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When he download the film Ральф Нельсон and called the number and was told that he had received the "Golden Lion", he thought it was a hoax and was hidden in a corner of a hidden camera.But even after the information has been confirmed, China could not believe my ears: "The first reaction was" Why me? ", As if I was five thousandth visitor to the Tokyo Tower. This was a terrible shock ..."Coming to the stage for a reward, China tried to make a joke, but the joke is not all understood, because the victor was asked to say a word of thanks poangliyski, given the poor knowledge of the language and by China, and most of the Italian audience, it was strange to hope for success. And he said this:"We, the Japanese and the Italians, are re- united, as in the days of the Second World War, but now the film helps us to conquer the world!" Later China recognized that the ceremony was organized so bad that for the future he decided not to join the Italians nor the military, any other purpose. And he added that the jokes they do not understand all the same:"I wanted to say" Call me now Grand Master ", but was too afraid that, in response, download the film Ральф Нельсон and instead of laughing, I hear," We agree. '" However, even after receiving the prize, China does not want to part with the fate of the loser. He was sure that this - the secret of his creativity. After receiving the prize, he admitted in an interview:"I know that if even for a split second I think of myself as a rezhisserepobeditele, my next film will be a total disappointment. This is the biggest danger. Maybe I note received the prize and forget about it. And then, before you die, remember this as the best moment of my life.I can not enjoy winning if I want to continue to make good movies. " However, this did not prevent Kitano proudly awards recognize the social importance of Venice, "the really important prize in the fact that I like a director who thinks the absolute minority cult audience, punches its way through the mainstream.Those who come after me will be easier. That's what I mean by calling himself a cancer on the body of the Japanese film industry. I always call myself so, in response to questions of foreign journalists about who I am. And proud of it. " After the "Fireworks" nothing disturbed the equilibrium of the Grand Master.Neither the lack of prizes at Cannes, where "Kikudzhiro" was a favorite of the public, nor the lack of prizes in Venice for "Dolls" or honorary award for Best Director, which in the same Venice gave "Zatoichi." Kitano overcame last complex is this movie:he was grossing in Japan, forever buried former confidence fellow director in that he is unable to cater to the general public. Here's how Kitano download the film Ральф Нельсон and explained his love for the sport in an interview: "It's not that I thought was a beautiful sport, but when you practice it at some point if you forget yourself and become a part of non-existence.It was this moment I love the sport. Watch the film Ральф Нельсон online. " Irrational sports ecstasy, which is experiencing the director at the time of filming and editing, self-forgetfulness, covering an actor who merges with his character and gives the viewer the emotions, of which five minutes ago, did not even know - the most important properties of cinema Kitano. Unexpected blow that can knock a partner or the audience down, may come by the Spirit, and can be calculated in advance. Either way, the viewer the impression of it - to take at least at the beginning of the episode "Fireworks" when geroypolitseysky, which rolled to the feet of children's ball, throws it is not the players, but to the side.In numerous fight scenes in films Kitano plays a significant role of his boxing practice.

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