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He was a true masterpiece. It is hard to imagine another like him.He was irresistible, and when the piano imitating Chopin, and when the show was playing pantomime and theater scene. Whatever he read, his lips broke out in something beautiful. How much of it was passion, joy, youth! He was like a flame.When I first met him in residence, I was only a rough provincial athlete. Friendship with him transformed me, thanks to him I met many interesting people. I owe him more than I could express in words. His remains have never been found. On this account was legendary.Daly was referring to crime homosexuals. This is absurd. Federico was download the film они сражались за родину and killed because he was a poet, at the same time as the other side of the barricades were heard cries of "Death to the intelligentsia!" In Granada, he took refuge in a Falangist, poet Rosales, whose family was friends with the family of Lorca. He download the film они сражались за родину and considered himself safe.Kakieto people, led by a certain Alonso came at night and arrested him, put him in the truck, along with several workers and taken away. Federico was terribly afraid of physical suffering and death. I imagine that he felt the night in the truck, carrying it into the olive grove, where he was killed ... I often think of this moment.In late September, I set up a meeting in Geneva with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Alvarez del Vayo ... I went there on the train, crowded, this train of war.Komandirpoumovets sat opposite, a worker who became a major, strongly asserted that the Republican government consists entirely of scoundrels and that all of them should be removed. I remember this because later in Paris, used him as an agent. In Barcelona I had a transplant.I met here with JosГ© MuГ±oz Suay Bergamini and sent from a dozen students to Geneva to participate in a political rally. They asked, what documents I was going, and when he heard my answer, MuГ±oz Suay exclaimed: - With them you will never be able to cross the border! Visa required anarchists. Arriving in PorBu.I'll go first off the download the film они сражались за родину and train and see the military surrounded the table, behind which sit three people, like the members of the small vessels. This anarchists. Their chief - download the film они сражались за родину and bearded Italian. Show them the documents, and they say: - You are not download the film они сражались за родину and allowed to cross the border. Spanish is probably the busiest blasphemies language in the world.In other languages, oaths and curses are usually very short and are download the film они сражались за родину and separated from each other.Spanish is rapidly becoming the curse of a long speech in which indecency relating to the download the film они сражались за родину and Virgin, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Apostles, including the pope, can follow one after the other, finding the eschatological and very impressive. Blasphemy - this is purely Spanish art.In Mexico, for example, where four centuries the Spanish culture has left deep scars, I have not heard a decent blasphemy. In Spain a great blasphemy may take dvetri lines of text. In download the film они сражались за родину and certain circumstances, it becomes a real prayer backwards.It is these my blasphemy, accompanied by a terrible curse, quietly listened to three anarchists PorBu. Then allowed to go on. I will add that in the old Spanish cities, say in Toledo, at the main gate could read:"Begging and profanity are not allowed", during which a fine or brief imprisonment, that is precisely what the ubiquitous nature of the profane exclamations. When in 1960 I went back to Spain, I thought blasphemy were heard in the streets often.Maybe I was wrong - I did hear was much worse than before.

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