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- Who is this Hanus? - Said Messing. - Your competitor, - smiled Tselmeyster. - Also makes public experiences of telepathy and hypnosis. They say it is associated with the Nazis ....Though even with Hitler himself. Acts as an oracle ... - How do you know all this? - Looked at him Messing. - My dear, I'm on board the last five days only did he read French and German newspapers.Let a month ago, but ... koekakoe idea about the situation in France, Germany and in Europe they give ... But do not expect us to meet this type already in Marseille, at the seaport. We see a special trip. - Where reporters download the film мио мой мио and learned that we sail? - I had already sent a telegram to various newspapers - Tselmeyster grinned.- Advertising, dear Wolf, one must make in advance, otherwise your performances come three and a half men. Machine deftly maneuvered the street filled with cars and horse-drawn carriages. And soon stopped at the entrance of the four-hotel built in an old Moorish style:graceful columns holding up the portico over the entrance, decorated with oriental ornaments door. Entrance guarded by two liveried doorman, immediately bustled malchikiposylnye in uniform jackets and hats. No sooner had the car to stop, a few boys ran to him, quickly snapped up the suitcases and bags and carried to the entrance.Tselmeyster paid the driver. - Be so kind, sir, come here in the evening. We want to ride around the city - said Tselmeyster. - Brush up on the past. - Of course, sir, - the driver nodded. - I can offer you a choice of different cubbies, which can be good fun.Girls for every taste - dark, fair, mulatochki and the prices very reasonable. And not kakieto port whores, and well- mannered girl ... even educated across. And the price, telling the truth, sir, very ... well, very reasonable. - Reasonable, you say? And you with the reasonable price of the percent you have? - Just a little, sir.I have a large family, three young boys, worked where I can .. - Okay, this program we will discuss when we will go ride - a low voice, said Tselmeyster and cautiously looked at Messing, who slowly walked from the car to the entrance of the hotel. Berlin, 1936 Hanus was sitting in a chair in the office of Joseph Goebbels, smoking a cigar, and said slowly: - What can I say, Reich, I had quite a few views to understand ... - Hanus reached for the table on which stood a glass of brandy, took her , took a sip, download the film мио мой мио and smacked his lips. - To understand what?- Asked abruptly sat at the table Goebbels. A huge desks produced impressive impression on visitors, and a little figure Reich download the film мио мой мио and seemed him even less. Behind the back of Goebbels on the wall hung a huge portrait of Hitler, the Fuehrer and the image was larger than life-size Reich.- What's in front of me a quack, but ... - Hanus sipped again, download the film мио мой мио and pulled a cigar and blew smoke. - "But what?" - Again nervously asked Reich. - But very clever charlatan ... endowed with some telepathic abilities ... - What, then, it is interesting to know? What should I say to the Fuhrer?- The ability of telepathic connection ... I'll try to find out all the details in close communion. I'll be able to interest him. - Please note, Dr. Fuhrer showed the liveliest interest in the Jew. And if ... - I understand ... - Hanus grinned. - If it will make an impression on the FГјhrer, I will resign. - Not necessarily.A prophet is good, two - better.

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