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Children's secrets generate countless closets and "secret" boxes. Unfortunately, the person receives the keys to a room often at an age when she was ... almost not needed. We all know the adage about the uninvited guest in someone else's house. But with the help of a hidden camera, guests burst into your soul.In the inner world of a person getting in, at least, after a phone call. Removed from someone else, when the method of installation you can make a completely different person, then virtually give their lives in the hands of a stranger. This, of course, no one likes.But on the other hand, we live in a complication of the world where this is happening everywhere, and no one asks for something special permission. After all, when I buy a plane ticket and fly - I give my life to the pilot. And it is assumed that the pilot must be at least a sober and sane. These are necessary conditions.Similarly, a person who is shooting a hidden camera should be at least tactful person, high spiritual qualities, and generally work with clean hands. It's like a pre-determined. And if it is not? .. - Are there cases where the end justifies the means? - Asked the prosecutor. - In this case the target is very high:tell people the truth about themselves. More high-end art is. Can we deprive documentary art his only weapon with which we can penetrate into the inner world of man? ..Someone noticed that, generally speaking, a thermometer, a strictly scientific Film Melodrama watch online in excellent quality and can not measure the temperature because the thermometer itself is also making its correction in the temperature of the object being measured. Camera by their appearance "change the temperature of an object."And just its absence makes it possible to leave the world as it really is. - I have a question, - said the prosecutor - it always consent of the person to show the tape is a sufficient reason for her show? - No. When a person consents to the demonstration, he still does not know what he was doing. We have science fiction Ray Bradbury story "Safari".People flew back in time to prehistoric times, and someone accidentally crushed a butterfly. As a result, it changed the course of world history. The soul of man has so many butterflies here are the same ... "It does not matter if I take one of them?" - "Of course not. Catch it, catch the one I've got a whole collection of butterflies. "And he does not know what the whole story of his inner world can download movie Melodrama and roll over from this unhappy butterflies ... - Let me put the question girlfriends - interfere with the lawyer. - it always should telepublitsist Watch online movie Melodrama and asked permission to show in his character? - Not always. I can give an example. The journalist comes to the dry cleaners. "Hello, I satirist" Evening Moscow ", you come to hand over the coat to the cleaners."Needless to say, that it served exclusively and he can not draw any conclusions, although it is known that the service here is very badly ... If he would take his coat incognito, so to speak, working by a hidden camera, it may to run a service like "you have a lot, and I'm alone!" Even more absurd would such a situation.He hands over the coat. He asks when you're ready. In response, his disregard waving hand: "Ah! When will then be ... "The journalist writes that phrase and politely asked:" By the way, I satirist "Evening newspaper", you let the phrase, "When will then be ..." used in my feuilleton? "- "No!" - firmly in charge receptionist.

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