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Therefore, the main purpose of the creator of the film - to give a visible display of the flow of the inner life of a person with all that it brings - with dreams, visions, and so on. F., - without resorting to the help of a plot or other rational methods.Not that the surrealists do denied that the "outer cover things epidermis of reality the raw material of the movie "28, however, they unanimously agree that this ephemeral material gains significance only when he is subject to the disclosure of internal human motives and emotions until their roots in the depths of the subconscious.Salvador Dali happy - as would be film Sandra beams watch online in excellent quality and expect - provides artists the opportunity to "systematize confusion and thus film Sandra watch online beams and facilitate the final discrediting of the world of reality "And, of course, those movie buffstwenties which inspired psychoanalysis, were convinced that movies are designed to serve as an expression of the innermost mechanisms of the soul "30 and" penetrate into the depths of the subconscious, which ordered the perceived image with all their associative ideas "Consequently, the directors consider the reality of the surrealist directioncameras as a kind of warehouse of raw materials; they use the phenomena of the external world, only to movie download Sandra beams and represent the flow of the inner life of man. They are interested only in this reality. Doubtful symbolism.But when pictures of natural or mock objects must designate events of the inner life, around which all the surrealistic film, they certainly function as signs or symbols.But all the hard task of disclosing the meaning of these events rests only on the visuals of the film - only rarely supports it poetic text, which establishes a certain link between the personnel and those dreams or visions, which should be viewed through them.(Whenever stihi- accompany the film, such as labels with the text of the poem Dane in the movie "Starfish" - they do not fulfill their purpose in any of the two cases: either they share the fate of the visible music are transformed into unobtrusive accompaniment or preside over the image and then reduce it to a purely illustrative role.) Even if the visual images of the film is not always assume a symbolic meaning, the audience inevitably takes them only so. In the literature there are many such interpretations. About the film "Un Chien Andalou" Jacques Bryunius writes: "... in a scene in which a young man is ready to commit violence against the girl, all he drags ... at the end of the two ropes ...- Jams, melon, priests, grand pianos, stuffed donkey carrion - all this memorabilia signs of his childhood and upbringing, "As expected, the film" Blood of a Poet "served as a pretext for a particularly flowery statements in a similar spirit. John Morrison, for example, so deliriously decrypts the iconic movie code:"The mirror through which the poet escapes from prison - it's the truth, the mouth, come to life - illusion, a fictitious suicide - a false ideal, is not worth it to him to die, and so on" More writer than filmmaker Cocteau himself connived so lofty, far-reaching speculations.By his own admission, "the loneliness of the poet is so huge, it na250 as fully get used to the solubility.What the mouth of one of his creations live in his hand, like a wound, and the poet loves the mouth, he loves himself - in short, he wakes up in the morning with the mouth, to cleave to him, like a street girl, he tries to get rid of him, and he Can not keep his mouth on the face of the statue of the dead "Hans Richter, too, feels the need to explain his art;He writes that in one episode of "Dreams, which are purchased for the money" when the "Narcissus, sudden loss of self-love, sees itself in its true light, I followed rather the teachings of Jung than Freud," is no doubt that in cases where the content of the frame quite clearly shows the domestic situation, the expected in this location conception of the film,these authors did not need an explanation.

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