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We have previously analyzed the crystal elements, but not its state; Now each of these states, we can call the crystal since the Great theses Bergson about time appear in the following form, the past coexists with the present, as it was; the past is preserved in itself, as the past in general;every moment of time is split into the present and the past, passing 'Ricardou Jean, p Similarly, about creativity Browning Sabatier wrote: here we see the reflection, not duplicity. 2 The term "chip time" developed Felix Guattari, «L'mconsaent machinique». Ed. Recherches. present and continued past.Bergsonianstvo often comes down to the idea that the duration and subjective forms of our inner life. And of course, it was necessary to Bergson film Sandra beams watch online in excellent quality and put it that way, at least to begin with. But gradually he moved to the presentation of an entirely different:only subjectivity is time nehronologicheskoe time trap from its foundations - we are located within the same time, rather than vice versa. What we are situated within time looks like a common place; Nevertheless, this paradox of the highest order.Time is not within us, everything is just the opposite - and yet it's interiority, in which we exist and change and which are moving. Bergson is much closer to Kant than he thought: Kant defined the time as a form of interiority in the sense that we interiority time.In the works of romantic the first to say that interiority is not the time for us, and interiority time that splits itself lost and self-acquired, holds before us now and preserves the past, was Proust.In the film, there are three films showing our existence in time and movement in his flow, taking us with them, contributing at the same time the concentration of our personality and its extendable framework: a "Zvenigora" Dovzhenko, "Vertigo," Hitchcock and "I love you, I love ... "Rene.The film Renetusklaya hypersphere seems to be one of the most beautiful obrazovkristallov, whereas we see through the crystal personified time splashing time. Subjectivity is never ours - this time, ie. E. The soul or spirit, virtually. Actual always objectively, subjectively virtual:first time we felt affect and only then time itself, pure virtual, which is split, and causing an affect, and perceiving his own; timing - "affect, called a relative to itself." Imagine the ideal state, which is a perfect and finished crystal. Ophüls images resemble such crystals.Their faces - distorting mirror, as in the movie "The Earrings of Madame de ...".Mirror reflection is not limited to the actual image, but also form a prism or lens, which forked image incessantly pursues himself, trying to himself movie watch online Sandra beams and catch up as going to the circus track in the film "Lola Montez."On the treadmill, or inside the crystal, vanity captive per384 Gilles Deleuze KinoObrazvremya 385 sonazhi; they act and perceive the impact of a little) Recalling heroes Raymond Roussel, demonstrating his prowess being inside a diamond or a glass cage under the rainbow light. In the crystal, we can only rotate:hence the dance scenes, but also the color, waltzes, but also earrings; and besides krugovyevideniya entertainers in "Carousel." The perfection of the crystal does not leave anything to exist outside:such external, like a mirror or decor, no - there is only the reverse side, where it goes disappearing or dying characters, which leaves life again and again injected into the decor.

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