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Contrary to the advice of his friend, the girl decides to sincerely tell all in SkotlandYarde. There it was sent in time for her friend, who takes her home. Of course, I prefer a different ending.After a chase and death blackmailer girl were arrested, and the young man had done to her all that in the beginning of the film with an unknown perpetrator - handcuffs, registration and so on. D. Then he met with his senior colleague in the toilet, to the question: "You met today with his girlfriend?" I would answer: "No, today I'm straight home."That film ended and would be. But the producers felt such a finale is too bleak. The Cinematheque kept two versions of "blackmail" - and mute the sound. The fact that, after careful consideration the producers decided that the film should be totally silent except for the last part. It was then called "partially sound film."But because I was not sure that the producers did not perereshat at the last minute in favor of the entire sound of the film, I proceed as follows. When the picture was shot, I made objections to "partially Sound" version, and I was given the opportunity to dosnyat some scenes.We had a busy German actress Anny Ondra, which, of course, does not speak poangliyski. We then did not own techniques of dubbing. I came out of the situation by inviting the British actress Joan Barry, who says the text, standing to the side, into the microphone to record, and Miss Ondra silently articulated.You're probably looking for audio solutions that are the visual findings, which have put in the work on the "tenants"? I tried, of course. After she kills the artist, the next scene breakfast at her house. A neighbor tells about the murder. She says: "What a barbaric way - to kill a man with a knife in the back.I'd rather be cracked his head with a brick. "The conversation continues, it becomes illegible - she stops to listen. Just one word reaches her mind:" Knife, "which is repeated quieter and quieter. And suddenly before it is heard clear and loud voice of his father:" Alice, tell me the knife, please. "And Alice picks up a knife similar to the one that she struck the artist, and around it is the former razovor. In the film, a lot of tricks of filming. For example, an episode of the chase in the British Museum. The lighting in the museum was meager, and we used the combined survey method Shyuftana.At an angle of 45 ° from the mirror that reflects the museum's interior pictures taken in different rooms, and pasted them on the translucent screen is backlit. In certain areas, where it was necessary to make domaketku we scraped amalgam with mirrors.Producers who had no idea about the method Shyuftana and could expose kakienibud objections in this case I did not spend. download movie fantasy militants in 2013. One of the episodes later repeated many times in the movies American directors.I am referring to the scene where the artist entices the girl to his home, to possess it, that ends with his death. You're right. I used it a funny thing, it was a kind of farewell to silent cinema. In the silent screen villains used to be depicted with a mustache.Mine was clean-shaven, but the brass candlestick cast a shadow on his upper lip that clearly differed arrow intimidating mustache! Then, in 1930, you are asked to orchestrate odindva first episode of the British musical - "The Call of Elstree." It is not the slightest interest.Well then, let's turn to the "Juno and the Peacock" on the play by Sean O'Casey.

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