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You can not combine the stars and this unknown actor. -But it's just a party, - I said. - Our first party, at the housewarming. - Look, you can not put a playwright, operator, and Miss Roberts, learning the language, next to the head of the "Columbia Pictures."It's not like anyone. It's just not possible. Since I first became a strict lesson. I had to make a whole new list of people standing on top. If I wanted to invite all the others, it was necessary to arrange another night, but in any case not to mix the two groups. For me it was a real shock.I realized that it all depends on what group you belong to. If you are at the "top" next to Selznick, Goetz, Mayer, Konami, and Warner, it should remain at this level. But, fortunately, there was still a group of Hitchcock: Hitch and Alma spoke with many actors, which they loved. They did not care, those stars or not.Jean and Dido Renoir, my dear friends, also brings together a wide range of people. So in the end I found that once belonged to three groups. The first group arranged large-scale reception at home or in special restaurants - with sumptuous buffets around swimming pools, with butlers and numerous servants.It was the best of the best. Take, for example, Sam Spiegel, with its New Year's reception. If you are invited to a reception to Sam Spiegel, it meant that you belong to the elite. Once on the new year, I download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and managed to convince Peter to go there with me. I said, "It is necessary at least once to see what it is."First meeting New Year in America, I could not believe my eyes. In Sweden this day very special for everyone. Family day. You stay at home. Waiting for midnight. Talking about the past, about what the future may bring, and, of course, give all kinds vows like "quit smoking" or anything should like it.And then, when it's midnight, in all churches across the country hear the bells ringing. Over radio actor Anders de Wahl usually reads verses of Tennyson chimes. All that is heard from the speakers set in all the streets of Stockholm. No need to even turn on the radio at home.In America it is a friend - the noise, hubbub, booze. Because of the incredible noise sometimes not even heard bells ringing. And by midnight half already invited kudato disperses. We sat with Peter at home until midnight, talking about the past, the future, and then got into the car and drove to Sam Spiegel.I look forward to meeting those wonderful people who had come to Der Spiegel. Look online. In those days, I loved to visit in humans. But we could not even drive up close to the house. Machines were so many that they form a monolith. I download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and suggested, "Let's go on foot." But we could not walk to go home: the garden was full of people.We turned around and went home. All these years in Hollywood, I'm having a little homey with Swedish food. However, I was not going to compete with kemlibo. Tricks that I really loved, visited with Jean Renoir.All the guests gathered in the kitchen olive type, where there was a large scrubbed wooden table, and on it were put up all sorts of Californian wines, to compare them with the French. We download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and enjoyed this wonderful friendly, warm conversations. It was the same at Hicha, although he never asked once more eight."More visitors offends my friends" - he used to say. I immediately discovered how difficult to adapt to Hollywood standards. I never a desire to buy a mink coat. When I came to Hollywood, and David Selznick knew that I had it No, he was amazed.

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