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How well he came up to move to the area of ​​the Etoile! Probably what he calls the rank is determined by the address where you live, personal telephone, servant ... in short, all those, as we had not thought of without him. And then, do not expect him trouble:he comes home, he puts on a robe and slippers, listening to the radio, all my. No hanging around! With him still! But this peace Edith could not bear for a long time. I slept in a room at the back of the apartment. Edith with him in the bedroom, on the lovely bed, upholstered in blue satin.It was natural, but since I was not used to sleeping in a room alone, I have too often in the morning climbed into bed with her. Except that, nothing has changed. There was a man or not, in the morning I would wake her. With all the precautions. I loved to look at her sleeping: she slept like a baby, clenched fists. I stick my finger in her fist:she squeezed it and whispered, "You Momona?", opens one eye, then the other. He stretches out his hand, and I put it very strong cup of black coffee. Then she sat down, convenient to park in the cushions and began to look closely to the environment. How is the weather? Open the curtains. Not so fast. Bright light annoyed her. She said:"I have my sun, it rises in me when night came. Then I start all clearly see. " She paid no attention to the man, who was lying next to her. He could wake up, or continue to sleep - she did not care. I sat her on the bed, and we started to pop like the magpies.She briefly looked through the mail, the article about himself, laughed, cried - lived. Then cast a blanket and a nightgown, always too big for her, she ran to the bathroom. I'm for it. Edith opened the taps, water gushing, and she looked at me and laughed.Like a child who is afraid of notations, it drenched sponge, soap, crumpled and threw a towel on the floor - at least, Paul would leave her alone. We move on to serious matters: creams and chatter. Edith came up: we - it's not "Arsenic and Old Lace" - we are "Banks with a cream and lyalyalya."When she wanted to indulge the "master" - if they had a fun night and she remembered about it, because they do not touched, - she said: "Paul cooked breakfast." But most of all, Paul served himself. I must admit that not every lover suited to such an awakening.Paul wanted to have a quiet breakfasts theta-wall, a small table, with candles. They would have looked like Chevalier des Grieux and Gervaise Zola. When he is too tired to be the three of us, he said, looking at me: "I've had enough, even sent to the kitchen." When Edith was in a good mood, she shrugged her shoulders and twisted his temple, as if to say to me:"He's crazy, do not pay attention." If she was not in the spirit ,, he grabbed his plate and walked behind me. "I, too, will have to Momonoy in the kitchen." Paul was alone. He behaved admirably: sitting on the edge of his chair, was finishing breakfast, smoked, I read over coffee. The atmosphere is not discharged.All the more so coming back from the kitchen, we did not interrupt the conversation. As the law has always been a theme of "my old lover." - Momona and Ririlegionera you remember? .. Or Zhannomatrosa? .. Or my fiance out of the train "Paris - Mediterranean"? Hell, he kissed me! .. Transfer, as drill roll. Edith Fields pounces on:- Why are not you laughing? This is not funny? - Not particularly. - Tell me, please, what can you laugh? - In any case, no memories of love stories.

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