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He took home from the institute, introduced by his father - a former champion in discus. Simply and efficiently he told about himself, about learning, about training. The weather helped. It was warm, and shooting training passed quickly and successfully. I did not want to leave, but the trip was over and it was time to return to Moscow.The train was leaving late at night and we still had a chance to dine. The restaurant was empty. The bright streaks of light on a red floor sprawled on the tablecloths and curtains. - After three days of the New Year, and it is warm so that it is hard to believe ... - Do you always like this? - Turned to my assistant was busy at the table an elderly waiter.- We are much warmer than in Moscow, but that it is warm in December, something I can not remember for a long time - willingly and cordially answered the waiter. - Tell me, before the war, you worked here? - I asked. - From the thirty-ninth serve in this place, with a break for the war. What? - I have a friend here died in October fortieth. - Here, in a restaurant? - No, over there!- I showed okno.- of the square. He fell out of a plane at the filming. - Oh, so you're talking about this case ... So he was your friend? Why, I remember like it was yesterday ... He put a stack of plates on the table, silent. - Above the city the whole day while the planes were buzzing. After paying with a client, I was here, at the reception buffet, and counting proceeds.Suddenly, he heard a whistle in the street, and there, behind the window, flashed a black shadow. I was so frightened that covered his face with his hands and sat down. Something struck a balcony and hit the pavement. I ran to the window, but did not have time to see - passed over the crowd and everything I closed. The whole city was burying this guy.He drove to the station on the gun carriage, and others strangers wept and carried him flowers. Beautiful, said to have been the young ... What's happened to him, I did not know. Maybe, you know? - And our friend sat on the edge of the chair hoping to hear the answer to this tragic history. I told them something that is not often heard from Kogan.- By order of the studio operator Kogan had to urgently go to the city for aerial surveys. Kohl was on vacation and accidentally found out about it. With great difficulty, he made sure that he was called back from vacation and sent along with the Kogan.He loved to oblivion sky and airplanes, and we dreamed with him that someday jump with a camera on a parachute and remove all to the landing. Coca, as his friends called him, was a general favorite at the studio, and the management spoiled it, doing almost all of his desires. It happened at this time.At the studio I ended the movie "kick" - about the maneuvers of the Red Army. Kogan Teplukhina were removed from the air attack on the Lions conditional enemy dive bombers against military objectives. Command provided for the filming of two-seater plane with an experienced pilot, the master of the military maneuvers. November 14 from an airfield near Kogan rose into the air. Kohl was forced to stay on the airfield. The aircraft is more than one passenger lift to the sky could not.Coca enviously watched from the ground as the plane, which took off his companion, went through difficult bends. Finally, Cohen finished the scheduled program and landed. This could and finish shooting, but Kohl was able to convince everyone - Kogan, and the pilot - that need to rise again in the air and koechto dosnyat. Coca climbed into the cab.Kogan gave him "Aimo" and black refill bag. The pilot checked carefully how to arrange Kolya, buttoned it seatbelts and only took his place.

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