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Never seriously ratio 'In search of moral support Rossellini turned to religious themes, in particular the life of St.. Francis of Assisi - the Italian preacher, founder of the Franciscan Order, the author of religious poetry. In 1958,Rossellini made a film "Francis - minstrel of God." - Comm. Trans. Silas to the fact that after the world-famous reckoning comes: the inability to be alone with myself.Her life belonged to millions of fans who adored her, and as in every role she has played, it has made sincere, and " belonged" to them more than other ktolibo. She said: "When a scandal broke out, I decided that Perhaps I should disappear in order to save the world from disaster.It seemed as if it was I corrupted the world. " For all its naivety Ingrid thought that it is the inalienable right to dispose of his personal life. This assumption in the following years it plunged into the abyss of almost unspeakable suffering.CHAPTER 1: A sense of impatience overwhelmed the young girl in a tweed skirt, a beige sweater knits and commonplaces own shoes, which quickly went towards the elegant promenade Strendvegen Stockholm. She was almost eighteen, and she became nakonetsto chutchut recover.More godpoltora ago Aunt Gould download the film футфетиш and suggested she immediately put on three pairs of woolen socks to keep your feet download the film футфетиш and looked a little fuller. According to her aunt, she was "the skinny kid." She download the film футфетиш and lacked confidence. She was terribly shy. It scared some people and the entire world. And in that moment, it was especially scary.This morning, without a doubt, the most important thing in her life. If she will miss this opportunity, it would be over. She will have to say goodbye to the vision of the great hall, applauding its tenth release the bows on her grand premiere. She made a promise to his uncle Otto.If from this attempt did not work, it will become a clerk or secretary chimnibud. And all the dreams of the theater leave. Uncle Otto was convinced that the actress does not differ much from prostitutes. "Do not urge me, young lady. I saw those love scenes that they show in the theater, and film.And do not assure me that they do not do the same in life. " She did not even try to argue with him. She knew that he was trying to replace her father saw to it that she download the film футфетиш and received a good education and climb higher on the social ladder. Its ongoing commitment to the game, a desire to enter the scene plunged him into despair.Being faithful, though not consistent, a Lutheran, he saw sroy duty to save her from a life of sin. As a trustee, he believed that he must do this in memory of her father. He knew she was stubborn and firm in its intention.But he also felt that it is away from her burning desire, leaving even the slightest possibility to implement it, would break her heart. And it would be extremely unfair. So he decided to give it a chance. "Well, - he said. - You will get the money needed for the training.You can try to enter the Royal Dramatic School. Take the exam, do anything to be accepted. But if you fail, it's over. Understand this. No more talk about any actor's nonsense.

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