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A famous politician J. William Fulbright in an interview with the Swiss weekly "Veltvohe" noting Reagan desire to approach issues "in typical Hollywood fashion," concluded:"Wash, very sad the very fact that such a great country like America, has so untenable political system that allows ignorant people to rise to the heights of power," Truly, detsivilizatsiya person in the United States symbolically and actually brought to the extreme and built to the highest American podium."History can not be deceived," As we have seen, in all the negativity of modern imperialism has come to play an important role videokultura. And this - the flip side of the western model.New media communication sharpen and update the entire multi-faceted set of problems duhovnonravstvennoy life, including the place of art in social being, his ideological essence, ethical, and aesthetic potential. In the capitalist world, people put in a very complicated relationship with culture.Various means of mass communication unusually expand the audience that does not, however, reason to clearly define the process of democratization, because it is self-contradictory.On the one hand, the exploiting classes interested in improving workers' education, because without it one can not function Montagu The American Way of Life. N. Y., 1967, N 4, p. 33-34 70 2 New York Times, 1981, October 3 Op. by: Literary Gazette, 1983, July 20. production in a scientific and technical revolution.However, the modern bourgeoisie is deeply hostile to the idea of ​​spiritual enlightenment of the people, which would contribute to the realization of its vital interests.As a result, and was elected as a "medium" path, is attached to this person does not, but mainly to mass culture that actively connects it to the class alien ideas and aspirations. This adaptation is the reproduction of atomization and alienation of the individual, planting substitute their inclusion in the culture.There were times when to regulate cultural process bluntly said even within the walls of Congress NL Thus, the former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, General Walter Smith said in 1947the Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives that the Soviet Union creates a higher cultural level of its population than the one that, in his opinion, there are around the world that the Soviet radio, ballet, opera, puppet theaters, and so on. d.have as its basis a higher cultural level than the one that requires the US public needs to however it would be wrong to see only the forced alienation, separation of the individual with the culture for the sake of "public use", ignoring preserved, sometimes deepening processes of communication and interaction.Duhovnomoralnaya degradation, cultivated by the ruling classes, does not fully reflect the artistic and the more social picture of the capitalist world, the ratio of the objective forces of history in it.Along with the orgy of ideological aggression and commerce developed and opposite trends rejection ugly creatures of modern imperialism, against them. But, rightly considered Randall Dzharella "original works of art are increasingly created outside of society and in opposition to it" A good example in this sense can Ralph Nelson movie watch online and serve as a Norwegian film "Camilla" actress and director Vibeke Lokkeberg,exposing the falsity of the ideals of the modern bourgeoisie.

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