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In the darkness, a voice is heard cheyto: "It seems you like kissing Marilyn." And he said: "This is the same as kissing Hitler." When the lights came up, they saw that in front of Paula Strasberg tears. "Well, how can you, Tony?" - She asks indignantly."And you try to play a scene with her, - he snapped - and you'll understand." During filming, Monroe Payne read the book "Human Rights". And somehow Hal Poehler, junior assistant director, knocking in her dressing room: "We are waiting for you, Miss Monroe." She speaks with disarming simplicity: "Fuck you ..." What is it:foretaste of how the future generation of women will regard men claim their rights? At the same time, Billy Wilder would call it the most obnoxious woman in Hollywood, and note will state that assessment in an interview four years after the death of the actress.Favors, making it clear that even after years of memories of working with Marilyn is able to put it out of balance. But in the midst of filming the movie "Let's Make Love!" Monroe wrote in his diary: "What am I afraid? Why in such fear? I think that I can not play? I know that I can, and it is certainly scared me. I'm afraid, and I can not be afraid, you can not. "It is appropriate, I think, to quote here the words of a woman whose life was also crowned suicide: "The biography is considered complete, as soon as it summed up the six or seven of the human" I ". Meanwhile, at the person they are not less than a thousand. " It said Virginia Woolf. And in her words - all the vanity of the evidence, what has any of the biographers.She was born 30 am June 1, 1926. The birth was easy - the lightest of the three befallen her mother. As slaves around the world, she was born out of wedlock. When Marilyn got married for the first time - for James Daherti in the marriage certificate figured the name of Norma Jeane Baker. It is hardly appropriate to see in some of these discrepancies intent.Have not received formal education, she was extremely ignorant culturally hard to believe, but it was a revelation that the era of the Rococo came three hundred years later the Renaissance; She could have sworn that the retreat of Napoleon from Moscow crashed because of the fact that the winter cold paralyzed the railways.Not burdened by whatever was intellectual baggage, it is, however, readily absorbs all coming from the outside and in a normal state, when it is not excessive intoxicating dose of tranquilizers, showed remarkable openness to new experience.In other words, as if awakening from lethargy, she happily rushed towards the waves of psychedelic tide. So, talking to one interviewer, it is as a matter of course informed him that her maiden name was Baker. The next time, in response to a similar question to another interviewer, she says, "Mortenson."And because all this is nothing more than a cinematic self-advertising, no one would ever think to catch it on contradictions. For what reason? After all, who in the course of its real legal status?When her mother, Gladys Monroe Baker, was actually married to Edward Mortenson, this "lover for an hour," he irrevocably disappeared by the time when Marilyn was born; and according to some, Mortenson was killed in a motorcycle accident earlier - before Norma Jeane was conceived.On the other hand, there is no firm assurance that Gladys Monroe really was divorced from her first husband, Baker; it is possible that there has been a separation.

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