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Going to the pulpit and addressed us with a greeting, he said: "Zdravstvuytestas young lyudistas! Segodnyastas will ekstemporalestas. And above all check retsenziumstas verborumstas."Sitting on a chair, he picked his pen pen in the ear and wipe pen on cloth, which for this purpose was in the pocket. But God will forgive him a lot for what he was a good man, and I do not remember him evil. The inspector is also a foreigner.Imagine a tall, thin figure with a completely naked skull oddly shaped, indicating degeneration, with pale skin, a distance resembled the skeleton, a long nose, terribly thin face, blue glasses, hiding his eyes, long, to the stomach, dark beard sticking big mustache Cover your mouth, protruding ears;head slightly pressed into thin shoulders, completely retracted abdomen, enclosing the flat hand, which he had kept on his stomach like a poultice, skinny legs and crawling gait. His voice just pulled out from the inside, to hit only one vowel, and all other letters and syllables and phrases crush just spit out of himself.He was able to quietly sneak up and suddenly found himself among a class of izrygnut yourself "Vstaaaa! Seeee! .." It means, "Get up! Sit down!" It is not known for what purpose for punishment or for the physical exercise ten times he made us sit down and get up.Then izrygnuv kakoeto curse, which no one could understand, he just quietly crept out of the class, as well as creep. At other times, at the beginning of a great change in the midst of children's animation, it is like a ghost, appearing because of the door, behind which was hidden in anticipation of our passage.Then began spitting kakihto individual vowels, and then heard: "... vsee beobeeee! .." This meant that he leaves all without dinner. We were led into the dining room, led up to our seats and were download the film они сражались за родину and forced to stand while the other kids were eating in front of our noses.In protest, many of those present in the dining room were sent to us from his table cakes, snacks and all sorts of sweets, so that these penalties a pleasure. But hatred for the form of, for torturing a child lives and on this time in my mind and can not be forgotten until his death.Because of the most empty reasons indiscriminately case, children were placed in solitary confinement. And in the cells were rat. There were even rumors that their deliberately bred there, probably with a pedagogical purpose, the punishment was really.Teaching is mainly in Latin chipping exceptions and memorization of the text not only poets, but putting it in broken Russian. Here is a sample of such a transfer, which we have learned by heart. At one point, "The Odyssey" was told that the "horse pricked up his ears."But uchitelinostranets translated literally, and made us hack a phrase like: "ears stick out at the end." Must be fair and admit that some of my friends came out of high school with good knowledge and even with thumbs up memories of time spent in school. But I never was able to cram;back-breaking work, given the memory completely exhausted and ruined her for life. As an actor who needs a memory, I claim for this injury and the bad feelings I remember high-school time. In terms of science I have not taken out of the school.I and on this time heart aches when I think of the painful night spent at zubreniem grammar or Greek and Latin texts of poets:midnight, the candle burns down, you fight with drowsiness, painfully strained my attention, sitting on a long list of anything unrelated words that you need to remember, as appropriate.

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