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A week later, when I met Hitchcock on his way back from Cannes, he looked fifteen years younger. "Enrage" was accepted with enthusiasm, and beam with joy, he admitted that he was afraid.Now he was calm about his "little movie" with a budget of less than two million dollars. The success he achieved, and it will force the studio to forget the pitiful artistic and financial results of "Topaz", a film staged against his opinion.Forming a cast "frenzy" Hitchcock departed from its established rules to use sophisticated brilliant star Grace Kelly in favor of "a girl from the neighboring street '' - Barbara Leigh Hunt, Anna Massey, Vivien Merchant and Billie Whitelaw.They coped well with their roles, making a work of Hitchcock breath of fresh realism, creating an impression of the situation, as if taken from a newspaper strip, increasing the reliability and life stories, from which were originally off all human emotions. Male composition of the less fortunate.The innocent suspect of his gloomy sullenness disturb public imbued with sympathy. The villain is in the image of Barry Foster looked too melkotravchatomu to inspire viewers to fear.But for all that in the "frenzy" was hidden charm, perhaps because, after a nightmarish situation in which filmed "Topaz", Hitchcock did this painting in a state of joyous euphoria.The upcoming celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creative that he met with his faithful Alma, setting a movie camera in Covent Garden, in the crush and the liveliness of London, the city of his youth. Hitchcock used to say: "There are directors who shoot pieces of life, I rented pieces of cake.This British "Enrage" really was like a home-made cake, baked seventy foodie, for which time suddenly went back and again turned him into a young man working on the first film in his life.Three months later, Hitchcock bought the film rights to the new British novel by Victor Canning, intending to transfer the scene from the English countryside to LosAndzheles and San Francisco.Just at the time when he, along with Ernst Leemanom worked on the director's script development - which at first was called "Deception" and then turned into a "family plot", - he had to undergo heart surgery to implant the pacemaker.I'm not giving away any secrets, mentioning this, because who would have friends or journalists or visiting Hitchcock, since 1975, everyone was trying to demonstrate that he is a medical device, raising his shirt and pointing to a rectangular object mounted in the chest. Looking down on this thing, it separately, syllable by syllable uttered: "It is designed for ten years." As is known, it contributes to the regulation of cardiac pacemaker activity. It runs on batteries, making the rhythm of 70 beats and checked once a week by phone.To do this, you need to dial the number of the medical center in Seattle and put the receiver to his chest. Informing visitors about the device, Hitchcock crossed to his favorite pastime: poepizodnomu description of the future picture, thereby reinforcing its belief that the whole structure looks solid enough and the details worked out to perfection.Most of all, Hitchcock liked to "family plot" to move smoothly from one to another of the geometric segment. First introduced two parallel stories, because the gap between them gradually narrowing, and finally they are mixed, turning into an indissoluble unity.

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