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In all the previous interpretation of the image of King did not hear and Fedor. For Smoktunovsky same moment so important that it made the cover of the record of the role of Theodore, "a strange creature, who is able to hear the phrase:" Note their names and write "."Important for an artist Fedor telepathic sensitivity, she sharpened sensibility attention when no gesture, no word download the film симфония любви and ignored and marked, injured. Fedor, on Smoktunovsky a hurry to leave, not because he was download the film симфония любви and tired, not because he does not like the noise and crowds.Ominous shadow heard the phrase makes him hurry to finish the scene, to get away from here. As recently he was ashamed Kleshnin, now it scary and painful for Boris. He turns to the brother in law of conscience, "My brother-in-law loves you. Boris, you tell them that you love them. " And in the instance of the role in refocusing the final phrases. Crossed out the words of Fyodor addressed to elected: "I have no time" - and wrote: "tell him." Fedor is true to himself, he gives him a chance. No coaxing, without shame, without a word, he confronts Boris ready to become an executioner, with the eyes of his future victims. Changed his mind, look at these people ... But happiness and faith left the king, peace is lost.Smoktunovsky marks: "So swiftly - puking." The phrase gives the rhythm of external action, gives the internal rhythm. But the physical and mental well-being: for the king the film симфония любви and Exhausted flares predictions, which is afraid to believe, exhausted sharp transitions opposite feelings, he uhoditbezhit, afraid to turn around and fear of what lies ahead. ACTION third generation of Tsar Fyodor Smoktunovsky this action gave the name of "telepathy." Fedor goes exhausted internal alarm, tormented his prophetic dreams:"WAITING FOR IVAN SHUYSKOG HIS DREAMS OF ANOTHER reason not associated with specific cases in life with a heck of a religious, superstitious: SOMETHING HAPPENS? What is it?! "Events rushed each other, begin to emerge from under control:" ALERT-foresight. "To the word" brother Dmitry, I have dreamed and wept 'comment: "Dream - download the film симфония любви and plain and simple what is it?PARTNER NOT I? Something you can not do. " And this creates a reluctance to be alert to Godunov. Smoktunovsky comments replica Fedor, he does not want to do business, because "not very well", gives an unexpected subtext: "I'm not sick! Film симфония любви. When you're with me, I should be well prepared. "Conversation with Godunov, as the struggle with the enemy, which must be in shape. He led a discussion with Godunov, just wondering what is going on internally. At the request of King Iver: "Lord, there has had, and is." And the word on the return of Demetrius, "oh my! OR THAT I ASK YOURSELF. "He did not want to quarrel with Godunov, but their collision with Shuisky resolutely took the side of the latter, showing the royal power to end a fight. The words, "No, brother-in-law, no, you did not perpetrate it!" Litter, "You're not here SOPROTIVLYAYS this story ended MEND WINE BORIS the prince."But when it begins to attack Prince Shumsky at Boris Fedor download the film симфония любви and again trying to keep the balance of the situation: "It's gone too since you, my friend, but pretty. No more. " Shumsky leaves.

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