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"Finally, Germaine Dulac accuses those shackles cinematic action plot, "criminal error" "avant-gardists" were true to themselves and when they are download the film сандра балок and again ' pulled into the light, "the Duke of Guise Murder" is the first game tape, which is the prototype of all theatrical films ,-download the film сандра балок and showed it in their theaters to music parodiesThe limited effect of the recognition of the plot. However, despite all the attacks on their fellow fiction film, many directors are the "vanguard" of the plot did not give up - in part, for the simple reason that it insisted moviemakers, who saw in Scene bail movie box-office success.Thus, as part of commercial cinema experimented Abel Gance, Marcel L'Herbier and Jean Epstein. Of particular interest is the group of "avant-garde" of feature films, which includes, for example, "Fever" Dellgoka "Smiling Madame Bede" Zherment Dyulyak, "On the roads," Cavalcanti and "Menilmontant" Kirsanov.They are distinguished by one thing in common - the lack of far- fetched stories, typical ekranatogo period. Barely outlined the plot of these films were like episodes realV 1925 Claire never fully accept the idea of ​​"pure cinema", called for concessions to commercial cinema.He download the film сандра балок and proposed directors' kinoavangarda "," resorted to a kind of stealth, enter as much of the visual themes in the script, made of AEs overall taste. " See: D not Klep, Reflections on the cinema, "Art", 1958, page Also see Bryuniusa "experimental film in France" in coll. Ed. Manvell "Experiment in the movie" rr.89-90).237 tion of life. Thus, these zealous "avantgarde" download the film сандра балок and legalized occasionally as a story, apparently considering it a minor obstacle to the "pure cinema" in his presentation of it. However, these discourses in the area of ​​narrative cinema is enough to mention in passing.In this context, we are interested not so much they are, how many non-fiction films, the creation of which has download the film сандра балок and attracted most "avant-garde". Cinematic language. Determined to 'liberate cinema from threatening to crush his essence elements of theater and literature, artists twenties tried to build on the natural properties of the film.They sought to express what they wanted to say, the specific language of the film.This explains their fascination with such methods of cinematic technique and skill as the close-ups, panning motion, unusual camera angles, a short installation, slow or rapid movement, photographic distortion, blur, veil Not every material is equally download the film сандра балок and suited to implement these tools.Therefore, the "avant-garde" is embodied developed their language purely "cinematic themes that are unavailable expressive 'means traditional arts. The film "vanguard", as opposed to commercial, was not download the film сандра балок and confined to the vicissitudes of human relationships and the close-ups, they were full of inanimate objects;they showed preferably unfamiliar places and very small bit of material reality. Film camera and film techniques available to the director of the "vanguard", allowed him to get the best from the world of physical reality;like a creative photographer, he is not no fun discovering the material in natural forms and movements that seemed completely unrealistic. So there was a documentary slant "vanguard" - kinoocherki that reveal hidden aspects of nature.In his review of the film Abel Gance "Wheel" - sentimental drama, soppy which somewhat compensates for rare cinematic opening World Railroad - Rene Clair wrote: "If only Mr Hans locomotives had forced to say" yes "and" no "is not confer a mechanic thought of the ancient hero!

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