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The first left me indifferent. I suspect that the viewer realizes that happens sooner than Julie Andrews, and even before she gets the key information. Here I agree with you.Since then, as Paul Newman says Julie Andrews: "Go back to New York, I'm going to Sweden," - the audience can not fully trust him, because his behavior is illogical. Nevertheless, all the vicissitudes of carefully download the film симфония любви and executed, because it is necessary to be honest with the audience, who will watch the film, perhaps more than once.The film has to withstand a double check. Of course, when she learns that her fiance booked a ticket to East Berlin and has time to think, "God, it's behind the Iron Curtain!" - The audience has already surpassed her. But I do not seem skolkonibud important, the main thing here - the reaction woman.Perhaps so, but that after that I can not agree with you. The woman begins to realize that her fiance - a spy, long after those who are sitting in the hall. It is, but it was important for me to start the story under the banner "misterioso", to avoid the ways that I've tried in the past to get away from what has become a cliche:hero goes on a quest. In short, do not want to repeat myself. Because it's just so begins the entire Bond: "007, go tudato, Collect toto." And I put this scene in the middle. I mean, the episode with the farmer before the assassination. The strongest scene - this, of course, murder Gromeka Farm;it is most captures the viewer. And because it comes without the music, it seems very plausible and particularly brutal. In preparing this long scene, I opyattaki most download the film симфония любви and concerned about is to avoid clichГ©s. In each film kogonibud necessarily kill, and it is always very fast.People cut or shot, and the killer never even linger to look at the victim and see if she's dead. And therefore, I decided it was time to show that the event is a difficult, painful, and very prolonged. The public understands that the death should be done quietly, because the farm is present taxi driver. Shoot, then it is impossible.According to my old rule of murder must be based on local conditions and the nature of the characters. Once we are on the farm and farmer commits murder in the course is household equipment: pot of soup, bread knife, a shovel, and finally - gas stove ... What you say about a scene in a factory?This episode takes place after the murder Gromeka at the factory, during one of the stops between East Berlin and Leipzig. In the dining room, Professor Armstrong says masters with fear, like two peas in a pod-like Gromeka. That's his brother.That is exactly what the U.S. posing as a guest Gromeka takes the knife, the same as it was in the previous episode killed his brother, and begins to cut the sausage. Armstrong can understand the feelings when the man addressed him with the words: "My brother loves this sort. Did you not pass him in Leipzig this sausage?"You cut it right away or after the shoot? After. She is very strong, it's true. The really good scene. I removed it only because of the fact that the film gets too long. Besides, I do not really like the way it was played by Paul Newman.He's, as you know, is on the "method", so it is impossible to depict on his face something neutral. Rather than simply look away Gromeka brother, the knife or the sausage, he download the film симфония любви and played on the "method", the passions, and so all the time turned away to the side.At first I had to fix that koekak installation, but eventually threw the whole episode.

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