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Date appointment with Vlado painful, try not to happen at receptions.His gaze intently burns me, he slept with majesty, calm - nervous, it seems to me, even angry, catches my eye, does he consider it possible to replace our love a secret affair, surely he does not understand that this is impossible. Why do people love beautiful can and can not be nice to leave ...I have no more strength not film about heaven and hell watch online in excellent quality and noticing it. And I turned to him ... Plunge into his arms ... nothing in the world no longer know! "Ramona" ... my favorite English waltz ... he knows it ... he himself took me somewhere this record ... our house ...Is it he asked the musicians to play ... really dare to invite me to dance ... heart will break someday ... his cute habit ... he eats, laughs, walks, has a uniform ... like, a thousand for the first time smiling corrects my Russian "Popґovich" on the Yugoslav "Pґopovich" can not memorize the stress in the word "write" and I to tears laughing and Vlado almost crying when I clarify meaning only that delivered them tirade: "I tomorrow in your ministry will have a lot pґisat ..." All Yugoslavs leave They graduated from the Academy, and Boris invited all to us for a farewell dinner.These beauties then attended a dinner in Belgrade Marshal, they learned from us at the military academy, now its finished and go home. Poor Czech March, with the operation itself at home in her last novel, and this fascinating Yugoslav general. March despair of separation. I asked Boris, why he is not afraid of "those" foreigners?"Well, these are our Communists, even better, if you know what and how they think." From those "other" Boris cowardly, stupid, tactless often shies. Rather be withdrawn Vlado! And let the leaves! And let him marry! At its ugly Montenegrins! On their own, as they marry, women! And let them! And let !!! And may all die of love for me !!!Vlado disappeared. He should disappear, no other way. 44 Boris returned from Japan kakimto others. I still do not understand how - maybe more grip:again and again enters into a contract to re-release the endless "Unconquered" suddenly concluded with a wonderful Leningrad Theater of the contract for the play became more active in his union, often flies in the republic "film about heaven and hell watch online and put things in order, "and actually" impose its own order, "ashamed of this itactivities. I'm stood in front of Boris on his knees, so he did not go to Leningrad to finish accidents Akhmatova and Zoshchenko after their defeat Politic kommunist; I introduced this kind, intelligent, surprising Zoschenko with Boris, how dare Boris can , a film about heaven and hell watch online in excellent quality and to participate in this massacre ?!Instead, Boris went to finish their bones. And as I now understand, Boris flies in the republic for the same massacre. Again, again, again begins "ideological storm" intelligentsia - again bans, alteration, destruction and humiliation of individuals. Now Boris suddenly locked himself in his office - writes ... What?What if an article like "Truman errand"? .. No rows pertaining to literature, Boris in his luxurious office has not ... worry, wait ... the smoke from under the cabinet doors from his "Kazbek" fells as if fire. - Timosha, congratulate, I wrote a long article about the Japanese magazine!With the excitement of reading poorly written uniquely bad style, poor Japan, and it is absolutely unacceptable turns of speech that are evident even to me, an ordinary reader, and it is now about all this said Boris, not to offend, and because he's on drugomuto still can not write.

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