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She grabbed her beautiful woven bag as the basket was not found, and ran out of the room.Girls get extraordinary pleasure, choosing stores pies, download the film они сражались за родину and bread and fruit for a picnic. Simultaneously, it download the film они сражались за родину and introduced how they lay out with Alain snack on cloth and sit next to each other to dinner.Mindful of their first meal together, Romy wore just a white dress and a straw hat to keep your outfit stand out among the other guests. At twelve Romy said Allen, who was standing near the entrance to the hotel, and ran to him. Actor examined it carefully, and then a bag of food, and said:- In your society, princess, I also download the film они сражались за родину and started to feel like a prince. You are so beautiful, and even instead of the basket in your hand bag chic Italian straw. Romy was confused and looked at Allen, suspecting that he was making fun of her.But his playful look and a smile, she realized that he had made her a sincere compliment, albeit in a joking manner. He drove slowly and simultaneously studied Romy, who was sitting close to your chest bag and pulled nervously attached to her belt. "She's twenty-one. She can not be a perfect child, "Allen thought to himself.He remembered her flirty smiles and gestures when filming another double, and was surprised that outside the shooting area, it holds much less confident. Thought the girl had the opposite direction. She tried to figure out why Allen, a download the film они сражались за родину and liberated in life, the camera loses his temper and liveliness.She thought that he was even on the set of moves slower. - Uh, where are we going? 'She broke the silence. - At the moment I'm driving on Route d'antennas, said an experienced voice actor gida.Konechny point of our trip - SenKlu. Maybe not very original, but we quickly get there. - Ugh, you're not a romantic.Could even say it's a lovely place, but it is worthy of me. - It is not worthy of you, seriously said Alen.Ya not know of any restaurant located outside the city, suitable for you. Of course, Paris is "Ritz", but there we are faced with your mother. Romy stopped by this recognition.He was so flattered her, but she had no doubt that he is telling the truth. She looked at the young man, bending the wheel, but he was clearly not set up to continue the conversation. For the first time they met Romy thought with surprise, almost in love with Anna.After a moment, she was German pragmatism to sort out their feelings and download the film они сражались за родину and rejected this possibility. "His compliment was very moving, in the film we play lovers, and, in general, Allen - very funny. Film они сражались за родину. I was just nice to talk with him, "she thought mentally. Still, she looked at him suspiciously.Allen said her eyes, I realized what she was thinking and smiled weakly. He was only a couple years older, yet easy to read her thoughts. - Romy, I've been wanting to ask you a question, because soon it will be very important, 'he said softly. - As for the filming? Quickly she download the film они сражались за родину and asked. - No, no.About our trip, he noticed with pleasure that flooded her cheeks flushed, and she did not dare look at him. He paused, enjoying the game and asked: - You bought a red wine? Bag nearly fell out of the hands of Romy. - What? She looked at him as a lunatic, who had just woken up.Allen laughed and leaned back in his seat, continuing to follow the road. - I love red wine, explained on.Reshil things in store if you're a bottle of Burgundy for lunch. The reaction of the girls amused him even more. It is, after all, carefully placed the bag on the back seat and held out her arms, threatening to grab his hair.- Take it easy, and then we get to SenKlu.

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