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True, remember once, he musical people. But he sang, not always getting the beat. In general, it's kind and is not noticeable.Then under these songs kakieto download the film симфония любви and filmed scenes, and articulation was the same. When shown Sizov, Director of "Mosfilm", he said, voice Dahl replaced! Such a drunken voice goes through the whole movie! .. It is necessary to announce his kemto others. And the songs - as well. Or song removed altogether. But clean - sorry! So, we need to redo it.I called Valery Zolotukhin. I thought it he should be fine in texture, the whole thing. He suffered, suffered, could not get under the articulation Dahl! That will come sooner then later. All in a panic. Directors liked the song, filmed well ... then I called Oleg Anofrieva. He is a man neat, precise, maximum impact.He just lived near, a small apartment on the first floor, he's got a piano stood above him hung a microphone. We learned "There's only a moment", and Oleg as a sniper hit. Only in one place was basically impossible to get into. But something made with the frame, and all ended well.A Dahl - not only is the music sung accurately, he is also on the set of download the film симфония любви and articulated accurately into this track. Anofrieva so it was doubly difficult. For example, the music is gone, Oleg Anofriev hears: "There is ..." he begins, "There is ...", and Dahl in the frame still has not opened his mouth ... But Anofriev - sniper, great master, saved the film from disaster!And sang it great. He still performs it live. They say that somewhere there is a record of Dal, like someone rewrote it with the "Mosfilm". I have not heard. Now, "There's only a moment" and Nick Rastorguev sings, and Viktor Markin. But best of all for me, of course, I've heard it several times in the underpass, on the Arbat.Small orkestrik played, and someone was singing. My colleague Jack Krylatov, a great composer, he told me to get by: Well, Alex, I congratulate you! My songs are, of course, sing on the radio, but that's because the streets singing! .. In the people you have left the song to the people! .. He also heard "There's only a moment" on the street ... And this song could not be!Would have died in the communist operetta of 1977 ... After that operetta quarrel to the nines! They said, "What do you mean communism! .." I tried to make it contemporary musical, microphones set and download the film симфония любви and achieved sound ... It did not help. It came out as a parody of musicals.And the microphone is no one set, soloists bad heard, no this is not followed. Either no one had either download the film симфония любви and failed ... ALL EVEN OSHIBAYUTS ARKADY ININ I download the film симфония любви and worked with one producer, the name will not be called. Well, say, Bunny. He was once an operator, then began making films.The working title of his painting was "a fourth room." Sometimes, half a year in my head is spinning you the first option, and the new - and you do not remember, because it is not bright, uninteresting. Bunny says to me, Alexander, would you come to my house! I'll show you a CD with the music, which I would like to have.It was full of instrumental hit, fine Italian muzyka.Nu, exactly the same - I say - I can not do it. Because it will be again. Then you invite this composer ... Besides it's not really my style. But I'll try to do the same character. Okay, we work on. He gives me pyatdesyatshestdesyat musical numbers.For this film a lot. While his short number - twelve, fifteen, twenty seconds. For music, it's very little.

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