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It will be 10-11 of this month. Thank you very much for sending the book. In favor of the theatrical fund want Watch Online and arrange a concert. Then let Watch Online and read verses from your latest book.And maybe you will take part in this evening ?! We are waiting for you with great impatience. Yours truly Sun. Meyerhold regards to your wife. You bow: Olga, Catherine M., Pronin, Rakitin, Kobetsky, Zonov. Letter to MEYERHOLD I January 31, 1906 ... NizhniyNovgorod Actors share your calendar for the season.And as landowners count their resources in sowing and reaping, and the actors weigh their well-being in season. This year I lost season, because I do not play. It would seem so. But it only seems so, looking from the outside.When I got into the car to download movie fantasy militants in 2013 and start the new season, involuntarily looked back and realized how much gave me last season. This year, my soul was born something new that will dissolve the branch will bear fruit, they are ripe, and my life is to flourish luxuriantly, fine.Someone recently said that life is building artist - curve, where 25 years at the top, 30 years and below 35 years at the top again. And this year is for me one of the steps up, I think. May - work in prototyping. Next to the artists who helped conscious of the unconscious and the soul conceives a new world.Summer theater opens Maeterlinck, and on stage for the first time embodied primitive. Fall Studios - my salvation, because it was not that, not that. Now just see how well that the studio had fallen. Then Moscow revolution. I am often in awe, but not from fear, but from surging to comprehend the truth. I was drawn to the street to watch, when all the people were hiding.No danger attracted as nerve leads people to rush to the bells and the train. Attracted a desire to see the world transfigured. And I still remember the area, which is lit by a lantern in one corner it just seemed inclined. The dark side of the area was shaken down, and the edges of her disappeared in the dark distance, where whitened lonely belfry.Attracted a desire to cross from the corner to corner and see how well run across yet kakieto dark figures on a background of the dark figures are not illuminated lanterns white snow, now giving abundant light.Attracted desire film fantasy gunman 2013 watch online in excellent quality and listen as they ran from the corner at an angle of figure whispered to each other, which is not dangerous to go. Attracted a desire to freeze when a bullet whistling dry, sick, cold and hot at the same time.In my mind the terrible week left something such that will give strength to feel then, someday. The soul of the artist is building shook so! So much afraid, and no one noticed, no one knows. Then Petersburg. After all that I lived there, my soul as a vessel full of life-giving water.Now I'm choking on completeness. Moisture splashing over the edge. I'm afraid to lose her, but I see that the body is in a hurry to absorb it into himself. And if all will be absorbed, as it will be great. ... Here frosty and sunny. Penza and remembered my school years. Why, I do not know. Perhaps because, having gone through so much, I feel young, it is certainly a young ...II February 24, 1906 Tiflis ... There is no satisfaction. I am inspired by the rehearsals, I say, show a lot of interesting nuances, and no one sees, all careless, stupid, and even just in bad faith. And most importantly - to work in the province, I have to belittle your taste.

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