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In the year 1955, we met with him in Paris, both heading for Ionesco, but since we had left when we went to have a drink. I asked him why Max Ernst, deserved prize at the Venice Biennale, was expelled from the group. - Well, as you say, dear friend - he replied.- We're broke with Dali, when he turned into a miserable huckster. With Max the same thing happened. After a pause, he added, and I saw on his face an expression of genuine grief: - Sadly, my dear Louis, but the scandals now impossible. I was in Paris when it was reported his death, and went to the cemetery.I did not want to be recognized, not like download movie Melodrama and talk with people I had not seen for forty years, I have changed his appearance, wearing a hat and sunglasses. I stayed a little bit away. Funeral ceremony did not last long and in silence. Then the people dispersed in all directions.I was sorry for that, seeing his last journey, no one said a word over his grave. "Golden Age" after "Andalusian dog" could not be out of the question to be removed, as already said, "commercial film". I wanted to stay surrealist. Ask again borrow from my mother, I decided not to and was ready to leave the movie.But in my head already swarmed two dozen different scenes and stunts: stuffed workers wheelbarrow rides through the fashionable salon, a father with a gun kills son, has been dropped from the ashes of cigarettes. All this just in case I wrote. During a trip to Spain, I showed my notes Dali. They are interested in it.He believed that based on them can be Watch Online and to make a film. But how? I returned to Paris, where Zervos of "Cahiers d'ar" introduced me ZhorzhuAnri Riviera, and he in turn invited me to meet with the family de Noayley who "loved" "Andalusian dog".At first I was, as usual, said he did not want to deal with the aristocracy. "You are wrong, - told me Zervos and Riviere - this wonderful people with whom you absolutely must meet." In the end I agreed to go to dinner with him and Nora Auric Georges.Their own house on the square of the United States was amazing, it was a precious art collection. After dinner, when we settled down by the fire, Charles de Noail told me: - We suggest you remove the twenty-minute film. Give full freedom. But on one condition:we have obligations to Stravinsky, and he would write music. - I am very sorry - I said - but is it possible to imagine my cooperation with the gentleman who was allowed to stand for hours on his knees and punches bows? -. Reaction Charles de Noaylya was unexpected, so I can not help feeling respect for him. Film Melodrama.- You're right - he said, without raising his voice. - You are not compatible with Stravinsky. Choose a composer yourself and make a film. Stravinsky chtonibud we will offer more. I agreed, even took an advance against future salary and went to Dali in Figueres. Was just on Christmas Eve 1929. I arrived in Figueres from Paris via Zaragoza.Approaching the house of Dali, I heard echoes of noisy quarrel. Notary's office - Dali father - was on the ground floor of the house. The whole family lived on the second. Dramatically opened the door, the father of Dali in a rage pushed out of his son, calling him a bastard. Dali tried to justify himself.I approach, and the father, pointing to his son, said that no longer wishes to see such a pig in his house. The reason for the anger of his father Dali was the following fact: at the show in Barcelona in the corner of the picture Salvador scribbled illegible handwriting: "I am pleased to spit on the portrait of his mother."Banished from Figueres, Dali asks me to accompany him in Cadaques.

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