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He still puffed up in the scene scandal, but is lighter in the scene with H. H. Kachalova, although still not diverse.The author was not, and in spite of his left neunesennym samovar, and Kaluga will hide behind him. Next were the scene of the second act Artem. He found something, or rather, back one-tenth of a tone that found at the rehearsal, which was conducted on my advice in the tone of Hamlet. Yes ... Moose in the scene scandal download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and showed temperament.Small, but it is certainly a little more. Katchalov has unfolded, and things get better. Came the thought: the phonograph record choir working Volga "Hey Dubinushka" with typical crowd shouts "uh, uh, uh." This will give breadth Volga landscape, will air. --- Evening watching Duncan This should be written. Fascinated by her pure art and taste.Following the presentation spoke at length with my artist Marusia and came to this conclusion. Why art in all branches back to the naturalness and simplicity, avoiding the convention? Due to the emerging culture of the spirit in humanity. Than cultured human soul, so it is cleaner, more natural, simpler, closer to God and nature.Conditionality is a manifestation of barbarism, spoiled taste or mental deformity. The play "Ivan Mironych" Sleepless Night. On the morning of oppression. Frequent repetition as from nervousness and nervous distraction suddenly forget the phrase, looking for it in the sense, but the most important word that characterizes the phrase download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and disappeared.My heart sank at the thought, if the same again on the show. Often appears dark mass, breathing, coughing, indifferent and hostile. These horrible person first series, indifferent, cold, just exams. It seems that the whole audience is and what she's laughing. You feel like a clown.Then remember their role and how to conduct, try to put yourself in the position of the viewer. Then all sounds interesting. Worry as a director, as an actor and as an entrepreneur. Worried about the scenery, the sounds, the locations are not included in the track of the ensemble.You know that with today's nervousness can not play well, to surrender to the role, you know what a terrible wrenching and soul of the actor on the mood of the first performance is sure to cover you. Afraid of being timid and dream that it will pass. Hypnotize yourself to indifference to the public. That you believe in success, doubt.Clock is running, then stop. Mecheshsya. Having been in the theater, there chemnibud angry and distract from intrusive thoughts. Unexpected results of the performance: "Who is he?" everybody liked him. Besides Katchalov. He spoke on the play, so low that it could not be heard and the audience included noise, both at home and cruel delicacy.Can not be played by an actor. Ladies show their toilets and rustle. Merzavki I hated them! Capture to play nothing. The audience settles down to the middle of the act. Challenges are good. Success. Gennert86 speaks deeply. Zinaida Morozova 87 breaks down and tries to seem smart, denying everything. Bored says: "Why did the author wrote this?He did not say anything new. "Her companion gently begin to play up between me and Zinaida. I quarreled. Advised never ask why the author wrote. Not follow terrible Russian habit to criticize everything and play blasI blase {.}, It is not interesting and went. This philistinism! cursing.'s office, Vladimir Ivanovich a conversation.Ugine praises "Who is he?" and the first act of "Ivan Mironych." "This is a play!" However, the Greeks Lyuboshits listens as he does not understand Chirikov and his wife worried.

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