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- No, - I say - on the two will not work. But somehow something to do necessary - should get interesting. And it would be good with the expectation of the audience of different generations. I saw an opportunity to the commercial version of the play. But, of course, necessary for this were known and talented artists.Misha and I have formed the conditions under which it is possible to create a good and popular show, and got down to business. Speaking about the participation of Lyudmila Vasilievna, I have to do a little introduction. At one time in the Vakhtangov Theatre constantly organized meetings.Loved, gathered the whole team, anything should discuss kogonibud curse, because of chegonibud quarrel. About 4 December the next great meeting where I said a word about kakieto Eugene R. Simon seems to argue with him.- I understand that achieves Shalevich - stood up for Simon Tselikovskaya - he wants to throw Eugene Rubenovich from the post of artistic director of the theater. That is the background of his speech. I loved Eugene Rubenovich and nothing that I attributed Lyudmila, and I had not thought of.We had three sheets quarreled, to the point that no longer talk to each other. Runs seven days. I called her on the phone. - Lyudmila, we have for you an interesting role in the formulation of the stories Zoshchenko. You would not have agreed to become a member of our little troupe?- What conversation, I'm ready to work - absolutely innocent voice she says. And we're going on December 11 at the rehearsal. Within ten days doing a performance, show it hudsovet theater and obtain from it "good." Then we order scenery and somewhere in the end of December already stand ready with a performance on stage Shchukin School.Some Vakhtangov our new work, of course, aroused envy. Experienced people in the face Remizova and lions, said: "Oh my God! What they earn money! "- I give you permission to play where you want - supported us Eugene Rubenovich.- But not on the stage of the theater.You Lyudmila too much singing, all this smacks of the stage. Then Vakhtangov Theatre is very zealously took care of penetration into the variety of rooms. We were in the suburban Kaliningrad and Odintsov.Then I arranged with the Philharmonic, and the first performances with decorations Vakhtangov Theatre took place in a crowded Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Two thousand spectators, unceasing applause. From that moment began a triumphal procession through the country of our productions. Vorontsov.I would add that while our work is seen as an innovation, because creativity Zoschenko after the ban "Canvas Briefcase" entrance on stage was closed. And suddenly, his stories were heard at kontsertnoestradnyh sites. We first ventured to make such a spectacle.We even did not initially allowed on tour in Ukraine, there is still many party leaders continued to be impressed by the report of the Zhdanov magazines "Zvezda" and "Leningrad". Shalevich.When we went to the show on a commercial basis, are of great importance was the cohesion of our team, because most of the time had film myo myo my watch online in excellent quality and carried out in traveling. What is the actor's company? It trains, planes, hotels.There usually begin whims: bad settled, lousy fed, late transport. No grumbling, dissatisfaction with living conditions of Ludmila Vasilevny we never heard of. In one compartment, or have to go around, greets us with fanfare obkomovskoe bosses or have themselves to get to the place - it was completely unimportant.

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