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- download the film симфония любви and Asked Michael. - No, that I was dead, that he seduced me! He told me ... Jesus, when that's how it sets out, turns absurd ...Well, if you want me to describe what happened in a language that Wallace, yes, Dave fucked me in the ass. And I got better, is not it? And opyattaki it was Davy. Simon me not even close to fit. I have this Okhlamanov all week and did not exchange a two words. All Davy Of course, Davy.What the hell are you listening to that fat rascal? And what about Jane and sirens? Mary and Max exchanged glances full of horror. This they remembered of Clara, poor things. - As for the Lilac can not explain - I said. - I'm afraid, in this story, I only blame. - You are? - Michael frowned. - Yes, preglupeyshaya out thing.I called this evening Konovalov, Nigel Ogden. Asked him to confirm that the Siren really suffering from ragwort poisoning.He told her that her depression, bleeding from the mouth, aimless circling in place, the need for and then lean against the wall, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, terrible thirst - in short, everything - can not be explained by anything else. But I, you know, when I took a bath this evening, the inspiration. As Archimedes.I can, and not a veterinarian, but in the fact that I drunk, I will not say no. What if, I asked him what, if Lilac drunk? Cut into very real way? Hit the winds and download the film симфония любви and swelled to the very mane?He podumalpodumal and said that a drunken horse to this day have not met, but the symptoms of intoxication can be quite similar to those which he observed in Lilac. Drinking, according to him, is bad for horses is because it is very difficult to vomit. True, it does not explain the bleeding from the mouth. However, I have the answer to that.I will not tell you about the reasons, but in the early morning, the second day of my stay here, I threw it in the tub in the western park - where once grazed Lilac and her four- legged friends - a full bottle of malt whiskey decade of aging. - What did you do? - Patricia gasped.- Yes, I know, looks like a raving lunatic, but at the moment this act seemed right to me. We can discuss it later. The point is that by taking a bath, I suddenly download the film симфония любви and remembered that morning, and everything fell into place. Before dinner, I secretly ran back and download the film симфония любви and looked into the tub. The bottle broke, whiskey flowed.On the ruins still remain traces of blood. Lilac, with her impeccable taste, must have found an unexpected treasure, and the day before the afternoon vyhlebyvala, sucking and licking it. She had never download the film симфония любви and happened eat barley, disguised as pleasant.I think, and you will be pleased to hear that she used the whole bottle, but drunk enough to have fun with all the heart, and to meet with this brutal hangover. All simple. For a while things looked silently at me. Then Simon defeated laugh. - Drunk! - He chuckled. - So, Lilac drunk.You know, I've thought that ragwort has nothing to do with it. We searched all day Alec field, because there it is growing. He had to check out. Herbicide use to no avail, because of it, oddly enough, this plant is just beginning to feel the horses even more delicious. Drunk! Oliver brought his fist down on the table. - All right!- He shouted, his face was white with anger. - Maybe so. Maybe. But ... - Clara - a tragic tone interrupted Max. - How about Clara? Are you saying that the boy dared ... There ought to be careful. - I am glad to inform you that Davy was not trying to do with Clara that has done to Jane Oliver and sirens.He tried to feed her some medicine that has to do with his spirit ... - I thought it was close enough to the truth, to be acceptable, let alone how they understand the above - literally or metaphorically - it is their concern.

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