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Fast disappointment in such illusions had the effect of a sharp increase in petty-bourgeois anarchism conventional sense, a cover psevdointellektualnym veil "alienated subculture of protest."Not rising above the level of most spontaneous mass consciousness, "new left" were not able to penetrate the essence of phenomena, in particular to give a scientific analysis of the economic causes of alienation of the individual, layers and classes.However, the ideas expressed in the target of the concept of "counterculture" in converted form replicates a real contradiction:the process of mass production, distribution and consumption of cultural products is heavily deployed through impersonal market mechanisms and competition, with the help of the incentive system in which art objects, things, act as a means of comfort alienated from the individual characters of its social weight position.Eliminating such objective contradictions, overcoming its devastating impact on the individual and become the most important goal of the "new left". This goal, as time has shown, and as expected, was not realized.Nevertheless, the movement of the "new left" served as another, and quite compelling, evidence of the process of deepening the general crisis of the dominant culture, an indication that a crisis of this culture takes place not only in the form of a bourgeois society, its antagonists - democratic and socialist elements, but also a gainInternal nihilistic tendencies. Since we are talking about society as a whole and its culture, the crisis will inevitably turns to some extent affect everyone, and it gives the process a radical character."To be radical - Marx pointed out, - means futfetish movie watch online in excellent quality and understand the thing at its root. But the root is man himself to man "Thus, the theoretical origins of the crisis are 1 Marcuse L'Homme unidimensionnel. 1968, p. 2 Marx, Engels, Soch., Vol. 1, p.directly to a philosophy where all articulated the concept of man, and particularly to supply the bourgeois idealist philosophy popular culture as scientistic and metaphysical umozritelnospekulyativnogo wing, which would be discussed in the next section of the book.It also requires an explanation is the relatively tolerant attitude toward the "new left" bourgeois politicians, although the first extremism sometimes even leads to the preaching and practice of terrorism.Obviously, the explanation for this fact to be found in analogy with the fact that even in the middle of the last century, Marx and Engels noticed in the relationship between the police and bogemnolyumpenskim terrorism: "The police tolerate conspiratorial society and not only as a necessary evil. It tolerates them as easily amenable to supervision ...workshops for the production of rebellions that have become in France as a necessary means of control, like the police, and finally, as a place of recruiting their own political spies "Of course, it would be wrong to consider the" counterculture "as a fully managed and even instigated by the authorities, that is, not as an opposition movement, withcapitalists who tried download movie futfetish and to cope, and how docile tool used by them for their own purposes. Such a simplistic understanding would coincide with the utopian dreams of bourgeois technocrats from politics."Necessary evil" remains so even when it is used, in the words of Marx, "and not only as a necessary evil." For all that it is too expensive, without which it is clearly preferable to do.

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