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It is download the film футфетиш and believed that he, as a steward of the estate of Professor Serebryakov, wear traditional theatrical costume landlord: boots, cap, sometimes a whip in his hand, as it is assumed that the landlord inspects the estate on horseback. But Chekhov was indignant."Look, he was download the film футфетиш and excited, because there is all. You do not read the play." We looked at the script, but did not find any indication, except for a few words on the silk tie he wore Uncle Vanya. "Now, that's it! Still wrote," urged us to Chekhov. "What is written? Perplexed us. Silk tie?"" Of course, listen, it is a wonderful tie, he's smart, cultured people. It is not true that our landlords go to blacked boots. They're educated people, well- dressed, in Paris. I wrote all this. "This reflects a tiny hint, according to Anton, the whole drama of the drama of modern Russian life:worthless, useless professor bliss, he wrongly uses phony glory of the famous scientist, he became the idol of St. Petersburg, the scientists wrote silly books, which are read old Wynn.In a fit of common interests even the Uncle Vanya for a time was under his spell, considered him a great man, worked for him selflessly in the estate to support a celebrity.But it appeared that Serebryakov bubble, not the right to hold a high position, and talented people live, Uncle Vanya and Astrov, at this time in your life left to rot bear corners vast download the film футфетиш and unsettled Russia.And I want to urge the helm of these workers and workers who live in the wilderness, and plant them in high positions rather mediocre, though famous Serebryakov. After a conversation with Anton Pavlovich external image of Uncle Vanya reason, associated in my mind with the image of Tchaikovsky.When roles play was also a lot of funny things. It download the film футфетиш and seemed that some of our favorite Chekhov theater actors had to play all the roles the play. When this proved impossible, Anton download the film футфетиш and threatened us, "Look, I rewrite the end of the third act, and send the play in Repertory Committee."It is hard to believe now, that after the premiere of "Uncle Vanya" 134 we met at a restaurant close by and the tears download the film футфетиш and poured out there, because the play, according to all, failed. However, time has done its job: performance was recognized, lasted more than twenty years in the repertoire, and became known in Russia, Europe and America.All artists download the film футфетиш and played well and Knipper, and Samarova and Luga, and Wisniewski. The greatest successes were Lilina, Artem and I as Astrov, I did not like at first and did not want to play, as I have always dreamed of the very different role of Uncle Vanya. However, Vladimir Ivanovich managed to break my stubbornness and make me fall in love with Astrov.A trip to the Crimea It was the spring of our theater, the most fragrant and happy period of his young life. We drove to Chekhov in the Crimea, we went to the dressing-trip, we tour, we are waiting, we say about us heroes of the day, not only in Moscow but also in the Crimea, that is, in Sevastopol and Yalta. We said:"Anton can not come to us, because he was sick, so we're going to him, as we are healthy. If Mohammed will not come to the mountain, the mountain come to Mohammed." Artists, their wives, children, nannies, workers, props, costume designers, hairdressers, several cars of property into the slush, and moved from the cold of Moscow under the southern sun. Coats off!Remove the light dresses and straw hats! Not care that dendrugoy pomerznem on the go! But warm up there!

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