg fail. While the tutorial is written, there is one, which seems up to date, and when you're reading it, you may find that even more new born.But invariably, when all the technical innovations of the technology will work, as the cornerstone of its assembly-draft version of the work. Steering "drawing", which is download the film Королек птичка певчая and based draft assembly, of course, is the shooting script with storyboards and notes the director of the changes and additions.But we take the example of the most complicated case, a documentary film. All acts in the distant expedition, somewhere in the mountains or on the tundra, where there is no electricity, Processing machines and televisions. Day after day, you fixed the camera work of the expedition, the life of Aboriginal or animal behavior. Work, they say, was on the science:on each drawer or box of negativity - the names of scenes in the journal - recording timecode, dates and locations. Everything is as it should be. And here you are at home. If you made a movie on film, in a few days you will be download the film Королек птичка певчая and handed a dozen boxes with the repetition of positive signs, which were negative on the boxes.According to the more modern technology, you will get all the material on tape VHS, copied directly from the negative. This format will make a rough cut. Anyway - before you several magazines, and in them 5-10 hours of material. Literary and shooting script were approximate.In place for a future film you or the author visit the scenario before the work was not possible. In a lot of new material, unexpected, download the film Королек птичка певчая and unanticipated. Old dramaturgical scheme has spread to his sides, a new one was born. Eeto and you have to find mold in draft form.The first step is the material better odindva Watch in the hall or on high quality equipment. This will help you to note the potential impact of individual frames on the viewer, visual strengths and weaknesses of the material. This procedure is required. In the material should be peer, it should be emotionally absorb.All material in your hands. You are free to do. Can watch stuff a thousand times, even at home. But you have one sacred obligation: to the first preview to invite all those who took part in the shooting. Show respect and appreciation for their work, even invite the driver of the car, if possible.Then they agree to work with you and on to more difficult conditions. Thanks to the director's assistant - first as a pro, foundation director of ethics. If you start working with an editor, and to invite him, but give him a pre-read the script. So - the first preview! Time to lose.Mysterious birth process works has download the film Королек птичка певчая and entered a decisive phase. Here is a paper and pen. Record during viewing their ideas, experiences, thoughts and bits of something interesting, which inadvertently tell your helper.Their opinions and ideas are useful and valuable, they can observe and interpret that chance slip by directing the eye and the ear. They were also on the set. They also developed their own emotional experience vision. They download the film Королек птичка певчая and emerged from the comparison judgments of life that one on the screen. Do not be a snob.Discard excess - always have time. A supply of ideas no sore. In the meantime, do not forget the American principle that time - money.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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