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Both series were filmed in the real world. Expenses were gromnymi °, but the accuracy of the cost. The right audience for information. It is important to inform 3Ritelya about what he sees on the screen: documentary footage, fiction, staging or fiction based on real facts.How to tell him about it? One solution can be seen in Robert Vasa "This should be avoided," and Jim Godmilova film "Away from Poland": subtitles, just showing what is happening on the screen.Another method - , a film about heaven and hell watch online in excellent quality and the beginning of the movie, what the characters are real and which ones - imaginary, which represented "real people", and which - actors.You can , a film about heaven and hell watch online and to inform the viewer based on the actual incidents and conversations that he knew from the outset the author's decision to film. Some left justify the final film, but I think that it is preferable to make at the beginning, so that the viewer could watch a movie in the future.Responsibility. With regard docudrama often sue for libel or protection of dignity. Neither scenario is not accepted television networks as long as there is no fully consistent with the common practice of companies in the area.Each TV network has its own rules of the genre, however, giving a script or an application, it is better to see them. Give your script to see a lawyer, so he checked it on the possibility of potential claims. Examples idea docudrama may somehow.Often the source of the accident are taken from the headlines as the "trial of Bernhard Goetz" and "Murder Atlanta Child." Sometimes the film is born of political events like movies, Leslie Woodhead. Sometimes this biography, history, public or private life.One of the best British dokudram David Hodson was the film "Letters bomber" presented by Thames Television in 1985. It is very interesting from a methodological point of view. David Hodson's mother died in 1978. Analyzing her stuff, brother and sister David ran in the top drawer of a pack of old letters.It was a correspondence between the older brother David Bob and his parents and friends, dated 1940-1943 years. Bob, the pilot of the Air Force Royal, went missing over Europe in March 1943. For David, who was then six years old, the elder brother was just a vague memory. Letters discovered missing the real Bob.And not only this. very lively sensation they passed the young pilot of the first years of the war. Frankly, and with humor in them described exercise, friends, drinking, crash, love. And, of course, the experience of combat operations.Tell stories to their children, David felt that it would be interesting and important to a wide audience. Using writing as a basis of the script, he began to look for people who are brother mentioned in his stories. The result is a film about one of fifty-five thousand Air Force pilots who died in the battles of the Second World War.One particular person and one family, but the story strikes a chord in the soul of every veteran and warns young people about the terrible, irretrievable price of any conflict. The film is unique, but made surprisingly simple. Comment, read David reflects his personal views.The letters, which formed the basis of the script, illustrated by newsreels and material reconstruction. Sometimes an event or mood suggested by the letter embodied in fictional scenes.

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