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While he advocated "quality cinema", Marcus Loew gradually bought up the theater and became a significant force in the field of entertainment. Zukor invited him to set up a joint company - "United Loev enterprise." But there was one condition Zukor."I said that the capital can offer, but will not take an active part in the leadership, because it is not that I needed. I was interested in the movie" - recalled Zukor. Loew agreed, and in 1910, Zukor, giving it the case, left the entertainment industry, and plunged into a three-year izucheniekino and its potential.Among those who doubted the prospects of the movie, was himself Loew. But Zukor they share a common desire - to go from viewers of the work environment to the audience, representing the middle class. Zukor to concentrate on how to improve the films themselves.Loew also gave all his strength improving cinemas, and soon he was rebuilding old facilities and re-opened them "affordable" as a combination of screens and "vaudeville".The first such facilities, which arose in 1908, was called "Royal", and to illustrate the ambition Loev, suffice to say that on the opening day there appeared the famous Italian tragedian Antonio Moro, perform a scene from Shakespeare.Loew joined in a single session and a live performance of films, the tickets were cheap, so attracting the middle class, he was not scared of the workers and spectators. When a few years later, Loew reorganized his company, its capital was estimated at five million dollars. Loew is now engaged not so much a movie rental as "vaudeville".Lemmlestarshy Carl and his son Carl Lemmlemladshy Meanwhile Zukor, who lived safely on dividends Loev, continued to study kinodela. "I've traveled all over Europe, all over the United States, see the reaction of the audience to analyze each picture which, in my opinion, could interest them." But Zukor not only watched.He also promoted the film. In 1910, he even went to Wiesbaden, where the vacationing Karl Laemmli, Distributors and producer, to persuade him download movie fantasy militants in 2013 and start producing feature films. Laemmli refused.But about a year later in New York Laemmli introduced Zukor Edwin Porter, the mechanics, who became director, the author of "The Great Train Robbery." He mentioned the French film "Queen Elizabeth" with Sarah Bernhardt in the title role. Zukor bought the rights to the picture for thirty-five thousand dollars. Zukor price did not matter.For him, "Queen Elizabeth" was a dream come true. Shortly before Zukor dawned that the formula for the promotion of cinema in the environment more prepared audience should look like this: "The famous performers in the famous play". These words he scribbled on the back of an envelope kakogoto. According to his plan, the movie was to be canned theater, he believed that the entertainment upper and middle classes can promote attracting new audiences. "Queen Elizabeth" was the touchstone. His new company Zukor called "Famous Artists".Zukor realized that now with Sarah Bernhardt, he can make a prestigious and cinema, and his own name. To do this, he intended to emphasize the film's theatrical roots, and present it as transferred to the screen theatrical production.He will do a demonstration of the "Queen Elizabeth" event a few years ago to make the event show in odnochastevok "Kristallholle." For the premiere Zukor rented theater "Lyceum" and using as bait Sarah Bernhardt, invited many theatrical celebrities.

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