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Only this fact expresses vitality studio, which may not even have his office - all leased or under construction at the time of the project.And after all the shooting - up to the magnificent, sometimes almost real palaces - just building stuff, to be immediately destroyed, as every day of its existence pulls a whopping cost of renting land, fire protection and other environmental safety.Film group consists of a producer, writer, director, cameraman, sound engineer, artist, technical services. Rezhisserpostanovschik is solely responsible for adequate embodiment of design, expressed in screenplays. Not only that, the plot is download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and expressed in words, should be significantly enriched in the finished film.The script, however talented he may be written, in fact only a "half- finished" cinematographic works, and that he was "alive", you need to invest a lot of work large film crew team. In the early stage of the film director is involved in the formation of a screenplay, working closely with the screenwriter, sometimes speaking in formal co-authorship.Quite often in the role of the screenwriter, the director serves, and then we are talking about the so- called "author's cinema." Auteur cinema often stands out cinematographic special degree of confidence and originality. Screenwriter, as a special kinoprofessiya, is always in the Istok the film.There is a commonly held position that the bad scenario can not be a good film.Scriptwriter often not formally involved in the shooting or editing movies, but he is always on the alert to kakimlibo way was distorted concept of the film, and at his side is always the copyright - legal standards for the protection guaranteed by the state. Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, Yuri Arabs, Tonino Guerra.The process consists of a film of the preparatory period, shooting and installation periods. In the preparatory period rezhisserpostanovschik forms film group, selects artists for the role, find a place of individual scenes: Hall, natural interior, nature and together with artist film creates an environment for action on the screen.The artist carefully and by scenario pavilions or to arrange a way necessary to build on, sometimes cyclopean, completion.An artist should develop an internal pictorial style of the film, think of the color and lighting of the film and some scenes, and his concept of creating and erecting of completion, he and the cameraman has to think about the convenience for filming on the possibilities of complex movements cameras, a fairly good light removedscenes, the convenience and safety of the actors and extras, about fire safety etc.Artist film together with the costume must think the concept of costumes for the performers, and then ensure that all up was done, but as carefully as if it were not filming, and real life, despite the fact that the film may be involved hundreds of thousands of artists and members of the extras.They each have a suit made for a specific size, well kept and the best performers quickly and completely in all their "little things" in a matter of minutes or hours before taking the correct frame. Director of photography - the most important figure cinema.Our plans written, all download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and created by the director, actors, artists, and more mnogimimnogimi people can turn into nothing, and even worse - into something opposite of what was intended, in the hands of incompetent operator.His duties are very complex, as it requires the highest artistic culture, technical expertise, creativity, physical endurance, mental balance, combined with sparkling enthusiasm.The cameraman is in the preparatory period prepares his "weapon" and a platoon of like-download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and minded people will understand it even before the word, and it is shown in the shooting - many months of life on the set outside the scope of any other interests.

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