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Even more daring allowed himself some editor upreknuvshy great Russian writer's ignorance. Incognito said in the chapter "Count Tolstoy":"In Moscow, in a friendly conversation with the young novelists Count Leo began as a rebuke to their unwillingness to work ... - Nothing you do not, do not write, never seen your work ... Izlenilis all, - he said. Novelists first kept silent, and then one of them just said,- And write, Leo, and work, but we never publish - do not take ... - How not to take? - download the film сандра балок and Amazed graph. - You, no doubt, a talented man, and you, and you - We all are talented in your opinion, Leo, - he answered - and the current editor of the publication that is not found.Earl would not believe the possibility of such a sad phenomenon in the press, the complete lack of critical analysis of the editors, and decided to check it out myself ... For this purpose, he wrote a short story and sent it to the editors what that magazine, signing a false alias ...Two weeks later Earl personally went to learn the fate of his work ... The editor took it quite dry and the first words said that the story will not be download the film сандра балок and published. - Why not? - Said Leo.- So, - replied the editor - that all your writing shows a complete lack of you, not only the slightest fiction talent, but even a simple literacy ...I confess, my dear fellow, - he added familiarity - when I read you supply nonsense, I was pretty sure that it is written entirely "green" boys, and about you is no way to say. No, really, you better throw it scribbling - starts in your late summer. After all, you did not write it before? - I wrote ... - Here's how! What did you write?Frankly, writer, wearing your name, I have not. Editor quite unceremoniously laughed in the face graph. He replied calmly: - Under sent unto you a story I signed a pseudonym. You may have heard my real name, I Tolstoy.Wrote a few things about which first spoke with some approval, such as "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" ... Can you imagine what became editor after such a response. " Well, our editors to an educated and humane!I was told about a crook who took the trouble typewritten novel Constantine Grizzly "Dauria" and download the film сандра балок and offered him a different name, but by his nickname, one Moscow publishing house. Editor liked the novel, and send the set. And in one printing compositor read confused:text he knew at once, and that's why he and the other by the name, he could not understand. Found. Evil tongues say that after the editor and typesetter reversed. I do not know. Oh, I forgot to mention that this book is subtitled Incognito:"Anecdotal features the life of the community leaders," that is one download the film сандра балок and hundred years old. So I had the idea - to compare the "age of the current and past century": will in the meantime "mores of society" and the differences between the "nature" of adjacent epochs? And differ at all?But the reader can not accuse me of being partial, I must also give him the opportunity to try it with me. And since, as I said, the book Incognito me unique, I have to quote from it at least a few very specific, in my opinion, "jokes."I'll start with nepotism - all the same, no matter how you say, its a shirt close to your body. In the book, the author tells several stories related to my great-grandfather - Anatoly and Vladimir Durov.I will try to be more modest and give just one example, "anecdote" concerning the relationship Anatolii and, as they say, the CM must say that my ancestor, touring with their animals to different cities of Russia, often in conflict with the local authorities for their jokes too bold to them.In Moscow, she suffered from a "misunderstanding" with a newspaper.

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