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You are pure, innocent of your love and anguish, and manners of your timid.You touch the letters Werther, as his living heart. And your tears, and my sister alone, result in a physical gesture, just as agonizing desire to win a gust of weakness and be faithful to his wife the day before have the strength.Thoughts about myself in you less likely to flame you thought of Werther, a desire to avoid the madness of his death. And you - the powerlessness to break the routine of marriage, which already shows through: "I made a mistake, it can not be long before life." What will emerge your physical actions of the tasks of the heart?Will you think about as you look at this moment? Do you need is a mirror? Do you know what you'll do next? Your imagination repopulate your circle of public solitude is not visible to us the ghosts of fear and terror for Werther. You paint yourself the opportunity to duel between him and Albert.At the same time, you are full of memories sunk your walks in the night silence with Werther, when your soul knew bifurcation, the singing of the nightingale or your duets with Werther the harpsichord you and he carried the world, and you did not realize then that you love, but love in it the purity of the heart, yielding nature of love as a whole, to which he replied in flames.Shyness, a desire to hide the tears, to prevent the "rock", has ruthlessly crushing you, cry, a call to God's will the organic quality of your tears, Charlotte, and hence two kinds of physical movement will emerge: a timid movement, tragic impulse, then looking back at the door from where you can enter, the passionate prayer kneeling.But you and would never close the door to the room with a key, etc. Pp. 145 Let your tears if you lioness great world, getting older and lose their fans. What brought you to tears? Rabies! Anger at old age crept up on you.What caused the attack of tears, but you, as an experienced coquette, and know how to prevent your tears for you and will act on your flabby skin? Malice! You waited a letter from the person on whose conquest spent a lot of time and effort.Yesterday you floated all his most deadly tricks of coquetry, to whom no one could resist, and now you expect a letter today with an emphatic recognition, and it is not and - you understand - will not. What is internal organic action? "I want to seize, grab another moment of life. Want to win and passion." Here, only selfishness.The person that you have been waiting only a means to fill the emptying his own life. Thoughts about him you do not have any. Just slipped the opportunity to arrange their affairs. Of course, you also want to hide the tears. But you will come to the door, turn the key lock and send to hell any unwelcome visitor. Before you, too, "rock":old age is coming, and you can not stop it. But you fight and you fight with her.You rush to the mirror - his eternal companion, the only witness of your secrets and sorrows of old age, you eagerly download the film они сражались за родину and gazed at him, just greedy, internally strive to grasp once sensual pleasure of life, you, like a miser, trembling on his gold, trembling on his face, you all went to the contemplation of the face.Not understanding the inner beauty, you appreciate only the smoothness of the skin ... and wrinkles everywhere get out! You are desperate. Plunk down your faithful friend, a mirror, and cry.

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Film они сражались за родину
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