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This was a wonderful flower blooming dreams, whose roots go back to the orchestra. I think that for a movie that was chemto like prophecy, happy anticipation, the fruits of which should be carefully collected.I am convinced that in ten years will create musical films, poet and composer to be able to retrieve them from the pathos of people and things unusual accents, which, in spite of their good will, can not offer seven or eight gestures of Mr Delmas, or Demuzho Gyi Gyi Marguerite CarrГ© and all the palaces, gardens and squares, drawn by the jurysuppliers of our state- subsidized theaters. "Opera Comique," today shows masterpiece Colette and Maurice Ravel's "Child and the Spells". No one disputes the value of the libretto and score, but disappointed theatrical performance of this piece, full of fantasy and dreams. Colette and Ravel, without knowing it, have made a cinematic ballet.Only cinema can cause and the spirit ghosts poeticised Fire, Ash, rebellious furniture, Princess fairy tales and little blue characters tapestry torn evil child. It alone could be in the second act to find the visual equivalent of a "symphony of insects, apples, frogs, owl laughter, whispering breeze and the Nightingale", download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and embedded in the text.It has long been musical theater requires cinematic productions. She alone could wrest some enchanting pieces from the horrific captivity papemashe and that crude machinery, which is used in our theaters. Should I insist on it in those days, when the screen comes the second part of "The Legend of the Nibelungen"?Do not you see two films by Fritz Lang is very significant signs and promises?Compare opera productions with the visions that you proposed " Siegfried" compare three painted on canvas theatrical scenery with an inexhaustible wealth of light magic kinolegendy, download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and resurrected Wagner and ask them which of the two productions vividly capture the spirit of his dreams?And who can doubt that Wagner born fifty years later, he wrote to his tetralogy is not for the stage and for the screen. However, it is not a deep synthesis, and about something like a random repair. What will happen when both art and will finally be free to conclude a reliable alliance together and be carried away to new ideals?Besides, it is a dual flight, do not forget that. The music and film have their fetters. As rightly observed during the recent debate Mr Lionel Landry, music excites, going from the general to the specific, while live video is just the opposite way.The starting point of the musical emotion is the general suggestion, adjusted each individual imagination. Film, by contrast, offers us an objective, strictly limited detail, evokes in us a number of general impressions.The sequence of majestic chords conjures a particular listener valley, forest, download the film ПРО АД И РАЙ and mountain, ocean, lake, crowd, religious ceremony or pagan meditation. In this sense, the adaptability of music is infinite;Think about what number of secular dramas in theaters is an excellent accompaniment reminornaya Symphony Caesar. Frank.Its author was a little surprised if he was told that one day his work will best serve to ennoble the Council of Administration of American businessmen or break the engagement. I appeal to your experience - is not absolutely true?In the movie, by contrast, shots coppice called to mind the audience a sense of tenderness and melancholy, hope, love, sadness or nostalgia, depending on what the association of ideas to bring to bear our memory mechanism.

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