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This is the contradiction between the spirit and the flesh of Shakespeare's drama, damn it! Therefore, it is eternal ... And? How? Lipa? .. It is brilliant! .. You know how it is brilliant ... a return to the top. Repetition. It's fine. But I do not see how it will look in the theater, on the stage? .. Why?What you see here is the complex? If the ghost of Father may appear at the beginning of the play, then why not show the ghost of Hamlet at the end? I do not understand. But it is certainly also to ensure that the audience understand exactly what it is before him a ghost, not the Hamlet? Well, it's a trick ... It's just very simple. Ooh, how many devices!In the cinema, the theater can do anything. For example, I will kindle a light for a moment, distract your attention, and at this point will double, and everything! It has done already! .. But you never know what can be on the scene. Look how many wrote about how Galileo was performed by Ernst Busch went on stage blind him to anything does not stumble, stumble, and it was clear that he was blind ... Really?And it was the same! Probably and Andrew come up with something that does not require an explanation ... Boo-oom! Then it will be "Hamlet"! Then it will be a tragedy! And usually it is just a tragedy that he is dying. But you never know, and all the people killed by a tram, and car accidents ... But it's still not a tragedy, and accidents ... Really.Laertes, too, is dying, but the tragedy is said only in connection with Hamlet ... Exactly! There's a mountain of corpses, and I still did not explain why the tragedy binds only to Hamlet. So I think you can play with the wild zaludit force! . And on a very young age can look Solonitsyn on stage?I think that at thirty-five, and indeed, what does it matter ... After the play twice refers to the fact that Hamlet is difficult to breathe, he was sweating, tired, he is old ... But the point is still a completely different ... And I know that you say?If your treatment is just important that he, on the contrary, was an intellectual and a man was already impregnated ... But "the word" something, Eugene Danilych? No, he must be an intelligent man. After all, the play has it all: "What are you reading?" "Words, words, words." Fine! It meets just what I need! After all, he really reads the words.You do not have to do it from a madman, and he does not pretend nichegoto. Just do not put too much trust Ophelia when she talked with her father, she says that, say, Hamlet came running around the eyes, stockings are down, well, that is fully sedated ... Yes, insists: "Davayka is the most" .. .But that's it, Ophelia, says, that is, Shakespeare leaves us a brilliant opportunity to think out what there was to samomto case. futfetish movie watch online in excellent quality. It is important that this is not Hamlet as such, but the perception of Hamlet's Ophelia ... I mean, maybe she tells her version of the coveted ...Such a concept could arise only in the twentieth century! Yes, Ophelia just plays them all to do what she needed: behold, they say, Dad, look how he loves me, Prince Hamlet loves me so ... sort seksualnopodvizhnaya debilka. But being still and loving woman, she belly feels everything that happens in the palace.Therefore, it is the first, perhaps, begins to suspect something ... This Ophelia can play only one Churikov! No one else. No. Ofeliyuto? Of course! But as long as I do not give Churikova say that she is very busy ... Nothing ... They'll give! It turns out Ofeliyato grandiose role! Yes, a great role! .. And how long?

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