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Pp. 18 always like flying upside down all conventional foundations of contemporary scene:they stand out among all the play special rhythmic harmony of the whole role, release of physical and mental action;they make their way through the walls of all the conventions of the stage, divide the distance between the auditorium and the other and go straight to the hearts of people, dragging them behind him in his creative life to this moment because they have comprehended the nature depicted their passions and put out of action which his brilliant intuition the value of the word, which was thrown andviewer in a truthful and correct physical action. Here's the job: to understand the nature of their supervision to every feeling, for this work to develop their attention and learn to consciously enter a creative circle and I find it absolutely necessary to be a true actor of his time.If the meaning of the theater was only in the entertainment scene, perhaps, should not have to put so much work into it. But the theater is the art reflect life. "Theatre, as the Nero and sea forces of men." And this idea, in spite of the millennium, between us, is true to this day.Of course, the theater created by human and reflects the strength of the human in himself. Any talent - it's not a miracle, fell from the sky, and the fruit of a man of strength and attention to the forces that rage in the sea lives around. Moments stage of life, that is,those unforgettable moments of the artist, when the truth of the passions should be poured them in given circumstances - it is not random moments of his inspirations - the fruit of a long labor of a study of the nature and passions - that could come true inspiration and that no random obstacles in themselves or around not broken his attentionand focus on the business. Studio work should lead to the development of the artist's own forces so that his imagination download the film мелодрамма and entered into the mainstream discipline, it could drag the whole of its strength is in the way, which is set in the role. But how to get to the features of the work, which download the film мелодрамма and blurred the line:"I figure takogoto" - and begins a face: "If I takoyto, what is the nature of my feelings and what physical motion for me to be right now?" This requires years of studio work on tasks and exercises. This can not tell. It can be said that the genius of Pushkin, to define art as a force transfer of passion;in the given circumstances, has not been download the film мелодрамма and surpassed to this day. Pp. 19 One might say that in our studio work, if they take place, we will go along this path and we will study the nature of human feelings and passions and correct physical action corresponding to them.That life is a simple day, which lives all mankind, and should be the subject of our initial quest for psychological problems. People, and hence the scene as a reflection of life, live simple days, and not by the deeds that are committed as heroes. But does this mean that in the simple day the average person is not capable of heroic tension?That's all the ladder from the ordinary, simple movement around the room up to the highest voltage of self-denial, when a man gives his life for his country, for the other, for a great cause, we must learn to understand, to translate into images and reflect true and correct physical activities.But as we all these moments of our life should all notice and reflect?

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