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Kurosawa example of a simple word and frank answer, and in the book I'm going to talk mainly about the pictures that are placed himself. At least in every case I know what was behind this or that decision. There is no right or wrong way to make a film.I write only about how I work personally. Director: best job in the world, first choice to be made to the director, is to decide to shoot or not to shoot. There are many reasons why we agree on this or that picture. I do not believe in waiting "great" material to produce a "masterpiece."It is important that the source material for me personally to some degree. And in one sense or another. "Long Day's Journey into Night" everything one can dream of. With only four characters is a thorough study of life in general. However, I also removed the film "Destination."There were great conversations, written by James Salter, and a monstrous plot, imposed on him by the Italian producer. I think Jim needed the money. I had to shoot in Rome. And by the time I had problems with the color. I grew up on a white and a movie, and many of my paintings were monochrome.Two colored ribbons, "Teatral" and "Group" disappointed me. Color seemed chemto artificial. He made films like even more unreal. Why Black and movies look natural, and color is not? Looks like I used the color wrong or worse yet did not enjoy at all. I saw the film Antonioni's "Red Desert."His shot operator Carlo Di Palma. At last I saw the color is used as a dramatic tool, it is the development of the action, a better reveal the characters. I called Di Palma in Rome, he was free and agreed to remove the "Destination". Then I also gladly download the film Ральф Нельсон and agreed.I knew that Carlo will rid me of "color blindness." And he succeeded. It was quite a reasonable excuse for shooting pictures. I shot two movies for a living. Three because I love to work and could not bear any more downtime. As a professional, on these tapes, I worked with the same dedication as the others.Two of them have turned out and enjoyed success. The truth is that no one knows the magic formula for success. I'm not being modest. Some directors shoot premium movies, others not. It depends on us one thing: prepare a "lucky break", with the emergence of a first-rate film. Or appears never know.Too many download the film Ральф Нельсон and unexpected, as I discuss in the following chapters. But for someone who has not shot any film and wants to become a director, the problem of choice does not exist. Whatever the film project, forecast, if there is a chance to make a picture agree! Point. Exclamation mark!The first film itself serves as an excuse, because it's the first film. So, the theme of the film is defined. How do I choose the people who will help me make it to the screen? I will discuss this in detail, as I will describe each of the components of cinema. But there is also a common approach.Once, in the late 50's, I was walking along the Champs Elysees and saw the neon sign on the theater: "Douze Hommes en Colere un Film de Sidney Lumet". The second year went on my screen "12 Angry Men", but I fortunately for his psyche and career never thought of this work as "Sydney Lumet." Do not get me wrong.This is not false modesty. I'm the person who says "Cut!" word for the end result, then appears on the screen. This means that this piece sent to a lab, showed print and we otsmotrim it in the coming days. Of download the film Ральф Нельсон and printed duplicates and making movies.

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