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There was applause. Hall delighted screams: "A a a a aВ».The child was very lively, jumped out of his nest, he rushed to the heroine, pulled off her crown, pulled down on his head and began to drag her magic blanket over himself. The carriage went to the self- propelled artist and pushed her off the stage. "Give me a blanket" - she calls baby. But it's too late.She, like Cinderella, is already out of the scene, in the dusty corners of the wings, in an old, inconspicuous dress. Nobody sees. It no one applauded. Its all forgotten. And they see on the stage of the child in the crown, with slung over his shoulder magic blanket, who laughs loudly. She silently screaming, "He has taken away from me! Power, strength, glory!I was not going to love, because now I'm not home, and it is! ". "He will take my place - she thought, waking up in tears - and we must do everything to prevent this from happening!" Immediately the phone rang. At catcher and the beast running. On the other side of the wire talkative friend brought the tail news:"Oh, the summer was in the south, in Gagra, this is such a story, the only" but "- pebbles download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and instead of sand, iznyli all the soles of the feet. By the way, I saw every day at the beach ... your Tanya Andryushin ... very nice girl with a good figure, all the while laughing, walking around Yulian Semyonov. "At Maria Vladimirovna instantly flicked a switch in my head, and she stared intently into the unknown distance. After processing the information in your brain lab, she sighed with satisfaction. The next day an unsuspecting Andrew opened the door with a brass plaque on Petrovka, Mom left the kitchen again in a robe with a meat grinder in hand.Chopper was so tense and aggressive impregnated his mistress, that it seemed now open bursts. - Mom, what happened? - Andrew download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and asked fearfully. - I always knew you were a bastard, but that to the extent a fool, do not guess! With whom? - She screamed. - What is the matter, Mom? - The fact that this child is not you!And from Juliana Semenova! - She blurted out. - All Moscow knows except you! Do you want to become a laughing stock? - It's true! - Idiot! This is exactly true! Who in the south refuses to romance, and even with Semenov! With whom are you an idiot? Andrew had nightmares at night. He rolled three times the bed under the table and came completely broken for the rehearsal.After the rehearsal, he rushed me to the Arbat with haggard face, his hands were shaking: - You must immediately, before it is too late to have an abortion! - What? - I'll repeat - he shouted as insane - you should immediately make ... - Enough! - I cut him off. - Tomorrow should do! - He continued. - Otherwise it will be terrible.- Do not scare me, please, what do you like the download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and chain broke? - You're in Gagra Semenov, and the baby is not mine ... - barely uttered it. - You're delusional, without regaining consciousness. I told you all! I wrote to you, I wanted you to come. Yes we are a single minute there are not alone, but when swimming in the sea.And just the fact that I liked him and he liked me, I could not get pregnant. I love you alone. And you know it. And you know me and know that I can not pretend. Do you really think that I was capable of such treachery and baseness? - No! All Moscow talks about it! - Nonsense! Not all of Moscow, and a few gossips. - No!You should do it! - And he is painfully squeezed my hand.

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