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In the face of Marilyn Logan has found a director, relating to her with respect and having a fine enough intuition to know thatso that she could find the necessary force of the impact on the public, on the long and tedious path of inner maturation no external obstacles.Logan had the intuition to make contact with the same Strasberg and Green, the inventor for Marilyn risky - "almost like a clown in the circus" - white make-up, sketch the contours of the image Sherry - no different exquisite style cabaret singer from the American South, pale as chalk, because that sings all night until the bar closes, andliving on coffee and aspirin. This make-up was intended to bring a touch of wrenching look at the heroine - a mediocre canary, dreaming of a grand career. It gets used in the image. Lessons Lee Strasberg it not been for naught.Reject the preliminary sketches of the costume designer, Marilyn puts on a Pestryaev holes rags, rummaging in the wardrobe in search torn stockings, darned uneven stitches, gaining through this unpretentious props a sad provincial charm of the South, brings to mind the real attributes of Sherry's biography, his newheroine, and, armed with all this, is beginning to play a comedy role, giving it a tone so touching, so taking for heart so perplexing because of total ignorance to their own untalented character that many will find Sherry Best Actor Marilyn. Undeniably one:this is the only movie where she had to embody the image, if nothing is in contact with her the most, up to the speech accent - we hear from the screen is not the voice of Marilyn, and the muted tones inexperienced southerners, stretching each vowel, it reveals the boundless world total ignorance;and talking about promiscuity, amongst many others in the past, Sheri, turns and shoots at the corners of his eyes, restless and at the same time, lifeless, like a marble orbit.Flesh and blood of the poor south, she covered the excitation schizoid man leading a desperate struggle for survival, unable to grasp the essence of the moral dilemma, unable to realize that it provokes, unable to feel the impending danger;in a studied movement, which she includes a spotlight, appearing on the stage floor red circle - a spot on which to throw out her song and dance - is embodied all the end was near, not once were coming close to her character. Thus, for Monroe "Bus Stop" is a film star;everything else is poor: the crowd scenes are made so that they could put unimportant director of the studio "MetroGoldvinMayer", and in the episode where the actors starring, slipping cheap tunes, to face what is it that the theatrical troupe touring too long in the province.It seems that Logan has managed to squeeze the most of it, but it lacks power to give credibility to the rest - minus the final scene of the engagement of the two main actors - the engagement, crowning a long series of quarrels and bickering. In previous episodes with him she really rough;when, according to the script, Marilyn should hit him, it so hard whips Don train of her dress, which appear on the face of the partner vzapravdashny abrasions. Impermissible mistake, she wants to apologize and - can not. Watch the film мио мой мио online. Instead, bursting into tears, she shouted hoarsely Murray:"To hell, to hell, to hell, I will not apologize to you, I will not!" It seems that it has invaded the mouth of her spirit Sheri.

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