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All this kakayato idiotic mistake. However, now that we're here, why do not you explain what is meant by "inside, inside, inside."- Do not I know! - Exclaimed Ned. - That the police asked about the same, but the words I had never heard of. No, the word "inside" of course I've heard before, but ... - Well, in that we're trying to figure out - Oliver said. - As soon as everything will be explained, you get back to your life, and I was their own, then both of us and want. Ned nodded with force:- Absolutely! But ... - Good. Davayka now take a look at it, okay? Oliver came to the table and put a piece of paper on it. Ned puzzled stare at it. On it was printed a list of names and addresses. Ned immediately recognized names interior minister and defense minister lordakantslera, and after them came others, too vaguely familiar.At the bottom of the sheet are in capital letters handwritten words: INSIDE INSIDE INSIDE - What does this mean? - He asked. - Leaf belongs to you, - said Oliver. - So what do you say to me. - I? I did never seen before. - Then what are you doing it in the inside pocket of your jacket? - In the karma ... Oh! - At the head of Ned dawned guess. - He ...he was in the envelope? - It is in the envelope! - Confirmed Oliver. - You're absolutely right! That's it! Oliver was in the hands of the white envelope with the police, to his dismay, without hesitation they rent.Oliver immediately noticed the valve envelope a little hair - a precaution, allowing the recipient, if any living creature finds itself inside the nose, just notice it. You can, of course, to find exactly the same envelope and throw the letter in the case, but it is unknown because what other tricks of this sort of foolishly destroyed by the police.Actually, they are not to blame, admitted Oliver. They download the film они сражались за родину and conducted a routine search, believing that they are dealing with a stock vsegonavsego drug, which carries with it a cheesy boy. - And why is that important? - Ned said. - What does that mean? - Nous, since you admit that your piece, I think you should answer these questions.Ned awkwardly shifted in his chair. - But, you know, I'm ... I gave it. - Yeah. I'm afraid I need koekakie details. - One man. - Well, that rules out two billion people or so, but we do this enough, is not it? Well to some more narrow down our search. - He's dead. - Then you handed an envelope.- No, he died yesterday. - Do me a favor, Ned, stop crap. Who is he and how is it that he gave you the envelope? "Swear to you that holy thing." Ned was almost crying from frustration. He desperately wanted to be honest. I wanted to please this charming man, but you need to keep the word.Violating a sacred oath, not whether it will bring over the terrible misfortune? "As for you, the most expensive in the world?" What action would be waiting on him Portia? - And it is very important that I tell you? Enough to get me to break a solemn oath? - Listen to me, young Scout - Oliver said. - I'll explain koechto.You do not know this, but I'm too much chatter you will not. Wines you want? - And you do not have milk? - Milk? Now take a look. - Oliver leaned over the refrigerator and looked inside with such suspicion, as if it was the first refrigerator that he had seen in his life. - Milk, milk, milk ... well, here it is.So, Ned, - he continued - my job requires, among other things, that I have tried to stop the people who blow up bombs in our country.

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Film они сражались за родину
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