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Accurately guided in complete darkness, Roberts feels bottle of massage oil, undoes her bra and massaging her back as Marilyn did not depart for the night. Sometimes it takes an hour. Buttons bra and then quietly disappear.Between them - an instinctive understanding, eventually assumed the character of a ritual incomprehensible to others. I remember the first session Roberts, for half an hour silently worked on the muscles of the ward, otchegoto came to mind the name of Willa Cather. And at the same moment of Marilyn taken aback by his question: "Have you read" The deceased lady "?"Awareness spontaneously shutting the connection between the book and its creator made him wince.And because the skin Marilyn - the most delicate of all, what kogdalibo ever touch his fingers, and Roberts, endowed with a strong athletic body, specialized in such a delicate sphere of services like massage, have close to Marilyn people automatically suspect that between her and Ralph There is a kind of intimate relationship.If Miller, as befits the educated man is not inclined to draw direct analogies between sex and manual therapy and therefore not openly express their concerns, then DiMaggio, everything is exactly the opposite: he is jealous loud and neskryvaemo.From his point of view, regardless of whether Marilyn sexual intimacy with her masseur, he comes into contact with it so tightly that it can not not take emanating from her body fluids. And these fluids - legal property rights, to which it belongs. Wu Di Maggio - distinguishes the Italian attitude to love and marriage:my, my entirely. I do myself rasstaralis to my woman was satisfied, and not a trace of another man in this thrust. In describing the moment, however, Marilyn remains at some stage of his career.And there is reason to assume that now she likes to watch impassively as her body manipulated by experienced professionals. It is possible even that the best side of her nature disclosed in those respects which are not of a sexual nature.It is not possible to behave more charming than it is during the hours of communication with Norman Rostenom, it is impossible to be more honest than it is a massage with Roberts: with the latter as with anyone else, over time it has become to share everything with her.However, on the present - numbering two and a half years time - the relationship of Marilyn with Ralph Roberts, we are talking today only because one of the summer nights in 1962, when he routinely works on her muscles, she was puzzled by his question: "Before you did not reach rumors about me and Bobby? "" Rumors? - Asks Roberts.- Yes, the whole of Hollywood is only about you and says. " "Well, it's not true. I like him, but not as a man. " And once begun to be frank, Marilyn can not stop. Indeed, she admires his mind, but he thinks that he is not as attractive as his brother.It is impossible, of course, rule out that Roberts and it is not until the end of sincerity; kaknikak gossip around the neighborhood that her relationship with Bobby Kennedy started in the back seat of the car, when both fled with full of partying. Nevertheless, there are some grounds to believe the veracity of what she says.If the fame of Jack Kennedy's thousand days can not compete without success notoriety nights, what these days is complete, it is unlikely that the same can be said about Bobby.

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