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You no matter what happens movie. You do not give us the opportunity to play;you do not give us any advice. Why you have not guessed wear roller skates? Because then you can move more quickly from one place to another. He was download the film мелодрамма and surprised, even shocked. - Taktak, my girl, if you allow yourself to speak in such a tone, then that's what I tell you, you just have to fire him. - That would be great.This is what I was hoping for when I went to see Mr. Selznick. But he would not take me out of the movie. Why would you be so good as to fire me now? He calmed down and left. A little later came back again. - Am I really so rude and obnoxious in dealing with people? - Yes. I've never had to work with people of your type.- Well, I do not know how it will turn out, but I'll try to change. And you, by the way, I love this role. - Yes, I'm doing everything I can, but this is not the joy of experiencing. On the end of it all. The film was released, Bob Montgomery has received for his performance rave reviews, it was download the film мелодрамма and considered unusual and original.He had a light, comedic talent, he was in the height of his fame, they all adored him, and because he played a psychopath in this unusual manner, all agreed that it's just grand. No one had any idea what was really going on, so it all turned out just fine. For him.Press did not say anything good about the story, or about directing. Howard Barnes 'Herald Tribune' began his review with the words: "Fever in Paradise" is endowed with all the dark side themes of madness, but stripped of its melodramatic intensity. Ingrid Bergman creates a mood of horror obsession.If our film and then it will be due to her great talent, it will be a real "black ball" against him. "Hollywood obozrevatelnitsa Lowell Parsons wrote:" Ingrid Bergman - a great actress.And it is unclear why "MetroGoldvinMayer" so concerned about increased susceptibility Garbo, when there was such a talented Swedish actress common sense. " Lowell Parsons did not even know that Ingrid has long adored incomparable and beautiful Garbo and was quite far from kakihlibo attempts to surpass it or try to compete with her.She was the most beautiful woman, and I think all of her roles height of perfection. But Garbo did not want to meet with me, maybe she thought I was going to be her rival. When I first arrived in Hollywood, Peter told me to send her flowers, which I did.I received a telegram saying that she would like to see me when I'm free. She also asked my phone number. I download the film мелодрамма and stayed in Hollywood for three months, and the flowers sent in the very first week. A telegram came for a few days before my departure.I remember how, after a while I told this to George Cukor, as George and Greta were great friends. I download the film мелодрамма and lamented the fact that we have not met, said that it had shown such kindness in sending me a telegram - true, just before my departure. George laughed and said:"Of course, Greta would not send a telegram, not knowing exactly what you votvot leave." I download the film мелодрамма and happened to see Greta on "Columbia Pictures" where I was shot in my second Hollywood film, "Adam had four sons." They gave me a dressing room in the House for the artists, but in his position I could apply for a room in the house for up to.But there all restrooms were occupied. If you had the title star, your name will appear on the screen before the film's title, and if a simple artist after. Of course, Greta restroom located in the house for movie stars.Around the house for movie stars constantly on duty two huge black limousines - one for Greta, because shooting were often a mile from the studio, and one for me. "I do not need a car - as soon as I said.

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