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Pat on the head if he will make a movie worth? If arguing with the boss, swears, but the film will get a good, bosses with him still on good terms. When filming the episode where Nikulin with Mironov go fishing, Gaidai said to me:He kicks, resting, fish caught ... He is nice, and the music should be pleasant. This piece is beautifully filmed, poetically, slowly. I wrote the music on the average rate. And looking hudsovet. - Length, - they say - boring, this piece should be reduced by half! Yeah, my foot! Gaidai I then said:Maybe here and there, my bobble that was taken at a slow pace. Go ahead, write fast music! What does a "fast" if I wrote for three minutes and five seconds? .. I can not play faster! Then the accents do not match. There, for example, Mironov brandishing stone - I have an accent. Accent after all - not necessarily hit the drum.And I wrote a completely new music at a different pace, everything seems in a hurry ... I then tested it in public. I had in the tractor factory Dmitrov recital. Agreement with projectionists get twice gave the scene of fishing. Once without music - I played the piano fast option for the second time - included the slow music.And the audience warned you now look and see the difference in the perception of different music. And the audience applauded. Because they knew the secret. A month hudsovet in the same structure again download the film Ральф Нельсон and looked the same scene. And the same people unanimously said, is now well! Socrates - is another matter! They did not notice that no one cut down.Just music at a fast pace as it speeds up the time. Although the timing is the same! A Gaidai I winked conspiratorially: that our know! .. Naturally, I could not attend all Gaydaevskih shootings. I was working in parallel on other films. Sometimes in dvetri pictures a year. There was a very funny incident.Somehow I was doing three films at once. And then came one play director he sketches. He listens, listens ... And this - I say - when the hero at the end pogibaet.Kakoy hero dies? .. - He asked in surprise. It turns out I'm playing him music from another movie! .. And I have one day, two meetings have already download the film Ральф Нельсон and passed, the piano from morning to night, my download the film Ральф Нельсон and brain is messed up.Oh, sorry! - I say. - It does not seem out of your pictures! .. We laughed ... With Vitsin Nikulin and I had a great relationship, Jura and Jora I really liked. Vitsin was very witty, always joking, Nikulin - too. Watch the film Ральф Нельсон in excellent quality online. One day we went to the private beach is full of in Alushta, where they filmed "Prisoner of the Caucasus."Took out a pass-out there, of course, Morgunov it punchy. We download the film Ральф Нельсон and passed, but did not have a pass-out. A Morgunov came last. And it does not let tetkakontroler: You and so once a person has passed! Vitsin immediately nashelsya.Tetenka - he says - but he does not swim. We swim in it!download the film Ральф Нельсон and Removed ... "Prisoner of the Caucasus", an episode with a medical doctor, who tells the story of FMD. Everyone needs to do the injections. And Vitsin, Nikulin and Morgunov are three of us, and behind them on the court observed fifteen of the crew. While the trio is rehearsing a scene - all die laughing. Gaidai same - do not smile! Nikulin says:So ... This is Yuri, you're going to play in the circus ... Vitsin: This is when guests come to you, you show them Davayteka ... so ... you forgot what it was before this episode, in which you were able to? And he remembered everything! Trinity continually invents a lot of funny, but not like Gaidai: or in the wrong style, or too much, or the circus turns, variety, in general, not that.Finally, find a middle ground, and not allowing them to cool, remove.

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