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Have some champagne b. Harvested, scaled down to poison. Judas. While there is a terrible operation voltage. And then, when it was all over, the decline and tears ...The essence of my theory that the actor playing the role, should not film Sandra beams watch online in excellent quality and repeat the form, and must every time to remember and feel _s_ u_t_ or b_ _s_ o_d_ e_r_ zh_a_ n_i_ e role, conscious of the problem. Every feeling itself to be caught.Looking for signs, gestures, words, shapes, to pass them. Looking for ways to infect. Feelings require for their expression of words, word voice, the voice added an illustration, t. E. A gesture. Brilliant sense of Pushkin demands of his words and verses. Form is the best, most convincing tool for the actor.Chaliapin I read Salieri 7 very cold, but very convincing. He somehow convinced me the beauty of Pushkin, cram them. That's what I felt. He knows how the beauty of Pushkin make a compelling device. Talent as Chaliapin, able to take him into the service of Pushkin and incompetent comes to Pushkin himself in the service.8 Geyrot create life of Mozart. Geyrot began to draw a Gothic cathedral and then went in dreams, like Mozart goes to the cathedral to the bishop. Then he began to imagine a sound body, and after that rushed to the original song and read the words, I thought that they lived longer.Thus, it is too soon became exhausting and wag words of the author, which should excite, enliven creativity, and not to be material for most creativity. So: 1) the material must be taken out of his life and of his affective memory; 2) must be made of this material to create a similar life;3) Then, knowing all life created by the face and protecting the text back to him, and then the text and its author become an actor pathogens creativity, inspire imagination, igniting a sense of animating the familiar and self-created life, the same author.Then, in each performance task will be the author of the theme, which the actor will start movie watch online Sandra beams and improvise. Suler memories of other That was in 1901. Behind the scenes of the theater talking about hard Suler: "Dear Suler!" "Merry Suler!" "Suler revolutionary, Tolstoyan, Dukhobor.""Suler writer, singer, artist." "Captain Suler, a fisherman, a tramp, an American!" "Today, someone said, walking down the hall apartments, lo and behold: on the trunk curled up asleep cute Suler. He called night, let him in, and he fell asleep." Yes Show me your Suler! I cried, intrigued by all these stories. Finally, during one of the performances, "Stockman" in my dressing room appeared _s_ a_m_ _S_ y_ l_e_ p nor I to him, nor he to me is not recommended. We immediately recognized each other, we were already familiar, though had never met. Suler sat on the sofa, tucked under her leg, and with great vehemence spoke about the play. Oh!He was able to Watch Online and look and see at the theater! And it is not easy, since one must have a keen eye of the soul. Suler was a good audience, a good critic, without bias.After the performance Suler escorted me to the cab and at the last minute suddenly jumped into the sled and went with me to the red gate, where I lived then. Then he went to drink a glass of tea and sat up late into the night. But he would not agree to stay the night and left kudato a frosty night.And he was dressed in a very thick sweatshirt, on top of it was very thick jacket, buttoned to the top. Coming out of the house into the air, he just wore a fur hat Grechnikov exported them from Canada.

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