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As I did not notice it before? Behind him stood the other. Pointing at me short barrel carbine, he froze with the hammer cocked, shooting me a look of cold unblinking eyes. I do not know what would have happened if my camera earned a second earlier ... So we faced each other with raised arms.I'm confused. Take Off? No! Leave? But how? .. Cold sweat trickle rolled down his forehead and cheeks. Without taking his eyes from the heavy eye hours, I dropped "Aimo". He stood petrified lump. Not a muscle in his dark face did not flinch. Turning slowly, I walked away ...Long, endless show me the way to the corner of the square, and just around the corner on the street, I sighed with relief. Fly carbine hour finally ceased drilling my head. What happened there? Why I did not give watch online and take off? Why did not I took a telephoto lens from a distance? These questions did not give me rest.I am well aware that not took something very interesting and irreplaceable ... In the evening I returned to this place, but the square was empty. Hours before the gates were not only blackened blood stains again reminded me of the eerie feeling experienced chime ...Once again I had to regret unexpunged shot in Moscow, when I was told that maybe it's Japanese ofitserysamurai in protest against the surrender made in front of the imperial guards of the sacred harakiri. ... Frame by frame, we have accumulated material for the future of the film "The defeat of Japan."The collapse of Japan's surrender was not only for the ruling elite of the country. We were able to film Sandra beams watch online in excellent quality and to get into the parliament building and remove the last meeting of the war cabinet of Japan. What we have seen is hardly meeting sane people.Parliament reminded the fray on the stock exchange at the time of the fall of the shares. The capitulation of Japan has remained in my memory the collapse of a major bank shareholders a few wars ... my comrades in September 1945 Peace will come, the earth warming, carrying artillery smoke ... All that we are now experiencing, we give away the memories ...Mikhail Svetlov recent killing of the victim, the war ended. It was a senseless victim - a victim of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Countersigned by representatives of the Allied Powers in the last World War II surrender.While we, the front-line cameramen filmed the war left traces in Tokyo and its surroundings, one of our group - Mikhail Prudnikov shot a still smoldering ruins and victims of Hiroshima. Fate had him mercy, and radiation passed it. A kaleidoscope of recent events, rooted in the past, still dizzy, and memories piled one on the other forever remain in the memory. Traces of burned scars on the earth and in the hearts of millions of people. Scars of Stalingrad, Hiroshima, which was not destined never overgrown. Never in the history of ... We're going home.Below us, the huge ruins of Tokyo, the sun shining on the side of eternal ice the sacred Mount Fuji. Unusual calm came over us. The house is far away - in front of Vladivostok to Moscow and a good nine thousand kilometers. There is a time to think, Watch Online and remember to understand both the past and the present. How to live? Where to begin?Now that the war is no longer particularly desirable, looking back at the passed, go back and summarize, comprehend living. Below us, on the map, it floats Siberia, peaceful and untouched by the war. We are flying over Siberia for many hours, and there is no end to it, and I thought again returned to Sevastopol, and I see him clean, bright, not destroyed.

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