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Cemetery unit did ... I've come late to the concert, I open the door - screaming in the apartment ...It sits on an upturned chair, for some reason, all download the film симфония любви and smeared with black coal, eyes burning, spinning wildly in his hand a red tie ... This he depicts Chapaev. Phenomenal kid! Replicas of these here, combinations of phrases, dropped on the stairs or in the dressing room, was born soundtrack film "Perpetual Motion" - the daily life of the ensemble of Moses.In one scene of the film "The surgeon Wisniewski," the hero can not concentrate for a minute sitting, self- absorbed, his eyes half closed, finally explodes: "You see how it's hard, comrades! .. In my head a million things.Came a very large man, asked to label him a book on memory, but I can not because my head is occupied by another, and then the operation, you know ... "What has all these moments have peeped in the profession a singer, a dancer, a surgeon? Yes no. But they reveal on the screen of their human traits.Compartments of these "non-essential" characteristics, and you leave the heroes in the same two-dimensional space, depriving volume. However, no less important are the details, "stuff", authentic in its details and snagging the depiction of the man himself in his profession.The first shots "Circus Dancers Raisa Nemchinskaya" in this sense antitraditsionny. Mercilessly tightened plan: an arena artist installs equipment for the room, talking with Assist, and then yells at work under the dome. The screen is nothing special happens: ropes, harnesses, pulleys, ropes.But the authors hold the camera, as if they suggest: look, how many actions download the film симфония любви and within this "nichegonegovoryaschego" episode in his own rhythm, in its details. Tightness of the frame as if struggling with the desire eyes glide over the surface.The point, of course, not in the style of shooting and editing features that are typical of the film director and cinematographer Marina Goldovskaya. For attention to details, or to long plan costs a certain relation to the world, to people. This kind of reaction to the "peripheral vision", the habit of looking at life from the window of an express train. ...Talk with Jaan Taptsom, famous Estonian chempionomshtangistom, is a massage, his words are slow, difficult movement as thought. Interviewer and Karemyae rezhisseraoperatora Pyldre attract not records that occur in front of a large audience, and even painful process of training.They seek to bring to us the inner world of the hero, to attach us to the circle of his thought. Because it is not a physical overload, and of those download the film симфония любви and registered a record that man, moved the domestic debt, makes day-to-day, and with no one to applaud. About the victories that we gain of themselves.The picture makes us to measure what he saw with our own lives. Personal distance ... More frequently documentary seeking to establish it with "partners" - the people who know the hero ... Various certificates and judgments attached screen portrait depth and spaciousness.Thus, the character of Boris Kovalenko revealed to us in the thoughts and arguments of the former head of construction of the Volga hydropower plant, download the film симфония любви and distinguished excavator, a writer. Artur Rinne image arises from different assumptions, and sometimes contradictory. - What are you thinking, listening to songs Rinne? - I feel like I'm back to the thirty-five years ago ...- In his songs have something solid, solid.

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