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This shows that the editor has a wide installation, since it removes all the moments of dialogue and even the silent reaction he needs. Editor should select angles of the camera, only to the image appears on the screen.If you later want to remove some political director of the dialogue, editor have the opportunity, because he has taken a lot of plans to choose from to put together the pieces, if necessary, where there are no words.In the case of D scenes, especially filled with psychological content, which is often in the dialogues, good real direction is always based on complex, diverse methods of installation. The classic method of shooting of the scene described in the case of T - is the easiest way, but not the most economical.It allows you to choose the director and editor of the different options and different versions of what they consider the most appropriate solution. If the scene has elements that must necessarily be visually download the film сандра балок and identified, the director takes them a few times to film editor, who can then paste it at the right time of the episode.This type of inserts - a simple reaction face, hand gestures, the movement of the machine, and so is often synonymous with language inserts language approximate plan. 139 The editor does not have to use them all, but the director still takes them just in case.Considering all the hurry and bustle, which happens when shooting a scene, you can not provide a guarantee of quality and provided in advance all inserts and Break. In other cases, insert used to correct inadvertent technical oversights - for example, if the film is spoiled for kakimto reason, or if someone accidentally enters the frame.Sometimes these mistakes are not immediately visible when shooting to developer and then it is impossible to repeat the scene. Insert included rather download the film сандра балок and spoiled the scene, sometimes saving episode. CASE E Sometimes, in the course of conversation, the characters mention something not present in the picture: building, car or another person.In this case, of course, if the subject is really important to show it separately closeup. Insert it displays Break. Overcall may be part of an overall plan to show the items raised in the dialogue. For example, two people talking while standing on a hill, and we will see the average plan.One mentions something beyond the frame on the right. We introduce thrashing, which shows the distance some piece structure. Then go back to the general plan of the two actors. A moment later, the second actor turns and points at something off-screen, on the left. We introduce overcall showing away bridge.Then we go back to the middle ground with the two actors when they finish the dialogue and turn to show the background. Thus, the episode successfully solved by direct and simple way. In the example shown overcall two different plots. But both overcall may be dedicated and one subject. Back to our example:two actors are on the hill, talking face to us. They look at the sky. The sky in the picture is missing. We give first overcall: large tree, which sits on a branch of an eagle. We go back to the general plan, and after a while bring new thrashing - he is the plan of the tree and the eagle.The same method is used for the filming of silent scenes, where the group says kakoeto event or watching her other group.

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