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And that's okay. This is our life. - The issue is also more to the discussion. Do you think, Leo K., that contributes to a more creative personality - Greenhouse favorable conditions or hardships and trials?- In times of famine and devastation in our country created the greatest works of art. Born artists such as Petrov Vodkin. Yes mass is talent! A well-fed during some reason nothing is born. Although sometimes vice versa. Therefore, from the well-fed stomach, I think, nothing is independent.Tell me whether this wealth of variety art musician? Well, let's Duke Ellington? - Looking for the necessary conditions, even the most basic. Not wealth. - Of course. To him nothing to distract from the main, so that it can contain the orchestra, so he sounded kind of music he wants. After that Ellington was necessary?Maybe one day devour once. And his saxophonist Gonzalez had a drink a day can be a liter of alcohol. When Gonzalez, the most famous saxophonist, died, I do not think it was a palace. This musician during his life and never dreamed of palaces, because he did not need.I believe that the prosperity and creativity of satiety is not determined. As that one artist in the debate, said: "When we are doing a good sausage, then we will put good performances! "No, this is nonsense. A ton of good sausage a day you will not gnawed to put up a good show.If without the sausage can not put it, then you mediocrity. Of course, one should not be distracted from the business. Musician does not have to think how he earned his download the film симфония любви and bread and how it will be worn around the shops. The musician has to think about how to write great music, as it is great to play or sing. And dramatic artist.No need for him to prosper. He must not think that he eat tomorrow. This should not even think of any normal person. And us for many years kept in constant agitation: reduce tomorrow we make ends meet? Even now I sometimes think: but if you get sick, then I will buy drugs?- Is this a problem to this day for you there? - Of course, Toll! If I do every year two thousand and spend it on drugs, he should think about where to take the two thousand. But I can not lay my problems for the state, he did not ask for handouts, to declare himself disabled. I do not have any privileges.And even if they can be, and is, never in my life do not use them. What I will go and say, "Take me half the rent, because I'm a veteran of labor?" Yes, never will. Life does not happen even. There is no equality and brotherhood, is nonsense. Yes, some are rich.And they have a right to live, if they earn their money by honest labor. And let them build themselves large luxury home. But when the house is built on stolen money, you live in it is not very comfortable: the people will fear that come what some Bolsheviks. I remember I was scared one artist - drove him to the shooting, he saw his mansion, and said:"This is where so much money are you from? Here come the Bolsheviks! "So it is all green! And now, when I met him, I said, "Well, what? Prosecutor has still not arrived? Oh, yes! I have not had time to write it! "- Leo K., as then you have in the country, I read an interview with one of three of four years ago, where you said," they'll get my FIG Vanya to the army!I can not give them their Vanya! "I recently asked Vanya, whether he wants to join the army. He replied: "Yes, I really want and be sure to go." I say, "And the grandfather let you go?" He sighed, "I do not know.

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