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This caused an explanation with him first assistant bailiff, the bailiff and then, finally, the requirement mayor to Vladimir immediately came to him for an explanation.Vladimir Ivanovich refused to leave the theater during the show and went to the governor of the city only in the morning. From a conversation with him mayor knew only that policemen confuse the audience with their form and, promising to clean them, ordered the night they appeared instead attendants already dressed in tails.At the dress rehearsal, in Panayev theater, where there were then touring, brought together all the "Government" Petersburg, beginning with the great princes and ministers, various ranks, all the censorship committee, representatives of the police power and other rulers of the person with their wives and families.In most theater and around the dress was download the film мио мой мио and appointed reinforced police in the square in front of the theater mounted police rode. You would have thought that he was ready not to the dress rehearsal, but to a general engagement. At the premiere production was an average success. Most of it fell to the black grouse Baranov."Here it is a nugget of the people from the land, we were looking for!" decided everything. "Here it is the second Chaliapin" Society ladies wanted to get download the film мио мой мио and acquainted with him, to see him. Razgrimirovannogo Baranova led to the auditorium. He was surrounded and Princess Princess. Geniysamorodok of people flirted with them. The picture can not be described!The next day came review, and it most touted Baranov. Poor man! In these praises he found his death. The first thing he download the film мио мой мио and hastened to do after reading the reviews, it is to buy a hat, gloves and fashionable paltorazmahayku. Then he began to upbraid the Russian culture: "Vsegonavsego kakihto desyatpyatnadtsat newspapers!In Paris and London, he said, not the five hundred or five thousand! "In other words, the Rams regretted that only fifteen newspapers praised it, and whether it is in Paris, went to five thousand of reviews about it. This From his point of view, and was culture. Baranova tone immediately changed. Soon he was drinking ... He was treated, cured, just ...because he is a talent. Again he behaved exemplary. But as he played his role and success grew, he became more and more ports. Then he became careless, and began to neglect, allegedly due to illness, and even one day without warning did not come to play. I had to say goodbye to him.Then he walked ragamuffin in Moscow, in the streets reciting thunderous voice kakieto bombastic lyrics and monologues, roared at the top of powerful notes. The police took him to the station. Sometimes, for old time's sake, he would come to our theater. He was received kindly, fed and watered, but he did not even ask to return it to the company, saying:"I see myself as not worthy!" Then he met someone on the road in his underwear, and finally, he disappeared ... Where he is a talented, cute hobo with a child's heart and mind? Must have died ... of glory, moving success. May he rest in peace!The performance as a whole has not had much success either in St. Petersburg or Moscow, and in spite of our efforts, obschestvennopoliticheskoe its value did not reach the audience, except as Baranov, who thought the least about politics."At the bottom" During our first trip to the Crimea, get by just sitting on the terrace in the evening and listening to the lapping waves of the sea, Bitter told me in the dark content of his play, which he then only dreamed of.In the first edition the main role was the role of servant from a good home, which is most of the shore-collar shirt frachnoy only thing that download the film мио мой мио and linked him to the old life.

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