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- Anatoly exploded. - We have already put it in a children's theater! Direktorprovokator ran again to call: - Do you know this Efros hates all Soviet literature! We must take action! And measures taken quickly: "Release of malformation of the repertoire."As if provocateurs more versed in the repertoire than professional theater workers. Then we, the students of Efros and his students, wrote a collective letter in defense of the director and steel film fantasy gunman 2013 watch online and ride in Moscow - to collect signatures of famous people in the country.I was at Zavadsky, Lyubimov, Academician Flerov, Ulanova. Nobody refused to support. An interesting meeting was held with great physicist Academician Kapitza. At first he gave to read our paper to his wife and asked her film fantasy gunman 2013 watch online in excellent quality and express their opinions.She read the letter and saw the signature and picked it up: - Come, Peter ... Peter, you have to ... Peter, you have ... And Petr Leonidovich did not wait. I was with someone else from the artists, and we were fascinated by this great man. What we are most impressed? The complete absence of notorious academic.This direct, inquisitive, cheerful man initially did not fit in my book idea about the world-famous scientist. I can not even Watch Online and said that he talked to us on an equal footing. Rather, as students and professors, as the conversation was not about his case, and our - the theater.And he was not shy in front of us their incompetence in this matter, with interest asked, surprised, laughed, ruffling his unruly hair. And then, remembering his youth, and excitedly talked about the fun of funny and curious cases. I think now, it was the really happy man.And not just because I could do a lot in science, has achieved worldwide recognition. And because it has managed not Watch Online and to lose all good, natural, given to him by nature. You should have seen his delight when his eyes fell upon signature Zavadsky. - Fights Yuri! - He exclaimed with childlike.- And Jackdaw too! - He meant Ulanova. - Then it is necessary and I download movie fantasy militants in 2013 and sign. For him, all were Petit, Vani, Jackdaws ... Alas, our efforts have not been successful. We, collecting signatures, summoned a great time party activist Sizov.Asked film fantasy gunman 2013 watch online in excellent quality and explain. He had a way to apply to all "you". - Guys, - he said, after listening to us - all gone too far. Here you are all busy people on the ride.In Kapitza took half an hour, and during that time he would have invented anything should. Stop being naive. - And why is it that we, - interested - a full house KGB man? And cars kagebeshnye. I have heard in a car listening audience. - Well, - he says - information reached us that you are going to go to the demonstration.- Nicholas Trofimich - trying to argue - well, what are you! We know with whom we are dealing. You tanks and missiles, and we have only a pipette. - Cut it out, guys, - concluded the conversation Sizov. - I'm on your side, but is powerless to do chtolibo. It was a terrible, unfair share. Who needed it, still can not understand.And yet, true talent is always annoying the powers that be. Efros offered to go to the theater on the armor and take with you ten artists. I, of course, went with him. He said: "put a good show and be the chief director." Efros put wonderful performance, spektakllegendu "Three Sisters".His great decorations for the wonderful artists Alla and Victor Chernov Durgin.

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