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Offended killed general unfriendliness, prostrate in the dust, loser Grant disappears as mysteriously and completely as it had appeared. But the world uzho slightly rearranged, he yearns for the righteous.Dresses are selling like hot cakes, kollegimuzykanty running around in search of the Grant, the whole city seems to have lost his leg ... Instead Sarukhanyan in the same place there is a blinding haze of figure tighter, more robust dreamer, armed not doolom and bass. Maybe it'll have better luck?Latvian film "My friend - a man frivolous" force others to do the righteous complete about-face.He, young, witty, keep superiors no rogue volt or a harsh word, tired need to live at Tiffany wait at night to watch his wife in the hospital, listening to her complaints and complaints that others are able to get.One day, not even very worrying, he to the total our surprise, turned off the straight path. Now he "zashibaet money" then "Left" repair, construction of individual cottages, even in the cemetery, digging graves. A rainbow bill going to the other, and let the terrified wife suspects god knows what.Then in the course of the story it turns out that the temporary surrender of no avail, nor any relief to yesterday's rigorist nor his relatives, his friends and enemies. But so far, the method by contradiction, he proves to us proves personally - otherness did not matter that he can not, can not live "like everyone else." Ok, it turns out, can.But does not want to - period. Because, in his program, this life is immoral. Coming out of this series, he immediately turns higher, better, nobler than others. The Georgian movie "Jackass" theme Chosen acquired seems razor sharp - clarity is not a parable, and farcical representation.Gullible youth Eluaz and scholar old Christopher fantastic drawings to construct "nebolet" in the yard of a psychiatric hospital, under the supervision of a physician, describing the course of the disease, under the smiles of curious citizens, entirely philistines and nobodies. The action takes place in a provincial Georgian town of the last century.But the film is not removed then - now! And it is certainly right to be mad, but these are normal, sane, balanced, will be the shame of one and all. Take your time, doctor, with their clinical records with medical history, so to speak, "certificate of immaturity."Shut up, wits, and his malice, perpetual suspicion "dishonesty". Nebolet fly! He rises above the fence, above the roofs and chimneys, the cross above the church, above the mountains. He slowly slips into the valley, full of a special, unexplored land that would fit these madmen. where they do nothing. Do not ask for what energy works "nebolet" intermediate relative yachts and railcars. On fuel author's intention.For even absurd, unreal, fantastic undertaking such an inspired crank will be a thousand, in the film, they fought for their country to watch online in excellent quality, and ten thousand times more rights than dull , correct mediocrity in his careful doing nothing.Curiously the same situation played in "monologue", it is not eccentric, but a serious, psychological narrative. Starikakademik Candlemas and gusty, airy-fairy Kostya seals, its employees, to the chagrin of the home, to polite disapproval scientific leadership that year doing research on kakimto mysterious protein.

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Film они сражались за родину
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