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And so the movie to Italians that if kakoynibud suffer chronic disease, it is this: they could never learn to see themselves and be able to specifically tell about themselves.Italian filmmakers have perhaps more than any other artist, taken together - writers, artists, and all the rest - to initiate this important, decisive case of moral self-criticism, that the court of conscience, which is the only one who can help us, the Italians, to overcome the state of children's psychological immaturity in which weoften fall, losing a clear understanding of the challenges we face, refusing to know the reality, refusing to fight. That is why we have never found inspiration in the surrounding reality.I, for example, in his film "Witness" 2 made every effort to try to deprive any Roman landscape characteristics, for feeling that he did just overwhelming. It was my first film, and only now I realize that if experienced only timidity.Today, our cinema has begun to understand the value of what exists around with her weight and concrete - whatever inspiration and transient opinions.Rome for our film was a real Rome, with the streets, beautiful or ugly, with the sun and the rain, and we got to know him as well as many foreign films - London and Dublin, NyuYork or Paris, or even better.If today kakoynibud Italian director conceives cop movie, he does not remember the absurdity of the "yellow" tapes kakogonibud English or American specialist, and reflects on our police force that exists, arresting criminals, is its shape, has its own identity. He thinks about the Italian police film.And if he has to tell the story - do not be afraid of words - kakogonibud cuckold, it is nothing to resurrect the spirit kakihto old French farces.If he wants to approach the subject with a genuine moral responsibility, and the new Italian, then there must also remember, for example, about the movie "Children look at us," De Sica, and even better - about kakomnibud accountant, kakomnibud his familiar, pathetic and sad story of which we are all too well known.The protests, which we hear in this, perhaps, is coming from that same accountant who did not understand that we want to help him safely resolve most problems it faces - many of them, probably more important than the one we have given as examples.Of course, sometimes you can lay it on thick - sometimes we are too strongly accentuate the point of view from which we can not extract any positive findings, and it happens because of the aimless, false sense of satisfaction. But these costs can be forgiven.In fact, the first Italian art through cinema nakonetsto breaks that barrier academic conformism, which download the film Ральф Нельсон and separated him from the truth of life, and every effort is fraught with its own difficulties and mistakes.However, any tool that can help the Italian people to overcome this inferiority complex, even if a bit hit him on the nerves, I consider legitimate.However, the last neorealist films have shown that we are in this field of artistic expression are close to achieving a new, higher level of harmonization and husks, a rhetoric of the "true facts" hronikerskie lightweight and moisture gradually disappear or, more accurately, are processed.Today, the whole of Italy, from Apulia to Liguria - is boundless and tayaschee surprises field cinematic expression. All her life's deepest problems, painful and critically important, are the subject of humane attention of Italian directors.And all the traditional and beautiful forms of Italian life - both the urban and the most distant, even completely unknown areas - irresistibly attract the lenses of our cameras filming.

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