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For all the radical differences and peculiarities that distinguish one country from another, these two worlds have one point of contact, one common aspect.The idea of ​​it can give success that befell the Fellini film "The Road" in the world, and in particular from the audience and critics in the socialist countries, including the Soviet Union.I am convinced that the deepest reason for this success is that "The Road" is rising, albeit in a distorted and mystified interpretation huge topic relevance - painful search for individual human happiness in a world full of dangers and contradictions.In a film like "Bicycle Thieves", if we compare one of the typical products of neo-realism, reflected the influence of the environment, or, if you prefer, the struggle against injustice and the ill-fated destiny, but traces its most significant consequences down to the depths of the human heart ."The Road" turned the same problem upside down - that's how the film came to the new neo-realist tradition theme, although presented, I repeat, in a distorted and mystified form.When analyzing a work of art, you can not restrict ourselves to the fact that it contains a general conceptual level, it is necessary to look, whether it is making, even starting from the non-scientific ideas, new to the understanding and study of the human condition and his feelings.And therefore no coincidence that a film like "The Road" is a success and in the socialist countries:XX Congress of the CPSU and the Hungarian events were events of global significance, destroyed many schemes, opening the way to new needs, especially in the direction of greater and more direct participation in the democratic life of man not only as a member of a particular society, but also as a private person, to whose shoulders simultaneously formedresponsibility and increasingly important social problem.Therefore, to deepen the general problems of the theory, of course, correct, but you need to Watch Online and to engage in and the question of the behavior of the individual, try all the more precisely determine how a person has in recent years - even in its manifestations as cynicism and opportunism.Our development of Marxist theory can not ignore the understanding and study of such problems. Another shortcoming of the report - a lack of self-criticism. A few years ago Salinaro decided that in such works as the film "Sense" and the novel "Metellus," you can see the "transition from neo-realism to realism."Thus, he raised the question of great importance - the entry of Italian cinema in adulthood. However, the examples in doubt. I do not think a film like "Sense" was a milestone, "the transition from neo-realism to realism";correctly, I think it would be to say that the "feel" goes back to the tradition of films like "Malombra" 1, "Shot", "ancient little world" to the past experience of Italian cinema, although the technique and language Visconti more sophisticated and modern. Another flaw in the report is that it is not enough depth analysis of all the other arts than literature. Salinaro made commendable and positive attempt to find a connection between different kinds of creative activity.However, Watch Online and bring together, for example, "Bread, Love and Dreams" with "Two pennies Hope" is too superficial. If the last film is rooted in our culture, the other - not only devoid of any artistic merit, but also strongly goes against whatever was the position of realism.

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