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In the end, I asked my new friends, what can I do. Gallimard not make print script answered me. But how to meet Gallimard? As download movie about heaven and hell and talk to him? I did not even know his address. "Are you going Eluard," - said Breton.And here we are with him at Gallimard. I say it changed my mind, I do not want to publish the script in the "Revue du Cinema." I reply that this is out of the question that I gave my word. Director printing reports that the text has already been typed. Go back and we report the group. Adopted a new solution:I have to take a hammer to the back and break Gallimard set. Accompanied by Eluard again goes to Gallimard, hiding under the cloak of a hollow huge hammer. This time is really nothing to be done: the magazine came out. I show the first copies. As a result, the last decision is taken:magazine "Variety" is also to publish the script "Andalusian dog" and I will send in 16 Parisian newspapers letter expressing "indignation lively", claiming to be a victim of bourgeois vile machinations. Seven or eight newspapers published my letter.Moreover, for "Variety" and "Revolucion surrealist" I wrote the preface, in which he claimed that the film, in my opinion, was a public call to murder. Shortly before this, I proposed to burn the negative film on the Place du Tertre, Montmartre. If agreed with this, I swear I would have done. I would do it today.Imagine how on fire burning in my garden negatives and copies of all my paintings. To me it would be completely indifferent. But my proposal was rejected. Benjamin Perret is the perfect example for me poetasyurrealista:complete freedom of ghost imaging, punching, like the source, without any mental effort, helped to create their own world of images. In 1929, together with the Dali we read his poems from the book "The Great Game" and sometimes rolling with laughter.When I took a group Pere was in Brazil, representing the Trotskyist movement there. I never met him in person at meetings and met only after he was expelled from Brazil. We met him in Mexico after the war. I just shot the first Mexican film "Big Casino".He came to ask for a job, what you want. I tried to help him, but it was not so easy, after all, my own position was then very shaky. He lived in Mexico with the painter Remedios Varo, which I admired no less than Max Ernst.Perret was a surrealist in its purest form, is not capable on any compromise, and most of his life was in poverty. I have often talked about Dali members of the group, showed photographs of his paintings, but they showed great restraint.However, the surrealists decisively changed their attitude towards it, when they themselves saw the paintings, Dali brought from Spain. It immediately took to the group, and he participated in its meetings. At first, the relationship with Dali Breton, admired his "paranoikokriticheskim method", were excellent.But under the influence of Gali Salvador Dali has changed dramatically, becoming greedy for dollars, and was expelled from the movement. This happened four or five years. Within the movement there were small groups, determined by personal sympathies. So, my closest friends were Crevel Dali and Eluard.Personally, I thought I was closer to the Aragon, Georges Sadoul, Max Ernst and Pierre Unicom. Now all forgotten, Pierre Unik was brilliant and full of fire wonderful young man who is very dear friend to me.

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