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The artist in his film manages all the elements of the composition and working to create a specific effect.The photographer, in turn, seeing unconventional compositions, seeking parallel and carefully recreates the more abstract graphic than in the picture. The period of the "new" artistic representation following the repetition and re-creation with photo Ward. Compose the shot, in the movies and on television 119 graphy, also appeared in the XX century.It peaked in the 60's, when the painting was involved in the creation of advertising images. Such a revision of the original commercial graphics standards was immediately hired for promotional purposes, and there was a new photographic style.Photographic style in the mid 1860s, there was concern at the increasing influence of photographic style in painting. Academic Exhibition fiercely download the film футфетиш and resisted exhibiting paintings download the film футфетиш and based on photographs, and there were hot debates about the nature of the photographic style.As discussed above, one aspect of the composition is the monochrome trend underscores the line and shades. Some types of photographic images can not be applied perspectives of people, though it is often identical to the net long run, it is ignored or not recognized because of constant size.Photographic perspective to the size of photos, location of the lens, the distance to the object and the focal length, it seems to many unnatural and distorted compared with the prospect of being used by the painting. Typically, these were not applicable for drawing objects, which download the film футфетиш and stressed that what was considered a distorted perspective.Photography allows the most accurate reproduction of existing instant details than download the film футфетиш and aroused great interest among the general public, despite the claims of artists that have a specific visual accuracy, for example, how many waves there is the image of slate roofs.While the human eye focuses unconsciously, depending on the distance to the object of interest, the degree of "out of focus" of an object at a different distance remains unknown. Depending on the used aperture and depth of focus camera can produce an image with a download the film футфетиш and blurred background and the foreground in front of the subject.This photographic zone focusing effect download the film футфетиш and created a visual representation of depth. Alternative points of view, such as the highest point on the roof of the building, which is removed at the bottom of the street, were the photographic innovations, unprecedented in the painting.Among other photographic innovations that are of interest was the possibility of disclosure of visual authenticity that eludes the naked human eye, with the help of high- speed valves and excessive increases.Even download the film футфетиш and blurred movement and photographic defects such as light circles, inspired artists such as COROT, experiment with new artistic standards. P. Ward. Picture Composition for Film and Television to create "hidden" technology opportunity to capture the event on film was achieved at the end of XIX century.In the next two decades was made the transition from continuous shooting events to take the picture off the camera and its movement to another site for the new material. Since the foundation was established cinematic.

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