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Under these circumstances, I cut out a picture for raising approximately 75-80 days, two and a half months. While the picture is usually posed to two years. Naturally, this decision was not only risky, but I would say brash for the director, who put only two pictures.Nevertheless, the leadership went to my terms. Operators still have Volchek and Saveliev. Directors were appointed Waqar, sailors and Obolensky, second director, I invited Vasilyev and Simkova, artist - DubrovskogoEshke. The film was launched in late May.At the beginning of June 1937 I went with Kapler in a holiday home near Moscow write the final version of the script, and the group at this time start casting, billet costumes, props and furniture on the literary scenario. According to the literature the same scenario and made sketches of scenery.Part of the work, of course, went to waste as much in the scenario has changed, but still a large proportion of the director of training has been made. Every week I informed the group changes that have occurred in the script. Work on the script took 5 or 6 weeks.In mid-July, I returned with a script that had to go for approval to the highest court. Without waiting for the approval of the script, we immediately in full swing preparing for the film, assigning the first day of shooting on August 12th. Directing the development of the script I did for 2 weeks. I went to the Shchukin and first met him.He made an extraordinary impression on me, and his mind and his charm, and the seriousness with which he was preparing to perform the role of Lenin in the theater and cinema.However, Shchukin had to prove to me that is associated with Yutkevich and oral understanding, and even a written contract that I have to play it will only be if it will receive an official order. Nevertheless, I gave him the script "Revolt." Shchukin liked the script.He did a lot of interesting proposals for the details of the speech, on trifles dialogue and behavior. By this time, Shchukin studied thoroughly all the Leninist plate perfectly imitated the voice of Lenin. He had collected a lot of literature and visual material. On July 15, he left for the month and a half to the south and promised to return by September 1.In the south, he continued to work on the image of Lenin. After talking with Schukin I finally decided that no one but him, shoot in the role of Lenin will not. August 12 I started shooting pictures, with 2 months and 18 days term, and I have not started rehearsals with Schukin and I have not yet been approved by all the actors.<...> But be that as it may, the shooting for 10-12 hours every day, the beginning of September, we completed almost all the episodes in which there was no Lenin. In the beginning of September came Shchukin and Yutkevich still pondering his future in the south of the picture. In truth, the method Yutkevich was probably smarter and more accurately.<...> Since more removed without Shchukin was almost nothing, Shchukin was given "Mosfilm". It began the second and much more difficult part of the picture - work on the image of Lenin. Shchukin came about August 20. Send samples of makeup that did Yermolov. Grim lasted half an hour, even longer.Then all sorts of preliminary talks, talks about the script, about the text. But Shchukin did not want to start filming, he was very afraid ... he clings to every opportunity download movie futfetish and argue - there is another, third, that everything is still unclear, it is not clear .

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