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- We have our own all-download the film они сражались за родину and terrain vehicle. Equipped with the latest technology. The fire does not burn, and bullets bounce - plywood armor-piercing! Vaughn see! Green behind the bushes! - Trying to remove the smile from his face, said Dodka.Major looked at our green plywood Khalabuda and laughed out loud. - Did you just take my gun? Time to spare, and you are a waste of time and plant! - Major began again to start.When, at last, we convinced him that we have no other means of transport, and that the order of command is not discussed, he shrugged and gave orders to put our team for a fourth tank, followed by four more will follow the tank.- Front, heavy stroke of the road in the snow - your rattletrap easy for them will be, and the rear T-34 will cover you from the rear. At seventeen hours had to start from the path. Our plywood targets took its place on the road between the tanks. Soon dusk. And our little armada clattering and clanking, moved into the unknown.Roaring avalanche fell on the ears, and my friend and being unaccustomed deaf. The conversation did not receive. But when the iron caravan stretched on snowy roads and tracks muted clang thick mast forest, running on either side of the road, we gradually got used to the noise, and a poisonous exhaust. The car was up, roll to one side.Track width lorry was much narrower track width. One slope we rolled on the trail of the caterpillars, the other for cut the hull of the snow. The car always pulled in the same direction. I moved into the cabin to the driver. Petty Officer Fyodor Kulakov was a great master of driving on any roads and no roads. I saw how difficult it was to drive to Fedor.Soon it was dark. Headlamp light was forbidden. David sat in a lorry at the open back door, his attention was download the film они сражались за родину and focused on marching behind the tank. At times it seemed that he would inevitably crush our plywood Khalabuda.Sometimes Sholomovich, knocking on the wall of the download the film они сражались за родину and cabin, Fyodor drove forward, fearing collision TPogoda was overcast, but judging by the bright spot on a dark sky, the moon made its way. Endless high wall standing on both sides of heavy snow covered fir forest. Huge fantasy forest, walking slowly toward us, caved in from heavy white cloth.And the dark sky and gray snow phosphorescent emitting soft twilight. Sometimes the iron tread heavy tanks hats on fir trees collapsed, leaving in the dark forests of white breath of winter. Again saw thick snow. Became dark. Gave the command to light the lamp.Cone stuck in a blinding light barrier, she dashed impenetrable barrier moved us download the film они сражались за родину and ahead of the headlights. In much of the cab, and nervously rattled Sholomovich. At that moment the front cropped black mass. Fedor braked with a scratch, he almost dropped his download the film они сражались за родину and forehead is not glass. The cap was in the way.Front tank stood in front of us in two meters. Before I had time to put on his cap as cabin door opened, and a laughing David pulled me back into the lorry. - Quick, quick! Well, love only! More dvetri seconds and you and I could slip under the door! The rear tank was almost touching our car. I get it:Dodka was not so cheerful as nervously excited and wound up. Still - the experience is sitting alone in a plywood box! - Why stop? - Something happened to come! What? Snowfall hinders nor the devil can not see! Even if the eye! After standing in the road alone, we got into the car. Parking was short. Again clang track oriented us in a white mess night.

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Film они сражались за родину
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