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For the first time I did not have anyone Ralph Nelson movie watch online in excellent quality and copy, and I was well on stage. Only one thing was unpleasant: the audience complained about the play. "Oh, very hard!" they said. It turns out that this was for a reason, and that's how I knew her.In parallel with the "Samoupravtsami" preparing another play in which I was not involved, but at the rehearsals I sometimes present in their free time, and, when asked for my opinion, I expressed it.Good words do not come when in that no matter what you want them to say, and when you do not think about them when they become necessary. For example, I do not know how to philosophize, to create one aphorisms, alone with himself.But when you have to prove his point to another, then it becomes a philosophy I need for evidence, and aphorisms are themselves. It happened at this time. From the audience can see better than most stage, that is on its stage. Looking out of the room, I clearly saw the error of actors and began to explain to his comrades."Look, I said to one of them, you play whiner, all the time noesh, and, apparently, only that you care and that he, God forbid, do not you have not left a whiner. But what do worry about that when the author himself more than you need, this was already taken care of? As a result of all the time you dye your one color.But the black paint will only become the really black, when the contrast even commissioned koegde white. So you let a role chutchut white paint in different modulations and combinations with other shades of the rainbow. Will contrast, diversity and true. So when you play whiner, look where he is cheerful, cheerful.If after this you will again return to the whining, it will not be bored; on the contrary, it will work with a vengeance. A continuous, continuous nagging, like yours, just unbearable, like a toothache. When you play good, look where he is evil, and evil look where he is kind. "Having accidentally this aphorism, I felt that I myself became increasingly clear as General Imshina. I made the same mistake as my friend.I played the beast, but it can not erase from the role, there is nothing to worry about, this is taken care of the above measures by the author himself, and it remains for me to look where he is a kind, suffering, repentant, loving, gentle, selfless ... So, the new luggage cast my suitcase! When you play an evil, look where he is kind. When you play the old man, look where he is young;when you play a young, look where he is old, and so on. d. As I enjoyed the new discovery, the overall tone of the play "Samoupravtsy" relented, and complaints about its "gravity" is becoming less common. The entire second season of the Society of Art and Literature went through about the same artistic quests and technical tasks that first. Unfortunately, only Fedotov did not give us such fervor as he was dissatisfied with chemto, did not get along with Komisarjevsky and loses interest in the case. The specificity of "Bride"."Ruble" For the second year I beat several character roles, such as the role Paratov in Ostrovsky's "Bride" in the role of a lot of love words, high boots and overcoat, like Spanish cloak, all dangerous reefs for me. Preparing for a fight between my former operatic baritone techniques and newly acquired techniques.Again, I resorted to their aid, so. E. To exposure to hiding his feelings for the game face, to a variety of colors in the palette, in a word, everything that was found earlier.

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