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53 Then, just as dexterous chopped harp, unconscious body draped over the saddle and moved away.After looking at all of the monks, and they quickly come out of the house in a desert of flat plains, where the distance, on the other bank of the river low riders moving in single file ... Share artist Andrei turn even worse in the short story "The Last Judgment, 1408." And it will not be scored buffoon, and proud of their ability to freestyle master builders and stone-cutters;and proud white-stone cathedral in Vladimir, waiting lists, where the porch playing carelessly Knyazhev children, and Grand Prince of Vladimir, and inhospitable forest, paced from Vladimir to Zvenigorod, the younger brother Knyazhev association.And what would a bad someone could come to a head when the forest zagartsuyut horses and horseman suddenly knee presses cutters to the horse's head side and the instantaneous movement vykolet his eyes, and in a few moments all over. download the film футфетиш and Instead of cheerful voices will be heard in the summer forest heart-rending cries, and the bushes raspolzutsya white shirts former master ...To teach it the prince's younger brother to compete with the older! As devastating as the princely strife and unstable perishable human flesh! This bloody memories appear before Andrew beloybeloy dazzling interior of the cathedral, which is due to paint murals "Doomsday."And mental anguish he hath defiled the virgin purity of the wall blow ugly black ink black spot of despair. And cry in front of this ugly dumb idiot ... But not the horrors of "Doomsday" pomereschatsya Andrew in the bloody memories, and not for the expectation he tormented gang Bogomazov to tune in to the apocalyptic mood.The feat of the artist sees writers just in the fact that he is able to overcome the horror of life in the "Last Judgment" to provide holiday humanity. No fear of God, he wanted to instill a confidence in the person, not the sinners, writhing in pain, he decided to write, and the beauty of the servants' quarters.No wonder the "Last Judgment" is preceded by three novellas "Theophanes, 1405," "The Passion According to Andrei, 1406," and "Holiday, 1408." Through the whole picture is a dispute between Andrew and his older contemporary, the famous Theophanes. He really was a Greek, and left in Russia many terrible tragic faces of their saints and prophets.Character Theophanes impatient and passionate download the film футфетиш and individualized in the movie more than the character of Andrew. It rejects the Greek scientists but mediocre claims Cyril, so he decides to go into the world. It was he who invited Andrew to work with him.It is his, Grekov angry art becomes soft dispute Andrew and he contrasts his understanding of Calvary:among Russian low, snow- covered hills with princely warriors instead of Roman legionaries and peasants in hempen shirts instead of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, with full of Burenkov, which is woven of the meeting of the procession, and the main thing to voluntary propitiation for those dark and innocent people who humbly takes Christ barefootwalking in the snow through the village street. We can say, in Tyutchev Tarkovsky saw "The Passion According to Andrei": " Frustrated burden of the cross, all of you, the land of my own, in the form of the King of Heaven slave exodus, blessing."As already mentioned, the biography Rublev in the everyday sense of the film does not offer, though in the same "Last Judgment" so54 Assumption boron authors found a woman's face, which, in their opinion, could belong to his download the film футфетиш and beloved.

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