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And then pause ... And we know that he gave up. This became clear even before the shot. How many years have passed, and I still remember it. Well, of course, my love for Yuri Lyubimov was quiet and secret. When he appeared, I was getting hard to breathe.Come here, little girl, he was very attentive: the breaks came and asked, "Well, how? As I did this scene? Maybe it was worth a little girl? "He download the film мелодрамма and listened to my words. To him it was important. And this was no game. He knew what to sit and be silent! Then there was the premiere. The store next to the theater, I bought a huge bouquet of roses.In the bouquet I put a note with the words of Nina Zarechnaya facing the Trigorin: "If someday you need my life, come and take it." There was no signature. He never found out who was on the bouquet. In my heart, this is an incredible warmth to it, a very download the film мелодрамма and talented actor and a very sensitive person, it remains forever.After that, I never missed one of his play, or in the Vakhtangov Theatre, nor on Taganka. Teaching staff in GITIS was unique: Alexander Paul led the history of Western literature. Went to his lectures from other universities. These were no lectures, and champagne. And he always told me what was in the books.Thanks to him were read mountains of books. I remember I came to take the test and pulled a ticket: one question on Byron, and the second about the "Parnassian". Either I missed the lecture, or something else, it's hard to say, but I did not know the answer. I went up to him and say, "Alexander, can I take a second ticket?" He replied:"Then I will not be able to put your top five" - ​​"I do not know about the" Parnassian "probably missed a lecture." - "Well, then, you go to the reading room, you read about the" Parnassian "and come to me." I came, when everything is handed over. He says: "It seems like all great: first, I put to you the top five, and second, do you know who" Parnassians. "And another case. The ticket I got a question: "French contemporary novels." I do not remember which one novel because had read only 4 pages of it. When Alexander asked if I had read the novel, I was talking with terrible insolence: "Yes, I read."- "You know, before you meet a girl, and I asked her if she read the novel, she said she had read, and the question," What is it? ", Said that the flood." And I started having cramps and Homeric laughter, because all of the first four pages that I read was about the flood. How fortunate that he did not ask me the same question! He says:"See, you're funny." Took my record book and made the top five. The history of Western theater professor taught us Makulsky. He got a kick out of, as he said, of his voice, from his stately gait. We listened to his lectures, open- mouthed. Take the exams he was incredibly simple:if you know the subject, the answer constantly, and he is sitting and dozing. It is worth to take a break - your doom approached. Then he'll cover everything matters. Beautiful professor Tarabukin led our art. Only thanks Tarabukina I love and know the architecture.I know all the churches, all the floors, I know how to determine whether an old church. We are clinging to him with questions, because we were curious. His knowledge of painting, I just won it. Since we live in an impasse Orda adjacent to Lavrushinsky Lane, dad took me every Sunday, another girl, the Tretyakov Gallery.For two hours we spent in the same room.

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