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A specialty items - Ringtones, music literature, writing, reading scores, of course, I did not miss and worked as it should, even if something was boring.ARTIST of the word "evil" in the conservatory in the first year I was drawn to kakuyunibud adventure. Of course, in a good way. Like Ostap Bender. I painfully thought, where would quickly earn a lot. Not to be distracted to work all the time to pay tuition. Somehow download the film симфония любви and walked for Kalinin Avenue Almaty. This is the main street.He came up to the stand, which sells newspapers and postcards. The postcards - the sights of the city: the Opera House, the hotel "Kazakhstan" and the like. I suddenly download the film симфония любви and remembered that as a child my friend, the artist, painted watercolor cards. I bought some postcards and set to work at home.You take a cotton wool dipped in blue paint and spend the sky on a postcard. Then download the film симфония любви and cleaned with a clean cotton swab all too much, and the sky is blue. Green fleece smear grass and so on. Card turns into a color! .. I made some samples and went to manufacturers otkrytok.Vot - say - your postcards nobody buys!And I can make you a colorful and inexpensive! .. They download the film симфония любви and loved it. They gave me twelve thousand pieces. For coloring owed me for two or three pennies apiece. Work was hell! .. Although I used the line method. First - all paint the blue paint. Twelve thousand movements! Then - green. Twelve thousand movements! ..And so - for each color ... to engage in "painting" in his spare time, on Sunday. I was studying. So basically - by hours ... I helped marksizmaleninizma policy! .. Then he brought cards manufacturers, they said: Wonderful! - And gave me the money. I earned three hundred rubles!A scholarship was one hundred and eighty ... a month come back to them and say, I want to take your cards! My customers look at me somehow very neprivetlivo.Chto happened? - Surprised ya.A you go to the shop and see! .. I went, I ask: Where is your color postcards? I look - my masterpiece download the film симфония любви and again turned gray.They all faded in the sun! There also is the sun! .. Bender of me does not have. I had to retrain as musicians ... car passion in the conservatory I raved about the machine. We in the vocal department studied priestly daughter. So she came to the "victory." She was older than me, pretty, come out of the car - it's nice to see! ..Desire to have an affair with her did not arise, but the "Victory" I was very touched ... The first year I was just licking his lips, looking at the cars and motorcycles: denegto not. But then it is certainly accumulated and bought a used, cheap bike KMalenky such. Drove without a license. Then I was suddenly offered a trophy to mark the "Harley Davidson."Huge, beautiful, but the English model - carriage he had left. I bought it, and his K-125 sold. We sat on my old, to check it. It was morning, the first autumn frosts, light ledok on asphalt. A motorcycle - like a cow on ice, he once again - and on the side. Speed ​​are a small, sixty miles, but we were going downhill and can not stop. One quarter pass while lying on his side, the second ... But before the fall, I still had to tell him: you see, they say, what a nice bike you buy me, a beast! .. And then we see: donkey with a cart crossing the road ...Well, I think everything is in it Vrezh, ass will be hard times and we get!

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