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Once naked, trembling from the Romey insatiable lover kisses and answer them just as fervently. Finally, they fell on the bed and joined them succumbed to burn the flame of passion. In the morning the actor was awakened by a phone call in a bad mood. Romy in the room was not.After removing the pipe, he answered the call of his wife, who wishes to Watch Online and learn about the course of filming. - All delayed from the first day, he muttered. - Antonio? - Okay, Nathan said. - Thank God, he is now a walk in the garden and asks the receiver to download movie, they fought for their country and talk to dad.I do not want him to hear your voice in the morning, after another spree. Alain hearts hung up. At breakfast Romy portrayed all fashionable lady, but sometimes looked at her lover tenderly.Calmly think things, Alain decided to put an end to these views and hopes for rapprochement Romy and defiantly held his hand on the shoulder, and then his chest full of actresses from the crowd. That silly giggling, asked: - Are you hungry, honey? Moving closer and releasing him a place next to the girl laughed and chatted throughout the breakfast.On Romy Alain I did not even turn around. In the afternoon he had another opportunity to escape from an awkward situation: on his villa, located near the site of the shooting, came Madame Bardot. Barely settled in his nest "Madrag" Brigitte called an old friend and invited to her at a party in honor of the return of the mistress.Thus, a film "Swimming Pool" turned into a series for Alain orgy at the villa "Madrag" visits to the actresses and extras fighting eternally suffering Romy. As soon as they left alone, she gathered her lover scene, certainly ends in tears. - You're always using me, she repeated.- My mother was right when she almost by force tried to take me away from Paris. Alain sick and tired of all this, and mention of Magda Schneider drove him to fury.He did not want to understand that his invitation to the shooting gave Romy hope for the resumption of their relationship, and could not even film, they fought for their country to look online and to submit all its forces broke out again love. He was cold to the past and was not inclined to new novel with a friend of former years.- Yes, we had a great night, but we can not live forever memories and dreams, he said Romi. However, at the same time her fidelity fascinated him, he felt the gratitude and desire something Watch Online and do for her. Just return the bygone love was not in his power.Continuing to mind the actor Brigitte Bardot came reasoning: "Let us be happy now, do not want any mutual obligations." Why could not think Romy as always complicate things? The film they fought for their country. Villa Bardot continuously deposited her friends and fans.Pierce was impossible to get noticed and after three visits "Madraga" Delon, their romance with Brigitte began to resemble a publicity stunt. Paparazzi pictures of a beautiful couple at the pool, in the sea, at a party. With Romy Alain unites the past with Brigitte Native cynical view both to life. They understood each other perfectly.Bardot preferred to make love in the bathroom, decorated with pink marble. Alain diverting from the guests, is located in the living room, she threw herself into his arms, almost closing the door. - You're a real predator, the actor said, caressing her and watching their reflections in three huge mirrors hanging in the room.

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Film они сражались за родину
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