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Student. I am partisan, sent on a mission to the occupied zone. Teacher. Think about the topic in detail and given circumstances and begin to act.And then a student at the end of the sketch, the teacher asks permission to do another exercise for the same rhythms. Student. My circumstances are offered. I live with my sister. I have a dear friend who does not like my sister, and she protests against our friendship and meetings. Today we decided to go with him to the theater.I told my sister that I would go to a hostel in the case of the Institute. Teacher. Please start acting. Schoolgirl dresses, trying to hide his high spirits. And when it suddenly erupts unintentionally, the student tries to justify his chemto sister disguise.The teacher gives the students threads to justify their offering each theme, combining two different rhythm: 1) During the war you are hiding a wounded guerrilla. Suddenly come into your home by unknown people and have caught it from you. 2) events during the revolution of 1905. Came to the station to transmit flyers departing comrade.3) Do you work in the underground Komsomol organization. Parents do not know about. Evening, we should go on a mission. 4) The investigator and the defendant. 5) I go to a neighbor with whom to make friends, have fun talking, and she always alert, would not meet kogonibud knew. 6) In the dressing room. You are an actor, quickly put into play.Text as you know more loosely. 7) Station. Your favorite goes to work in another city. It should be download the film футфетиш and unnoticed by her family to say goodbye again to her. 8) Square. Girl friend is sitting on the bench with his mother. It is necessary to send her a note from a friend. 342 Section II. Ten numbers temporitma In practice acting technique identified ten rooms temporitma.This division is arbitrary, but they have the characteristic of the degree of nervous excitability. The most ordinary, normal, this is number 5. Number 1 - this is the rhythm of the highest manifestations of apathy and inactivity. It is a rhythm, for example, tired, sick, heartbroken man to dullness.Number 10 - it is the rhythm of the highest excitement, which happens to be at full naienergichneyshem action in a panic. Okhlopkov said in Shakespeare's tragedies increased rhythms. High. We are talking about at least the stress and trials.Joy, sorrow, suffering like outgrow domestic representation of the feelings, overflowing measure of normal, everyday. The remaining rooms are located, respectively, between 1 and 5.5, and is an example to the rhythm number in the play "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov, in the fourth act, the end of the monologue Firs "... I lie down ... silushkito you have no ... nothing left, nothing ...Oh, you ... klutz. " An example of the rhythm number excerpt from the novel of the Field "The Wild Shore" - "Fire on the ship." Passengers ship temporitm number 10, and the external and internal. A scene Arkadina and Treplev of the third act of the play "The Seagull" by Chekhov is an example of the gradual increase in rate from 5 th to 8 th number. Examples of the sharp transition rhythms:Gogol's play "The Marriage" scene grooms AGAFYA discussion leads to the rhythm в„– 5-6; she does not go out of this rhythm in the scene of the dispute matchmaker with her aunt. And suddenly rang. "Ahti, that they ... living creature of the suitors "- and immediately jumps to the rhythm в„– 8-9:В« AGAFYA.

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