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In the third case, the speaker's voice, or inner thoughts of characters may accompany the natural movement in the frame stage. Moreover, all three techniques can be used together in one episode.But this classification is the basis for the study of grammar rules. ELEMENTS OF LITERACY to bring cinematic shooting Sien from installation to the image, every rule must have two conditions: 11 We have to shoot only what will be later download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and combined into one unity of meaning.You should be able to solve problems mounting, which will occur in different situations. To learn this, you need to keep track of two things: The distance from which we shoot the scene. The movement of the characters who play the scene.Careful choice of the distance allows us to see what the audience sees, and the number of actors and objects shooting from different angles. Points or moments of tension can be shown by the scenario approach or remove the camera from the main characters.As to the second process is not constraining the free movement of the actors, we control the process of production of this movement. PLAN or filming Now let's define the grammar basics of film language. First of all, a plan.Duration of the plan is limited only by the number of film contained in the cell, without the time but it razryadkuchetyre, ten, or thirty minutes. The footage can be used in full, continuous flow, or broken into small pieces to be able to insert between other plans.The action scenes, download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and transferred to the screen can be removed by repetition, in part or in full with the same or different points. Usually, when a scene is played poorly, repeat is from the same point. Change of place cameras download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and recorded during the installation.MOVEMENT The camera can be stationary or take a horizontal panorama or move vertically, or even do "treveling" move at different speeds, mounted on a moving vehicle. The camera can shoot scenes simple and complex. It can be moved, accompanying the action scenes, which she takes off.It may do so from different distances. Distance is defined as physical, and optically. 12 Distance Graduation distance between the camera and the subject can be infinite. In today's practice, there are five basic definitions of distances. They are known as:- Close-up - Plan approach - or the American middle distance - the full plan - an outline. However, these definitions do not include measurable fixed distance for each case. This terminology is very flexible and is mostly generic.It is clear that the distance between the camera and the subject is different if, for example, it is about a close-up at home or kakogoto person. Watch the film ПРО АД И РАЙ in excellent quality online. Figures 1 - 5 illustrate the area download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and captured by a camera at a different location of the camera. Close-up. PUc 2 Zoom plan.Actual practice has shown that the silhouette of a man has lines horizontal slice, which create a pleasant composition, if present in the screen, one or more human figures. These lines are: - below the armpits, - below the chest - waist down - below the inguinal region - below the knee. 13 MOUNTING MODE There are three main stages of mounting:The overall plan of the scene. To remove the monotony, there are several types of equipment installation by manipulating the film during shooting, called the "secant plan." The overall plan is broken into short materials. We are talking about pieces of scenes from various distances with the introduction located in the side of people.These plans are download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and inserted into the overall plan stage to exacerbate the tension of its key points.

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