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Theoretically, the problem of trying to resolve this Wagner first period, but I think it has long allowed a life.In France at the end of XVIII century theater into a chair preaching, ceasing to be the House of the Arts, through the scene playwrights download the film мио мой мио and performed in public what she could not tell a book, pamphlet or magazine article, and only the most limited minority writers has tried to deal with the tendency of political discussion stage ideas andevents. When the country is trying to forge a new image of a peaceful society through cultural creativity, then there is another problem we face - as Theatre Festival. Then the House of Art is no longer a means and becomes an end.If religious quest of contemporary Russian poets and philosophers, and persistence of sectarian fermentations and gravitation dvuhtreh "download the film мио мой мио and unrecognized" of our playwrights "to a lush flowering of high drama with great passions, with contingency, with a deep flow of ideas" deem momentous events, the "people of "breach their way topick a new culture, not dynamite, do not need a theater, catering stalls, as it was at a time when the latter was almost " organized political assembly, the lower house of its kind, with a definite program of action." download the film мио мой мио and Linked up with the fate of the House of Arts course of public "experiences - task of the historian of culture and art.I would like to mention that a feature of the crisis of our theater is that the playwright became a servant of society. Societies undergoing socio-political ustroitelstva time, getting used to look at the theater, not as a goal but as a means to:is it not a means of propaganda was a theater in the "days of freedom", is not a means of entertainment, he was in the days of political fatigue? And only two motives waiting habitually "intellectuals" of the scene, either trend or entertainment. And playwrights - even for me to say one of my favorite poets - they " descended into our everyday lives ... forgot to wake up ...high feelings have cooled to the theater event and plunged into hopeless psychology. " Russian theater fell. The fact that today is on the stage, with a few exceptions - anti-art, perhaps, "literature", but not an art! There was a special kind of plays, which they say: "literary drama." How not to repeat the exclamation Wagner"Made possible unheard of: the drama were created - to read." Playwright and the audience is always in the fight for a position of influence. Where winning public, cultural community era - City - has the theater, which is, the audience wants. But sometimes the opposite.Then kakoynibud Wagner wins its huge energy stagnation of public tastes, and there is a theater of Bayreuth. So it is today, with a genius is often replaced by a force of a generation.Only because decades layering of culture in Munich, thanks to the influence of progressive artists and poets have arisen Munich Kunstlertheater, real home of the Arts. But what did we have?"Cultural minority" grouped around the "World of Art", "New Way" is not fostered weight, it did not create increased needs, and therefore, in essence, we have no theater, contemporary theater - no theater of exquisite taste, no theater of operations and passions. Not captured the position of influence playwright. Position of influence captured the audience.She has established herself a theater - or rather, as much theater as different social groups.

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