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The new actor is able to do everything: sing a verse or song, and recite poems, and said the text of the role or play the piano, violin, and to play football and dance the foxtrot and tumble, and stand and walk on their hands, and play tragedy and farce.Of course, all this he does not as a genuine specialist, but only as an amateur, as a real clown, of course, tumbles better real dancer, even from the corps de ballet dances, and a pianist or a violinist in the orchestra plays the best new actor.However, the versatility of straightening, preparation of the body, voice and acting just fine machine, so necessary to the theater, has achieved in recent years as part of the theatrical, big and good results.What is surprising ingenuity, talent, versatility, courage, wit, resourcefulness, taste, knowledge of all these inventors scene scenic innovations and discoveries. And I sing it's praises. However, with the reservation. As long as the physical training of the body it is to help the main creative task of art:transfer to the art form of life of the human spirit, I heartily welcome the new external achievements of the modern actor.But as soon as the physical education becomes an end in itself in the art, from the moment it begins to force the creative process and create a dislocation between the desire of the spirit and conventions of foreign games, since it suppresses the feelings, experiences, I become a staunch opponent of the new finest achievements.Why, despite the success of external searches in the new theater, it seems so old and worn? Why is it so boring? Is it because that the present new art is eternal, but only fashionable?Or, perhaps, because the external stage Staged possibilities are extremely limited and therefore are doomed to repeat that, of course, bored? If you look closely, it was evident that the new art apply the same old stage opportunities that have already been used by us:all of the same fields, screens, cloth, black velvet, the left-painting covering the obsolescence of the actor's art. It only proves that all external Staged possibilities of theater, apparently used to the end and more in this area is nothing to search for.New created now because of the well-forgotten old one, which is shown in new combinations. But why in the new theater is boring? Is it because that the external, though nice and sharp in form, can not live on the stage itself? External must be justified on the inside, and only if it captures the beholder.But the problem of modern art that, while the external staging and acting opportunities reached its highest development, to the end of exhausted inner creativity completely forgotten. Not only that, they are carelessly discarded by innovators who are not considered the fact that you can not alter human nature and the body without a soul can not live.If in foreign art, foreign art form, I was struck by the great success of a new actor in the field of internal, spiritual creativity, I was sincerely saddened by the very opposite phenomenon.The new theater has not created any new artistatvortsa, strong image in the life of the human spirit, no new administration, no hint of a quest in domestic machinery, no brilliant ensemble; In short, any achievements in the field of spiritual creativity.

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Film Королек птичка певчая
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