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Filmohranilische is a hundred paces down the path in the woods, on that same line, which separates the two zones. The driver warns us to go straight, even, will not turn off, and when you see the gate, just enter:If you walk past the gate, you can get to "the other" area - will be in trouble, and in general can and shoot. One day, walking on this path, I saw a beautiful white mushroom. I am a mushroom and legs download the film сандра балок and carried me away, but there was a download the film сандра балок and frightened cry my German assistant - Iris Guzner. I had to return.They say, hares, partridges and foxes have learned well the law intact border - around all of West download the film сандра балок and Berlin, wriggling band is populated by animals. Fans of hunting or gathering mushrooms something is not. After passing through the rock gate, you will find yourself in a country house, where the employees are young, blooming enviable health lady.Looking at these peaceful ladies, it's hard to believe that people in general can shoot, even more so - in each other. Afraid of these ladies only directors filmohranilischa, respected professor Volkmann.In this border archive we found the first speech of Goebbels' total war and the last of his speech about the same - the very speech that Goebbels called out shortly before the collapse of the Third Reich, a speech that people are not listening, for the first time in many years, began to think. The next day we found a similar piece - the last oath Volkssturm:people mechanically repeat words of the oath, and think about his, perhaps the fate of the country of their own destinies. Immediately close-ups of soldiers - and the very young and old, but equally shocked flow of new ideas for them.Maybe these important pieces so impressed because we randomly shown one after another series of closely related idea of ​​episodes. They seemed to say: hard for us, we first try to understand what happened.After a year or so German filmmakers persistently asked where we spotted these pieces, and to know that in Berlin, gasped and did not even believe.In addition to training thinking Germans, we found a number of distinct episodes, including - Hitler in a museum of sculpture and painting, giant monuments Torak and, in addition, many reproductions of Nazi art which always cause the hall laughter.At the same time, Lavrov made several personnel that we need a hidden camera, looked wonderful children - Berlin schoolchildren. They were going for half an hour or even an hour before the start of classes, download the film сандра балок and dabbled in, played, download the film сандра балок and chatted. Two girls holding hands, avoided all the trees. Lavrov download the film сандра балок and followed the girls as he could, until the end of the film.It was time to fly to Moscow. It's time to take stock of this article. Results, however, can be bulky. First of all, I can assure that the State Film Fund - is the best of the world's cultural filmohranilische, dedicated staff. But we need to be able to use the material of White Pillars.Need to find the key to it and not to use a master key, hastily miss the first layer. I've written about the archives of Poland and Germany, but nine-tenths of the picture - it's White Columns. White Pillars half years have given us all new and new material until the last day of work.And until the last day and then we are not yet seen, unusual, interesting. For example, we stumbled on a short film "The Fuhrer", with a "dumb, I part." We thought it was full of a long-known option, but the introductory sign alerted us: "I have removed our great FГјhrer from 1924.But bosses evreyskomarksistskie film companies did not take my shots.

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