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Actor And in the center, is moving away from us, is directed to the structure. This combination is easy to implement in practice. Plan 1 is removed without interruption. And the actor enters, stops, then sent to the structure. Frame is dropped. Actor comes back and gets into a position of the second plan.At this point, we see the expression on his face as he examines the design, then goes to her. When installing part of the overall plan of 1, corresponding to the insert, the insert is removed and replaced kontrplan This, approximately, facing the camera, his reaction shows much more clearly than if we had left the general plan 1 completely.In another case, the subject is moving in a large general and causes involuntary desire of viewers to see it up close even before it can be included in kakoeto action. This can be done as follows. The overall plan. A frame enters the left hand side. Runs to the right. We see it very small, running on the beach.When he runs about a third of the way, the frame is dropped. Actor A Box runs on us to get away from the frame to the right. As he approaches, we have the opportunity to see how it should be. The overall plan. An actor is visible on the same horizon as small as in the first frame. Runs through the last third of the way and disappears on the right side of the frame.267,266 .1 Actor A, one, face to the structure. He enters the frame stops, then directed to the structure, again withdrawn from the same camera position. A .2 The first plan is used twice. Horizontal movement of the actor takes on one third of the image - the first and the last.Movement, which should take place in the central third of the first plan is replaced by movement, represented in terms of 2, which is removed from the camera position at a right angle with a close range. So, Actor A crosses the screen from edge to edge running, in general terms.More approximate plan shows a piece of this movement, the fragment occupies one-third of the image. We can show the actor and what surrounds it from beginning to end, using parts 1 and Movement in the central part of the insert is replaced.Can be even more film, they fought for their country watch online and improve the composition of the scene, if after you insert and return to a common plan to add a third plan, continue to act, and to finish, so episode. 268269 She finishes her turn to us and looking for a frame to the right. She smiles when he hears it.Then she stops its movement to us, and when her head is halfway from the exit of the frame, the frame is interrupted again and gives the plan a full frame. .3 The plan of the scene, showing the position of the camera to remove the simple movement of one actor. Full frame.A woman comes in through the open door of the corridor, oblivious to the presence of men in and closes the door behind him. In calmly says: (Hello! (Surprised, she turns to us. CUT frame during its movement and give an approximate plan for the same visual axis.270 The woman at the center of the image is sent to us and to the actor in the foreground. When they are adjacent to each other, the frame is dropped and an approximate plan given actor 271 beginning actor A plan includes left and stops. They speak. Movement, the recorded single plan can be represented by introducing two inserts. .4 shows the position of the camera in this case. .4 Plan stage for the location of the camera, Capture the action from different angles. The scene takes place in a mountainous, rocky terrain.

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Film они сражались за родину
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Cinema-garbage a box

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