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We felt that was the name the film has acquired a different form, and almost another meaning. His otherwise perceive.A year later, when the film was nominated for Hollywood "Oscar" and we are already working on another script, I knew four Mexican journalists have tracked down and appeared to have dinner at "El Paular." During lunch, they asked me questions, recorded, and, of course, asked - Don Luis, hope you get the "Oscar"?- Yes, I believe - I said it seriously. - I've already paid 25 thousand dollars, which I requested. Americans have many faults, but it is the word people. Mexicans believe. Four days later, Mexican newspapers reported that I bought the "Oscar" for 25 thousand dollars. In LosAndzhelese scandal, I had stopped telex.From Paris, very upset, Zilberman came and asked that it happened to me. I said it was a joke. Then all was quiet. Three weeks later, the film won the "Oscar", which allowed me to speak to everyone - Americans have a lot of flaws, but it is the word people."The Ghost of Freedom" This name is already present in one sentence, uttered in the movie "Milky Way", it is like a modest tribute to Charles Marksunapisavshemu at the beginning of the "Communist Manifesto" of the "specter of communism" which "is haunting Europe."Freedom, which is the first scene of the film looked political and social freedom, and then received another meaning - the freedom of the artist and creator as illusory as any other. This very ambitious film was difficult to write and put. It seemed to me somewhat aloof. Some scenes, of course, overshadow others.Still, this is one of those movies that I prefer.I think his idea is interesting, I like the love scene between aunt and nephew, I love the scene find lost girl who does not disappear, the scene with the two prefects of police, visiting a cemetery as a tribute to the distant memory of the cemetery of St. Martin, and the finale in zoo - with stubbornly glancing at the camera ostrich,which seem false eyelashes. Today, thinking of the "Milky Way", "The Discreet Charm of the bourgeoisie" and "Ghost of Freedom", made on the original script, I imagine a kind of trilogy, or rather, a medieval triptych. The same theme, the same phrases often found in all three films.They talk about the search for truth, from which it is necessary to run as soon as it is opened, the inexorable force of social routine. They talk about the need to find, about accidents, about morality, about the secrets that must be respected.I also want to add that the four Spaniards who shot at the beginning of the French painting - is Jose Luis Barros, Serge Silberman, Jose Bergamin as a priest, and I myself, hidden under a beard and cassock of a priest. Film Fantasy militants in 2013."That Obscure Object of Desire" After "Ghost of Freedom", filmed in 1974 gbdu, I thought it was at all to leave the cinema. It took the persistent entreaties of friends and, in particular Zilberman, so I went to work again. I went back to the old conception - the film adaptation of "The wives of the jester" Pierre Louis.I pulled it off in 1977 with the participation of Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet and Angela Molina, who played a role. Most of the audience clearly did not notice. Based on the expression of Pierre Louis' pale object of desire ", we called the film" That Obscure Object of Desire. "It seems to me that a script has been well designed, each scene had a beginning, development and end.

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