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Young man, the protagonist, is in particular the relationship with his mother. An intriguing aspect of this story is that after the first murder viewer knows that the life of the second girl, whom he met, certainly in danger, and he is every minute of waiting, how and when it will happen.The third woman is in police custody, it is specifically Substituting to lure him into a trap. The last third of the film is particularly strong on the part of the suspense, because the audience does not leave the thought that the young man would guess that he have placed a trap. I work with stsenaristomanglichaninom Venn Levy.Last time we had worked together in 1929, he was the first conversation I sound film - "Blackmail." All these years, he occasionally wrote plays that went with greater or lesser degrees of success. I'm going to do this picture in quite a realistic manner and as far as possible to use on location ... April 6, 1967."A few weeks Hitchcock sent me the script, entitled" Frenzy ". As far as I remember, I liked the story, but it was impossible not to notice and too close resemblance to" Psycho ", and perhaps that's why Hitchcock eventually gave up this plan .Just then Hitchcock, who always found the strength to reject the controversial project for themselves - especially at a time when he was under contract with Selznick - allowed the administration "Universal" futfetish movie watch online and convince yourself futfetish movie watch online in excellent quality and takeparticipation in the adaptation of the novel, in which the studio has invested a lot of money. "Topaz" - a spy novel. The only advantage, except that it was based on a true story, was that in America he was listed on the bestseller list.In France, the book was banned by the censor Hollywood, but could get a French translation, released in Canada. The story unfolded in a variety of places, including an array of characters and dialogues abounded. Under the contract, the script on the mono-bulky product had to write the author himself.As a result, it took a lot of time wasted while Hitchcock finally allowed to ask for help to his friend Samuel Taylor that this time excelled himself. While on location shooting "Topaz" in Paris, Hitchcock shared some of his doubts with Pierre Biyyarom, the correspondent of "Express"."For me, - he said - 95 percent of the work on the film ends with the director's working off a script. I would prefer not to take anything. You're hatched the plan, the film is made in the head and suddenly everything falls apart. Film futfetish. The actor, who you had in mind, considering the characters refuse to act.I dream of such a machine, which could put the script and the output download movie futfetish and get the finished film. "Hitchcock always avoided in his work every kind of policy. But" Topaz "was wearing a clear anti-communist tone and contained a few sarcastic attacks against Fidel Castro's environment.There were even scenes of torture of his opponents by the Cuban revolutionaries. On the question of "Express", whether he considers himself a liberal, Hitchcock said, "I think that is such in all senses of the word. Recently, I was asked whether I Democrat. I replied that yes, a Democrat, but as for the money, then I'm a Republican . Hypocrisy is not used. "In contrast to the "Torn Curtain", where a joint fee of Paul Newman and Julie Andrews ate more than half the budget of the film, "Topaz" dispensed with the stars.

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