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Let's say your character rides in a carriage through the forest. Do you want to Watch Online and create a joyful and happy mood even action. Accordingly, you will be selected such forest sounds that will not cause zri163 telya gloomy association. These sounds can be Tweeting small birds.And they may consist of different bird voices. The noise of the forest can download movie Symphony of Love and wedded faint creaking carriage springs. Even the hooves must in this case be in the nature of light strikes horse feet on the ground.The scene with the same image can be built on the principle of sound and counterpoint Love Symphony movie watch online in excellent quality and create a dark, oppressive mood.Instead merry Tweeting birds gently rustling forests on the background, you can put the occasional owl uhayuschego, "sweet" song springs replaced by a dimensional, pinching, bad rattle with rhythmic repetition, as well as the record hooves thumping, ground-shaking. Here you have a totally different mood of the scene. Dramatic function noise ..Critical reader, who already knew the general provisions of the installation, that almost all the elements of screen works somehow "work" in the drama may object: why allocate a separate dramatic feature?At some level he is right, but there are examples in the history of cinema, when it became the cause of the noise source, the beginning of the birth of the new incentive conflicts and plot twists and action. One of them went into the classic screen art. Duvivier film "The Great Waltz". Young Strauss-drawn carriage rides in the Vienna woods.Beside him krasavitsapevitsa. The sun is shining. Singing and chirping birds. Rhythmically ticking rhythm of the hooves of horses. In time creaking springs. Composer overwhelmed. And around him, he heard the sound of new music, music, enchanting waltz "Taram, -taram ... Taram tom-tom ...".Because of the nature of polyphony was born Waltz 'Tales from the Vienna Woods ", which determined the fate of the composer and the whole course of development of the plot of the film. The noise in this case indirectly and directly become part of the DRA 'matic action, the dominant component of the content of the scene described.The mystic films and horror films repeatedly used different sounds that set and determined Postup ki all the characters of the work. Imagine that in your house every night at midnight for no apparent reason is heard 164 incomprehensible and disgusting gnashing of iron.A week later, you will start to go crazy and run away in horror from this apartment. The film is a symphony of love. Here you have the noise dramaturgical support the plot. The function of the state of the medium of expression Suppose that there was such a creative task: to express the silence of a giant cave.And silence, as you recall, is expressed in a distinct sound kakogolibo weak sound. The cave is no mosquitoes, no bees, grasshoppers or not. Cicadas do not crack, do not live frogs, and the clock is not ticking. What to do? Jobs documentary ...The director had a long time to listen to the silence to reveal even kakoynibud sound in sepulchral silence underground halls at a depth of 300 meters. And it is certainly a sound found. These were water droplets that drip with stalactites in a small puddle at intervals of three seconds. Nature itself has prompted a creative solution.It was filmed close-up pools with tiny splashes from hitting the surface of the drops and close-up of recorded sound. Listen and compare the studio revealed that no drops of imitation does not contain such a mysterious and fascinating echo as the original recording.And this discovery was the noise sound image of the cave, sound leitmotif of the movie "The Miracle of darkness", told the opening of the most ancient in the world of painting and the birth of writing.

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