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Ned shook his head. - Executed for treason during World War II. The Englishman, the same English as porcelain spaniel, while Fenian to the bone.He left his wife and baby daughter, whose name was Philip. His wife died in Canada, and her rich brother, Richard Wheeler, brought little Philip back to England, to his family. She grew up as Philip Wheeler and came out in time to marry a man named Peter Delft, gave birth to a child - name, gender and date of birth in the case were not identified.Peter Delft, if memory serves me - which of course it does not, - he died in September of the sixty-first year. In April, the sixty-third, she download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and married again, owner Jeremy Blekrou merchant bank, and when I came in the sixty-third to the matter, it turned out that wedding day no one to fill his labor.Thus, Philip was Kastans Philippa Wheeler, was Philippa Delft and became Philippa Blekrou. I read the case of Jack Kastansa, download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and interested only its early years.I was assigned to the tedious work - an article, a kind of portrait of British supporter of Republicans, as if someday there was at least one person download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and covered by this definition. - Philip Blekrou was the mother of Oliver Delft?- Ned with great deliberation emphasized each word, as if afraid that the meaning of what was said and staggered collapse. - He was her son. Son of the very woman whose Paddy download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and asked to deliver a letter. - No cross-reference has been no. - Babe pursed his lips disapprovingly.- The son of Philip asks for service, and no one even can not think to associate with the daughter of Oliver Delft man sentenced to death for treason. And how can we expect that intelligence is not able to find in their ranks KGB colonel who notice such a trifle?No wonder that Oliver Pronyaev cramp when you're out of a clear sky gave him the name. Toto, he probably had suffered fear. - So, it turns out he is also a traitor? - Maybe, but not necessarily. He could go to explore, not knowing anything about the real views of the mother.- In any case, - summed Ned - he could not let me, the person who knows her name, freely roam the white light. - That's it. If he knew his business, he had to find a way to get rid of you and cover their tracks. How did he get rid of you, we know. I wonder how he download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and covered his tracks ... - Babe voice trailed off. Ned grabbed his sleeve- What do you think? - Imagine all this from the point of view of Delft - Babe muttered, speaking more to himself than to Ned. - He's on duty. Comes a dispatch message stating that a young man download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and arrested on a document that may be of interest to explore. He interrogates you, everything is fine, you appear harmless.Then he learns that the matter involved his mother. How did he do? The next day, the head of his department to start asking all kinds of questions. "From the log should Delft, that you sent to the police station. Who is this young man? What if it was?" I'd do if I were Delft? - I do not understand - Ned frowned. - What are you? .. - Shh!- Babe put a finger to his lips. - I'm trying to play it, that's what I do. "I pereverboval his boss. This is a treasure.

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