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We have already mentioned that when meeting with a new means of expression Grierson saw in it an instrument of democratic propaganda rather than an artistic phenomenon. "For a long time I was interested in the matter of propaganda, and that as a propagandist and I engaged in a movie - admits Grierson.- I remember that when I went to the last war, in my head I sat very simple idea: we must kakimlibo way to make the world interesting, if you want to avoid a new war. Since then, in its propaganda, I started with this simple thought: Watch Online and to make the world interesting. "Over time, the struggle for a whole movie for sure made even more Grierson download movie fantasy militants in 2013 and to sharpen the social trends of his work.His thoughts about the relationship between cinema and society, the role of educational documentary films designed to serve the community on a par with the post and railways, and with it - the bitterness of a man who sees the gulf between their aspirations and the reality of things - here are the reasons sharpness, which gradually It becomes the main feature of creativityGrierson. "At the present time, and in an environment in which we live - I wrote in this regard, Grierson - especially the need to protect the aesthetics. We can download movie fantasy militants in 2013 and use it to penetrate into the inner world of the artist, no matter what means of expression it is used, for aesthetics is consistent with this objective.But for all ostalnogo- is an old, dear to our hearts and seductive enemy that we have time to be Watch Online and learn to perfection.The development of documentary films from the beginning, from the moment when we put forward our theory of social utility, moving from theory Flaherty - was anti-aesthetic movement. We all have donated their artistic abilities, giving up ambition, they gave rise to. "Anyway, Grierson would not mind to use the "aesthetes": cooperation with world-class artists such as Cavalcanti and Flaherty, allows its followers to master the 'secrets of the art. "As we meet in a chronological order with the works Grierson, we are becoming increasingly clear that the approach to the documentary film, which originated in the English school.We see that this approach does not specifically cinematic, we see that the solution of problems that put Grierson and his school, by means of cinema involves a number of adverse factors. Their views on the documentary film originated as a result of shortcomings in the existing information system.They sought to dispel the notion that, in these and other statements Grierson borrowed from Italy. Film Fantasy militants in 2013. ed .: «Grirson on Documentary». 12 Since citizens are not able to know everything about everything and at any time, the democratic life in the current environment is virtually impossible.This makes clear the role of documentary film that puts the task to inform the viewer, if not "everything that in any case the most important thing that drew him to the true face of our time, the nature of the modern world, to explain to the audience the practical interests of citizens.At the same time it seeks to militants in 2013 fantasy movie watch online and achieve comprehensive, maximal completeness of the information as possible Watch Online and to expand the horizons of knowledge of the viewer."Since all social problems involve the relationship between the people and forces that influence it - says Grierson, - will inevitably have militants in 2013 fantasy movie watch online in excellent quality, and there are certain "dramatic scheme" that underlie social relations.

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