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I am writing this, but in my head complete confusion. Now eleven o'clock in the morning, after three hours, I'll be ... I do not know that I'll be there, but I have a horror of the coming of the earth, it is a fact.I mentioned yesterday that all Geteriki Hertha are in low spirits because of some kind of horse, Hunter, whose owner and rider, as they say in racing handbills is Michael himself. The name of the animal, Lilac, besides the fact that it is even more banal than partying Danish scouts in shorts spandex, points us to Polly Paul.Lilac - is a large kauri mare Mayklova apple of an eye. Yesterday, as I download the film они сражались за родину and reported to the respective thoroughness, she began to show symptoms chegoto insanely wrong. Connie Konoval announced their hallmarks ragwort poisoning. Common groundsel, terrible thing, destroying the liver contains a alkaloid;antidote man knows. Typically, the horses do not eat ragwort Curtis because it is bitter, just forgotten poet, but Lilac last week grazing in a park in front of the house - could gobble up and not notice.Yesterday it was like Chopin, the blood from his mouth, she circled the field and sorrowful view cling head against the wall, and this is evidence of liver dysfunction - just as surely as ovoid eggs. The end. Incurable. Why horse liver, and I can not imagine. Never seen any of them download the film они сражались за родину and consoled vodka and tonic.However, do not zabaltyvatsya, I still have many things to be written and done in front of the crib. According to Connie Konovalov - real name Nigel Ogden, a rare, by the way, a combination of yellow velvet in obtyazhechku and second delicious ass in Norfolk - liver dysfunction is a download the film они сражались за родину and guaranteed one-way ticket:Horse in Elysium. Naydzhi left Simon with Michael day to think about what they will do with the siren, and tomorrow he will be back in the company of humane murderer: just in case, if euthanasia poor things - which has download the film они сражались за родину and recommended Connie Konoval frankly - would be the preferred option of Ofra.Because of this, my dear, yesterday's dinner was filled with sadness. Simon, of course, is for the unfortunate to smash his head and quickly sell it kakomunibud adhesive manufacturer. I suppose buy a jar of Lilac transformed to glue her rubber boots, a soulless bastard. I thought, "Come on, Dave, my boy put his hands.Well you're sitting ... "- and the same, I bet Rebecca thought to Patricia. But Annie looked at us and especially at Davy wolf, and that has not budged. If telepathy exists, my shrill cries were thunderstruck given his comely little inner ear.However, twinkling eyes, and yet velvety cheeks blush nektarinovyh something so heralded, then I was sure. Even impossible to think more clearly and fragrant heaven sent opportunity to experience the angels of his power than the battle for Liver Lilac, and Davy, of course, understands this. Michael was very quiet, as most of the week.He looks, poor dolt, tired. In the afternoon, he is locked into the evening with Ted Wallace, who, truth be told, would have pooped himself Jack RassellaPodrazumevaetsya breed renowned for their tireless hunting dogs - "Jack Russell Terrier", named after the man who brought them back in the XIX century. . Ted hopeless.When I recall the glorious pig, whom he knew in the sixties and early seventies, and then download the film они сражались за родину and looked at the crusted mud pigs, in which he now download the film они сражались за родину and called, I want to cry. He will not let anyone in his inner world.Cheap pose a grumpy old Griffin looks pretty bad and incompetent journalists or those loafers, with whom he now hobnobbed, but when it takes Ted, to whom in the old days got a decent portion of what talent, the show turns heartbreaking.But try to talk to him, try to take and pull the poor out of his personal hell, and he did not survive, as if there is a manifestation of genuine feeling clumsy, from the point of view of society, slip, comparable to the use of the word "sorry" or manner of cover point loo download the film они сражались за родину and embroidered cloth.

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