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Character named Rosalie Le Chabichou. Maybe this operetta called "rose"? I was fascinated by the show and especially Rosalie.When we left the theater, I clung to his mother, kissed her, and, as in the play, she whispered: - Do you love me, my rose? To support the game, my mother answered: - I love you, my Le Chabichou. Since then, I did not call my mother except Rosalie. This is the name she wore until his death. I often sang, imitating arias from operettas: Rosalie!She left her see - come back to me ... - You're a fake! - Screaming mother. Ashamed, I fell silent. Herself mom sang true. She was also a great actress. Often she sang at home.In a small room in the style of Napoleon III, where the furniture is black with inlaid mother of pearl, was an imitation of the bull of Louis XIV, it was matched by color: curtains, chairs, rugs, bookcase same style, locked with a key to my brother and I did not touch the books with good bindings.And I was so download the film мелодрамма and attracted to the volume of Sir Walter Scott! In retaliation, I climbed up to the attic, where there were boxes of books, and read everything that came to hand. One day I came across a strange name: "Pleasures of the waistband." The author of the book was, it seems, the Judge de Moran. Later I met the doctor, specializing in acupuncture.He treated by Jean Cocteau and Jean Cocteau told me about his book. My family would be better to let me spoil covers Walter Scott. This book is about sex education young Chinese who prepared comfort sophisticated adults. Of course, I did not tell about his find, the more that I was not allowed to rummage in the attic.Here I have found, is found in all the world attics, a variety of items for their games: the old curtains, carpets, lamps. Taking possession of all these treasures, I decorated my room. I in turn became an upholsterer, decorator, carpenter, tailor. One of my favorite things to do was to create outfits.Not finding my yard, aunt rose in my room and I would find some of my findings. - Who gave you permission to take it? She called her mother, but she only download the film мелодрамма and laughed, and I was allowed to turn into Zorro, the corsair or Pearl White.Aunt angry only when I got to the chest, in which lay her dress, fantastic dress her youth. There was a wedding dress my mother. I put them side by side, depicting heroines of novels I have read. All the same, I finally had to put in place my aunt dress. Mom let me leave the wedding dress.Soon I began tinkering dresses and suits that are considered worthy of the theater. My grandmother taught me how to cut and sew. I download the film мелодрамма and wanted to show their clothes outside the house, and I began to ask permission to go to them to buy. - You can not have you go like this! - Said Auntie. - Let him go, if it entertains - objected grandmother.I unabashedly went to the baker, the butcher, which used to go for shopping. How happy I was when download the film мелодрамма and convinced that they did not recognize me! I even wanted to go to a form of film directors, convinced that I would be invited to appear in the movie. After signing the contract, I would have told them: "Now, I'm a man." And they would say:"You are a great actor!" Of course, you had to have an emergency arrogance, recklessness and be an avid comedian to behave. When we went to Mass on Sundays, had to cross the whole church, to get to their seats. This transition was for me a real challenge.

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