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Here are a few cases, taken at random.In many cities of the province there is a custom of the police authorities are taken by guest artists and entrepreneurs of their passports and leave them in their portfolios to stay within their company towns. This custom has caused distrust of the authorities to the figures of stage art.By the same authorities determine the amount of bail depends on who paid the entrepreneur which may occur in the provision of non-payment.Often the entrepreneur and the fate of his business depends on the local authorities, who are not required to comply with all the obligations and the upfront costs that relate entrepreneur as morally and financially with contracted actors and started the company.Things frequently broken down to its foundation when the required bail is beyond the power of entrepreneurs. He fails, and the company is still around and without a piece of bread. Recently, one of the cities of provincial Russia was not allowed to stage the play Griboyedov "Woe from Wit".Recently, one of the provincial towns the local authorities require censor copy of the play Gogol's "The Inspector General" and without it would not agree to allow the play. At the last congress of stage actors was download the film мелодрамма and reported case occurred in Yaroslavl.There was not allowed to pose operetta "Poor Jonathan" because the Archbishop of Yaroslavl was Jonathan. Naydenov play "Children Vanyushina" was not download the film мелодрамма and allowed to pose in Kazan, because I think that its author brought to his work, one family, known throughout the city.Often local authorities take over the duties and demands of the censor copies of plays for theater viewing. For example, the police chief of one of the towns in the deaf Griboyedov corrected as follows: "In the Senate, shall give to the Minister, to higher authorities" 11 He did not mention the possible sovereign in a place like theater.Rostov was recently removed from the repertoire piece Schiller "DonKarlos" because of the noisy ovation that it download the film мелодрамма and caused in the public. The same happened many times with many other pieces, such as "Dr. Stockman," play Bitter, etc., etc.This season has been resolved in Kiev Schiller play "William Tell" provided production no more than twice a week. When production of the play Gorky's "Philistines" performed police duties ushers dressed in theatrical costumes lackeys.Sufficient that the author of the play in his private life was face unreliable, that he was subjected to persecution or a penalty in the case, not download the film мелодрамма and related to the theater, and the play of his impunity is removed from the repertoire, making the entrepreneur and the company suffer losses, which no one to collect for lack of relevant articles of the lawControl of the theater supported by the police authorities relentlessly. To do this, enter the order of daily signature posters. No one play, though the play was hundreds of times, with the same conditions and in the same city, can not take place as long as the daily billboard will not be approved for printing the Police Office.Refusal to sign bills not punishable by law, and there is no court of appeal, or for the recovery of damages. The administration has the ability to evade forgetfulness, ignorance, accident, and with all these reasons to put up entrepreneur, forced to bear the consequences of the abolition of one or a number of performances.In these cases, good relations entrepreneur and authorities should protect it from damage.

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