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- Nnet ... - He again looked up at her.- I just read your thoughts ... - And what do you think? - She sat back, took a glass and took a sip of wine, staring at the Wolf. - My husband is not afraid? - And you? - Asked in turn Anna and laughed, looking him straight in the face. Suddenly stopped laughing, again leaned across the table and whispered,- Monsieur Wolf, and you are very beautiful, you know? - You are mistaken, Anna ... - No, no, you're like an artist of Montmartre ... or a young Velasquez ... and I'm beautiful? As povashemu? - She sat in a chair, almost pushed his hat back on his head, taking a kind of devil-may-care look, and dashingly winked. - Well, what do you think?- You are beautiful ... even so ... - embarrassed, said Messing. - Then read my thoughts on ... Read, M. Wolf, read ... - zmeilas smile on her lips, in her green eyes flashed sparks ... The car took them to a small hotel on the outskirts of the city. Has deepened dusk. Got out of the car first Wolf, Anna left him.Wolf had to give her a hand. Woman pulled his hat over his eyes and lowered her dark veil. The driver, frozen like a statue, remained seated in the car. Anne and Wolfe entered the hotel.Bell rang, and the door closed behind them ...... small kerosene lampanochnik covers a wide bed, rumpled sheets and two naked, bound to each other bodies - women and men. Heard the soft moans, sobs and hot whisper- Oh, Wolf ... oh dear ... oh, my divine Wolf ... The driver was sitting in the car smoking a cigarette, looking at one of the lighted windows on the second floor. Of the doors from time to time out a couple of other couples ... go inside. Jingle bell, slamming the door. Dim gas lamp shone above the entrance.The driver download the film мио мой мио and finished his cigarette and got out of the car, crossed the sidewalk to the door of the hotel. He went inside. The bar was empty. The elderly gentleman asleep at a table in the corner. Before him stood a half-full glass of wine. The bartender, a swarthy man in a white shirt and embroidered with gold Arabic script vest, wiping glasses.The driver muttered something to him and sat down on a high chair. The bartender poured a glass of wine, put it on the rack. The driver took a long sip, download the film мио мой мио and looked around ... They were hugging, barely covered the crumpled sheets. Anna stroking, fingering his download the film мио мой мио and matted hair long. - Did you think of me? - Anna asked.- Of course ... all the time ... - And then I instilled in me at a distance, that I write to you - Anna grinned. - No. Never, - answered firmly Wolf. - You think I'm capable of it? - Men are all rascals. - She kissed him on the lips. - I just kept thinking about you ... and really wanted to write, invite to visit. - Why has not?- You're ahead of me ... I'll go away from Europe - said Wolff. - We might go to America ... Want swim together? - Run away from her husband? - Anna grinned. - My dear, this is not possible ... - Why? - Will you marry me? - She looked into his eyes. - Of course ... - He hugged her, download the film мио мой мио and kissed her neck, cheek, lips.- I'm Catholic and I can not get a divorce ... and if her husband finds out about my hobbies ... - She pointedly silent. Wolf asked: - And if your driver will tell him? - Never. Husband throw him out - and he has such a salary, which is not even dreamed owner of this hotel. But, my dear Wolf, you can not hold me. - Why not?I'll be touring and good living. - Do you know how much a car that we come here?

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