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And all Mironov said: - Sasha, Sasha, do not look at me, do not look! And I have a whole month after that ached all: could not cough or laugh. After a long time we have with Andrei Mironov played in the play "Continuation of Don Juan." And so the curtain fell, and Andrew said to me: - Today is my birthday.Went to me. Arrived. And we remembered Maria Vladimirovna about the circus. - Aa! - She screamed and ran out of the room. Then he came back and said: - Levochka, how can such a recall? I do not even stomach cramp brought. It all started with a stupid joke.I went backstage and suddenly in my face opened the door of the rehearsal hall and out popped Stanislav Lyubshin, and behind him, with a broom in his hand, Oleg Dal. - Oh, you bastard! - Oleg shouted. - He does not remember! Here I'll vsyplyu, so you just remember! Scoundrel! Without thinking, I grabbed the broom from his hand and shouted: - Why are you yelling ?!What he Love Symphony movie watch online and remember ?! I tell you now so embedding that you yourself forget everything in the world! Understood, son of a bitch ?! And swung at him with a broom. Oleg rushed to flee from me, and I, still cursing him, trying to get his broom.We ran to the stage, made a circle and flew into the other door of the rehearsal room, continuing to play initiated study. The room started laughing. Finally, I ran out of gas, dropped the broom and warned Oleg: - Hedgehog once raised his voice - kill you! I went out. Behind me kept laughing and laughing loudest Efros. - Fools! What a fool!- Do not fools, Anatoly! - Said someone. - That's how you have to play, and we, as dystrophic ... A few days into my dressing room looked Efros. - Lyubshin leaves the theater - he said. - And I do not want to give up work. On, quickly read, and he'll understand. - And he put the manuscript on the table.It was a play by Edward Radzinsky "Continuation of Don Juan." Its content is briefly as follows. Otkudato from another dimension to the ground down Don Juan. He Ovid, he's Paris, he's Casanova, he's ... Such a generalized image of the great seducer of all time. And he's looking for his servant Leporello.Finally finds and assigns a phone interview - at night on a deserted area. But no longer Leporello Leporello, and Lepp Karlovic Rellot, business man, a photographer from the studio. A charge of this company, Ivan Ivanovich Commander, whose beautiful wife, Anna, Dona Anna.Don Giovanni and Leporello meet, and former servant pretends to not know this citizen, never knew and did not want to know. A Don Juan necessary memories, he wants to remember all his life. And at the same time to make and remember your servant.Leporello persists - he does not want to come back again "there". He perfectly mastered here on earth. He is a man of action, and it is good. Yes, he is a slave and then, but it's quite another thing! And then Don Juan slaps and slap reminds him that he is the servant and must obey their master and obey him.Leporello broken and starts Love Symphony movie watch online and remember all the love stories of Don Juan. But, strangely, the deceiver remembered only the eyes, hugs, secret meetings, passionate whisper.But does not remember, but rather not want to movie watch online Love Symphony and remember his sword blows, groans of the dying opponent mountain deceived fathers and husbands, blood. "I killed ?! Oh Really ?! I do not remember, I do not remember! "And Leporello understands that this is not the Don Juan.This is no longer the master, the requirements of which he obediently performed before which trembled with fear. It remains only the beginning of a romantic!

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