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If you do not have all the same ending, I would recommend kakoynibud beautiful and memorable episode:School Waltz, celebrating the end of war, the arrival of the ships, aircraft, departing at sunset. Beautiful stroke give the public understand that the movie is over. What is a good climax? That is what it is. The film should leave the viewer with a sense of finality, of catharsis. This is obvious, but in practice proves otherwise.I've seen a lot of documentaries, which is unfolding without any hint of finality, this issue is much deeper philosophical meaning. Things are not easy, and not all stories have a clear beginning, middle and end. In the happy end lies a serious danger.Confrontation in Ireland will continue for a long time after the completion of the history of the persecution and detention of members of the Irish Republican Army. Nicaragua will remain with their problems after the refugees to cross the border, and they will not live happily ever after.Realizing this, the same I insist that a specific plot of the film is to be completed. Necessary to bring the story up to isolation, to reach climax and quickly it was over. Of course, to write about it is easier said than done.There is never a firm belief that, where the climax comes, whether obvious or most successful finale worth the time to search for a particular outcome. In 1988, I made the film "Special Meeting" of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979 and the first official private persons who contribute to the resolution of the conflict.Towards peace were serious obstacles. On the one hand, it would be natural to complete the film by signing a peace treaty on luzhaiK White House in March This dramatic climax suggests itself, but I felt that too many questions about the fate of people and issues that I raised in the film, was download the film мио мой мио and ignored.So I added a ten-part on the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Sinai oluostrova and conflict around the care of soldiers. I showed what happened to the protagonists of the film:assassination of Sadat, Carter defeat in the election campaign, the death of Moshe Dayan and honorary doctor's title to one of the individuals who played an important role in the drama. I download the film мио мой мио and ventured, because that part could be antikulminatsiey.But I think I found the right way out, as I felt the psychological need for information and the physical need to smooth rush of large-scale events. What role does the film editor on all these issues? I have already said that the definition of rhythm, tempo, and the climax - a task the writer.Obviously, the editor will be taking part in this important. Rhythms, and the decisions that you as a writer marked on the paper can be misleading, if we translate them into reality cinema. Therefore, as a rule, screenwriter, author and director of the film looking for a solution together. Despite this, the writer in the first place should not avoid these issues.Not being able to lay down the basic skeleton, you shift all the problems to editor. But the editor must have the original plan, which he could rely. If such a plan the rest is easy.Projects and changes in the above, we have considered only the final version of the script, so they should be treated with caution. Do not be mislead their coiffed look, because they are likely to have gone through changes and corrections.Also remember that the text Key of Ireland could have been written before the shooting, and the relationship narration in "Heroes," no doubt made after mounting pattern.

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