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Today you hardly would show the behavior of the hero through the glass ceiling. The style became stingy. Now I'm confined to a swinging chandelier. I caught on this part because, according to popular belief, your films abound unjustified effects.I, on the contrary, it seems that the work of your camera becomes almost invisible. Directors often try to imitate the style of Hitchcock, placing the camera in kakoenibud unexpected places. I remember an episode of the so-called "hichkokianskogo" English film director Lee Thompson:hero is sent to the refrigerator - suddenly we see him captured by the camera, as if placed in the refrigerator it. You could do that? In any case. It's like shooting through the fire hearth. In the final, "Tenant" hero handcuffed - an association with lynching. Yes, when he tries to climb over the fence.Handcuffs generally have a deep psychological subtext. State chained to chemulibo ... - is something from fetishism, is not it? I do not know, but I noticed that handcuffs are used Watch Online and repeat in your films.Notice how the media loves to show people, accompanied by a prison in handcuffs. Just noticed. Sometimes handcuffs for greater impressiveness even encircle a white border. There is no doubt that the handcuffs - the most concrete and most immediate symbol of the loss of freedom. Tyr has a sexual connotation and meaning, so I think.In the Paris Museum of criminology, I drew attention to the sexual symbolism in the tools of violence. He noticed a knife, a guillotine. Returning to the handcuffs in the "tenants", I can add that the idea was inspired by a German book about a man who spent one day in handcuffs, who then told in detail about their feelings.You probably mean "From nine to nine," Leon Perutz? Murnau also interested in this book for the film adaptation of the year in 1927. Possible. Would it not be a stretch to assume that removing a man handcuffed and sprawled on a lattice fence, you hoped that in the minds of viewers will emerge the figure of Christ?This is when trying to pick up, and his hands cuffed? Of course, this idea could not come to my mind. All this proves once again that the "Tenant" really was the first "real Hitchcock", primarily due to a topic that appears again and again in your next films:a person accused of a crime he did not commit. This theme charges innocent as it seems to me, inspires the viewer a sense of danger. In addition, it is easier to identify with such a character than a real criminal, a fugitive from the chase. And I always take into account the audience.In other words, this is the topic that meets the needs of viewers in secret and allows us to identify with the hero. It is no coincidence most of the characters of your films - ordinary people involved in unusual situations. By the way, not in the "tenants" Did you do the first time appeared on the screen? Correctly. There I read the newspaper. It was intended as a gag?Perhaps this is a manifestation of superstition? Or you just did not have extras? The task was quite utilitarian: fill the frame. Then it turned into a superstitious prejudice, and finally in the gag. But lately, the gag became cause a lot of trouble;I tried to show on the screen in the first 5 minutes, to give people quietly watching a movie, not looking me in the crowd of extras.

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